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& D O O F K N I R D TIVAL FESeb-9 March 2014


Mouthwatering Events Something to tempt every taste bud

Ale and Hearty

Brewery bus and beer festivals

Sean Wilson

At Wigan’s first wine festival

27 F

John Whaite presents

a special afternoon tea For more information telephone: 01942 828 271

Well, it’s nice to be home!

working in TV, is a Living in London, writing cookbooks and ing up in Wrightington world away from where I started; grow Winstanley College. and studying at Bishop Rawstone and an Food and Drink I’m delighted to be appearing at the Wig a festival that Festival. Indeed, it’s great that Wigan has stry – local restaurants, celebrates and showcases its food indu r people who work in the local produce, producers and all the othe local food and drink industry.

I enjoy taking part in such events and I’m Wigan and cooking for you.

k to

very much looking forward to com ing bac

the pun) baking. There is a jam packed (pardon The twin themes for 2014 are beer and Kitchen festivals, over 20 restaurant events, the programme featuring beer festivals, wine market. Theatre, community activities and a food ns (including t. There are baking classes, demonstratio hear my to est clos is ing bak rse cou Of baking events atre), special afternoon teas and other mine on the 8th March in the Kitchen The in restaurants.

loping talent festival is taking baking into schools; deve I’m particularly pleased to see that the re. and encouraging the bakers of the futu 30,000 people Food and Drink Festival and that over I’m told that this is now the 7th Wigan thank you! ival in 2014. If you are one of these then will experience some element of the fest t’s made locally nt or pub, for taking an interest in wha Thanks for supporting your local restaura and in the people that make it. food and drin Well done Wigan! Keep flying the flag for


See you at the festival! at British Bake Off. John Whaite. Winner of 2012 BBC Gre aner! Celebrity TV personality, author and Wig

The Wigan Food and Drink Festival 2014 could not happen without the support and enthusiasm of our partner restaurants and the following sponsors:




For more information on the Wigan Food and Drink Festival, contact the individual partner restaurants. Alternatively, call 01942 828271 or visit




John W haite’s



I adore cornbrea d. W henever I do my barbecue pu something eq ua lled pork, or lly Southern Am er ica n, I always serve mountain of corn it alongside a bread muf fin s. So metimes, though, lunch, I w ill mak if I want a quick an e a batch of these d easy muf fin s to serve even – if I’m fee w ith cream cheese, an ling particularly d maybe so ph ist ica ted sliced, roasted ha – a slice of smok m. The secret – ed salmon or so if it can really be me finely buns. Not only do called that – is to es it give a swee use lemonade in t-sharp f lavour lift these bicarbonate of so , but the bubbles da to en sure the work alongside buns are wonder the fully light and ten der.

Makes 10

Ing redients • 300g instant po lenta/cornmeal • ½ tsp bicarbona te of soda • 1 tsp salt • 1 tsp ground bla ck pepper • 10g fresh chives, finely chopped • 40g strong Ched dar cheese, finely grated • 150ml milk • 150ml lemonad e • 1 tbsp honey • 2 eggs • 130ml sunflower oil

Essential eq uipm ent

• 12-hole deep m uffin tray, filled with 10 paper cases (le ave 2 central holes free)

Preparation meth od

1. 2.


Preheat the oven to 18

0°C/Gas 4.

Put the polenta, bic arbonate of soda, salt, pepper, chives an d cheese into a lar ge mixing bowl. Place the mi lk, lemonade, hone y, eggs and sunflower oil into a large jug an d beat together. Add to the dry ingredients an d mix gently and quickly until everything is evenly disperse d. Gently fill the case s to barely a coup le of millimetres from the top, then bake for 15–20 minutes. All ow to cool before serving. 3






welc me

TO THE 27TH WIGAN CAMRA BEER FESTIVAL One of the biggest beer festivals in the north of England. An expected crowd of over 4,500 will enjoy tasting many of the 60 real ales, 35 real ciders and perries and many draught foreign beers. Each year, the festival takes on a theme. The theme for 2014 is pirates! Watch out for special themed promotions and visitors are encouraged to embrace the theme and dress up as pirates for the Saturday sessions.

ENTERTAINMENT AND ADMISSION PRICES: THURSDAY 27TH FEBRUARY 5.30PM - 11.00PM Admission £2.00 Live music. Band to be confirmed.

FRIDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 12.00PM - 5.30PM Afternoon Session Admission £1.00

FRIDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 5.30PM - 11.00PM Evening Session Admission £3.00 The live music of Glamorize (70s tribute)

SATURDAY 1ST MARCH 11.30AM - 11.00PM Pirate fancy dress encouraged! Admission £2.00 Live music: Afternoon session - Kiss the Blarney Tea time session - Silverstone Evening session - Roll Out The Guns There is a FREE courtesy bus that runs to and from Wigan town centre. See website for times and departure point. CAMRA members FREE all sessions. The Wigan Food and Drink Festival promotes the responsible use of alcohol. Visit


the rise of Wigan’s pint sized industry A FROTHY FUTURE FOR THE LOCAL


he economic downturn and changes to social behaviour are the main contributors to the decline in visits and spending in pubs which as a consequence, have threatened the survival of many of the UK’s national brewers and beer brands. But there is a frothy future for the local, thanks in the main to the renaissance of cask beer and the micro-brewer. There are now more than 1,000 micro-breweries in the UK, three of which call Wigan home - producing a number of award-winning craft beers. Allgates of Wigan has been brewing since 2006, occupying a Grade II listed, fully restored original tower brewery, built in the early 1800s. As well as supplying and running its own micro chain of pubs, Allgates produces over half a million pints of cask ale per year, including its best sellers Napoleon’s Retreat and California.

west and beyond with evocatively named beers such as Nutty Slack, just one of Prospect’s portfolio of 15 real ales. 2012 saw the opening of the Silver Tally, the brewery’s first pub which takes its name from its best selling beer, whilst in 2013, the brewery celebrated its 1,000th brew.

