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Cannock Chase BRING THE PA ST ALIVE Our education visits are full of fun, knowledge and informative activities for children. Interactive time in the galleries, artefact handling, quizzes, make and do, dressing up, role play and a whole lot of active learning make up an unforgettable day with us. As four time winner of the Sandford Award for Heritage Education, the museum has a proven record for providing quality educational activities for Reception, KS1 and KS2. We provide fantastic value for money - a full day of activities, led by a professional Museum Educator, is just £5.20 per child or £3.10 for a half day. We also offer a discount on full day tours for Cannock Chase District schools.

NEW CURRICULUM, NEW TOURS Whether your school is following the new National Curriculum or your own syllabus, we have a flexible approach to help meet the needs of your school. We cover history, science, geography, design and technology, literacy and more. Existing activities can be tailored to meet your specific needs and we will develop new topics with you. Our popular tours - Toys, World War II and Habitat Discovery - are being adapted to meet the needs of the new curriculum. In addition to these we have also been developing half day tours which can be stand alone, combined into a full day or even combined with a trip to other local sites.

Houses from History A short interactive gallery session for KS1 to compare and contrast the home life of local people and develop childrens’ ability to understand continuity and change in domestic life. Lasting one and a half hours, this can be added to a Historical Enquiry session to make a half day tour.

How our lungs work Meet a former miner and learn how the Proto and self rescuer could help a miner breathe. Build a model lung and test your own lung capacity. Half day.

Materials Investigate miners’ protective clothing from different time periods and compare the different materials and designs. Investigate which would have worked best and why different materials were chosen. Half day.

Design Technology puppet workshop Visit the toy gallery to see the puppets in our collection and learn about puppetry through the ages. Watch the story of coal mining unfold from our puppet box and design and make your own shadow puppet. Half day.

Historical enquiry How do we find out about the past? Use artefacts from the museum collections to work out what certain items were used for. Consider the uses, materials and evidence and decide the chronological order of artefacts. Half day.

World War 1 Cannock Chase had many training camps during WW1, the remnants of which can be seen today. As part of your local history study, discover how the landscape changed, local poetry, the home front, propaganda and even the story of a famous author who was based here. Half day, with the option to extend the day and visit another site.

Romans in Staffordshire Learn about the tribe who lived in this area and how life changed after the Roman invasion as part of your local history study. Look at Roman artefacts, try on a toga, compare Roman and modern objects and discover what the Romans really did for us! Half day, with the option to extend the day and visit another site.

HOW TO BOOK The Bookings Officer is available to answer your queries and take your bookings. If you would like to discuss bespoke tours or how to adapt a tour to meet your needs please contact the Education Officer. The Education Officer can also advise on ways to extend your half day visit in the local area. Telephone: 01543 877 666 Email:

LO A N B OX E S Can’t get to the museum? Why not hire one of our loan boxes containing artefacts that can be used in lessons to discuss chronological order, stimulate discussion and historical enquiry, in assemblies and for classroom displays? Our loan boxes cover a range of topics including coal mining, WW2, toys and historical enquiry. Boxes available from the museum at the cost of £20 per week.


KS1 &

KS2 Come and experience what life was like on the Home Front during WWII to help understand Britain’s past. This significant historical event changed lives and shaped a generation. Find out how it would have affected you.

Cost : £5.20, adults go free. Maximum 60 children per day. YO U R D AY W I T H U S Mock air raid and blackout Listen for the siren. What will you take to the shelter?

Walls have ears but have you been listening? Can you answer the questions in the artefact quiz?

1940s style Try on real army uniforms and dress 1940s style.

Rationing demonstration Imagine eating powered egg and mock banana sandwiches!

At home in the 1940s Take a seat in the 40s room. How does it compare to your home?

Museum curator for the day Be like a real museum curator and handle objects from the 1940s.

Your identity card Fill in your identity card - don’t leave home without it!

Mystery WWII objects Use your powers of deduction to identify the mystery WWII objects.

Evacuee drama Take part in a drama session and re-enact life as an evacuee. Imagine leaving your home to live with strangers.


