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DECEMBER 2012 VOL. 42, NO.12


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West Series


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D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e




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D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e






Vega Tire / TS Racing Road Racing Series - Summit Point


KA VEGA/ TS Racing Road Racing Series competed in Summit Point West Virginia at the Summit Point Motorsports Park hosted by the Woodbridge Kart Club on September 7th through 9th.

and James Rupert gave it all they could and both finished the race in 4th and 5th place.

There was great racing through out the entire weekend we cant thank Summit Point Motorsports park, and Woodbridge Kart Club enough.

With a commanding victory Courtney Atkinson takes the win over Lance Yunck by a complete lap while Lance had a rather good hold on 2nd place with also a lap margin on Joe Kennedy. Robert Burkett and Kristina Griffith trailed Joe to finish in the fourth and fifth positions.

WKC Classic Controlled was underwraps from the start Nate Morgan was dominate from the very start to take the victory by one complete lap over Chuck Morgan, A.J. Reuter and Scott Sigafoos who was unable to make the call. Courtney Atkinson though not the fastest kart in Yamaha Sportsman Special, but was strong enough to hold Scott Clark for the win in the 20 lap main event. Jermie Bolt, Bill Holder and Joe Dempsey followed Scott. 100cc Cont Spec 1 was controlled by Randy Fulks with a margin of 20.132 over second place Lance Fry who had near to no competition for second with Ian Morgan at 16.212 seconds behind him. Brandon Fry


100cc Controlled due to Michael Tracy being unable to finish the race, ultimately giving the win to Donald Charzan.

Arthur Mckenny walked away with the win after Dan Stowell was disqualified at the scales. Fiona Collins got a very expensive practice round after Jeffery May was unable to find his way to the track at the start. As they darted acrossed the finish line the loan victor of the Tag Final was Aaron Snyder with a astounding 1 minute advantage over second place finisher Keith Buffo. Buffo was trailed by Sean Conlon but hot on his scent was Christopher Hines and Kevin Atkins.

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

The 30-minute shot clock ran out leaving Adam Trumbley the crown of the Yamaha Sprint Lite Final followed by Michael Hines, John Jezierski and John Leins. When the final buzzer sounded for the extremely close 30-minute race of Animal Sprint 335 with his arms raised Zachary Linsell stood tall as the first place finisher. Sam Sheckells was not far behind as Joey Kuley and Leon Hodges-Austin did battle to determine who will finish in that 3rd place finishing spot as Austyn Flurer would round at that top 5 finishing spots. Jonathan Tedder held on animal Sprint 385 tightly while Kevin Colborn was chomping at the bit to catch him. Jay Russell, Kevin Boyko and Tony Alexander would come to the line third, fourth and fifth. Chris Kuley got some valuable laptime as he was the only competitor in this weekend’s Animal Jr Sprint Lite class. Don Johnson won WKC Vintage USA in a commanding victory over William Anderson, Kenneth Chew,

D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Robert Anderson and Arthur McKenny to round out your top 5 finishers. When the buzzer blared everyone noticed Kelly Lawrence to be standing tall as the winner of the Unlimited Final trailed by Michael Lattos, John Ziermann and Ardalan Sadeghi. In one of the biggest fields of the weekend with 23 drivers starting everyone knows the can only have one winner for this event at the very end that individual would be Clark Gaynor with probably the smallest margin of the week of .075 to the racer of Tiffany McCollum. McCollum had two drivers hot on her tail Chuck Taylor and Byron Rothenhoefer, the top 4 finishers were only separated by .133 seconds. So close you could have thrown a blanket over them. To round out the top 5 would be Mark Nagy. Kelly Lawrence continues her winning streak for the weekend by winning Unlimited Final 2 over Brian Zwart, John Ziermann, Robert Harris and Michael Lattos. With the second largest class of the weekend rolling


