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The 10-­‐Second  Experience Group:   Cheng  Yoke  Yee  345573   Chung  Sze  Man  538128   Kwan  Wei  Kuan  524163

Further development  of  EOI… 3  Themes:   •  LighCng  (cut/  diffuse  technique)   •  Cellular  Skin  (Voronoi/  layering)   •  Ecology  (RooCng  System)

EOI: Voronoi  Pa@ern  built  based  on  grids  and   a@ractor  points  (indicate  traffic  flow  of  the  site)

Further development  of  the  idea  of  traffic  flow  -­‐>   IndicaJon  of  distance  travelled  by  car  drivers

Model-­‐ Folding  up  2  layers  of  voronoi  pa@ern

Larger cells:  Extrusions  –  Support  –  Diffuse  reflecCon  

Colored diffuser  –  more  shaUered  light  

Smaller cells:  Cut  light  –  VenClaCon  

Cut light  –  indicaCon  of  distance  traveled   INTERVAL  OF  EVERY  50m  

The 10-­‐Second  Experience  

Technical Details  

Technical Details  

ADS Final Presentation Slides  

ADS Final Presentation Slides

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