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WKA West Super kinsmen kart club dixon, california Race R

Story by: Francesca Tripoli 04.21.2013 - DIXON, Calif. – The adrenaline had been building for just over a month and 97 drivers were eager to take another shot at advancing their position for the championship in the 2013 WKA West Super Series!! The second round of racing checks in at Kinsmen Kart Club in Dixon, CA where the battle for series champ continued!! HPV 1 This class presented 10 drivers who couldn’t wait to take the track for their Qualifying session! Clayton Williams set a 31.670 as the time to beat! Williams’s speedy lap left Enrique Jaime hot on his bumper at a 31.877. Branden Benedix rounded out the group with a time just under two tenths off of Jaime. After a pole position finish in the first heat, Jaime was a DNF for the Main Event alongside Cody Batterton. With Jaime and Batterton out of the


race, Wyatt Couch had been able to move into a back to back win for the Pre Final and Main Event! Chase Farley and Roy Fulmer had held close to Couch and finished in the 2nd and 3rd spots. These kids mixed it up all day long and really set the stage for Round 3, great driving!! Kid Karts 6 drivers were wide eyed in excitement on Race day Sunday for their second round of racing!! Wyatt Meyers had come back to give it his all for another 1st place finish. Meyers started the day out with a swift qualifying time of 40.634!! With Meyers setting pole for the start of the first Heat Session, Ayden Withers stayed hot on his bumper and watched for any chance to make his way in! Ethan Nascimento was not to be left out and after he maneuvered his way up to second, had doors shut on him left and right!

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

r Series Round 2 Report

Withers, Meyers, and Niki Dimitrov were not about to make this acomfortable win! Meyers held his line all day and finished with a 3rd place win! Dimitrov had quietly advanced through the field for a dash into the 1st place win! Look out for Round 3; Dimitrov is on the move!! Clone Sr. If you thought the Clone Sr class was going to be a one hit wonder for the 2012 WKA West racing year, you were wrong! 25 Clone Sr drivers made their way out to Dixon with helmet in hand, and ready for action! Luis Tyrell ran a 33.524, showing Chad Nascimento and Harrison Mills that they had some serious competition! These drivers battled it out all day and Mills found a way past Tyrell in the first Heat session!

j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

A reminder to Tyrell that Mills was relentless!! Shaw held tight to the bottom of the top 3 drivers and created a pull over Mills in the Pre Final, just ahead of Nascimento! After a brutal struggle to advance in the Main Event, it was Tyrell who got the hole shot and took the checkered flag finish! With Tyrellbarred in for first, Shaw and Brian Hill were left to follow their leader into the scale house. Nascimento and Mills also drove hard and rounded out the top 5! Great job to all!! Round 3 is going to be unpredictable!! HPV 2 With a Qualifying lap of 29.851, Jason Pettit was making a name and created some felt pressure for the remaining 8 HPV 2 driv-


kinsmen kart club dixon, california

ers! Callum Smith had been fiercely present also, and laid down a time just one tenth slower than Pettit! Pettit and Smith’s speedy times left Blake Milton to check into the 3rd spot for the green flag that flew for the first Heat session. Eric Nascimento had not been far behind and took to the inside of Milton, which advanced him to second position! Nascimento and Milton made Pettit work for his win in the Main Event. The duo forced Pettit back into 2nd spot and Nascimento was able to lock in the 1st place victory spot! With Nascimento securely in the scale house, Pettit and Milton wheeled into the 2nd and 4thplace finish with Smith secured in 3rd between them! Rest assured that Pettit will be gunning for his spot back in the upcoming round of racing in Atwater!! Formula 80 Masters/80 Senior With a Round 1 second place trophy win, Jon Ban had been on the move for first in Dixon, and laid down a 29.796! Not so fast Ban, the combined class of 9 drivers were not about to take that lying down and Josh Cole had been trying to make up for Round 1, today! After his missed gear cost him the win in Prairie City, Cole had his game face on and ran a fast lap of 29.425 for the Formula 80 Senior drivers! Ban was not in any way content


with Cole’s bumper view! Ban took and held a strong 1st place win over Cole throughout the day! For the Formula 80 Masters class, Richard Gutzke and Roger Cornwall pulled out all the stops and both tied for fast lap of 30.111, amazing!! Those two played chicken all day but Gutzke was victorious once Cornwall was a DNF on lap 6 of the Main Event! Newcomer Jesse Kozlowski ran the Stock Moto 125 class and took home the points and the win for the day!! Jr. 1-2 Cycle Fulmer took to the track in his second class of the day and after a second place finish to Wyatt Couch in the HPV 1 class, he was not about to let the other 15 Jr 1 2 Cycle drivers stop him! Fulmer set pole position in the Qualifying session with a 32.300! Dylan Roberts and Enrique Jaime drove hard to catch Fulmer and fell just two tenths shy of Fulmer’s time. Fulmer managed to hold the pack off all day and took home the 1st place trophy, just ahead of Couch and Hunter Kelly, who took home 2nd and 3rd!Great racing guys!! PRD Spec As this class of 10 skilled drivers hit the track, it was

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

concentrated battles for the win, both Sisemore and Ketterman held off the other drivers to sustain their spots and were able to take home a win for each class! Great job TaG drivers!! Clone Sumo

anyone’s guess as to who would come out victorious. In his second class of the day, Harrison Mills set the quick pole time for their Qualifying session at 29.202! Cabot Bigham had been on the move to take the top spot from Mills! After he ran a time of 29.497, Bigham finished the first Heat session right on Mills bumper. Mills had been busy holding off Matt Chase and after motor problems took Mills out of the race in the Pre Final session, the top spot was a free for all! Bigham and Hayden Pederson took full advantage of the DNF finish for Millsand made a 1-2 finish over JR Raczko in the Main Event! Eagerness for Mills’ come back in Round 3 of the WKA West Super Series is in a heightened state!! TaG Sr/ TaG Master Two small, yet fierce classes were combined into one run group on Race day Sunday and out of the 4 drivers on track, Ryan Sisemore out qualified Wayne Ash for the TaG Sr drivers. Mike Ketterman also ran a hasty lap of 29.866 over Jeff Jorgensen for the TaG Master drivers! After some

