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At ONEPARISH, we understand you have a choice in parish technology solutions, which is why we’ve provided this handy chart to help you decide. Features Full Mass Readings Saint of the Day/Role Enrichment Native Catholic Radio Streaming Native Mass Finder Bulletins Shared Prayer System Communication Group Messaging Ministry Calendar Support Event Planning Parish Calendar Donations Automatic Donations Native Donation Platform Instant Donation Reports Translations Spanish Translations Pricing Setup Fee Monthly Fee Yearly Cost


Catholic Parish Apps



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$199 $49 $787

$200 $99 $1,400

$495 $39 $963


The results are clear: ONEPARISH provides more accessible content, more ways to share the faith and better ways to donate! To learn more about what ONEPARISH can do for your parish, visit or call 833-663-7274. *Fees are waived for J.S. Paluch bulletin customers. If your parish is not a J.S. Paluch bulletin customer, a $199 setup fee and a monthly charge of $49 will apply. Visit to learn more about switching your bulletin services.


One Parish Comparison Chart  
One Parish Comparison Chart