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Conference & Festival Guide

September 7 & 8 2016

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Welcome to Dutch Delta Sounds! This event is the follow-up to its predecessors Dutch Jazz & World Meeting, and Dutch Blend Meeting. It will be held at two eye-catching venues, Bimhuis and Paradiso Noord (Tolhuistuin) situated on opposite banks of Amsterdam’s IJ waterfront. Dutch Delta Sounds also celebrates the tenth anniversary of World Music Forum NL by presenting a programme with a contemporary mix


welcome of adventurous music from all corners of the globe, rooted on Dutch soil. In daytime, conferences will focus on the creolization of music in the lowlands and how this process relates to Anglo-American music culture. Two keynote-speakers, Amitava Bhattacharya (India) and Professor Simon Frith (UK), will address this issue from a global perspective. On behalf of our partners and all supporting organisations, we wish you a fruitful Dutch Delta Sounds and an enjoyable stay. Sonja Heimann, Stan Rijven World Music Forum NL Pieter Zeeman, Susanne Moed Dutch Performing Arts


Dutch Performing Arts is a programme that promotes Dutch music, theatre and dance on the international stage. The programme is powered by Performing Arts Fund NL. Questions? Contact Pieter Zeeman, Susanne Moed or Anja Krans: mail@dutchperformingarts.nl

dutchperformingarts.nl 6

Cata.Pirata | Skip&Die | Photo Hara Amorรณs






September 7 9.30 – 18.00 9.30 – 02.00 10.30 – 12.30

Doors open, registration Bimhuis, entrance

12.30 – 13.30

Network Lunch Bimhuis Café

13.30 – 16.00

Films & Sessions Vergaderzaal / Repetitieruimte

16.15 – 16.45

Keynote Bimhuis Café

Meeting area Bimhuis Café Opening & Symposium Bimhuis zaal

16.45 – 18.00 Network Drinks Bimhuis Café 18.00 – 20.00 Trade dinner in Lloyd Hotel Invitees and pre-reservations only 20.30 – 00.15 00.15 – 01.15

Concerts Bimhuis Zaal DJ’s Bimhuis Café 9


Wednesday September 7 Bimhuis zaal 10.30 – 12.30

Opening & Symposium

Dutch Delta Sounds Creolization of Music in the Lowlands English spoken

Sonja Heimann director WMFNL Stan Rijven music journalist, programmer WMFNL Martha Hawley music journalist Yassine Boussaid cultural entrepreneur, ao programmer De Meervaart JaĂŻr Tchong music journalist Emiel Barendsen ConsulArt, chair Advisory Board WMFNL Scott Rollins Otrabanda (music) publisher MC & Moderator: Robert Sordam musician, IKO Foundation



Local developments are part of a global story. Within the last decade especially financial flows, geo-politics and social media have accelerated a process in which such preconceived notions of what constitutes the dualities of East/West, classic/popular, rural/ urban are rapidly diminishing, thus raising new questions. What do these changes tell us about our national identity? How are these transformations translated into cultural politics? Are we entering the age of Creole Culture where genre categories have become obsolete? Dutch Delta Sounds will kick off with a series of brief statements that contextualize the creolization of music in The Netherlands. Presenting an outline of its history, focussing on the influence of its colonial legacy and the role of Arabo-Andalusian music. Offering a view of and discussion on what the future might look like.



Wednesday September 7 Repetitieruimte Film 13.30 – 13.45 Djunga Di Biluca: Pioneer of Cape Verdean Music 17 minutes, Dutch spoken, English subtitles RTV Rijnmond, Voordebuis series ‘Rotterdammers van formaat’ part 9 With the exception of Cape Verde itself, and ex-colonial power Portugal, the city of Rotterdam is home to more Cape Verdeans than anywhere else. The first immigrants arrived there in the 1950s to work in the harbor. João Silva, better known as Djunga de Biluca, played a major role in the independence of his mother country, by raising awareness and taking pride in one’s own Cape Verdean culture and identity here in the Netherlands. In so doing he founded Morabeza Records, the first Cape Verdean record label where such artists as Voz de Cabo Verde and Bonga made their debuts. 13.50 – 14.50

Easy Man:

The Story of Ronald Snijders, His Music and The Nelson Djosa Sessions 44 minutes, Dutch spoken, English subtitles Introduction by Niels Nieuborg & Jasper Cremers aka Nelson & Djosa, producers Directed by Nelson & Djosa, Dennis de Groot ronaldsnijders.nl 12