Vega Tire / TS Racing Road Racing Series - Summit Point

past the waving checkered flags Clark Gaynor was the one to beat everyone to the stripes with a margin of .268 seperating the top 5. Brian Fisher would be second Tiffany McCollum third, fourth belonged to Chuck Taylor and finishing in the final podium spot of fifth is Byron Rothenhoefer. Aaron Snyder held off Sean Conlon, Christopher Hines, Gabriel Robleto and Colton AIkens to gain the win in TaG’s final race. WKC Vintage Euro was single handedly commanded by Benjamin Eberhart by a complete lap. Though trailing the leader Chuck Morgan managed to hold off Duan Eberhart for second, Bob Young finished fourth and Willam Anderson completed the the top five. With 18 karts starting the main event they had 15 minutes to get as many laps in as possible. 9 laps 15 minutes later Zachary Linsell managed to take the win


with a an advantage of .236 over Sam Sheckells. Kevin Colborn, Steven Kilsdonk and Leon Hodges-Austin would cap the ramaning top five finishers. Animal Sprint 410 ended with Clark Simonton Jr racing past the flagman with Toni Alexander second Bruce Peck third Ben Morris fourth and Steve Johnson fifth. Two classes with only a single kart entered Chris Kuley won an uncontested Briggs Jr Sprint heavy race, while John Jezierski won the Yamaha Spring Heavy competition. Randy Fulks holds on for a grueling 45 minutes to take the win in the 100c Cont. Spec 2 Feature over a hustling Jim Fry, Ian Morgan, Scott Stauffer and Lance Fry. The battle for 100cc Pipe medium was for second w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

place as Adam Myers showed the fellow racers how it is done in this main even as he put a full lap on second place runner Adam Trumbley. Third place finish-

er Mallory Davis and also Gene Davis would came across the line in the fourth position. We get into our largest car count for the 45-minute main evens as Courtney Atkinson held on tight to beat Jermie Bolt by a 4.192 second differential, while Jermie held of a rocket of Bill Holder. Finishing in the fourth spot was Tim Lithicum and trailing him was Lance Yunck for the fifth finishing position. The three car field of Jr Enduro Heavy was won by Zack Clark just a .137 seconds ahead of Justin (JC) Sanders. Joshua Krause would end the final laps one lap shy of the lead lap. With three classes running 30-minute time limits and only having one competitor Stephen Flatt took the win in WKA 125 Shifter, Donald Santini CIK Shifter, and in Spec 1125 TaG final is Aaron Snyder would be granted the win. D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

WKA Sprint Final number 2 was a spacious one as Scott Clark took is number one spot on the podium,

followed by WKA’s very own Keith Shampine, trailed by Ted Carbonaro, Courtney Atkinson, and Eric Stockford. These drivers in Stock Leopard Sprint gave the fans there moneys worth. At the start/finish line the top three were divided by only .045 seconds. By just a nose ahead Clark Gaynor squeaked away with the win over Robert Wimmer and Brandon Taylor as only 14 seconds back you had Jeff Wesell and Pirooz Javen to round out the top 5 finishers. With 5 drivers competing in the Yamaha Sportsman Sprint final only one driver will have the chance to claim the victory. Derek Somers took the checkers in this battle over Michael Holman coming in at a close second place Louis Magiera third Andy Leighninger fourth and Jeff Leighneinger fifth. Dennis Smith took the field by storm to claim a “W”


by a complete lap over the competition of Jonathan Tedder. Tedder came to the stripe second followed by Charles Wilbur, Tony Alexander, and James Toland. Jr Sprint Heavy gave Zach Clark some extra laps as he

ran this event solo. Logan Aikens gained some valuable experience, as he also was the only competitor to take the track in the WKC R TaG event. David Planakis commanded clone 360 when he set his eyes on the waving checkered flags. Tedder Vicki would come to the stripe at a deficit of one lap, James Tedder would finish third, Paul Short fourth and Erin Hendrick fifth. WKC Jr CIK Heavy gave extra track time to one driver, Ian Bushey as he drove his kart to an uncontested win. Adam Myers completed all 45 minutes of the Formula 100 final over Michael Tracy and Todd Hayden. Lance Yunck claims another victory in the 100cc Ya-


w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

maha Heavy race over a competitive Arthur McKenny. William Anderson was hot on McKenny’s trail finishing third and fourth belonged to Robert Anderson, Ernest Obier was disqualified at the scales to claim the final finishing spot.

Point Nationals such a success and go off with out and major hiccups. Also we would like to thank Woodbridge Kart Club and Summit Point Motorsports Park for all they did to make this event happen.

