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living well and fit

What our customers have to sayI trained with Orville for over a year and found him to be knowledgeable, thorough, motivating, and caring. Even though I hate to exercise, he always motivated me to do more and “finish strong.” One of my complaints with other trainers was injuries, he assured me that wouldn’t happen; and although I always left the gym exhausted, I was never injured. I tend to get bored easily and lose interest, but Orville always challenged me with new routines. The fact that he loves what he does is evident in the sessions he gives to his clients. – Karen B.

Thank you for being my dedicated personal trainer during the past year. Working out is not an easy task for me, but you have encouraged, motivated, and inspired me to the point that I am now more driven and confident that I will gain results and live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for the multitude of skills set you have as a trainer and for wanting to change people’s mindsets concerning the whole issue of nutrition and exercise (my mindset in particular). It is evident that you enjoy what you do and understand the body, physiology, and how exercise impacts the body. – Rebecca B.


My personal trainer…the only person I love to hate, has pushed me to work harder than I ever thought possible. Since I started Training with Orville, I have lost 20 pounds, dropped 10% body fat, and gone down a full clothing size! I work with Orville two days a week for an hour and each time is a completely different workout. He has knowledge, skills, and most importantly the patience to work with me and keep me reaching for my goals. He also gives me the little extra push I need when I think I’m too tired to continue. If you want results, this is the way to go! I hope you join me, and the many other people who benefit from having a personal trainer. – Deborah B.

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October is a busy month with Breast Cancer Awareness, Physical Therapy Month and National Spinal Health Month. However, for this issue, our main focus is Breast Cancer Awareness. Ladies, do your monthly self-checks and annual mammograms. Make sure you are doing all you can to keep yourself healthy. These may not be full proof but they are the best ways to catch things early.

The women featured this month are survivors, so much more impressive to me than those on the television show! They are women with incredible strength and faith; taking one day at a time – living life to the fullest. They have gone through so much and each with their own unique story to share. They got educated on their treatment options and made choices that were best for them. Through meeting them and hearing their stories, I found that there are many types of breast cancer and many stages and each may have several recommended treatments. Wow. A scary tough process, that was made a little easier for each of them by an introduction to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition and getting a mentor, someone who has been where they are. Their support network of family, friends and mentors are key to them keeping positive attitudes or getting through tough days. Knowing that they aren’t alone in this fight and that others have been where they are and made it – survivors.

Send me your favorite recipes to - I need some fresh new ideas for the recipe page and would love to try some of your favorites. Desserts, main courses, absolutely anything, take a photo and send that as well.

- Thank You, Lisa Dolbey, Editor

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On The Cover... are twenty breast cancer survivors. You can find

out a little bit about each of them in our profiles section. Pressley Beauty Academy in Dover had the honor of pampering them with hairstyles, makeup, manicures, and pedicures and they felt like queens for the day and were made even more beautiful. They were treated to music by Mario Rocco and great food by Cajun Queens Cuisine and also the Dover Air Force Base Wives Club brought some treats for them to enjoy. Thank you so much to each of them for making this a wonderful photo shoot and great experience for these ladies. And thank you also to Mike Baker of CM Baker Photography! Without all of these, our photo shoots couldn’t happen.


health and medical By Dr. Philip Chao Dr. Philip Chao graduated from Yale University and continued his studies at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, receiving his medical degree in 1983. Dr. Chao has been interested in MRI technology since its very beginning – the first MRI scan took place in 1981 while he was pursuing his medical studies. The University of Pennsylvania was at the heart of the development of this technology and where Dr. Chao was able to work with pioneers in MRI on the first GE Signa 1.5T (tesla) scanner. His advanced research and specializations complete, Dr. Chao left the University of Pennsylvania for a position as Director of MRI in Wilmington, DE – a position he held for 14 years. Dr. Chao eventually left that position to create the best MRI center in Delaware, using the very latest technology: 3T MRI.

Detecting Breast Cancer


As I write this article, it is September—National Alzheimer’s Disease Month—and only one month before the new Health Exchanges under Obamacare. Women with a family history of ovarian or breast cancer should read this article very carefully. Genetic testing is being discussed more and more and many doctors are confused as to how it fits into responsible patient care. Some people even claim that testing has not been proven to save lives. It is absolutely important to know if you have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. These cancer genes could quadruple your chance of getting cancer. This is particularly important if you have any first degree relatives with breast or ovarian cancer. If you have several second degree relatives with breast or ovarian cancer, then you should have testing. Why test? The picture here shows a Worst Case Scenario: A woman with the BRCA1 gene who presented with a 7mm mass … which grew into a 7 cm mass in just one year. WOW! This shows you how important it is to know if you have the BRCA1 or 2 gene. MRI Consultants offers genetic testing for the BRCA1 gene or BRCA2 gene. Rather than having to have a lengthy and expensive consultation with the genetics department of a hospital, we simply gather your genetic sample (cells from your mouth) and send it to a national genetic testing facility. While we do this for free, a referral from your Primary Care Physician is required. The patient fills out a short medical history form and insurance questionnaire, and the lab agrees to contact your insurance company to see if the

doctor orders a brain scan with and without contrast.

test is covered, and, if so, what cost is passed on to the patient. You are notified of the cost before any work is done, and if you decide not to go forward, you are not charged. Under Obamacare, this genetic testing will be covered. Under Obamacare, all sorts of screening tests will be FREE.

3T MRI IS 100% SENSITIVE TO BREAST CANCER. Spectroscopy is also about 95% specific. Breast MR imaging times at 3T can be as little as 8 minutes with dynamic contrast after the localizing images. Spectroscopy only makes the test more specific. For detection of breast cancer ONLY 3T MRI was shown to be 100% sensitive in a study supported by the American College of Radiology. Spectroscopy was found at Hopkins to be the next important test for breast imaging. However, it has not yet caught on in Delaware. (For more

At present, we are the only MRI facility in Delaware to offer spectroscopy. There are no cons to proton spectroscopy. It uses no ionizing radiation. It provides crucial information that no other imaging test can give and few doctors have even heard of it- unless they are a cancer researcher. Dr. Chao has done spectroscopy since his fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania when he then brought it to Delaware. It is useful for brain tumors, breast cancer and prostate cancer detection. It can show your tumor in the prostate when your PSA level is going up. It can show if a mass in the breast is cancerous. Without any incisions. Not only does it have no side effects or contraindications, it can also detect Alzheimer’s Disease.

Many people—even doctors— are totally unaware that MRI comes in several levels of quality … ranging from “fuzzy” images to ones that are crystal clear. We do body diffusion weighted imaging (“DWI”). In the brain, this technique shows early strokes. In the body, it shows tumors of the GI tract and of the kidneys. We found two pancreatic cancers just last year. We found several patients with liver metastases using this technique. In the past year alone, we diagnosed two kidney tumors based on their appearance on DWI.

Proton spectroscopy is a test available that will not expose you to radiation needlessly. It can provide crucial information even when they think you might have a stroke – which can be misdiagnosed. If your stroke does not follow normal clinical expectations they can ask for spectroscopy of the so-called stroke. Sometimes doctors misdiagnose stroke when you actually have a brain tumor. Having spectroscopy done for free – at our Lewes advanced 32 channel MRI takes 4-5 minutes more scan time and is FREE when your

We offer cutting edge technology tempered with 28 years of experience doing, teaching and inventing MRI techniques. 3T is faster, has more resolution, and it is the MOST detailed and accurate scan available. For more information on this and other MRI-related issues, check our websites: www.mriconsultants. net For people who are without insurance, we offer a low Out-of-Pocket


discount and for those who are truly claustrophobic, we offer IV sedation. We try to make your MRI experience as low-stress as possible.

Breast Cancer On MRI

Two Locations Best Open MRI

1 Centurian Drive, Suite 107

Newark, DE

302 838 7800 MRI Consultants 17252-9 N. Village Main Blvd

Lewes, DE

302 827 4251

health and medical By Dr. Stephanie Steckel Dr. Stephanie Steckel is a diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics, and started her Dover orthodontic practice in 1995. Her experience as a general dentist prior to specializing means she can more easily coordinate care with your general dentist. At Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL), her OSL team provides excellent orthodontic experiences and results for their patients. They are proud to support the Kent County community in numerous educational, sports and volunteer activities.

Are Straight Teeth Healthier Teeth?


Patients who consult with me at Orthodontics on Silverlake (OSL) about their smile are motivated to make changes so that their teeth are straighter and their smile is more esthetic and appealing. They can point to the pictures we take at the consult and tell me what they want to change about their smile. It’s an exciting time because orthodontic treatment is in most cases a very predictable process that yields excellent esthetic results for our OSL patients. Malocclusion (“Bad Bite”) affects about 75% of American adults. Malocclusion can include an excessive overbite, protruded front teeth, crowded teeth, and other conditions. When your teeth are not well-aligned they are harder to clean and this can increase your risk for periodontal or gum disease. There is strong epidemiological evidence that periodontal disease provides an increased future risk for cardiovascular disease, and there is also a moderate link associating periodontal disease with diabetes. (1,2) One study (3) found orthodontic treatment normalized the bite forces on the newlystraightened teeth and resulting

recovery of the gum tissues, even a year after orthodontic treatment was completed. Another study (4) found that overlapping of incisor teeth is directly related to gingivitis (which can lead to periodontal disease) and this relationship cannot be explained simply by an effect on oral hygiene. So, straight teeth are healthier teeth.

Look at what our awesome patients had to say about us this summer!

Invisalign ® Treatment can be used to address many patients’ malocclusions and esthetic concerns. The patient pictured below finished her orthodontic treatment in 18 months:

“Everyone is nice, and they explain what they are doing clearly.” -Gillian L.

References: 1. Periodontitis : a future risk of acute coronary syndrome? A follow-up study over 3 years. Rehnvert S. Ohlsson O., et al, J. of Periodontology (7/2010)

“This place is AMAZING!!! Staff is friendly, professional, and my results were more than I ever expected!” -Ashton C.

2. New Reports confirm perio-systemic connection and outline clinical recommendations (AAP)

“Very professional! But still friendly and welcoming.” -Amy M.

3. Eismann, D., Prusas R. Eur J Orthod. 1990 Aug;12(3):281-3. Periodontal findings before and after orthodontic therapy in cases of incisor cross-bite.

“Great communication! The fact that there are not 35 kids waiting for the Doctor fells more like one-toone.” -Lisa L. “Everyone knows who I am and even on a bad day, it is always happy to be here.” -Ashton M.

4. Eur J Orthod. 1998 Feb;20(1):65-72. The relationship between irregularity of the incisor teeth, plaque, and gingivitis: a study in a group of schoolchildren aged 11-14 years.

“Friendly staff, appointment flexibility.” -Jennifer H.

So, straight teeth are healthier teeth.

Call us at Orthodontics on Silverlake (302)672-7776 to discuss your healthier smile!

Before picture

42 Hiawatha Lane Dover, DE 19904

After picture

(302)672-7776 Mention the Women’s Journal when you call for your compilmentary exam.


health and medical By Erik and Jenny Mabus Erik and Jenny Mabus, owners of Bayard Pharmacy, have been residents of Dover for the past 10 years. Erik Mabus has been a registered pharmacist since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 1989. He has held multiple management and supervisory positions within the retail pharmacy industry. Jenny Mabus has worked in pharmacy as a technician, but also has talent in interior design. Jenny is responsible for the very warm, friendly and inviting feel of Bayard Pharmacy. Both owners are dedicated to providing the residents of Dover with the highest level of customer care possible. The owners have also created a charity fund, Bayard Pharmacy Cares, which will provide 25 cents to a local charity for every prescription filled through their pharmacy. Located at 202 West Loockerman (corner with Governors Ave), the pharmacy is readily accessible to local residents, business men and women and government employees. Website – Phone 302-724-4497.

Avoiding the Winter “Bugs”


The cough and cold season is rapidly approaching. And although this is prime prescription season for the pharmacies, most pharmacists would prefer to see you up on your feet, healthy and happy. The trick though is trying to avoid the germs that seem to be everywhere. What follows are some very basic, common sense choices you can make to help you avoid the winter time blahs. First, I feel very strongly that everyone should be immunized against the flu virus yearly, unless of course, you have a specific medical condition or severe allergy to the flu shot. Flu shots can be gotten at most any pharmacy (Bayard Pharmacy included) without an appointment. They are relatively inexpensive and are covered on many insurance plans. If your insurance doesn’t cover them through the pharmacy then schedule an appointment with your doctor. In any case, this would drastically reduce the cases of flu diagnosed each year. And although the flu, for most people, will be self-limiting, it can be very severe and possibly life threatening to the elderly, infants or those in poor health. As one last point on the flu vaccine, it is absolutely impossible to get the flu from the flu vaccine. So please don’t let that be the reason you choose not to get vaccinated. Help stop the spread of influenza this year and protect yourself and those in poor health. If you are 60 or older and have not been immunized for pneumonia then I recommend that as well. Pneumonia shots are also available at most pharmacies.

