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Commencement Exercises Thursday, May the Twenty-Fourth Two Thousand and Twelve LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA


THE UNIVERSITY COAT-OF-ARMS AND BANNERS In 1890, at the request of Leslie Lyle Campbell, Class of 1887, Professor W. G. Brown designed a white silk banner bearing the words Washington and Lee University embroidered in gold letters on a blue scroll. Below the scroll was a composite shield made up of heraldic elements from the coats-of-arms of the Washington family and the Lee family. The shield has survived the years, but the original banner has not. Before 1903, Professor Brown designed a full coat-of-arms with crest and motto. The black raven rising out of the golden ducal coronet comes from the Washington crest. The upper left quarter of the arms depicts an open book with an injunction from I Thessalonians to “test all things.” The upper right quarter exhibits the arms of Washington of Sulgrave, and the lower left quarter the arms of Lee of Coton. The arms in the lower right quarter are those of Astley of Staffordshire, and signify a marriage between the Lee and the Astley families. The motto, non incautus futuri, based on a phrase from Horace’s Satires and translated “not unmindful of the future,” comes from the Lee family arms. In 1998, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the University, David D. Brown, Law School Class of 2000, designed four banners that draw upon the original heraldic design of 1890. The new University banner is a revised version of the design by Professor W. G. Brown. The banners for the College, the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, and the School of Law derive their separate designs from the University banner.

THE UNIVERSITY MACE A mace is a ceremonial staff and a symbol of authority. The mace is carried by the Marshal to denote that the University is in session. It was designed in 1951 by Marion Junkin, Class of 1927 and Head of the Department of Fine Arts, and carved by Mary Barclay, a member of the staff of the Alumni Office, from a 150-year-old walnut beam taken from the old Lexington firehouse. The University coat-of-arms is carved on opposite sides of the urn-shaped head and painted silver, blue, red, and gold. Below the arms are the scroll and the motto. Atop the mace are the coronet and raven from the University crest.

ACADEMIC COSTUME In the procession of the Faculty, guests will see a variety of academic costumes. The design of the gowns has evolved over centuries from medieval origins. Most of the regalia seen today represent the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Traditionally, the doctoral gown is black, has full sleeves gathered at the wrists, velvet bars on the sleeves and velvet panels on the front. The colors on the hood, which is worn around the shoulders, designate both the academic discipline of the degree earned by the wearer and the university that awarded it. The gold tassel on the hat is another sign that the wearer holds a doctoral degree. Over the years some universities have adopted gowns in colors that complement their hoods.

THE FLAGS The international flags on display represent the graduates from Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, India, Ireland, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam, and the United States of America.



Massanutten Brass Quintet


The Rev. Tom Crittendon Rector, R. E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church


Kenneth P. Ruscio President of the University


Scott H. McClintock President, Executive Committee of the Student Body, 2011-12


Kenneth P. Ruscio

CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES James C. Rees IV, Doctor of Humane Letters Mervyn F. Silverman, Doctor of Science

presented by Robert A. Strong Interim Provost

CONFERRING OF DEGREES Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science with Special Attainments in Commerce from the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics presented by Robert D. Straughan Associate Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics presented by Larry C. Peppers Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science from The College Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts from The College ADJOURNMENT

presented by Alison Bell Associate Dean of The College presented by Hank Dobin Dean of The College Kenneth P. Ruscio

OTHERS ON THE PLATFORM Bernard C. Grigsby II,Trustee; Peter C. Keefe, Trustee; Sally P. Lawrence, Trustee; Robert E. Sadler Jr., Trustee; Warren A. Stephens, Trustee; J. Hardin Marion, Trustee Emeritus; Sidney S. Evans, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students; D. Scott Dittman, University Registrar; Maryanne Simurda, University Marshal MASSANUTTEN BRASS QUINTET Chris Carrillo, trumpet; Christine Ennis Carrillo, trumpet; Ian Zook, horn; Andy Lankford, trombone; Kevin Stees, tuba 3

HONORARY DEGREES James C. Rees IV James C. Rees IV—curator, preservationist, scholar, author, friend of Washington and Lee. We honor you today for your long, loyal, and successful service to the legacy of our namesake, George Washington. For nearly three decades, you have worked for the Mount Vernon Foundation, and for the people of this nation, as a champion and steward of the home, gardens, and estate of our first president. You have preserved the national treasure that is Mount Vernon while adding to its value with the creation of new museum displays, visitor amenities, and research facilities. Under your guidance, Mount Vernon has become the most popular historic home in America, visited each year by more than a million guests. You have helped to build a solid endowment for the continued support of Mount Vernon; reconstructed Washington’s distillery, gristmill, and unique octagonal barn; and guided the creation of the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington. You have contributed to the development of both the physical and intellectual monuments that honor our first (“first among equals”) Founding Father. You have been a writer and a public speaker, helping citizens of all ages to remember and understand the legendary leader of the American Revolution and the inaugural holder of the highest office in the land. You have written about George Washington’s leadership, and exercised your own in the enterprise of making his life and times accessible to contemporary audiences. And you have, with generous gesture and good guidance, found common cause with institutions like Washington and Lee that have their own reasons to examine and explain the life of George Washington. Over the years, this university and the foundation that maintains Mount Vernon have shared works of art, professional counsel, programming venues, and benefactor support. We are blessed by the services of many people who have close associations with both this school and George Washington’s home. James C. Rees IV, administrator of the Mount Vernon Foundation, custodian of our national heritage, scholar of the Revolutionary era, mentor to the many individuals and institutions that cherish a connection to George Washington, it is our honor to bestow on you the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.


Mervyn F. Silverman Mervyn F. Silverman—physician, public official, author, spokesman and tireless advocate for those who suffer from AIDS and for those who seek to treat it—we honor you today for a distinguished career in public health and public administration. Following your graduation from Washington and Lee in 1960, you earned degrees in medicine and public health from Tulane and Harvard universities. Your education in the South and the Northeast somehow took you to the West Coast and to prominent public positions in the communities of northern California. Three decades ago, when you were director of health for the city and county of San Francisco, you found yourself on the front lines of a battle against a mysterious new disease that had a sudden onset, a rapid, though varied, path of progression, and a high level of lethality. Before anyone knew the cause of this new disease, before anyone knew how to treat it, before anyone knew with certainty how it was spread, before it had an acronym or a name, you were called upon to serve and safeguard the gay community in San Francisco, a community that suffered, more than any other, from the initial outbreak of AIDS. It is always difficult to speak truth to power. It may be more difficult to deliver unwelcome truths to those on the fringes of power who are accustomed to prejudice and discrimination and have good reason to be suspicious of public officials. There were many challenges associated with the AIDS crisis in the gay community of San Francisco during your tenure as director of health. You met them with honor and honesty, and with a rare willingness to confront controversy and suffer criticism for difficult decisions that held some promise of saving lives. In the years that followed, you led organizations that championed research on the causes and treatment of AIDS. You engaged the nation in serious conversation about the new disease and how our society should respond to it. You educated doctors, public health experts and elected officials in the United States and around the world about the complexities of responding to a blood-borne, sexually transmitted virus that now infects tens of millions of people all across the globe. For your efforts, you have been named a “Public Health Hero” by the University of California and a “Hero in Medicine” by the Association of Physicians in AIDS Care; and you have earned the “Award of Courage” from the American Foundation of AIDS Research. Mervyn F. Silverman, for your courage, for your public service, for your heroic efforts in the continuing battle against AIDS, Washington and Lee is proud to confer upon you the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.



