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with Claire Thomas Tea loaf is a good cake for beginner bakers very little effort and maximum return on taste. There’s no butter, and far less sugar than a chocolate cake so a small slice makes a lovely weekend treat. Once you have the hang of the basic tea loaf you can experiment with the flavour. Try using different flavour tea bags – chai will give it a warm and spicy hint, while Earl Grey has a floral note. Look for different bags of mixed fruit; maybe trying an exotic mix or simply mix up your own favourites.

Easy Tea Loa f

Easy Tea Loaf • • • • • •

Pot of tea made with 2 or 3 tea bags 250g mixed fruit 100g walnuts and / or pecans chopped 250g self raising flour 150g soft light brown sugar 1 large egg, beaten

Method • Make a pot of tea and allow it to cool. When cool, pour over the fruit in a bowl so it just covers it. Allow to steep for a couple of hours, or even overnight. Drain off any remaining tea but keep it to one side • Pre heat oven to 175ºc/350ºf/gas mark 4 • Line a 2lb loaf tin • Mix the nuts, sugar, flour and egg into the fruit. If it is a bit dry and not coming together, add a bit of the tea you put aside earlier. Don’t pour all of the tea in at once- just add a little until the mix comes together • Pour the mixture into your loaf tin and smooth off the top • Cook for 70-90 minutes - it is cooked when a skewer inserted comes out clean. Keep an eye on it after an hour to make sure the top doesn’t catch – you may want to turn it down a touch or put a piece of foil loosely over the top • Turn out onto a rack and allow to cool Enjoy plain, or spread with jam. A cup of tea on the side is a must! 21

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