“Today’s pub customers Both Allgates and Prospect real ales have won many want character and quality”. beer festival and Society of Independent Brewers Explains Ken Worthington of (SIBA) awards. Wigan CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale). “Pubs are vital parts of Problem Child is the new kid on the brewery the communities they serve. There block. Housed in an extension of the Wayfarer Pub in Parbold Village, this brand new five barrel is no magic recipe for success but plant creates a small range of hand crafted bitters customers want quality whether and ales including Scally Wag which was the very this is in the beer or food they serve first pint to be brewed on 15th June 2013. and many pubs are finding out that stocking and serving quality “The growth of our micro-brewery industry is great real ales is helping in for Wigan”, says Ken with pride. “What we have are three beacon brewers, who are not just growing their success.”

In Standish, in it’s 12 barrel plant, is Prospect Brewery. This once ‘garage industry’ which brewed its first pint in 2007 now supplies over 100 pubs across the north

businesses but helping the town grow a reputation regionally for quality beer production.”

don’t miss other festival highlights... As well as the CAMRA festival, we have other beer-based events:

AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL Friday 7th to Sunday 9th March The Crown at Worthington. (See page 11)


Saturday 8th March A unique insight and bus tour to Wigan’s three acclaimed micro-breweries. (see page 11) 5




The Baking Challenge MINI BAKER OF THE YEAR Since its inception, The Wigan Food and Drink Festival has worked closely with its partners to promote catering to the youth of the borough and develop the next generation of Jamie Olivers and Gordon Ramsays. More than 800 pupils from Wigan schools have participated in Mini Chef cookery classes and competitions since 2007. Thanks to funding from MetroFresh; Wigan Council's school meals provider, and National Lottery Awards For All England, the 2014 festival will be encouraging youngsters to rise to the challenge as part of a schools baking programme. Chefs from local restaurants will host a series of baking masterclasses and support and inspire each school to develop and enter a recipe into the Great Wigan Schools Bake Off. The competing cakes, breads, biscuits and puddings will be judged and tasted in the Bake Off final at Haigh Hall on the opening night of the Food and Drink Festival.

'We want to develop the culinary skills and creativity of Wigan's youth', explains Metrofresh Director Debbie Clarke. 'Hospitality is a rewarding industry and we can use the baking programme to not just promote the industry as a career, but also provide them with some experience and confidence to go forward with'. The programme goes on to signpost further kitchen and front of house learning opportunities and links up with Wigan and Leigh College. 'Baking seems to be the nation's favourite pastime right now. We are looking forward to seeing what is created in the schools. You never know, we might see a second Wigan winner of the Great British Bake Off', said Debbie.

As well as taking the title Mini Baker of the Year, the winning school and pupil will be showcasing their recipe in the Kitchen Theatre on the morning of Saturday 8th March.

...over 17,000 schools meals

every day...

Don’t miss... THE GREAT WIGAN SCHOOLS BAKE OFF Thursday 27th February. Haigh Hall. (See page 9)


For more information please contact Tracey Wareing Facilities Operations Manager on 07711 229292


Saturday 8th March. The Kitchen Theatre. Wigan town centre. A day dedicated to baking including a demonstration by the borough’s best young baker and a masterclass with John Whaite - Wigan’s own winner of BBC Great British Bake Off 2012 (See page 13).

sponsored by

Raw Pear Pie with salted chocolate sauce When a non-veggie customer describes your vegan pudding as being so good it would be part of his ‘last meal on earth’ you know you’re on to a winner! This indulgent pud, from Sue Healey at The Coven Vegetarian Restaurant, would be great with a chilled dessert wine after dinner, or with a nice cuppa as an afternoon treat! Sue suggests making the sauce in small batches. Coconut oil can be quite expensive so avoid costly waste and only make as much as you need. Raw food is uncooked or unprocessed food, and is usually vegan. To be classed as raw, an ingredient must not be heated above 118ºf, the point at which nutrients begin to break down.

CRU ST 2 cups soaked walnuts (soak for a few hours in cold water) 1/2 cup stoned dates 3 tbsp agave nectar (or raw honey but the latter is not vegan) 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean • Combine in a food processor, until a ball of dough is formed. If dry, add a little more agave. • Roll out into your pie dish and dry in the oven for 12 hours at 115ºf / 45ºc.

The Coven

FILLING 4 fresh pears, diced 1 tbsp vanilla extract or 2 vanilla beans 1 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp cinnamon 2 tbsp agave nectar • Combine in a food processor and pulse until thick and chunky. • Spread on a sheet and dehydrate in oven 115ºf / 45ºc for two hours.

SAUCE 1 cup raw cocoa powder 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean 1/8 cup coconut oil 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 cups agave nectar 1/2 tsp sea salt • Place the coconut oil in a bowl set over a bowl of hot water and melt. • Mix in your other ingredients and stir until smooth.


COOK Euromark, our principle sponsor, are specialists in food manufacturing marking and coding solutions and have created a virtual cookbook especially for the festival.

TO SERVE Place the filling into the crust and drizzle with sauce. Sprinkle with a few flakes of sea salt for added crunch if desired. The sauce and filling can be kept in airtight containers in the fridge. The sauce will solidify but can be loosened over a bowl of hot water.

