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World music in the Netherlands Besides hosting the biggest Eurasian festival on the globe and the biggest Caribbean festival on the European continent, Dutch popular music offers a delta full of crossovers, especially with styles related to its former colonies of Indonesia, the Dutch Antilles and Suriname. Out of its colonial past Dutch world developed into a crossroad. Musicians themselves characterize the genre as open and inspiring: Crossovers are in fact the present-day world music trademark in the Netherlands. It fosters innovative impulses in jazz, classical and pop. This means that world music in the Netherlands transcends the inherent cultural and economic boundaries of the genre itself.

There is a remarkable development from traditional world music genres to contemporary forms such as world beat, global dance and urban music. Many festivals are extending the range of their programming to accommodate more than just world music.

Audience • 1 million world aficionados; equalling the amount of jazz – audience in the Netherlands (population NL: 16,5 million) • all age groups and every strata of society • 75% native and 25% born outside the Netherlands • 250.000 people – attend one world music concert or festival yearly • 33% attend two or more performances • 62% use internet as main information source Venues and Festivals • 4.000 performances yearly at official venues and festivals • 4.000 estimated informal concerts in party-centers, clubs • 8 main pop venues: (capacity 1000+) program world music acts • 60 small pop venues: over 50% stage world music

Turnover At least 30 million euros per year of which is spent: • Over 15 million euro on concerts • Between 14 and 21 million euros on sound carriers (this is excluding turnover in the informal circuit) Facts are based on the World Music Forum NL – research A world of Sounds & Opportunities, World Music in the Netherlands published in 2012. Download: www.issuu/wmfnl or

A World of Sounds & Opportunities

& Wereldmuziek in Nederland World Music in the Netherlands

Management/Agencies Musicians

Beatriz Aguiar FOUNDATION PROMA/BEATRIZ AGUIAR, 107 Monica Akihary BOI AKIH,, 107 Erik Dorsman VINSKY,, 107 Sjahin During ARIFA,, 84 Vincent Henar FRA FRA SOUND,, 5 Manito LA MANOUCHE,, 112 Mehmet Polat MEHMET POLAT TRIO,, 107 Jaime Rodriguez FOUNDATION PROMA/RUMBATA BEAT BAND,, 107 Igor Sekulovic PROJEKT RAKIJA, 107 Zoli Soos VINSKY,, 107 Anne Maarten van Heuvelen PRODUCTIEHUIS ON/NO BLUES, 112

Annika Brandenburg XANGO MUSIC, distribution/agent,, 107 Roosje den Hertog TAMTAM PRODUCTIONS, director, management,, 113 Charlie den Hertog TAMTAM PRODUCTIONS, manager,, 113 Sonja Heimann CULTUUR & COMMUNICATIE, management/marketing,, 107 Ronald Keizer JUNGLE BY NIGHT, manager,, 23 Rene Missel FRA FRA SOUND, agent,, 5 Erwin Schellekens MUNDIAL PRODUCTIONS/ PROJEKT RAKIJA, director,, 107 Eli Silvrants JAZZCONEXION, manager/ agent,, 107 Rob van den Bosch EARTHBEAT/NYNKE/SKIP&DIE/KAPOK, booker/manager,, 111 Andries van Wieren 3S MUSIC GROUP/AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND, manager,, 76 Edwin Zomer SUMMERTIME MUSIC/MOR KARBASI, manager/agent,, 107

Venues, Festivals, Production Companies Ramon Balderas Sanches FESTIVAL DIAS LATINOS, director,, 107 Edo Bouman BOMBAY CONNECTION RECORDS, shop/dj,, 107 Francis de Souza RASA/BIMHUIS/HOUTFESTIVAL, programmer,, 107 Jeaneke den Boer DB CONSULT/CULTURE CONNECTION, owner/director,, 107 Erwin Schellekens MUNDIAL PRODUCTIONS, director,, 107 Jochem Valkenburg HOLLAND FESTIVAL, programmer,, 107 Danka van Dodewaard, AMSTERDAM ROOTS FESTVAL/ RASA/KORZO, programmer,, 107 Huub van Riel BIMHUIS, director,, 107 Eltje Verloop LATIN SWING PRODUCTIONS, director,, 107

Pay-Bas Netherlands @ Babel Med Marseille 20-3-2014 until 22-3-2014 10h-18h stand nr. 107 Sounds & Opportunities, World Music in the Netherlands


21-3-14 Programme

Overview of the Dutch world music scene combined with facts and figures based on research. This is followed by a roundtable discussion

Conference Sounds & Opportunities,

on the possibilities of a pan-European collaboration to improve the

World Music in the Netherlands

image and promotion of world music by exchanging information

12h-13h Cabaret / Salle de conferences

on marketing and research. In what ways could European countries benefit from this and what else is needed?


Presentation Stan Rijven

Get in touch with the Dutch /

Speakers a.o.:

Rencontre avec les Hollandais

Simon Broughton, editor in chief Songlines Magazine (UK)

16h -17h stand nr. 107

Jan Hoozee, Zeyphirus management (BE) Andries van Wieren, 3SMusic management (NL)


Sami Sadek, director Babel Med (FR) (tbc)

Amsterdam Klezmer Band XL, Blitzmash

Sonja Heimann, World Music Forum (NL)

20h15 Salle des Sucres

Charlie Crooijmans WORLD MUSIC FORUM NL,MIXEDWORLDMUSIC, NEWS & NOISE, journalist/ photographer,, 107 Stan Rijven TROUW-national daily, journalist/dj/programmer,, 107

Organisations Dominique Citroen SENA, rights organisation,, 107 Sonja Heimann WORLD MUSIC FORUM NL, manager,, 107 Stan Rijven WORLD MUSIC FORUM NL, programmer,, 107 Ikaros van Duppen BUMA CULTUUR, rights organisation,, 107

design resia bibo | photography Roel Determeijer, Serge Ligtenberg,Ton Maas, Arkady Mitnik, Eric van Nieuwland, Krijn van Noordwijk,, Daniel Patriasz,Barwerd van der Plas, Sanne Schouwink, Femke Teussink


World Music Forum NL (WMFNL) promotes the world music industry from the Netherlands. WMFNL offers a networking platform for musicians, labels, bookers, distributors, venues, media, institutions, etc., both domestically and abroad.

Dutch World @ Babel Med Marseille, 2014  

Factsheet on Dutch World Music scene Contact info of Dutch delegates at Babel Med Marseille 2014

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