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Article by: keith shampine - photos by: robert gill -


our years into the making the 2012 version of the WKA Daytona Dirt World Championships at Daytona International Speedway returned the Daytona KartWeek Dirt show to the glory and topshelf national-level competition it once experienced year after year at the Daytona Municipal Stadium. A total of 820-plus entries may not be the 2,000-plus in the heyday of the Municipal Stadium, but it was well over double the 350 to 400 entries the WKA Daytona Dirt show posted the previous three years. WKA officials viewed 2012 Daytona Dirt as a rebuilding year. In October, WKA teamed with Troy Duncan of the popular Southeast-based DynoCams Tri-State Pro Series to work together promoting the event. The class structure, purses, awards packages, engine rules and many other items were decided together throughout a fine working relationship between WKA and Tri-State.


The Tri-State team would score the event, while the regular team of WKA Speedway Dirt officials would direct and oversee the event. With the help of many great sponsors, WKA posted healthy purses for seven Pro classes, including a headline $10,000-to-win Pro Clone class to run as the final class Sunday night. Approximately 30 “trophy” or “non-pro” classes were on the slate, centered on the Briggs Animal engine and the increasingly popular Clone. Months prior to the event, WKA made important changes to its Clone engine rules, allowing senior classes to run the big exhaust pipe and open clutch. WKA also opened up its flywheel rule, allowing four different flywheels and bringing its Clone engine specs more in line with other premiere dirt events and series throughout the country. w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

s u o v a h C Shay The efforts of WKA and Tri-State clearly revitalized the event. The Daytona pit area was packed by midday Friday, when about a half-dozen rounds of controlled practice worked in the unique limestone-based track surface. By Saturday, some 50-plus racers had entered competition in classes like Animal Heavy, Pro Animal, Box Stock Medium and Pro Clone. Seventy-two racers ended up entering the headline Maxxis / Charger Racing Chassis Pro Clone division, believed to be the largest single class field at any WKA national event in over 10 years. Strong fields in the 20s, 30s and 40s were the norm in Junior 1, 2 and 3 competition. Five drivers posted two or more wins between Saturday, December 29 and Sunday, December 30. Lawsonville, N.C., Nall Speed Shop-sponsored “Disco” Donnie Nall scored four wins, including leading every lap on the way to his $10,000 Pro Clone triumph. Nall also won Animal Heavy, Raptor Heavy and $500 JUNIOR 1 LITE 1. Austin Teras 2. Timmy Tyrell 3. James Seeright 4. Elijah Todd 5. Devon Morgan 6. Colin Bemstein 7. Kyle Trammel 8. Garrett Himmighoefer 9. Luke Barnes 10. Ira Mattice Jr.

JUNIOR 1 HEAVY 1. Timmy Tyrell 2. Kyle Trammell 3. James Seeright 4. Matthew Beeman 5. Colin Bemstein 6. Garrett Himmighoefer 7. Devon Morgan 8. Austin Teras 9. Ira Mattice Jr. 10. Ethan Watson

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

for his victory in Pro Champ plus two sets of Van-K Wheels for pole awards in Pro Animal and Pro Clone. “Dirty Money” Shay Chavous was the only driver to win three main events. While Chavous was shut out of victory lane in the three senior Pro races, he won Champ Lite, Yamaha and Unlimited All-Stars aboard his Charger chassis. Georgia’s Blaze Burns scored a big win in Junior 3 Heavy and backed it up with a $2,000 score in Pro Junior Animal. Burns, a former WKA national champion, won a set of Al’s Kart Supply fiberglass bodywork and a set of Van-K wheels for his Pole Award in Pro Animal Junior. Young Austin Teras won two of the four Junior 1 trophy classes. Teras raced to the win in Junior 1 Lite and scored a champ-kart victory in Junior 1 Champ. Here’s a rundown of each category of racing at the 2012 WKA / Tri-State Dirt World Championships. SENIOR ANIMAL

JUNIOR 1 BOX STOCK 1. Hunter Reynolds 2. Drew Wiltse 3. Devon Morgan 4. James Seeright 5. Elijah Todd 6. Matthew Beeman 7. Ira Mattice Jr. 8. Kyle Trammell 9. Luke Barnes 10. Colin Bemstein

JUNIOR 1 CHAMP 1. Austin Teras 2. Barron McDowell 3. Luke Barnes 4. Timmy Tyrell 5. Owen Kitzmiller 6. James Seeright



Falcon Race Chassis Animal Heavy. Disco Donnie won his first of the weekend in this one, besting Hunter Mallory by a mere 0.193-second gap. Cody Mallory came home third, Jason Scruggs fourth and Florida’s Darren Brown fifth. Charlotte, N.C., racer Jerry Mullis raced to a sixth-place finish, Kevin Rusnak was seventh, Flyin’ Brian Hunter eighth, David McCabe ninth and Tony Gaylord 10th. Nall was the fast timer at a 16.661. Jeremiah Wagner won the 17-kart six-lap consolation. Saturday included a full slate of Briggs Animal classes for senior classes. Pennsylvania’s C.J. Quirk kicked off the day with a big win in the weekend’s first race, DynoCams Animal Medium. Quirk won over Jason Scruggs by a 0.853-second margin. Bryan Brobst was third, Daniel Armstrong fourth and Georgia Falcon Race Chassis driver Bradley Gerrells fifth. Shay Chavous took sixth, Nick Scott seventh, Alex White eighth, Nicholas Herrivan ninth and Justin McDonald 10th. Thirtysix drivers signed in; 34 took time in qualifying, which saw Chavous top the charts at a fast lap of 16.855.

Tennessee’s Kyle Bowers has been fast at Daytona for years and the higher level of competition at this year’s event didn’t slow him down a bit. Bowers raced to another Daytona Al’s Kart Supply Animal Super Heavy win by a tight 0.319-second margin over Wyatt Corkell. Florida racer Alex Cline was third, Shaun Pittman fourth and Brent Lewis fifth. Twenty-three

Forty-three racers entered JUNIOR 2 LITE 1. Clay Harris 2. William Prince 3. Molly Raven 4. Dillen Brown 5. Lane Penley 6. Daniel Larrimore 7. Jay Reich 8. Michael Fitzgerald 9. Cameron Burke 10. Nolan Starnes


JUNIOR 2 HEAVY 1. Molly Raven 2. Richard Murtaugh 3. Daniel Larrimore 4. Clay Harris 5. Nolan Starnes 6. Logan Lane 7. Connor Okrzesik 8. Derek Pugh 9. Jeremy Steele 10. Owen Lowe

JUNIOR 2 BOX STOCK 1. Nolan Starnes 2. Michael Fitzgerald 3. Dillen Brown 4. Daniel Larrimore 5. Logan Lane 6. Connor Okrzesik 7. Richard Murtaugh 8. Robbie Mallory 9. Austin Barnhill 10. Clay Harris

JUNIOR 2 CHAMP 1. William Prince 2. Luke Haring 3. Spencer Yodock 4. Cameron Burke 5. Connor Okrzesik 6. Owen Lowe

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

karts entered Animal Super Heavy, and many of the same drivers ran Box Stock Super Heavy Sunday afternoon. Bowers won the fast time at a 17.207. Doug Cash passed Bradley Gerrells late in the Checkered Flag Fuels Animal Senior Stock main event. Gerrells led most of the race before Cash snuck to the bottom of Gerrells’ Falcon with a few laps to go. Gerrells tried to get back underneath Cash but wasn’t able to do so. Brent Lewis was third, Billy Vaughn fourth and Georgia’s Jody Piper completed the top five. Jerry Mullis made it two Pro Animal wins in a row at Daytona with his big $2,000 score in Briggs Racing / Slack Karts Pro Animal. Mullis raced his Charger to the front early in the 15-lapper and fended off Donnie Nall over a couple late-race restarts for the win. David McCabe was third with Florida racers Fast Eddie Alkire and Josh Robinson fourth and fifth. Shay JUNIOR 3 LITE 1. Brice Boatright 2. Aaron Weed 3. Blaze Burns 4. Matthew Boyd 5. Spencer Davis 6. Jesse Riggins 7. Seth Seckinger 8. Tristan Pitt 9. Troy Schill 10. Branson Dils

JUNIOR 3 HEAVY 1. Blaze Burns 2. Brice Boatright 3. Austin Yarbrough 4. Spencer Davis 5. Aaron Weed 6. Kyle Martin 7. Tristan Pitt 8. John Melton 9. Quentin Graham Jr. 10. Sean Glennon

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Chavous took sixth, Tony Gaylord seventh, C.J. Quirk eighth, Alex White ninth and Edward Hess 10th. Nall’s fast time of 16.972 won him the Van-K Wheels Pole Award. He was the only driver of 54 to take time with a fast lap under 17.0. JUNIOR 1 Racers age 7 to 10 competed all weekend on the Daytona limestone. The youngsters put on a great show with most of their features getting the full 15-lap distance in before the 12-minute time limit expired. As noted, Austin Teras claimed wins in Joe Cool’s

JUNIOR 3 CHAMP 1. Simmons Bryant 2. Seth Seckinger 3. Blaze Burns 4. Austin Carter 5. Branson Dils 6. Anthony Deming 7. Troy Schill 8. Matthew Epp 9. Tyler Diel 10. Kenny Myers

JUNIOR 3 BOX STOCK 1. Brady Penny 2. Blaze Burns 3. Austin Carter 4. Brice Boatright 5. Tristan Pitt 6. Jesse Riggins 7. Sean Glennon 8. Dustin Peterson 9. Matthew Boyd 10. Austin Nichols



Heating & Cooling Junior 1 Lite and Junior 1 Champ. Teras won Junior 1 Lite by a 0.393-second gap over Mini Timmy Tyrell. James Seeright was third, Elijah Todd fourth and South Carolina’s Devon Morgan fifth. Teras also won the pole at a 17.579. Teras fended off challenges from Barron McDowell to win Junior 1 Champ. McDowell crossed the stripe only 0.253 seconds back of Teras. Luke Barnes was third, CHAMP LITE 1. Shay Chavous 2. Jason Scruggs 3. Richard Tournear 4. Daniel Armstrong 5. Donnie Nall 6. Jerrod Holle 7. Jason Moates 8. Codie Rohrbaugh 9. Tony Gaylord 10. Tonya Friar


