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Protecting legal rights and working for systemic change

2015 Annual Report July 2014 - June 2015

The Women’s Law Center of Maryland, Inc. 305 West Chesapeake Avenue, Suite 201 Towson, Maryland 21204 (410) 321-8761 www.wlcmd.org

From the ExecutiveDirector


he Women’s Law Center of Maryland saw significant changes this year. Most notably, we said farewell to longtime Executive Director, Tracy Brown, and the introduced me as the new Executive Director. During Tracy’s 13 year tenure, the organization experienced a period of growth and stabilization where programs were expanded, new programs developed, and advocacy efforts increased. After such an exciting decade for the organization, I was honored to be chosen to lead the Women’s Law Center into the next chapter. By combining my years of experience as a practicing attorney with my passion for women’s rights, I envision my appointment as an opportunity for the organization and our supporters to rededicate ourselves to the mission and to continue to build on the strong legacy of the Women’s Law Center. My first priority was to raise the visibility of the WLC throughout the state of Maryland. All Marylanders need to know they have options. Our direct service programs offer valuable resources to those forced into situations of domestic violence or facing family law issues. In addition, we aim to increase our advocacy efforts on behalf of all women and to hold the leaders of our state accountable for practices unfair to women. This year, we drew attention to the lack of diversity on the Baltimore County Trial Court Judicial Nominating Commission, forcing the Governor to evaluate the Commission and actively work to diversify it. Though this is a victory for women, there is much more work to be done and the Women’s Law Center of Maryland will continue to fight for equality and justice. We have an unbelievably dedicated Board of Directors, staff, and attorneys who truly affect the lives of those in need. I am excited to work with them to create a bright future for the organization and the state of Maryland.

Officers & Board President Kelly Powers Vice President Barrett King Treasurer Gina Snee Past President Ginger Robinson At Large Board Members Alison Aminzadeh Sandy Daniels Marta De Angulo Susan Elgin Dorcas Gilmore Heather Harris Margaret Johnson Deepti Kulkarni Cylia Lowe Rebecca Salsbury Jennifer Squillario Marla Zide


Executive Director L. Tracy Brown (ending August 2014)

Michelle Daughtery Siri (beginning January 2015)

Chief Operating Officer Jessica Morgan Legal Director Laure Ruth Development Director Michele May Administrative Assistant Jan Arado Data Entry Clerk Donna Pasko Employment Law Hotline Mary Keating, Project Director Multi-Ethnic Domestic Violence Project Suzanne Bailey, Project Director Maria Gomez, Legal Advocate Denise Robinson-Lopez, Legal Advocate Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project Ellen Hare, Senior Attorney Robert Carlozzi, Staff Attorney Allison Kurland, Staff Attorney D. Crystal Mack, Legal Advocate Katharine Zang Legal Advocate Trafficking Victims PostConviction Advocacy Project Jessica Emerson, Equal Justice Works Fellow

As a leading advocate for justice and fairness for women, the Women’s Law Center of Maryland, Inc. fights for the protection and expansion of women’s legal rights by providing legal assistance to individuals and fosters strategic initiatives to achieve systemic change. Founded in 1971 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit membership organization, the Women’s Law Center works to protect the safety, stability and rights of a vulnerable population of predominately low-income women and their families. Legal representation and educational projects equip women with resources to address critical issues involving domestic violence law, immigration law, family law, employment law and human trafficking. Using experience gained from work with clients as well as through research and policy analysis, the Women’s Law Center compiles first-hand knowledge and facts to inform its advocacy initiatives and other projects that advance equal rights for all Marylanders. For more information, visit our website at www.wlcmd.org, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @wlcmd.

Our Vision fairness for women.

The Mission

is a legal system that provides justice and

of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland is to serve as a leading voice for justice and fairness for women by advocating for the protection and expansion of women’s legal rights through legal assistance to individuals and strategic initiatives to achieve system change.

Direct Services

The Women’s Law Center’s family law projects, administered through the Women’s Law Center’s Bruce A. Kaufman Center for Family Law, offer individuals free legal representation and information that is critical to achieving a successful outcome in court. Attorneys help clients gain safety, maintain custody of their children and establish independence from an abusive partner, regardless of their ability to pay. The Women’s Law Center continually experiences great demand for its legal services, particularly for its domestic violence representation projects.


Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project • • • •

600 victims of domestic violence received legal services 529 individuals received information and referrals 70% success rate 91% feel safter

POARP provides free legal representation to victims of domestic violence seeking protective orders in the circuit courts in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Carroll County as well as the District Courts for Baltimore County and Carroll County. POARP offices are conveniently located at the courthouses where petitions for protective orders are filed. This project is funded through the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention in MD and United Way of Central Maryland.

“Thank you for all of your hard work. You helped my son and I gain the strenght to start our new journey.” ~ POARP Client


Multi-Ethnic Domestic Violence Project • 99 foreign-born domestic violence victims received representation regarding immigration issues • 53 clients had at least one immigration status application approved MEDOVI is a state-wide program that caters to the special, and often complicated, immigration needs of foreignborn victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. To better serve this community, MEDOVI employs a Spanish-speaking Legal Advocate to expand services and outreach in the Hispanic community. Free interpreter services are available for those who do not speak English or Spanish. Support for this program is provided by Victims of Crime Act funds and Violence Against Women Act funds administered by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention in Maryland, the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Maryland Legal Services Corporation.

Alone. Scared. Hopeless. This is the reality facing many foreign-born women in Maryland. Living in a new country, battling language and cultural barriers, and being abused by the one person who not only should be caring for them the most but is also their sponsor. Leaving him and seeking safety could very well lead to deportation and separation from children. In the face of so many challenges and so much uncertainty, many women choose to stay. One is too many. The Women’s Law Center’s MEDOVI program brings an end to the confusion and provides a path to a better future and long-term independence. This was the experience of Henriette Tambi. A courageous mother of three, Ms. Tambi fought alongside MEDOVI staff to secure her safety, her future, and to provide better opportunities for her children. After surviving years of abuse at the hands of her husband – both in her home country and the United States – Ms. Tambi found the courage to seek help by calling MEDOVI. Our attorney Henrietta Tambi with Suzanne Bailey, MEDOVI Project Director assisted her in filing the necessary documents to obtain a U-Visa. The first step in securing citizenship, a U-Visa enables victims of violence to stay in the United States for up to 4 years – without relying on their abuser as a sponsor - and provides employment authorization allowing them to obtain legal employment. Ms. Tambi considers the ability to work as her new start. “Having the authorization to work was the first step of my life,” she says. Immediately after receiving her work permit, she began working, enabling her to move her family out of a shelter and into their first apartment. As the years passed and her experience grew, she was able to move to better jobs and bigger apartments. Not only was her family surviving, they were thriving. In addition to securing a U-Visa for Ms. Tambi, MEDOVI also assisted with the application process for a Visa for her young son. The Visa qualified him to receive a social security number, opening the door to enormous opportunities available to her other children who were born in the US, including access to healthcare and eligibility for food stamps – both extremely important to his quality of life. Nearly ten years later, Ms. Tambi is a true inspiration and beacon of hope. In addition to working and caring for her three children, she is currently enrolled in school to become a nurse. She received her Green Card and, in just a few short years, both she and her son can apply for citizenship. Ms. Tambi is a survivor. In the face of unspeakable tragedy and alone, alienated from much of her family who believed she should reconcile with her abuser, she fought fear and uncertainty and worked alongside MEDOVI attorneys and staff to claim a new life. A better life.


• 59 low income litigants received representation in family law matters • 998 hours of legal services provided at no cost to the clients • 101 hours of pro bono services provided Through this program, the Women’s Law Center screens cases and places clients with experienced attorneys who provide their services at no cost to clients. The attorneys involved in this project agree to be paid a significantly reduced fee by the Women’s Law Center to represent clients and to continue their services for the duration of the case, even if the payment cap is exceeded. When possible, additional cases that qualify for the project are placed with pro bono attorneys to stretch the funds allocated to the project in order to serve more vulnerable families. This project is funded by the Maryland Legal Services Corporation.

Hotlines Anyone from anywhere in the state has access to experienced attorneys to answer questions related to family law and employment law matters just by calling on of our three hotlines. These services are free and staffed by contract and volunteer attorneys. The hotlines are funded by grants from the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Maryland Legal Services Corporation, and the Marjorie Cook Foundation.

