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Tunnel trap poem by NICHOLAS KINSER photo by CHRIS KOHLEY

I’m digging some confidence out of this empty chest Like, I’m about to make something out of nothing Like, no body, no being, no thing is the master of my direction I am my own savior I am my own director The light at the end of the tunnel Is not some divine figure Too beautiful for my eyes Too honorable for my touch No, it is me I am the light that will save myself I will hoist this body From the tunnel that lays waste to it And grant my skin the refreshing light Of my own saving grace I owe this tunnel nothing And it is partial to taking everything I will drive this body to salvation with its own two hands Nobody fuck with the steering wheel

Poet’s statement: “I wrote this while considering movement that could be inspired by the frustration of being stuck. As simple as it may sound, there is intention in using the tunnel as a metaphor for going through challenging or ‘dark’ times. The tunnel is used as an image to denote the feeling of being trapped in an experience that feels inescapable, and one that, the longer you spend inside of, the less hopeful you feel about getting out of. Persistence beyond sight — that’s what this poem was inspired by.”


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