For those of you who still get sick with the flu, or other infections please help everyone else by staying home if possible. So many times we see someone out in a crowded public area coughing, hacking and basically sharing their illness with everyone in their vicinity. Most winter time infections tend to be air born so coughing and sneezing is a sure way to infect others. So for everyone’s sake please stay home. The same

frequently. You don’t need to be a “germaphobe”. It’s ok to go out in public. It’s ok to touch things like a shopping cart, money, or other public items. It’s even ok to shake someone’s hand. It is just crucial that after touching these things you wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20-30 seconds. If that’s not available use hand sanitizer as needed. Just remember if you haven’t washed your hands then keep your hands away from your face. Do not bite your nails. Don’t scratch your nose. Don’t pick at food stuck in your teeth. Don’t directly handle food that you plan on putting in your mouth. These are pretty common sense thoughts, but things that are often habitual and

goes for your children. If they are sick, don’t send them into school to be with hundreds of other young children. You will be more comfortable and everyone else will be a little safer and healthier. You can even find a pharmacy that delivers (like Bayard Pharmacy). Have the doctor send the prescription directly to the pharmacy and just let them know you want free delivery. Then go home, curl up on the sofa, relax and wait for your prescriptions to be brought right to you.

easily forgotten. Lastly, try to help boost your immune system. Eating a healthy diet and getting mild exercise will help. Foods to eat include: oranges, broccoli, turkey, beef, yogurt, olive oil and sweet potatoes. If your diet needs help you can also purchase vitamin and nutritional supplements in any pharmacy or grocery store. Ask the pharmacist for their recommendations. Generally higher levels of beta carotene, vitamin C, E and zinc all help with your immune system. Garlic, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids all can also help to build your immunity to fight bacteria and viruses.

We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, Tricare and Medco!

Our retail shop carries groceries, over-the-counter medications, gifts, greeting cards, household goods, and much more!

Transferring prescriptions is easy...our pharmacist does all the work for you!

202 w. Loockerman Street Dover, DE 19904 302-724-4497 “Like” us on Facebook!

Now for those of you who aren’t sick here are a few basic tips to keep you healthy. First, wash your hands very

Hours: M-F 8:00 to 6:30, SAT 9 to 1, SUN Closed


health and medical Presented by Dr. Alan Gonzalez-Cota Dr. Alan Gonzalez-Cota graduated from the University of Michigan, completing his residency training in Anesthesiology and receiving the Peter J. Cohen award. Subsequently, he underwent subspecialty training in Pain Medicine. He is a board-certified physician who has received many national awards for his research in anesthesiology and pain medicine. His area of clinical interest is interventional pain medicine, including spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, and MILD procedure. He has been performing the aforementioned MILD procedure at Beebe Hospital Outpatient Radiology Center for the last one year and has had an outstandingly high success rate in relieving pain.


New Procedure for Spinal Stenosis


Chronic pain is a multi-billion dollar problem that affects up to 30% of the adult population in the US and accounts for up to 9% of all health care expenditures annually. Of those pain conditions diagnosed, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS) is commonly diagnosed and physically characterized in patients by low back and leg pain resulting in an impaired ability to walk. LSS is the most common indication for spinal surgery in patients older than 65 years and is the primary diagnosis in 30% of all steroid injection procedures. It is an age-related disease resulting from many variables such as the degeneration of the intervertebral discs and facet joints, bulging disc, herniated disc, scar tissue, excess ligament tissue or excess bone growth. These degenerated sections of the spine cause compression of nerve roots and narrowing of the spinal canal which symptomatically presents itself as pain from the lower back region that radiates into the buttocks and lower legs. The condition is aggravated after extended periods of walking or standing that can lead to leg cramps that may seem to be caused by poor circulation of blood in that region. This is not the result of poor blood circulation, but rather it is caused by nerve root compression or what is referred to in medical literature as lumbar spinal stenosis.

A New Treatment Option Minimally invasive lumbar decompression (MILD) is an FDA-cleared procedure that requires no general anesthesia, no implants, no stitches, and is one in which patients can leave the office the same day the procedure is performed. Its results are outstanding with 79% of patients experiencing significant reductions in pain, increases in mobility, and a drastic decrease in the number of pain procedures necessary for LSS post-MILD treatment.

A recent study conducted at the Loma Linda University Medical Center indicated that there was a 45% reduction in time spent in specialty care and a fourfold decrease in the number of interventional pain procedures performed on patients with LSS after they received the MILD procedure (Wang, 2013). How Does it Work? MILD uses an imaging machine and specialized tools to remove

Thus, in addition to providing an effective, safe, noninvasive method to treat chronic back pain and impaired ambulation resulting from LSS, MILD reduces the consumption of limited health care resources.


small pieces of excess ligament tissue through a small incision the size of a baby aspirin. Only the areas of the spine in which the nerve is compressed are removed, freeing up space for the nerve roots and unpinching them. Most patients are able to resume everyday activities within a few days following the procedure and are able to enjoy the comfort of returning home the day their procedure is performed.

health and medical By Dr. Chris Schellinger Chris Schellinger D.C. has devoted his life to increasing the quality and quantity of people’s lives with chiropractic. A graduate of University of Delaware with a B.S. in Nutrition and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. He returned to his hometown Dover and opened C-Schell Chiropractic in 2007. Dr. Schellinger has served as vice president for the Delaware Chiropractic Society and is the current DCS secretary.

National Spinal Health Month


Think of October and you will most likely think of Halloween, pumpkins, and candy. October also happens to be a time when we chiropractors have an opportunity to stress (even more than we normally do) the importance of a healthy back, spine, and nervous system. Most people are not aware that the term “doctor” in its Latin origins means “to teach”. Therefore, in my personal opinion, it is every doctor’s obligation to not only treat their patients for their specific health concern they have consulted them for, but address the patient’s underlying cause which may be related to diet, exercise, or other lifestyle modifications. Spinal health can affect the neck, back, shoulders, and hips and can have an impact on every other joint in your body. When your spine is not in its normal ideal position, this puts tension and irritation on the neurological system which can cause many systemic symptoms. Spinal health has a direct effect on posture (and vice versa) and clinical studies demonstrate the affect posture can have on everything from respiration to digestion. Spinal health is not only affected by sports injuries, falls and auto accidents, but even how we sit, stand, walk, and sleep, can lead to eventual problems. When our spinal health is compromised, injured or even ignored, many conditions can arise. This includes soft tissue damage, disc injury, nerve impingement, arthritic and

degenerative conditions.

proportional to the quality of ingredients you put into it. While this is typically a topic for an entire book, let’s just stick to the basics. Organic and unprocessed foods as close to the way they were found in nature whenever possible. Just remember the more foods you eat from a box, the sooner you will end up in a box.

Nobody would disagree that a car needs regular maintenance to run efficiently and prevent future breakdowns. Nor does anyone argue that regular dental checkups are a surefire method to prevent cavities. The key to spinal health is (big surprise!) prevention by way of regular maintenance. Careful attention must be made to the things that you do most on a regular basis. Making appropriate modifications to employ preventative measures at work, at home, and while driving can all reduce the risk of injuries. There are a number of small changes one can make that can have a large impact on your spinal health.

4. Don’t lift by bending over. Instead bend your hips and knees and then squat to pick up the object. Keep your back straight, and hold the object close to your body. Do not ever twist your body while lifting. 5. If you must sit for long periods, take frequent breaks and stretch. Sitting to the spine is like sugar to the teeth.

1. Have your spine checked and adjusted by a chiropractor on a regular basis. The regularity of your adjustments will depend upon how well you’ve cared for your spine in the past, your current engagement to habits that promote spinal health, and your own level of commitment to a healthy spine for the future.

6. Wear flat shoes, or shoes with low heels. Ladies, we love the way your legs look with heels, but we care more about the health of your spine.

2. Exercise regularly. Your spine requires sufficient amounts of motion every day to allow circulation of nutrients into the discs and wastes out of the discs due to minimal vascular supply. This is crucial in the prevention of premature spinal degeneration. This could mean walking, biking, jogging, swimming, or your favorite group fitness class. 3. You are what you eat. The quality of the materials your body can manufacture is directly


7. Adopt a daily stretching regimen and stick to it. 8. Get plenty of rest on a good mattress. Stick to the Goldilocks principle. Not too soft, not too hard, but just right. What should you do now? Maybe you already see a chiropractor regularly….great! keep it up! So you’ve tried chiropractic before and did not see the results you were hoping for. Easy…… try someone new. You wouldn’t hesitate to find a new hairdresser or auto mechanic if you had a less than optimal experience. And last but not least, you’ve never been to a chiropractor. Give it a shot. Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, do not underestimate what a chiropractor may be able to do for your health and wellbeing.

The Future is NowElectronic Medical Records in Delaware


If you require emergency treatment at a hospital in Delaware or if you go to a medical specialist or even seek a second opinion from another doctor, chances are you’ll find that important medical information such as previous test results and a summary of earlier trips to the hospital are readily available to those physicians involved in your care. When time is critical, it could save your life. Delawareans now have the advantage of having their health history in a secure network available to physicians who provide care, allowing medical decisions to be made more quickly and effectively. It is also eliminating duplicate testing, which saves both time and money. Driving these innovations is the Delaware Health Information Network. DHIN is another Delaware “first”, leading the nation in this technological advancement. So, when you seek treatment and your doctor needs to see the results of your latest laboratory tests or the report of the CT scan you had last year, those records are just a click away. No more waiting for faxed results or for the mail to arrive.

City, where many Delawareans seek emergency treatment in the summer. Union Hospital in nearby Elkton, Maryland has also joined the network and will soon begin posting medical information about its Delaware patients. This will provide a more complete community health record for Delaware residents who receive treatment there. And, other out-of-state hospitals are expected to join in the near future. These agreements make DHIN the first statewide Health Information Exchange to feature information from an out-of-state hospital. The lines that define state borders have blurred greatly when it comes to health care. Patients are frequently referred to a physician or specialist across a state line. The inclusion of those medical results in the patient’s file – regardless of zip code – can raise the speed and efficiency with which a patient is treated, and can even save lives. Soon DHIN will launch a notification system that will alert physicians of their patients’ hospital admission, discharge or transfer. Many patients assume that their doctor will be notified if they are admitted to or released from a hospital. That isn’t necessarily the case currently; but DHIN will make such notifications readily available in the future. This will further help patients and their doctors implement post-discharge instructions and help reduce complications.

First in the Nation In 2007, DHIN became the first live, statewide health information network in the nation. It currently serves all of Delaware’s acute care hospitals, all of Delaware’s skilled nursing facilities and nearly every medical provider in the State. In fact, more than 11 million clinical result On the Horizon: Consumer deliveries are made through DHIN Engagement Initiatives each year. DHIN is committed to providing tools that help patients participate In the six years that DHIN has been more completely with their care. active, the system has proven its Patient engagement is commonly reliability and worth to hospitals, accepted as perhaps the most medical professionals and patients important factor in promoting good throughout Delaware. DHIN health and reducing the cost of securely delivers fast and accurate healthcare. DHIN will launch new patient information from hospitals, products over the next year that laboratories, and radiology facilities will help patients engage with their directly to computers in doctors’ doctor and the information that their offices. doctor uses to help direct their care.

health andmedical Presented by Randall J. Farmer, M.S., M.Ed. Director, Provider Relations and Business Development Delaware Health Information Network

significant role in helping to improve the quality of healthcare available to them. Nationally, the organization stands as a model for other state health information systems, including states as far away as Hawaii that are looking to see how the First State implemented its program. The future of electronic health records truly is now in Delaware. “A statewide health information exchange gives Delaware the ability to improve the quality of care while managing the cost of care. With this exchange, doctors across the state have information that enables them to make quicker and better medical judgments for people.  This is the fundamental technological foundation we need to build a system of focused and managed healthcare that keeps people healthy.   The use of technology in health care is vital to improved quality and reduced costs.” The Honorable Jack Markell Governor of Delaware “When I was Governor, the Delaware Health Information Network was just a concept. After being elected Senator, government agencies engaged with an extraordinary partnership in the health care community to make DHIN the first of its kind in the nation. Furthering the efforts of the DHIN will enable us to improve health care

Recently, DHIN signed an agreement Although many Delaware residents with Atlantic General Hospital are not yet aware of DHIN, chances in Berlin, Maryland near Ocean are that DHIN has played a

and save money all at the same time. That’s what I call a win-win for Delaware.” Senator Thomas R. Carper (D-Del.) About the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) The Delaware Health Information Network is a secure system for delivering patient information from hospitals, laboratories and radiology facilities directly to the doctor’s office. Think of it as an electronic post office for medical records. DHIN makes it possible to provide better quality medical care more quickly and at a lower cost throughout the State by having one central database of medical records and by eliminating the duplication of records and the manual transmittal of medical data. DHIN is the first live, statewide health information network in the nation. Launched in 2007, today it serves all of Delaware’s acute care hospitals and nearly all of the State’s medical providers. The system delivers fast and accurate information needed to provide appropriate medical treatment. Frequent audits confirm that the system is secure and that data is used properly. For more information visit www.DHIN. org or call 302-678-0220. Please also visit DHIN on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@DHIN_hie)

Delivering healthcare results to enhance patient care since 2007

DHIN Delivers Exceptional health care providers deserve exceptional tools – and the Delaware Health Information Network delivers. DHIN – the nation’s first and most mature health information exchange – provides real-time clinical information to physicians and nurses, medical practices, hospitals, laboratories and diagnostic facilities throughout Delaware – more than 9 million patient results in 2012 alone. DHIN saves time … saves money … and most importantly, saves lives. Let us show you how. Visit (just scan the QR code) or call 302-678-0220 today and see the difference direct access to results can make.