Mother Nature sometimes takes a toll on all sporting events and on this weekend she won the battle with a few classes: Yamaha Sportsman Heavy Stock Leopard Sprint Formula 100 WKA 125 Shifter Those were the few classes that were claimed in the showers. Everyone here at WKA would like to personally thank all the competitors and sponsors that made the Summit D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e



w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

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AR E Y S E S O L C P U T C I U D C L GO CI R R E G N E Photos: Karen Brown - V A

By Chris Lamb he WKA RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup series ran its last of a fiverace series September 21st through 23rd with the WKA Gold Cup GT Machine Grand Nationals at the New Jersey Motorsports Park Avenger Circuit. As the weekend seemed to go by rather placid and calm, when the features rolled around there were two exciting days of action packed racing from all classes. Yet again another packed pit road full of anxious drivers waiting to do battle in the final race of the series.

Cale Hall held off a fast Dalton Smith by just .251 seconds in Saturday’s feature event for the Michigan Kart Supply LO206 Kid Kart class. Dalton Smith came all but short of sweeping the day as he won the heat and set fast time. Zac Fowler crossed the line third with a deficit of 15.815 seconds behind first and second place. But right behind him was Justin Girum winding up fourth and rounding out the top five was Duquan Lane.



Cale Hall continued to show his strength on the second day as he completed what Dalton Smith could not the day before. Cale grabbed the broom from the trailer and swept the day as he set fast time won his heat race and topped it all off coming a crossed the line just .500 seconds in front of a trailing Dalton Smith, Zac Fowler in third, fourth belonged to Duquan Lane and for fifth place came Justin Guerum.

The Sportsman 1 Lite feature with a car count of 13 came down to a nail bitter. Not even a one-second victory over Zach Wells was Gabriel Zellner beating Zach to the stripe by just .083. Also right there with them was Jason Alder, Wyatt Frantz and Evan Bovee.

Gabriell Zellner and Zach Wells did battle again in the Sportsman 1 Heavy Feature as the result was all but identical as Gabriel yet again became victories in this event Zach came in a close second with Joshua Stark third, Mathew Miller fourth and Wyatt Frantz capping off the top five. The Hall brothers seem to have the competition under control as Cale’s brother Cody Hall took

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m


the victory in the day’s Jr Sportsman 1 Box Stock Feature over Mathew Miller, Zach Wells, Gabriel Zellner and Jason Alder.

The second JR Sportsman 1 Box Stock Feature Zachary Wells climbed to the top to show everyone that the Hall Brothers are all but immortal as he defeats Cody Hall by .455 seconds as Mathew Miller and Jason Alder trailed in the third and fourth positions. The American Power Sports Sportsman 2 Lite race showed talent and patients as Trent Barnes came from a 4th place starting postion to end holding the trophy as Dylan Murry and Conner Tebbe came by at a close second and third place only .400 seconds dividing the top three finishers. A little fourth back where your fourth and fifth runners of Adam Cornell and Spenser Patterson.

Barnes Paving Sportmans 2 Heavy race came down to the wire as the top four were neck and neck Dylan Murry Sneaked through to claim the top spot over Tyler Frantz, Trent Barnes, Conner Tebbe and Jacob Zellner. JR Sportsman 2 Box Stock Feature is the name all D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

drivers were recognized to be competing in Razor karts as Dylan Murry continued to show strength in all divisions as he clenched the highest spot on the podium not by much though as Conner Tebbe was just a mire .057 seconds behind Austin Schulz also did battle coming down to the stripe in third place.

Their second feature of the weekend in JR Sportsman 2 Box Stock 2 was a reverse order as Austin Schulz takes top spot over Conner Tebbe and Dylan Murry. Jacob Heavlow sets the field in order when he is victories in the Barnes Paving JR Lite feature just a small deficit of .046 back to the second place finisher of Douglas Barnes JR, Skylar Lacklear zoomed by in a close third place just .317 seconds behind the leader, Jake Lutz and Dustin Demattia would finish out the top five finishers. Thor Oil JR Medium race would bring Jacob Heavlow back to victory lane over Jake Lutz, Douglas Barns JR, Skylar Locklear and CJ Leturneau.

