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WORLD WATCH Forty-foot containers are now on their way to WMPʼs coordinators in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. Additional 40-foot containers are en route to Every Home for Christ directors in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and India. God has been providing for increased production through His people! Each container shipment carries more than 4,000 10-lb boxes of Scripture booklets and Bible studies in numerous languages for these nations. A printing of Scripture booklets in Indonesia has been delivered to the national director of Every Home for Christ there. Pray for the wise and creative use of 150,000 copies of Help From Above and 150,000 copies of The Way to God in the Indonesian language. He Is Risen! salvation coloring books have recently been reprinted in Arabic, Urdu, Kiswahili, and Russian. A church group from out of state is planning to volunteer their time and energies for a week in June to help bind and box Scripture booklets and Bible study booklets destined for Russia. A related ministry has expressed interest in paying the shipping charges for this container. Praise God for putting this on their hearts. Printing of three titles of Nepali Scripture booklets has been completed by Every Home for Christ in Nepal.


intense international diplomacy, and saturated prayer, the long-awaited “date with destiny” finally arrived for the embattled peoples of Southern Sudan. During just the second phase of the war (1983 to 2005), an estimated two million people died and more than four million lost their homes and were forced to flee.* Beginning Sunday, January 9, 2011, an unprecedented referendum (on whether the mostly-Christian South would secede from the Arab North) continued for more than a week. Official observers described it as “open and transparent,” with voter turnout over 95 percent. Because of widespread illiteracy, ballot papers were illustrated simply with a single hand marked “Separation” and an outline of clasped hands marked “Unity.” Former UN Secretary, General Kofi Annan, said he had never seen more smiles than at the polling stations of Southern Sudan. Many reported on the overwhelming enthusiasm and ecstatic joy witnessed in the long lines at polling stations throughout the country. The referendum reached across the world, even as far as the United States and Australia, for the dispersed refugees and “lost boys of Sudan” to have their say in “the final walk to freedom.” Every Home for Christ leadership was given unprecedented opportunity to be involved in calling the nation to 40 days of prayer leading up to the referendum. As Africa Inland missionaries got the green light to return to Sudan follow-






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Providing God’s Word for a New Nation


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June/July 2012

DRC ing the referendum, they reported that God had answered prayer in a big way. “The crisis Tunisia triggered across the Middle East has had an unintended impact. Khartoum’s political clout against the South has been weakened at a critical moment of separation” [Mission Network News]. As a new nation was born July 9, 2011, on the African continent, Sudan—geographically the largest country in Africa—lost a third of its land, nearly one-fourth of its population, and most of its oil to an independent Republic of South Sudan. (Borders are still in dispute; parts of South Sudan are under attack.) South Sudan’s new national anthem begins, “Oh, God, we praise and glorify You for Your grace on South Sudan . . . .” From the beginning, the fledgling nation faced enormous challenges. Crippled by nearly four decades of conflict (when the land was “carpetbombed” and sown with mines) as well as disruptive weather, it has almost no infrastructure, a third of its population is threatened with famine, and only 4 percent of its arable land is under cultivation, by some estimates. (A New Nation, continued on next page)

June/July 2012

(A New Nation, continued) Peter Hammond and Frontline Fellowship teams, based in South Africa, have worked in Sudan since 1994. During several weeks of ministry there last year, a colleague reported traveling more than 1,500 kilometers within South Sudan “on unpaved, muddy, gravel, slippery, bumpy and rocky roads.” They saw the evidences of war: “Ruins of churches that had been bombed, buildings and trees pockmarked with scars of shrapnel and bullets, and men and women with terrible scars of wounds and torture from the war. Yet they were all rejoicing over the fact that they were now free.” The people remembered Peter Hammond as a true friend. “Peter Hammond is a blood brother because while our blood was being shed, he was here risking his own life to serve us.” Recently, Dr. HamFaith Under Fire mond expressed his heartfelt gratitude to us: Frontline Fellow“World Missionary Press shipʼs bestselling has been part of every book has been Frontline Fellowship completely revised and exmission that I have been panded to 320 involved in over the past pages, including 30 years. From the very more than 200 first cross-border mission photos and into Mozambique, I was maps. carrying boxes of WMP “The Christian courage in this booklets in Portuguese colossal conflict, the oldest comand Tsonga. No Frontline munity of Christians in Africa sufFellowship mission fering some of the worst persecution in the world at that would be complete withtime, in the longest war still runout WMP gospel bookning—yet with more coming to lets. They are Christ than anywhere that we Scriptural, compact, knew of—was the story that just powerful, and effective. had to be told.” —Peter Hammond “As many of our early missions were on motorAvailable for $15 (soft cover) or $25 (hard cover) plus postage at bikes, by foot, on cles, and in dugout (or call 866-785-7210 Mountain Time). canoes, the lightweight,