If you’re looking for inspiration in the kitchen, download a free QR code reader on your smartphone, zap the ActivCode and access some great recipes. 7

A day in {


THE LIFE OF A CHEF Roger Varley never stops moving around his kitchen. There is a European football match on at the DW Stadium and as Head of Banqueting, Roger has to make sure everything is ready to go for when the hospitality guests arrive. oger has been at the DW for five years, and no two days are ever the same. Football, rugby, Christmas parties, banquets... there is always something demanding the catering team’s fullest attention.


Stirring away at a pot of custard, Roger tells us how he started as a chef: “I went to college to study business, and worked part time as a kitchen porter. One night, the commis chef didn’t turn in so I was put in charge of starters. Soon after, I quit business studies and started training as a chef.” The road to the DW included working in various places around Lancashire and training with Patrick Rogers (former Head Chef at The Savoy) who taught him French classics.

If you want to pick up some tips to make your kitchen creations the envy of your friends, take a cookery class with some of the borough’s best chefs during the festival. Turn to page 10 for full details.

So what does a ‘typical’ day look like for Roger? “No two days are the same. There’s a match tonight, so the day runs in a different way.”

10.00am Today, I’ve done orders for next week’s food. That’s 4,000 meals as we start our Christmas party nights.

12.00pm I set up the kitchens for tonight’s meals. I deal with the corporate hospitality and there are different menus for different areas.

1.00pm The rest of the team are here and we are getting everything prepped and ready for the evening.

6.15pm Service begins. We cover the executive boxes, board room and hospitality suites. I am constantly moving between the two kitchens on this floor to make sure everything runs smoothly.

7.45pm Service finished, it’s back to the kitchen to clean down and get the half time and post-match food ready. Tonight it’s lamb kebabs in pitta bread and canapés for the board room.

10.00pm Once all of the post-match hospitality is served and the kitchens cleaned down I can head home.


You can tell that Roger loves his job: “There is nothing more satisfying than people telling you they enjoy your food” – and that includes the great Delia Smith who once complimented the chef on his roasties: “Delia was asking me for tips on how I get them so crunchy!” And with that, he’s back to checking on the desserts and making sure the young chefs in the kitchen with him have everything in hand.



main events In 2007 we set out to support our local restaurant sector and introduce some of the talent that exists within their kitchens and front of houses. In 2013, over 1,500 people attended festival events - buying and trying food and drink, supporting not just our partner restaurants but the people who make their living from them. There are 19 day and evening events to tantalise you in 2014! There’s an emphasis on beer (and wine) and baking. However, if that doesn’t appeal there’s always Italian banquets, fish nights, Sunday lunches, Indian specials, dine and demos, cookery schools, tapas, afternoon teas...

Thursday 27th February


THE GREAT WIGAN SCHOOLS BAKE OFF Haigh Hall, Copperas Lane, Wigan Starts 6.00pm (for tastings) 10 Wigan schools and young bakers take part in a homage to the national BBC competition. There will be demonstrations, tastings of cakes, pies and pastries and the crowning of Wigan Schools Mini Baker of the Year 2014. An event not to be missed for those with a sweet tooth! £7 per person (Includes afternoon tea and tastings). Tel: 01942 828271

Saturday 1st March THE PUDDING CLUB The Coven, 43 Hallgate, Wigan Starts 7.00pm Based on the famous Pudding Club institution. Guests are invited to enjoy a welcoming non alchoholic drink followed by a starter and main course. Then, taste and judge six amazing desserts. Of course all vegan and gluten free, and wonderfully created and presented, as only the Coven could do. £20 per person. Tel: 01942 237801

Friday 28th February THE GODFATHER BANQUET PART III The Wayfarer and Il Viandante, 1-3 Alder Lane, Parbold, nr Wigan One of the most popular nights of the festival. The award winning restaurant will put on a specially created and crafted Italian sharing menu throughout the day and evening. With live Italian music in the evening. £20 lunch. £25 evening. An additional £12 for accompanying wine and liqueurs. Tel: 01257 464600

THAI AT THE TAVERN Tavern Thai Bar and Restaurant, 37 Mesnes St, Wigan WN1 1QP Starts 7.00pm A special evening of quality food mixing authenticity and contemporary. The Tavern will this evening put on a special and authentic festival Thai menu along with live contemporary music. A great night is expected. Bring your party to the Tavern this Saturday! Specially priced menus for this event. Tel: 01942 375413 9

Sunday 2nd March THE ASHFIELD VICTORIAN SUNDAY LUNCH. Ashfield House Hotel. Ashfield Drive. Standish Served from 12.00pm – 4.00pm A sumptuous lunch set in a stylish environment. Step back in time at the lovely Victorian country house and enjoy this special lunchtime treat that includes a menu of regional food fayre. Always popular. Book early. £15.95. 3 course lunch per person. Tel: 01257 473500

Scan this code with your smart phone to access another exclusive Festival recipe.

Tuesday 4th March ‘DINE AND DEMO’ WITH ANDREW STURGESS AND CHRIS LOMAS Haigh Hall, Copperas Lane, Wigan Starts 7.00pm Join Haigh Hall’s acclaimed chefs Andrew and Chris. They will share with you their culinary skills and experience as well as treat you to a meal of their making. On tonight’s menu; goats cheese and romano pepper roulade, canon of lamb en croute and a ‘secret’ dessert. £25 per person. Tel: 01942 832895



GLUTEN FREE AFTERNOON TEA The Coven, 43 Hallgate, Wigan Starts 2.00pm A unique, totally delicious and indulgent afternoon tea including gluten-free cakes and sandwiches with plenty of vegan choices. £10 per person. Tel: 01942 237801