KS1 &


As part of your local history study see how coal mining literally shaped the landscape and communities of the Cannock Chase coalfield. The museum stands on the former site of the Valley Pit. Learn about the changes to the industry in living memory and beyond.

Cost : ÂŁ5.20, adults go free. Maximum 60 children per day. YO U R D AY W I T H U S Museum curator for the day Learn about the history of coal mining and what it was like to work underground. Be a real museum curator, handling mining artefacts and equipment.

Journey through coal Journey through our coal mining gallery and find out how mining influenced life in Cannock Chase. Take part in our quiz.

Step back in time Our Victorian miner’s wife will invite you into her cottage to help with the laundry and domestic chores.

The story of coal Step back in time and watch the story of our local coal mining experience unfold from our coal mining theatre box.

Take a colliery walk Take a colliery walk to see the site of the Valley Pit buildings (weather and time permitting).

Meet a miner Meet a real Cannock Chase miner and hear what it was like to work down the pit (subject to availability).

TOYS THROUGH THE AGES KS1 This fun, interactive and hands-on session looks at continuity and change through the use of toys. Which of the toys that we play with today would have been played with by the Victorians, the Romans or even the ancient Greeks?

Cost : £5.20, adults go free. Maximum 120 children per day. YO U R D AY W I T H U S See the toys that your grandparents played with See what has changed within living memory to the toys we play with today.

Learn about the history of toys Play in the interactive toy gallery.

Handle toys from the museum collections Play games from the past Master the skills of the cup and ball, yoyo and hopscotch.

Dance workshop Learn to move like a clockwork toy and a puppet in our dance workshop.

Make your own toy Make your own toy to take home to play with, just as children did in the past.

Punch & Judy show Split your sides with laughter when you watch a traditional Punch and Judy show. ‘That’s the way to do it!’

TOYS OUTREACH SERVICE We also offer an outreach service where our educators will come to your school to deliver a two hour session to learn about the history of toys, handle artefacts, play games and learn a dance routine.


Available to schools within a twenty mile radius of the museum.


: £130 per class plus travel. Maximum 30 children per session. 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

For a small additional charge, peg doll kits are available for children to complete as follow up work to our visit.


KS1 &


Unlock the secrets of our heathland habitat and visit an area of Special Scientific Interest at our local nature reserve adjacent to the museum. Look closely at the natural world and learn to recognise the plants and animals within it.

Cost : ÂŁ5.20, adults go free. Maximum 60 children per day. YO U R D AY W I T H U S Heathland inhabitants Discover the plants and animals that inhabit the heathland and learn how the habitat was created.

Local wildlife sanctuary Meet some real birds and animals from a local wildlife sanctuary and learn all about them from their keeper (subject to availability).

Create your own food chain Learn how the habitat suits the things living there. If something changes to the habitat how does it affect all the living things there?

Time to make a mess! Make a rope using resources form the heathland just as people did in the past.

Hednesford Hills Your educator will lead you over the Hednesford Hills on a discovery walk to identify the plants and trees and take your own tiny piece of heathland back to school. Please bring raincoats and a change of shoes/wellington boots as the walk continues in all weathers.

The vast majority of our school tours run all year round, however some are seasonal.




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Toys through the ages:


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Habitat Romans in Staffordshire Toys through the ages


FACILITIES The museum has full disabled access with education buildings at ground level. Our education spaces have toilets and hearing loops and we provide a lunch room. Coach parking is free. Risk assessments for museum facilities and teacher pre visits are available. Museum educators are trained in emergency first aid and subject to DBS checks.

TEACHERS’ RESOURCES These include teachers’ packs, activity packs, publications and information about our galleries.

SHOP We can make up goody bags for your children, starting at £2 each. Museum of Cannock Chase, Valley Road, Hednesford, WS12 1TD Telephone: 01543 877 666 Email: /museumofcannockchase

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Museum of Cannock Chase Education Guide 2015-2016  

Full and half day activities from our award-winning education offer for reception, KS1 and KS2.

Museum of Cannock Chase Education Guide 2015-2016  

Full and half day activities from our award-winning education offer for reception, KS1 and KS2.

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