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WEST LAKE SHORE UNIT MEMBER’S SURVEY Please take a few minutes to let us know how effective WLSU is in serving its members. Return this survey to the address at the end. Thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better. PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE BOTH SIDES OF THE SURVEY. COMMUNICATION: Circle your response. 1. YES NO Does the newsletter bring you information on issues and concerns for retired teachers? 2. YES NO Does the newsletter (DIRECT LINE) notify you of meetings soon enough to attend? 3. YES NO Are clear directions given to the meeting sites? 4. YES NO Does the meeting site allow for convenient access? 5. YES NO If you do not have internet access, have you been called by the Phone Tree about an important issue within the last year? 6. YES NO Are you aware that the newsletter is mailed to you four times a year? 7. YES NO If you are on the internet, has WLSU sent you an email in the last year? 8. YES NO Are you aware that WLSU has two informational meetings and two social/luncheon meetings each year? 9. YES NO Have you been invited to join the Board and Committees? 10. How do you feel about email communications from WLSU? Not enough too much just right MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: 1. YES NO Do the meetings start on time? 2. YES NO Do the meetings keep to the distributed agenda? 3. YES NO Is there adequate opportunity for discussion and questions? 4. YES NO Do you feel welcome when you attend a meeting? 5. YES NO If you do not attend a meeting, please check any of the reasons below: _____health _____time/location _____programs _____transportation BUS TRIPS: 1. YES NO I have attended WLSU bus trips in the past. 2. YES NO Bus trips should continue; they are important to me. 3. I have not participated in recent bus trips because _____price _____time _____destinations _____lack of interest 4.

Places I would like bus trips to go:


PROGRAMS: 1. YES NO Are the programs at the non-luncheon meetings relevant? 2. YES NO

Are the programs at the social/luncheon meetings enjoyable?

3. Are there any topics you would like to have discussed at non-luncheon meetings?

4. Are there any entertainment programs you would like us to schedule for a social/ luncheon meeting?

5. Do you prefer information or entertainment at meetings?

YOUR TURN: What suggestions do you have for improving our unit? This is your opportunity to let the Executive Board know how you feel. Please use another sheet if you need more space. NEWSLETTER: MEETINGS: Your West Lake Shore Unit relies on the time and efforts of a few members who volunteer to help make it the valuable organization it is for all members. Are you willing to do your part by becoming a member of the Executive Board or one of the Committees? Won’t you consider doing your fair share to help YOUR organization function as the ORGANIZATION THAT REPRESENTS ONLY THE RETIRED TEACHERS OF ILLINOIS? Positions: President, vice-president, associate vice-president, treasurer, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, legislative committee, membership committee, newsletter publisher, foundation services, FYI committee, member benefits committee, public relations, database manager, net address book manager Name (optional)

Position interested in

PLEASE RETURN TO Marjorie Sucansky 2942 Crabtree Avenue Woodridge, Illinois 60517 6

WLSU Survey  

WLSU Survey

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