Monday 3rd March MEET THE LOCAL PRODUCER TRADE EXHIBITION Haigh Hall, Copperas Lane, Wigan Open 10.00am – 3.00pm Made in Lancashire is hosting this trade exhibition aimed at supporting producers and buyers in sourcing locally made products to help satisfy the growing demand from consumers to buy local. Buyers from across the region are invited to attend the exhibition free of charge to meet a range of local food and drink producers that can supply any shop, restaurant or café. To book your FREE tickets: Tel: 01995 642144

COOKERY SCHOOL. COOKING THE PERFECT ITALIAN Rigalettos Italian Restaurant, DW Stadium, Wigan Starts 10.30am. Numbers limited. Includes lunch. £14 per person. Tel: 01942 770432


Wednesday 5th March COOKERY SCHOOL. COOKING THE PERFECT STEAK Miller and Carter at the Wiggin Tree, Parbold Hill Starts 10.30am Numbers limited. Includes lunch. £14 per person. Tel: 01257 462318

THE CALABRIAN COLLECTION La Giara, 4 Orrell Road, Wigan A one-off, carefully considered and creatively crafted menu courtesy of Ernesto, Helio, and the chefs. Featuring a tasting platter of delicious Italian dishes from the southern ‘toe’ region of the country. £19.95 per person. Tel: 01942 375815


Friday 7th - Sunday 9th March

The Fat Olive, 13 Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan The Fat Olive is once again celebrating the very best of British cuisine and cooking. Join Souf, Head Chef Richard and the team on a culinary tour of the UK with this very special four-course celebration menu. £19.95 per person. Includes a glass of ‘something quintesentially English’ on arrival. Tel: 01942 242000

The Crown at Worthington, 19-21 Platt Lane, Worthington, Standish A three day showcase of US inspired and brewed beers. Including lite beers, cask beers and lagers. Admission Free. Tel: 01257 421354

THE INDIAN DINNER DELIGHT Mahabharat. The Old Chapel, 136 Market Street, Hindley Starts 7.00pm A special menu of dishes, chosen and created by highly respected Mahabharat Head Chef Shad, will be available this evening. A three course menu including: gavass (seabass), bangla chops and chicken koombee; chicken tikka masalla, murghi jaipuri or malabar (salmon), finished with halwa, rashmali or ice cream. Listen to live Indian music while enjoying this array of special Indian dishes. £19.95 per person. Tel: 01942 523115 © Transparent Television


Saturday 8th March THE BREWERY BUS Meet at the Anvil Pub, Dorning St, Wigan Town Centre 11.00am (Finish back in Wigan at 5.30pm). A unique insight and bus tour to Wigan’s three acclaimed micro-breweries. You will visit, learn about and tour; Problem Child Brewery (Parbold), Prospect Brewery (Standish) and Allgates (Wigan). Of course, no brewery tour would be complete without tasting the beers! Tour includes two pints in each brewery and light lunch. £25 per person. Tel: 01942 828271

SPECIAL AFTERNOON TEA WITH JOHN WHAITE Wheel Restaurant, Wigan and Leigh College, Parsons Walk, Wigan Starts 3.00pm Come join and meet Wigan’s own TV chef, cook book author and acclaimed pâtissier. Winner of BBC Great British Bake Off 2012, John will be hosting an afternoon tea including a menu created by the young trainee chefs. This afternoon’s event includes a talk and basic demonstration by John, who’ll also be signing his books. £14.95 per person. Tel: 01942 761888

GOURMET FOOD AND BEER MATCHING EVENING The Crown at Worthington, 19-21 Platt Lane, Standish, Wigan Part of the Crown’s American Beer Festival. The multi award winning pub and restaurant will again host this popular and unique evening that includes eight food tasting courses each accompanied with a matching beer. Book your place early! £49.95 per person. Tel: 01257 421354


Friday 7th March



Gallimores Restaurant, 13 The Wiend, Wigan WN11PF A wonderful end to festival evening with Howard and his staff. Come down and treat yourself to a six-course Mexican tapas menu and great live entertainment. £16.95 per person. Tel: 01942 492100

Haigh Hall. Copperas Lane. Wigan Opens 4.00pm (until Midnight) A night for all you Oenophiles. Come and take a tour of world wines. There will be a floor of reds and rosés and a floor of whites, a champagne lounge, and a Tasting Room; along with experts on each floor, food and great live music. The first of what is hoped to be an annual Wigan event. All wines at value for money prices. Includes The Saddleworth Cheese Company tasting with Sean Wilson (owner and ex Coronation Street actor). Sean will also be signing and selling his book, The Great Northern Cookbook. Admission £2.00 in advance. £2.50 on the door. Includes tasting guide. Tel: 01942 828271 The Wine Festival Shuttle Bus. A FREE bus service courtesy of Gallimores Restaurant will connect Wigan town centre (Millgate / Wiend – outside Gallimores) and Haigh Hall. First bus departs Wigan town centre at 4.00pm. Last bus to depart Haigh Hall at 11.30pm (availability is allocated on first come basis). Bus schedule available online ( and can be picked up at Gallimores Restaurant. 11

itchen T H E AT R E

Scan this code with your smart phone to access another exclusive Festival recipe.


Taking place in Wigan Outdoor Market Square, five days of food and drink giveaways, tantalising tastings and cooking demonstrations from local, regional and celebrity chefs. Admission FREE.

Day 1: Tuesday 4th March


THE GREAT WIGAN FOOD GIVEAWAY 11.00am – 3.00pm The opening event of the Kitchen Theatre. Come and learn all about positive nutrition and healthy eating. Every visitor to the Kitchen Theatre receives a food giveaway bag brimming with information and great local food and drink goodies.

