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There is a Workforce Shortage.


By Nick Novak WMC Director of Communications & Marketing


or the last five-plus years, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC), businesses around the state, government leaders and academics have said, “Wisconsin has a workforce shortage.” Anyone who is unaware – or who doesn’t think it is true – has been living under a rock for quite some time.

20 Spring 2019

Everywhere we look in the state, there are “Now Hiring” signs plastered on manufacturing facilities, “Help Wanted” ads for local construction companies and an ever-growing number of job openings in countless industries on Wisconsin’s employment website: It is pretty obvious that there are not | Cover Story

enough people to fill the jobs currently available – and especially not the ones that will be available in the future. But, when the business community encounters a challenge, they do not pack up their bags and go home. If an entrepreneur gave up when things got hard, the economy would look a lot different today. So, instead of giving up,

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Wisconsin Business Voice - Spring 2019  

Wisconsin Business Voice - Spring 2019  

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