CHAMP BOX STOCK 1. Jason Moates 2. Justin Fulmer 3. Jerrod Holle 4. Roger Padgett 5. Codie Rohrbaugh 6. J.R. Houston 7. Brian Henderson 8. Donnie Nall 9. Joe Clower 10. Rich Tournear

Tyrell fourth and Owen Kitzmiller fifth. McDowell won the pole at an 18.701. Timmy Tyrell, who was included in a feature of the event on a local Daytona Beach news station, scored his a big win at KartWeek in Dockside Mobile Graphics Junior 1 Heavy. Tyrell timed on the pole over 14 competitors with a fast lap of 18.463 and held off a hard-charging Kyle Trammell and James Seeright to ANIMAL MEDIUM 1. C.J. Quirk 2. Jason Scruggs 3. Bryan Brobst 4. Daniel Armstrong 5. Bradley Gerrells 6. Shay Chavous 7. Nick Scot 8. Alex White 9. Nicholas Herrivan 10. Justin McDonald

ANIMAL HEAVY 1. Donnie Nall 2. Hunter Mallory 3. Cody Mallory 4. Jason Scruggs 5. Darren Brown 6. Jerry Mullis 7. Kevin Rusnak 8. Brian Hunter 9. David McCabe 10. Tony Gaylord

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

the checkers. Matthew Beeman was fourth and Colin Bemstein rounded out the top five.

Junior 1.

Eighteen 7-to-10-year-old racers started the PEC Junior 1 Box Stock main event. Many of the teams used the trophy class as a valuable learning tool for the $2,000-to-win Pro Junior Clone event, which pitted Clone racers from Junior 1 and Junior 2 against each other in an opened up 8-to-12-year-old age bracket. Hunter Reynolds won the Junior 1 Box Stock 15-lapper over Drew Wilste. Devon Morgan was third, James Seeright fourth and Elijah Todd fifth. Matthew Beeman scored the pole award with a 17.817 but faded to sixth in the main event. James “Jaws” Seeright wasn’t able to notch any feature wins in the trophy classes, but the Florida racer found victory lane when it counted in Ultramax Racing Chassis Pro Junior Clone and BDL Motorsports Pro ANIMAL SUPER HEAVY 1. Kyle Bowers 2. Wyatt Corkell 3. Alex Cline 4. Shaun Pittman 5. Brent Lewis 6. Jordan Justice 7. Paul Rice 8. Billy Vaughn 9. Joe Bunch 10. Joey Delacruz

ANIMAL SENIOR STOCK 1. Doug Cash 2. Bradley Gerrells 3. Brent Lewis 4. Billy Vaughn 5. Jody Piper 6. Don Tingley 7. Tommy Baggott 8. Paul Watson 9. Steven Rogers 10. Horace Wilson

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Seeright timed sixth best in Pro Junior Clone qualifying, which was topped by Ultramax racer Devon Morgan. In a caution-plagued race that saw only seven laps completed before the time limit expired, Seeright muscled his No. 14 Triton to the front and held off Hunter Reynolds and Morgan to the finish by a mere 0.161-second advantage. Fulton, New York’s Richard Murtaugh was fourth on his Slack chassis and South Carolina’s William Prince fifth in the 31-kart field. Seeright, Morgan and Tyrrell battled it out for the $2,000 top prize in Pro Junior 1. Seeright scored the win by 0.162 seconds over pole-winner Morgan. Tyrrell was only 0.346 seconds back of the winner in third. Elijah Todd was fourth and Luke Barnes fifth. SENIOR CLONE

BOX STOCK MEDIUM 1. Justin McDonald 2. Nicholas Herrivan 3. Mark Fleischer 4. Blare Boatright 5. Cody Mallory 6. Tyler Wright 7. Chad Glover 8. Bradley Gerrells 9. Jason Scruggs 10. Jamie Knopf

BOX STOCK HEAVY 1. Alex White 2. Donnie Nall 3. Daniel Armstrong 4. Tyler Wright 5. Justin McDonald 6. Shay Chavous 7. Nicholas Herrivan 8. Darren Brown 9. David McCabe 10. Tony Gaylord



Senior drivers and teams made the switch from the Briggs Animal Saturday and Sunday morning to the Clone powerplant for Sunday’s program. Many of the same drivers who competed in Animal Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy and Pro entered the same classes for the Clone on Sunday. More teams pulled in Sunday morning to compete solely in the Clone divisions, including top South Carolina shoe Jamie Knopf. South Carolina’s Justin McDonald opened Sunday with a sweep of Larry Jones Motorsports Box Stock Medium. McDonald timed best at a 16.584 – a couple tenths faster than the quick time in Saturday’s Animal Medium – and won the 15-lap main by a comfortable 1.7-second margin over Nicholas Herrivan. Florida’s Mark Fleischer was third, Blare Boatright fourth and Cody Mallory fifth. Sixth through 10th were Tyler Wright, Chad Glover, Bradley Gerrells, Jason Scruggs and Knopf. Thirty-seven drivers took time in TS Racing / VEGA Box Stock Heavy. Delaware’s Alex White equaled McDonald’s feat in Medium with a qualifying/main sweep in the 375-pound Clone category. White bested McDonald in qualifying with a 16.506 – only one-onethousandths of a second better than McDonald – and won over Donnie Nall in the main. White and Nall were some 10 kart-lengths ahead of third-place Daniel Armstrong. Wright was fourth and McDonald fifth. Shay Chavous took sixth, Herrivan seventh, Darren Brown eighth, David McCabe ninth and Platinum’s Tony Gaylord 10th. BOX STOCK SUPER HEAVY 1. Chad Tuten 2. Tony Samsan 3. Jason Lineweaver 4. Kyle Bowers 5. Doug Cash 6. Shaun Pittman 7. Brandon Weed 8. Shane Evans 9. Brent Lewis 10. Joe Bunch


BOX STOCK SENIOR 1. Michael Crosby 2. Brent Lewis 3. Bradley Gerrells 4. Billy Vaughn 5. Tommy Baggott 6. Doug Cash 7. Steven Rogers 8. Paul Watson 9. Don Tingley 10. Sidney Stites

Daytona Beach area racer Alex Cline crossed the stripe first in Streeter Super Stands Box Stock Super Heavy but was disqualified in post-race tech for an engine port infraction. Cline’s misfortune gave the win to PEC-backed racer Chad Tuten of Real Deal Tire Preps. Tony Samsan was credited with second, Florida’s Jason Lineweaver third, Sunday morning’s Animal Super Heavy winner Kyle Bowers fourth and Animal Senior Stock winner Doug Cash fifth. Seventeen racers entered Izzy’s Welding Box Stock Senior, which went off as the 15th race Sunday as Daytona KartWeek was nearing its close. Mic McAllister timed on the pole with a 16.944 around the quarter-mile. McAllister had problems in the main and retired after nine laps, leaving Michael Crosby, Brent Lewis, Bradley Gerrells and a host of others to battle it out for the win. Crosby ended up getting it by a 0.224-second gap over Lewis. Gerrells, who recorded a number of top-fives but no wins, settled for third. Billy Vaughn was fourth and Tommy Baggott fifth in the over-35 class. KartWeek closed with the big Maxxis / Charger Racing Chassis Pro Clone $10,000-to-win main event. The 30-lap main boasted 72 entrants, the largest class of the three Daytona KartWeek events. Only 30 would start the feature, meaning over half the field would not qualify. Twenty drivers made it on time in qualifying, which was led by Nall at a 16.567, while 10 drivers would make the starting field via a pair of six-lap “goor-go-home” consolations. RAPTOR HEAVY 1. Donnie Nall 2. Justin McDonald 3. Blare Boatright 4. Jerrod Holle 5. Woody Peatt 6. John McClish 7. Jeremiah Wagner 8. Paul Watson 9. Brad Wright

UNLIMITED ALL-STARS 1. Shay Chavous 2. Victor Peters 3. Robby Yow 4. Wayne Howe 5. Gregg Jones 6. Heath Dorn 7. Stephen Gleason 8. Darrall Brooks 9. Andrew Dunn 10. Ed Schreifels

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

The top-three drivers in qualifying – Nall, Box Stock Heavy winner Alex White and Medium victor Justin McDonald – dominated the main event. The trio pulled away from the rest of the field in a race that was slowed only by a couple of caution flags. Nall led from the drop of the green, but with less than five laps remaining White and McDonald began to put the pressure on.

and many others are chomping at the bit to take a chunk of that $100,000-plus in 2013. JUNIOR 2 WKA made a good move to adopt Tri-State’s and other dirt series engine allowance in the 10-to-12-year-old Junior 2 category. Rather than Animal only, Junior 2 teams were given the option to run Animal or the Briggs flathead engine, which received a 10-pound weight break in Junior 2 Lite, Heavy, Champ and Pro.

