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Having a pet brings health benefits. Owning a pet is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding things anyone can experience in their life. That is because these pets are able to bring unique benefits to the family as a whole. Helping children learn to control their impulses and helping teens and young adults improve self-esteem while also helps to reflect on the importance of life cycles. Despite offering numerous benefits, of course having a pet entails also have some care and additional costs. But that compromises the importance of owning a pet, especially because the benefits go far beyond those already mentioned. Extending so directly and indirectly to the achievement and maintenance of good health and, as a result, we show how the ownership of a pet can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Having a pet brings health benefits - Check out what are: * Lower incidence of hospitalizations and less need for medications. People who own dogs, or even cats, according to a survey conducted by the University of Cambridge in England, tend to go to the doctor less frequently and have less need to take medication according to another study by a group. The studies also showed that those who have a pet can be discharged two days before the others in case of hospitalization. * Pets are good for the heart. A survey conducted in New York realized that direct contact with pets can help in normalizing blood pressure. In addition to the most recent survey, around 1980 a doctor had made their own experiment and obtained the result curiously similar to some extent. It was followed by a period where 92 people hospitalized for heart attacks, the result was that 11 out of the 39 who did not have pets they had died. While only 3 out of the 53 who had any pets had the same purpose in the period. * Pets help to increase the number of friends. Socializing is one of the best things a person can do for their emotional health, and the fact of owning a pet tends to work much toward creating new bonds of friendship. According to a survey, those who go for a walk with their dogs have more chances to make friends than those who go out alone. * Pets improve your well-being. According to another survey conducted owning a pet is able to provide the individual with a sense of lightness and well-being higher than those without, beyond what, a pet can also prove help to reduce the secrets between couples. * Pets help in love. Oxytocin which is known as the hormone of love, can be produced on a

larger scale when you have a pet like a cat, for example, this is what a study by a group of scientists said. In addition to all the benefits mentioned, having a pet can also help reduce levels of depression. Provide the most enjoyable moments in family and create a greater harmony in the environment. GREAT PET CARE NEWS AND INFORMATION FOUND HERE !

Having a pet brings health benefits