Day 2: Wednesday 5th March THE WIGAN CHILLI COOK-OFF


11.00am – 3.00pm Part of the official National Chilli Cook-Off Qualifying Rounds. Hugely popular in America, the Chilli Cook-off phenomenon is now well and truly established in the UK. Entrants will have four hours to cook one gallon of chilli con carne from scratch.




! E T O V &

Each team’s finished chilli will be judged by a panel of experts. The winning team receives a £200 first prize and will qualify for the UK final. The winner of the UK final will win a trip to Las Vegas with flights and accommodation included to represent the UK in the World Food Championships! The prize purse for the chilli category is a whopping $25,000! Entry is open to all Wigan residents. For cook-off rules and information visit

Day 3: Thursday 6th March THE WIGAN FOOD & DRINK RESTAURANT SHOWCASE 11.00am Great Steaks with Miller and Carter The head chefs from the renowned steak house will be telling us all about the best cuts of beef and how to cook the perfect steak. Of course, there will be plenty to taste!

12.00pm Land and Sea – with Wigan and Leigh The young (student chefs) and old (chef lecturers) of Wigan and Leigh College take to the stage to demonstrate how to cook pork belly with seared scallops.

1.00pm Tasting Tradition Mike Daniels of Ashfield House Hotel and Restaurant will be cooking up two of his and the hotel’s signature dishes.

2.00pm Pie in a Jar! Andrew Sturgess of Haigh Hall introduces his culinary concept ‘Pie in a Jar’. You can learn about sweet and savoury jars and have a tasting.


Day 4: Friday 7th March THE WIGAN FOOD AND DRINK FESTIVAL RESTAURANT SHOWCASE 11.00am Who says that there is no such thing as a FREE lunch… A double helping of FREE food to get today started: Gallimores Pasta Party Lunch is on Howard and his staff as they introduce you to their restaurant and giveaway tastings of a number of their popular pasta dishes. The Curry Club Meet George and the team behind the highly regarded Hindley based Indian restaurant – the Mahabharat. And of course, enjoy helpings of curry and savoury snacks.

12.00pm Bueno Calabria! Head Chef of La Giara, Pemberton, will teach you the culinary way of Calabria with his demonstration of how to make and use gnocchi.

1.00pm Crowning Glory The Crown at Worthington is one of the most popular restaurant pubs in the borough. This afternoon, their Head Chef will demonstrate why.

2.00pm The Great Northern Cookbook with Sean Wilson Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in Coronation Street for 21 years, now produces award winning cheese with his Saddleworth Cheese Company, as well as writes, talks and presents on food and drink. This afternoon Sean will be demonstrating dishes from his recently published book, The Great Northern Cookbook.

Day 5: Saturday 9th March BAKING BLISS


A day dedicated to the country’s fastest growing pastime – baking.

11.00am Introducing Wigan’s Best ‘Junior’ Baker! In the run up to the festival, Wigan MetroFresh and local chefs have been working in schools encouraging baking and running a competition to find Wigan borough’s best young baker. This morning, the winner will be on stage introducing you to his or her champion dish.

12.00pm Gluten Free and Vegan Baking Baking with a difference. Sue Healey from the Coven Restaurant will be demonstrating how to bake a delicious menu of cakes and other desserts for people who need a wider choice of dish.


Special Afternoon Tea with John Whaite takes place at 3.00pm within the Wheel Restaurant, Wigan and Leigh College, Parsons Walk, Wigan. (See Page 11 for more details).

Baking with the Best A Masterclass with John Whaite Meet Wigan’s own TV chef, book author and acclaimed Pâtissier. Winner of BBC Great British Bake Off 2012, John will be giving a demonstration of baking recipes from his up and coming cook book, giving tips, taking questions and signing copies of his books.

The Kitchen Theatre will close at 2.00pm when the live music stage opens in Wigan Market Place (adjacent to Moon Under Water Pub) with music performances that include the brilliant Lancashire Hotpots. 13

org wlct.



Libraries, Leisure Centres Parks, Museums. Plus much more!

With facilities on your doorstep, and thousands of activities and events each year, there's never been a better time to visit


Offering the finest foods in a relaxed atmosphere 13 The Wiend Wigan Town Centre

Special lunchtime and evening menus

01942 492 100 for reservations

A friendly and professional service at competitive prices




A M ATC H M A D E I N H E AV E N Do you stand in front of the wine shelves in the supermarket bamboozled by what to buy to go with the food in your trolley? If you are new to wine, or fancy trying something new, there are a few pointers to help towards a perfect pairing.

What are you eating? It’s probably no surprise that a juicy steak pairs up perfectly with a robust red. Look for an Italian Barolo or Merlot and Malbec grapes. Serve up some cheese after the meal as well. If you like lighter reds try them with cheese and roast vegetables. A fish dish is a great excuse to pop open the bubbles! Champagne and other sparkling wines compliment fish, but if shellfish is more your thing try them with a light red or a rich, buttery chardonnay.

The Wigan Wine Festival premiers this year on Friday 7th March at Haigh Hall. Wine from around the globe will be served, along with food. Find out more on page 11

Sean Wilson, owner of the Saddleworth Cheese Company and ex-Coronation Street actor, will be attending the wine festival for cheese tastings and will be signing his new book, The Great Northern Cookbook.

When it comes to pudding think sweet. Sweet wines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if that’s the case try a port or even sherry. Sherry has come a long way since the Bristol cream that your gran drank, so try a PX variety which tastes of juicy, sweet vine fruits. Ultimately, it’s a matter of choice – if there’s a wine you like, there is no reason not to drink it with any meal. Follow your instincts, and once you’ve found a wine you like, look for something with the same grape variety or from the same region and use that as a way of trying something new. Once you’ve picked your wine, make sure you serve it properly. Reds all benefit from some breathing time. If you can, decant into a jug and leave for an hour before serving – you can pour it back into the bottle to serve if you like. Whites need chilling down, either in the fridge or an ice bucket.