Family Law Hotline

6,227 individuals received information and advice about family law issues

Legal Forms Hotline

1,213 callers received assistance completing family law forms

Employment Law Hotline

328 callers received information and advice about employment law issues


Trafficking Victims Post-Conviction Advocacy Project TVPCAP provides legal representation to survivors of sex trafficking who have been convicted of prostitution offenses in Maryland. In 2011, the Maryland legislature passed a law allowing survivors of sex trafficking to “vacate” their prostitution convictions. The vacatur order overrules or makes void the criminal conviction and acknowledges that the conviction was unjustified because the person convicted of prostitution was forced or coerced into the behavior. The Women’s Law Center works with survivors to help vacate these convictions, thereby ensuring they will no longer be prevented from moving forward with their lives because of convictions stemming from acts they were forced to commit.


“I feel like this is finally over.”

On September 12, 2014, the Women’s Law Center of Maryland filed its first Motion to Vacate the prostitution convictions of a survivor of human trafficking under the Maryland Human Trafficking Victim Protection Act. Days later, the Honorable John Peter McKenna, Jr., District Administrative Judge for Anne Arundel County, granted the motion, vacating the survivor’s conviction and dismissed the charges against her. Upon being told of the court’s decision in her case, the survivor shared her relief with her WLC attorney, Jessica Emerson, stating, “I feel like this is finally over.” Read More

~WLC Client

Jessica Emerson, Equal Justice Works Fellow

Knowledge empowers individuals to protect their legal rights

P u b l i c at i o n s Hard copies of our publications were distributed by the Women’s Law Center and its partners while countless additional copies were downloaded from our website.

Limited Scope Project • 15 individuals received services in family law cases The Limited Scope Representation Project provides services in family law cases using an innovative limited scope representation model to increase access to resources.

Pa r t n e r s h i p s Memberships in coalitions or committees offering active input regarding policy issues affecting women.

I n f o r m at i o n a n d R e f e r r a l 1,683 individuals received information and referral services

Judicial Selections 28 judicial selections interviews conducted and/or recommendations submitted regarding judical vacancies to promote a legal system free of gender bias

"I give to the WLC because the individuals who make up the WLC have a passion for the work that is unparalleled and inspiring.� ~Alison A.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

A wife, who is not making much money… A husband, who controls the finances of the household… She knows she needs to leave him, but has no place to go, and a child who needs her. Desperate for help, she picks up the phone and dials 10 digits. She hopes these numbers will begin the end of her misery and be the start of a new future. Then she hears, “Thank you for calling the Family Law Hotline of the Women’s Law Center. How may I help you?” Sixteen calls per 3-hour shift. Sixteen different people needing comfort, guidance and answers to some of their complicated questions. Adoption, child support, marital property issues, custody, divorce, alimony, separation, and visitation – these are just a few of the issues Women’s Law Center (WLC) clients deal with every day. “Some people come to you at an emotional state where it’s very hard to get them not to shut down, but just be in the moment…and understand the process and what they need to do,” said Marty Voelkel-Hanssen, a contract lawyer at the WLC. Marty, owner of Voelkel-Hanssen Law Firm, wife, and mother of three, is a 10-year contract attorney at the WLC who creates free time to serve women and men in need of guidance and protection. She gives her time and expertise to answer phones for the Family Law and the Legal Forms Hotlines at WLC. Dealing with these hotlines can be emotionally difficult. Marty explains one of the hardest tasks is, “managing the expectations of the callers…it’s easy to get upset…you learn to be patient.” However, Marty further explains it can also be rewarding. She is grateful some days to walk away and hear that people are thankful for the help given to them. Her work at the WLC has made Marty more socially aware of inequalities women face. She believes the organization is well-respected and has impacted the Maryland community. When asked how can others help support the WLC in its journey to create systematic change, and cease inequalities women face, she responded by saying, “People can support by giving financially or by donating their time and talents.” Marty was driven to get involved because she believes it was ingrained in her to give back. “I realize as I get older how important that is rather than practicing law and getting into disputes in the courthouse. I like people having a voice in a neutral environment,” said Marty. When she has free time, aside from offering her services at the WLC, she enjoys volunteering at various other places such as The Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, Community Mediation Maryland, and many others. The WLC is honored to have Marty talents, loyalty, and services given consistently for over ten years.