j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

There may have only been 9 karts to make up this Clone Sumo class, but it was nothing short of exciting for the final run group! Michael Grossi put down his best time for the Qualifying session with a 35.504. Grossi’s time held just nine hundredths faster than that of Dave Finkelstein, who was out for a win also! Josh Finkelstein threw some family rivalry in the mix and made his way behind Grossi in the first Heat session! J. Finkelstein’s change up sent D. Finkelstein to the third spot on the grid for the Pre Final. Both Finkelsteins had been on the move and made their way for a 1-2 spot take over, which sent Grossi to the 3rd spot in front of Doug Lemmons. In analarming turn of events, both Grossi and D. Finkelstein were DQ’d in the Main Event! In the absence of D. Finkelstein and Grossi, J. Finkelstein was victorious! Jason Cohick and Dave Johnson, who had kept close to J. Finkelstein, took the 2nd and 3rd spot wins! Round 3 of the WKA West Super Series promises some exciting racing! Hope to see everyone in Atwater!! Big thanks go out to Sponsor RLV, who provided track-side support all weekend, Track Warrior Photos, Melanie Miller Photography, Race Monitor, Bridgestone and Grand Products.   The 2013 WKA West Super Series next travels to Atwater, CA for Round 3 scheduled for May 19thand hosted by Atwater Kart

Club. Practice and Pit Parking is available the day prior, May 18thEntry Forms and information can be found at


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grattan nationals grattan,raceway belding, michigan



he WKA VEGA / TS Racing Road Racing Series driven by Mazda visited Michigan’s Grattan Raceway May 17-19 for the fourth round of the 2013 national series, the Grattan Nationals hosted by the Dart Kart Speedway Club. The event marked the second consecutive year the Road Racing Series ventured north to Grattan, a challenging two-mile road course located northeast of Grand Rapids in scenic central Michigan.


Story by: Keith Shampine Photos by: Carol and Mallory Davis

The fourth round of this year’s series also marked the first Dart Kart Club-promoted national of the series with the second coming only a few weeks later at Mid-Ohio. Once again around 300 entries filled the Grattan pit area, making the race a successful venture for the Dart Kart Club as the group continues to forge ahead through a tough economy that is part w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

of the reason national kart racing turnouts are struggling throughout the country. Teams traveled to Grattan from various locales throughout the eastern half of the United States. The Brian Wilhelm, Mitch White Formula 125 team made the trek from their Arkansas base, while teams like Keith Buffo, Michael Hines and others made the haul from New England. Of course, a strong contingent of Midwest-based teams was on hand, including LAD Specialties, the Sleeper Racing Team, Randy Fulks and 2011 WKA Triple Crown champion Aaron Snyder. Scott Clark, Bear Roethenhoefer, Sam Sheckells and others represented the Mid-Atlantic region and the Woodbridge Kart Club, which has two WKA nationals coming up this summer at VIRginia Int’l Raceway and Summit Point Raceway. Weather cooperated throughout the weekend and 13 race groups went off between Saturday and Sunday. Every race group ran the full distance. Here’s a rundown of each group at the 2013 Dart Kart Club Grattan Nationals. Saturday Group 1 Twelve laydown-enduros took the green flag for the first race of the weekend. The Agile Group, Inc. 100cc Controlled Final 1 was the largest class with seven laydowns taking the green. LAD Specialties veteran Scott Grenier picked up the win in dominating fashion over Don Chrzan. Grenier finished a full one minute ahead of Chrzan. Terry Koen was third and Martin Powers fourth. Adam Myers was the only driver to run speeds as fast as Grenier, but the Western New York racer retired from the race after 34 of the 45 minutes. Scott Clark dominated the Yamaha Sportsman Heavy race. Clark, a former WKA national champion, won by over a lap over Bill Trumbley. Joshua Krause was third. Jr Enduro Lite racers Matt Hicks and Lucas J u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Maurer returned to the Road Racing circuit for the first time since the Daytona opener. The result was the same as Daytona with Hicks taking the win over Maurer. Saturday Group 2 The weekend’s first sprint group hit the track in Saturday’s second race, headlined by Streeter Super Stands Stock Leopard Sprint. New Hampshire DRT Racing shoe Tyler Guilbeault scored the win by a tight 0.053-second margin over Sean Sholtis. Guilbeault led the entire way in his first appearance on the Road Racing circuit in 2013. John Vanhimgergen was third, Jeff Troup fourth and’s David Cole. Tony Kamerling picked up the win in Yamaha Sprint Lite by a 37-second gap over Ohio racer Jeff Langford. Alan Brasher was third. Kenny Lawson won Heiser Trailer Leasing Yamaha Sportsman Sprint


grattan nationals grattan,raceway belding, michigan Final 1 by a comfortable margin over Andy Leighninger. Jeff Leighninger was third and Zack Clark fourth. “I left the line and saw no one in my class so I started racing with the pipe class,” Lawson explained. “I was told after the race that I was five seconds faster than the rest of the field. Thank you Jesus, Randy Holewski for the huge support. This is my first win at a national level after a brief retirement from the sport. I had a lot of fun and hope to finish well at Mid-Ohio next month. I felt I had to come back to get what I had never won!” Jack Reall made his return to the seat after a scary


off-track accident at last year’s Mid-Ohio Grand National. Reall returned to racing in winning fashion as he bested Dennis Smith in Animal Limited Modified 385. Smith only completed two laps. Rochester, New York driver JT Coupal won Junior Sprint Lite by an 11-second gap over Alex Frazer. Joseph Budzinski was third and Brandon Basela fourth. Paul Smith was the only Clone entrant. He won Clone 385. Kart Connection Plus owner Duane Eberhart won the Vintage Euro 1 race over Donald Axe. Mark

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Hicks was third.

was fourth and Dan Stowell fifth.

Saturday Group 3 Kelly Lawrence, Milo Schoonover and Wayne Rumsey scored wins in the third race.

Saturday Group 4 A good field of shifter karts took over Grattan Raceway in Saturday’s fourth group. Twelve karts started CIK 125 Shifter 1 while another six took the green in WKA 125 Shifter 1.