Whatever your tipple, cheers! 15

food drink


IN THE COMMUNITY A platter of family friendly events – many of which are FREE, within libraries, museums and other community venues.

THE BOROUGH’S BEST BLOOMER As part of this year’s festival, WLCT libraries and Food Positive are inviting you to use your loaf and bake us your best bread! Pop in to your nearest library and pick up an entry form. Write out your recipe and bring it along with your fresh loaf to our judging session at Wigan Library, Saturday 8 March, 12pm.

Sunday 2nd March

THE HISTORY OF HAIGH HALL WALLED KITCHEN GARDEN Haigh Hall, Copperas Lane, Wigan 11.00am to 3.00pm The kitchen garden is a highlight of the Haigh estate. Join the Conservation Volunteers and the Friends of the Walled Gardens for a chance to walk around and learn the history of the gardens. The garden also includes a diverse food growing area, and there will be opportunities to get your hands dirty! Tel: Kath Godfrey, Conservation Volunteers 0776 4655711 for more details

Tuesday 4th March ‘THE STORY OF UNCLE JOE’

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a complete beginner you can be in the running for some great prizes.

Shevington Library, Gathurst Lane, Shevington Starts 2.00pm John Winnard, joint owner of Santus and Co, manufacturers of Wigan’s most famous export, will ‘keep you all aglow’ with this talk on the history of the company and the mint ball! Admission free.

To help you on your way, Food Positive are running three free kneading and baking demos in libraries where you can pick up tips on creating the perfect loaf.


Thursday 27 February Ashton Library 2.00pm

Friday 28 February

Hindley Library 10.00am Standish Library 2.00pm There are also three extended workshops on Saturday 1 March. These three-hour sessions will take you step-by-step to baking the perfect loaf. Available at the special price of £15 per person (normal price £30). Please book early, as places are limited. Ashland House, Ince, Wigan 9.00am - 12.00pm, 12.30pm - 3.30pm and 4.00pm - 7.00pm Tel: 07727 057129 email:

Thursday 6th March

Dr Annie Gray, TV food historian (as seen on Hairy Bikers and Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds), gives a fascinating insight into Georgian food and recipes. Plus, in the library, the chance to sample authentic dishes. Museum of Wigan Life, Library Street, Wigan 11.00am Admission free. Please book in advance. Tel: 01942 828128 Wigan Library, Wigan Life Centre (North), Wigan 2.00pm Admission free. Please book in advance. Tel: 01942 827621

Friday 7th March

WORSLEY HALL COMMUNITY ALLOTMENTS OPEN DAY Closebrook Road, Worsley Hall 11.00am to 3.00pm Learn all about allotments, food growing and volunteering opportunities. Come and see the progress of Wigan’s first straw bale classroom, learn about keeping bees and chickens, take part in various workshops and sample the culinary delights of the clay pizza oven! Tel: Kath Godfrey, Conservation Volunteers 0776 4655711 for more details.

Saturday 8th March LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Wigan Library, Wigan Life Centre (North), Wigan 11.00am In association with Wigan Clandestine Cake Club. Cake tasting, recipes, tips and much more with members of the Cake Club. Admission free. Tel: 01942 827621

BREAD: THE STORY OF GREGGS Wigan Library, Life Centre (North) 2.00pm You've eaten the pasty, now read the book! We are delighted to welcome Ian Gregg, the entrepreneur who transformed his humble family business into one of the UK’s biggest high street bakers. Ian will talk about his entertaining newly published memoir – Bread: The Story of Greggs. Admission free. Please book in advance: 01942 827621.

Sunday 9th March ICE CREAM SUNDAE

The Pavilion. Mesnes Park. Wigan 11.00am to 3.00pm Come along to Mesnes Park Pavilion to experience over 20 different flavours of ice cream by Fredericks. Bring the kids to decorate their own ice cream and make foodie crafts with Discover Community Art. Small charges apply. Tel: 01942 827621 16

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dine out


20% 0ff

(Offer available during March 2014 only)


20% 0ff (Offer available Monday to Friday on food orders from the A la Carte Menu only)


Any pasta and pizza


(Available Sunday to Thursday from 5:30pm until 7:30pm)




price Steaks

(Discount available from the famous Butcher’s Block Steak Counter. Offer applies if 3 or more accompaniments are ordered per steak)



For 3 Courses (Valid Jan 2nd to 31st March. Excludes Saturday and restaurant events)


20% 0ff

(Discount to be taken from total food bill and when choosing from the A la Carte Menu. Monday to Thursday)



FREE bottle of wine when 2 people dine

per person when dining off the A la Carte Menu

(A free bottle of house wine when 2 main courses are purchased from the main menu)


20% 0ff

(Available from the A la Carte Menu Monday to Thursday. Excludes drinks.)

FREE glass of wine

(Offer available Tuesday to Thursday)


Pie and Beer Nights

£10.95 Usual price £13.95

(Wayfarer Pie and Beer Nights take place on the first Thursday of every Month. Offer valid Jan 9th, Feb 6th, Mar 6th)


25% 0ff lunch and dinner

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(Discounts not available in conjunction with any other offer) 17

dine out

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Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.



Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.



Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, iscount or privilege.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.



Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, iscount or privilege.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.



Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.

5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.

THE WHEEL RESTAURANT Scan this code with your smart phone to access another exclusive Festival recipe.