Bimhuis Easy Man: The Story of Ronald Snijders, His music and The Nelson & Djosa Sessions explores the career of Surinamese musician and composer Ronald Snijders. With more than twenty self-released albums, his unique sound and style made him the figurehead of the ‘kaseko jazz’ genre. Despite being difficult to find, his music remains popular and in demand amongst DJ’s and record collectors worldwide. Easy Man offers a deeper look into Ronald Snijders’ music and history, using both archival footage and interviews with friends, band members, admirers and of course the man himself. 15.00 – 15.55 The World Makes Music 50 minutes (82 minutes available) Dutch spoken, English subtitles Preview Introduction by director Margriet Jansen www.theworldmakesmusic.nl World Premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival, autumn 2016 A documentary examining the impact of world music on a group of western music lovers with a passion for non-western music. Put in the spotlight to relive the emotions they experienced during their favourite live performances, they recall how this moment influenced and changed their lives. As the numerous concert recordings included in the film demonstrate, music does not stop at the borders of the Western world. A music documentary that pays tribute to the universal language of music from all over the globe. 13


Wednesday September 7 Vergaderzaal 13.15 – 14.00 Differences that Make a Difference Conference Leila Jaffar, Jaffar Consultancy / Nahawand Foundation jaffar.nl English spoken World music professionals constantly have to interact, communicate and negotiate with people from all over the world, so having good intercultural communication skills is essential. In this interactive presentation Leila Jaffar will focus on hierarchy, interpersonal relations and strategies of influencing and negotiating in various settings. She will show some examples of intercultural communication. Participants are invited to analyse examples and raise questions. 14.15 – 15.00 Facts & Figures Dutch Music Venues Conference Dutch Association of Music Venues and Festivals (VNPF) Arne Dee, senior policy officer Berend Schans, managing director vnpf.nl English spoken The Netherlands feature a very rich and well-equipped circuit of music venues, but how do these venues function? The VNPF presents the latest facts & figures. What is 14

Bimhuis the current state of affairs and what are the main trends regarding activities, visits, employment, income and expenses? A comparison will also be made between music venues in the Netherlands and several other European countries. How do the types of activities differ, as well as those involving financing mix, and subsidies, etc.? 15.15 – 16.00 Meeting

Music Managers Forum vergadering /meeting Ronald Keizer, BLiP Agency, board member MMF mmfnl.com Dutch spoken / Nederlands

Music Manager’s Forum is an international organisation. Its aim is to collect and disseminate information among artist managers. MMF is a platform in which socio-economic aspects of the music industry can be discussed such as dealing with rights organisations, copyright matters, VAT regulations, internationalisation and subsidies. MMF has some 50 members representing a broad spectrum of the industry.



Wednesday September 7 Bimhuis Café 16.15 – 16.45 Keynote

From Delta to Delta - Magic in Roots Amitava Bhattacharya Founder director banglanatak dot com (India) banglanatak.com English spoken

Amsterdam is a liberal city, so is Kolkata, where diversity rules. Let me share a journey of a common man, who returned from his software journey in Silicon Valley to start social entrepreneurship using culture as a vehicle of development, connecting to global routes, celebrating Tagore’s ‘Unity in Diversity’. All delta lands are magic boxes of indigenous knowledge, let’s move together. The world needs to collaborate and work together for a better future and platforms like World Music Forum NL provide the opportunity to connect the dots while celebrating plurality and promoting music and peace. Let alternatives like this evolve into a multi country force by uniting people across the world for a shared purpose, leveraging technology, music, wisdom and renewables to make sustainable development a reality.



Bio: Amitava Bhattacharya, based in Kolkata, India, an engineer (IIT Kharagpur) and Chevening-Gurukul Scholar in Leadership & Excellence from London School of Economics, is a social entrepreneur with 27 years of global experience, formed banglanatak dot com in 2000, specializing in culture and development. His flagship initiative Art for Life, addressing poverty alleviation and social inclusion using Intangible Cultural Heritage is a huge success story. He also started World Peace Music Festival in Kolkata. His venture, MusiCal focuses on strengthening collaborations between Bengali folk and world musicians. Amitava’s passion is social innovation, social entrepreneurship and working towards global peace.



