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Imagination “Facing the reality? What about changing it, rethink it, recreate it...�

Researching “Research is so important as design to achieve the right feeling and atmosphere.�

Fast response “We bring to customers a rapid response for any urgent special event creation.�

Corporate identity “Creating a visual language for your business from scratch.�

Strategy “We are building champion companies and best-seller products.�

Appeal “Eye-catching advertisement. Effective communication. Profitable feedback.”

Complete solution “Not only the ADs. We can develop a whole publication visual project.”

Partnership “We are proud to be part of a successful story from the beginning.”

e-Vites The “e-� Generation e-mail, e-commerce, e-Vites...

2006 - Graphic Design Portfolio  

Jobs I've done as a freelancer graphic designer to some customers in Miami, Florida during 2006... to be updated! :)

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