Bachelor of Science

with Special Attainments in Commerce

Emily Babcock Ackerman cum laude

Jody Thomas Davis Thomas Tate Davis Jr.

Luis Batista Alexander

Andrew Townshend Detrick

Robert J. Allan

Steven Andrew Dopp

Brandon Scott Allred

Reed Augustus Ehrhardt

Wilson Cain Anthony

James Spencer Frantz III

Katherine English Barnes

Austin Reilly Gideon

Weston Scott Beard Kyle Matthew Bond

Blair Constance Gillespie magna cum laude

Christopher Reynolds Burgin

Robert Matthew Gorman

Zachary William Burke

Matthew Douglas Gossett

Olivia Bushonville Burr cum laude

Darin Scott Grimm Maxwell Ryan Hagler

Anna Chenakina magna cum laude

Morgan-Reese Vincent Hale Alexis Wurth Harrison magna cum laude

Grace Elizabeth Clemow Yujie Cong

Katelin Elizabeth Hatfield

Reid O’Neill Coopersmith

Gregory Atwood Hillyard Jr. cum laude

Colton Michael Creamer Havlin Crispin Crittendon

David Benjamin Hosler Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Elizabeth Carnegie Currier cum laude

John Aloysius Hurley

Nicholas Riggs Daly

John Lawrence Kavanagh

Casimir Connor Danielowski 6

Thomas N. Kennedy

Erica Lindsay Regester

Taylor Thompson Kenyon

Spencer Kenneth Norman Richards

Nicholas Damon Lanoue

Robert Howard Rutherford III

Lauren Elizabeth Lukas cum laude

Richard Holleman Schoenfeld Jr. cum laude

Taylor Scott Malone cum laude

Patrick Moran Scully Matthew Daniel Sears cum laude

Kyle B. McGinnis magna cum laude

Brian Ross Seliber

Madison Lewis McKaig

Ashna Sharan

Victoria Kingdon Mercer cum laude

Jordan Faress Shelby

Meredith Elizabeth Mitchell

MacKenzie Leigh Shivar

Joseph Lloyd Moore

Corinne Elizabeth Smith

Tamara Jean Morse Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Meg Elizabeth Smith Patrick Robert Smith William Warren Smith cum laude

Brittany Elizabeth Myers Caitlin M. Myers

Adelaide Leighton Smythe

Jeremy Walter Mykulak

Scott Harper Snyder

Trang Hien Nguyen

Donald Eads MacGreagor Stevenson II

Sarah Sumner Offutt cum laude

Charles Andrew Straface cum laude

Michael Thomas Ott Jr.

Emily Anne Taylor

Elise Melisande Chan Parker

Casey James Thompson

Laura Anne Pattillo

Caroline Dewitt Tolmie

James Kirby Pickle cum laude

Megan Tomlinson Benjamin Harrison Turnbull Jr.

Connor Leigh Pierce 7

Thomas Burks Underhill

John R. Wuestling Honors in Art History (Thesis: “‘Peripheral Sources’: The Impact of David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Clemente Orozco on Jackson Pollock”) cum laude

Taylor Carter O’Brien Vaughn Michael Lucius Walter Ryan Meade Williams

Bachelor of Arts

(with majors in the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics)

Lucas Brackett Andersen

Mackenzie Clay Doss cum laude

Laura Anne Ball Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Joseph Edward Doyle Sean Lee Doyle

Lauren Lorraine Bardin

Elizabeth Jensen Dye

Matthew David Bartini

Jacob Elium

Philip Martin Bassani

Brynna Kirkman Evans

Jeremy Paul Becht

Olaolu Abiodun Fasoranti

Daniel Reilly Binder cum laude

Benjamin Chase Fass

Andrew Miller Bonds

John Graham Fitzgibbons

Richard Stockton Bullitt III

Nicholas Albert Gioioso Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Alexander Emerson Carr

Frederic McCracken Davis

John Rockbridge Grigsby Honors in Economics (Thesis: “Criminal College? Do Harsh Prison Conditions Encourage Probationer Recidivism?”) Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Robert Sunderland Day magna cum laude

Carl August Grote IV cum laude

Michael Bruce Decembrino Jr. Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Jason S. Harden cum laude

Yujie Cong Samuel DeCamp Cotterall Clark Brittain Davis


Bradley David Harder Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Scott Hotchkiss McClintock Catherine Marie McColloch

Emily Kate Harlan Henry Richard Harris

Katherine Ann McFarland cum laude

Michael Edward Hartford

Scott Edward Meehan

Caroline Anne Hopkins cum laude

Thomas Sellers Meric III Briegel Erin Moss

Jasmine Marie Jimenez Honors in Politics (Thesis: “The Persistent Problem of Gender Inequality in the Twenty-First Century: Why Sweden’s Care and Leave Policies are Not The Panacea”) Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude

Christina Mariah Nixon magna cum laude Mathew Edward O’Sullivan Dessislava Otachliska cum laude

Morgan Ward Kinsey

William Sutherland Patton

Devraj Suresh Kori

Levi Daniel Paulk

Dominika Roksana Kruszewska University Scholar Honors in Politics (Thesis: “MultiKulti or Mutti-Kulti: How the German Domestic Identity Discourse Shapes German Policy Towards Turkey”) Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Barbara SoRelle Peat University Scholar Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude Benjamin Michael Petitto Joshua Dylan Posner cum laude Charles Tucker Pribor

Lauren Elizabeth Laskowski

Scott Elliott Prince

Ashley Helene Leinweber

Claire Elizabeth Rasberry

Summer Nicole Lollie

Christopher Russell Schneck Honors in English (Thesis: “John Milton’s Paradise Lost and the English Civil War”) cum laude

Gaurav Ravi Malhotra William Randall Mann Jr. Catherine Anne McGraw Martin magna cum laude

Ashna Sharan


Sajal Man Shrestha

Maddison Ki Wilbur

Matthew Hayden Simpson

Cameron Beale Wilhoit

Jarrett Wesley Smith

Zachary Alexander Wilkes Honors in Politics (Thesis: “Pieces of the Puzzle: Representative Reform in the Republican Presidential Nominating Process”) cum laude

Jeffrey Michael Stirling Douglas Bennett Szabo Emily Gibson TenEyck

Jordan Strong Wilson

Margaret Delahunt Thomas cum laude

Stephen Micah Wilson Honors in Studio Art (Thesis: “Liminal Status”)

Diane Bao Linh Tran Honors in Politics (Thesis: “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education to Blame for the U.S. Being ‘Behind’ China?”)