Lawrence won Formula 125 by 4.8 seconds over Brian Wilhelm. Lawrence’s win marked a rare ontrack defeat of Wilhelm, who normally wins the F-125 class when he’s running at the end of the race. Jeremy Baldi was third, Mitch White fourth and class point leader Fran Mazzucotelli fifth. Schoonover won the KALL Racing Formula 100 Final 1 race over Mike Roncke, who crossed the stripe over 40 seconds behind Schoonover. Jason Lorang was third, Don Chrzan fourth and Todd Hayden fifth. Dart Kart Club 100cc Yamaha Heavy’s margin of victory was about the same as Formula 100. Rumsey picked up the victory by a 42-second gap over Adam Trumbley, who fended off challenges from James Rupert to take second. Don Harrod J u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Ted Steffke bested Sam Bocchino by a 10-second margin to win CIK Shifter. Donald Santini was another New Englander in attendance; Santini was third. Douglas Baldi finished fourth and Anthony Herpolsheimer rounded out the top five. Bryan Blair drove to victory in WKA Shifter. Blair outraced John Drawe to win the class by a 37-second gap. Eight racers started TaG Heavy Final 1. Veteran Glen Critchett scored the win in a close race with Aaron Snyder. Critchett crossed the stripe just ahead of Snyder for the victory. Aaron Jones was third, George Argiris


grattan nationals grattan,raceway belding, michigan fourth and Michael Hines fifth. Saturday Group 5 Randy Fulks won Sleeper Racing Team 100cc Controlled Spec 1 by a 14-second gap over Adam Myers. Fulks and Myers’ fast laps were nearly identical at a 1:25.7, but Fulks was able to pull away throughout the latter stages of the race. Scott Stauffer was third, about 42 seconds back of Fulks. Fran Mazzucotelli was the last man standing in Hoosier Racing Tire Yamaha Sportsman Lite. Five drivers took the green and all five ran fast lap times in the 1:34-second bracket. Behind Mazzucotelli were Jim Farr Jr. and Zack Clark, who each dropped out about 10 minutes shy of the finish. Nick Wong was fourth and Zackary Krause fifth. Clark set the class’s fast lap at a 1:33.777, the only Sportsman entrant to turn a lap under 1:34 flat.

Unlimited Final 1. Wilhelm and Kelly Lawrence were once again the front-runners, but this time Wilhelm was able to finish ahead of Lawrence to score the victory. J. Michael Long was third, Ron Brinker fourth and Brad Jackson Jr. rounded out the top five. “Kelly Lawrence simply out-drove me today in the Formula 125 Race,” Wilhelm admitted after his Unlimited triumph. “I knew if I was going to beat him, I couldn’t make any mistakes. Grattan is a super track and Dart Kart Club always does

“Overall it was a great race for me as I was able to stay in touch with the leaders,” Mazzucotelli said. “I could see people getting loose in front of me. One by one they dropped out until I was the only one left running. Thanks to my family for allowing me to do this and Van Gilder for all his help and support. Also, thanks to all my karting friends and fellow racers that have lent me a hand over the years. Special remembrances to Kenny Deutsch for his inspiration.” Ohio’s Mallory Davis was the only entrant in Dart Kart Club 100cc Pipe Heavy. Davis ran five laps before pulling in and going to the scales, thus scoring the win. Saturday Group 6 Brian Wilhelm rebounded from his runner-up finish in Formula 125 to win


w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

an outstanding job of putting on an excellent event.” Illinois’ Lance Lane won an exciting Stock Honda 1 race over Virginia’s Bear Roethenhoefer. The two traded the lead several times with Lane getting the edge on the last lap and crossing the stripe a mere 0.063 seconds ahead of

Roethenhoefer. Texas racer Carson Miller edged out Mark Nagy for third. Those two raced about 25 seconds back of the lead duo. Ross Kasner was fifth, a few seconds behind Miller and Nagy. Eleven Stock Honda’s took the green. Scott Fiesler won the 250 Twin 1 Dart Kart local option. Fiesler was the fastest kart on the track and fastest in attendance at Grattan, turning a quick lap at an incredible 1:17.317. Tony Cateraro was second, Ardalan Sadeghi third, Doug Newhouse fourth and Scott Loewenstine fifth. Saturday Group 7 The day’s final race saw Aaron Snyder best Keith Buffo in TaG Final 1. Snyder finished a comfortable 30 seconds in front of Buffo for his first win of the weekend. Aaron Jones was third. Adam Trumbley won WKA Sprint Final 1 by a 14-second gap over New York racer Otto Vollmerhausen. West Virginia’s Derek Somers, who won WKA Sprint on Sunday at Kershaw, finished third. Eric Prentice was fourth and Adam Myers dropped out early and was credited with fifth. “There was a great battle all race long with Derek Somers,” Trumbley recalled. “We went back and forth a few times, which made the race a lot of fun. Thank you to my parents for letting me do this and thanks to my fellow competitors for a clean, fun race.”

J u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


grattan nationals grattan,raceway belding, michigan

A short field of Briggs Animals was in attendance at Grattan. Only two started Animal Sprint 335 with Sam Sheckells getting the victory over James Toland. Jack Reall earned his second win of the day in Animal Sprint 385. Reall won by nearly a one-minute gap over Dennis Smith. Bruce Peck was third. Jeff Langford won the DKC Open Sprint local option. Larry Cole and Dennis Cole finished second and third. Todd Giles won the Vintage USA 1 local option. Sunday Group 1 Jeff Troup scored the win in Streeter Super Stands Stock Leopard Final 2. Troup was one of three entrants but the only one to take the green flag. John Vanhimbergen and Eric Cole were “no shows.” After getting shutout of the win column Saturday, Zack Clark scored the victory in Heiser Trailer Leasing Yamaha Sportsman Sprint Final 2. Clark bested Andy and