Marty has been a colorful rainbow for the thousands of callers she has helped..

Adovacay The Women’s Law Center actively monitors the state’s legal and legislative landscape to promote equality. Research and policy analysis findings are disseminated to educate advocates, policy-makers and litigants. This work, as well as experience gained from clients and participation in coalition efforts, determines the course of action for our legal reform projects. Amicus briefs are filed to help appellate courts understand the impact of key cases on the legal rights of women. Judicial selections interviews are conducted to ensure an impartial judicial system. Our work, multiplied by the grassroots support of our members and friends in the community, makes a true impact on issues that affect women in Maryland.

2 0 1 5 L e g i s l at i v e S e s s i o n 70 bills monitored Written testimony provided on 57 bills Oral testimony given in over 22 hearings 13 legislative alerts sent pertaining to 24 bills 20 bills we supported signed into law

Photo Credit: Executive Office of the Governor

Photographer: Joe Andrucyk

Client Story HB606/SB477 Domestic Violence - Persons Eligible for Relief The passing of HB606/SB477 was a major victory for victims of domestive violence. By expanding the definition of a “personal eligible for relief ” for a protective order to include parties in a sexual relationship, victims now have access to greater protections.

When WLC POARP Client, Jane, ended a relationship with her boyfriend, he became physically violent. Though they were in a sexual relationship, they were not married, didn’t live together and didn’t have a child in common, which would have limited her to applying for a Peace Order in the past.

Because of the passage of HB606/SB477, Jane was eligible for a Protective Order. The Protective Order provided Jane with an additional 6 months of protection and mandated the surrender of any firearms in his possession. These are protections she would not have been eligible for prior to the new law.

2 0 1 5 A m i c u s Wo r k 4 Amicus Brief Sign-ons The Women’s Law Center of Maryland frequently signs-on to amicus briefs written by other local or national organizations that present important issues that have an impact on women. Appellate litigation is a powerful tool to support systemic change becuase it impacts the laws that govern women's rights. The Women's Law Center of Maryland signed onto two particularly significant cases this year.

King v. Burwell Supreme Court of the United States. In January of 2015, the Women’s Law Center signed on to an amicus brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court by the National Women’s Law Center in King v. Burwell. This case addressed the Affordable Care Act and the federal government’s ability to provide purchasers of insurance tax credits and incentives which have enabled a greater number of people, in particular historically disenfranchised populations, to gain access to health care. Read the full brief

Obergefell v. Himes Supreme Court of the United States. The Women's Law Center signed onto another U.S. Supreme Court brief submitted by the National Women’s Law Center in February 2015, in support of same-sex marriage. At issue in Obergefell v. Hodges was whether the 14th Amendment requires a state to license a marriage between two people of the same sex, and also whether it requires a state to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out of state. The amicus brief focused on the close relationship between sex discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination. Read the full brief

In the News

Domestic violence deserves attention year round [Commentary] While most of us were sitting safely in our homes or offices watching the news and social media coverage of the announcements by the Ravens and the NFL, hundreds of women in Maryland were walking into courthouses, domestic violence advocates’ offices and domestic violence shelters seeking protection from their abusers. Read More This popular commentary led to much more press for WLC. C4 Show on WBAL CCTV America

Little-Known Laws Help Sex Trafficking Victims Clear Criminal Records Advocates for women arrested on prostitution charges want the justice system to adopt a different approach. They say instead of being locked up, many prostitutes should actually be considered victims of human trafficking. And they’re starting to offer those women a way to clean up the criminal records left behind. Read More

Team Shop Talk welcomed Michele Siri and Laure Ruth, to the studio to discuss services offered by the organization as it pertains to domestic violence, family law, employment law, and human trafficking. This engaging conversation, which focused on overviews, enlightened the hosts as well as listeners. Read More

Listen Now

Awards The Women’s Law Center of Maryland is lucky to attract staff members and volunteers who are not only committed to advancing the mission of the organization, but who are committed to improving their communities. We are excited that so many of our them have been recognized for their accomplishments.