Shiri Yadlin Honors in Religion (Thesis: “The Evolution of Redemption: An Analysis of the Ideologies of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, and Gush Emunim”) Phi Beta Kappa (2011) magna cum laude

Robert Conrad Uhlman Jenece Upton Gregory Michael Ussery cum laude

John Calvin Young

Morten Wendelbo Honors in Politics (Thesis: “Nationalism as a Driver of Foreign and Domestic Policy: Chinese Policy Toward Taiwan”)

Bachelor of Science Benjamin F. Absher

Kelsey Alexandra Baker

Hannah Elizabeth Agard Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude

Matthew Edward Balkonis Anthony Joseph Ballor Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Samia Sadeque Alam

Ann Claire Bernacchi summa cum laude

Jeanine Margueritte Bailey 10

Christopher Martin Blackwell

Charles Reed Gould

Rebecca Leight Bolton cum laude

Caitlyn Ann Griffith Cantey Callaway Hattink

William Tucker Bourne

Ryan Lyles Henner

Austin Streetman Branstetter Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Martin P. Hristov Joan Angela Hudak

Chien-yeu Chun cum laude

Janet Calhoun Hughes Kathryn Ann Michiko Iwata magna cum laude

Camille Morgan Cobb Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Philip Douglas Jackson

Grace Katherine Cushman

John Talton Jacobs University Scholar cum laude

Heather Nichole Deisher magna cum laude David Anthony Dennis

Charles Alston James III

Carolina Concepción Elizabeth Díaz-Menéndez Susan Claire Eckelmann

Kelli Lee Jarrell Phi Beta Kappa (2011) magna cum laude

Caitlin Claudia Edgar

Antoinette Marie Kitch

Casey Ann Ernstes

Emily Kathryn Kunkel

Alexandra Marie Espina

Katheryne Cook Lawson cum laude

Olaolu Abiodun Fasoranti Michael E. Fazzone

Jennifer Caroline Linder cum laude

Dana Kathleen Fredericks

Robinson Barrington Look

Joseph Stiles Gannett

Virginia Anne Lovell Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Lewis Richard Gergoudis magna cum laude

Elizabeth Ashby Mann

Susan Linda Giampalmo cum laude

David Ian Margolies


Anne McLean Masich

Kathryn Anne Salvati

Kevin Joseph McErlean

David Tyler Severson Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Katherine Anne Michelini cum laude

Kuan Si Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Page Sullivan Minton

Camden Jakob Smith cum laude

Franco Javier Moiso Marin Honors in Studio Art (Thesis: “Memory”) Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Jennifer Ann Snyder Natalie Elizabeth Stier Honors in Geology (Thesis: “Influence of the Kingak Formation Ultimate Shelf Margin on Frontal Structures of the Brooks Range in National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska”)

Jessica Ann Morris Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude Samuel Grenville Mott cum laude

Brian David Stirling cum laude

Patrick Anthony Oley Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Roger W. Strong III Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Anna Page Pobletts cum laude

Lauren Ashley Tipton Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Catherine Mather Rault Carleton Peronneau Rawles

Raisa Velasco Castedo Honors in Engineering (Thesis: “Algorithm for Spike Detection in SmallIntestine Recordings: Investigating the Effects of Ischemia on Small-Intestine Electrical Activity”) Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Johnny M. Reid Jr. María Alejandra Reimí Wendelbo Honors in Geology (Thesis: “An Experimental Determination of the Incorporation of Trace Metals into Calcite: A Decontamination Study”) cum laude

Xinnan Wang cum laude

Olivia Maren Riffle Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Robert R. Warneford-Thomson cum laude

Brian Daniel Roberts

Brielle Weinstein

Eva Claire Roffis


John Anderson Wells IV Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Mica Natasha Winchester Rebecca Claire Woodall

Michael Herbert White

Bachelor of Arts Lauren Janet Acker Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Dorinda Mayhew Blackey Lauren A. Borden Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Peter Michael Alston Charles Sackett Andrews Honors in History (Thesis: “Foreign Policy and the Fourth Estate: Vietnam and the Creation of the ‘Liberal’ Media, 1954-2003”)

Timothy William Bouch Jr. Stephanie Brandão Carvalho Catherine Heyward Brockinton Joseph Nelson Brown

Charlotte McFerrin Babcock

Katherine Elizabeth Burnett

Anthony Joseph Ballor Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Swan Brasfield Burrus

Charlotte Masury Bancroft cum laude

Samuel Gregory Campbell Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Jeanne Rene Barousse

Katherine Denney Cancelmo

Elizabeth McCord Bell

Jocelyn Palmer Cassada

Chloe Marine Bellomy Honors in English (Thesis: “Ordinary Sins: Eight Stories”) cum laude

Camille Morgan Cobb Honors in Computer Science (Thesis: “Exploring Text-Based Analysis of Test-Case Dependencies of Web Applications”) Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Christina Ann Benedetti cum laude Andrew J. Bennett

Amber Janay Cooper

William Matthew Benson

Amaura Gabriel Cope

John Beauregard Beriont


Kelly Noel Cossey

Kate Virginia Gibbs

Francis Anthony Cullo Honors in Anthropolgy (Thesis: “A Sociolinguistic Analysis of ‘Immunity’: Lessons From Reality Television”) cum laude

Scott Christopher Gibson Chelsea Elizabeth Carter Gloeckner Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude Tyler Gregory Grant

Jane Margaret Daily

Robert Peachy Grattan

Lindsey Ford Dee

Caitlyn Ann Griffith

Rachel Elyse Denniston cum laude

Henri Mac Hammond-Paul Honors in English (Thesis: “‘A Point of View a Little Higher’: Thoreau’s Process of Discovery”)

Ian Henderson Dexter Carolina Concepción Elizabeth Díaz-Menéndez

Kelly Therese Harris University Scholar Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Victoria Kate Dickerson Caitlin Strother Doyle

Ryan Michael Hartman

Lindsey Musial Edmonds

Colin Tillinghast Hayes

Benjamin Ashbrook Ersing

Elizabeth Hamilton Heddens

Amy Victoria Fallen

Ryan Lyles Henner

Alex Ilieff Finnegan Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Jason Bradley Hesketh Elmore Hill III

Alexandra Francis Elaine Fitter

George Frederick Hilton

Michael Cronin Freeman

Caroline Elizabeth Huber

Miranda Ann Galvin Honors in Sociology (Thesis: “The Efficacy of Peer-led Sexual Assault Preventative Education at Washington and Lee University: Variation in Explicit and Implicit Attitudes”) cum laude

Michael Robert Humphrey Elisabeth Townsend Hundley Patrick Creason Hyland Meghan Alexander Ingram Rebecca Robinson Jackson

Elizabeth Jean George


Emily Nadine Leary cum laude

John Talton Jacobs University Scholar cum laude

Robert Baxter Lewallen

Katja Lynn Jacobs

Claire Ann Lewis

Andrew W. Jacoby

Anne Chandler Lykes

Sarah-Hallie Janson

Amalia Virginia Manolagas

Christopher George Janvier

David Ian Margolies

Huntley Johnson III

Charles Powell Whitehead Martin

Jalmer Matthew Johnson

Danielle Nicole Maurer Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

William Clendenning Johnson Ashley Tiana Jordan cum laude

Timothy Michael David McAleenan Jr.