Jeff Leighninger for the victory. Trevor Harris was fourth. The Sunday version of Animal Limited Modified was reversed from Saturday’s run. This time Jack Reall dropped out early and Dennis Smith went the entire distance, or at least 26 of the 30 minutes to score his first win of the weekend. Alex Frazer avenged his Saturday Junior Sprint defeat to JT Coupal and did it in convincing fashion. Frazer won Junior Sprint Heavy by a wide 32-second margin over Coupal. Brandon Basela was third. Paul Smith was again the only Clone entrant. Smith win Clone 360. Todd Giles won the Vintage USA 2 local option. Sunday Group 2 Randy Fulks picked up his second win of the weekend in Sunday second group. This time Fulks scored the win in Formula 100 Final 2. The Illinois veteran pulled out to a 14-second lead w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

over Todd Hayden and Scott Stauffer before the checkers waved. Ironically, Fulks won Saturday’s Controlled Spec go by about the same margin. Hayden was second, just ahead of Stauffer. Don Chrzan was fourth and Mike Roncke fifth. After running alone in Saturday’s 100cc Pipe Medium, Mallory Davis had some company in 100cc Pipe Heavy. The result was the same as Davis earned the victory by a 15-second gap over Saturday Yamaha Sportsman Lite winner Fran Mazzucotelli. Patty Hechler was third. Zack Clark won Competion Karting Inc. Yamaha Sportsman Medium in what was a surprising short three-kart field. Nick Wong was second and Thomas Miller third. Clark’s win was his second in as many race groups on Sunday. Sunday Group 3 Kelly Lawrence and Brian Wilhelm entered Sunday’s Unlimited Final 2 each with one win to their credit on Saturday. Lawrence was able to leave Grattan with bragging rights over Wilhelm as the Tennessee racer picked up win No. 2 on the weekend by a tight 0.301-second gap over J. Michael Long. Jeremy Baldi was third, Chuck Bunnell fourth and Ron Brinker fifth. Wilhelm was in the mix for the win until he dropped out about five minutes shy of the finish. DRT racer Brian Fisher retired early from Stock Honda 1 but ran the full distance in Grattan’s J u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Stock Honda weekend capper. Not only did Fisher run the entire race, but he scored the big win in a close race with Saturday winner Lance Lane. Fisher crossed the stripe a mere 0.034 seconds ahead of Lane for the win. Mark Nagy was third, Ross Kasner fourth and Steven Rougeou, who made the long drive to Michigan from Louisiana, was fifth. Scott Lowenstine won the DKC 250 Twin 2 local option. Tony Caternaro was second and Johnny West third. Sunday Group 4 Energy kart pilot Aaron Snyder scored win No. 2 on the weekend in TaG Final 2. Snyder reversed the finish in Saturday’s TaG Heavy final with a three-second victory over Glen Critchett. David Cole was about 44 seconds back of the leaders in third. Keith Buffo was fourth and George Argiris fifth. Adam Myers retired early from WKA Sprint 1 but returned Sunday to race to his only win of the weekend in WKA Sprint 2. Myers wheeled his CKI to the victory by a 12-second margin over Derek Somers. Adam Trumbley, who won WKA Sprint 1, was a little off the pace of Myers and Somers on Sunday. Trumbley had to settle for third, nearly 30 seconds back of Myers. Tony Kamerling was fourth and Eric Prentice fifth. Sam Sheckells won his second race of the weekend in Hoosier Racing Tire Animal


grattan nationals grattan,raceway belding, michigan

Sprint 360. Sheckells won by a full lap over James Toland and Dennis Smith. Bruce Peck bested WKA Trustee Jerry Cole in Animal Sprint 410. The race was a close one with Peck crossing the stripe just 0.251 seconds in front of Cole. Jeff Langford won the DKC Open Sprint 2 local option. Mark Hicks won Vintage Euro 2 and Andy Leighninger won DKC Team. Sunday Group 5 After a number of top-five finishes in Saturday’s action Don Chrzan won his first and only race of the weekend in 100cc Controlled Final 2. Chrzan won by a wide 53-second gap over Terry Koen. Michael Tracy was third and Timothy Koen fourth. Wayne Rumsey completed the sweep of the Yamaha laydown divisions with his win in 100cc Yamaha Heavy. Rumsey won by a full lap over Don Harrod. Dan Stowell was third, Ronald Laska fourth and James Rupert


fifth. Matt Hicks was the only entrant in Junior Enduro Heavy. Hicks scored his second win of the weekend in the class. Sunday Group 6 The weekend’s final race featured the shifter karts with Eric Chappel leading the way over Alex Conlin in CIK 125 Shifter 2. Chappel and Conlin did battled throughout the 30-minute contest with Chappel edging Conlin at the finish by a 0.039-second gap. Carson Miller was third, Don Santini fourth and Sam Bocchino fifth. Chris Schmitt and Tom Barth were the only drivers to take the green in WKA 125 Shifter 2. Barth retired after only one lap and Schmitt went the distance to get the win. Keith Buffo and Michael Hines were the only entrants in TaG Heavy Final 2, as many of the other TaG racers in attendance left after TaG Final 2. Buffo picked up the win. w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

m a r c h 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


Photo by Cody Shindle – Autosports Media

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J u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


A WEEKEND TO mclaughlin motorsports REMEMBER FORnationals new castle motorsports park BRANDON LEMKE new castle, indiana – FOUR WINS AND FIVE POLES IN SPORTSMAN ACTION AT NEW CASTLE MAN CUP

Eagle, Wisconsin’s Brandon Lemke stole the WKA Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series thunder in Indiana this past May with a four-win weekend at the McLaughlin Motorsports Nationals at New Castle Motorsports Park, round three of the 2013 national 2-cycle sprint tour. Lemke’s four wins came in the super-competitive Junior Sportsman divisions, which comprise categories for Yamaha, Komet Piston Valve and Comer K80 (Cadet) applications for the 8- to 12-yearold age group. Lemke won Yamaha and Komet Sportsman main events on Saturday and Sunday at New Castle to accomplish the four-win weekend. It marked the first

time in 2013 a Man Cup racer had won more than three features in a weekend. Lemke also won five of six Streeter Super Stands Pole Awards, an astounding accomplishment in it’s own right. Several others made headlines at the McLaughlin Motorsports Nationals. While Lemke won four of the six Sportsman mains, Greenfield, Indiana’s Zach Holden won the other two. Holden swept Cadet Sportsman to earn his first two Man Cup feature wins of the season. Jesus Rios and Scott Ferris were the only other double winners. Rios, behind the wheel of a new Americanbuilt iKart chassis, swept senior TaG competition on day one of racing at New Castle. Rios scored the wins in TaG Senior 1 and Parilla Senior 1.