Thursday September 8

10.00 – 13.00

Boat trip on the IJ Invitees and pre-reservations only

10.00 – 02.00

Meeting Area Café Restaurant Tolhuistuin

13.00 – 16.00

Mixed Media Lounge Unplugged sessions & interviews IJzaal

13.30 – 17.00

Speeddates, mentoring, conferences, inspiration sessions, keynote Paradiso Noord / Tolhuistuin

17.00 – 18.00

Network drinks Foyer

18.00 – 20.00 Dutch Delta Sounds Menu Café Restaurant Tolhuistuin 20.00 – 02.00


Concerts & DJ’s Grote Zaal / Tuinzaal

Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin Spiegelzaal 13.30 – 14.00 Conference

Information about the International Grants at Performing Arts Fund NL Julia Terlunen, Head of International Department, Performing Arts Fund NL fondspodiumkunsten.nl/en/ English spoken

Are you curious what The Performing Arts Fund NL has to offer for international projects? During this short session you will receive an introduction to the various grants that support the import of foreign presentations, the export of Dutch presentations abroad and the artistic exchange between Dutch and international makers. What are the requirements to apply and who is eligible? Julia Terlunen, Head of the International Department, will also give information about how to apply for a contribution to the travel and transport costs and answer questions about the grants. 14.00 – 16.00 Speed dates

Speed date-sessions with international programmers and bookers



Thursday September 8 Spiegelzaal 14.00 – 15.00 Venues & Music Markets Mentoring Beatriz Aguiar, singer, promoter, producer beatrizaguiar.com Dutch and English spoken Building your own international network Information about music trade fairs, podia and festivals in Europe and Latin America that are right for you and your project. For newcomers: basic information / how to get started? For experienced musicians: means and strategies / tips and tricks. Not only are music trade fairs becoming more popular, they are the perfect place to present your project. A place where you can make new contacts and realise exchange and cooperative programmes. Which music festivals and trade fairs in Europe and Latin America are most suitable for your project? With over 15 years’ experience in National and International Music Fairs Beatriz Aguiar has developed an extensive network. Member of: BAFIM (International Music Fair, Argentina); SOL Sonidos Latinos, Spain/Argentina; Red Pajaros, Spain (Latin-American Music Network). 20

Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin Spiegelzaal 15.00 – 16.00 Music Production Fund, financial support Mentoring for sound recordings / Sena Anita Verheggen, policy officer Ntb and member of Sena board Dominique Citroen, manager of Citroen Advies Podiumkunsten sena.nl Dutch and English spoken Anita Verheggen and Dominique Citroen provide information about the Sena Music Fund (the Dutch neighbouring rights organisation) and answer questions by musicians based in The Netherlands who are considering whether to apply for a grant by the fund.



Thursday September 8 Boardroom 13.15 – 14.00 The Music Museum, Conference Immaterial Cultural Heritage, Audio Collections and Sound Amnesia in The Netherlands Fred Gales, audio anthropologist, broadcaster, author and publisher Rein Spoorman, musician, producer and publisher English spoken A panel discussion on the current state of world music collections in the Netherlands ranging from audio and record collections to musical instruments and paper archives. The panel members will give an overview of how much and how little world music related material can be found in these archives and in how far nowadays the Dutch sonic past is threatened by a lack of awareness of the value and importance of such collections. What can be done to save our sonic past and how to create an awareness of the value and importance of world music and sound collections in the Netherlands?


Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin Boardroom 14.15 – 15.00 Conference

Diversity Lab: Who Dares? Richtje Sybesma, director binoq atana Jacek Rajewski, driving force behind Code Culturele Diversiteit binoq.nl Dutch spoken

Who do you work with to attract new and diverse clientele? Which PR channels do you resort to reach a wider audience? Which candidate do you choose if all are equally qualified? Based on a number of propositions you are afforded the opportunity of efficiently vetting yourself or your organisation. During the lab we set to work with the Cultural Diversity Scan that we have specially developed for the cultural sector. Prior to the scan participants are given a brief introduction to the Cultural Diversity Code and the four cornerstones on which it is based: Public, Personnel, Programme and Partners. The scan makes clear to what degree an institution implements policies and actions based on promoting these cornerstones of cultural diversity. And in which areas that is not (yet) the case. Who dares?



Thursday September 8 Boardroom

15.15 – 16.00 Do Only Whites Know What´s Conference Good Black Music? René Romer, owner of TransCity, Diversity & Community Marketing transcity.com English spoken The Netherlands has over four million consumers with ethnic minority backgrounds, first or second generation. The Dutch Central Statistics Agency projects this number to rise to around 5.7 million by the year 2060. Not included in these data: third and later generations. The demographics of the Netherlands is slowly growing towards a population composition in which half of the Dutch citizens have at least partial foreign roots. Similar demographic changes can be seen in other European countries. What does this mean to you as a stage programmer? How do you respond to these changing demographics? Why is stage programming hardly ever done from the perspective of the very diverse, multicultural audiences themselves? Are whites the only ones with sufficient knowledge and musical taste to determine what good black music is? Or will you ask your mixed audiences to help you select appealing acts within our multicultural societies? If so, how? This interactive ‘round table’ discussion will be moderated by René Romer, specialised in multicultural marketing for over 20 years and author of the only two Dutch language books on the topic.


Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin Waterstudio 13.30 – 14.15 They’ve Done Away With the VAR, Conference Now What? Mark Gerrits, Ntb, (beroepsvereniging voor musici), jurist/beleidsmedewerker/Dutch union of professional musicians/lawyer Anita Verheggen, Ntb, beleidsmedewerker/ policy officer Dutch spoken Per 1 May 2016 the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration did away with the VAR (Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie), the declaration of self-employed music professionals that was issued to demonstrate they were not liable to payroll taxes. This has led to a great deal of confusion among these self-employed musicians. The Ntb has made arrangements with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration to draw up a new standard performance agreement. Lawyer Mark Gerrits provides an update of the current state of affairs, and gives advice on the do’s and especially the don’ts of what to do and answers questions from the floor.



Thursday September 8 Waterstudio 14.30 – 15.00 Inspiration session

How Do You Get to the Grammies? Maite Hontelé (CO/NL),trumpeter, nominee Latin Grammy Award, ambassador Dutch World Music maitehontele.com English spoken

How did Maite Hontelé end up living and working in Colombia and what does her current situation looks like? Maite Hontelé will elaborate on how an independent artist can still catch the public eye: about strategy, daring, persistence, teamwork. Bio: Nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the category Best Salsa Album, trumpeter Maite Hontelé is transforming the role of women in music. People in South and North America, Europe and Asia have witnessed her concerts. Born in Holland, but Colombian in her heart (she has been living in Medellín since 2009), her music is a perfect mix of European elegance and tropical joy, which is reflected in her four albums. Also known as ‘Mujer Sonora’, Maite Hontelé has collaborated with artists such as Rubén Blades, Buena Vista Social Club, Chocquibtown, Oscar D´León, among others. Quote Oscar D´León: “She is the best the world has to offer, enjoy her! The ways she plays is extraordinary, outstanding!”


Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin Waterstudio 15.10 – 16.00 Inspiration session

Pressing and Squeezing the Press & Short Stories About Melting Pots Giorgos Markakis (GR), journalist, presenter, producer Greek and European radio, a.o. World Music Charts Europe English spoken

Pressing and squeezing the press is a sort of an auto analytical therapeutically public cathartic self-interrogation. Short stories about melting pots, pressure cookers & distillation music processes in vinyl, aluminium and Internet.

Bio: Giorgos Markakis is a member of World Music Charts Europe since 1999. Markakis studied politics, sociology, information techniques & clinical psychology at Sweden’s Lund University. A journalist and presenter and producer since 1978 for Greek and European public radio, with over 100 interviews with major world artists to his credit, he initiated and co-organised Womex 2012 in Thessaloniki and is currently making field recordings in West Bengal, India. Awarded with the Prix Europa in 2012.



Thursday September 8


Tuinzaal 16.15 – 17.00 Keynote

Music and Movement Simon Frith, Tovey Professor of Music at the University of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the British Academy, chairman Mercury Music Prize

The power of music is that it crosses borders. Checkpoints don’t stop the movement of sounds; musicians have always been travellers. There are no such things as ethnically or geographically ‘pure’ sounds; the nation state is not a musical institution. And yet music is essential to people’s sense of their place in the world. The history of music – how that history is understood – is not easily disentangled from the ideology of nationalism; the nation is often understood musically. And this imbrication of musical with national identity matters particularly for people who travel, who are physically in one place, culturally in another. Simon Frith will explore this through the issues that drive this festival: ‘creolization’, the way new identities are forged by cultural/musical mixing and the reformulation of national/international borders; and the significance of places in this process – the places where borders are both marked out and crossed.

Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin

Bio: Simon Frith is Tovey Professor of Music at the University of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the British Academy. He was a founder member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and edited World Music, Politics and Social Change, a collection of essays from IASPM conferences. During his career as a music journalist he was, among other things, rock critic for the London Sunday Times and a columnist for the New York Village Voice. He chaired the judges of the Mercury Music Prize from 1992-2016. He is the author of Sound Effects and Performing Rites and is presently completing a three volume history of live music in Britain since 1950.