Better Communication for Better Healthcare 107 Wolf Creek Blvd., Suite 2 Dover, DE 19901 E-mail:


living well and fit

Live Boldly! Benefits of Massage: •

• • • •

Relax and heal damaged muscle Increase range of motion Relieve pain from muscle tension, fractures, sprains, etc. Flush toxins from the muscle and tissue Alleviate emotional and physical stress

Types of Massage: • • • • • • •

Deep tissue Swedish Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Acupressure Reflexology Active Isolated Stretching

By Lisa Torbert, MS, QRA Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor

Strengthen Your Immune System


Try these holistic and natural therapies to help you through the cold and allergy season: Chinese Ear Candling $50 Removal of earwax that releases pressure in the ear canal by removing earwax and pollen, relieving discomfort of sinus congestion and headaches. Sinus Therapy $50 Relief of sinus pressure and congestion by use of steam, eucalyptus and gentle massage to help open up the lymph nodes to drain sinus area. Acupuncture $65 Decongest and relieve the sinus area by removing mucus with strategically placed needles inserted just under the skin. QRA Testing $100 A highly effective test that has the ability to identify and eliminate the “root of the problem.” It includes specific testing techniques to find and help remove infections. Sinus Detox $65 Pure volcanic mud that is warmed and placed upon the sinus areas of the face to help detoxify, drain and remove toxins from the sinuses. Reflexology $65 A soothing, unique one-hour technique which massages pressure points on the foot reflex areas relieving stress, improving blood supply, and helping your body achieve balance and harmony. CranioSacral $65 Manipulates and massages the skull to treat conditions such as headaches, ear infections, tension and stress.

Supplement of the Month! One of our many natural supplements that strengthen the immune system is our ever-popular Cat’s Claw Immune. Made from the bark of the cats claw tree, the supplement is infused with alfalfa, green tea, and olive leaf extract, including other substances that strengthen our bodies against the harsh threats of the autumn, making Cat’s Claw the must-have supplement of the season!

The Healing Massage Lymphatic Drainage Massage encourage natural drainage of the lymph from the tissue space. Medicupping is a vacuum therapy that uses cups to pull toxins from tissue. Myofascial Massage stretches muscles and connective tissue. The Expectant Mother Massage Our private rooms include massage tables with areas removed to accommodate and relax both mom and baby. Pregnancy Massage is a great way to relax, increase your energy and relieve

Which massage is right for you? The Cosmic Massage Heal using your personal life force through Chakra work, Reiki, and Aviana; during energy work, the massage therapist transfers the universes energy into the client’s body. Acupressure uses light touch to unclog your body’s energy meridians.

Help keep Delaware warm this season . Clean out your closets! October 1-15th Give us your unwanted coats, scarves, hats, and gloves for those who really need it. Receive 10$ off a Warm Bamboo or Stone massage for your generous donations!

Heather’s Holistic Health

302-678-3433 1169 Walker Rd Dover, DE, 19904

The Nature Massage Harness the strength and energy of the forest to provide a deep and heated massage with a Warm Bamboo or Warm Stone massage. Replenish your body with the earth’s natural treasures with a Mud Detox or Body Wrap, using the purest substances on earth. The Sporty Massage Enter the next level of fitness with a Deep Tissue massage. Realign deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to help relieve chronically tense areas. Regain flexibility with an Active Isolated Stretching massage, intense relaxation and reduction of pain.

Enroll in our yoga and belly dancing classes

Massage: Unwind and relax Warm Stone


Pregnancy  Deep Tissue 


Warm Bamboo

Couples Massage  Swedish 

Spa: Pamper yourself with beauty 

Spa Packages



 Manicures Facial  Microdermabrasion  Bronzing



The Beauty Massage Uplifting, Soothing, and Renewing. Experience tranquility with our delightful massage and spa packages. Our Mini, Maxi, and Ultimate Spa packages are a luxurious and well deserved treat.



Body Wraps

Holistic: Connect mind, body & spirit Acupuncture  QRA Testing

Hypnotherapy  Chiropractic  Colon hydrotherapy  Ear Candling 



living well and fit

By Chuck Barker, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC Chuck Barker, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC is owner and director of American Therapy & Rehabilitation and has been working as a physical therapist in Dover Delaware since 1989. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Arcadia University. He is a certified athletic trainer and is board certified in orthopedic physical therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

Physical Therapy Following Breast Cancer Treatment SPEC

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Americanmay Therapy &beneficial Rehabilitation Breast cancer treatments for women following S Governors Av Dovercancer DE include radiation or1015 auxiliary breast radiation lymphectomy (surgical excision treatments and surgical these problems can lead to of the lymph nodes in the arm intervention. disability, inability to work and pit). Following these treatments dependence on others which TQCP chronic swelling of the arm A review, published early online contributes significantly to occurs in 10 to 30 percent of May 17, 2013 in CA: A Cancer emotional distress. A journal those treated. This condition is Journal for Clinicians, found article in Clinical Anatomy called lymphedema and may be that most cancer survivors are July, 2013 studied 155 women treated by a qualified physical living with some kind of physical with unilateral carcinoma of therapist. Treatments may or emotional problem which the breast. The study found include compression sleeves, often goes undetected. These that there was anatomic and elevation of the affected limb impairments can decrease VZ-010115-DOVER, DE Physical Therapists biomechanical evidence that and soft tissue massage to the survivor’s quality of life supports the need for integrated decrease swelling of the arm. and may result in permanent impairments, but fewer than 30% rehabilitation for breast cancer Recently a study appeared in disability. Common problems received rehabilitation. Thus, it is survivors. Muscle dysfunction the New England Journal of that occur in patients that was not only seen in the affected very important that you be seen Medicine that looked at 141 have been diagnosed with by your physician or physical side, but also the unaffected breast cancer survivors with cancer include pain, fatigue, therapist for an evaluation to side. This muscle dysfunction chronic lymphedema. The peripheral neuropathy and determine if physical therapy also translated into decreased women were divided into a bone lesions. Functional loss may help with improving functional ability. treatment group that performed may include difficulty getting functional ability, decreasing weight training twice weekly and dressed, bathing, walking, pain, improving strength, In one study of 163 women with control group that performed no driving, self care and household endurance, mobility and quality advanced breast cancer, 92% weight training. Re-assessment chores. The American Cancer of life. had one or more physical of several variables at the end Society notes that, if not treated, of one year revealed that the women in the weight training group had greater strength and decreased upper extremity swelling when compared to the control group. Another study published in the British Medical Journal found that women who underwent a physical therapy program • Most Insurance Accepted • One on One Service of lymph drainage and soft • Auto & Workers’ Comp. Injuries • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist tissue techniques as well • Arthritis & Fibromyalgia • Orthopedic & Sports Injuries as progressive shoulder Chuck Barker Chas Barker exercises had a 72 percent • Back & Neck Care • Treatment of Neurologic Disorders • Orthotics DPT, OCS, ATC DPT reduction in the risk of Over O ver 2 20 0Y Years ears Experience Ex E x developing lymphedema 1015 South Governors Ave. Dover, Delaware 19904 versus those in the control PHONE group. This suggests that physical therapy may be


302-730-4800 3 02


living well and fit By Patrick Preece Mr. Preece is the Owner and Chief Instructor at the Kaizen Karate Academy. Mr. Preece has been teaching families martial arts as his full time profession for over 10 years. He holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Sin Moo Hapkido, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and a 1st Degree in Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Preece’s teaching strengths include both youth and adult classes. He says his favorite part about teaching the martial arts is teaching leadership skills to a new generation as well as encouraging families to train together and reach their full potential.

Leaders Are Made, Not Born


We all want our children to be leaders instead of mindless followers. We want them to take healthy risks and go after their goals-- and inspire others to do the same. As a personal development center, we also want to make sure that everyone-- from children to teens to adults-- understand that being a leader is not about being closed- minded and stubborn but rather about being goal-oriented, respectful, compassionate and open- minded. Great leaders actually put their character into action and use it to motivate others and to stay on course.

People who are effective leaders typically understand the importance of putting words like respect, integrity and teamwork into action in order to inspire others to follow their lead. The best leaders take into consideration the strengths of the group. They also encourage people to use their gifts rather than taking over the venture for themselves. They share the rewards and are grateful for every person’s unique contribution. Some young people seem to be born with leadership potential. Others must learn them and exercise them like a muscle. We are personally dedicated to helping all our students become leaders in their lives. But is there really such thing as a born leader? Research tells us that while certain traits such as having the energy, assertiveness, risk- taking, and creativity of an extrovert or having the social intelligence, emotional stability, responsibility, and empathy of

an introvert can give you great potential, there is a need for conditioning and experience. The more children and teens are put in circumstances where they can learn and utilize leadership skills, the more they will adopt them. Therefore, leaders are not born. They are made.

Being a leader in your own life can certainly make a difference in the achievement of your goals, the quality of your friends and the choices you make. As leaders are “made” rather than “born,” every child has the potential of becoming a leader as long as they practice the skills and employ them when necessary. Teach your child how to:

While this certainly makes things easy, we have to help children to speak up when they have a different opinion. We can teach our children to do this respectfully yet still assertively. “You can tell me; ‘Dad, I don’t care for playing that game. I would prefer to go outside and have a catch.’” Your child will not always get what he wants but at least he has stated his preference. Leaders speak up. (3) Have a positive attitude: When our children are faced with challenges, we want them to say “I can do it!” Help your children to identify what characteristics and skills they have that can help them to conquer the road ahead of them. Leaders look on the bright side.

(1) Make a choice: Sometimes choices come out of impulse while others come out of thinking through the benefits and drawbacks of each decision. Teach your children how to weigh pros and cons so that they can gain perspective. Leaders don’t sit back and allow others to make all their decisions for them. (2) Be assertive: Many children are taught to give in when an adult tells them to do something or go somewhere.


(4) Stay committed: Even when your children feel like quitting, encourage them to keep their promises. At first, allow your children to commit to a shortterm program or session so they understand that once they sign up for something, they must stick with it until the end. Then allow them to sign up for a longer-term program. Leaders follow through. (5) Learn from their mistakes: Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Teach your children to admit their mistakes, see how they can improve and be accountable for both fallout as well as progress. Leaders don’t allow mistakes to curtail their determination-- they keep going until they succeed!

living well and fit Presented By Kevin and Angie Phillipson Kevin and Angie Phillipson are entrepreneurs, currently involved in 4 businesses: a consulting firm, a team of mortgage originators, a women’s magazine, and a wellness company. With 5 kids, 4 grandkids and 2 golden retrievers, Kevin and Angie are keenly aware of their environment and are actively involved in their community. They both volunteer with CASA, and Angie is a volunteer mediator with the Center for Community Justice. They both participate in karate, enjoy going to the gym and traveling. Both Kevin and Angie are full time students - Angie finishing a second bachelor’s degree and Kevin working on his doctorate in business.

How To Get What You Want


Anyone can set a goal, and most of us do from time to time. Statistically, though, of the millions of Americans who formulate these goals, a paltry 8% end up accomplishing their desire.

order to improve your health – or is your desire really more about looking good to others?

Does your concern about organizing your task list and becoming more productive come from an internal yearning We all want the same stuffto curb stress and enjoy lifehealth, happiness, and financial or is it motivated by a boss security-but we seem to have a who keeps pushing you to hard time getting there. accomplish more and more in less and less time? And what The top three target areas are: about your never-ending need for more pay? Are you 1. Weight Loss absolutely in need of that

big raise, or are you trying to save face with your peers – sporting a higher mortgage and car payment than you can realistically afford?

Do that and, like Henry David Thoreau said, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

A goal set primarily to please or impress others is doomed to failure.

Shop from home and earn while you shop!

The Bottom Line, in order to succeed, you must find out why the target is important to YOUand then keep that in mind as you advance daily towards the result you seek.

2. Personal Organization 3. Money But most of us fail to hit them. How you can beat the odds and achieve your next goal Most of us have heard or read about the fundamentals of setting and reaching goals: • Keep it simple • Be realistic •

Take it a step at a time

There is one more crucial ingredient though – something often forgotten: make sure your goal is personally important to the one most able to help you accomplish what you seek… and that person is YOU. How can such an obvious point be overlooked? Think about it, do you want to lose weight in


living well and fit

Become One


That’s my company’s motto and when it happens it’s awesome, it’s powerful and it’s beautiful. It can literally be heaven on earth. It is getting to be a rare thing these days: the horse world seems to have embraced knowledge with such open mindness that their brains have fallen out. It appears that stupidity is contiguous and wisdom is not! I would not even bother talking about the world and its foolishness except I do believe it is in your best interest to realize a horse can love you unconditionally and be the your greatest partner in life, then kick you, kill you and go eat grass. Yup, scary stuff! This fact causes all the fear that leads to abuse in the horse world. But when you get it right, oh man, it’s heaven on earth, with super powers! Some days I can barely walk but once I “Become One” (get on a horse), I can run about 40mph, jump 6ft walls, cut cattle, and go for a 10 mile hike without breaking a sweat. As One I am awesome and that makes it all worthwhile. The physical aspect of the relationship is just the tip of the iceberg. Horses improve every

By Dean Roles

aspect of human life, especially the mental and spiritual. From my limited prospective, horses are absolutely one of the best self help tools GOD ever created. They can do things inside of humans that psychologist and preachers only dream of. There is no middle ground with a horse. A horse will bring out the worst or the best in you. To explain this phenomenon to my clients I like to use the analogy of making juice. When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice, when you squeeze an apple you get apple juice, what happens when you get squeezed? And by the way it is a never ending process. A horse will always be pushing for more out of their human every day in almost every way. I guess what I am trying to say here is that horses can do a lot for you as a person. They can improve every aspect of your life. I am so grateful that my life has been blessed and that I get to spend my life with my equine friends. I am a much better person now than who I was just a little while ago and lord willing my horses will keep a squeez’n. But I can assure you that the juice is worth the squeeze!