Story By: Keith Shampine Ferris continued his domination in TaG Masters, winning both main events on his Top Kart. Maks Kowalski and Conner Ferris split the Yamaha Rookie features. Four different drivers won the four Junior mains – Grant Quinlan, Brandon Jarsocrak, Mike McAndrews and Matt Solarczyk. All but Jarsocrak were on Birel chassis. Florida’s Jonathan Kotyk and Wisconsin’s Patrick Olsen split the Komet Pro features, while Camden Speth and Collin Griffin did the same in Yamaha Senior. Sunday’s TaG competition saw Ashley Rogero outgun Mason Chelootz to score the win in Parilla Senior 2, while Chelootz earned his second Man Cup win of the season in TaG Senior 2. Here’s a complete rundown of the May 17-19 McLaughlin Motorsports WKA Manufacturers Cup Nationals at New Castle Motorsports Park.

YAMAHA ROOKIE Ten-year-old Maks Kowalski scored his WKA Manufacturers Cup win with a 0.352-second victory in New Jersey Sprint Series Yamaha Rookie 1. Kowalski, Mark J. Fineis, Tyler Ferris and Griffin Kunz waged a heated battle for the win in this one. Kowalski inched his Birel ahead on the final lap to score the win in what was a clean, close race. Fineis was second, Ferris third and Kunz fourth. Gage Rodgers completed the top five with Andrew Castelucci, Madison Campeau, William Lambrose, Andrew Bische and Brian Tremper Jr. finishing sixth through 10th in the 29-kart field. “I’d like to thank my dad for always being there for me and working on my kart,” the young Illinois pilot said. “Also, special thanks to Henry Malukas, Jason Birdsell and the HMD Trucking race team for their technical support.”

mclaughlin motorsports nationals new castle motorsports park new castle, indiana

Sunday’ Mike Doty Racing Rookie final was cut a lap short when a scary accident occurred on the frontstraightaway while leaders were coming to take the white flag. A lap kart mixed things up on the exit to turn 17 and a five-kart accident ensued. Two karts landed upside down as the rest of the 29-kart field scurried to avoid. Luckily, no one was injured in an accident that ultimately could have been a lot worse. Officials’ ruled that the finishing order would go off the last fully completed lap (lap 12) with drivers involved in the accident being placed at the rear of the field. This gave the win to New Jersey Top Kart racer Conner Ferris. Nic Sheppard took second, Kowalski third, Bische fourth and Daytona double-winner Jeremy Fairbairn fifth. Sixth through 10th read Castelucci, Carter Cass, Lambrose, Tremper and Cameron Christ. SPORTSMAN Brandon Lemke opened the weekend with


a big win in GT7 Motorsports Komet Sportsman 1. Lemke, wheeling his No. 01 Franklin Motorsports Merlin chassis, bested David Malukas to the stripe by a close 0.072-second margin. Anthony Gangi Jr. was third, Leonardo Stoia fourth and Zach Holden fifth in the 14-kart field. “We worked with Malukas to get away from the rest of the field,” Lemke explained. “Then we were able to slightly pull away from him (Malukas) at the end of the race to take the win.” Zach Holden triumphed Saturday’s second Sportsman final, Cadet Sportsman 1. Racing at his home track, Holden made a last-lap, last-turn pass on Lemke to score the win, his first in WKA Man Cup since joining the Top Kart USA stable. Lemke held on for second, Gangi third, Malukas fourth and John Paul Southern Jr. fifth. Nineteen karts started the race. “We’ve won a lot of races at New Castle over the last few years but I think the win on Saturday in Cadet was one of the biggest of my karting career,” Holden w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

said. “We expect to run well at New Castle since we have so many laps here. I knew we’d be good, but the competition level is so high in WKA. Brandon (Lemke) was so good all weekend, and it just seems to come down to the last lap and the last turn in about every race. Sometimes you get out ahead and sometimes you don’t. Luckily, we were able to get a couple of them at the line this weekend.” Lemke closed Saturday with win No. 2 on the day with his victory in MRP / Birel Yamaha Sportsman 1. The Wisconsin racer won a close race over Malukas for the second time on Saturday. Holden took third, while Lance Fenderson had his best run of the weekend with a fourth-place result. Gangi finished fifth, giving the New York Tony Kart racer three topfives in three starts on Saturday. “It was great racing with some of the best Sportsman drivers in the country. Zach, Anthony and David, among others, in this competitive class,” Lemke said. On Sunday, Lemke picked up where he left off, scoring the win in the day’s first Sportsman final, GT7 Motorsports Komet Sportsman 2. Lemke bested

Gangi for his third win of the weekend. Malukas and Southern finished third and fourth, both over nine seconds back of the winner. Austin Schaff was fifth. “I led every lap but it was close,” the MaD Racing / Quickswim sponsored Lemke began. “I was able to keep control of my kart in the last turn with another kart pushing me through the corner. I kept it on the track and took the checkered flag.” Holden again flexed his muscle in Sunday’s Cadet weekend capper, sponsored by Grand Products / Top Kart. Holden gave Top Kart the win in this one with another turn 17 pass on the final lap. Malukas, Lemke and Holden went three-wide down New Castle’s long backstretch. Malukas guarded the bottom, while Lemke looked for room just above him. Holden swung to the outside and stayed there through turn 17, using good momentum on the top groove to shoot past both Malukas and Lemke and win over Lemke by a little over a half-kart length. Malukas had to settle for third while Gangi was right there for fourth. Southern earned another top five

mclaughlin motorsports nationals new castle motorsports park new castle, indiana Lemke crossed the stripe 0.307 seconds in front of Malukas, earning his fourth win of the weekend and denying Malukas a win after the Chicago racer won three times at Kershaw round two. Holden finished third, just ahead of Southern. Gangi settled for fifth in the 23-kart field. The 13-year-old Lemke spoke about his stellar weekend at New Castle.

with a fifth-place run, albeit over second back of the leaders. Heading into the weekend’s last Sportsman main event, Comet Kart Sales Yamaha Sportsman 2, Holden had a shot to equal Lemke’s three-win total, while Malukas and Gangi were still searching for his first win of the weekend. But Lemke, in search of his fourth win, shined once again. Malukas led most of the race while Lemke stalked him. Malukas guarded the bottom down the backstretch for the final time before Lemke swung to the outside once again to shoot past the MRP Birel racer.