White looked under Nall a couple of times before having to back out. With a couple laps to go White and McDonald began battling again for the runner-up spot, The five Junior 2 classes saw five different winners. allowing Nall to pull out several kart-lengths and run mostly uncontested to the big $10,000 score. Clay Harris crossed the finish stripe right behind Connor Okrzesik in Streeter Super Stands Junior 2 White held on for second and McDonald third. Lite, but when Okrzesik was disqualified in post-race Fleischer took fourth and Nick Scott a solid run for tech, Harris was the beneficiary and picked up the win. fifth. Gaylord was sixth, McCabe seventh, Glover William Prince was second and Florida’s Molly Raven eighth, Brown ninth and Herrivan 10th. third. Dillen Brown took fourth and Lane Penley fifth in the 17-kart field. Brown was the pole winner at a Nall later said his team needed the win to just “break 17.940, the only driver to time under 18.0. even” on the trip. Nonetheless, the victory gave Nall’s Cameron Reese Racing / Nall Speed Shop Phantom In a wild story, Raven took a trip to the hospital for an over $110,000 in earning on the 2012 season. It’s clear injury that occurred on track earlier Sunday in Junior the Lawsonville, North Carolina, is on top of the sport 2. She returned to start the main event 13th and race for the time, but young runners like White, McDonald her sleek No. 29 to the Aqua Tech Water Specialties YAMAHA 1. Shay Chavous 2. Robby Yow 3. Victor Peters 4. Justin Greene 5. Andrew Dunn 6. Michael Nicosia 7. Ed Schriefels 8. Robert Hoskinson 9. Craig Schill 10. Gregg Jones

FCKL GREEN 1. T.J. Decaire 2. Brenden Smith 3. Dillon Mena 4. L.J. Valladares 5. Connor Brumfield 6. Landen Dutka LO206 HEAVY 1. Eric Brewer 2. Justin Spears DQ Mic McAllister

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

FCKL BLUE 1. Garrett Larson 2. Cole Crawford 3. Trevor Steromsnes 4. Tyler Garey 5. Donnie Luchetti 6. Luke Haring 7. Cameron Burke 8. Blaise Leithead 9. Nicholas Trumbull 10. Fred Bedford

FCKL JUNIOR MIX 1. Kenny Myers 2. Branson Dils 3. Luke Haring 4. Tyler Diel 5. Anthony Deming



Junior 2 Heavy main event win. Raven scored the win over New York Slack racer Richard Murtaugh, who was making his first start at Daytona. Daniel Larrimore was third, Harris fourth and Nolan Starnes fifth in the 20-kart field. Fifteen racers strapped the Clone on and entered TS Racing / VEGA Junior 2 Box Stock. Starnes accomplished the victory in this one, finishing 0.303 seconds in front of New York’s Michael Fitzgerald. Brown was third, Larrimore fourth and Logan Lane fifth. William Prince ran up front in a number of classes at Daytona, but the South Carolina racer only found victory once, which came in Mazda-sponsored Junior 2 Champ. Prince, a WKA Dirt veteran, won by a one-second margin over Florida’s Luke Haring. Pennsylvania’s Spencer Yodock recorded his best finish of the weekend in third. Cameron Burke was fourth FCKL SENIOR MIX 1. Justin Fulmer 2. Raymond Folwell 3. Jerrod Holle 4. Hunter Mallory 5. Tony Meehan 6. Rick Hockman 7. Chris Luchetti 8. Casey Houston 9. Don Luchetti 10. John Inman


PRO JUNIOR 1 1. James Seeright 2. Devon Morgan 3. Timmy Tyrell 4. Elijah Todd 5. Luke Barnes 6. Ethan Watson 7. B.J. McDowell 8. Matthew Beeman 9. Austin Teras 10. Drew Wiltse

and Okrzesik fifth. Inman, South Carolina’s Lane Penley captured a popular win in Nall Speed Shop Pro Junior 2. Penley earned the $2,000 victory in a competitive race over a number of fellow talented youngsters. Penley and his Ultramax crossed the stripe just 0.101 seconds ahead of Brown. Starnes was right there in third, Van-K pole winner Murtaugh fourth and Harris less than a second back of the winner in fifth. JUNIOR 3 Blaze Burns, Brice Boatright, Simmons Bryant and Brady Penny all notched Daytona Dirt wins in the 12-to-15-year-old Gold-plate Junior 3 category. Burns was the big winner, earning the wins in RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Junior 3 Heavy and Platinum Racing Chassis Pro Junior Animal. The Rincon, Ga., racer wheeled his Phantom to a 0.353-second win over PRO JUNIOR 2 1. Lane Penley 2. Dillen Brown 3. Nolan Starnes 4. Richard Murtaugh 5. Clay Harris 6. Cameron Burke 7. Jeremy Steele 8. Derek Pugh 9. Connor Okrzesik 10. Michael Fitzgerald

PRO JUNIOR CLONE 1. James Seeright 2. Hunter Reynolds 3. Devon Morgan 4. Richard Murtaugh 5. William Prince 6. Clay Harris 7. Lane Penley 8. Drew Wiltse 9. Kyle Trammell 10. Elijah Todd

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Boatright in Junior 3 Heavy. Austin Yarbrough was third, WKA veteran Spencer Davis fourth and South Carolina’s Aaron Weed fifth. Tristan Pitt timed fastest at a 16.896 but faded to seventh in the main. Burns’s win in Junior 3 Heavy earned him a set of Al’s Kart Supply fiberglass bodywork, but it was a sweep of Pro Junior Animal that gave Burns a set of Van-K Wheels for his pole award and a cool $2,000 for the feature win. Burns won the Pro main by a close 0.179-second margin over Matthew Boyd. Burns and Boyd raced ahead of the rest of the field by about eighth kartlengths when the checkers waved. Yarbrough took home third, Davis fourth and Kyle Martin completed the top five. West Virginia racer Branson Dils finished just outside the money in sixth. Seth Seckinger was seventh, Weed eighth, Boatright ninth and Pitt 10th. Thirty-five karts took time in qualifying. Boatright bested 29 other entrants to win MGM Chassis Co. Junior 3 Lite, the second class to go off PRO JUNIOR ANIMAL 1. Blaze Burns 2. Matthew Boyd 3. Austin Yarbrough 4. Spencer Davis 5. Kyle Martin 6. Branson Dils 7. Seth Seckinger 8. Aaron Weed 9. Brice Boatright 10. Tristan Pitt

PRO CHAMP 1. Donnie Nall 2. Jason Scruggs 3. Jason Lineweaver 4. Chris Luchetti 5. Jason Moates 6. Justin Fulmer 7. Brian Henderson 8. Shay Chavous 9. Casey Houston 10. Jerrod Holle

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Sunday. Boatright won by a nice 1.5-second gap over Weed, who recorded his best finish of the weekend. Burns was third, Boyd fourth and Davis notched another top five for fifth. Sean Glennon won the pole at a 16.890 but finished a disappointing 13th in the main. Thirty more drivers entered Van-K Wheels Junior 3 Box Stock, the only Clone-powered class for the Gold plate competitors. Weed won the pole award, which was good for a set of new Van-K rims. The 15-lap feature saw Brady Penny make his way to the front from his third-place starting position and score the big win by a 0.196-second margin over Burns. Austin Carter recorded his best run of KartWeek with a thirdplace effort. Boatright was fourth and Pitt fifth. Junior 3 Champ was the largest junior champ-kart field at 13 entrants. A fast lap of 18.051 gave Carter the pole over Burns and Seth Seckinger. In the main, Simmons Bryant raced his champ buggy to the front from a deep seventh-place starting position. Bryant won the race over Seckinger by a half-second gap. Burns was third, Carter fourth and Dils fifth. PRO ANIMAL 1. Jerry Mullis 2. Donnie Nall 3. David McCabe 4. Eddie Alkire 5. Josh Robinson 6. Shay Chavous 7. Tony Gaylord 8. C.J. Quirk 9. Alex White 10. Edward Hess

PRO CLONE 1. Donnie Nall 2. Alex White 3. Justin McDonald 4. Mark Fleischer 5. Nick Scott 6. Tony Gaylord 7. David McCabe 8. Chad Glover 9. Darren Brown 10. Nicholas Herrivan



SENIOR CHAMP WKA offered three classes for senior champ competitors – Champ Lite, Champ Box Stock and Pro Champ, which paid $500 to the winner. Some racers also entered the Florida Champ Kart League’s Senior Champ Mix. Charger Racing Chassis hot shoe Shay Chavous kicked off the champ-kart portion of the weekend with his first win of KartWeek 2012 in Maxxis Champ Lite. Chavous timed third to Daniel Armstrong and Donnie Nall but was able to find the advantage in the main, scoring a 0.216-second win over Jason Scruggs. Richard Tournear was third, Armstrong fourth and Nall fifth. Only 10 racers entered National Parts Peddler Champ Box Stock. Tournear timed fastest at a new Clonepowered champ category at a 17.244. South Carolina’s Jason Moates scored the win over fellow Palmetto State racer Justin Fulmer. Florida’s Jerrod Holle was third, Roger Padgett fourth and Codie Rohrbaugh fifth.

his Phantom out front and away from runner-up Jason Scruggs. Nall crossed the stripe 1.6 seconds in front of Scruggs for the win. Jason Lineweaver was third, Florida’s Chris Luchetti fourth and Moates fifth. Twenty-five karts started the $500-to-win race. Chavous won a set of Van-K wheels for his Pro Champ qualifying triumph. FCKL The Florida Champ Kart League joined the World Karting Association at Daytona for the second straight year. Numbers were up for the FCKL in 2012 as the two parties continue to work together. FCKL had four classes run at the Dirt World Championships. The youngest racers in competition at Daytona were in FCKL Sportsman Champ Green, for drivers 5 to 8 years old. The division was the only class at Daytona for a child age 5 or 6. T.J. Decaire scored the FCKL Green win over Brenden Smith. Dillon Mena was third, L.J. Valladares fourth, Connor Brumfield fifth and Landen Dutka sixth.

