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Carpet Flooring The plush luxury of carpeted floors makes a definite floor fashion statement. Carpet flooring not only helps to reduce noise levels and warm the ground you tread on, the flooring also adds that touch of lavish comfort and panache to the ambiance of your home or office. The term carpet is a general one pointing to any loose-laid floor covering. Carpeting as opposed to carpet is an attached or affixed floor covering made of a heavy, thick fabric. Woven or felted, carpet flooring covering is typically knotted or glued to a base weave. Fitted carpets which cover the entire room surface area are referred to as "wall to wall" carpets. When choosing carpet flooring, make sure you choose from a reliable supplier Carpets come in such an awesome plethora of options, styles, textures and fibers, that making the right choice can be rather confusing. The multitudinous carpet styles available include Saxony, Berber, loop carpet, cut and loop style, Frieze style, to name a few, with variations in texture, pattern, durability and functionality. Each carpet style has its own characteristic look and feel, and when used appropriately, can add a sensuous charm . Carpets also come in various fiber options, and you need to exercise caution when making your purchase as these fibers too come in varying grades and quality. The most popular and most expensive fiber used in carpets of course, is wool. Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene carpets and cotton, hemp, or straw equivalents are available as more affordable options. When selecting the carpet style, it is important to consider the dĂŠcor of your room to avoid conflict in design and ensure harmony with room surroundings. Choosing your carpet depends eventually on your needs, where the carpet is going to be used, your individual taste and budget. Carpets laid on floors should be vacuumed regularly in order to prevent the accumulation of dust and mites. Take a look at carpet tiles for another alternative. Carpet Tiles lend the home luxuriant warmth second to none. If you are looking for the look and feel of a luxurious carpet without the headache of maintaining one, take a look at carpet tiles to transform your home magically. Would you say no to a carpeting option that is: o Simple to fit o Easily transportable o Easy to clean o Replaceable

o Hardwearing and o Flexible in design? Like ceramic tiling, installing carpet tiles is done tile by tile, and what's more, some are installed without any adhesive too. Maintenance of carpets cannot be simpler, quicker and easier - a vacuum with strong suction and a beater bar brush brings soil particles in the pile to the surface of the carpet. The particles are then drawn into the vacuum bag. When you are faced with the inevitable stain, blot the spots and spills as quickly as possible and then flush the area with cool water. Damaged or soiled tiles may be easily removed by simply replacing the affected carpeting tile with a fresh tile. With traditional carpeted flooring, if you were to spill something and stain the carpet, you would have to replace the entire floor. With carpeted tile, you simply replace the stained tile. These tiles are manufactured from 100% Premium Nylon Face Fiber, which is then fused on to a tough but flexible vinyl backing for ease of installation. Soft to the touch, warmer and more energy efficient than hard surface floors carpeted tiles naturally absorb noises. The easily installable Do It Yourself kits save the cost of contractors and installers. Allow your imagination run riot and create endless permutations and combinations to design novel flooring schemes that express your personality. Carpeting tiles prove to be a superior choice to carpets for your home and office in nearly every way.

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