“It was an exciting weekend and one I’ll remember for a long time. My karts were great and being able to take home five pole awards and four wins for Merlin is something I’m proud of. I want to thank my dad for helping me with my karts. I would also like to recognize Jamie and George Sieracki and the entire Franklin Motorsports family and their great Merlin chassis, Woltjer Racing Engines for their best in class engines and the support given by all my friends and family,” Lemke said. JUNIOR Junior racers had to wait until the seventh race

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Saturday to do battle for a McLaughlin Motorsports National victory. A wild Woltjer Racing Engines Yamaha Junior 1 main saw Birel racer Grant Quinlan and Arrow pilot Gresham Wagner do battle for the win. However, neither driver would walk away with the victory as Quinlan, who crossed the stripe first, was penalized two spots for making contact with Wagner while Wagner was attempting to pass him for the lead on the outside of turn 17. Wagner slipped off the track and crossed the line fourth, however, he had his own two-position penalty coming for contact made earlier in the 14-lap race. Wagner would get credited with sixth place. This gave the win to Pennsylvania Haase pilot Brandon Jarsocrak, who crossed the stripe second to Quinlan but inherited the win due to the Quinlan penalty. For Jarsocrak it marked his third Yamaha Junior win of the season and also extended his point lead in the class. Ohio Top Kart racer Kaden Harter accomplished his best run of the year with a second-place effort. Quinlan was third, Emerson Reed fourth and Matt Solarczyk fifth. “Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time,” Jarsocrak quipped after the win. “I would like to thank my family and sponsors for all their support – Mike Doty Racing, Woltjer Racing Engines, j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Haase and Red Line Synthetic Oil.” While one slipped away from Quinlan in Yamaha Junior, the Maidstone, Ontario racer was not about to let the Tecno Chassis Komet Junior 1 final go by the wayside, especially after top runners Mike McAndrews and Wagner were involved in a lap one accident that retired them from competition. Quinlan led from the start and kept Haase racer Tazio Torregiani at bay throughout the 14-lapper. Torregiani would close at times, however, he never made it close enough to Quinlan’s rear bumper to mount a serious challenge. The win marked Quinlan’s first WKA Man Cup triumph since moving to the Junior divisions at the beginning of 2012. Solarczyk followed Torregiani across the line for third. Austin McCusker was fourth and Braden Eves rounded out the top five on his PCR. “We’re really happy to finally get the Junior win,” Quinlan stated Sunday night at New Castle while loading up. “It was a long time coming. We’ve been close before but I thought this weekend was our best shot. It was made a little easier after Mike (McAndrews) and a couple others were in that wreck on the backstretch, but I still think we had the kart to beat. Thanks to MRP, Birel, the Lobaughs, my dad and family for all the help.”


mclaughlin motorsports nationals new castle motorsports park new castle, indiana Sunday’s Verde Speed Resources Yamaha Junior 2 main saw another first-time Junior winner. This time it was Virginia’s Matt Solarczyk, another MRP Birel racer, scoring his first Junior win over Harter, who netted his second runner-up finish at New Castle. The race was fairly uneventful as Solarczyk started from the pole and led the entire distance. Harter crossed the stripe about one second back of the winner. McCusker was third, Reed fourth and Kershaw winner Killian Keaveny fifth in the 24-kart field. After a disappointing run in Saturday’s Komet Junior final, McAndrews returned Sunday to score his third Man Cup win of the season in Orlando Kart Center


Komet Junior 2, the last race of the weekend. McAndrews started from the pole and led the entire way, pulling out to a 1.7-second win over the class’s point leader, McCusker. Keaveny was third, Torregiani fourth and Quinlan fifth. After skipping Daytona, McAndrews has now won Komet Junior in three of his four starts as he tries to make up the points deficit from not running the season opener. TaG / PARILLA The biggest story of the weekend in the senior TaG divisions was the American-made iKart’s solidification

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

as a major force in national kart racing. Build in Indianapolis and owned by John Martin, iKart ran Kershaw with Jesus Rios but was never a factor. The team went to Mooresville Motorplex in April for the USPKS opener and ran very well, opening the eyes of many. The iKart group returned to the Man Cup at New Castle with Rios and Mike Giessen at the controls of the house karts. Rios promptly put his No. 37 iKart in Victory Lane not once, but twice in Saturday’s competition. Rios opened the weekend by sweeping TSRacing. com TaG Senior competition, scoring the Streeter Pole Award, prefinal and final. Rios won the 14-lap main in dominating fashion, crossing the stripe over four seconds in front of three-time WKA national champion Mason Chelootz. Robby Seward was third on his DR Kart, Jonathan Kotyk fourth and Derek Dignan fifth in the 16-kart field.

the final lap, and made contact with the Miami Beach driver, forcing him off line which allowed her to scoot past on the inside and cross the finish line about a halfsecond ahead. But officials deemed the turn 17 contact worthy of a penalty, moving Rogero back to the runner-up spot and giving the win to Rios. Jacob Knueven was third on his Arrow, California’s Austin Elliott fourth on his Grand Products Top Kart and Cal Stewart rounded out the top five on his Praga. Billy Lewis, Kyle Kalish, Garrett Johnston, Jake Johnston and Mark Boos finished sixth through 10th. Eighteen drivers signed in for Sunday’s OTK Kart USA TaG Senior 2. Mick Gabriel found the speed he needed in his No. 23 Tony Kart and negotiated his way past several top runners on his march to the front. Gabriel crossed the stripe first but his mount had problems in post-race technical inspection.

Saturday’s Grand Products / Top Kart Parilla Senior saw 30 drivers enter in what was the largest class of the weekend. Rios again swept the day with the Pole Award, prefinal and final triumph, however, it was much closer than the earlier TaG Senior race.

Upon post-race tech, Gabriel was disqualified from the race, giving the win to Texas’ Mason Chelootz, his second triumph of the 2013 WKA season. Kotyk was second with Jake Johnston third, Seward fourth and Andrew Bujdoso rounding out the top five.

