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Architecture Portfolio

Contents [1] Parasitic Youth Centre [2] Twist Tower [3] Cultural Ribbon [4] Acute House [5] Ghost Pavilion

[1] Parasitic Youth Centre 2010

This project is a youth centre on a hilly site at the Mid-level in Hong Kong, with 10 clusters of indoor activity hall and 8 clusters of hostel blocks scatter on the artificially paved site. Each of the hostel block is assigned with 9 individual houses containing bedrooms, community space, circulation space, amenities space, and a green roof. Outdoor camping spaces are surrounded by the built volumes. Constraints of the relief were overcame by form-making. I designed volumes to be stacked up in a circular manner to create multiple level of bases that abutt perfectly on the hill. They are supported by columns. The form-making evolved from the idea of stacking up, and was finalised with a hexagonal shape which has potential of forming a circular cluster for achieving an intimate circulation.



Parasitic Housing

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[2] Twist Tower 2010

This project is a large scale housing scheme on the shore in Hong Kong Island, with 4 huge residential towers consisting of 120 units of appartments in each of them. There are 12 configurations of unit design in total, which all aim to maximize green space and views. Carparking spaces are allocated in the basement and accessed along ramps. Internal circulation to the appartments are through the core lift. The design is my attempt to improve typical tower housing arrangement in Hong Kong. By performing a ‘twist’ to the typically monolithic extruded tower block, as well as creating more unit combinations, all of the appartments can enjoy a view at many orientations. The top part of the towers are extended and linked together, which functions as a trusses and bracing to stablelize the structure, and increased unobstructed views of flats by 30%.

Design Process Diagrams

Tower Housing

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[3] Cultural Ribbon 2009

This is a multi faceted field trip project sited in Shanghai in 2009. First, I had looked into her green spaces- public parks, local parks, private parks and green pedestrian paths. The percentage of green spaces in Shanghai had been slowly increasing since 1904. By 1994 it reached 15.1% and a year before the world expo, the percentage peaked at 35%. The second project is a performing arts centre on Shanghai the Bund. The programmes of the centre includes the performance hall, offices, restaurants, cafes, pavillions, open plaza and a park.

[4] Acute House 2008

This project is a single house for a small family in Central, Hong Kong. The design was derived from functional relationship study for the client family and wood sketch models to fit the site.

[5] Ghost Pavilion 2008

This project is a 1:1 pavilion constructed by hair rollers. The idea is to mask the form of a special dance motion.




Architecture Portfolio  

Architecture Portfolio by Belinda Wong.

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