A 20-ft. container, filled with boxes of Scripture booklets, was delivered to EHC in Sudan in 2009. Plans are to produce material to fill a 40-ft. container as soon as possible.

compact WMP boxes were our first choice for every mission. We could reach more people with the Word of God by carrying in WMP booklets than in any other way.” In response to a request for a new shipment of Scripture booklets, WMP is preparing a shipment of 728 10-lb boxes in 29 languages for Frontline Fellowship. [Your investment will help significantly. Each box of about 500 Scripture booklets costs just over $20 to produce.] In 2009, WMP shipped a 20-foot container to Sudan for outreach by Every Home for Christ through prayer-backed evangelism in conjunction with local churches. The immediate concern of EHC’s national director, Fermo O., was that the Lord would grant a second consignment to come soon, “as present stock will soon run out.” Fermo O., EHC As Sudan was dividing into two nations, director in Sudan one mission leader saw the Church drawing closer together. “There was just a new level of grace that came on them and a passion to reach their nation and various tribes for Christ like we’ve never seen before.” There are still 138 unreached people groups in both parts of Sudan (MNN). The team here at WMP has been impressed to step up production of a 40-foot container for South Sudan and to do it now. (It had been scheduled for production later this year.) Last October, with stock running low, Brother Fermo requested the following languages be added to his shipment, because of a large influx of people who speak these languages: 300,000 Luganda; 40,000 Amharic; 20,000 Tigrinya; 20,000 Somali; and 20,000 Kiswahili. Other languages to be shipped are Acoli, Arabic (including Arabic New Testaments), Bari, Ma’di, Zande, and English. [Please consider helping to provide God’s Word for the new nation of South Sudan. Every $100 provides 2,500 powerful Scripture booklets. Arabic New Testaments cost about 80 cents each to produce. Brother Fermo has asked that WMP purchase the 40-foot container itself, so it can be left behind as a storage unit. Estimated to cost $3,250, EHC has already provided half. Will someone provide the other $1,625?]

Peter Hammond has ministered courageously for years, sharing the gospel and WMP Scripture booklets in Sudan.

World Missionary Press NEWS/2

*This article includes information gleaned from Frontline Fellowship reports.

June/July 2012

9,000,000 per month? A staggering but realistic goal! By Jay Benson, president

th? It’s not 0,000 48-page Scripture booklets per mon 9,00 to nt vale equi me volu a g ucin prod Why a goal of of statistics. so we can feel good. It’s not for the sake share the hope, the with light—the Light of the world. It’s to ness dark ling batt of e caus the for it’s er Rath only Jesus can offer. love, the forgiveness, the eternal life that while there is yet opporpowerful, life-impacting Word of God It’s to reach many more millions with the e “ammutunity. major distributors for more literature, mor from s plea est earn to kly quic e mor ond It’s to resp nition” for the battle for men’s souls. YES! klets being used effectively? A resounding Are World Missionary Press Scripture boo partnered with In March, a JSMI Global Ventures team a, Isaac E., picking WMP’s national coordinator in Nicaragu agua. These were up 30,000 WMP Scripture booklets in Man tion. After one enta given to the people after every gospel pres accept Jesus as week of ministry, they saw 12,661 people e miraculously their Lord and Savior, and 113 people wer WMP in our upwith n healed. “We are thrilled to partner agai d in June and to Peru coming trips to Cambodia and Thailan mighty to the prein July. We know God will show Himself a!” cious people of Asia and South Americ for outreach mis[You can help provide Scripture booklets ncial support. sions such as these through prayer and fina klets; $1,000 proEvery $20 provides for 500 Scripture boo vides for 25,000.]

inside pages A 1,500-lb. roll of paper provides the s $1,080. cost and lets book ture Scrip for 85,000

millions of Brazil is huge, and distributors there can use gering! We need to GROW! stag is Portuguese booklets. The on-going need been completed. We end of March, “All boxes of booklets have From Ecuador, Geovanny C. wrote at the ld Mack, WMP’s Direct. Pray to God it will be soon.” To which Haro have nothing! We expect the next shipmen and are trusting the Lord planning [the next] production of Spanish are “We d, onde resp tion ribu Dist al Glob tor of have so many earnestly for World Missionary Press! We pray se Plea r. aine cont ador Ecu next the for provision for s us financially so that It would be wonderful if the Lord would bles requests, for so many Scripture booklets! least 9 million booklets per month.” we could grow to a steady production of at nal conflict, as lous nation in Africa and facing serious inter popu t mos the ria, Nige for left ntly rece r A containe national coordinator in stians there and establish Sharia law. Our the Muslim North wants to eliminate Chri years! Nigeria has been out of material for two 5,000,000 a th this year, enabling us to produce more than mon each me inco et budg e abov g lyin supp God is 0 in April, the need to grow 0,000 equivalency in March and 7,000,00 month. But even though we produced 6,90 ing for more Scriptural literahearts. Thousands of distributors are wait to 9,000,000 per month is heavy on our r own language. are yet without the gospel message in thei s soul of ions Mill ns. natio their in e shar ture to

