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Editorial WAHOOO! I'm so excited to write this Editorial, for many reasons. We are closing a cycle, completing the 4 seasons. Twelve months, 356 days, 85444 hours. A lot can happen in this period of time, different challenges each season, but for WMovers, as you seen in the News-Let-Her, every season brings its own successes and challenges, one after the other. We need to make a recapitulation together, remember how much was accomplished this year. And now that we are at the end of our 2nd year, closing this cycle also means that we are starting a new one! During this last season, many alliances, contracts and projects were built. New women have joined the team—it’s part of our mandate, and we’re really proud to be able to provide stable work and a supportive community for all the women that have joined the team this fall. To be honest, all the contracts and alliances that were sealed do not surprise me, since we’ve spent our summer working assiduously to make our goals become reality. Giving the best of us, providing, as always, services of the highest quality in the moving industry; that's what we were doing this summer. Thank you to all of our customers to believe in us, sharing WMovers with friends, family and co-workers regarding the quality of our services, which keeps our referral rates growing. Each season welcomes new co-workers on board, and this summer was rich of these opportunities, even with people from the neighboring continent. Believe it or not, our business is so unique that people are willing to cross the ocean just to be part of WMovers. We're making a leap in the past to remember last spring. We were planning for the summer, strategizing, training our team and organizing as much as we could to be ready for the busiest season of the year. We like to compare this to the cycles of gardening, sowing tiny seeds, to watch them growing up all summer long, being ready to harvest and eat them when the winds of fall comes sweeping the multicolored leafs from the trees. And we go back to where it all started, when we first had the idea to create this News-let-her as a medium that extends our mandate and lets the general public know more about it. We use the News-let-her as a tool of communication, recruitment, advertising and empowerment. We are grateful to be able to share our passion, what we do and more in one accessible magazine. It’s quite amazing, and people love it ! Every season, we distribute more than 200 copies of each edition. We will certainly double this number next year, as we will continue to give this amazing News-let-her to our clients and to the organizations we work with. We are grateful for your contribution, and participation… We are really proud to see that more people are getting involved in this project. I’m happy to write this editorial as I remember that not so long ago, just last year in fact, almost day for day, I was writing a page in our first publication about having recently joined our team. And today, I’m writing this Editorial! WMovers offers so many opportunities for growth. When you take the opportunities, nothing is impossible within this company; being a mover, promotional agent, graphic designer, marketing agent, customer service representative or even bookkeeper. As the company grows, we also grow personally, and the most beautiful part is : growing together. The company is expanding in an inspiring way that brings an empowering energy to overcome any challenges. Learning different trades with all women and trans*folk is a unique and powerful adventure. Thank you all to support our company. Don’t be shy to call us, let us move you, we will take care of your move and make it a stress-free and organized transition. Come meet us on social medias or in networks, workshops, events, and on our revamped website... or on the day of your move !


p. 03

Women movers in Canada Have you heard about women moving... ever ? Well, if you didn't know, now you know that there is women doing moving all around the world. But have you ever heard of an all women moving company ? I never did, until I researched and, surprisingly, found one in my country. There is one in Canada, located in British Columbia, that is owned and operated by women... only. They are called WMovers.

“Nothing is too big for us. That is our job, we do this everyday.”

Should we take our shoes off before we come in ?” The client, and I, we're impressed by how fast these women work. What they say is true, they make moving look easy. They are experienced, and know how to properly lift every household furniture and pack a truck like pros.. In fact, they don't drive trucks but trailers, which I find very interesting. They say it's more ecological and economical, and it makes them more versatile. Fair enough, but my primarily concern was how were they going to park this trailer in the tight parking at the client's new home, without blocking other cars in the alley. I was able to join them in their pick up named 'Big Sistah', and comfortably sit

They arrived on the site before me, since they like to warm up prior to starting the job – 10 minutes early. They were happy to be there, I could really see that they are passionate by what they do. When the client opened the door, she had the same reaction as I had previously, “Oh you guys are women ? There is heavy furniture in here.” The women movers rolled their eyes like they had heard that one before, and immediately reassured the client, “Nothing is too big for us. That is our job, we do this everyday.

WMovers is action during one of their move.

When the door of the trailer opened, everything was at the same place as it was when the door closed, even after a ride on rough roads. They unloaded the truck in more than half the time that they had loaded it, and drove away to park somewhere they could eat their lunches. I asked the ladies what had been their biggest challenge today. They both answered the harsh judgment. What the client had innocently said opening her door had marked the women, even after many thanks from the client and a generous tip. “We get that a lot”, one said, “it gets tiring after awhile.” The other added, “Why would people think that women can't do moving and that only men can, when it is our profession ? If someone helps me with something I need to get done, I want to know if they are experienced, not what gender they are.” The girls gave each other feedback on their work they just had done, stretched, and jumped in the truck for their next job.

in this spacious F350 with six seats. All I can say is... Let them move WMovers had a plan, they parked the trailer and drove the pick up truck away, which is routine to them.


Alice Lawrence

To make an interview with WMovers, contact

p. 04

Packing is as important as moving, as the moved belongings are usually being transported in a truck or trailer. And that is when the real damage could happen. Our packer always drives the truck, as she knows the load best. Its the packers who decides which pieces comes in first, and which one comes last. Her world is inside the trailer, where she protects all items, and packs them as compact as possible. No empty spaces is allowed, this is the unspoken law. The packers plan might change from time to time, to fill those tiny, sometimes unpredictable, spaces. The other important thing when you pack is to maintain a good rhythm with your team and to keep your space as clear as possible. Also, packing demands lots of attention from the very first sight of the household furniture and appliances that are coming in the truck, even if our packers will already know all the items listed on the estimate that was filled by the client. You have to know how it will all fit together from the beginning. In your head it’s a complex puzzle, that doesn't leave room to mistakes when concretely putting the pieces together. The packer is also helped by her team to keep up with client's updates, such as a box freshly packed that is fragile, or any other last details. It is part of our mandate to be flexible with our clients, as we know moving can also be occurring due to stressful circumstances (e.g. fleeing abuse, losses, eviction, downsizing, assisting living care, sickness, etc.). WMovers is there to bring life into your home along with relief, safety and trust. Now, the trailer’s doors closes and opens like the load never had traveled. Unpacking usually takes about half the time than the packing does, unless there is a new element at the unloading location which wasn't present at the old location; an elevator, long paths and corridors, considerable amount of stairs, etc. WMovers’ packer unloads the truck, as she knows where the household goods are hidden and how to get them out. It is the whole process but played on rewind. Depending of the access of the location, the packer could come out of the trailer to accelerate the rhythm, but ideally the packer stays close to the trailer for safety purposes.

p. 05

WMovers Winter Tarot

WMovers Winter Tarot center card, the 7 of discs, recalls how

crucial it is to look at the process of growth with patience, without rushing the final product or the immediate gain. Your present radiates, self-confidence and passionate leadership are strong influences. Stay focus and diligent, you have an enormous creative capacity that needs to be affirmed.

The key here is not to get

trapped by desillusion, doubts or powerlessness, but to brake these walls to touch a larger world of possibiliOverall this ties. Let humour Winter, passion take you, and vileads your spirsions guide you. its. Live for what you believe, feed your mind, and don't let anything stop your dreams from coming true.

p. 16


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