MUSIC THEATRE DANCE THEATRE MUSIC FESTIVALS MUSIC THEATRE ANCE ATRE MUSIC The Performing Arts Fund NL is a cultural fund for music, IVALS music theatre, dance, theatre and festivals in the NetherMUSIC lands. The Fund has two grants for persons or organisations ATRE residing outside the Netherlands. GRANT FOR DUTCH PRESENTATIONS ABROAD The Performing Arts Fund NL offers grants to venues and festivals abroad for the programming of performances and concerts by Dutch companies, ensembles and performers. The grant can be applied for by a venue or festival located outside the Netherlands with a substantial international programme. GRANT FOR COMPOSITION COMMISSION The Performing Arts Fund NL may award a grant to support composition commissions that can contribute to the composition climate in the Netherlands. Foreign organisations are welcome to apply if they wish to commission a Dutch composer. MORE INFORMATION

www.fondspodiumkunsten.nl/en/grants/ +31 (0)70 707 27 00 info@fondspodiumkunsten.nl


Wednesday September 7

Bimhuis Bimhuis Zaal MC Robert Sordam Openig by special guest Maite Hontelé, supersister of son & salsa and ambassador of Dutch World Music 20.30 – 21.15 NO blues

Bimhuis Café

21.30 – 22.15 Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble

doors open 19.30 – 20.30 DJ Safri / DJ Socrates

22.30 – 23.15 Ahaddaf Quartet

00.30 – 01.30 DJ Safri / Dj Socrates

23.30 – 00.30 Nils Fischer & Timbazo 31

Wednesday September 7

NO blues

100% arabicana

NO blues is one of those rare bands who can boast of a musical style all their own. What began in 2005 as an experiment and something of a novelty has developed into a full blown musical genre. Initially locked in a recording studio five Dutch and Middle Eastern musicians invented a new sound. They baptized it ‘Arabicana’, a hybrid of Oriental taqsim and American folk and blues. A decade on, NO blues continues to refine its exceptional crossover of ud and percussion with guitar and double bass. Their most recent album Oh yeah habibi is another potent mix, building a brand new bridge between Middle East and North West. Anne-Maarten van Heuvelen – double-bass Ankie Keultjes – vocals, sound mix Osama Meleegi – percussion Ad van Meurs – guitars Haytham Safia – ud

last album: Oh yeah habibi (2015) NOblues.nl


Bimhuis zaal

Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble top-notch tango Bandoneon virtuoso Carel Kraayenhof is also one of world’s leading composers of tango. He studied with Juan Mosalini, performed with Astor Piazzolla and recorded with Sting and Ennio Morricone who remarked: “He makes the instrument work in a non-traditional manner that makes it surprisingly relevant.” Besides regularly performing in the theatre circuit, Kraayenhof has also graced such stages as the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall. His latest ensemble album Liberación is a powerful statement on the current plight of refugees and was nominated for the Dutch Edison prize. Carel Kraayenhof – bandoneon Jaap Branderhorst – double-bass Juan Pablo Dobal – piano Jan Willem Troost – cello Bert Vos – 1st violin Iefke Wang – 2nd violin

last album: Liberación (2015) kraayenhof.com 33

Wednesday September 7

Ahaddaf Quartet

roots & routes

The members of The Ahaddaf Quartet have their roots in Morocco, Italy, France and USA but discovered their musical route in The Netherlands. The alchemy of ud and double bass, intertwined with percussion and piano, has become their unique trademark. On stage and CD (Nasim Al Andalous - 2012, Spoken soul - 2014) the band creates an evocative blend of Arabic-Andalusian tradition with jazz and Latin influences. The result is a virtuoso rendezvous of catchy melodies, striking themes and enchanting solos. Mohamed Ahaddaf – ud Matt Adomeit – double-bass Francesco Bongiorno – percussion Avishai Darash – piano

new album: Seasons (October 2016) ahaddafquartet.com


Bimhuis zaal

Nils Fischer & Timbazo Timba muy explosiva

Timbazo combines the intensity of Cuban timba with jazz and salsa dura. Founder Nils Fischer, one of Europe’s best percussionists, selected top flight musicians, including three sublime salsa vocalists. The band members all based in the Netherlands hail from Colombia, Cuba, Curacao, Germany, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico and the USA. Timbazo’s debut album ¡Gracias Joe Cuba! (2007) was nominated for a Grammy and chosen by the international press as best salsa album of the year. After quite a few concerts including North Sea Jazz and several major summer festivals Timbazo now presents its equally explosive album Rumberos a Montón. “Horns blaring, percussion faster than the speed of light and singers just spitting fire!” (Salsapower). Nils Fischer – congas Marc Bischoff – piano Alberto Caicedo, Fabian Nodarse ‘Huracán’, Nando Vanin – vocals Frans Cornelissen, David Rothschild – trombone Wigbert Martina – bongos Joe Rivera, Alex Rodriguez – trumpet Samuel Ruiz – bass Armando Vidal – drums/ timbales

last album: Rumberos a Montón (2015) timbazo.com 35

Wednesday September 7

He uses global reggae, subversive afro beat, sun-drenched funk, cumbia, merengue & highlife and a dash of crispy electronica. facebook.com/djsocrates