Testimonial I met Dean Roles during the summer of 2010. Since then, my life and my horse’s life have changed in a positive direction. I am no longer afraid to ride my once anxious, nervous, confused Tennessee Walker named Tony. Building a close and solid relationship of trust and understanding with your horse is Dean’s foremost goal. He asked me at our first meeting what I wanted to achieve with my horse. My reply was that I wanted a safe and more relaxed horse to ride. Thus began our first month of training. When I brought Tony to Dean’s facility, I thought Tony had good ground manners. Boy was I in for a surprise. Dean informed me that Tony was the leader and I clearly was not. Dean worked with Tony for the first couple of weeks while I observed his techniques with both groundwork and riding skills. I didn’t miss a day of training….. five days a week. Then it was time for me to get up in the saddle. I was a nervous wreck with lost confidence and I am sure Tony knew it. Dean certainly did. But we worked through my fears with

baby steps. By the end of the next two weeks, I had regained my confidence and could not wait to get Tony back home and ride him in the ring. What a different horse in just four weeks…..much calmer, less anxiety, and overall just a happier horse. Winter came and went, as did summer whereby I was unable to ride due to a back injury (nonhorse related). However, this past August, Dean came to our farm and my training resumed through the end of October. His techniques and ability to finesse a horse with what appears to be little effort is nothing less than amazing. I cannot describe how happy I am that I chose Dean Roles to be my trainer. He is a confident leader in the horse arena and is teaching me to be a confident leader with Tony. If Dean were to ask you what are the two most important things you are in charge of with your horse, you would quickly reply “speed and direction.” Once you have control of those two key elements you will be on your way to a happy and safe riding experience. Thank you, Dean, for everything you have taught me and for everything you will continue to teach me. - Pam Nebel, Harrington

Centaur Training, LLC A full-service boarding/training facility.

22000 Heritage Farm Rd. Bridgeville, DE 19933

302 245 5423 15

living well and fit Presented By Natascha Hughes NaTascha Hughes, MSol, CSII is the Program Manager of The Lighthouse Program, where she has demonstrated exemplary commitment to the needs of the women and children since 2008. Natasha’s personal mission “Sowing Seeds of Change ~ Transforming Lives” is anchored in her belief of delivering treatment from a holistic (pertaining to physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional) approach, offering her clients the opportunity to transform not only their lives, but the lives of their families, by gaining the tools and knowledge necessary to break generational cycles of addiction and trauma. NaTascha self-identifies and shares as a peer, coming from a broken home with childhood trauma, enduring a past of divorce, depression and single Motherhood. As such, she models the transformation process daily for the women who enter treatment and the staff under her leadership, offering hope and inspiration.

Sowing Seeds of Change - Transforming Lives


“alive” with murals, paintings and drawings to promote a transformative culture in a “homelike” atmosphere. Accommodations include sleeping quarters, a laundry area, a resident kitchen, a children’s play area and a quiet reflection room where the women can seek sanctuary when the demands of treatment and the tensions associated with the change process become overwhelming to them.

Treatment services address behavioral health and substance Brandywine Counseling & Community abuse challenges. These services Services, in collaboration with are wrapped in an evidenced based Philadelphia Pentecostal Church curriculum that includes co-occurring and Delaware Clergy United for groups and individual therapy, case Social Action, has been Delaware’s management, vocational placement sole treatment provider of residential and training, coordination of treatment services to women and medically assisted treatment, housing their children since 2007. The product and life skills acquisition and parental of one man’s faith and one woman’s reunification services. Although passion, The Lighthouse provides treatment is the principal priority, comprehensive services tailored clients are given the opportunity to specifically to the needs of women participate in activities that enhance over 18 with up to two (2) children their social skills such as participating under 8 years old. in etiquette classes and field trips. “That was the first time I have ever seen the ocean...” was a comment from a client after a trip to Rehoboth Beach. “I have only seen horses on TV!” another client exclaimed, after an outing to the Chincoteague Pony Swim.

“The Light” is located in Ellendale, Delaware and is a source of light and a beacon of hope to the community. Here, women are given an opportunity to recover (transform) in a calming atmosphere with plants and flowers, a fish tank, music, comfortable seating, rocking chairs, curtains, an outdoor garden, a place to exercise and a child friendly area. The facility is aesthetically

staffing which offers our clients stability and security throughout their transformative journey. “It is a chance to give back – I was once where they are...” states one employee who personally identifies with her clients’ struggles. Each woman is assigned a Transformation team that consists of a Case Manager, a Counselor, a Psychotherapist, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, a Physician’s Assistant and a Licensed Practical Nurse. The team is led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works as a unit, collaborating with other outside agencies to assist the woman and her family in accessing services to promote healthy family outcomes. The Program Manager passionately believes that one has to transform in order to change and that the change process itself involves going through the challenge of being less and less a caterpillar, while gradually becoming a beautiful butterfly.

Children’s services include a safe, nurturing environment that offers stability and structure, an onsite child care center, behavioral health services, nutritional services, supplemental education services and play therapy. Family services include reunification services, fatherhood services and family therapy. The facility is staffed by skilled, dedicated employees who provide oversight and guidance to the women who enter. The Resident Managers provide 24 hour onsite

The light is a dynamic treatment environment where, as a community of change, dedicated members’ experiences of learning, living and loving together result in profound psychosocial changes amongst members. Women are doing the work - resulting in self- directed transformation as they emerge into a sober, healthier way of life and grow toward becoming nurturing mothers. The children thrive as families are reunified. The Lighthouse Program is available for those who are willing to take the chance, to make a choice, to change. Change is Good. Pregnant and mothering women who are experiencing challenges with substances and/or behavioral health can receive guidance on how to access Brandywine’s Services by contacting the Program’s Director at 302.839.1303 and/or via email





“I AM committed to change; I AM determined to control my life and my destiny...” are words echoing throughout the halls as clients begin their day at Brandywine Counseling’s Lighthouse Program located in Ellendale, Delaware. “The Light” is a Residential Co-Occurring Treatment Program that offers an array of comprehensive services to women and their children whose lives have been impacted by the corrosive effects of drug use, emotional turmoil and past trauma.










living well andfit

By Nancy Hawkins Rigg, Founder and Owner, Forever Fit Foundation Nancy Hawkins Rigg is the founder and owner of Forever Fit Foundation, a personal training business specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yamuna Body rolling and sport-specific training. Forever Fit Foundation accepts clients at three sites: Dover and Lewes and Mendenhall Station, Pa., just over the Delaware line. A certified athletic trainer, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and her master’s degree in exercise science and sports medicine from Miami University in Ohio. Please call 302.432.1816 or 698.5201 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Consider Safety When Selecting A Pilates Instructor O Oh, summer where did you go? Fall is upon us, moving us faster than we’d like into the holiday season, cooler weather and comfort food.

As the days grow short and the nights longer, it becomes easier to nest, to avoid exercise, to eat more and move less. But, as we know, easy is not always the best choice. No matter what the season, having a fitness plan in place can help anyone stay on track. After all, eventually spring rolls around again, and no one wants to peel off the layers of winter clothing to reveal weight gain and an out-of-shape body. So what’s a girl to do? Connect with your trainer. Make a plan to practice Pilates several times a week, then support that plan with regular cardio activity and healthy eating practices. Pilates is an efficient and reliable system of exercise, which trains the body and the mind by strengthening and toning muscles. But there’s more to Pilates than just hitting the gym and going through the motions. Although Pilates is advertised at many sites and even available on DVDs, it’s best practiced and learned with a qualified trainer. Be sure to use one who is credentialed to balance the mind/

Practice offers the balance and focus needed to survive holiday challenges

body components specific to an individual’s needs.

if that client is new to Pilates or recovering from an injury.

And your trainer can make your workout fun, rather than a chore.

Those who are familiar with the basic concepts of Pilates know that this exercise system challenges students to use their core, or powerhouse, and by doing so provides a foundation for life’s functional activities.

Clients need to consider workout safety, regardless of whether they are attending a mat class or doing individual work on the apparatus. A qualified Pilates instructor recognizes an individual’s limitations, including situations such as pregnancy, post-injury or surgery recovery, and specific chronic or acute issues. Keep in mind that the term “Pilates” is considered generic, just like yoga or football or gymnastics, and that means that anyone can offer to teach Pilates, regardless of their training or experience.

Since the core, or center of the body, includes the front and back of the torso between the thighs and armpits, clients who regularly practice Pilates exercises develop longer, stronger and leaner muscles. Clients frequently say their first goal is to lose weight, but success is

Some locations offer a Pilates mat class, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the absence of Pilates apparatus translates into easier, safer or more effective workouts. That’s definitely not the case. In fact, although the apparatus may look intimidating, it may offer variations and support to the benefit of a client - particularly


not always measured by numbers on the scale. In a Pilates studio, success comes from lengthening, strengthening and developing a more functional body by working against resistance. Bodies respond rather quickly to these mental and physical challenges. The result: Stronger bodies and minds that are ready to deal effectively with the challenges of the upcoming holiday season. After all, it takes a strong, focused mind to resist that Halloween candy or an extra piece of pie. Pilates students recognize that the practice also offers balance, strengthening, calming, focus, and precise control, no matter what the season.

living well and fit Enter Kaya to open your practice & still your mind…. Allow your true colors to blossom. 302-227-3450 or email Kaya Wellness &Note: Yoga Publisher’s enhanced balance, injury-free muscles and spine 301 improve Rehoboth Avenue Beach, Spiritually: and deepen “WhenRehoboth I first thought about taking DE

The Power of Yoga

your relationship with the Aerial Yoga I was assuming that world itself, mindfulness & an it would be hard, and that there By Heather Shafer, CYT, Director, Kaya Wellness & Yoga appreciation of your life for was no way that I could do any of what it is right now, connect to it (I am almost 60 yrs. old). I also your true self, find that place of assumed that I had to be really stillness within yourself, closer strong and limber. I was totally to Spirit wrong: From the very beginning it Beach Yoga 7 Days/Wk Emotionally: balancing hormones was fun, enjoyable, & allowed me By: Heather Shafer, CYT Memorial Day-Labor Day leads to emotional stability & to go in to yoga poses that I never Director, Kaya Wellness & Yoga In every yoga class that I teach of oxygen. The cancer cell is the postures), breath is importantly It is important to find a studio and more balanced moods, relieve had been able to do in regular Ocean & Swedes St, Dewey Beach I emphasize the importance of linked into many schools of yoga as “arch criminal” of cancer. It is a teacher that resonates with you. So, depression & anxiety, reduced floor yoga. ~PJ “Which class is going to 8research am - 9and amfind a place breath to my students. a source of mental clarity, stillness, do your common cell, nothing very special cortisol (cortisol is known as challenge me more? and connection to a higher source. where you can focus your mind, until it begins to change from lack “Disease cannotI live where the “stress hormone” because really want there to feel the burn.” Beach Yoga $11 cash-only or In the yogic text Hatha Yoga deepen your practice, of oxygen. Dr. Warburg showed is oxygen,” I always attest as I it is activated when you are NEW this year and soak in Padipika,302-227-3450 it is said that “When the 10-pack the vital a breath-based “cause of cancer is the encourage students to flood the stop….that thestressed”, create a sense of calm ofbenefits beach of yoga for $100 creeeeech…wait, breath wanders the mind also is practice. replacement of the respiration of body with fresh oxygen full yogic & peace This is in a tale-tale sign that (available with cc in studio, or cash on the beach) or email unsteady. But when the breath is oxygen in the normal cells by Anyone who body has exercised someone needs yoga. Not more breaths. Private pranayama (breath) classes calmed the mind too will be still, a fermentation of sugar”. knows that simply exercising exercise and more challenging Unlimited Studio Classes are available, along with group Far from rote catch phrases, and the yogi achieves long life. will science, aid in physical & emotional poses, but good ‘ole yoga. Yoga Kaya Wellness & Yoga 3 months for $300 yoga & aerial yoga classes that In medical the critical role this principal could be the most one should balance, but when layered with Therefore, that encompasses so much of more Rehoboth Beach,learn DE to or 4 months for $350 are based in breath in a variety oxygen has been shown. Oxygen important, life changing action. proper breath, intention, control the breath.” than asanas (physical postures). of styles are available. For more nourishes cells, yogic creates energy, Consider the fact that we can go &fatigue, energetic control, exercise, Yoga that creates change; combats Find Yourself... 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community and education Hispanic Heritage Celebration CRAFT BAZAAR Kellie Pickler Featuring Dayan Aldana 122 E. Camden-Wyoming Ave, Camden. Friday, November 29 October 4 & 5, 2013 Handmade crafts, homemade soups to eat in or carry out, 9PM in the Rollins Center Schwartz Center and home baked goodies.  Live music.   at Dover Downs Facepainting and craft activities for the kids. Paddle Pedal Festival and 5K Run/Walk Saturday, November 2nd, 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m The Nutcracker 10 am Saturday October 5, 2013 at the Camden Friends Gathering Place Ballet Theatre of Dover Downtown Milford December 7 & 8, 2013 US Army Field Band Schwartz Center Gourmet Dinner and Winery Tour The Jazz Ambassadors of the Army at Harvest Ridge Winery November 12, 2013 The Artie Shaw Orchestra Saturday, 2013, October 19 Schwartz Center Swing! Into The Holidays 6:00pm to 10:00pm December 14, 2013 Jimmy Heath Quartet Schwartz Center Delaware’s “Official” Fourth Annual NEA Jazz Master Wine and Beer Festival November 16, 2013 A Christmas Journey Sunday, October 20, 2013, 12 noon - 5 p.m. Schwartz Center Delaware Choral Society Delaware Agricultural Museum & Village December 15, 2013 Madame Bovary: Ho Ho Ho Schwartz Center THE GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA Delaware Bar Association Friday, October 25 November 17, 2013 7 p.m. in the Rollins Center Schwartz Center at Dover Downs The Wizard of Oz The British Invasion Tribute 50th Year Anniversary of The Beatles October 26, 2013 Schwartz Center