Saturday night’s Possum Kingdom Super Speedway Pro Champ main was slowed by a big accident involved several karts. A lengthy red flag ensued as medics and officials tended to an injured Seth Lunsford. Lunsford was transported and treated for a leg injury. Once racing got back underway Donnie Nall raced


w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Garrett Larson won a competitive 13-kart FCKL Sportsman Champ Blue feature. Alabama’s Connor Okrzesik crossed the finish line first, but was disqualified in post-race tech for an engine infraction. Larson inherited the win with Cole Crawford second, Trevor Steromsnes third, Tyler Garey fourth and Donnie Luchetti fifth. Kenny Myers scored the FCKL Junior Champ Mix win by a slim 0.185-second margin. West Virginia racer Branson Dils joined the FCKL class and took second. Luke Haring was third, Tyler Diel fourth and Anthony Deming fifth. Senior Champ Mix was the largest FCKL class at 14 entrants. South Carolina racer Justin Fulmer captured the win by 0.259 seconds over Raymond Folwell. Jerrod Holle earned his best finish of KartWeek with a third-place run. Hunter Mallory was fourth and Tony Meehan rounded out the top five. 2-CYCLE / RAPTOR The Unlimited All-Stars joined WKA at Daytona for the second consecutive year. The UAS group opened its 2013 season Thursday, Dec. 27 at Volusia before more than a dozen 2-cycle teams headed to the World Center of Racing for KartWeek. Thirteen UAS drivers made the call for a Shay Chavous-topped qualifying round. Chavous’ fast time of 15.259 was the best of Daytona KartWeek. In the main, Chavous redeemed himself

from 2011 when Victor Peters won by a slim margin over Chavous. This year, the Georgia Charger Racing Chassis driver bested Peters by a wide 5.1-second gap for the win. Peters crossed the line about three seconds in front of North Carolina’s Robby Yow. Wayne Howe was fourth and Gregg Jones fifth. Eleven 2-cycle racers hung around for Sunday’s action. In order to run, the teams would have to bolt on a Yamaha KT100 for the first Yamaha-only class ever at the DIS Flat Track. Yow bested Chavous in qualifying with a fast lap of 15.743, about a half-second off Chavous’s Unlimited pole. Chavous quickly moved to the inside of Yow in the 15-lap feature. Chavous would pull out to a twosecond lead over Yow for his third and final win of KartWeek 2012. Peters bumped and spun Ed Schreifels on the final lap to take third. Florida’s Justin Greene was fourth and Andrew Dunn fifth. Frozen Ocean (N.Y.) Speedway Raptor Heavy was the lone flathead-only class to run Daytona in 2012. With a heavy focus on the Clone and Animal engines at the event, only nine drivers made the call in the class. But the hottest driver at KartWeek 2012, Donnie Nall, was one of them. Nall scored the Raptor Heavy win by a 0.348-second gap over Justin McDonald, another one of top senior drivers at the event. Blare Boatright was third, Jerrod Holle fourth and Woody Peatt fifth. Boatright time on the pole at a 16.9. Three drivers entered LO206 Heavy. Eric Brewer earned the LO206 win when Mc McAllister was disqualified for an engine infraction. Justin Spears was credited with second.

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


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Article b keit h shampine - ke photos by:y:se ith@worldkarti an buur - sb uur@world



he best 2-cycle sprint racers in the country commenced on Daytona International Speedway December 27-30 for the 2012 edition of the World Karting Association’s Daytona KartWeek, a threefold event featuring the National Road Racing Series on the 3.56-mile superspeedway road course, the Speedway Dirt Series on DIS’s quarter-mile Flat Track and the stars of the Bridgestone / Mazda Manufacturers Cup Series at the 0.7-mile DIS Sprint Track. The Margay Sprint Championships opened the 2012 WKA Man Cup season to a variety of weather in central Florida, including pleasant, sunny condition and bouts with rain and cold temperatures. Saturday’s action opened to a wet track as rain moved through the Daytona Beach area before drying out around noontime. Sunday’s entire program was dry, albeit cold. Of the hundreds of sprint racers to enter, making up a total of approximately 600 race entries, six drivers were able to accomplish a double-win weekend. JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Jeremy Fairbairn swept the Yamaha Rookie classes in his first WKA start. Anthony Gangi Jr. went two for three on Saturday in Junior Sportsman racing; he won Komet Sportsman and Cadet 1. David Malukas was shut out Saturday but returned Sunday to win Yamaha Sportsman 2 and Cadet 2. Brian McHattie swept TaG Masters, while Florida racer Nick Neri won TaG 1 and Komet PRO 1. Austin McCusker took advantage of several Junior racers moving up to senior and won both Komet Junior main events. Here’s a rundown of each of the 21 divisions to take the green at the 2012 WKA Margay Sprint Championships. SATURDAY EFFECIEMME Yamaha 1 Twenty-two drivers took time in the new version of the Man Cup’s senior Yamaha class, now featuring an RLV SR-Y pipe instead of the four-hole can muffler. Tony Jump won the Streeter Super



Stands qualifying round with a fast lap of 48.786 aboard his Margay. Jump ran into problems in the prefinal, finishing a distant 15th position to winner Patrick Olsen. In the 14-lap final, 2012 double WKA national champion Dakota Pesek raced his Arrow to the front and crossed the finish stripe 0.474 seconds in front of Olsen, who was making his WKA debut on a Top Kart. Chase Jones crossed the line third but was disqualified in post-race tech. Senior rookie Joel Jens inherited the NEW JERSEY SPRINT SERIES

Yamaha Rookie Sportsman 1 1. Jeremy Fairbairn 2. Mark J. Fineis 3. Tyler Ferris 4. Carter Cass 5. Brian Tremper Jr. 6. Ryan Schartau 7. Nic Sheppard 8. Chandler Moran 9. Andrew Castelucci 10. Griffin Kunz POLE: Caden Paszkiewicz 53.029



Yamaha Rookie Sportsman 2 1. Jeremy Fairbairn 2. Dino Lambros 3. Brian Tremper Jr. 4. Parker Abed 5. Gage Rodgers 6. Nic Sheppard 7. Chander Moran 8. Ryan Schartau 9. Jayden Larson 10. Aiden Lindley POLE: Fairbairn 47.858

third position with Jump fourth and Brett Schneider rounding out the top five. GT7 Motorsports Komet Sportsman Tony Kart racer Anthony Gangi Jr. won the first of five Sportsman main events at KartWeek with his triumph in the class his team sponsors, GT7 Motorsports Komet Sportsman. Gangi and Birel driver David Malukas battled it out for the win in the 22-kart field, leaving the rest of the pack some four-plus second KOENEUSA.COM

Cadet Sportsman1 1. Anthony Gangi Jr. 2. Zach Holden 3. David Malukas 4. Neil Verhagen 5. John Paul Southern Jr. 6. Brandon Lemke 7. Alex Lester 8. Leonardo Stoia 9. Giovanni Bromante 10. Nicholas D’Orlando POLE: Holden 51.372


Cadet Sportsman 2 1. David Malukas 2. Brandon Lemke 3. Anthony Gangi Jr. 4. Michael D’Orlando 5. Zach Holden 6. Giovanni Bromante 7. Neil Verhagen 8. Devin Boutot 9. John Paul Southern Jr. 10. Garrett Moran POLE: Lemke 45.994

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Jamie McMurray, who was making his annual WKA Man Cup appearance at the site of his 2010 Daytona 500 win. Jonathan Kotyk rounded out the top five on his Tony Kart. McMurray timed on the pole with a 45.895. New Jersey Sprint Series Yamaha Rookie 1 The Yamaha Rookie Man Cup field continues to gain entries and interest in its third year on the Man Cup tour. Thirty-four youngsters signed in at Daytona and WKA newcomer Jeremy Fairbairn (Tony Kart) dominated Saturday’s action.

back. Gangi edged Malukas by a tight 0.016-second gap at the finish. Pole winner Brandon Lemke was all alone in third, four second back of the lead duo and a couple seconds in front of fourth-place Zach Holden. John Paul Southern Jr. notched a solid top-five finish in fifth. Malukas won the eight-lap pre-final over Neil Verhagen.

Fairbairn timed fifth but put on a clinic in the prefinal, taking the lead and stretching out a four-second advantage over Brian Tremper Jr. Fairbairn had six extra laps to stretch the gap in the main, and by the time the checkers waved the Florida racer had huge 8.1-second lead over second-place Mark J. Fineis. New Jersey Top Kart racer Tyler Ferris was third, Carter Cass fourth and Tremper Jr. fifth. Sixth through 10th TaG 1 Northeast karting veteran Mike Giessen looked like the top driver in the TaG category after his TaG 1 prefinal win and apparent main event triumph. However, Giessen’s No. 68 Tony Kart was found illegal in postrace tech, handing the final win to fellow Tony Kart pilot Nick Neri, who crossed the stripe just 0.222 seconds back of Giessen. Giessen’s misfortune gave second to Jacob Knueven (Arrow) and third to NASCAR Sprint Cup regular GT7 MOTORSPORTS

Komet Sportsman 1. Anthony Gangi Jr. 2. David Malukas 3. Brandon Lemke 4. Zach Holden 5. John Paul Southern Jr. 6. Dylan Tavella 7. Neil Verhagen 8. Leonardo Stoia 9. Austin Schaff 10. Tommy Burke POLE: Lemke 50.080

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


Komet Junior 1 1. Austin McCusker 2. Ryan Raffa 3. Gresham Wagner 4. Derek Sobel 5. Matt Solarczyk 6. Clay Van Eerd 7. Austin Osborne 8. Killian Keaveny 9. Tazio Torregiani 10. Julia Boos POLE: Davey Manthei Jr. 45.138


Komet Junior 2 1. Austin McCusker 2. Gresham Wagner 3. Ryan Raffa 4. Grant Quinlan 5. Austin Osborne 6. Derek Sobel 7. Matt Solarczyk 8. Emerson Reed 9. Killian Keaveny 10. Braden Eves POLE: McCusker 42.338


Komet PRO 1 1. Nick Neri 2. Patrick Olsen 3. Jonathan Kotyk 4. Kyle Kalish 5. Darin Marcus 6. Joel Jens 7. Scott Kopp 8. Darren Brubaker 9. Brett Schneider 10. Josh Hotz POLE: Marcus 48.124




w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Saturday class winners

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e



readRyan Schartau, Nic Sheppard, Chandler Moran, Andrew Castelucci and Griffin Kunz. Cadet Sportsman 1 Thirty-three racers entered Saturday’s Cadet program. Zach Holden made his WKA debut on an MKP Top Kart after a few strong years on an Arrow. Holden won the Streeter Super Stands Pole Award with a 51.372. New York Tony Kart shoe Anthony Gangi Jr. started fifth in the pre-final and muscled his way to the top spot and an impressive 2.2-second win over Alex Lester. Gangi battled with Holden, David Malukas and Neil Verhagen in the 14-lap final. The talented Sportsman racers all finished


within a second of one another with Gangi taking the win by a mere 0.077-second advantage over Holden. Malukas was third, Verhagen fourth and John Paul Southern Jr. rounded out the top five on his PCR chassis. HYTORC Komet PRO 1 The Komet PRO division throws a twist in the senior classes for 2013 Man Cup. The class will award $300 to the overall winner at each of the six Man Cup shows this year. But the best part is the year-end awards package, which will give $2,000 and a Komet engine package to the champion and a host of other fine cash and product awards to the top-five points finishers. w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Florida Tony Kart racer Nick Neri won Saturday’s Komet Pro program, finishing a cool 2.2 seconds in front of Top Kart USA racer Patrick Olsen, who recently switched to Top Kart after years on an MRP Birel. Jonathan Kotyk was third on his Tony Kart, Kyle Kalish fourth in his senior debut and Pole Award winner Darin Marcus fifth on his Merlin. Thirteen karts entered the Pro class. Woltjer Racing Engines Yamaha Junior 1 The door clearly has opened in the Junior Man Cup divisions in 2013 with several top racers moving to the senior classes, including Joel Jens, Ashley Rogero and HYTORC