Terms and Conditions. 1. One voucher redeemable per order and per visit. 2. Voucher valid from January 1st to March 31st unless otherwise stated. 3. This voucher cannot be exchanged wholly or in part for cash. 4. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or privilege. 5. Voucher redeemable at the discretion of restaurant management.


You don’t have to have a giant garden, or prized allotment plot to grow your own food. A back yard, or even a window box, is enough to get stuck into and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Dig in &

EAT FRESH Now’s the perfect time of year to prepare for the growing season. If you are using some of your garden, get the soil dug over now and add manure if needed. If you’re growing in containers or window boxes, buy soil specifically for veg - it will have all of the nutrients you need for healthy plants.




It’s still a bit nippy at night, so you can start your seeds off inside on a windowsill so the frost doesn’t get to them.

Great for beginners what to grow in March • PEAS – start your peas off in a toilet roll tube to develop long, strong roots. Move outside once the night frosts are over. Don’t forget when thinning out that pea shoots are delicious in a salad! • PEPPERS AND CHILLIS – germinate on a windowsill. Be patient, they need warmth and time to germinate. • HERBS – pot up herbs such as thyme, rosemary and sage and put them in a sunny spot on your windowsill. Keeping them on your sill means you can grab some whenever you’re cooking. Books on growing your own are available at your local library, or look online for advice on getting started.

If you’ve got the bug for growing your own, try these events: Sunday 2nd March THE HISTORY OF HAIGH HALL WALLED KITCHEN GARDEN See page 16 for details Thursday 6 March WORSLEY HALL COMMUNITY ALLOTMENTS OPEN DAY See page 16 for details 19




It is fair to say that 10 years ago, Wigan’s food sector was, in the main, more pie crust than upper crust. Our local restaurant industry has grown significantly both in terms of size and quality. Wigan borough can today boast of a strong and diverse restaurant offer. From the boutique and unique to places plying regional, British and international menus. The Wigan Food and Drink Festival is proud to showcase many of these excellent restaurants. Please use the festival to try out a new restaurant or visit an old favourite again. Support them, as they have supported the festival.



43 Hallgate, Wigan. WN11LL Tel: 01942 237801

19-21 Platt Lane, Standish, Wigan. WN1 2XF Tel: 01257 421354

The Coven is a unique vegetarian café-restaurant in the heart of Wigan town centre offering freshly cooked, delicious food. Although specialising in a menu for customers who are vegan or have food intolerances, a high proportion of its customers are not vegetarian but simply enjoy good, different food - cooked fresh and served in a friendly atmosphere. The restaurant offers raw vegan food, one of the few establishments outside of London to do so. The daytime menu is extensive whilst the dessert board alone has been known to reduce some coeliacs, vegans and lactoseintolerant people, to a state of quivering indecision! The evening menu includes perennial favourites as well as more seasonal options. The Coven has no alcohol license, however customers are welcome to ‘bring your own’. The Coven hosts special events, some focused on raw food and some on particular cuisines. The Coven is the reigning joint Restaurant of the Year from 2012 when the title was last awarded.

The Crown at Worthington is a unique and individual country inn and restaurant situated on the outskirts of Standish in the Lancashire countryside. This popular establishment is winner of the Wigan and Greater Manchester CAMRA pub of the year and has a selection of at least 8 cask ales from the regions micro-breweries, plus an extensive wine list and beer menu. All the food from the Restaurant's and pub's extensive menus is freshly prepared by the Crown's dedicated team of chefs who use quality locally sourced ingredients. Try the famous butchers block steak counter. Here you can choose your size and cut of steak and your favourite sauce and sides. The Crown also has 10 en-suite rooms should guests wish to make a night of it!


Tel: 01257 473500 Ashfield House Hotel is an elegant Victorian country house hotel where you can expect a warm welcome and special service. The house has a lovely atmosphere; perfect for dining, weddings, functions and conferencing. The restaurant is open to the public on Sundays for a traditional and fine A la Carte set price lunch. The Restaurant, Langtree Suite and Music Room are all available for private functions including weddings.


Scan these codes with your smart phone to access other exclusive Festival recipes.



13 Upper Dicconson St, Wigan. WN12AD 01942 242000

4 Orrell Road, Wigan. WN5 8HD 01942 375815

A warm welcome awaits you by Souf, Head Chef Richard and the team. The Fat Olive Restaurant provides high quality, fresh homemade food with ingredients sourced from local suppliers. With an international styled menu with an added traditional Lancashire twist you can be sure that there will be a dish to suit everyone's taste from either the A la Carte menu or weekly changing specials. The restaurant boasts a great modern decor and a friendly ambience offering a full wine list with draft and bottled beers available.

Unique among Italian restaurants in the north west, a meal at La Giara is a truly magical experience. The restaurant offers authentic time–honoured Italian cuisine, cooked perfectly with a modern twist and includes; pastas, risottos and mouth watering steaks – all within a welcoming atmosphere. The food is prepared as in Italy; it’s simple, honest but essentially Italian. The greatness of the food stems from the quality of the ingredients used and the people who prepare it. The kitchen uses fresh to market, high-quality ingredients.



13 The Wiend, Wigan Town Centre. WN11PF 01942 492100

The Old Chapel, 136 Market Street, Hindley, Wigan. WN2 3AY Tel: 01942 523115

Gallimores is one of Wigan town centre’s most well known and visited restaurants. It offers contemporary dining in the heart of Wigan. Situated on the historic Wiend – adjacent to the new Wigan Life Centre, the restaurant provides a creative menu of international dishes served in a relaxed atmosphere. Gallimores is a popular dining experience and has built a reputation on providing a balance of value for money and quality lunch time and dinner menus. Now available – Sunday A la Carte menu (Served from 12 noon).