The only driver who could run with Rios on Saturday was Ashley Rogero, who traded the lead with Rios several times in the Parilla Senior final. Rogero and her No. 17 Tony Kart followed Rios into turn 17 on

Rogero started off Sunday’s Parilla Senior program with some disappointment. After running so strong on Saturday, Rogero surprised many when she qualified a disappointing 20th of 27 drivers

mclaughlin motorsports nationals new castle motorsports park new castle, indiana

to take time. She made her way to ninth in the prefinal, which turned into a seventh-place run after the apparent winner Giessen and second-place Rios were DQ’ed for an illegal air box and non-approved tires. The final saw Chelootz jump out to the lead and lengthen it over the rest of the field while Rogero worked her way through the pack. The Florida veteran made her way into second about halfway through the 14-lapper and set her sights on Chelootz’ potent Top Kart. She reeled in the Texan and made the pass with only a few laps remaining. From there, Rogero pulled out to an impressive 1.270-second lead over Chelootz by the time the checkers waved. The win marked Rogero’s first in senior WKA Man Cup competition and first of the 2013 campaign. Rios and Giessen started shotgun on the field and made their way up to third and fourth. Elliott rounded out the top five.


Scott Ferris continued his domination of TaG Masters with wins on Saturday and Sunday. Ferris won Saturday’s DRT Racing TaG Masters 1 in a close race over Steve Schiewer. John Ferris III made it an all-Top Kart top three. Brothers Kim and Scot Carapellatti finished fourth and fifth. On Sunday, Ferris dominated Margay Racing Products TaG Masters 2. Kim Carpaellatti was second, Scot third, John Ferris fourth and Schiewer fifth. KOMET PRO / YAMAHA SENIOR Jonathan Kotyk and Patrick Olsen split the HYTORC Komet Pro main events. After several years of trying, Kotyk wheeled his No. 03 Tony Kart to his first Man Cup final triumph in Saturday’s Komet Pro race. In another instance where the driver to cross the finish line first did not win, Olsen was disqualified for an engine infraction in post-race tech after crossing the stripe nearly eight seconds in front of Kotyk. w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Top Kart racer Bobby Cummings was second, Brett Schneider third, Jarrett Duncovich fourth and James Brock fifth. Sunday’s Komet Pro race was combined with TaG Masters and it was all Olsen. The Wisconsin pilot crossed the stripe 5.2 seconds in front of Kotyk for his only win of the weekend. This time his Top Kart had no issues going through tech. Kotyk was second and the overall weekend winner, bagging the $300 prize. Brock took third, Darren Brubaker fourth and Cummings fifth. Local racer Camden Speth (Arrow) made it look easy in EFFECIEMME Yamaha Senior 1. The Comet Kart Sales racer swept the Yamaha Senior program Saturday for his first-ever national win, earning the Streeter Pole Award, prefinal and final wins. Speth won the main by a comfortable two-second advantage over Brock. The race was never really in question as Speth maintained a decent lead throughout the 14 laps.

win! I need to thank Comet Kart Sales and Brandon Jenkins for building me the strongest engines,” Speth added. “Also thanks Mark Dismore Jr. and Sr. for giving me support this weekend and the past seven years. Also, I have to thank my mom and dad for all they do for me on and off the track.” Winfield, Illinois’ Collin Griffin denied Speth of the Yamaha Senior weekend sweep with a big win in Sunday’s Zero Error Racing Yamaha Senior 2 final. Griffin, who recently switched from an Arrow to a Tony Kart, raced hard with Speth throughout the 14-lapper and was able to beat the Indiana racer to the stripe by a mere 0.012-second gap, the closest finish of the weekend. Chase Jones was third, Pesek fourth and Brock fifth.

Top Kart won the most finals of any chassis make at New Castle to lengthen its lead in the Man Cup Manufacturer Championship. Top Kart scored seven wins to bring its 2013 total to 18. Tony Kart had three Kentucky’s Derek Hughes had a strong run to take wins at New Castle and is second in the standings with third. Olsen was fourth and Ross Reznor fifth. Point 12 wins overall. Birel and Merlin each won four main leader and defending Yamaha Senior champion Dakota events and they sit third and fourth in the standings at Pesek was sixth. 11 and seven wins, respectively. Haase rounds out the top five with six wins on the season. Speth talked about his first national win. Next up for the WKA Mazda / Bridgestone “I took the pole by two tenths and led every lap of the Manufacturers Cup Series is the Top Kart USA Grand prefinal. In the final I took the lead on the first lap but Nationals June 28-30 at JET Karting, formerly the 52 (Brock) was very close the first half of the race Michiana Raceway Park, in South Bend, Indiana. until he started to fall off. I ended up getting the win by two second – not a bad way to get my first national j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e



michigan kart supply nationals jet karting south bend, indiana

Story By: Keith Shampine Photos by: Keith Roberts The WKA RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series made its second stop of the 2013 season Memorial Day weekend for the Michigan Kart Supply Nationals at JET Karting near South Bend, Indiana. The May 24-26 show at South Bend included around 150 entries from locales throughout the eastern half of the country. A number of teams traveled north to Indiana from their Georgia and Florida bases, while a strong contingent of Northeast racers, many from western New York, headed west to South Bend. Of course a number of families


from Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Midwest were in attendance. A number of top 4-cycle sprint talents were in attendance at the Michigan Kart Supply Nationals, including Ohio driver Dustin Demattia, who won an unprecedented six feature events and swept the Junior Animal classes. After skipping the Jacksonville opener Demattia returned to the Gold Cup at JET Karting and promptly dominated the weekend on his Bandit. Demattia won w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m


j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e




michigan kart supply nationals jet karting south bend, indiana

over Sarah Luoma in Junior Lite and MGM Chassis Co. Junior Heavy. Tyler Stiefel finished third in Junior Lite while Tanner Lee rounded out the top three in Junior Heavy.

had one of his best Gold Cup weekends to date. Fauci raced his Coyote to a sweep of the Sportsman 1 Animal divisions and won the Saturday version of Sportsman Pro Gas.

Demattia bested Lee to win Sunday’s Junior Medium main event. Luoma was third, followed by Tyler Woods and Tyler Stiefel. The Sunday Restricted Junior main went to Demattia. Tyler Woods and Tyler Stiefel finished second and third.

