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THE 10-SECOND EXPERIENCE WESTERN GATEWAY DESIGN PROJECT Princes Freeway. The compelling proposed Gateway is highly eye-catching to those entering the urban precinct of the municipality and to those travelling along the freeway.

EOI In the Expression of Interest stage, we as a group had developed 3 major ideas to (voronoi/layering) and ecology (rooting system).

Aerial View

CONCEPT A tunnel as an indication of distance travelled (interval of every 50 meters) Tunnel Length: 300 meters; Width: 30 meters; Height: 4-8 meters.

DESIGN IDEAS VORONOI & LIGHTING The tunnel is made up of 2 layers of voronoi pattern, forming a structural skin. Using an interval of every 50m, an attractor point is applied while constructing the voronoi pattern. This results in a big contrast between the cell sizes.

angles by joining the 2 layers, and these extrusions then become the main support

desired areas. Smaller cells are not extruded to provide ventilation and acts as a cut light technique. Cut technique is achieved by direct light penetration through the pattern at sharp angles. The scale of the gaps becomes a major issue in controlling the desired amount of light for penetration. Since smaller cells are located every 50m, the cut light technique also act as an indication of distance travelled by car drivers. now a 10- second experience (100km/hr), rather than a structure.

Side Perspective

Interior Perspective

stop motion lighting effect of 1:50 model

diffused & cut lighting effect of 1:50 model

diffused & cut lighting effect of 1:50 model at night

FABRICATION construction technique

construction detail - joint

CONCRETE PAD FOOTING Concrete pad footings are used because they are suitable for point loads. The two ends of the arch are joined to the concrete pad footing using rubber sealant ball socket to allow slight movement due to expansion and contraction. CARBON FIBER The tunnel spans 300m length and has the height of 4m(lowest) to 8m(highest), without any column. The tunnel itself cannot afford to be made of heavyweight material. Carbon fiber is a very strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer, which is also corrosion-resistant. It is a common material for automotive and civil engineering. A way of fabricating it is by molding. It is by layering sheets of carbon fiber into a mold in the shape of a temporary steel skeleton. After filling epoxy into the mold, it is then heated and air-cured. After the carbon fiber has become solid enough, the temporary skeleton is then removed. VORONOI STRUCTURES The intercepting elements of the voronoi structures also act as support to the whole tunnel as load is transferred along them. The extrusion between the two layers at the diffused lighting part can act as supports to hold the two layers together. Rainwater can escape from the sides of the semi-transparent glass as they are not completely sealed.

Final Panels  

Final Panels