Socrates exotic tropical blends

DJ’s Bimhuis Café Safri grooves DJ Safri spins exotic dance music from all points of the compass. He was one of the founders of the legendary ‘Mystic Grooves’ parties in Rasa, De Melkweg and other venues. djsafri.com mixcloud.com/djsafri


Thursday September 8

Paradiso Noord (Tolhuistuin)

Grote Zaal


19.30 doors open DJ Rebel UP!

19.30 doors open DJ Dr. Goldfinger

20.30 – 21.10 Ronald Snijders Band 21.25 – 22.05 Minyeshu

20.45 – 21.15 Boi Akih 21.30 – 22.00 Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble 22.15 – 22.45 Tiltan 23.00 – 23.30 Voodrish 23.45 – 00.15 Antimufa 00.15 – 01.00 DJ Dr. Goldfinger

22.20 – 23.00 Koffie 23.15 – 23.55 Rumbatá Beat Band 00.10 – 00.50 The Dubbeez 00.50 – 02.00 DJ Rebel UP!


Thursday September 8

Ronald Snijders Band

Funky flute & Suri jazz

The former Dutch colony of Suriname is a cultural mix of Creoles, Hindustani’s, Amerindians and Javanese. After its independence in 1975 those musicians who emigrated to the Netherlands brought their multicultural heritage with them. From this rich wellspring flutist and composer Ronald Snijders, distilled his unique sound. Sought out by many top class players including Chick Corea, Snijders always went his own way. In 2013 he celebrated his 40th anniversary in the music business with the 20 CD Pandora’s box Made For Music of funk, jazz, kaseko, rap and winti. Among those who Snijders has collaborated with on his latest CD are Orlando Julius (Nigeria), Bassekour Kouyate (Mali), and Ed Motta (Brazil). Snijders: “I’m not a ‘Surinamese musician in the Netherlands’. I am a musician and the world is my home.” Ronald Snijders – transverse flute and vocals Robby Alberga – guitar Randy Winterdal – fretless bass Walther Muringen – drums Giovanni Essed – kawina and kaseko percussion Cherish Snijders – kawina percussion

last album: The Nelson & Djosa sessions (2016) ronaldsnijders.nl 38

Paradiso Noord Grote Zaal Minyeshu

best of both worlds Born in Ethiopa, Minyeshu moved to the Netherlands in the late nineteen nineties where she embarked on a second career. The charismatic singer has built an impressive oeuvre blending the best of both worlds with her stunning voice and haunting songs. She has joined the stage with such famous Ethiopian icons as Mulatu Astatke and Mahmoud Ahmed, and other famous African colleagues as Salif Keita, Youssou N’Dour and Angelique Kidjo. Minyeshu’s new album Yeselam Ayer offers soul food from a global star in the making. Minyeshu Kifle Tedla – lead vocals Bas Bouma – drums Maarten Helsloot – keyboards Wouter Schueler – sax

new album: Yeselam Ayer (October 2016) minyeshu.nl


Thursday September 8


not instant but espresso

Though coffee comes in various mélanges, the band Koffie stands out with its pungent musical blend. Ever since 2013 they have been serving afrobeat mixed with funk, jazz and electronica. You can taste the grooves of Fela Kuti and James Brown, the end result is a strong espresso instead of some tasteless instant. It could hardly be otherwise with musicians who have earned their spurs with the likes of such bands as Gallowstreet, Kyteman and Snarky Puppy. Valentijn Bannier – guitar Steven Brezet – percussion Niels Broos – keys Vernon Chatlein – percussion Daniël Schotsborg – bass Itai Weissman – tenor sax Abe van der Woude – drums