Mary Olive Murphy Keller cum laude

Samuel Mercado-Rios Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Eleanor Patricia Kennedy Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Elizabeth F. Merritt Scarlet Ann Mills

Elizabeth Monroe King Honors in History (Thesis: “Pius IX and Papal Infallibility: ‘La Tradizione Son’ Io!’”) cum laude

Ann Russell Moore Clarke DeSaussure Morrison cum laude Claire Elizabeth Moryan magna cum laude

Killeen King Patricia Isabel King

Ainoa Moure

Barbara Earle Knipp

Vanessa Joan Ndege

Nicholas Damon Lanoue

Keturah Nichols

Christina Isabel Lawrence Honors in Art History (Thesis: “Images of the Bible: Alan Corwin’s Collection on Jewish Art Including Theo Tobiasse, Ben Shahn, Sadao Watanabe, and Marc Chagall”) cum laude

Kate Allison Norvelle Alexandra Marie Nunn cum laude Benjamin Thomas Oddo


James V. Paldino II Phi Beta Kappa (2011) magna cum laude

David Tyler Severson Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude Alexandra Lilly Shabo cum laude

Cortney Leigh Patterson magna cum laude

Kenneth M. Sharpless

Marisa Christina Pensky

Allison Oakley Shearin cum laude

Courtney Chapman Perkins Kari Ann Pfannenstein Honors in English (Thesis: “Sickness and Disability in Children’s Literature: Using Picture Books as a Path to Understanding and Empathy”) cum laude

Catherine Marie Shelor cum laude

Melissa McRae Powell Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Catherine Eve Skitsko

Julia Austin Prey

Cody James Smith

Jennifer Leigh Pritchett

Diandra Isabella Spicak

Virginia Parker Pritchett

Lauren Elizabeth Starnes

Thomas Brooks Proctor

Laura Marie Steitz

Lavisha S. Redmon

Laura Whitaker Stephens

Andrew Joseph Renaldo Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Anne Hughes Stevenson

Brooks Lauren Simmons Kelsey Blair Sizer

Anne Donnelley Smith

Jessica Rene Strait magna cum laude

Emily Francis Rigamer

Bryan Kenneth Stuke

Katherine MacDonald Roberts University Scholar magna cum laude

Ian Rutherford Sturdy Honors in Philosophy (Thesis: “Aristotle’s Theory of Just Exchange”) Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Gillian Shows Sacks Trelsie H. Sadler

Alex Thomas Sturges cum laude

Erin Stock Schwartz Stuart Edward Selonick Jr.

Allison Lee Sublett 16

Brooke Latta Sutherland Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude

Brielle Weinstein

Lee Carey Tackett

Julia Lynne Wilfert

Adrian Tapia

Jenkins Heyward Wilson

Robert Benjamin Thomas III

Carl Alexander Wolk Honors in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Thesis: “Distributism and Medieval English Peasant Life: Testing the Historical Vision of Hilaire Belloc”)

Charles Richard Westfal

Tyler John Tokarczyk Aria Bianca Maria Vainstein cum laude Erika Leigh Vaughn Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

Zoe Wall Yarborough Carrie Ellen Yeatman

Christopher William Veddern Anne Elizabeth Vesoulis magna cum laude Christopher John Washnock University Scholar Honors in Religion (Thesis: “Approaches to Engagement: American Catholicism and the Public Sphere”) Phi Beta Kappa (2011) summa cum laude


DEGREES AWARDED October 22, 2011

Bachelor of Science

with Special Attainments in Commerce (major in the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics)

Erin Elizabeth Coltrera Kevin Michael Dyer

Bachelor of Arts

(major in the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics)

Luke Egan Andrews

Bachelor of Arts

(major in The College)

Claire Elizabeth Spadafora

December 17, 2011

Bachelor of Science

with Special Attainments in Commerce (major in the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics)

Alexander T. Koos

Bachelor of Arts

(major in the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics)

Jodi Michelle LeBolt


Bachelor of Arts

(major in The College)

Makenzie Elizabeth Hatfield

Grant Aleksander Kunkowski

Victor Jackson

Lev Raslin

Jayna Patrice Johns

Justin Perry Welch

December 18, 2011

Juris Doctor Davina Attar


May 5, 2012

Juris Doctor Christopher Michael Alexion

Sarah J. Choi

Sam Ferrell Alman Jr. magna cum laude

Taehoon Peter Choi Lauren Ruth Chunn

Christen Adele Ansuini Rayna R. Atkins

Mark Edward Critchley cum laude

Chad Mikeal Ayers

Jennifer Grace Dean

Matthew David Baker

Gerardo Manuel Delgado Peche

Patrick Alfred Barthle II Order of the Coif, summa cum laude

Amanda Nichole Dufraine cum laude

Kelsey Marie Baughman

Donald Cameron Duncan III

James Christopher Beatty-Fechter

Caitlin Jean Eichner

John Patrick Becker cum laude

Negin Farahmand Claire M. Fernandez cum laude

Jonathan Curtis Becker

Anthony Gerard Flynn Jr. cum laude

Amber K. Boyd William Seaton Bridges

Cameron O’Brien Flynn

Heather Anne Briggs

Christopher Raish Ford

Ariel H. Brio Nicholas Stanhope Brooks

Avalon Jonah Frey Order of the Coif, summa cum laude

Tyler Webb Brown

Susanna Myirski Fultz

Rudolph John Burshnic II cum laude

Koral Elyse Fusselman Andrew Shane Gerrish Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Jon Burtard magna cum laude

Jordan B. Gerstner

Brian Calabrese cum laude

Benjamin Alexander Gilmour 20

Ashleigh M. Greene

Chaz Daniel Klaes Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Steven Maher Harkins Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Anna Knecht cum laude

Stephen Gregory Harper cum laude

Leona S. Krasner

William Henry Harrison IV

Andrew Peter Larsen cum laude

Michael James Hartley cum laude

Tyler Simms Laughinghouse cum laude

Laura Hawkins

Alexandria D. Lay

Ross Leonard Hays

Kelli Ann Layton

John Richard Headland II

Joy Yunji Lee

Michael Hugh Hill Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Todd Aaron Levy cum laude