Komet PRO 2 1. Patrick Olsen 2. Nick Neri 3. Jonathan Kotyk 4. Joel Jens 5. Kyle Kalish 6. Darin Marcus 7. Darren Brubaker 8. Scott Kopp 9. Josh Hotz 10. James Brock POLE: Neri 42.454

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


Parilla 1 1. Jamie McMurray 2. Tommy Andersen 3. Jacob Knueven 4. Robert Bujdoso 5. Derek Dignan 6. Jacob DuVall 7. John McCusker 8. Garrett Johnston 9. Jacob Donald 10. Joseph Skaggs POLE: Will Owen 44.932

Kyle Kalish. Ryan Raffa and 2011 WKA Triple Crown champion Grant Quinlan led the 34-kart field in the weekend’s first Junior main, Yamaha 1. Raffa (Top Kart) bested Quinlan (Birel) by a couple kart-lengths in the 14-lap final. Haase pilot Brandon Jarsocrak crossed the stripe a half-second back of the winner in third. Birel racers Austin Osborne was fourth and Matt Solarczyk fifth. Austin McCusker won the Streeter Pole Award while Raffa bested Jarsocrak in the pre-final. DRT Racing FRANKLINKART.COM

Parilla 2 1. Mason Chelootz 2. Mark Boos 3. Kyle Kalish 4. Tommy Andersen 5. Robert Bujdoso 6. Corey Towles 7. Jacob Donald 8. Cal Stewart 9. Nick Neri 10. Jacob Knueven POLE: Jacob DuVall 40.580


TaG 1 1. Nick Neri 2. Jacob Knueven 3. Jamie McMurray 4. Jonathan Kotyk 5. Mark Boos 6. Jacob Donald 7. Cabot Bigham 8. Derek Dignan 9. Chris Beck 10. Mason Chelootz POLE: McMurray 45.895




w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

sunday class winners

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e



TaG Masters 1 Tony Kart veteran Brian McHattie swept the day’s TaG Masters category. The DB Motorsports driver and Scott Falcone (Arrow) timed identical at a 47.064 in qualifying. McHattie pulled away from defending class champion Scott Ferris (Top Kart) in the pre-final to win by a little over a second. McHattie had his way with the field in the 14-lap main, pulling away from Falcone and scoring a convincing 3.5-second win over the Colorado driver. Ferris was five seconds back of the winner in third, Jeff Jewell fourth on his Margay and John Ferris III fifth on his Top Kart.

In the final, Anthony Gangi Jr. wheeled his Tony Kart to the front in search of his third win of the day and a Saturday sweep of the Sportsman classes. It appeared Gangi had accomplished the hat trick when starter Denny Long’s checkered flag waved. However, the New Yorker’s Tony Kart was found illegal in post-race tech, handing the win to Merlin pilot Brandon Lemke.

MRP / Birel Yamaha Sportsman 1 Saturday’s third and final Junior Sportsman class saw Zach Holden win his second Pole Award of the day with a quick lap of 51.198. Brandon Lemke won the pre-final over John Paul Southern Jr.

Grand Products / Top Kart USA Parilla 1 Early in the day, Will Owen and Jamie McMurray appeared to be the class of the Parilla 1 field. Owen timed best in the Streeter qualifying session, turning a 44.932 on his Arrow. McMurray, who timed second, passed Owen early in the eight-lap pre-final to score a


Lemke finished well ahead of second-place Neil Verhagen. Simon Sikes had a nice run to finish third, Southern fourth and Michael Cruz rounded out the top five of 38 starters.

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

convincing win. McMurray backed it up in the final, wheeling his personally designed and developed JM chassis to another convincing win, this time by a 1.8-second gap over Top Kart racer Tommy Andersen. Jacob Knueven ran third, Robert Bujdoso fourth and senior rookie Derek Dignan fifth. Owen had problems in the main, retiring after nine laps and being credited with 28th in the 37-kart field. PCR Komet Junior 1 Saturday’s last class saw Washington state racer Davey Manthei Jr. time fastest at a 45.138 over WKA veteran Gresham Wagner. Ryan Raffa won the pre-final by a slim margin over Manthei and Austin McCusker. Raffa was looking for Junior win No. 2 on the day in the main, but McCusker had other ideas, racing his Haase chassis past Raffa’s Top Kart and winning by a comfortable 1.6-second gap. Raffa held on for second, finishing well ahead of Wagner. Florida racer Derek Sobel was fourth and Matt Solorczyk fifth in the 25OTK KART USA

TaG 2 1. Mike Giessen 2. T.J. Koyen 3. Mark Boos 4. Nick Neri 5. Mason Chelootz 6. Jacob Donald 7. Trenton Walko 8. Andrew Bujdoso 9. Garrett Johnston 10. Tommy Andersen POLE: Boos 40.605

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e


TaG Masters 1 1. Brian McHattie 2. Scott Falcone 3. Scott Ferris 4. Jeff Jewell 5. John Ferris III 6. Steve Schiewer 7. Kim Carapellatti 8. Bobby Greene 9. Rafael DePaoli 10. Bobby Cummings POLE: McHattie 47.064

kart field. SUNDAY Yamaha 2 Margay pilot Tony Jump opened Sunday the same way he did Saturday, posting fast time in the Yamaha qualifying session at 43.334. Jump backed up his Streeter Super Stands Pole Award with a 0.201-second triumph over 2011 WKA Triple Crown champion Joel Jens. But Jump and Jens both faded in the final after dominating the prior two rounds of competition. Patrick Olsen muscled his Top Kart USA ride to the front and pulled out to a cool 0.656-second lead over defending Yamaha Supercan Man Cup champion Dakota Pesek (Arrow). Chase Jones was third, Jens fourth and Wisconsin’s Jason Foley fifth. Jump ended up 10 seconds back of the winner in seventh. OTK Kart USA MARGAY RACING PRODUCTS

TaG Masters 2 1. Brian McHattie 2. Scott Ferris 3. John Ferris III 4. Steve Schiewer 5. Jeff Jewell 6. Bobby Cummings 7. Scott Falcone 8. Scott Roberts 9. Christopher Rock 10. Bobby Greene POLE: S. Ferris 41.577


Yamaha Sportsman 1 1. Brandon Lemke 2. Neil Verhagen 3. Simon Sikes 4. John Paul Southern Jr. 5. Michael Cruz 6. Garrett Moran 7. Austin Schaff 8. Leonardo Stoia 9. David Malukas 10. Zach Holden POLE: Holden 51.198



TaG 2 Mike Giessen returned to the WKA national scene at Daytona for the first time in over a year. Giessen timed third fastest to Top Kart racers Mark Boos and Tommy Andersen before moving past both drivers to win the pre-final over Boos. Giessen pulled his Tony Kart out to a 1.4-second advantage in the 14-lap main, crossing the stripe about 10 kart-lengths in front of Merlin racer T.J. Koyen. Boos had a consistent day and settled for third in the final. Nick Neri was fourth and 2012 tripleclass champion Mason Chelootz rounded out the top five of 31 starters. Mike Doty Racing Yamaha Rookie 2


Jeremy Fairbairn made it look fairly easy for the second day in a row in Yamaha Rookie competition. The Tony Kart racer won the Streeter Pole Award by nearly a half-second over 34 of his counterparts in qualifying. Fairbairn stretched his lead in the pre-final to over three seconds over Chandler Moran when Denny Long’s checkers waved. To no one’s surprise, Fairbairn would go on to win the final by a convincing gap. The Tony Kart racer crossed the stripe nearly eight seconds in front of Dino Lambros’s CRG. Brian Tremper Jr., also on a CRG, was third. Minnesota PCR racer Parker Abed accomplished his best Man Cup result to finish fourth. Gage Rodgers rounded out the top five. Nic Sheppard was sixth, w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Moran seventh, Ryan Schartau eighth, Jayden Larson ninth and Aiden Lindley 10th. Grand Products / Top Kart USA Cadet Sportsman 2 Former Motorama Kart Parts racer David Malukas and his HMD Trucking team had an important decision to make this past offseason when MKP switched from Birel to Top Kart chassis. Malukas ran a Top Kart at Robopong at New Castle in October, but made it a temporary switch to the blue chassis when his team decided to stay with Birel mounts and move to the Michigan-based MRP Motorsport team for 2013. After getting shut out of victory lane Saturday, Malukas returned Sunday to win both Sportsman mains. The Chicago driver’s first win came in Cadet 2 by a convincing 3.3-second margin over Pole Award winner Brandon Lemke (Merlin). Saturday double winner Anthony Gangi Jr. was third on his Tony Kart, Michael d’Orlando fourth on his Kosmic and Zach Holden fifth on his Top Kart. Thirty-four karts started the main COMET KART SALES

event. HYTORC Komet PRO 2 Tony Kart shoe Nick Neri was in the market for a Komet Pro weekend sweep and opened the final day of competition with a fast lap of 42.454 and a Streeter Pole Award. WKA veteran Patrick Olsen (Top Kart) had other ideas when the green flag waved for the prefinal, getting past Neri and pulling out to a nice 0.743 win over the Florida racer. Neri kept it close in the main, staying with Olsen and battling hard with the Wisconsin racer. Olsen fended off Neri’s challenges and won by a tight 0.266-second gap. Jonathan Kotyk (Tony Kart) was third, Joel Jens (Tony Kart) fourth and Kyle Kalish (Merlin) fifth. Olsen and Neri tied for the weekend’s overall Komet Pro $300 winning award but Olsen was given the nod based on the tie-break rule, which stated that the better finisher in Sunday’s final would determine who wins a