As he appears untouchable and that he has this race track on lockdown Jacob Heavlow again for


Road RLV Racing TunedSeries Exhuast -- Roebling Prodocts Road, Gold Cup GA Series - New Jersey

the third time in a day stood on top of the leader boards with the feature win in JR Heavy over Douglas Barnes JR, Jake Lutz, CJ leturneau and Ryan Bavineau. The top three all wheeling Coyote Race Chassis even with that said Sarah Luoma was the class of the Razor Chassis/Roberts Restricted JR feature as she won by a margin of 3.900 seconds over a Ryan Bavineau who was in a tough battle with CJ Leturneau for the runner up position while behind them Tanner Lee and Dustin Demattia also were to do battle for the fourth and fifth positions. JR Box Stock F1 with only one-entrant Tanner Lee scores and uncontested victory.

Masters Medium though the car count was low the action was not Tim Stiefel and David Hancock battled it out the the last turn as Tim sneaks away by just .075 margin to claim the victory over David. Michael Chapman and David Barry both finished laps down. Matthew Horst also had an easy win, as he was the


loan competitor in the SR Box Stock Final.

Masters Heavy feature was again a nail bitter with a low car count as Tim Stiefel would run a crossed the line just before David Hancock with a David Berry capping off the top three.

Coyote Motorsports Stock Lite Feature had a car count of 10 was Chris Wells darts past the start finish line just before Arie Ouimet, Zachary Linsell, Tony Wimmer and Tony Wells.

With some early race troubles for Brandon Wonder and Derek Sobel in the X-30 JR Final that left it up to Dustin Stross to leave the winner. The second X30 JR Final went off with a little less drama but one car was unable to make the call so that left the battle to three. Dustin Stross takes the win over Brandon Wonder and Ryan Raffa. The X30 Sr Final was a Top Kart podium as Mark Boos blazed the path to the finish right in front of Scott Ferris, John Ferris III, Pete MaLetto and Michael Giessen.

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

The Top Karts weren’t near as dominant this go around in the X30 SR Final as Mike Giessen clammed the win over Mark Boos, Andrew Sherry, John Ferris III, and Scott Ferris. As low car counts take toll for JR and Sr Box stock that left two drivers with an easy win for JRs Tanner lee and SR Matthew Horst.

Masters Medium came down to two drivers to dook it out Tim Stiefel lead the last lap over David Hancock while Michael Chapman and David Barry ended third and fourth.

Masters Medium feature 2 proved Tim Stiefel is a force not to be recon with as he by a small margin of .075 defeats David Hancock followed by Michael Chapman and David Barry.

D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Tim Stiefel and David Hancock never lack in entertainment as another feature event Masters Heavy Feautre 2 between the two went on with excitement. At the end it was again Tim over David followed by David Berry.

We get into the biggest field of cars in the Stock Medium feature of 16 cars made for an exciting race once the dust settled Arie Ouimet was standing on the top with Travis Manning second, Zachary Linsell third, Gary Lawson fourth and Dylan Zobkiw to round out the top five. MGM Stock Heavy race ends as Ryan Bennett the strong victor as Tyler Sandymeyer, Eric Fagen, Paul Headley, and Dylan Zobkiw were all in line following.

The margin was big as was the excitement level as the Margay Racing Animal Amateur Medium race


RLV Tuned Exhuast Prodocts Gold Cup Series - New Jersey

took toll leaving Travis Manning running away with the number one finishing spot as Ryan Bennett, Tony Wells, Tony Wimmer, and Matthew Wimmer all battling for the runner up spot. With the day coming to a close one of the last features of the night came to X30 JR Final where Dustin Stross showed Brandon Wonder and Derek Sobel who was boss. X30 SR Final put Mark Boos in Victory Lane just in front of Scott Ferris also John Ferris III and Pete MaLetto and Michael Giessen to round out the top 5.

The money race at the WKA Gold Cup GT Machine Grand Nationals was all but to be expected, many drivers there to compete to take home the big check after an astounding 40 laps who could hold on to take home the “W”. Arie Ouimet proved to be one of the best on this day as they ended the struggle to top the field by a 4.619 victory over Zachary Linsell, Tony Wells, Tony Wimmer, and Jason Zobkiw.


