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Summer  Issue #3

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EDITORIAL W Movers is terribly excited to share this season's newsletter, we hope you will enjoy reading it under the sunshine and fresh summer breeze. After all this spring cleaning madness, and hard work to prepare the flower beds and organic vegetable gardens, its time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. This last spring was filled with new beginnings, we've had new people joining our team, bringing new ideas and creative energy to keep up the good work and meet the demand for our related services, especially maintenance, cleaning & landscaping. Our business is growing fast but solid, last season allowed us to realized how strong our roots are throughout our team expansion and we find it pretty impressing after only a year and a half... We would like to recognize everyone's time, effort, energy, trust, loyalty that has allowed us to create, operate, manage this social enterprise since the very beginning and up to our 2nd summer. We are thankful for your support and dedication to building long-term and mutual relationship with us. We mean to highlight our team's dedication to offer high-quality moving & related services. Our board member's guidance, wisdom and involvement. Our allies constant solidarity. Our customer's respect and loyalty. Our business partner's commitment to sharing opportunities and our communities for spreading the word. We are pleased to publish our 3rd News-Let-Her, just on time for the summer solstice, which is also the longest day of the year. A time to honour the light and its power of fertility. The summer season always reminds me of the cycle of life and the incredible gifts of nature. This power that makes abundance and nourishment grow from tiny seeds. As the plants are growing so is our team, considering the high demand for our moving & related services during the season. It really is the biggest season for our industry, so we've been hiring and training a lot of people lately. Our team is made of dedicated professionals coming from the trades sector, we are blessed to have a melting pot of diverse expertise joining our team. It is the perfect time to extend our crew and develop innovative ideas, under the sun's bountiful energy. We feel strongly rooted in the community and are enthusiastic to get out there this summer, meet with more people and connect at different networking and community events. Show our new vehicle signage on the open road and keep on moving! W Movers 's mandate extends and lives through this publication, as we use the news-let-her as a tool of communication, recruitment, advertizing and empowerment. When we first had the idea, we were passionate about its potential to connect and reach more people throughout the lower mainland. Second to give the opportunity to people to share and express there ideas and creations through a free and accessible medium. Third to support small business and non-profit organizations through affordable advertizement. Fourth to show more on who we are, our mandate and our community involvement. Fifth to reach more individuals that could use our donations and enlarge their distribution. Finally it is a great platform to share tips, knowledge, skills and resources. JUMP IN!

Know How Things you can check and have in your car: 1. All Fluids (Power Sterring fluid, Brake fluid, Engine oil, Transmission fluid, Premixed Engine Coolant, Window Washer fluid) 2. Air Filter 3. Preform oil change with new filter (check owner's manual for details) 4. Spark Plugs, Wires & Hoses (looking for wear & tear, holes or damage) 5. Air Pressure in the tires (not to

forget the spare as well) 6. Lights that they all work and are clean and clear 7. License Plate bolts (as they may slowly work loose over time) 8. Battery posts and connectors are clean and rust free 9. Fan Belt (looking for wear & tear) 10. General appearance of the engine (clean and free from debris)

Handy Tools to have in the car: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Automatic transmission fluid Brake fluid Engine oil Fuel additive Nonvolatile emergency fuel Power Steering fluid Premixed Coolant Stop-leak additive for the cooling system Tire sealant WD-40 Fuses Windshield-washer fluid Funnels (1 for each fluid) Empty gas container Booster (Jumper) cables, 16ft (5m), 16-gauge with sturdy clamps Air filter (fit for your car)

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Rubber or Plastic Gloves Straight-slot and Phillips screwdriver, Hammer Four-arm wheel (lug) wrench Jack & Jack stand Six wood blocks (for securing tires when you're changing a flat Warning reflectors or emergency flares Clean rags or paper towels Rope or Tow chain Reflective tape (to place over a broken head or taillight) Duct tape (Because Duct tape will fix almost everything) Oversize, Bright-colored shirt (to be seen when working on your car) Tire gauge (to check tire pressure)

A good thing to help keep your car running in good conditions have a regular maintenance check-up to remember about those brakes & tire aligment for example, also to clean the dirt, mud & grim off your car to help reduce rust & paint chipping from dirt of the world, & lights so that you can been seen.


Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Health Benefits Garlic's many therapeutic qualities include decreasing cardiovascular risk by lowering overall cholesterol levels, thinning the blood, reducing high blood pressure, and increasing circulation. Studies have shown that eating just one garlic clove a day reduced cholesterol in test subjects by 9 percent, which is equivalent to an 18 percent decrease in heart attack risk. Garlic is purported to have antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. So eating garlic will enhance your immune system, lessen the risk of getting sick, decrease cold and flu symptoms, and help to fight infection. How to Use Garlic The most potent way to take garlic is raw. Some practitioners recommend eating one raw clove, finely chopped, 3 times a day, but this amount may cause reactions in the stomachs of those eating it. In terms of its antibiotic properties, it is estimated that one clove is equivalent to 1/5 of an average dose of penicillin. Cooking garlic lessens its antibacterial and antiviral action but it does not eliminate them. There are many tasty dishes that you can incorporate garlic into. (Soups, stir-fry,dips, salad dressings and garlic bread)

Bak ed Garlic Recipe

Ba king a whol e hea d of garl ic softe ns i ts texture a nd taste . Indi vid ual cl ove s sp rea d onto b rea d are d el ici sous. It help s to stay off a col d and i s a ta sty wa y to i nclud e garl ic into yo ur d ie t. 1 ful l hea d of garl ic Oli ve oi l

1.Trim the top of the bulb slightly and cut the bottom so that it sits flat (do not peel off the papery sheath). Place on a baking dish and drizzle in olive oil. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake at 350F for 1 hour. 2. After the garlic has cooled, remove the foil. The roasted cloves will pop out easily when squeezed.

How to  do an oil change yourself ? It is fairly simple to do an oil change yourself, just like any other reciepe. For my part, I believe that  making a cheesecake is way harder. And just like making a cheesecake, if you are tought by the right  person, you will succeed. That is what happened to me, for the oil change and the cheesecake. What a  blessing to have real and knowledgeable teachers in my life.  To do an oil change, you need : − Plastic gloves (everyone should have that) − Socket wrench (is also useful to have) − Filter wrench (your neighbor probably has one if you don't) − Piece of cloth (unless you are sure the oil ain't gonna touch you) − Motor oil and an oil filter (ask the store for your vehicule specifically) − Pots that fit under your car (jugs of milk cut in half works great) − A friend (preferrably someone you can trust alone under a car)

11. Find a lonely bolt under your vehicule, at the front end. Look if there is a round filter close to it.  This is the bolt you will unscrew to empty your oil reservoir and the oil filter you will replace. 12. Once you unscrew the bolt of your oil reservoir with your socket wrench, make sure a bucket is  under it and a few more buckets ready to rotate with the help of your friend. 13. Once the oil has all dripped, screw back the bolt with your wrench socket. 14. With your filter wrench socket, under the oil filter and replace it by hand with a new one that  you have filled and lubrified with new motor oil. 15. Open the hood of your vehicule, and fill the motor oil reservoir with new motor oil according  to how many liters your motor takes, which the owner's manual of your vehicule tells you. If  you dont have an owner's manual, you can find the amount of liters of oil your motor needs  on internet or at your nearest local auto­store with your vehicule information. 16. Start your vehicule and check your motor oil stick, found in your vehicule's hood near the  openening of the reservoir where you have put the new motor oil, and put the stick in back two  or three times to make sure that the amount of oil on the stick is in line. 17. Transfer your old motor oil in the containers now empty of the new motor oil, and drop them  at Canadian Tire.

Companion Planting Some plants get along better with certain plants than others, as every being. Some can repel or attract insect, depending. The death of a plant can feed another. Below are some of those symbiotic relationships. BASIL: Plant with tomatoes to improve growth and flavor. Basil also does well with peppers, oregano, asparagus and petunias. Basil can be helpful in repelling thrips. It is said to repel flies and mosquitoes. Do not plant near rue or sage. PEAS: Peas fix nitrogen in the soil. Plant next to corn. Companions for peas are bush beans, bole beans, carrots, celery, chicory, corn, cucumber, eggplant, parsley, early potato, radish, spinach, strawberry, sweet pepper, tomatoes and turnips. Do not plant peas with chives, gladiolus, grapes, late potatoes or onions. STRAWBERRY: Friends are beans, borage, lettuce, onions, spinach and thyme. Foes: Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kohlrabi. Allies: Borage strengthens resistance to insects and disease. Thyme, as a border, deters worms. YARROW: Yarrow has insect repelling qualities and is an excellent natural fertilizer. A handful of yarrow leaves added to the compost pile really speeds things up. Try it! It also attracts predatory wasps and ladybugs to name just two. It may increase the essential oil content of herbs when planted among them.

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This one is for Mama…where the roots grow.