Musical Theatre Ensemble November 22 & 23, 2013 Schwartz Center

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Kent County Happenings

Survivors Denise R. Stokes

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on November 11, 2009. What a shock. I wondered how I was going to inform my husband and daughter. On the drive home, I prayed for God’s help and strength. Because of my faith, I had no doubt that I would survive. I knew that Jesus loved me and He was preparing me for a deeper love for His people. Our plans to spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Ohio with the family were cancelled. I had to prepare for surgery, followed by Chemo and Radiation Treatment. The next day, I was blessed when I called Lois at DBCC. She was so comforting as a survivor. I was assigned a mentor by the name of Brenda Walls. She was a great mentor and soon we became friends. I praise God for my loving husband, daughter, son-in-law, and my grandson that cared for me and walked every step with me. And I can’t forget my friends/sisters, Carol Frisa and Shirley Isabelle, my church family, First Pilgrim Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Doreina C. Miles, Sr. Pastor and an amazing medical team. After being out of work for 6 months, I am thankful to my family, supervisor and co-workers at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center for their encouragement and support. As of today, I am Cancer free and praising God for another day. He is using me to share my experience with others that He is the Healer. I am now serving as a mentor at DBCC. I am a survivor and I love my life!

Donna Mason

My name is Donna Mason and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 at the age of 55 during a routine mammogram. I am the mother of three wonderful young men. I’m also a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren and I am enjoying my life with them. I will be a 1 year survivor this October 16th. I was shocked by the diagnosis of breast cancer. The only breast cancer in the family was my father’s sister who was diagnosed when she was 63. I had a lumpectomy in October 2012. I did not receive clean margins went in for a second surgery in November 2012 to clean the margins and that came back negative for cancer. I chose to have radiation therapy. Lois Wilkinson at the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition directed me to a few women that I could speak with about their decision regarding traditional radiation therapy or SAVI radiation therapy. I felt very comfortable with my decision to choose the SAVI procedure and have no regrets. I could not have gone through this journey without the support of my loving husband, family, friends, faith, DBCC and my amazing medical team including Dr. Penman at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center. The compassion of all those people helped me through the hard times. I feel so blessed with the outcome of my journey. I hope I can help other women going through their own personal journeys. Just know that you too can make it! Keep the Faith!

Merry Jones

My breast cancer journey began in late August, 2006 when I was called back for an ultrasound after what should have been a routine mammogram. Following the ultrasound, a series of biopsies and other tests, I had the definitive diagnosis of ductal carcinoma with lymph node involvement. On November 5th I underwent surgery for a lumpectomy with axillary dissection, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Strange as it may seem, I was more concerned about losing my hair than about the cancer diagnosis itself. Prior to all of this, I remember reading an article in the local paper about Lois Wilkinson’s cancer story and her involvement with the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Very early on, I contacted Lois and received free educational support in the form of books, pamphlets, relevant articles, and moral and emotional support as well. Lois assigned me a peer mentor who closely matched my situation and who supported me every step of the way. My family, friends, and co-workers also provided tremendous support. Cancer was definitely not a diagnosis I ever wanted to hear, but I can honestly say there is indeed, Life After Cancer, and a good one at that; a different one, but a good one just the same. DBCC offers so many programs and activities and I have taken advantage of most of them---survivor socials, annual conferences, a gala fundraiser called Southern Lights of Life, and my favorite of all, a Nurture with Nature series of outings--canoeing, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, etc— a form of relaxation and renewal of spirit in the company of fellow survivors who have all taken a similar journey and truly understand. Life is good.

Purnima Dixit My name is Purnima Dixit. The year 2012 was a memorable year for more than one reason. I retired

after a wonderful career in environmental field and moved to Dover in the beginning of the year. As I was getting used to the peace and quiet of Delaware (I moved from Staten Island, New York), a routine mammogram showed an irregular growth. The further testing showed that I had very aggressive tumor on my left breast. Even though it was devastating news, with the full support from my family and friends, I decided to have a total mastectomy. Dr. Newell introduced me to DBCC by giving me the “pink folder” to help us understand the disease. Reading that package, I decided to become a mentor and met Ms. Lois Wilkinson. She encouraged me because I speak four of sixteen official Indian languages. I have finished my mentor training and enjoy working with Lois and her wonderful staff. I also enjoy meeting other survivors via DBCC activities and looking forward to continue my association with Lois and DBCC.


Survivors Gail Lanouette “just get involved!” Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 after missing her annual

mammogram for 2-1/2 years. Following ultrasound and biopsies, her surgeon called December 16th to tell her she had breast cancer and wanted to see her and her husband at 5:00 p.m. that day. Dr. Penman told me, “We go for the cure.” Gail’s first thought was for her family and she responded “can we wait until after Christmas?” After Christmas, Gail had a lumpectomy, followed by a second surgery removing more tissue for “cleaner margins.” It was determined that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, so Gail had chemotherapy and radiation. Dr Penman did more than prepare Gail for her breast cancer treatments – she referred her to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. “Within 10 days of my diagnosis, I had an entire package of information from DBCC and a card from Lois Wilkinson. I called the Dover office and talked with Lois. She was amazing! We had never met but she was so reassuring and became my sounding board.” Gail was matched with a Peer Mentor who had a similar surgery and treatment plan. Her oncologist told her she qualified for a clinical trial. “I had many questions and the clinical trial nurse, Louise, and Lois were great at guiding me.” Gail chose to enroll in the clinical trial. “I knew the medicine that would help me was made possible by other women who had also participated in a clinical trial. I wanted to do what I could to help others with cancer.” Gail’s husband, Allen, was an amazing support. “He was my rock. When my hair fell out, he took me to Kari at the Upper Cut and they embraced me and made me laugh. When we got home, I decided the last ¼ inch had to also go, so my husband tenderly shaved the little pieces of hair. He then left the house for about a half hour and when he came back, he had shaved his head. We sat on the couch together, took a picture with my cell phone and sent it to all our children! We were a team. God has a plan for my life and provides me comfort and strength during challenging times.” Our church family, children, sisters and friends added their support and help, with lots of prayer, visiting and meals during Gail’s treatments. “I only knew Lois and my mentor, Sheryl, from DBCC, then I participated with DBCC in an annual walk with Dover Rotary. I put on my pink shirt and got on the bus, not knowing anyone. I was going through chemo and felt weak, didn’t think I could finish. Then these four amazing women embraced me by walking every slow & unsteady step and said “we’re going to finish this walk together!” That walk changed my life. Meeting all those survivors and hearing cheers as we all walked together, celebrating life touched me deeply!” Gail knows that her diagnosis and breast cancer journey opened her eyes to all the other women who have had & continue to be diagnosed. “I knew there was much to be done and questioned how does that play out in my life?” So Gail decided to “just get involved”. Gail is a Peer Mentor, Clinical Trial Specialist & participates on the DBCC Research & Mentoring Committee. She has traveled to Washington, D.C. to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Conferences and joined DBCC to meet with our Congressional and Senate delegation. “We have to be advocates and help one another. I am a passionate believer in helping other women walk this journey…and for ending breast cancer. DBCC and its awesome programs, help so many families. I encourage anyone facing breast cancer to call them.”

Jean Peters

On April 4, 1991 I was diagnosed with Stage III and triple negative breast cancer. I had my first mastectomy and was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). All twenty lymph nodes that were tested were positive with cancer. I had modified radical mastectomy without reconstruction and two years later, I had an elective second mastectomy on the right side which proved negative.   I also did chemotherapy. My husband Al and my two sons were there for me throughout my treatment! At the time we lived in Annapolis Maryland and then moved to Delaware where I was a branch manager in banking. Twelve years after my diagnosis I started volunteering for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) along with my husband Al. We helped in the office and brought joy and laughter to all that we met. We felt like part of the family. I also became a Peer Mentor with DBCC and have since talked to many newly diagnosed Stage III women that chose not to have reconstruction surgery. After 8 years Al and I gave up our office work at DBCC to spend precious time with our son’s families and grandchildren. I treasured the time we volunteered with the ladies at DBCC and still have friends in my life as a result of our time there. In June my husband passed away. I gain support from my family and friends. I continue to be a Peer Mentor with DBCC and spend time in Maryland with my sons, daughter in laws, and grandchildren.

Tricia Bailey-Robinson

I found a lump in my breast when I was 33 years old but I waited to go to the doctor because I did not have health insurance. My mom pushed me to go to the doctor and my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) pushed me to go to the doctor because his mom had battled breast cancer. I really did not think that the lump was anything to be concerned about but after several months of putting it off I decided to have it checked. My thought was “I am only 33 years old- I am sure it is fine.” Things happened very quickly after a visit to my OB-GYN. She sent me to have an ultrasound and then it was days later (after a biopsy) that I found out I definitely had breast cancer and it was in my lymph nodes. I was panicked because I did not have health insurance but an angel at Bayhealth Cancer Center- Trish Bentley,R.N. informed me of my options and there was a wonderful program called Delaware Cancer Treatment Program. I had the absolute most caring surgeon-Dr Newell and oncologist-Dr. Sharma I feel that God placed these angels into my path at that time, I can never say enough about their kindness and compassion. I underwent a double mastectomy, 5 months of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiation and 1 year of IV therapy. I am now taking the 5 year oral treatment to prevent cancer from returning. My mom was with me every step of the way, she accompanied me to every Dr appt, every chemo treatment and I lived with her during this difficult time. The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition was also a support to me – the peer mentor program was invaluable as I was paired with a young survivor around my age with the same diagnosis who was able to walk me through everything that was going to happen. The same week I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer my husband proposed and we were engaged. After my mastectomy and chemotherapy was over I had to plan a wedding. It was a very difficult time but also a very exciting time. It proved to be a struggle to plan a wedding when I did not have breasts or hair but my mom really stepped in and made the process very special and memorable. I am now a 3 year survivor and I have learned not to take special moments with family for granted and to just rest in my gratitude for life. I can clearly see God’s plan in my diagnosis and I am truly thankful every day that God gave me this gift that I can now use to help others.


Survivors Joan Golden

My name is Joan Golden. I am 78 years old and a 12 year survivor of breast cancer. I am a native of Wilmington, Delaware. I found my cancer during my monthly breast checks while living in Florida in 2001. I had a lumpectomy surgery and treatments there. I could not tolerate chemotherapy treatments. I now have lymphedema in my arm which requires periodic treatment by a physical therapist. I am fortunate to have a great husband and family to help me both emotionally and physically through this hard time in my life. We have had our share of cancer. We lost our son to CLL and my husband had bladder cancer survivor. We returned to Delaware in 2005 and I have been active with the DBCC where I am a mentor and volunteer. I would like to thank Lois Wilkinson, Breast Cancer Education and Survivorship Program Manager, for all of her encouragement and help for all of the breast cancer survivors.

Jackie Gerbino

I am a Jersey Girl who fell in love with Delaware almost five (5) years ago. Upon retiring I moved to Camden, Delaware with my husband Ron. We have been married forty five (45) years and have an amazing daughter Michele, two (2) awesome grandchildren, Amanda twelve (12) Jonathan ten (10) years old and a super great son-in-law Andrew. All was falling into place and we were happy. In April 2012 I had a routine mammography. My world was rocked when I was told I had stage four (4) breast cancer metastasized to my spine. Thanks to the best medical team. Doctor Wendy Newell (surgeon) and Doctor Rishi Sawhney (oncologist) who treated me with the best of care. I had a mastectomy and radiation to my spine. I am now cancer free and putting my life back together. When I was diagnosed I was told about the Delaware Breast Cancer Collation and Lois Wilkinson. From the first day I met Lois she was kind, caring and made me feel comfortable and has been with me every step of my journey. I truly believe I am in the place I was meant to be. Through the Breast Cancer Coalition I have met the most wonder women including my peer mentor Marie Carey who takes this journey with me. With each day I feel myself getting stronger. As a professional model I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of the Southern Lights of Light Fashion Show as a survivor model. It helped bring back my confidence and I loved helping the other survivor models feel comfortable on the runway. I hope to continue to give back to the Breast Cancer Coalition in any way I can for many years to come and will be forever grateful.