“I would love to thank everyone at my pits, GT Machine, MGM, and Jammer Clutches. They made it all possible. Thank you to all my competitors for a great year, and congrats Ryan Bennett on the Championship” Travis Manning commented on the conclusion of the weekend. Sarah Luoma says “I would like to thank Jim Lipari of Coyote Motorsports, Dave and Sue Kohler of GT Machine for all their help and support throughout the season”

Hot off the press “I would like to thank TS Racing, SR Chassis and X30 for a wonderful race season. I would also like to thank my parents for making this all possible” states Dustin Stross. As that wraps up the 2012 RLV Gold Cup Series everyone here at WKA would like to personally thank all the competitors and title sponcers for the help and support to make this five race series run as smoothly as it did. We hope to see everyone in Daytona Flordia December 27-30.

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Photo by Cody Shindle – Autosports Media

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D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e



West Series Stockton, CA. – As the WKA West Super Series set up for the excitement of the grand opening of the “Little Stockton 99” track, the series was also set to close the season with the 7th and final round of racing for the 2012 Series!! It was a bittersweet day for all 100 competitors as they dialed their karts in to take their last shot at the Championship!!! As the Officials took their positions on the track, the drivers guide their fear and excitement into a drive to win as they slid their helmets on and hopped into their karts…. It was time to go racing for the final time in 2012!!!! KPV1

These young drivers had worked hard all year and Round 7 of the WKA West Super Series was no


exception!! Carter Herrera definitely had something to prove after his slip back to fifth finishing in the Main Event in the last event at Atwater! As 11 drivers went out to Qualify, Herrera set out to show his KPV 1 class that he was not to be counted out and did just that by having set the fast lap at a 34.382!! Chase Farley made sure he wasn’t far behind with a 34.633 with Branden Benedix just five hundredths off of Farley. Roy Fulmer and Clayton Williams rounded out the top 5 qualifiers. Herrera took to the Heat session where he battled for top spot with Farley who definitely gave him a run for his money, leaving Benedix and Fulmer to fight it out behind them! Just as everyone thought they had the Top 5 pegged for the day, former Champ Jason Pettit

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m


brought himself up from the back of the pack to the 4th position start for the Main Event, sending a message to the Herrera-led field that he was not going anywhere!!! As the green flag waved for the KPV 1 Main Event it was Herrera, Farley, Benedix and Pettit to the front where Herrera had been relentlessly trying to create a gap between himself and the rest of the pack. Pettit had been slowly making his way through the field where he made his strategic move from third to first on lap 9, which sent Herrera back to third behind Benedix. After some serious maneuvering, Herrera faught to the 2nd position, holding off Benedix through the checkered, but fell short of the 1st place finish taken by Pettit!!! Fulmer followed the lead that Herrera took in making D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

his way from 4th to 3rd and brought Enrique Jaime and Mikey Prinzo with him up into the 4th and 5th spots!!!! This class demonstrated some amazing talent all year long and they are definitely going places!!!! Kid Karts

Little Stockton 99 drew 7 drivers from the Kid Kart class Sunday, in which series regular Alec Acevedo had a championship to protect! Acevedo set fast lap in Qualifying with an impressive 42.478, leaving Garette Randolph and the rest of the class with times over a second off!! Out of the gate into the Heat session, it looked like Randolph was taking the top spot but Acevedo was quick to recover his


WKA West Coast Super Series - Stockton, CA

position, leaving Randolph and Wyatt Myers in the 2nd and 3rd spots where they would remain until the Main Event. In an unexpected turn of events in the Main, Acevedo retired from the race on the second lap, handing over his first position to Randolph, who was hard at work to hold off Cody Betterton and Alec Bridgman. As the checkered flag flew for the finish, it was Randolph, Bridgman, Batterton, Calista Randolph and Myers. Clone Sr