Yamaha Sportsman 2 Yamaha Junior 1 1. David Malukas 1. Ryan Raffa 2. Anthony Gangi Jr. 2. Grant Quinlan 3. Garrett Moran 3. Brandon Jarsocrak 4. John Paul Southern 4. Austin Osborne Jr. 5. Matt Solarczyk 5. Simon Sikes 6. Clay Van Eerd 6. Brandon Lemke 7. Austin McCusker 7. Zach Holden 8. Becker Reardon 8. Neil Verhagen 9. Christian Ledesma 9. Alex Verhagen 10. Davey Manthei Jr. 10. Giovanni Bromante POLE: McCusker 48.882 POLE: Southern 45.986

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Yamaha Junior 2 1. Brandon Jarsocrak 2. Gresham Wagner 3. Ryan Raffa 4. Emerson Reed 5. Austin McCusker 6. Grant Quinlan 7. Derek Sobel 8. Tazio Torregiani 9. Killian Keaveny 10. Becker Reardon POLE: Jarsocrak 43.296


Yamaha 1 1. Dakota Pesek 2. Patrick Olsen 3. Joel Jens 4. Tony Jump 5. Brett Schneider 6. Jason Foley 7. James Brock 8. Derek Hughes 9. Peter Michel 10. Darin Marcus POLE: Jump 48.786

Yamaha 1 1. Patrick Olsen 2. Dakota Pesek 3. Chase Jones 4. Joel Jens 5. Jason Foley 6. Brett Schneider 7. Tony Jump 8. Collin Griffin 9. James Brock 10. Peter Michel POLE: Jump 43.334



tie. Neri was awarded $200 for second and $100 went to Kotyk, who finished third both days. Verde Speed Resources Yamaha Junior 2 Pennsylvania racer Brandon Jarsocrak found some speed between Saturday and Sunday and it showed in the Yamaha Junior weekend capper. Jarsocrak timed fastest at a 43.296 and bested Emerson Reed by 1.4 seconds in win the pre-final. Gresham Wagner (Arrow) and Saturday Yamaha Junior winner Ryan Raffa (Top Kart) hung with Jarsocrak in the main. The trio finished a mere 0.289 seconds apart from one another with Jarsocrak scoring the Daytona KartWeek victory over Wagner and Raffa. Reed was fourth and Saturday Komet Junior winner Austin McCusker fifth. Thirty-three karts entered the class. Margay Racing Products TaG Masters 2 Sunday was more of the same in TaG Masters with Brian McHattie (Tony Kart) leaving little doubt who


the fastest over-35 TaG racer was at the Margay Sprint Championships. McHattie didn’t sweep Sunday’s program, however, as New Jersey Top Kart racer Scott Ferris won the pole with a 41.577. McHattie raced his way past Ferris in the pre-final and won the eightlapper by a half-second gap. McHattie pulled away one more time in the 14-lap main, stretching his lead over Ferris to 1.6 seconds by the time Denny Long’s checkers waved. Scott’s brother, John Ferris III, finished over eight seconds back of the winner in third. Indiana racer Steve Schiewer made it all Top Karts in second, third and fourth. Jeff Jewell rounded out the top five of 20 starters on his No. 41 Margay. Comet Kart Sales Yamaha Sportsman 2 David Malukas made it two-for-two on the day in the Sportsman competition and for the second time on the day, the MRP Birel racer won in convincing fashion.

w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Malukas timed second to PCR pilot John Paul Southern Jr. in qualifying, but wasted little time pulling out front in the eight-lap pre-final, winning by an impressive 2.6-second gap over Brandon Lemke. Malukas doubled his lead in the final, winning by 5.6 seconds over Saturday double victor Anthony Gangi Jr. Garrett Moran accomplished his best run of the weekend with a third-place result. Southern ran fourth while Simon Sikes rounded out the top five. Lemke, Zach Holden, Neil Verhagen, Alex Verhagen and Giovanni Bromante finished sixth through 10th in the 38-kart field. Parilla 2 The weekend’s final TaG division saw Florida DR Kart racer Jacob Duvall best Mark Boos in qualifying with a quick lap of 40.580 around the 0.7-mile DIS sprint course. Defending Parilla Leopard national champion Mason Chelootz (Top Kart) won the pre-final by a half-second gap over Duvall. Chelootz led a pair of Top Karts across the line in the main event, besting Pennsylvania’s Mark Boos by a half-second margin for his first win of KartWeek 2012. Merlin racer Kyle Kalish impressed many with a fine third-place run in his senior WKA debut. Tommy Andersen ran fourth on his Top Kart, while five-time WKA TaG national champion Robert Bujdoso (PCR) rounded out the top five of 38 starters. Sixth through

JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

10th read Corey Towles, Jacob Donald, Cal Stewart, Nick Neri and Jacob Knueven. Orlando Kart Center Komet Junior 2 Daytona KartWeek’s last sprint race comprised 25 starters in the 12- to 15-year-old Komet Junior class. After winning Saturday’s Komet Junior final, New York Haase racer Austin McCusker swept Sunday’s program in convincing fashion. McCusker won the Streeter Pole Award with a 42.338 and returned to the track to win the pre-final by a 2.3-second gap over Ryan Raffa. McCusker’s advantage in the final was about two seconds by the time the checkered flag flew. KartSport Arrow driver Gresham Wagner finished in the runner-up spot; Raffa was third to cap off a fine weekend. MRP Birel racer Grant Quinlan took fourth and Austin Osborne rounded out the top five. The WKA Mazda / Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup Series is now in the midst of a three-month break before round two of the six-race national tour, April 5-7 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, S.C. The series will close out the spring with a May 17-19 show at New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana before returning to the Hoosier State for round four, a June 28-30 show at Michiana Raceway Park.


Photo by Cody Shindle – Autosports Media

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JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e





made to the equipment and crews across the country. Everyone was doing what they thought to be the best opportunity to run competitive and get the ever most treasured victory at Daytona.

The time of the year is here and families, crews, friends and drivers will make the long, hard trip to challenge the high banks of the Daytona International Speedway and its tricky road course in the center of the superspeedway.

Most divers feel the same way about Daytona, “We are here to give it our best shot, and if a victory comes our way, no one can take that moment away from me.” Oh, that is so true. As the congregation of racers started to gather at the World Center of Racing, it was really great to see the numerous haulers, campers, SUV’s, and cars showing up around the garage area.

Making up 3.56 miles of pure speed and 100 percent concentration for all the drivers. Much changes

As I rolled into the garage area, most of the garages were full of familiar karts and some new equipment

s most families were waiting for the jolly ole St. Nick to leave sugarplums dancing in their heads, the kart teams from around the country were burning the midnight oil getting ready for the 2012 version of WKA’s Daytona KartWeek at Daytona International Speedway.


w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

Article by: todd king of krapp photos by: karen brow n - krapp4

that was amazing to see. We saw many new faces, and yes even the sly old Wild E., Coyotes were ready for the challenge ahead. The spirits were high, and anticipations were getting to some of the competitors. “It’s Daytona, what else can we expect from this place. Lots of good equipment here, so we put it out there and let the chips fall where they fall.” Thank you to everyone that made the trip to KartWeek 2012. Let’s see what happened. As the sun rose on Friday morning, everyone arrived at the racetrack with the familiar sunrise over the back straightaway. It is always amazing to see the beautiful skyline in Florida. The buzz started early as teams and drivers were getting focused to practice on the 3.56JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

mile road course. As most of the WKA Officials gathered before the sunrise to go over final plans and all corner workers getting their last minute assignments, racers were preparing for a safe day of practice and to be prepared in case something did not go right. The drivers and crews congregated on Gatorade Victory Lane for the drivers meeting. The stands were packed and friends reacquainted themselves with laughter, smiles, and great anticipations. As Brandon Taylor greeted everyone to 2012 KartWeek, his rules and regulations were firm and to the point for all drivers and crews participating at the season opener.



“Safety is the No. 1 thing on the minds of the corner workers and officials here at Daytona,” Taylor began. “We want everyone to have fun and be safe, and get the most optimum practice for all the teams. Everyone play nice and there will be no penalties handed down on the race track.” Six good rounds of practice went off with no major problems. Hats go off to all teams and crews for doing a fantastic job on Daytona Practice day. This is a true sign of veterans and rookies working together and getting the best pound for your buck on the track. Over 250 competitors challenged themselves on the track go to the pits to work some more and try the changes again on the track. “I put everything new, old, and some ideas


I have never tried on the kart, shoot, I still have no speed.” I heard this comment all day, keep trying. Parts failed, engines went sour, no speed, and no drafting. Drafting again was a key factor in all of practice day. You had to have a dance partner to do the Waltz. It was tough. From laydowns, sprints, and shifters, everyone had their own challenges on tack and in the garage area. Time was running out on any changes to make for the races start tomorrow morning. As the sun set on the day, here are a few comments made on this day. “You know Daytona is a great facility. It’s massive and big, but I just cannot get speed here, we have issues.” A sprint driver said, “ I worked on my kart 600 miles away and long distance changes are tough. I am w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

working on tires and motor issues, no speed.” A laydown diver said, “Did not do much to the kart, added a few changes and it is what it is this weekend.” Got a wink and a smile, and the diver walked off. A shifter driver said, “I have a new chassis, body work, new suit and helmet, I want to be fast and bad to the bone.” Several conversations in big huddles throughout the garage, was motors, “What to do, what to do?” The sun set on this question to be answered on race day. Saturday morning was not a good day for the racetrack. We all woke up to the rumble of some thunder and rain. As I drove to the track, puddles of water on the road and the tunnel was wet with moisture. Not a good sign. As the morning continued the rain finally went away. Now comes the task of drying the racing surface, which is at least a two-hour job. In our favor was a strong wind to help dry the track. Brandon Taylor stated, “If it stops raining, we are looking toward noon time getting the practices and races started for the day.” JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