The Mahabharat Restaurant is a unique Indian dining experience. It provides a special and extensive menu within a fascinating former Baptist Chapel. The restaurant’s seafood specials are genuinely special as is the remainder of the menu, created and prepared by the Mahabharat Head Chef who has put all his culinary experience and skill into it. The menu provides dishes that satisfy the accustomed Indian restaurant customer palate through to those who are of a more adventurous persuasion. There is also an extensive bar, wine and cocktail list.

HAIGH HALL Copperas Lane, Haigh, Wigan. WN21PE

Tel: 01942 832895

RIGALETTOS ITALIAN RESTAURANT DW Stadium, Loire Drive, Robin Park, Wigan. WN50UH

Tel: 01942 770432 Previously the home of Lord Crawford – Earl of Balcarres, Haigh Hall is a Grade II listed building. The Georgian country manor house is set within 250 acres of picturesque country park and has spectacular views over Wigan and the Douglas Valley. The Hall is one of the borough’s most popular wedding and conference venues and provides regular Sunday lunches, food and drink events.

Rigalettos provides quality food at sensible prices. Offering a range of menus including the Espresso Lunch, Early Bird, A la Carte and special board menus, this Italian restaurant with its heart, style and atmosphere - still very much set in Italy is worthy of a visit. 21



Parbold Hill, Near Wigan. WN87TG Tel: 01257 462318

1-3 Alder Lane, Parbold, Wigan. WN87NL Tel: 01257 464600

Set above the lovely Douglas Valley atop of Parbold Hill, between Wigan and Ormskirk on the edge of the pretty village of Parbold is the Wiggin Tree. As well as some of the best views in Lancashire, the restaurant offers expertly cooked premium steaks and grills in a fantastic setting. Whether its an informal midweek treat, a business lunch, a weekend outing or a family celebration – this highly respected and well visited restaurant is said to be the best steakhouse, ‘bar and grill’ in town – if not the wider region.

The Wayfarer and Il Viandante this year opened a micro brewery Problem Child Brewery making it a brew pub situated in the pretty village of Parbold. Joint winner of the Festival Restaurant of the Year 2012 and listed in the Good Beer Guide for four consecutive years. The Wayfarer A la Carte menu is stylish and innovative with great variety amongst the Lancashire classics. Whilst the Italian Pasta and Pizza menu - served in the stunning and comfortable conservatory offers affordable excellence. Joint festival Restaurant of the Year 2012.

THE TAVERN THAI BAR AND RESTAURANT 37 Mesnes St, Wigan. WN11QP Tel: 01942 375413 The Tavern Thai brings an exclusive and authentic Thai eating experience to Wigan town centre. The family behind the restaurant have many years of experience. Head Chef – Mr Thong Chai – has cooked Thai food in 5 star hotels across Europe and in his homeland. The menu he has mastered includes his speciality Thai Curries, King Prawn Dishes, Pad Thai Noodles and the signature – Weeping Tiger - Sizzling Steak Dish. The food is cooked using ingredients imported direct from Thailand. The restaurant is situated on the second floor and is a popular venue for special occasions and large groups.

THE WHEEL RESTAURANT Wigan and Leigh College, Parson’s Walk, Wigan. WN11RS Tel: 01942 761888 Winner of the Wigan Food and Drink Festival Restaurant of the Year 2010. The Wheel Restaurant is a well known and respected establishment in Wigan Town Centre. It is part of Wigan and Leigh College Catering School. It is entirely run by students who provide a warm, friendly and very efficient service to match the wonderfully varied and quality menus. The restaurant puts on special events including gourmet and themed evenings. Call the restaurant for opening times and reservations.

HUNGR Y? Tuck in

The Thai Tavern provides a set menu, A la Carte and a special lunch menu that offers excellent value at just £6.95 for 2 courses.

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BENNETT’S RESTAURANT Wrightington Hotel, Moss Lane, Wrightington. Wigan. WN69PB

Tel: 01257 425803

Bennett's is an AA Rosette award-winning restaurant situated on the outskirts of Wigan and surrounded by scenic Lancashire countryside. It offers stunning farmland views along with traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Bennett’s use only the finest, fresh Lancashire produce to create a variety of mouthwatering dishes with specialities being steak and fish.


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food drink EVENTS I N A S S O C I AT I O N W I T H



THE FOOD AND DRINK MARKET Wednesday 5th March to Saturday 8th March The Food and Drink Market and its variety of pan European cuisine gets bigger every year. Paella, Pizza, Milzwurst, Schnitzel, Brie and a few British bites are a taster of the offerings on the market menu.

FAMILY FOOD AND DRINK STREET ENTERTAINMENT Saturday 8th March Along Standishgate and on the main stage in Wigan Market Place. Giant chefs, salt and pepper on wheels and much more.

THE LANCASHIRE HOTPOTS. LIVE IN CONCERT! Saturday 8th March From 2.00pm. Live music from the main town centre stage culminating with the annual appearance of Lancashire’s hottest pots singing hits including Food and Drink Festival favourites such as, ‘Chippy Tea’ and ‘The Baking Song’.

Admission to all activities and events is FREE


kitchen Theatre Tuesday 4 March The Great Wigan Food Giveaway 11.00am – 3.00pm

Wednesday 5 March The North West Chilli Championships 11.00am – 3.00pm

Thursday 6 March & Friday 7 March The WFDF Restaurant Showcase in association with Wigan Council 11.00am – 3.00pm

Saturday 8 March The Great Bake Day, in association with Euromark 11.00am – 3.00pm 23

Wigan Food and Drink Festival 2014  

The official guide to the 2014 Wigan Food and Drink Festival, taking place February 27th - March 9th.

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