budgeted level of r God provides funds to cover our current P.S. Each additional million booklets (afte giving generously as 000. Thank you for praying earnestly and 5,000,000 booklets per month) costs just $25, God guides and enables you.

God’s Word Impacts Lives in Myanmar uring a 5-day youth camp and training in Myanmar, a separate children’s Bible class studied the Word of God through the God Loves You salvation coloring book. Nearly 15 salvation testimonies were shared by the campers, who were given hundreds of copies of Help From Above in Burmese to distribute in the areas where they live. One testimony came from Mrs. S., who heard the Word of God through the WMP booklet, Help From Above. Four years ago she was a Buddhist, but then a national missionary shared the gospel with her and gave her a copy of Help From Above along with other booklets. Over many months of sharing the good news with her, and as she experienced many difficulties in her life, she realized that she needed a Savior to cleanse her from sin. After she became a Christian, she shared the Word of God with her son, who had HIV. Both were baptized in January of last year, just a few months before her son died.


Above center: Mrs. S. shares her testimony of becoming a Christian after receiving Help From Above. Insets: Through salvation coloring books such as God Loves You in the Burmese language, the Spirit of God has opportunity to touch hearts and teach truths to inquisitive minds.

Though this Mrs. S. and her family barely survive on the daily income she receives from selling small things in the market, she is content with her life because she has Jesus. Whenever she has free time, she reads WMP booklets, “which are more easy to read with topics and more understandable.” She is looking forward to walking with God for the rest of her life. Though materials cannot be shipped to Myanmar, they can be printed there. Current projects are: 30,000 copies of A Bible Study on Romans in Burmese ($6,000); 40,000 copies of He Is Risen! in Burmese (salvation coloring book, $6,000); and 50,000 copies of The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ in Falam ($2,500). If you can help toward funding any of these projects, please mark your gift: “For printing in Myanmar” (Burma).

WMP News

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World Missionary Press NEWS/4

Outreach to Tourists from Mainland China n EHC regional director e-mailed from Hong Kong: “Since receiving WMP materials, our distribution numbers of Gift Bags has exploded. In March, 2012, we passed 110,000 Gospel Bags, which we had never done beTourists from mainland fore. Previously our limit was China sign decision cards 50,000 per month. You are reafter receiving Christ. sponsible!!!!” Each gift bag, distributed one-on-one by Christian workers to tourists from mainland China, now includes Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press. Many of the tourists receive Jesus as Savior right on the spot. When Harold Mack, WMP’s Director of Global Distribution, discussed a second shipment with EHC’s regional director, he replied, “While reading your e-mail about the contents and quantity, I felt the Spirit of God come over me and felt a few tears. God is really showing us His love for these lost Chinese souls, and I feel God has placed us in a very strategic and important role in His calling for us to reach the lost with the gospel. WMP is a major player in our ministry, and every booklet supplied will be cherished, not only by us but also by these Chinese people who have no access within their country for Christian materials.” Besides good supplies of Help From Above, How to Know God, The Way to God, The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ, and A Bible Study on John, this second shipment will include two new titles in Simplified Chinese: A Bible Study on Genesis and Wings Over Zion, which gives a clear presentation of Israel as God’s chosen people and how Jesus the Messiah provides the way to salvation. This may be especially appropriate in light of the “Back to Jerusalem” movement—the vision of many Chinese Christians to reach the western provinces of China and the Muslim nations between China and Jerusalem. They believe that before Christ’s return, the Chinese Church must complete a full circle of the gospel originally brought to them from the West. Half of the shipment will be used in Macau and half in Hong Kong to reach many of the hundreds of thousands of tourists who stream in from mainland China each month. [You can be involved in this unique evangelism opportunity through your prayers and gifts for this shipment.]


Letting us know of address changes or seasonal addresses (with dates) will save funds for ministry.

Jay E. Benson, President Watson and Rose Goodman, Co-founders Vicky Benson, writer and editor Andrew Beverly, graphic designer

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June/July 2012

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World Missionary Press June/July Newsletter -God's Word for a New Nation -9,000,000 per Month -Impacting Lives in Myanmar -Reaching Tourists...