Jessica Emerson, Esq. Marla Zide, Esq.

50 Women to Watch Cylia Lowe, Esq.

Kelly Powers, Esq. Michelle Daugherty Siri, Esq.

Events From our beginnings as a grassroots organization, members have been the core of the Women’s Law Center. Our members challenge us and enable us to evolve with the changing times to make the most difference in the lives of Maryland’s women and children. In turn, the Women’s Law Center continually works to provide opportunities to keep members informed, involved and engaged. This year, the Women’s Law Center offered members and supporters fun and thought-provoking ways to connect with the organization’s mission and network with others who are committed to women’s legal rights.

Photo: Anne Adoryan

Each year, the Women’s Law Center honors community leaders who have made significant contributions to protect and expand the legal rights of women. This year’s award recipients not only dedicate themselves every day to this mission, but have made history doing so. Dorothy Beatty Memorial Award The Honorable Barbara Baer Waxman

Rosalyn B. Bell Award The Honorable Cathy Serrette

Access to Justice Award Martina E. Vandenberg, Esq.

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The 9th Annual Wine & and Chocolate proved to be another delicious event. With cookies from Bergers and Otterbeins, cakes from the Baltimore Cakery, and chocolates from Mary Sue and Wockenfuss, guests were treated to fabulous treats donated by some of Baltimore’s best local businesses, as well as an eclectic selection of fine wines. Through the support of Presenting Sponsor, Partnership Wealth Management, and all those who attended, over $7,000 was raised to benefit our direct services and advocacy programs. Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor!

photos: Chris Stevens See More

Financials July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015


The Women’s Law Center of Maryland, Inc. Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets for the Year Ended on June 30, 2015 Income Grants $683,066 Contributions $179,260 Annual Meeting $46,690 Contract Income $7,479 Donated Services & Facilities $69,061 Membership Dues $9,290 Interest Income $1,504 Other Income $2,649 TOTAL $998,999 Expenses Program Services $872,879 Management & General $101,438 Fundraising $74,295 TOTAL $1,048,612 Change in Net Assets Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year

FY 2015 Income Contributions 18% Annual Meeting 5% Donated Food, Service, Facility 7%

Dues 1% Contract Income 1%

Interest Income 0% Other Income 0%

Grants 68%

FY 2015 Expenses Fundraising 7%

Management and General 10%

($49,613) $955,467 $905,854 Program Services 83%

ASSETS Current Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents $814,186 Grants Receivable $288,594 Contributions Receivable $0 Prepaid Expenses $9,881 Total Current Assets $1,112,661

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $0 Accrued Payroll Expenses $41,042 Refundable Advance $175,624 Total Current Liabilities $216,666

Property and Equipment $6,748 Security Deposit $1,157 Website Development $1,954

Net Assets Unrestricted, Undesignated $706,488 Unrestricted, Board Designated $27,877 Temporarily Restricted $171,489 Total Net Assets $905,854

TOTAL ASSETS $1,122,520


Thank You

We recognize and thank the following donors who supported the Women’s Law Center in FY 15 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2105) through membership, contributions, in-kind donations, workplace giving, grants, and event sponsorships. Legacy Circle ($5,000 & above) DLA Piper Elgin, Susan†*▪ Hirschhorn Foundation, David & Barbara B. Kaufman, Arlene Marginsoft Murthy, Sheela Venable Foundation▪ Visionary Society ($2,500-$4,999) Goodmark, Leigh† Leidy Foundation, John J. Miles & Stockbridge Foundation, Inc. Open Society Foundation Powers, Kelly†◊ Benefactor Circle ($1,000-$2,499) Brown, Lorna Tracy▪ Cullen, Stephen Domino Foods, Inc. Friedman, Kathleen O’Ferrall†*▪ Gallagher, Evelius & Jones, LLP Gilmore, Dorcas† Gold, Sally†*▪ Heller, Ellen▪