Edward Shelton Hillenbrand magna cum laude

Jonathan Randall Little

Meghan Elaine Hobbs Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Anne Lorraine Lockyer Robert B. Lower

Merilys Wollam Huhn

Ashley Anne MacNamara

Matthew Chuljong Im

Bobby Ray Martin Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Daniel Jason Isaacs-Smith Hanna Marie Jamar

Vidal Carlos Maurrasse cum laude

Helena LeeAnn Jedziniak cum laude

Malleri Adrianne McCrae

Britteny Nia Jenkins

Benjamin Farrar McDearmon

Jordan Elizabeth Jones

Lauren Nicole Meehan

Elisabeth Eretta Juterbock

Angela F. Merley

Parker David Kasmer magna cum laude

Christopher Edward Miller James Wiatt Moore

Stuart Alexander Keefe

Jill Beth Morris

Frances Kirby 21

Rae Deanna Mueller

Zachary Allen Simmons

John Charles Nixon

Emerald Grace Smith magna cum laude

Celeste Simone Owens

Jody Elizabeth Smith

Suzanne Elizabeth Peters Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

Brandon Andrew Spivey Katherine Christine Spragins

Tegan Jo Peterson magna cum laude

Kristin Louise Stewart

Elizabeth Adair Petty

Elizabeth Kathleen Stinson

Nathan D. Pliskin Richard W. Porter Jr.

Mallory Ashton Sullivan cum laude

Brian Christopher Powell

Jacob L. Triolo

Ellis Harris Pretlow Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

John David Turpin Jr. Zayne Ridenhour Tweed

Alexandra Price Matthew D. Rasmussen

William Emery Underwood cum laude

Sarah Cotton Ratzel

Mary Katherine Vigness

Mary-Caitlin Ray

Michael Williams Warner

Lillian Lane Reynolds

Anthony Watson Jr.

Justin Lamar Richardson

Aaron Leonard Wells magna cum laude

John Thomas Robertson Jr.

Marcena Lynne Winterscheidt

Mary Katherine Rother cum laude

Gibson Sinclair Wright

Hardin Parisher Rowley

Elizabeth Louise Zamorski

Marie Constance Scheperle cum laude

Marc Joseph Zappala Marianne Zawadzki

Matthew P. Schreiber

Christopher Thomas Zona Order of the Coif, magna cum laude

John Hampton Scully Christine M. Shepard Order of the Coif, summa cum laude 22

SPECIAL HONORS VALEDICTORIAN Brooke Latta Sutherland The graduating senior with the highest academic average. THE ALGERNON SYDNEY SULLIVAN MEDALLION Clarke DeSaussure Morrison Shiri Yadlin Awarded by vote of the faculty to individuals “who excel in high ideals of living, in spiritual qualities, and in generous and disinterested service to others.” THE FRANK J. GILLIAM AWARD Clarke DeSaussure Morrison Awarded by the Executive Committee of the Student Body to that student who has made the most valuable contribution to student affairs in one or more fields. THE EDWARD LEE PINNEY PRIZE Christopher John Washnock Awarded by the Student Affairs Committee to an undergraduate student who demonstrates extraordinary commitment to personal scholarship and to the nurturing of intellectual life at Washington and Lee. THE G. HOLBROOK BARBER SCHOLARSHIP Kelton Daniel Buchanan Awarded to a member of the junior class who manifests superior qualities of helpfulness and friendliness to fellow students, public spirit, scholarship, and personal character.


The following students (graduating seniors unless otherwise noted) have won, since the last commencement, fellowships in national or international competitions which underwrite their continuing academic endeavors. Fulbright Grant (one academic year of study, research,   or teaching assistantship) Tyler Gregory Grant, Taiwan Ryan Michael Hartman, Kazahkstan National Collegiate Athletic Association Postgraduate Scholarship   (in support of graduate study) Katherine Elizabeth Donnelly ’11 Katheryne Cook Lawson Brian David Stirling Christopher John Washnock



The University’s website contains the description of each scholarship, award and prize, identifying the donor(s), the nature of any memorial purpose, and the most recent recipient(s). The Robert Alexander Scholarship The George Addison Baxter Scholarship The Luther Seevers Birely Scholarship The Vincent L. Bradford Scholarship The James D. Davidson Memorial Fund Scholarship The Franklin Society Scholarship The Kemper Scholar The Mapleson Award The James McDowell Scholarship The Robinson Award in English Literature, History, and Social Sciences The Robinson Award in Languages The Robinson Award in Mathematics and Science The Henry Ruffner Scholarship

Alicia Owen Bishop Olivier Mahame Laura Mollie Gronauer Hilliary Faith Cooper Maggie Lynn Holland John Rockbridge Grigsby Olivia Bushonville Burr Brooke Latta Sutherland Upol Ehsan Maggie Lynn Holland Jordan Taylor Kearns Joseph Roger Landry Andrew Michael Seredinski Eric Matthew Shuman Bich Ngoc Tran Samuel Gregory Campbell Brooke Latta Sutherland Austin Streetman Branstetter Emily Grace Comer Ali Mohamed Hamed

Accounting Department The Accounting Departmental Scholarship Brandon Scott Allred The Joseph and Georgiana Topinka Memorial Scholarship Hang Dieu Nguyen The Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants Award Tamera Jean Morse The James Robert Wingert III, ’85, Award in Accounting Tamera Jean Morse Art and Art History Department The Gerard M. Doyon Prize The Sally Mann Prize in Photography The Joseph R. Martin Prize The O’Mara Prize in Art History The Studio Art Prize The Studio Thesis Award

Rachel Elyse Denniston Stephen Micah Wilson Claire Elizabeth Moryan John R. Wuestling Franco Javier Moiso Marin Franco Javier Moiso Marin

Art and Art History Department, Music Department, and   Theater and Dance Department The Class of 1964 Fine Arts Award The John Graham Award in Fine Arts 24

Jennifer Leigh Pritchett Danielle Nicole Maurer

Biology Department The Biology Department Research Award The Biology Departmental Scholarship The Paul A. Brower M.D. Scholarship in Biology The Thomas G. Nye Undergraduate Research Fellowship   in Field Biology Business Administration Department The Business Administration Department Scholarship The L. K. Johnson Marketing Management   Excellence Award The Adrian L. McCardell Scholarship

John Talton Jacobs Maggie Lynn Holland Aubri Kaitlin Charnigo Juli Genele Sorenson Violette Ruth Chartock Corinne Elizabeth Smith Amanda Marie Grywalski