Fauci bested Matthew Miller and Jason Alder in Performance North Sportsman 1 Lite and Sportsman 1 Heavy. TJ Vargo was fourth in Sportsman 1 Lite with Camden Gruber fifth. On Sunday’s Sportsman 1 Heavy, Gruber ran fourth with Vargo fifth.

Demattia kicked off the weekend by winning a new Briggs Animal powerplant with his win in the Junior Pro Gas Animal Shootout. Demattia Friday night win foreshadowed the rest of the weekend in the Junior Pro Gas classes as the Ohio racer swept the divisions. Lee finished second on Saturday while Woods was second on Sunday.

The weekend’s largest classes were Baker Racing Engines Sportsman Pro Gas Animal 1 and 2 with 13 entries each day. Fauci scored the win in Saturday’s version of the class over Ohio Margay racer David Kalb Jr. Alder was third, Zach Wells fourth in his first run in Sportsman Pro Gas, and Miller rounded out the top five.

Brockport, New York racer Nick Fauci


On Sunday, Dylan Murry rebounded from a w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

disappointing eighth-place finish in Sportsman Pro Gas 1 to win the weekend capper. Murry out-ran Miller to the finish with Alder taking third for the second straight day. Wells followed up his fourth-place run on Saturday with another fourth on Sunday. Fauci rounded out the top five. Adam Cornell and Kalb split the Sportsman 2 features. Cornell won Saturday’s Van-K Wheels Sportsman 2 Lite over Cameron Clifford. Wells was third, Kalb fourth and Brian Van Cleve Jr. fifth. “I went off the track in turn five but was still able to hold onto the lead,” the 12-year-old Cornell explained. “It was nice to get a win here after winning at Jacksonville. It was a very challenging race because after I went off the track my kart developed a lot of oversteer till the end.” Kalb earned his first-ever national win in Sunday’s Sportsman 2 Heavy go. Kalb bested Wells for the top prize with Cornell third, Joshua Stark fourth and Van Cleve fifth.

j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Nick Torres and Dylan Murry swept their Clone age categories. Torres beat out Cale Hall in both Sportsman 1 Clone mains while Murry bested Wells and Cody Hall in each day’s Sportsman 2 Clone features. Georgia’s Tanner Carter won both LO206 Kid Kart features. Tanner Lee, another Georgia racer, won both Junior Clone main events. Patrick O’Neal won both Senior Clone races. Scott Kleman raced not far from his Michigan home and scored a couple of wins. Kleman won Coyote Motorsports Animal Lite over Travis Manning and Cayla Chapman. On Sunday, Kleman made it a twowin weekend with the victory over Manning in Animal Medium. Tyler Sandmeyer was third, Ryan Bavineau fourth and Josh Stiefel fifth. Sandmeyer scored the win in Animal Heavy over Tim Stiefel and Bavineau. Josh Stiefel



michigan kart supply nationals jet karting south bend, indiana

was fourth and Paul Headley fifth. Tim Stiefel continued his dominance of the Target Distributing Animal Masters class. Stiefel won over Bob Bates and David Barry. A couple of 2-cycle racers shined in the Senior Pro Gas Animal divisions. Cal Stewart and Michael Prokup Jr. picked up the wins. A week after competing in the WKA Manufacturers Cup national at New Castle, Stewart strapped on a 4-cycle power plant and raced to the win in Coyote Motorsports Senior Pro Gas Animal 1. Stewart won over Prokup, Josh Stiefel, Jim Lipari and Jeffrey Beatty. Twelve karts started the race. On Sunday, Prokup gave Arrow it’s first Gold Cup win of the season in Coyote / Margay / Razor Chassis Senior Pro Gas Animal 2. Josh Stiefel was second, Beatty third, O’Neal fourth and Matt Horst fifth.

feature over Case Hall, Headley, Josh Stiefel and Manning. The MotoOption Friday Night Thunder Series featured three races with the Animal Heavy Money Race as the headliner. Jason Alder scored the 10-lap Sportsman Pro Gas Shootout victory and the new Briggs Animal engine that was awarded to the victor. Alder picked up the popular victory over Georgia racer Dylan Murry. Matthew Miller was third, Cody Hall fourth and David Kalb Jr. fifth. A good field of 13 youngsters took the green flag. Only two drivers started the Junior Pro Gas Shootout. Demattia won over Tyler Woods and walked away with the new Animal engine. The Pro Gas engine has caught on well in the Sportsman and Senior ranks, but hasn’t seen a lot of Junior participation in the season’s opening rounds.

“I came out of the that last turn onto the front stretch and realized I just won my first national race,” a very pleased 17-year-old Prokup said. “I had a great time running my first Gold Cup race. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.” Bavineau won the Margay Racing Products Animal Amateur Medium


w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Ryan Bavinuea and Tyler Sandmeyer were the only alcohol-fueled Animal racers to race Friday night. The pair finished one-two in the Animal Heavy Money Race, which boasted a $2,000 purse for Pro Gas entries, but was open to alcohol Animal racers. Bavineau pocketed about $250 for the winner’s share of the 75 percent payback. The race many had an eye on was the battle among the Pro Gas entrants. In one of the most unique purse structures in the history of karting, and likely all of motorsports, for that matter, a new Animal engine would be awarded to the first Pro Gas kart across the stripe and $100 going to second. The purse would increase by $100 with the $500 top prize going to sixth.

the line. Kaytlyn Fauci took home $400 for seventh and Scott Kleman $300 for eighth. Chris Osgood and Patrick O’Neal were ninth and 10th, pocketing $200 and $100, respectively. Coyote was the top chassis winner on the weekend with eight triumphs. Demattia gave Bandit six wins and Cornell added a seventh, giving the Winchester, Va.-based builder seven victories. Razor posted three wins. The Gold Cup Manufacturer standings now show Coyote with 15 and Bandit and Razor tied for second with 12 wins apiece.

Cal Stewart rode his Coyote to the first-in-class win and the new Animal engine. Michael Prokup Jr. took second and the $100 prize, Travis Manning earned $200 for third, Jim Lipari $300 for fourth, Jeffrey Beatty $400 for fifth and the top $500 award went to Josh Stiefel, who was the sixth Pro Gas kart across j u n e 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


06 2013 karting scene  

WKA Karting Scene - June Edition

06 2013 karting scene  

WKA Karting Scene - June Edition