Jamilah Cotton

Mrs. Cotton of Dover, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 at the age of 33. My cancer was discovered because I advocated for myself. I felt something was not right and persisted on getting checked. Due to my age, it was thought just to be a “woman” issue. Shortly after I was diagnosed, I began an aggressive treatment starting with a lumpectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I am currently prescribed a 5 year anti-hormonal therapy. My faith in Allah (God) has always been strong, but it is now stronger. I know it was Allah that pushed me to getting checked and if I had not gone in that day, I may not have been here to tell my story. My family and friends were and still are my support system. My surgeon, doctors and nurses who were local to Dover, were awesome. When I felt a hot mess I called my big little sister and/or my husband to vent. Currently, I am majoring in Information Security at DTCC, and working part-time at ResCare, both have been very supportive in my journey on the road to recovery. Now my biggest life question is, once my treatment is complete at the age of 40, will I be too old to handle a new baby? I am grateful to be happy, healthy, and as of today cancer free. In other words, I can now be called a survivor.

Janice Cassidy

For me, cancer was never a concern. A heart attack, maybe. Alzheimer’s, possibly. Cancer, never. My family never had a history of cancer; therefore, I mistakenly believed that I wouldn’t ever have cancer. However, six months after a routine mammogram that was “insignificant”, I found a lump in my breast. I had a lumpectomy performed. A few days later, I received a call telling me the lump was malignant. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was 50 and in the best shape of my life. The doctor told me that I had cancer but the good news was that I was healthy. I wondered how I could be in good health and still have cancer. My diagnosis was invasive ductal carcinoma. My treatment included two surgeries, four chemotherapy treatments, and 27 radiation treatments. Having cancer was a life changing experience for me. I’ve become a member of an amazing group of survivors. I now try to focus on remaining healthy and try not to sweat the small stuff. I am a mentor for the DBCC and make breast cancer pillows for those in treatment. I am a 9 year survivor. Outside of work, I enjoy playing tennis and spending time with my family, especially my first grandchild, Hannah.


Survivors Jennifer Miles

My name is Jennifer Miles. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer on May 21, 2010 at the age of 31. I am the first in my family to have breast cancer and after genetic testing I do not have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. I mentioned to a coworker that I found a lump under my arm and she pushed me to have it checked and rechecked. Cancer was the furthest thing from my mind as a 31 year old single mom. I ended up having a mammogram and then a biopsy. I was told I needed to have a mastectomy of my left breast. They removed all the lymph nodes under my arm as well. I went through chemo and radiation. After finding a couple benign lumps in my right breast, I decided to have it removed as well. I underwent reconstruction with expanders and a latissimus dorsi flap. I have been cancer free for 3 years. I am currently on drug therapy and have had my ovaries removed allowing me to experience all the wonderful aspects of menopause at 34. After my initial diagnosis, another coworker told me about the DE Breast Cancer coalition as a resource to help me get through the chaos that had become my life. She put me into contact with Lois Wilkinson who gave me all the information that would help me through struggles I would never have anticipated. She assigned me a peer mentor. The peer mentor program, I think, is an awesome program for the DBCC to offer. I love my mentor and am eternally grateful to her for being there with me every step of the way through all my treatment and after. She was the one person at that time that could truly identify with me and tell me what to expect and that my feelings weren’t crazy but that she had been there too. The DBCC helped me in so many aspects from getting a wig to helping me and my kids through a difficult Christmas season. The DBCC was a blessing to me through this time and I am forever thankful. Since my diagnosis, I have been fortunate to find and marry the man of my dreams. I have been able to grow my family from three (me and my two children) to seven (my husband and his 3 children). I have influenced the rest of my family and friends to make sure they follow regular breast checks. My 34 year old cousin in Canada began checking herself regularly and was able to find her breast cancer at a very early stage. Since the completion of my treatment, I have had to take a step back to rebuild my life with my new family. I hope to eventually be able to give more to the DBCC and continue to show others that breast cancer can happen to us no matter what age.

Katie Shaffer I was diagnosed with stage 3b inflammatory breast cancer in February 2010. Inflammatory breast

cancer is very rare and aggressive and only makes up about 1% of all diagnosed breast cancers. There is no history of breast cancer in my family. My treatments were about a year, which included seven months of chemotherapy, mastectomy, and finally radiation. I just had my reconstruction this past July. I had wonderful care from my oncologist and nurses from Bay Health as well as my oncologist and the nurses from Fox Chase Cancer center in Philadelphia where I had my surgery and received radiation. It is important to have a positive outlook while going through treatment. I am very fortunate to have a very supportive family- especially my husband Tim- and friends that were there for me every step of the way. The support from other survivors from Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition was wonderful, to speak to someone who has been there and can tell you what to expect is really reassuring and I will always be so grateful to them. I am now a three year survivor.

Geri McClimens My name is Geri McClimens.

I had a mammogram February 2011, and was given a clean bill of health. Three months later, I was doing push-ups and I felt a pulling sensation under my left arm and breast. I checked the area that hurt and found a fairly big lump. I called my gynecologist immediately. She sent me for a mammogram and ultra sound. She called me that same afternoon and told me they suspected cancer. I was set up with a surgeon and on May 25, I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. The treatment decided for me was chemo first, surgery, and then radiation. Since I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, I decided on a double mastectomy. I had more than 20 lymph nodes removed and 3 were cancerous. My radiation ended on April 10, 2012. I was so happy to have treatment behind me and was scheduled to have my reconstructive surgery six months from then. I had to postpone my surgery. My oncologist told me I had a small spot on my lung. It turned out to be cancerous. I was sent to the University of Penn for a second opinion. I was told I should have lung surgery and unfortunately more chemo. It has been a long two years but I’m happy to be alive. Through my journey my most vivid memory was getting in the shower and my hair falling out. I totally fell apart. It has been four months since my chemo treatments have ended. I’m praying for no more cancer. I am thankful for my friends and family that took care of me through this trying time. I couldn’t have gotten through this without my wonderful Oncologist and all the people that work at Bay Health. I have had excellent care. My friends and I are looking forward to attending the 4th Annual Monster Walk for a cause sponsored by DBCC on October 19. My advice to everyone is to do a self examination every month. If I had done this, I feel we could have caught my cancer before it spread to my lymph nodes and lung.


Survivors Lynette Shannon

If you took look at me, there would be no doubt in your mind that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. My name is Lynette Shannon, a 31 year old native of Dover Delaware, wife to a loving husband, a mother to an adorable 6 year old son and a 4 year cancer survivor and counting!! At the age of 28 I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Breast Cancer that called for immediate chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy, lymphadenectomy and radiation treatment. Through God’s healing, a great team of doctors and medical personnel there was no cancer found during any of my tests after my surgery. But my journey was not over. Before I had any reconstruction done it was recommended that I have genetics testing done to see if there was any hereditary connection for the cancer gene. Lo and behold I tested positive for the BRCA gene. From there I decided to get a second mastectomy to cut down my chances of any reoccurrence. After this long road my family, church and friends walked with me along the way to the road of recovery. After the tears, pain and prayers I came out a beautiful survivor! A God-fearing Survivor! A miracle and a wonder! Even in writing this God gets all the glory from this. I am now a mentor for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition to be able to help young women with this fight and road that some will have to walk. My Pastor Carol Harris states a quote that I live by and I speak to every woman on this road and every survivor ”IF YOU CAN ENDURE IT, YOU CAN COMMAND IT!”

Natasha Simms October 15 2012 was a day that I will always remember, being

that it is my best friend’s birthday, it is also the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. Two weeks prior to that I had discovered a small lump on my right upper breast. I went to my ObGyn for a routine checkup a month prior to that and was clear, however this lump appeared out of nowhere. My twin sister was diagnosed with cancer three years before that and successfully beat the disease, so this prompted her to urged me to schedule another appointment with my doctor to get this lump checked out. All kind of thoughts continued to run through my head as the doctor made various appointments for me to figure out what was going on. I had always said in a joking matter that God knew who to give the cancer battle to ( meaning my sister) because I was not strong enough to fight anything like that.. Well I was wrong!! As I went to the doctors on the 15thI was so nervous, my best friend came and stayed with me the entire time although it was her birthday, as the doctor came out i knew by the look on her face that the test results were not good. All I could hear the doctor say was «I›m sorry it is cancer» My heart dropped down to the pit of my stomach, and my stomach went to the floor, I began to cry and a whole bunch of thoughts raced through my head as she began to tell us what they found. «Am I going to die?, What about my four young children?, God how could you allow this to happen?” Those were a few of the things that rushed my brain. I had just begun working at Catholic Charities at a job I loved, graduated college and wanted to buy a house and just began a great relationship, All of these things would be put on hold because of this diagnosis. My sister rushed to the doctor’s office to meet up with me and my best friend to console me, my sister immediately told me that I was going to beat this because she already did and that it was going to be alright. As we sat on the steps of the doctor’s office a rainbow appeared in the sky and my sister told me that it was a sign from God saying that all was going to be ok, I believed it. The process with my cancer treatment was long, come to find out, I started out with a three centimeter lump and two 1 centimeter lumps all in my right breast, My sister was BCRA-1 positive , so the doctors urged me to get the genetic test to find out if I was the same. Those results revealed that I was BRCA -1 positive as well, which meant that this mutation was passed down to us possibly from my mother. Being that the mutation is aggressive, treatment had to be fast. I was scheduled for surgery on December 12th, I opted to have a bi-lateral mastectomy because of the risk of the cancer coming on my left breast later on down the line, however the time in between my diagnosis and the surgery proved to be too long and the tumor grew 7 more inches making it a 10.5 tumor in my breast and it spread to my lymph nodes, I went from stage 2 to possibly stage 3 in a matter of two months. As I went to meet the hematologist, she was alarmed and urged my surgeon to cancel my surgery which was in a matter of two days and have me start chemotherapy on the 13th. On December 12th my port was placed in and the next day I started my first round of adriamycin and cytoxan (commonly known as the red devil) I had four rounds of that, by the second treatment the tumor shrunk down to 3 centimeters and after the third treatment the tumor was 1 centimeter !!! Can we say excited, I had my bi-lateral mastectomy on February 27th and a month later began my next 4 rounds of taxol. The surgeon stated that my surgery was a success; she was able to remove all of the tumors and 17 of my lymph nodes. However, there was still a positive region in my chest that she was unable to reach but was positive that the remainder of the chemotherapy and 28 rounds of radiation would knock it out. My journey through this cancer experience has been a one of many ups and downs, from thoughts of death to the attitude of I can beat this. My support system has been the best my mother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, job and church family and the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition have been there for me from the beginning to the end, always encouraging me and always uplifting me, answering the phone whenever  in the middle of the night when I was up crying out and making sure I always had a smile on my face. My children were afraid at first but quickly fear was replaced with hope as I kept them informed about every doctor’s appointment and how I was doing. They saw me always laughing, smiling, speaking positive and looking my best, after a while they forgot that mommy had cancer. No matter what, I always believed that God would deliver me from this and that it was only a test, I continued to smile and not let this diagnosis stop me from living and I believed that it is the reason I am still here. Having this happen to me has opened my eyes and allowed me to look at life in a totally new way, I want to help motivate other young women who are going through this and show them that a cancer diagnosis is not the end , Amidst the complete hair loss, times of extreme weakness due to chemo, pain from surgery and start of reconstruction, loss of self confidence due to changes in my body , effects of radiation and so on and so forth I am grateful for my life today and the process that I have been through . This battle proved to me that I am stronger than what I really thought I was and more beautiful than ever. I look at each scar left and see them as battle wounds to a fight that I won! I currently live in Dover with my four children Malachi 12, Shaygna 11, Shaun 8 and Nathaniel 4 and still in my relationship with my boyfriend Teddy. I will be pursuing my Master›s degree this fall at Delaware State University and am currently working for the state of Delaware at the Division of Family Services. I will be so excited to see my 32nd birthday on October 27 and also celebrate my first year of life after my diagnosis on the 15th. 


Survivors Olga Rosado

My name is Olga Rosado, I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer/Stage 3. I went to sleep and woke up the following morning with breast cancer. I used to do exercise 2 times a week so I thought I pulled a muscle because of the swelling and hardness, then I thought maybe I was bitten by an insect, until one day it was questioned by one of my coworkers. I then went to my best friend and asked her advice. It was then I had to do something. I called my doctor so I could get a referral for a mammogram. I got the mammogram and then was referred to breast surgeon Wendy Newell. By the time I got to her office I was emotional and overwhelmed, She scheduled a biopsy for the following day (Friday march 22, 2013). On Monday March 25 my biggest fear became my reality…I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Stage 3! I was speechless, overwhelmed and scared. From there everything went really fast with tests and meeting my oncologist (Dr. Sharma), as well as all of the other staff at the treatment center. On April 15th, I had my chemo port put in. I am not sure when I met Lois but I do know it was before I stated chemo on April 18th because I already had my wig. Thank you DBCC for being there! In order to get through I continued to work to keep myself busy. On July 23rd I officially stopped work. I did not realize how much rest I need and that the side effects had really kicked in. Since then I have learned to completely rely on my relationship with God. Knowing how much God loves me and gives me the strength to get through. I remember and probably will never forget the day my hair came out, Mother’s day weekend. I was getting ready for work and I wet my hair so that I could comb it and then I looked in the mirror and only had 4 small patches left. I had clippers and shaved what little bit I had left off. I looked in the mirror and was completely surprised; all I could say was WOW…you love me this much!!! My strength went from 10 to 100 all I saw was just how much God loved me! I knew then that I was going to be victorious! God has blessed me with wonderful support from my family, church family, and friends, coworkers, nurses, doctors, DBCC, Peer Mentor, and my special 3 year old hero that has leukemia. Thank you, Lois for my mentor, your support and for allowing me to be a part. I know I have a long road ahead but because of my faith in God the one who loves me the most I am hopeful!!