Chemistry Department The Student Award of the American Institute   of Chemists Foundation Hannah Elizabeth Agard Jessica Ann Morris The First-year Chemistry Achievement Award Christopher Hu The James Lewis Howe Award in Chemistry David Tyler Severson The James Keith Shillington Scholarship Derek Arthur George Barisas Kathryn E. Driest The Award in Analytical Chemistry Susan Claire Eckelmann The Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry Jessica Ann Morris The Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry Joseph Liu The Mary Louisa Reid White Scholarship in Chemistry Syed Haider Ali Classics Department The Classics Department Scholarship in Latin The John H. Hamilton Scholarship in Greek The Matthew J. Mason Latin Prize The James J. White Scholarship in Greek Computer Science The Computer Science Department Award Dining Services The Linda Cooper and Bobby Henderson Prize

Vergil Graham Parson Lianna Catherine Murphy Claire Elizabeth Moryan Claire Elizabeth Moryan Camille Morgan Cobb Matthew Alexander Locke Riley Samuel Jordan

East Asian Languages and Literatures Department The Andrew M. Hemm Prize for Excellence in Chinese William Michael Fulwider The Andrew M. Hemm Prize for Excellence in Japanese Mi Hung Ryu


East Asian Studies Program The East Asian Studies Award

Amalia Virginia Manolagas

Economics Department The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in Economics Ali Mohamed Hamed The Glynn Family Scholarship in Economics Tyler Gregory Grant The Edwin Claybrook Griffith Scholarship in Economics Ainsley Olivia Daigle The John McKenzie Gunn Scholarship in Economics Daniel Morrison Jasper The Kim Family Prize in Economics Carl August Grote Caroline Anne Hopkins Catherine Marie McColloch English Department The Academy of American Poets Award Max Laitman Chapnick The Catherine Houston Campbell Scholarship   in English Literature John Blacksher Burks Alexandra Lee Frazier The Sidney M. B. Coulling Award Michael Vogel Bronstein Joseph P. Yankelowitz The John M. Evans English Scholarship Max Laitman Chapnick The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in English Francesca Mary Elizabeth Wilson The George A. Mahan Awards for Creative Writing Senior Prose Award Chloe Marine Bellomy Mathew Edward O’Sullivan Junior Prose Award Wyn Scott Boerckel Michael Scott McGuire Sophomore Prose Award Ebony L. Bailey Poetry Award Isabella Gabriella Martin Andrea Valentina Siso The Dabney Stuart Prize for Distinguished   Critical Writing Ryan McCullough Scott Iva Johanna Weidenkeller The Maxwell P. Wilkinson Scholarship in English Jina Park Rachel Lynn Urban The Jean Amory Wornom Award for Distinguished   Critical Writing Eric Stephen Gehman Aria Bianca Maria Vainstein Environmental Studies Program The Bates Prize in Environmental Citizenship The Bates Prize in Environmental Studies


John Talton Jacobs Mackenzie Clay Doss Elizabeth Jean George

Geology Department The Geology Departmental Scholarship The R. Preston Hawkins IV Award The Lena T. Stevens Scholarship in Geology The Marcellus H. Stow Award in Geology The Frank Young Award in Geology

James Burkhardt Biemiller Stewart Castleberry Cory Robert Harris Riley Candice Marie Stefanic Kendall Coleman Wnuk James Burkhardt Biemiller Stewart Castleberry Cory Dylan Michael Norvell Rose A. Pettiette Karen Arlene Roth Candice Marie Stefanic William Matthew Benson Maya Alejandra Reimi Sipala Lauren Elizabeth Schultz Natalie Elizabeth Stier

German and Russian Department The Dickens-Youngblood Award The German and Russian Departmental Scholarship The B. S. Stephenson Scholarship The Jim Stump Prize in German The James S. Wood Prize in German

Maddison Ki Wilbur Matthew J. Bittner John Lawrence Bruch Katherine L. Jarrell Andrew Michael Seredinski Lorraine Marie Simonis Lisa Stoiser Daniel Franklin Barley Wayde Zachary C. Marsh

Health Professions Advisory Committee The James Jinkins Livesay, M.D. Premedical Award The James Holt Starling Scholarship The Doctors Reid White Scholarship

Kelly Therese Harris Ryan Atticus Doherty David Scott Phillips

History Department The Ollinger Crenshaw Prize in American History Andrew Joseph Renaldo The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in History Isaac Daniel Webb The William A. Jenks Award in History Alexandra Mary Locking ’10 The William A. Jenks Scholarship Nicholas James Castanes Thomas John Sanford The Christopher Merrill Main ’94 History Award Frederick McCracken Davis The John Preston Moore III Award Samuel Mercado-Rios The James A. Vann III ’61, Prize in History Elizabeth Monroe King The Washington Family Descendants Scholarship Award Joseph Roger Landry The Martin Baldwin Whitaker Memorial Merit Scholarship Thomas John Sanford 27

International Education The Global Learning Leadership Prize Johnson Scholars Chloe Marine Bellomy Olivia Bushonville Burr Anna Chenakina Carolina Concepción Elizabeth  Díaz-MenÉndez Sean Lee Doyle Susan Claire Eckelmann Caitlin Claudia Edgar Miranda Ann Galvin Elizabeth Jean George Lewis Richard Gergoudis Nicholas Albert Gioioso John Rockbridge Grigsby Bradley David Harder Kelly Therese Harris John Talton Jacobs Kelli Lee Jarrell Devraj Suresh Kori

Dominika Roksana Kruszewska

Dominika Roksana Kruszewska Virginia Anne Lovell Catherine Anne McGraw Martin Danielle Nicole Maurer Timothy Michael David McAleenan Jr. Katherine Ann McFarland Katherine Anne Michelini Samuel Grenville Mott Courtney Chapman Perkins Ashna Sharan Matthew Hayden Simpson Ian Rutherford Sturdy Brooke Latta Sutherland Xinnan Wang Robert Richard Warneford-Thomson Christopher John Washnock John Anderson Wells IV Shiri Yadlin

Journalism and Mass Communications Department The Joseph Franklin Ellis Newspaper Scholarship Shannon Lee McGovern Melissa McRae Powell The Journalism and Mass Communications   Departmental Scholarship   For Excellence in Journalism Brooke Latta Sutherland   For Excellence in Mass Communications Christina Ann Benedetti The Landon B. Lane Memorial Scholarship in Journalism Michael Scott McGuire Jessica Rene Strait The Todd Smith Memorial Award Killeen Mara King Michael Scott McGuire The Ronald F. Waring-John G. Alnutt Award   in Journalism for Editing Eleanor Patricia Kennedy Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program The Senior Award in Latin American and Caribbean Studies Law Studies The E. Marshall Nuckols Honor Scholarship


Erika Leigh Vaughn Bobby Ray Martin

Mathematics Department The Taylor Scholarship in Mathematics The Williams Prize in Mathematics

Robert Griffin Vestal Alex Ilieff Finnegan

Music Department The Washington and Lee University Choral Award

Claire Elizabeth Rasberry

Music Department and Theater Department The Todd D. Jones ’85 Memorial Scholarship