As the Clone Sr drivers took to the track, spectators took to the fence in anticipation as all 34karters pushed up to the grid, tie-ing the record of 34 entries from set in Round 6 in Atwater. In Qualifying, Geoff Shaw set the bar extremely high for the Clones with a fast time of 36.027! With his first start in the Senior Clone Class, moving up from KPV 2 for this event was local favorite, Harrison Mills who put the pressure on Shaw and everyone else as he laid out an off pole time of 36.431; letting


it be known that he was not to be counted out as he out qualified Ryan Casner by four hundredths. Series regulars Chad and Rob Nascimento followed behind Casner to round out the top 5 qualifiers. Into the Heat Sessions, Shaw held tight to his spot but as Casner made his way past Mills. Switching the top spots between the three, enough of a distraction was created for Luis Tyrrell to make his way into the top group. Tyrrell made his move and lead the Clones to the white flag lap where Shaw and Mills took their spots back, leaving Tyrrell to start the Pre Final in the third spot just in front of R. Nascimento and Jon Ban. Casner made his comeback in the Pre Final where he lead for most of the race, showing the Senior drivers his bumper. He remained in the front of the pack but as the white flag flew, Shaw slid up into the first position sending Casner to second just ahead of Brian Hill and Mills, who had also made his pass by Tyrrell for the 4th spot. The Green flew in the Main Event making it the last chance of the season for the Clones pick up

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

some points, the main turned into an all out battle until the very end. Shaw shot out from the start finish line first as Casner followed suit into turn one, followed closely by Mills, Hill and Ban. After contending through lapped traffic Shaw would remain in the top spot through the checkered. Further back on the white flag lap, R. Nascimento and Ban battled for position, just as R. Nascimento ended up off the track in turn two, which in turn took him out of the lead for the Championship Points. After fighting their way past Casner and Hill, Tyrrell and Mills made it into the 2nd and 3rd spots. Casner and Hill rounded out the top 5 followed by Curtis Cleveland and RJ Kahler. Upon completion of the Final, a tech ruling and later appeal rendered Shaw’s clone illegal, handing the win to Luis Tyrrell, advancing Mills to 2nd, and Casner to third. These senior drivers revealed some serious skill and determination this year for the WKA West Super Series and everyone is looking forward to what 2013 brings for Clone Senior. Jr. 1-2 Cycle

The Jr 1 2 Cycle class set up was similar to the KPV 1 group with an array of the same drivers. Carter Herrera was back to see if he could take the lead in this class as he shown in KPV1. He was off to a great start in Qualifying putting down a quick time of 35.438, however it wasn’t quite fast enough to take down Chase Farley who set the Pole time of 35.399. Tomas Mejia wasn’t far off of these two

D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

either, just three tenths off of Farley. Herrera took a jump to pole position on the first lap of the Heat session, but it was short lived after Farley made his way in and showed Herrera his bumper for the remainder of the race! Mejia and Oliver Calvo battled for the second and third spots, with Mejia hlding Calvo off until the very last lap when Calvo, who had been looking for an in, found one and made his move to the third spot. Farley held off Herrera throughout the Pre Final where Herrera seemed to make his way farther back through the field and finished in the 7th position just behind Wyatt Couch. Eric Nascimento made his way up through the pack from a 6th place start all the way to 3rd in just two laps where he remained through most of the race and was grid to start for the Main Event. Making a precarious move, Calvo shot out to pole position for their final green flag of the day, which left Farley in second, Mejia in third, Wyatt Couch in fourth and Gino Gigliotti in fifth. Farley was not about to give up his top spot without a fight and reclaimed his stake on the second lap which gave Herrera a fighting chance as he tore through the field from 7th starting position to 2nd all within the first two laps. Farley and Herrera held off the rest of the Junior 1 drivers, who made sure that the leaders felt the pressure of Calvo, Matthew Proud and Nascimento who were hot on their trail. But it was not enough time for them to break into the top two as Herrera got by Farley to hold him off for the finish. These 12 kids are on the move, be sure to keep an eye out for