Rosemary Engle The first time I attended the DBCC’s annual event, SLOL, I was very impressed with the fashion

show featuring the beautiful models. These women and one man were bravely walking the runway as their fashions and personal stories were being related to the audience.  I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t hold back the tears.  As I looked back at the other guests at my table, there was not a dry-eye among them.  From that moment on, I planned to continue attending this annual event.  Little did I know that one day I would be among the survivors walking that same runway at the SLOL event a couple of years later. My diagnosis of extensive ductal carcinoma in situ came after a lumpectomy was performed on my right breast on 2/13/06.  After conferring with my doctors and careful consideration, I agreed to a mastectomy with reconstruction performed on May 8,2006.  During my journey, I was so blessed to have my loving and supportive family by my side, and I am now a sevenyear survivor. Once fully recovered, I attended, as planned, the next SLOL event and decided to sign up for the Peer Mentoring Program, which was the start of my on-going association with DBCC.  I continue to participate in as many of their programs as I can, enjoying such events as Nurture with Nature, the  Go Pink T-shirt fundraiser, Health Fairs and some of many educational programs and conferences sponsored by DBCC.  And I am still watching over that runway every year as  a member of the SLOL Fashion Show committee.

Susan Hayes My name is Susan Hayes and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at the age of 49. I am the

mother of two wonderful young women. I just became a grandmother and I am enjoying life. I will be a 5 year survivor this October 8th. Although I do not carry the BRCA gene, my grandmother died of breast cancer two weeks following the birth of my mother and my father had three sisters who had breast cancer. I was not shocked by the diagnosis of breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy in September 2008 and when I did not receive clean margins, I chose to have a double mastectomy in October 2008. Lois Wilkinson, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, set me up with a mentor and directed me to a few women that I could speak with about their decisions regarding doing a double mastectomy. I felt very comfortable after I made this choice and have had no regrets. Reconstruction has become so amazing in the last several years. I could not have gone through this journey without the support of my loving family, friends, my church, DBCC and my amazing medical team including Dr. Newell, Dr. Sawhney and Dr. Vu. The compassion of all of these people helped me through the hard times. I also feel so blessed to live in Dover and be in close proximity to such professionals that genuinely care. I have been on drug therapy for the last five years. I am a Peer Mentor for DBCC and part of the Big Sister Program. I hope that I can help other women going through their own personal journeys. Just know that you too can make it! Keep the faith!


Survivors Linda Webb-Jenkins

It was February 11, 1997 when I received the newa, I had Breast Cancer. At a tender age of 26, that diagnosis was like my own personal “Independence Day”, freeing my mind of all that didn’t matter and becoming completely focused on what truly did. It gave me insight to who I am, but more importantly who I wanted to be. I truly believe that you become what you think about most, so I thought about being a SURVIVOR! A friend once stopped me while wearing a huge smile, as I did daily, and asked, “Linda, wy are you always so happy?” I chuckled and said because I am ALIVE!!! I believe laughing and smiling wards off bad things, so I practice it often! I say all the time that “CANCER” has its perks as it has opened me up to a wonderful network of support and lifelong friends through Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, one’s that likely would otherwise not have happened. I cherish my SURVIVOR family as no-one can appreciate your journey more than them. It’s a badge of honor to fight the fight with these wonderful friends. Sixteen years later, I am still in awe of life and all that it has to offer. I strive to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to everyone I meet, always sharing a laugh or a smile. I want to leave this world with a legacy, one that has touched thousands of lives and changed them for the better. I look forward to my future and all that it has in store for me. Live, Laugh, and Love as if today was your last day!

Thank You All!

This was such a special photo shoot and we have so many wonderful people to say thank you to. First Brenda Pressley of Pressley Beauty Academy and all of your wonderful students. You made these ladies feel like queens for the day with hairdos, makeup, manicures and pedicures. Sandra Winfrey of Cajun Queen Cuisine you provided fantastic food as always. Mario Rocco brought us music and dancing and allowed the ladies to share their stories with us. Also, to the at Dover Air Force Base from the Officer’s Wives Club that brought some wonderful desserts and treats for the afternoon. Lois Wilkinson and The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition for all of their continued support for these SURVIVORS they supplied gift totes for each of the ladies. Paul Joslow of PJ Video Film for taking great videos of the day!. And of course to Mike Baker of CM Baker photography for taking the photos.




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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month the CDCC would like to remind everyone to take care of your health, but it is also important to take care of the health of your business! There are some surprises you never want sprung on you. Whether it is family, health or business we need to have regular checkups to keep our lives running smoothly. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer she vows to fight it with every tool available to her. When your business is unhealthy we want you to look to us, the CDCC and take advantage of the benefits we offer to take good care of your business. Here are some ways the CDCC can help you maintain, or regain, the health of your business: • We offer FREE Business Development Sessions to help you cut through the red tape! Kent County is Open for Business is held the 1st Thursday of each month at Kent County Levy Court from 8-10 a.m. There are several agencies on hand to help answer your questions and guide you towards the next step in starting your own business or expanding your current business. • Power Networking is like speed dating for the business world! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to network with other Chamber Members and get instant leads! You’ll have one minute to promote your business to the others at your

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What are people saying about Mortgage Ready? “Thank you for all you have done for me. It gives me a second chance at life. I wanted to start my new year out with no more encumbrances than I need. Each spring I will toast you and bless you for what you have done for me.” - Tommie Atkins - Rehoboth Beach, DE “Sitting here now seems almost surreal, only a short six months ago all seemed lost with no place left to go. How totally opposite has life changed since that phone call from Kevin Phillipson. Thanksgiving was certainly a holiday for thanks; Christmas had never seemed so special since days of being in the military during the Vietnam conflict. As I sit here I feel that someone somewhere listened and when all seemed lost made sure Kevin Phillipson made that important phone call to us on that summer day in July, for that we will be eternally grateful to him.” - Raymond and Aileen Rehoboth Beach, DE

credit report. He was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Thanks to all of Kevin’s efforts, I was able to refinance my home a few months later!” – Corrine – Newark, DE

Elizabethtown, PA

have lost homes through foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce “I started working with Kevin back and other life changing events. in April 2012, and he analyzed my Along with their self-respect and situation and laid out a plan. He esteem, their credit has taken walked me through the process major hits. Consequently, they and explained each step, and are forced to rent and in many “Buying a home should be answered all my questions. In cases, they cannot buy a new anyone family’s dream. You work less than 3 months he was able home for 2 to 4 years. We work hard, save money, and try to to clean up all the negative with you during this period to get live a good life. For us, the last reporting trade lines on my you Mortgage Ready so that year and a half trying to buy a report, and increase my score you may re-enter the world of home has been a nightmare! It 59 by points, getting my score homeownership. changed when we met Kevin over 700. That enabled my wife Phillipson. He is honest, and will and I to move forward with the Call today to see what we do whatever he can to help you. purchase of our new home. He can do for you. Remember We have learnt a lot from him. He gets results! Follow his lead and the situation you are in did not has made our dream come true. you too, will get the results you happen overnight, and the We will be closing on our house need.” - Eli and Sher Valenzuela, recovery will not be overnight very shortly. Thank you Kevin, Milford, DE either, but the recovery will not God put us in the right direction begin until you make the decision Why Mortgage Ready? when he sent us to you.” – As that it is time to turn it around. In today’s economy, a Always, Brian and Phyllis Lilly – Call Kevin at 302-399-4829. tremendous number of families

“Kevin and his team were quick. We are saving $1000 a month because of them. We are happy with our new mortgage.” - Glen – Dover, DE “Kevin did a wonderful job and was great to work with! I could have never gotten my home refinanced without his help in restoring my credit. Thank you for all your help and guidance!” – Ken – Middletown, DE “I used Kevin’s services to help repair many issues I had on my


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Eight Things to Know About State Exchanges - Part 1


On or about June 29, 2012, the U.S. 2) What options can states offer employers? Employers can Supreme Court upheld the PPACA choose any QHP offered in the (Affordable Care Act). In theory, SHOP in any tier; employers can health insurance companies and select specific tiers from which health service corporations will an employee may choose a compete for business on a more QHP; employers can select transparent and level playing field. specific QHPs from different This should reduce costs, improve tiers of coverage from which an choices, and provide individuals employee may choose a QHP; and small businesses with better or employers can select a single purchasing power like bigger business QHP to offer employees. (100+ employees). *

is not permitted benefit under Code Section 125 and cannot be offered under a cafeteria plan UNLESS the employer offers its employees the opportunity to enroll through an exchange in a group market. After Jan. 1, 2015, all exchanges must be selffunded as funding in most cases as startup costs ends.

1) What happens in 2014? Each 3) How do employers use state is required to create an exchanges? There is a ‘rolling exchange to facilitate qualified enrollment’ for employers, but, health plans (QHPs), including upon enrollment, the employer federally administered multiis locked into the plan and state plans and non-profit premium rate for one-year cooperative plans. The law periods. Once an employer requires HSS (Dept. of Health & enrolls in a state exchange, the Social Services) to create an employer must offer exchange exchange in states that do not coverage to all employees, set up their own exchanges. the exchange must provide an However, the healthcare reform aggregate bill to the employer law does NOT currently provide for all employees, and employers the federal government with must notify the Exchange about adequate funding to set up or any employee change in status operate federal health insurance such as adding dependents or exchanges. Standards for terminating coverage. Employers qualified coverage must include with multiple locations in different mandated ‘essential’ coverage, states can offer access to a single cost-sharing requirements, out state Exchange (headquarters) of pocket limitations, minimum or for each state a branch actuarial value of 60% or more… is located. As of this writing, which means that the policy, on Delaware is working earnestly average, pays 60% of the costs to provide information about for essential health benefits and their federal –state partnership the insured pays the remaining exchange and begin marketing 40% (Bronze plan). Other plans elements of the new exchange. are Platinum (90%), Gold (80%), or Silver (70%). Additionally, catastrophic coverage for 4) Are there any issues with state purchasers ages 30 and younger exchanges? States do NOT in the “individual” market must have “full” authority over be available and states must their exchanges. HHS has final also create Small Business approval authority for each Health Option Programs (SHOP exchange and in some cases Exchanges) for small employers[2 over see rate renewals in excess to 50 (100 lives in 2016)] to of a certain percentage (+10%). purchase coverage. Also, states Another issue is the interaction can expand this SHOP program to with cafeteria plans regulated large employers in 2017. by Code Section 125. Coverage offered through an exchange

To be continued . . . In the next article, I will provide the final four things you should know about state exchanges, including the costs, functions, HHS’ responsibility, and the federal requirements. Sources: CMSS, Benefits Pro, National Underwriter, American College,


NAFIA, SFSP, Employer Benefits Advisor

*The Obama administration, on or about July 4th, quietly announced they were delaying implementation of the business pay or play mandate for one (1) year. Now, under its regulatory authority, the shared responsibility provisions associated with penalties on small businesses is deferred to Jan. 1, 2015. Other provisions, including the “individual mandate” are still scheduled for implementation on Jan. 1, 2014 Call Still Insurance Agency at: 302-734-4448 or visit our website:

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The PR Business is Good


The PR business is good. Sometimes it’s too good and I have to turn clients down. It’s an indication that business is competitive.

information through the power of testimonials. Testimonials in print ads can be expensive, so include your website so they can hear from people just like them to understand their experience with The secret to public relations is in your product or service. Providing its name – relating to the public. peer recommendations is far Sounds simple but we live in an more effective than any amount increasingly connected world of product, brand or corporate where we vie for attention, not information. Just make certain only with our competitors but with you have permission from the every other message coming our folks you use in your ads. way. There are multiple ways to get We’ve got to talk to our publics the word out about yourself. in language that grabs their Some include: attention and holds it. It’s the old features vs. benefit story. Each of Remembering that you are an us tunes into issues that affect us expert in what you do. Take personally whether it’s a product, on the mantle of expertise and service or cause, and reject the become a spokesperson for your rest. What an equipment dealer specialty through some or all of considers a wonderful feature the following: may be irrelevant to the potential buyer who doesn’t want to Write an occasional letter to pay the extra cost and will go the editor offering free advice elsewhere. to the public. This underscores your expertise. As long as the Consumers are rightfully skeptical letter isn’t a direct sales pitch because they’ve all heard the you should see it in print. Keep “call now to buy one and get it between 200-250 words. It one free” pitch. The “free” extra doesn’t hurt to attach a jpg often costs more in additional headshot of yourself. Sometimes shipping charges than it’s worth. an editor will include it. People By the time the conversation is who know you will mention it for finished a $10 item with a second weeks to come. free item costs $25 or more. Businesses that offer ‘door buster Depending on what you do, offer specials’ only to push a more to speak at local community expensive version are trading organizations. Rotary clubs, long term trust for short term Kiwanis, Elks and other service profits. oriented groups are always looking for interesting speakers. Whether you’re doing business The key word is “interesting.” in person or online, provide real-world consumer review Maintain an online presence

through Facebook, Linkedin, or one of a dozen other sites. The only cautionary note is to monitor each one for negative comments. Always respond to negative feedback by dealing them immediately. If the information is incorrect, provide the correct information. If it involves a dissatisfied customer work something out and report the resolution. Don’t get into mud-slinging online. A case in point is a friend who went to a local restaurant and was told by the owner that his business was now on a social media site and he wanted his customers to spread the word. When the customer pulled up the site on his smart phone he pointed out a number of negative comments about the food and service that had been there for several weeks. The owner had never checked the site, assuming once it was posted his job was done. Write a press release about new employees, products or programs. However, unlike creative writing, a press release should always be: * Keep it short and to the point – just the facts. Don’t prattle on or use glowing words like “the best,” “our wonderful products,” and so on, because they will be stripped out by the editor. Be sure to include your website; * Written in Associated Press inverted pyramid style with as many of the “who, what, when,


where and why” elements in the first sentence or two. Paragraphs should be no longer than one or two sentences; * Spell checked; * Reviewed for grammar and accuracy by another reader. This is important, especially when it involves phone numbers and the spelling of names; * Transmitted via e-mail so as not to have to be rekeyed by the receiver. The bottom line is that visibility = credibility. To paraphrase the beer commercial, “Stay visible, my friends.”:-)