Haiying Cui Robert Scottfield Groth Taylor M. Maxey Keith Marcus Trump

Omicron Delta Kappa The Rupert N. Latture Sophomore Award The James Graham Leyburn Service Award Phi Beta Kappa The Phi Beta Kappa J. Brown Goehring   Sophomore Award Philosophy Department The Charles Thomas Boggs Prize in Philosophy The William Wells Chaffin Memorial Scholarship   (Public Speaking) The Edward Dodd Award in Philosophy The Young Scholarship in Philosophy Physical Education Department The Richard Miller Departmental Scholarship

Daniel George Hsu Campus Community Coalition

Andrew Michael Seredinski Henri Mac Hammond-Paul Matthew Alexander Locke Dessislava Kirilova Otachliska Ian Rutherford Sturdy Reilly Lilianna Kidwell Taylor Andrew Melanson Angela Mary Tuminno

Physics and Engineering Department The Robert E. Akins Engineering Prize Franco Javier Moiso Marin The Physics and Engineering Departmental Scholarship Taylor Wade Gilfillan Sophomore Award Jordan Taylor Kearns Andrew Michael Seredinski First-year Award Eric Michael Schwen The Walter LeConte Stevens Scholarship Camille Morgan Cobb Ali Mohamed Hamed The H. Thomas Williams Jr. Undergraduate Research Award Raisa Velasco Castedo Politics Department The Milton Colvin Scholarship


Rachel Katherine Alexander Thomas John Sanford

The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in Politics The Schlegel Prize for International Studies Psychology Department The Elmes Pathfinder Prize The Oliver Award for Intellectual Curiosity The Psychology Departmental Scholarship Reeves Center The Thomas V. Litzenburg Jr. Prize

Jordan Strong Wilson Samuel Gregory Campbell Caitlin Claudia Edgar Jasmine Marie Jimenez Roger W. Strong Grace Katherine Cushman Madison Shea McCune Rachel Elyse Denniston

Religion Department The Religion Departmental Scholarship

Kelly Therese Harris Christopher John Washnock Shiri Yadlin

Romance Languages Department The Elizabeth Garrett Award for Excellence in French Joana T. Traykova The Carlyle Westbrook Barritt and   Sidney J. Williams Jr. Prize in Spanish Kendre S. Barnes The Romance Languages Departmental Scholarship in Spanish   (“Amans Artium Bonarum”) Zachary Faryl Cylinder Shepherd Program in Poverty and Human Capability Bonner Scholars Caitlin Claudia Edgar Susan Linda Giampalmo Vanessa Joan Ndege Katharine Anne Michelini Erica Lindsay Regester Alexandra Lilly Shabo Laura Marie Steitz Maria Alejandra Reimi Wendelbo Morten Wendelbo Stephen Micah Wilson Shiri Yadlin The John and Mimi Elrod Fellowship The Vernon Holleman Fellowship

Dorinda Mayhew Blackey Emily Nadine Leary Catherine Marie McColloch Alexandra Lilly Shabo Jordan Strong Wilson Shiri Yadlin Emmanuel Larbi Abebrese Jared Carlos Hester 30

Sociology and Anthropology Department The Emory Kimbrough Jr. Prize

Francis Anthony Cullo Miranda Ann Galvin

Student Affairs The Alexander Thomas Boehling ’10   Memorial Award in Leadership Gregory Atwood Hillyard The John J. “Jack” Bowden Award Nicholas Anthony Biumi Celebrating Student Success Awards Lauren Janet Acker Brandon Scott Allred Lucas Brackett Anderson Austin Streetman Branstetter Joseph Nelson Brown Kelton Daniel Buchanan Stephen Thomas Deyarmin Caitlin Claudia Edgar Daniel G. Hsu Kelli Lee Jarrell Jasmine Marie Jimenez Victoria Kingdon Mercer Claire Elizabeth Oliver Cortney Leigh Patterson Robert Howard Rutherford Ashna Sharan Catherine Marie Shelor Matthew Hayden Simpson Lauren Ashley Tipton Tyler John Tokarczyk Morten Wendelbo The Decade Award Greta Bradford Witter The Elrod Unsung General Award Lauren Janet Acker The Douglas C. Halstead Memorial Scholarship Taylor Wade Gilfillan Kelsey Elizabeth McClary The Anece McCloud Excellence in Diversity Award Amber Janay Cooper Elizabeth B. Curry The Nabors Service League McLoughlin Award   for Volunteerism Alexandra Lilly Shabo The Chris Noland Student Activities Leadership Award Kelton Daniel Buchanan The Cullum Owings ’03 Memorial Fellowship Annelisa Alissa Madison Alexander George Maragos The Zachary Alan Parmenter Prize Anne McLean Masich Matthew Hayden Simpson The William W. Pusey III Award Pamela H. Simpson (Posthumously)


The Ring-tum Phi Awards Awards for Sorority and Fraternity Scholarship Intramural Sport Champions Teacher Education The Sarah G. Ball Education Award

Lucas Brackett Anderson Franco Javier Moiso Marin Ashna Sharan Diandra Isabella Spicak Natalie Elizabeth Stier Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Phi Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Virginia Anne Lovell

Theater and Dance Department The Michael K. and Linda Gorman Award The William Hirschmann Memorial Award in Drama The Cynthia D. Klinedinst Award Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics The L. K. Johnson-Rosasco Scholarship The John Warner ’49 Public Service Award LAW AWARDS The John W. Davis Prize for Law The Academic Progress Award The American Bankruptcy Institute Medal The American Law Institute-American Bar Association Scholarship and Leadership Award The Randall P. Bezanson Award The Calhoun Bond University Service Award The Thomas Carl Damewood Evidence Award The Frederic L. Kirgis Jr. International Law Award The Charles V. Laughlin Award The A. H. McLeod-Ross Malone Advocacy Award The Roy L. Steinheimer Jr. Commercial Law Award The James W. H. Stewart Tax Law Award The Student Bar Association President Award 32

Thomas Sellers Meric III Dana Kathleen Fredericks Jennifer Brianne Ritter Mary Elizabeth Rodriguez Blair Constance Gillespie Kyle Blaine McGinnis William Warren Smith Jordan Taylor Kearns Alexandra Marie Viers Avalon Jonah Frey Kelsey Marie Baughman Andrew Shane Gerrish Michael Hugh Hill Christine M. Shepard Ashleigh M. Greene Anthony Gerard Flynn Jr. Chaz Daniel Klaes Christine M. Shepard Jennifer Grace Dean Jonathan Randall Little Tyler Simms Laughinghouse Sam Ferrell Alman Jr. Ellis Harris Pretlow Negin Farahmand