Kaufman, Ries & Elgin, P.A. King, Barrett† Siri, Michelle & Michael Snee, Gina†◊ Taler, Gustava†▪ Zide, Marla† Advocacy Circle ($500-$999) Barclay, Linda†* Brennan, Cathy Falter, Frank Family Of Barbara Baer Waxman Fogel, Jo Benson Hochheimer, Brian and Ms. Marjorie Wax Kolar, Kathryn Sullivan Krumholz, Francine†* McDonald, Michele† Mechak, Megan Messina, Bonnie▪ Meyerhoff, Sayra▪ Partnership Wealth Management Robinson, Ginger† Smith, Craig E Squillario, Jennifer† Steedman, Tracy†◊ Travelers Community Connections

Liberty Club ($250-$499) Azrael, Mimi†*▪◊ Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company Clark, Monna Gayle Court Watch Montgomery Daniels, Sandra†◊ Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Reichmister Eidleman, John Eisenberg, Deborah Thompson†* Esquenet, Margaret Gilman, Michele Hendler, Lee Meyerhoff Kirby, Caitlin Kulkarni, Deepti†◊ Lasher, Patricia Leibowitz, Jerry and Bettye Rinehardt, Mary Ellen†* Salsbury, Rebecca†◊ Spector, Phil Vansickel, Mary Adrian Waxman, Barbara Baer Whitfield, Lynette◊ Zerivitz, Daniel Equity Club ($100-$249) Abel, Kenneth Apollony, Karen

“The Women’s Law Center of Maryland is a critically important organization because its efforts and achievements in advocating for fairness, justice, and equality for women are unparalleled. By providing critical direct legal services, engaging in impactful appellate and legislative advocacy, and raising public awareness, the WLC is able to identify and address important issues at key multiple levels. It serves as a steadfast and leading voice for women in Maryland, and I’m proud to be a longtime supporter.” Deepti Kulkarni, Board Member

Bagwell, Ashlie Bernstein, Edith H Black, Jenny Brown, Pamila† Callahan, Cynthia Chappell, Julianne Chong, Alice Connelly, Patricia Crosswhite, Limbrick & Sinclair, LLP Curran, Michele Czapanskiy, Karen Davis, Deborah L Dayhoff-Brannigan, Eleanor† Dugan, Babij & Tolley, Inc. Dumais, Kathleen Durbin, Lynne†*▪ Eaves, Angela Feldman, Amy Fleming, Marian V Franzoni, Cynthia L Friedman, Eileen Gallo, Janet Gazan, Heather Gemmill, Maia Giblin, Rita McAndrews

Manis, Tammy Citara Marian House, Inc. Matricciani, Albert Matthews-Harris, Gloria McClennan, Jennifer McCormick, R Saul McKee, Margaret Merkle, Paula Krahn◊ Metzger, Leslie Moore, Dominique Murphy, Jane†*▪ Nichols, Roann Oneglia, Stewart O’Neill, Tricia Orlinsky, Jo-Ann Mayer Paradise, Alexandra Strubing† Platt, Susan Polowy, Carolyn† Powers, Denis Rhodes, Dell Hagen Ries, Leslie Rohde, Alexis B Rosa, Virginia Ross, Jane Sachs, Elisabeth†*▪

Williams, Caren Woodard, Elizabeth YogaVibez LLC Zawitoski, Gina M Donors Abner, Heidi AmazonSmile Foundation Amerson, Ally Aminzadeh, Alison Apollony, Frances Arado, Janice Ault, Simon Baldwin, Mary Barsky, Dave Bayne, Christina Beasley, Robert Behnk, Elisa Bell, Howard G. Bell, Sandy Bickoff, Alicia Blazek, Michele Blum, Michael◊ Boutsikaris, Constance Boyer, Kris

91% of POARP clients felt safer since receiving services Goering, Susan†* Gonzales, Louise Michaux Gregor, Nancy†*▪◊ Grems, Kelly Guckert, Renee Hessler, Jason Jacobs, Cheryl Kelley Jakubowski, Ruth▪ Jameson, Susan Johnson, Margaret† Johnson, Sandra Karp, Judith Kaufman, Jessica Berman† Kirkland, Bonnie Kohler, Alison D Konradi, Amanda Koontz, Frederick Singley Kriebel, Jo-Ann Krumpe, Kelly Langon, Janet Law Library Association Of Maryland, Inc. Lennig, Dorothy†* Mancusi, Kathy