new album: t.b.a. (October 2016) koffiemusic.com


Paradiso Noord Grote Zaal

Rumbatá Beat Band latin with a beat

Right from its inception in 1990, Rumbatá quickly garnered success in the international salsa scene due to their peppery Latin music seasoned with jazz and swing. The band members all lived in The Netherlands, but hailed from all over the world. In 2014, after a five year break, bandleader Jaime Rodríguez returned with his Rumbatá Beat Band playing Latin mixed with contemporary pop and jazz influences. The line-up is formed by the core of Rumbatá, added with fresh young talent. Jaime Rodríguez – bandleader & congas Kees Adolfsen – trombone Gerrit Jan Binkhorst – baritone sax & transverse flute Marc Bischoff – keyboards Dave Breidenbach – electric bass Frans Cornelissen – trombone Jerone van Damme – alto sax Cyril Directie – drums Anton Goudsmit – electric guitar Joe Rivera - trumpet Rik Mol – trumpet Efraïm Trujillo – tenor sax

last album: Once Again (2014) jaimerodriguez.nl 41

Thursday September 8 Grote Zaal

The Dubbeez

vital vintage reggae

The Dubbeez, a young dub reggae collective from Amsterdam, prove that good reggae is timeless. With charisma this septet reboots classic roots- and dub reggae to the year 2016. The tight rhythmic tandem of Earl on drums and sister Olivia on bass, lays a solid foundation for their own, shimmering compositions. The smooth vocals of Quincy, Joanne & Charissa, Bobby’s synthesizerlines and guitarist Mill’s atmospheric improvisations supercharge every hall with high tension. Vital reggae with a vintage feel. Winner of World Reggae Contest 2016. Dutch Delta Sounds Talent Award 2016, for promising new talent. Charr – vocals Joanne – vocals Quincy – vocals, rap Bobby – keyboard Earl – drums Mills – guitar Olivia – bass

latest album (EP): The Dubbeez (2016) radar-agency.com/artists/the-dubbeez/


Paradiso Noord Tuinzaal

Boi Akih

bridging East & West Singer Monica Akihary and guitarist Niels Brouwer are the nucleus of Boi Akih. They transform the musical heritage of the Indonesian archipelago and European impro-jazz into a new musical idiom. Besides performing in various line-ups, with such top musicians as tabla player Sandip Bhattacharya and cellist Ernst Reijseger, their duo concerts are memorable events on their own. The blistering blend of Brouwer’s guitar adventures with Akihary’s charismatic personality creates “An unique sound that is intensely moving and spiced with virtuoso improvisations” (Songlines). Boi Akih have given hugely successful performances in Austria, China, India and Russia. Indeed, building bridges between East and West. Monica Akihary – vocals Niels Brouwer – guitars, electronics

new album: t.b.a. (October 2016) boiakih.com


Thursday September 8

Göksel Yilmaz

Ensemble journey through the Levant

The Levant, archaically referred to in English as the lands of morning, has a rich repertoire of songs developed over centuries. Göksel Yilmaz, born in the Netherlands and raised in southern Turkey, draws from this vast well. He began playing saz at a young age and has specialized in Turkish folk music ever since. In 1992 he formed the band Anadolu Ezgisi, followed in 2006 by the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble. With a trunk full of compositions from the Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese repertoire, as well as original material steeped with influences from jazz and blues, they have conquered stages in the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia, Turkey and Switzerland. Göksel Yilmaz – ud, guitar, baglama, vocals Ulas Aksünger – percussion Anne Bakker – violin Sandor Kem – double-bass Funda Yilmaz – vocals

last album: Kan Zaman (2016) gokselyilmaz.nl 44

Paradiso Noord Tuinzaal Tiltan roadmovie for the ear

Tiltan’s fascinating music is just as rare as the four-leaf clover to which the group’s name refers. Their boundless mix of folklore with jazz, chamber and film music can be traced to the family history of composer/guitarist David Golek. He has transformed influences from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America into a stirring road movie soundtrack. A palpable feeling of melancholy permeates the transparent interweaving of bayan (Russian button accordion), clarinet, guitar and violin. As a result, it is difficult to classify the music under a single genre, unless you simply call it tiltan. David Golek – guitar & compositions Oleg Fateev – bayan Bela Horvat – violin, mandola Daniel Mester – clarinet

last album: A Road Less Traveled (2014) tiltanmusic.com


Thursday September 8


virtuoso and seductive

Voodrish are seven musicians from five different countries. Rotterdam is the city where they met, and where their unique sound arose. A daring crossover of reggae, drum ‘n bass, Balkan, jazz and classical music, rendered by French horn, strings, horns, rhythm section and electronica. Live performances yield danceable grooves that seduce, though soundscapes as well, full of surprising turns and twisting time signatures. The mix of electronica and acoustic instruments provides a panoramic palette of sound, while their virtuosity keeps Voodrish’s music flexible and fresh. Romain Bly – trumpet/horn/electronica Alessandro Russo – sax Yanna Pelser – altoviolin Ioan Haffner – violin Abhisek Bhadra – keyboards/el. guitar/electronica Bernardo Addario – bass/electronica Louis Portal – drums

latest album: The Whims of Mr. Hoogeloon (2014) facebook.com/vdrshband/?fref=ts 46