WKA West Coast Super Series - Stockton, CA

them in the 2013 Racing Season!! KPV2/ Super Sportsman

Seven KPV 2 drivers took to the track Sunday, bringing along the sole Super Sportsman driver Nick Robertson to create a field of 8 drivers. Blake Murdock set the scene with a fast time of 32.228 in Qualifying, just ahead of Cole Davis who brought in a 32.376, and Blaine Rocha who was just one tenth off of Davis and Super Sportsman driver Robertson set out a 33.636 to qualify. Davis jumped at the opportunity he saw at the start of the Heat session pitting Murdock right behind him, followed by Grayson Browne and Rocha. Murdock waited for a way to get his spot back, which came to him on the second lap!! Murdock, Davis and Browne remained the top three up until the start of the Pre Final where Cody Stillwell, Michaela LaSpina and Tommy McCarthy decided to show the former top runners that they weren’t here to play around. Stillwell held his lead over LaSpina for a majority of the race. With three laps to go LaSpina slid into first leaving McCarthy and Davis the opportunity they were waiting for to climb into the second and third spots over Stillwell for the starting grid for the Main Event. LaSpina held on to the first spot


for much of the first half of the Final, which looked like she had this one in the bag, but Rocha had been slowly maneuvering his way toward her and with ten laps to go, he made the move to 1st place. That left LaSpina to fend off the rest of her competition who were fast approaching. As Browne closed in on LaSpina, Murdock was drafting with him as they took second and third positions with seven laps to go, dropping LaSpina to 4th where she would finish the day. These KPV 2 drivers are making their names known and definitely leaving their mark in the racing world. Spec PRD

Thirteen Spec PRD Drivers entered the track on Race Day Sunday for Qualifying and none left more satisfied than David Vasquez, who left his mark with a fast time for the class at a 31.560 just 4 tenths ahead of Harrison Mills and Matt Chase, who had nearly identical times. Vasquez took the lead in Heat Race action, followed closely by Harrison Mills, Matt Chase, Ryan Casner and Ashlie Couch who in hot pursuit of pole position, made her way from her 5th starting position to 2nd. Chase and Mills saw the opportunity to follow her lead and they let her stick it out in the 2nd spot for one lap before tak-

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

ing over and sending Couch back to fourth. Taking the green flag for the Pre Final, Vasquez again held tight to his reign over the PRD class. Chase sat solid in the second position with Mills close behind him as they would set up this way for the Main Event. Mills started out with a second position pull over Casner and Chase for the first few laps after the green. But Casner was heading toward first position as vhe made his move on Mills, with Chase following suit. JR Raczko and Brandon Tomko also took the opportunity to advance positions. At the Checkered, it was Vasquez, Chase, Raczko, Casner and Tomko for the Top 5 finish. Clone Jr/ Clone Jr 1

The Combined Clone Jr and Clone Jr 1 drivers made a full class of 9 for the 7th and Final Round of the WKA West Super Series at Little Stockton 99 on Sunday. Laying out the fast time for the Jr 1 drivers was Oliver Calvo with a 36.107 which was eight tenths ahead of Lawrence Masson and over a second ahead of Donovan Krug. Taking pole in Qualifying for the Clone Jr class was Jake Pipal with a 37.192, Zachary Berg with a 39.000 and Jacob Allen with a 43.347. Calvo took the lead in the Heat session and maintained first throughout the day where Krug and Masson battled it out for the second and third and Krug prevailed over Masson! Jake Pipal still remained the reigning champ for the Clone Jr drivers. Great work Clone Jr drivers.

D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Formula 80 Senior/TaG Senior/ Stock Moto125 Combined Formula 80 Shifter, TAG Senior, and Shifter 125 driver took to the track on Sunday for the Final Round of racing in the WKA West Super Series. TaG driver Wayne Ash held the pole position, Qualifying just five tenths faster than Paul Hohlbein. Formula 80 Senior driver Josh Cole set his fastest lap for that class with a 32.569. Cole set out for the pole position for the Heat race and maintained that well into the Main Event where Hohlbein grabbed a lead over Ash before pulling out of the rest of the sessions, giving Ash the advantage for the TaG drivers. Cole took the lead but switched it up with Todd Job into the finish still taking home the 1st place points and rounding out the last class of the day and the 7th Round of racing for the WKA West Super Series 2012.

After a successful first year of the WKA West Super Series, plans are nearing completion for a even better 2013. All Competitors & Tracks were very pleased with the atmosphere and results of the inaugural season. Big thanks go out to Sponsor RLV, who provided track-side support all weekend as with all the events this year, Track Warrior Photos, Melanie Miller Photography, and of course, Bridgestone and Grand Products.



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WKA Karting Scene - December Issue  

WKA Karting Scene - December Issue

WKA Karting Scene - December Issue  

WKA Karting Scene - December Issue