Sakamoto-Wengel, Joy†* Sassin, Lynn†* Sawyer, Christina Schneeberg, Sara Scurti, Mark Shemer Bar Review Sills, Joan† Skedsvold, Paula Stillman, Ferrier Students Supporting The Women’s Law Center - University Of Baltimore Sundt, Ann Newman Svaeren, Siri Tate, Gwendolyn Tomlin, Valeria Traub, Lois Triptow, Donna Tsottles, Kelly Turnbull, Nicholson & Sanders, PA Vernon, Richard Villareale, Catherine Voelkel-Hanssen, Marty Weiss, Leesa Welliver, Powel

Brooks, Charlotte Broome, Melissa Chalmers Buckmaster, Tamara Burke, Susan Butler, Andrea Caplan, Elizabeth†▪ Care, Gregory Carrigan, Kimberly Carrion, Audrey J.S. Colleluori, Margaret Cooley, Angela Cooper, Ellen Crizer, Beverly Dahrabbou, Sarah Davis, Dana Davis-Loomis, Nancy DeAngulo, Marta DeLand, Laurie Douglas, Richard Dr. and Mrs. Forbes Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Martha Kovens Drummond, Catherine Edun, Angielon S Engelhardt, Mary Jayne

Espinosa, Jamilah Essex, Maureen Feierabend, Allison Fielding, Elaine Francis, Beth Freeman, Michelle R Frieman, Jennifer Geisler, Sam Gentile, Darlene M Goldberg, Linda Goodman, Linda Goodshop Grace, Victoria Granat, Richard Greenfeld, Joshua Gubernatis, Bridgette Haigler, Tiffany Hannemann, William and Courtney Hawthorne, Carlette Hernandez, Vivian Hoffman, Jodi Horn, Meghan Housten, Scott Howard, Laura Isler, William Jones, Barbara Karpay, Jeannette†*▪ Kassier, Melissa Klepper, Steven Kobb, Frederick Kodeck, Ari Kramer, Mary Krasauskis, John R Krell, Elinore Lambert, Rose Lancaster, Joan Landau, Julie† Larsen, Denis Law Office Of Ralph Sapia, PA

† Board Member/Former Board Member

Lawler, Theresa Lee, Jessica Levine, Victoria Lifson, Cynthia Lineman, Nancy Lipkin, Rhonda Llanso, Laura Lowe-Smith, Cylia Lunn, Alexandria† Mabry, Joann Madden, Rachel Malone, Michael Martin, Tana May, Michele & Todd McBride, Gerald and Stacy Mills, Carolyn Morgan, Jessica Morgan, Linda Moses, Sarah Mullins, Lauren Mundie, Danielle Neal, Kimberly Novak, Rachel Oberholzer, Stacy O’Brien, Laila Oliver, Margaret O’Neill, Caroline Pasko, Donna Patt, Jacqueline Perkins, Brian Podolsky, Susan Powers, Katie Quattrocki, Carolyn Radcliffe, Dalene Rhett, Michelle Riley, Anita Robertson, Robert and Prudy Robinson, Harriet Romaine, Terry

* Past Leaders Committee

▪ Lifetime Member

Ross, Deborah A Rupp, Valerie Ruth, Laure Sauer, Elaine Savit, Diana Schultz, Victoria Seabolt, Bobbie Seldomridge, Lauren Shoemake, Angie Shuger, Nancy Silverstein, Angela Smith, Janet Smith, Patricia Snee, Sheryl Spartana, Jessica St John, Toni & Jason Stafford, Renaye B Stein, Meredith Students Supporting The Women’s Law Center - University Of Maryland Svoboda, Barbara T. Rowe Price Foundation Theodore, Lori Thomas, Debra A. Trubow, Dorothea Vincent, Jaclyn Ward, M. Kim† Watts, Vicki Ballou Weschler, Thomas White, Lindsey Wilkie, Dana Wilkinson, Sara Wilkinson-Hagen, Amy Wilson, Jennifer Wohl, Rachel Wolinski, Elizabeth Zierdt, Margaret

◊ Sustaining Member

Foundations David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation John J. Leidy Foundation Marjorie Cook Foundation Miles & Stockbridge Foundation