With the help of Mother Nature and the excellent work of the Daytona crew and officials, the races were going to get started by noon. Two quick rounds of practice went off with no problems for all the competitors on this day. I asked one driver on the condition of the racetrack. “ The track was in great shape, no puddles of water, just right now, a strong head wind coming out of three and four onto the front straightaway. We’ll be OK, just something do deal with.” So folks, grab your steering wheel, its time to go racing! Race 1 Saturday Due to the weather earlier in the day, the race was shorted to 20 minutes in length. 50 competitors started race number one. Everyone finished without no red flags in this event. Courtney Atkinson set fast time in this race at 85.491 m.p.h. Congratulations to her. Van-K Wheels Clone 385 saw six competitors start the race with Kevin Colborn running away with a 33 second victory over Joseph Cuslidge. Mark Gallagher came in third. A few Dq’s were handed out due to seat issues. Streeter Super Stands Stock Leopard Sprint



Final 1: Thirteen competitors started this race, all leaving pit road together and anyone’s race to win. Congratulations to Phil Kirby who out dueled Brent Lyman by 0.020 at the Daytona stripe. Mike Hoff came in third, 22 seconds behind. Heiser Trailer Leasing Yamaha Sportsman Sprint Final 1: Three competitors started the event, with the victory coming to David Bruinsma over Zackary Clark by over one minute. Third place driver JR Holt was DQ’ed due to seat. Animal Limited Modified 385: This high-octane race had six competitors to start the event. Jonathan Tedder was victorious over Toni Alexander by .520 seconds. Charles Wilbur finished third over thirty seconds behind.


Junior Sprint Lite: Two competitors started with New York’s JT Coupal winning and Alex Frazier coming in second. Animal Junior Sprint Lite: Had four young competitors starting the Junior ranks. North Carolina’s Chris Kuley out dueled Alabama’s Will Delaney by a close 0.192 seconds. Jacob Berkevich finished third, with fourth going to Rafel Leon. LO206 385: Eight racers started this race with Dennis Claunch crossing the finish line first, 0.104 seconds over Jamie Webb. Steve Jeffers finished third over 33 seconds behind Dennis. Several DQ’s were handed out in this contest, due to seat issues. Clone 335: Three racers started this event with the win going to Rob Hindrey, but due to infractions after the w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

race, Rob was DQ. The win went to David Plankis, and second going to Stephen Gallagher. Yamaha Sprint Lite: Four racers started with Courtney Atkinson winning on a lap by herself over Jimmy Duguay. Hali Vandermuelen finished third. Congratulations to all competitors in race number one. Race 2 Saturday Once again to rainy weather race 2 was shorted to 30 minutes from 45 minutes. Get it done fast and quick. 40 racers started this session. B Stock: Fourteen competitors started this race, with a fantastic start for all. Scott Goodman was victorious after thirty minutes of fast racing. Johnny Howard came in second 3.455 seconds later. Allen Cox was third 24.984 seconds behind Scott. Tom O’Reilly finished fourth, 39.919 seconds behind. Rev-Clean Formula 125: Five racers took the green flag with Brian Wilhelm finishing first. Mitch White finished second 36.791 seconds behind. Fran Mazzucotelli finished in third. Formula 100 Final 1: Nine competitors started at the green flag with Anthony Honeywell finishing victorious over Don Chrzan by 50.877. Jason Lorang finished third over one lap down. Dart Kart Club 100cc Yamaha Medium: Eleven racers started the green flag with the win going to Richie Warren. Margay’s Keith Freber finished a close second by 0.149 seconds. Lance Yunck finished third over one lap down. JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

Congratulations to all racers in race two. Everyone came home safe and sound. Race 3 Saturday Due to earlier rain showers race three was shorted from 30 minutes to 20 minutes long. Brad Zoeller set fast time in race three at 94.532 m.p.h. Congratulations on race quick time. 23 racers started race three. TaG Heavy: Eight racers started with the victory going to Scott Behnke. Brent Lyman finished second 1.201 seconds behind. Keith Buffo finished third 17.315 seconds behind Scott. CIK 125 Shifter Final 1: Eight competitors started the race, with a good start for all racers. Donald Santini was victorious over Mike Wright by 12.434 seconds. Colbi Bradley finished third, 29.413 seconds behind Donald. WKA 125 Shifter Final 1: Brad Zoeller ran away with this class. Brad beat Tracey Philliips by 44.324 seconds. Stephen Flatt came in a distant third by 1:54.468 seconds. In race number three, there were several disqualifications handed out after post race inspections. “The WKA crew did a great job with challenging weather conditions,” Zoeller said after his win. Race 4 Saturday Weather again will shorten the race venue from 45 minutes to a 30 minute race. Thirty-



eight competitors took the green flag for race 4. Randy Fulks set quick time for race 4. 94.404 m.p.h. Congratulations Randy for a job well done. Sleeper Racing Team 100cc Controlled Spec 1: Fourteen racers started at the green flag, with Randy Fulks taking the checkered flag in the end. Randy out dueled Brandon Fry by 1.210 seconds at the line. Rick Fulks came in third 34.762 seconds behind Randy. Several disqualifications were handed out at the post race inspections. Hoosier Racing Tire Yamaha Sportsman Lite: Fifteen karts started at the green flag, with Keith Freber taking the checkered flag in his class. Riley Howe finished second one lap down, followed by Zackary Clarke finishing third also one lap down from Keith. Dart Kart Club 100 cc Pipe Heavy: Seven racers started the green flag with Michael McCombs finishing first. Mallory Davis finished second one lap down, with Mark Hicks finishing third also one lap down to Michael. Being consistent with everything in post race inspection, there were several penalties handed down to the drivers. Race 5 Saturday


Once again the race has been shorted from 30 minutes to a 20 minute sprint to the finish. 23 Competitors started at the green flag for this race. Congratulations to Brian Wilhelm for setting quick time in race 5. Brian ran 103.877 m.p.h. Unlimited Final 1: Seven racers took the green flag off of pit road. Brian Wilhelm took the checker flag at the end of 20 minutes. Gregory Stamm finished second 1:07.320 minutes behind. Carl Goutell finished third 1:36.526 minutes behind Brian. Texas Lone Star Grand Prix Stock Honda 1: Had seven competitors to take the green flag at the beginning. In the end Mark Nagy was victorious over Carson Miller by 0.045 seconds. You could have thrown a blanket over the two at the line. Ross Kasner finished third, 8.315 seconds behind Mark. DKC 250 Twin 1: Two competitors started with Bobby Butler winning his class over Mark Croslyn. Some great races in all the classes in Race 5. Congratulations to all racers here. Race 6 Saturday Race again is shortened from 30 minutes to 20 minutes w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

due to earlier weather. Now darkness is starting to set in on the race track. 50 competitors started at the green flag of this event. Congratulations to Gary Baker setting quick time for race 6. Gary speed was 89.799 m.p.h. Great job! DD2 Final 1: Had three competitors taking the green flag with Jeff Ford winning. Derek Billingsley came in second. Jeff Futh finishing third. Russell Builders & Consultants WKA Sprint Final 1: Seven racers started the green flag. In the end a penalty affected the outcome of the race. David Brunisma finished first with Adam Trumbley finishing second 28.948 seconds behind. Jay Chapman finished in third 38.365 seconds behind David.

WKA for making my dream of winning at Daytona possible,” Buffo added. Phoenix Printing Animal Sprint 335: Fifteen racers started this pack, and it was not disappointing. It was quick and furious off the line going into turn one. In the end Sam Sheckells blanketed Zachary Linsell by a quick 0.008 seconds back. Austin Fluaer beat Stephen Kilsdonk by 0,015 seconds at the line for third and fourth. Hoosier Racing Tire Animal Sprint 385: Fifteen racers started this green flag race. In the end Kevin Colborn rose to the top victorious over Jonathon Tedder by 8.952 seconds. Stehpen Whetley finished third 17.679 seconds behind Kevin.

TaG Final 1: Seven racers started at the green flag. All left together going into turn one. In the end Keith Buffo came out victorious in the end. Brent Lyman finished second 0.055 seconds back. It was a photo finish in the end. Rhonda Mims-Brown finished third 53.881 seconds behind Keith.

Open Sprint 1: Had three competitors to start. In the end Gary Baker finished with the win. Nelson Hicks finished second, followed by William Evens finishing third. Again several penalties handed down altered the results of the races in Race 6.

“I was in third pushing to catch back up with Aaron Snyder and Brent Lyman,” Buffo said. “When they got tangled up with another class in the infield, it left Brent and me nose to tail to settle it in the closing minutes. After swapping the lead a couple times, I got by him coming into the tri-oval for the checkers.

Race 7 Saturday The final race of the day cut short again due to the earlier rain, and now dark shadows have set in and visibility is getting poor. 32 competitors started at the green flag. Congratulations to Randy Fulks who set quick time in Race 7 with a speed of 94.183 m.p.h. Congratulations Randy.

“I want to thank Mike Camarra at CFMotorsports for building me one massively strong Rotax, as well as DRT Racing’s Brian Fisher whose expert advice in the garage got me the speed I needed to win. And the

The Agile Group, Inc. 100cc Controlled: Eight racers took the green flag in the beginning. Randy Fulks was victorious over Scott Grenter by 11.154 seconds.