Paradiso Noord Tuinzaal



Their debut album is called ‘New Ways of Argentinean Music’. Nomen est omen, Antimufa takes tango and Argentinean folk music to the 21st century. Inspired by the musical tradition of Río de la Plata these Dutch based Argen-teenyboppers revive its spirit and flavor with their adventurous approach and refreshing instrumentation. Instead of looking back the quartet transforms classic tangos, milongas and folk into anarchistic improvisations, powerful melodies and jazzy sounds. ‘Aires very buenos’ indeed. Marcos Baggiani – drums, percussion Simone van der Weerden – Bandoneon Guillermo Celano – guitar Adan Mizrahi – double-bass Natalio Sued – clarinet, tenor sax, vocals

last album: New Ways of Argentinean Music (2015) antimufa.com


Thursday September 8 Grote Zaal

Rebel UP!

diasporic sounds from the global underground This DJ and VJ collective regularly organizes its own clubnights in the Netherlands and Belgium. rebelup.org | mixcloud.com/Rebel_Uppa/



Paradiso Noord

Dr. Goldfinger

nucleair exotica

Maxim ‘Goldfinger’ hails from the nuclear city in the Urals, Russia. He is researcher, music producer, collector, widescreen DJ and renowned for his club projects Salon USSR and Moskow Diskow. facebook.com/Dr.Goldfinger


Sept 7

Bimhuis 20.00







Sept 8 Paradiso Noord Grote Zaal


19.30 – 20.30 DJ Safri / DJ Socrates

19.30 DJ Rebel UP!

19.30 DJ Dr. Goldfinger

20.30 – 21.15 NO blues

20.30 – 21.10 Ronald Snijders Band 21.25 – 22.05 Minyeshu

20.45 – 21.15 Boi Akih 21.30 – 22.00 Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble 22.15 – 22.45 Tiltan 23.00 – 23.30 Voodrish 23.45 – 00.15 Antimufa 00.15 – 01.00 DJ Dr. Goldfinger

21.30 – 22.15 Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble 22.30 – 23.15 Ahaddaf Quartet

23.30 – 00.30 Nils Fischer & Timbazo 00.30 – 01.30 DJ Safri / Dj Socrates

22.20 – 23.00 Koffie 23.15 – 23.55 Rumbatá Beat Band 00.10 – 00:50 The Dubbeez

00.50 – 02.00 DJ Rebel UP!



Wednesday September 7 Bimhuis Zaal

Bimhuis Café



10.30 – 12.30 Opening & Symposium Dutch Delta Sounds


12.30 – 13.30 Networklunch 10.00 – 02.00 Meeting Area




16.15 – 16.45 Keynote From Delta to Delta 16.45 – 18.00 Network Drinks

18.00 20.30 – 02.00 Concerts & DJ’s


Bimhuis Repetitieruimte


13.30 – 13.50 Film Djunga Di Biluca

13.15 – 14.00 Conference Differences that make a difference

13.50 – 14.50 Film Easy Man: The Story of Ronald Snijders, his music and the Nelson Djosa Sessions. 15.00 – 15.55 Film The World Makes Music.

14.15 – 15.00 Conference Facts & Figures Dutch music venues

15.15 – 16.00 Meeting (NL) Music Managers Forum

18.00 – 20.00 Lloyd Hotel Trade dinner rsvp 51


Thursday September 8 10.00 – 13.00 Boat Trip rsvp Boardroom




13.00 13.15 – 14.00 Conference The Music Museum

14.00 13.00 – 16.00 14.15 – 15.00 Conference (NL)

Mixed Media

DiversiteitsLab: wie durft?


15.00 15.15 – 16.00 Conference Do only whites know what´s good black music?

16.00 16.15 – 17.00 Keynote Music and Movement



Paradiso Noord Tolhuistuin Waterstudio


THT Café

13.30 – 14.15 Conference (NL) Help! De VAR is verdwenen,

13.30 – 14.00 Conference

wat nu?

Performing Arts

10.00 – 02.00

Fund NL

14.00 – 15.00 14.30 – 15.00 Inspiration

Speed dates &


How Do You Get to the




15.10 – 16.00 Inspiration

15.00 – 16.00

Pressing and Squeezing the

Speed dates &

Press & Short Stories






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