Open Society Foundation T. Rowe Price Foundation United Jewish Endowment Fund Venable Foundation

Non-Monetary Contributions American Multi-Cinema, Inc. B&O Railroad Museum Baltimore Museum Of Industry Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Berger Cookies Brick Bodies Chef ’s Expressions Chesapeake Shakespeare Company City Café Creative Alliance Dr. and Mrs. Forbes Earth Treks Climbing Centers Geppis Entertainment Museum Gertrude’s at the BMA

Giant Food Grand National Steeplechase Heavy Seas Beer Hopkins Symphony Orchestra King, Barrett Maggie’s Farm McFadden Art Glass Milk & Honey Market Naron Chocolates Otterbein’s Cookies Outerwall Partnership Wealth Management LLC Pub Dog Reginald F. Lewis Museum Single Carrot Theatre

Thames Street Oyster House The Brewer’s Art The Charmery The Daily Record The Helmand Thomas Moreland Fitness Uncle Wiggly’s University Of Maryland Department Of Intercollegiate Athletics Utz Quality Foods, Inc. Waterfront Kitchen Wockenfuss Candies Woodhall Wine Cellars

In-Kind Contributions Circuit Court for Baltimore City Circuit Court for Baltimore County Circuit Court for Carroll County

Grant Funders Administrative Office of the Courts Equal Justice Works Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention VOCA VAWA

Marjorie Cook Foundation Maryland Legal Services Corporation United Way of Central Maryland

We regret any omissions or inaccuracies that may appear in the list above and welcome hearing from you regarding any corrections.

Volunteers The Women’s Law Center is grateful for the generous commitment of time from our volunteers. Their dedication and support is crucial in ensuring our ability to help as many people as possible.

Family Law Hotline Volunteers Robert Landolt Ruben Ballesteros Fred Kobb

Rachel Letourneau Dorothy Haynes

Employment Law Hotline Volunteers Michael Amster Andrew Dansicker Chad Harris Doug Hartnett Susan Jameson Julie Janofsky

Danny Katz Mary Keating Neil Lebowitz Andreas Lundstedt Dora Malykin Beth Milito

Jeremy Monteiro Edgar Ndjatou Joyce Smithey Jennifer Stair Lynette Whitfield

Judicare Attorneys Pam Ashby Susan Bell Victor Berger Judith Brunton Linda Carroll Shawn Collins Michael Connolly Debra Cruz Jerome Deinlein, Jr.

Diana Denrich Jennifer Fox Jonathan Hoover Will Hudson Ronald P. Jackson Christine and Kevin Joyce Lauren Kamenas Irena Kapinski Kon Kim

Steve Kleeman Robert Landolt Rachel Letourneau Alicia Lewis Lisa Magil Tracy Miller Dominique Moore Bennett Ostroff Elizabeth Pugliese

Jeffrey Schultz Rue Stewart Andrea Sugar Marty Voelkel-Hanssen Annamaria Walsh

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

Ways to Give The Women’s Law Center relies on the generosity of our community to help us provide crucial services to the women and families who need us. Your investment in the Justice Fund will help build and sustain an equitable society for the next generation of women and their families. There are many ways to show your support for the Women’s Law Center. All gifts are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Make a Cash Gift Gifts can be made online using our secure giving page. Annual gifts may also by made by mail using a check or credit.

“The WLC provides vital services to women and families, and as a young woman, I feel called to contribute.” ~ Alison Aminzadeh, Board Member

Monthly Gifts Sustaining Members allow us to not only fund our current services, but budget and plan for the future and potential expansion as well. Becoming a monthly donor is easy by using our recurring gift options online.

Matching Gifts Donors whose companies have matching gifts programs can double, or even triple, their gifts to the Women’s Law Center. Simply ask your employer if they match gifts and increase the impact of your donation.

Workplace Giving Many organizations offer giving through your workplace where your donation is deducted from your paycheck each period.

Planned Gifts Many members of the WLC community have included us in their estate plans, often with benefits to themselves as well. Gifts of life insurance, bequests, annuities and charitable remainder and lead trusts are some of the options. Contact us at 410.321.8761 if you are interested in learning more.

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