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Ideal body weight Weight is ideal body weight that an individual can acquire through a healthy diet, regular physical activity, proper management of stress and stopping smoking. Getting a specific weight is not as important as lifestyle changes necessary for a person to be healthy. Why is it important ideal weight? Body mass is one of the components that define the health of each person. A person who weighs slightly larger than the ideal can feel better, have more energy and can reduce their risk of developing diseases associated with obesity (eg, sleep apnea , type 2 diabetes , hypertension , stroke, or coronary artery disease) if you have a balanced diet and performing regular exercise. In fact such a person may be healthier than one with low body mass and has a poor diet and not physically active.

Why is it difficult to reduce body weight? There are types of diets leading to rapid loss of a few pounds, but such a diet is hard to follow restrictive term. Once diet and exercise are interrupted reappears and weight gain. Some people get so large variations present body weight, alternating periods of diet and weight loss diet is interrupted periods and person weight increases again. Such cycles are bad for the body than overweight or obesity . Those trying to reduce their body mass may encounter many obstacles such as lack of time for exercise, lack of support from family and coworkers, large portions in restaurants, vacations around some places offer great culinary , disease or trauma. Research has shown that most people who have tried to maintain their health managed rather have a healthy lifestyle than to reach ideal hardships. A lifestyle based on healthy diet and including regular physical activity and making improves health regardless of body weight obtained.

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