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Intro to Kiiko’s Style •

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What is the difference?

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Close to the Chinese Classics Very Hands-on Combination of several Japanese Masters

To Qi or not to Qi? Some Order in our Work...

Basic Hara Reflexes

Some Order in Our Work • • • • •

Oketsu - Stagnation of Blood (L. liv4, Lu5) Immune (B. LI11 area) CV12 and Stomach Qi (include Ht Shu) Adrenal (Kid6, Kid27 or variations) Autonomic Nervous system (CV17/Shao Yang)

Some Order in Our Work

•Immune (B. LI11 area)

Some Order in Our Work

• CV12 and Stomach Qi • Include Ht Shu

Kid6, Kid27 & Lu5 - Classic Kid7, Kid27 & Lu5 - Dai Mai Kid3, Kid27 & Lu4 - P.P. on St9 Kid9, Kid27 & TW9 - P.P. @ ASIS Kid7, Kid10, Kid27 & Lu5 (or LuM/W) - P.P. at Kid2 Kid10, Liv8, TW9 & Kid27 - Cervical aa Tx

Ling Shu 8 Origins of Shen

The Yellow Emperor asked: “How to insert the acupuncture needle, priority must be based on the Shen. Blood vessel, nourishing Qi, Jing, Shen, these are stored at the five viscera

Regulation of the Autonomic nervous system Sympathetic dominance / Parasympathetic deficiency Sympathetic deficiency / Parasympathetic dominance In both cases palpate and treat:

SCM - treated with contralateral Shao Yang Pericardium Channel treatment - pressure pain at CV17

Palpate Kid2

Kid7&Kid10 With or without Lu5&Lu8


No Pain

Rapid Pulse

Adrenal? (Kid3&Kid27) Dull pain Liv14, R.C3 (Liv1) Pain at PC8 (PC3&Pc5) Blood Pressure (Behind Third toe) CV17 Pain Pc Tx or TW5&GB41 Abdominal Points CV6 or CV4 Back Point GV2



Pressure pain at SCM?


Contralateral TW9&GB40

Treat contralateral TW5 or TW9 and GB41 or GB40

Pericardium Channel Treatments If PC8 is painful - Treat PC3 and PC5 If PC8 is not painful - Treat PC6 If PC8 feels numb or "goooood" - Treat PC8 PC4 is diagnostic for Angina Pectoris and can be treated for this condition after the distal cardiac treatments In any case reduce pressure pain at CV17

Introduction to Kiiko Style Acupuncture  

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