Lance Fry finished third by 11. 246 seconds over Randy. It was a great finish for second and third. It was a good bang- bang finish. AM Motorsports Yamaha Sportsman Heavy: 21 racers started this event. Everyone left the starting grid together to race the track and the dark conditions. In the end Riley Howe came out victorious. Keith Freber finished second by 1.748 seconds. Matt Michel finished third 17.105 seconds behind Riley. Junior Enduro Lite: Had two racers to start at the checker flag. Matt Hicks finished first, with Lucas Maurer finishing second. We saw lots of interesting things happen on and off the race track today. Weather played a big factor from the time the sun rose in the morning. Rain delayed most of the morning, but the system broke and the track dried. Strong winds played big time factors for the racers as they exited turn three and four. Down the front stretch the wind was like hitting brick


wall. So, drafting was not a easy thing to do. I’m sure it played a big factor in many of the outcomes in all the races. Yes, but not least, penalties. Many drivers got slapped in the tomb of doom. Lets see if the racers will bend the rules for Sundays’ races. Till tomorrow, work hard and fast and race safe. The garage area is full of drivers and teams scratching their heads on how to tame this monster of a place. Got to the race track on Sunday morning with no sight of rain or bad weather. Mother nature was still showing that sometimes Daytona is not very warm and fuzzy. The temperature was at least 25 degrees colder than Saturday, and still a strong head wind out of turn 3 and 4 and right down the tri-oval. As two quick rounds of practice took place, the drivers came into the pits with folded arms and frozen hands. As one driver stated, “Its cold enough on my hands to bring tears to my eyes.” So mother nature was at her best for the drivers and teams. Because of the colder temperatures, tires w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

and tire pressures were the key factor getting ready for the Sunday racing. The drivers are ready, the National Anthem has played, lets go racing. Race 1 Sunday At race time the outside temperature was 45 degrees, and protection from the wind was a key factor. No changes to race time, a full 30 minute race. Congratulations to William Evans for setting quick time in race one at 85.959 m.p.h. DD2 Final 2: Three racers started this race, with the victory going to Jeff Futch. Derek Billingsley finished a blanked second, just 0.052 seconds behind Jeff. Great finish for Sunday, Jeff Ford finished third but did not weigh. Open Sprint 2: This class was won by William Evans, who also set quick time for race one. Gary Baker came in second, with Nelson Hicks who did not weigh after the race. Vintage Classic 2: It was great to see the classic karts running at Daytona. Three competitors started with Dick Charest coming in first. Colm Ohiggins finished second with Divain Parks finishing third but failed to weigh after the race. WKA Sprint Final 2: Adam Myers pretty much spanked the class. Adam finished on a lap by himself. David Bruinsman finished second, with Adam Trumbley finishing third. Six competitors started the class. TS Racing TaG Final 2: Five karts started the race with a familiar name at the top, Aaron Snyder. Brent Lyman finished second to Aaron by 20.966 seconds. Keith Buffo finished third 31.483 seconds behind. MGM / Moon Power Animal Sprint 360: One of the largest fields in Sundays’ races, they started off with 26 karts and drivers. After 30 minutes Jonathan Tedder came out on top victorious. It was very close, Scott Evans finished second by 0.149 seconds. Kevin Colborn finished third just 0,159 seconds behind Jonathan. Podium Racers of Indy Animal Sprint 410: Nine karts started this class. Paul Rice finished first across the line, followed by Clark Simonton Jr in second. Clark JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3 - ka rt i n g s c e n e

was 24.681 second behind Paul. Rob Garland finished third 50.564 seconds behind Paul. Race 2 Sunday Race two still had cold temperatures, and strong winds and gust still challenging the drivers and karts on the race surface. Randy Fulks set quick time for race two. His top speed was 94.944 m.p.h. Tru Stripe 100cc Yamaha Heavy: Thirteen karts started the event. In the end Keith Freber finished first, followed by Richie Warren in second 46.241 seconds behind. Lance Yunck finished third one lap down to Keith. 100cc Controlled Spec 2 Eleven karts started the class. The winner of the race and quick time for race two was Randy Fulks. The race was not a give me. Randy beat Brandon Fry at the line by 0.038 seconds. This was a fantastic finish. Rick Fulks finished third 21.585 seconds behind Randy. Junior Enduro Heavy: Two young competitors started the event. Matt Hicks finished first followed by Lucas Maurer. Great job drivers. 100cc Controlled 2: Seven competitors started the class with Randy Fulks finishing first on a lap by himself. Courtney Atkinson finished second and Don Chrzan third, both one lap down to Randy. Race 3 Sunday The outside temperature continued to stay very cold at the start of race 3. Even though strong winds continued it was still difficult coming out of turns 3 and 4. Brad Zoeller posted quick time for race 3 at 94.575 m.p.h. TaG Heavy 2: Eight karts started the race, with a great start. In the end Aaron Snyder crossed the checkered flag first. Scott Behnke finished second by 7.818 seconds behind Aaron. Keith Buffo finished third 8.160 seconds behind Aaron. CIK 125 Shifter Final 2: Nine karts started the event with Mark Nagy crossing the line first. The win was not without a battle to the end. Great photo finish. Donald Santini finished second by 0.051 seconds and Nevin Nelson finishing third just0.055 seconds behind Mark. Great finish here.



WKA 125 Shifter Final 2: Six competitors started this race with quick time setter Brad Zoeller winning over Tracy Phillips by 1:07.65 seconds. Garry Brazeal finished third one lap down. “With the cold weather conditions affecting carb jetting, we needed a pit stop for fuel,” Zoeller explained. “The TS Racing team did a great job of getting me in and out without losing the lead.” Race 4 Sunday As the afternoon rolled around, the temperatures were still very cold compared to days past. Everyone still was battling Mother Nature and the wind gust. Bryan Danieli set quick time for race 4 at 81.761 m.p.h. LO 206 360: Seven karts and drivers started the event with Jeff Webb winning over Robert Claunch by 1.469 seconds. Ryan Snyder finished third one lap down. Streeter Super Stands Stock Leopard Sprint Final 2: Ten racers took to the track for this event. Phil Kirby edged out Brent Lyman at the line by 0.060 seconds. Great finish. Bryan Danieli finished third 13.217 seconds behind Phil.

Daytona. JT Copal won the race followed by Alex Frazier. Great job young drivers. Animal Junior Sprint Heavy: Four started the event with Kris Kelley coming across the line first. Second place goes to Will Delaney 15.463 behind Kris. Jacob Berkevich finished third one lap down. Van-K Wheels Clone 360: Six racers started the race. In the end Kevin Colborn was victorious over Sam Sheckles by one lap. Darren Greene finished third one lap sown also. Clone 410: Two racers started with Paul Rice finished first, followed by Joseph Cuslidge one lap down. Yamaha Sprint Heavy: Two racers competed here. Jimmy Duguay finished first followed by Jeff Standridge a distant second. Race 5 Sunday Mid afternoon for this race and the wind is still very strong down the front straight and turns 3 and 4. The temperature at race time is 47 Degrees. Travis Miller set quick time for race 6. Travis ran 96.030 m.p.h.

Formula 100 Final 2. Eight karts were registered to Heiser Trailer Leasing Yamaha Sportsman Sprint Final start this class. Travis Miller won over Michael Tracy 2: Four racers and karts started. Zackary Clark finished by one lap. Brian Morrse finish third also one lap first at the line over David Bruinsma by 42.986 down to Travis. seconds. Pat Blake finished third one lap down. CKI Yamaha Sportsman Medium: A large field of Animal Limited Modified 360: Four hot rods started 22 karts was on the grid for this battle. In the end the event. In the end in a close battle for first and Keith Freber was victorious over Matt Michael. Matt second, James Toland finished first, with Charles was disqualified after post race inspection. Second Wilbur finishing second 0.013 seconds behind. A drop was awarded to Ryley Howe and Courtney Atkinson to the apron in the end did not move James. Dennis finished third. Smith finished a distant third. 100cc Pipe Medium: Eleven racers were on the grid Team Finork Racing Junior Sprint Heavy: Two to start. Due to Tech issues after the race Pierce young drivers mastered their machines around Baldus was not awarded the win. Mallory Davis was


w o r l d ka rt i n g . c o m

awarded the win Bernie Baldus was also penalized with a disqualification after the race. Adam Trumbley finished second, and Fran Mazzucottelli finished third.

equipment, and teams. As everyone had a safe trip to Daytona, may everyone have a safe journey home to your loved ones and families.

The race was challenging and fast paced and the red flag made it even more challenging,” Davis stated after the event. “I remember specifically praying while going down the back straight praying and asking that God give my the gifts Michael Davis had to win and succeed on this track. My determination to do well was all dedicated to him and his family.”

Congratulations to all competitors that endured all the weather elements, kart issues, motor issues, clutches, and tires. Victory at Daytona is special and sweet. In the record books and your memory, the victory can never be replaced. An awesome display to the racers that not only one once during KartWeek, but two or more victories. Two time winners: Phil Kirby, Jonathan Tedder, David Bruinsman, Kris Kuley, Brad Zoeller, Mark Nagy, Bobby Butler, Matt Hicks, Aaron Snyder and Paul Rice.

Race 6 Sunday As the shadows start to creep across the track, the conditions never changed much for everyone. Brian Wilhelm set quick time for race 6 at 103.795 m.p.h. Unlimited Final 2: Fourteen racers started the last race of the day. In the end quick time setter Brian Wilhelm was victorious over Robby Harper by 31.972 seconds at the line. Mitch White came in third 37.687 seconds behind Brian. Stock Honda 2: Eight racers started on the grid. Carson Miller was victorious. It was not easy Carson beat Mark Nagy at the line by 0.027 seconds. Ryan Petty finished third at the line by 0.059 seconds. Very good finish. DKC 250 Twin 2: Two racers started with the victory going to Bobby Butler and Mark Croslyn finishing second. Well, Daytona KartWeek is now in the books. A few surprises on Sunday, with penalties being handed down after their races were over. Same goes for Saturday racing also. Many good things came out of Daytona, with the new karts,

Three time winners: Kevin Colborn, Brian Wilhelm. Four time winners: Randy Fulks, Keith Freber. In my own opinion, I can only put my pen down, put the camera away and stand and applause each and every one of you that fought the good fight and now you have 52 weeks to get ready for Kartweek 2013. Next stop for Road Racing is our favorite track in the Georgia pines. Roebling Road in February. Make your family plans for this date in February. Bring your warm clothes cause the Georgia pines may still have frost on bark. Safe journeys to all, and God Speed to everyone on the road racing with friends and family. Till next time, see you in the camera lens!

WKA Karting Scene - 2013 January Issue  
WKA Karting Scene - 2013 January Issue  

WKA Karting Scene - 2013 January Issue