The Barry Sullivan Constitutional Law Award The Virginia Bar Family Law Section Award The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Award ATHLETIC AWARDS J.L. (Lefty) Newell Memorial Award R.E. (Chub) Yeakel Memorial Service Award Outstanding Male First-Year Athlete Outstanding Female First-Year Athlete William D. McHenry Scholar-Athlete Award Wink Glasgow Spirit and Sportsmanship Award P.R. (Pres) Brown Most Valuable Male Athlete P.R. (Pres) Brown Most Valuable Female Athlete TEAM AWARDS Baseball: E.G. Leslie Pitching Award Joe Lyles Award Tommy Baker Batting Award Cap’n Dick Smith Baseball Award

Meghan Elaine Hobbs Tegan Jo Peterson Marc Joseph Zappala Parker David Kasmer Lauren J. Acker Jeffrey C. Barnett Javon J. McDonald Jr. Ann H. Beasley Christopher J. Washnock Natalie E. Stier Charles R. Westfal Katheryne C. Lawson

Jody T. Davis Jonathan V. Stutts Jonathan V. Stutts Michael B. Decembrino

Men’s Basketball: W&L Basketball Award Coaches and Captains Award Alumni Award Leigh Williams Memorial Award

Javon J. McDonald Jr. No Recipient William W. Smith John D. Ey

Women’s Basketball: Barry F. Machado Women’s Basketball Award Most Valuable Player Award

Kari A. Pfannenstein Rebecca L. Bolton Meghan A. Ingram

Men’s Cross Country: Forest Fletcher Cross Country Award Richard Miller Cross Country Award

Matthew D. Gossett Ryan L. Henner

Women’s Cross Country: Most Valuable Runner Award Coaches Award

Lauren E. Schultz Kathryn E. Driest

Field Hockey: Most Valuable Field Hockey Offensive Award Most Valuable Field Hockey Defensive Award Coaches Field Hockey Award 33

Christina A. Benedetti Elizabeth J. Dye Lindsey M. Edmonds

Football: C.J. Harrington Memorial Football Award Clovis Moomaw Football Award Dan Ray Justice Memorial Football Award Lee McLaughlin Football Award

Robinson B. Look Douglas W. Fraser Charles R. Westfal Lee W. Cummings

Men’s Golf: Felix Smart Memorial Golf Award Cy Twombly Most Improved Golfer Award

Wilson C. Anthony Mark A. Sowinski

Men’s Lacrosse: T.W. Martin Memorial Lacrosse Award Wheelwright Memorial Lacrosse Award Jay Stull Memorial Lacrosse Award C.W. Pacy, Jr. Memorial Lacrosse Award

Bryan K. Stuke Scott E. Meehan George C. Brooke IV Cameron R. Dabir

Women’s Lacrosse: Outstanding Women’s Lacrosse Defensive Award Outstanding Women’s Lacrosse Offensive Award Coaches Lacrosse Award

Leanne E. Stone Allison O. Shearin Christina A. Benedetti

Riding: Most Valuable Rider Award Most Improved Rider Award

Tamara J. Morse Meghan M. Shearer

Men’s Soccer: Jim Trundle Soccer Award L. Brandon Herbert Memorial Award D.D. Redmond Soccer Defensive Award R.G. (Bob) Lathrop Soccer Offensive Award

Benjamin M. Petitto James V. Paldino III Benjamin M. Petitto Parker F. Wolfinger

Women’s Soccer: Most Improved Player Award Players Player of the Year Award Most Valuable Player Award

Kingsley M. Schroeder Emily N. Leary Page S. Minton

Men’s Swimming: Memorial Swimming Award William J. Stearns Improved Swimmer Award Twombly-Eastman Swimming Award Women’s Swimming: Coaches and Captains Women’s Swimming Award Outstanding Women’s Swimming Award Most Improved 34

Brian D. Stirling Justin D. Meyers Christopher J. Washnock Meredith E. Hardy Jocelyn P. Cassada Meredith E. Hardy

Men’s Tennis: Memorial Tennis Award Washburn Outstanding Freshman Tennis Award Women’s Tennis: Coaches Tennis Award William Washburn Women’s Tennis Award

Hayden P. White Taylor W. Shamshiri Jennifer A. Snyder Trelsie H. Sadler Lauren E. Lukas Sonja E. Meighan

Men’s Track & Field: Forest Fletcher Track and Field Award Memorial Track and Field Award Coaches and Captains Track and Field Award

Alexander S. Tallman William P. Howard Tyler G. Grant

Women’s Track & Field: Natalie Stier Award Most Improved Women’s Track and Field Award Coaches Track and Field Award

Annelise A. Madison Page E. Gance Natalie E. Stier

Volleyball: Most Valuable Volleyball Player Coaches Volleyball Award

Mary A. Boles Megan E. Tomlinson

Wrestling: A.E. Mathis War Memorial Wrestling Award Carlton Peebles Memorial Wrestling Award D.C. Montgomery Memorial Freshman Wrestling Award Gary R. Franke Takedown Award

Samuel G. Campbell Morgan B. Moskal Conor P. Duffey Samuel G. Campbell


ARRANGEMENTS ON W&L’S COLONNADE FIRST AID: The Student Health staff is available in Newcomb Hall to assist those who need first aid. They are also able to contact a local rescue squad in case of an emergency. PHOTOGRAPHS: A “Class of 2012” banner has been set up on the Colonnade for individuals, families, and other groups who may want a photo. Amateur photographers are asked to be aware of and respect others taking pictures, including the University’s photographers. Space and line-of-sight limitations prevent us from accommodating video tripods near the stage during the ceremony. Families and friends of graduates from the Williams School (B.S. or B.A. degrees) may find the best vantage point is to the right of the stage facing the chapel; families and friends of graduates receiving B.A. or B.S. degrees from The College may find the best spot is to the left of the stage facing the chapel. Photographs may also be viewed and purchased online at REMOTE VIEWING LOCATIONS: Air-conditioned, remote viewing of the commencement exercises is available in Stackhouse Theater on the first floor of Elrod University Commons and in Northen Auditorium on the second floor of Leyburn Library. REST ROOMS: Restrooms for guests are available inside each building on the Colonnade, the Leyburn University Library, and the Elrod Commons (where the University Store and Café ’77 are located). SAFETY: Members of the Public Safety staff are in uniform and will be available throughout the ceremony. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to seek them out. You may reach a member of the Public Safety staff at 540-458-8400 or 540-458-8999. SOCIAL MEDIA: Commencement 2012 will be covered live on Twitter and Instagram at Share your thoughts and photos using #wlu12. VIDEOS: DVDs of the ceremony will feature the entire ceremony without commentary. DVDs will be available for $20. To reserve a copy, please contact the Office of Communications and Public Affairs by e-mail at or by phone at 540-458-8460. WATER: The University provides complimentary water stations to the sides and rear of the seating area. Faculty and graduates also have bottled water at their seats. Comments and questions may be sent to


36 24450-2116 Lexington, Virginia

Washington and Lee University Commencement 2012  

The 2012 Commencement program for Washington and Lee University.

Washington and Lee University Commencement 2012  

The 2012 Commencement program for Washington and Lee University.