I wanted to write a piece to draw a picture of how invaluable and incredibly precious it is working within a company that is based on growing on our values and integrity based what we learned and continue to learn from mamas kitchen! I procrastinated for weeks not finding the right words or the accurate depictions that would do her justice. I have come to terms with the fact that words like time are limiting. Hotties Foods is a company born out of the desire to bring what we know best to the people who want it most, a necessity for quality comfort Neapolitan cooking to the streets, a dream kept in the closet and around the dinner table with friends and family for time immemorial. We did it, are doing it and strive daily to see the best come to life…it is underway! I remember when I was younger, watching my mother with such awe, this kind of how can she do it, or how couldn’t she do it….so brave and charismatic she, always able to take care of everyone and everything like every mama we know out there and do it with such taste and humility. See you at t he Trat t oria f or a bit e t o eat ;) Tan t i Baci M ama xox The meals she would make would mark every sitting with excitement and intensity and with each bite I would discover a bit more about whom I am and where I am coming from. It took me an awfully long time and at times maybe the exact time it was meant to, to learn that I was to grow fond of cooking and in fact deeply and passionately need it in my life as a tool to express myself and my connection to others. I left young to discover what I considered a personal display of culinary abilities which later turned into a melting pot of Mamas ways and the ways of my grandmothers, learning the little things that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We always admire the way Mama can make something taste so ridiculously delicious, her non methods to the perfect recipe and the ability to make anything green grow greener with delight. She has a way of teaching us the details in the little things that we carry on with pride and joy into our company all the while reminding us of the importance to care with depth and detail in everything we do no matter who we prepare it for! Thank you mama for your livelihood, your passionate enthusiasm and constant support in everything we do as a team, you are the backbone and heartbeat in this company, a woman with so much to learn from all the time! Sono Molto Grata di lavorare con te e sotto la tua guida. Ti amo! For the days to come I smile upon the vision we have created and continue to create, the processes and challenges we have faced head on and the results that keep us driving and deeply connected!



Women and Trans*folks You wanna share your skills, learn together, make an apprenticeship or lead one of our training ? WMovers is interested to meet you and work towards empowerment. Below are exemples of roles that could be fulfilled.

Websit-her geek : Maintaining our current website and adding information and documents along with WMovers growth.

Mover & Driver: Moving furniture, driving trucks and trailers, packing boxes, making inventories, working in team.

Mecanician: Operations of the fleets, regulations and making sure the team is up to date with the maintenance required.

Grant writer : Share your skills of grant writing, research, editing, etc.

Living Art I was told by a Native woman and artist that art is an extension of life for women, and that power of creation is a crucial part of our existence. This is also how I feel, as a white woman. Art in this colonial society – by definition, patriarchal and exploitive, is commodifying art to the point where art can't be dissassociated from its price value, just like anything else. For art to be recognized – therefore existent, it has to be stamped by the colonial standard of Art with a big A. Are you a professional ? Do you have a degree ? Is it selling ? Do you know the White men his story of Art ? The spheres which the existence of art is reduced – or we could call them artsy jails, are, in my point of view, in contradiction with art as I understand it. From the elitist white cubes and black boxes, to the galleries and museums, art is consumed by the riches rather than being lived by all. This also affects the processes of making art. Because of the constraints of money, state education and social imposed norms, the relationship with art as an extension of one self with the greater is quickly transformed to become a product of consommation, or if not the art, the Artist has become a product of society that might be extending itself through art as an act of creation, but, as she/he is constraint or brainwashed by the art world order, its art is not far behind. Art is a magical thing and I don't mean to brake anyone's power of creation, but I truly feel it is urgent to look at how does art exists in our lives, and how can it become this power of creation as it is a crucial part of our existence, especially as women. I know there are many artists out there who are true to themselves and to their art – and they are usually the ones starving also, or rich once they are dead. The Artists inside of the institutions have the responsibility to take that risk of supporting other forms of art that are not recognized by their milieus, as they are directly supporting the institutions themselves through their life, their work, their art. Of course, its not only your fault, dear Artist. It is also the responsibility of everyone to open their eyes and see that we are living in a dictaturship, in a living genocide, and art is one powerful tool to legitimate the authority who is in power. There are many exemples throughout herstories of diverse forms that art has taken which were and still are powerful, even if they often don't correspond with the Art of today's criterias – for the simple reason that they are at war. As simple as it can sound, it might not be as simple to understand, especially if its the first time you think that war could reach your home. Lets discuss further around this table. Don't worry, its not blood. Only paint.




This Summer is going to be much fertile for WMovers. Community is an important part of your business success, and by celebrating it your relationships will grow even stronger. It is promised to be a successful path if you keep believing and overcoming the current challenges. Be proud of your abilities and don't be afraid of your own powers. Your focus in what you believe and what you do is very important and much appreciated. You can build a long lasting fondation. Be out there this Summer, connect, gather and thrive. This is the fruits of your hard labor. Be productive, develop, share and feel that happiness and gratification. It is a favorable time to express joy and contentement ‌ not to repress it.

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