“Talk in language that grabs their attention and holds it.”

community and education

Our Women Who Serve By Dave Skocik

Sonya Meaders

the Distinguished Graduate Award in her technical training. Dover AFB is her first duty station. Here she continued her path of accomplishment by earning the First Term Sharp Airmen Award, Airman of the Quarter at the Squadron and Group levels; 2011 Volunteer of the Year; and Dover Air Force Base’s first Volunteer of the Quarter award in 2012 at the Wing level. Military members and civilians understand the term “active duty.” But it’s possible that Sonya Within her first year of duty she was elected president of Meaders’ photo is next to the her Unit Advisory Council and term in the dictionary. Vice-President of Dover Airman Against Drunk Driving (DAADD). After earning her Bachelors of As Vice-President of DAADD, Science degree in Actuarial she dedicated more than 300 Mathematical Sciences and a Masters in Arts in Economics and hours scheduling volunteers and International Finance at the State transportation that provided her University of New York at Albany, fellow airmen a safe way home.   she enlisted in the US Air Force in Sonya is also a Victim’s Advocate 2010. and was the Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Born and raised in Staten Island, Alternate. She additionally fosters NY, the 28-year-old is the third of professional development as a four children raised by a single member of the 436 Airlift Wing’s mother. Leadership Pathways Committee.   “My mother influenced me most Her volunteerism extends into the when growing up, because no Dover community as a member matter the task or the problem, of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority she always smiled. She worked Inc. She has organized several hard, and gave to a lot of Adopt-A-Highway clean-ups and people, even when she didn’t is an active supporter of the local have much. My mother taught men’s shelter and the Salvation me to love the Lord, love unconditionally and, work hard,” Army, preparing and serving meals. she said.     As a financial analyst assigned to Other community activities include helping to organize a the 436th Comptroller Squadron, 24-hour POW/MIA run to honor Sonya Meaders is directly those who have been Prisoners responsible for $7.3 million of the wing’s fiscal year operations and of War and Missing in Action and serving as activities chair of the maintenance funding. American Cancer Society’s Relay   for Life, working with more than She was an Honor Graduate 25 teams each year on their 12in basic training, then earned  

hour overnight fundraising events. These efforts have contributed to raising $181,000 for cancer research. As a physical fitness standout she has You didn’t enlist didn’t sign on the dotted line participated in more but you are an integral part than 13 5-kilometer races of this military life that bring attention to domestic violence, You play a key role breast cancer, AIDS, and in the deployment of your soldier obesity. be it for two weeks, a month,   or a year “My most memorable accomplishment and one You take care of home and family of the most humbling, without the help of your spouse you take on all duties while he is away was being selected as the 2012 436th Airlift Wing’s So we want to take the time Airmen of the Year,” she to salute you, pay tribute, said. and say thanks to you the military wife


The MilitaryWife

It isn’t enough for all that you do but believe it or not, I’ve been there too No one can understand if they aren’t in your shoes but if they offer you help, it’s because they want to Accept the help as much as you can you don’t have anything to prove You’re stronger than you think and you’ll make it through your pillow will survive the tears and any punches too The time may not fly by but one day at a time will add to a week and the weeks will grow to a month So again we salute you, pay tribute, and say thanks to you the military wife Lisa Dolbey

community and education Presented by Heather Steuer, Community Liaison and Rae Short, Community Liaison HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE was founded in 1994 in Omaha, the Home Instead Senior Care® network is the world’s largest provider of non-medical in-home care services for seniors, with more than 875 independently owned and operated franchises in 14 countries and 15 markets, spanning four continents. The local offices employ 65,000+ CAREGiversSM who provide more than 40 million hours of each year through activities including companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, errands and shopping. Founders Paul and Lori Hogan pioneered franchising in the nonmedical senior care industry and are leading advocates for senior issues in America. At Home Instead Senior Care, it’s relationship before task, while continuing to provide superior quality service that enhances the lives of seniors everywhere.

Clutter: Happy Memories or


Clutter isn’t a problem unique to seniors, but if someone is suffering from conditions which are more common as we grow older – such as stroke, brain trauma or dementia – the result can be disorder or even chaos. It could threaten a senior’s safety in the home and their independence. This is a problem all too familiar to caregivers.

can be a compulsive-hoarding addiction, which is a mental health disturbance. An older person may not recognize the impact that junk has on their life. We’re talking about everything from old newspapers and magazines to bottle tops. When clutter becomes hoarding, you may not be able to move freely in the home.”

“A lifetime’s accumulation of possessions combined with a daily influx of junk mail, bills and newspapers can overwhelm seniors who may already be struggling physically, mentally or emotionally,” said Heather Steuer of Home Instead Senior Care. “The spring is a great time for family caregivers to help seniors de-clutter for their own health and well being.”

How bad can the situation get? You enter your father’s home only to see stacks of things that have accumulated on every flat surface. Piles of newspapers and mail are everywhere. His medicine cabinet is overflowing with bottles from many years ago. Heaps of dirty laundry cover his bed and there is no place to sleep.

Experts say that seniors who don’t know how to part with their possessions are vulnerable. The risks include slipping on loose papers, a very real threat of fire, and serious health conditions arising from the effects of mold and mildew. Clutter can also interfere with family relationships, and leave adult children wondering if the only inheritance awaiting them is a big mess. “A senior may not recognize the impact of junk on their life,” says Dr. Jane Barratt, who is Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing, a global organization with members including non-government organizations, the private sector, academia and government. “This can go beyond keeping things for sentimental reasons,” says Barratt, who has written many papers on the subject of ageing and home care. “It

Dr. Barratt mentioned a case she knew of where old food and papers created such a smell in the home that air couldn’t circulate properly. She advises taking a closer look at those who tend to clutter up their lives. “The family should play a greater role in managing this situation,” she says. “Look for feelings associated with clutter. The person may be anxious and suffering from an overwhelming sense of grief. They may resist having people coming to their home. They may be lonely and sad, and not looking after themselves.” In order to identify potential trouble, Home Instead Senior Care is encouraging family caregivers to watch for signs in a senior’s home that indicate the

Household Hazards?

problem of ‘clutter creep.’ These signs include: • Piles of mail and unpaid bills. •

• •

three-step plan where the family caregiver brings three bins – one for the stuff the senior wants to keep, one for donations and the other for Difficulty walking through the trash. Sometimes seniors just need home, or managing daily help. One of our caregivers helped activities, or deciding whether her client go through a basement or not to discard things. full of newspapers. She helped her clip the articles she wanted to save, Frustration trying to organize. which allowed her to throw away most of the clutter. That was a relief Expired food in the refrigerator. to the senior and her daughter.”

Jammed closets and drawers.

Compulsive shopping.

A health issue such as a stroke or dementia.


“Family caregivers can become just as overwhelmed as seniors,” said Heather Steuer of Home Instead Senior Care. “We suggest a

For more information, contact Home Instead Senior Care at For tips on talking to a loved one about sensitive subjects, go to

Home Instead Senior Care advises family caregivers to help seniors de-clutter and avoid home dangers

Call for a free, no-obligation appointment 302.697.6435

Your parents want to stay in the place they call home. We can help.

Serving Southern New Castle, Kent and Sussex County

Whether you are looking for someone to help you or a loved one a few hours a week, or need more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead can help. • Companionship • Light Housekeeping

• Shopping & Errands • Medication Reminders

• Meal Preparation

• Personal Care

• Incidental Transportation Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated. © 2012 Home Instead, Inc.


community and education

I Am for the Child…

For information call the CASA office in

Family Court at (302) 672-1067 or (302) 672-1037 or (302) 672-1114. Applications are being accepted now for volunteer training.

Sheron Moody Sheron Moody was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the eldest of twelve children. In 42 years of marriage she and her husband have produced two sons and welcomed two daughters-in-law and four grandchildren.    Sheron came to Delaware after retiring from the School District of Philadelphia. She’s worked for State Senator Margaret Rose Henry and has established two ministries that mentor young ladies.    She’s also been a volunteer with ContactLifeline, with a focus on rape crisis.   Those activities positioned her for her role as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children.    “As a CASA, we become a voice for children in foster homes, advocating for whatever is in their best interest,” she said. “It’s very gratifying to know that we

have the opportunity to play such a significant role in a child’s life. In some cases we may be the only constant that child may have.”   Growing up, Sheron and her sister did not always reside with their parents. Her sister, in another home, did not receive the love and support she did. But her sibling used the obstacles she had to endure to propel her into becoming a successful business woman.   “From our very different experiences, I can empathize with the young people I work with.  I understand what they’ve been through, because to some extent I’ve been there.”   “Being able to work with these children at such a crucial time in their lives is rewarding and humbling for me.”

Tillie Snable Tillie Snable was born and raised in Philadelphia as one of seven children in a PolishAmerican Catholic family. In 1979 she married Air Force officer Robert Snable and has lived in Turkey and visited Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Ireland and England. They moved several more times before settling in Dover in 1998. She and Bob each brought five children to their marriage, totaling 10 children, 12 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. She recently celebrated her 85th birthday and is looking forward to many more years.

35 35

Raising five children kept Tillie involved in school, social, and community affairs. She became a substitute teacher and later a librarian in the Lake Forest school district. “I’ve been involved in foreign exchange student organizations and worked with reading programs for children,” she said. Today her part time work at Kohl’s department store keeps her in touch with the young people who work there. “I am their adopted mother, grandmother and sometimes mentor,” she said. But her most rewarding stint has been her 18 years as a CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate. “Years ago when I first heard about CASA, I wanted to know more because of the seriousness of the need in the life of a child,” she said. She has represented children as young as 2-years-old and has watched children grow and reach maturity. “As a CASA, my focus is on what is best for the child. In all of my years, I have found that being a CASA is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had. Caring and showing it is what it’s all about.”

community and education

Delaware Youth Advisory Council


Delaware youth advisory council, also known as YAC, has been in existence since 2001. It was founded by the youth, for the youth and is still run by the youth to this day. Our mission is to provide a voice for youth in foster care and to those who may not be in foster care now, but still have the expertise from once experiencing it. To be a member, you have to have experienced foster care and be between the ages of 14-21. We meet every third Wednesday of the month from 6-8 and if you are interested, please contact your social worker or independent living provider because our location has been changing and we do provide transportation. We also provide a light meal at every meeting. Through YAC, youth get the opportunity to network, not only with their peers but with our partners as well. This includes family court judges, youth representatives such as CASA or GAL, independent living providers/ workers, as well as several social workers and other adult figures that directly influence or are involved with the foster care system in the state of Delaware. This provides a way for youth to get


Maegan Soll

Maegan Soll is a native Delawarean who was born in Wilmington and raised in Dover. Her passion is the Delaware Youth Advisory Council, also known as YAC. Founded in 2001, it was created by youth, for youth, and run by youth.   Her own childhood included time in foster care where she was inspired by successful people who made things happen.   She earned her cosmetology license a month before graduating from Polytech High School.   She also became an advocate for the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative. Its mission is to ensure that young people make successful transitions from foster care to adulthood.   The YAC provides a voice for youth in foster care from those who have been there and experienced it. Its members are between the ages of 14-21, and must have lived in foster care. For every young person who ages out of foster care, taxpayers and communities pay an average of $300,000 in social costs like public assistance, incarceration, and lost wages over

real advice on certain situations or to help bring troubling issues to the attention of an adult that can help, a mentor that will listen, or another youth that has experienced some of the same hardships. We also do several community service activities a year such as R.O.P.E.S course with the National Guard, Adopt a Highway, Habitat for Humanity and Rita’s mental health awareness day. YAC is something these youth can believe in and rely on. This year, on September 18th, YAC as well as a few partners got to see a bill, developed by them and inspired by the youth, signed into law. This bill will extend foster care services and support past the age of 18, until 21. This will help youth make a healthy transition into adulthood and give them developmentally appropriate supports so they become independent when they are ready, not when they are told. Overall, YAC has made tremendous accomplishments and will continue to do its work with the power of the youth voice and their influencing adults standing strongly behind them. 

Youth Advisory Council

that person’s lifetime. The Jim Casey Initiative’s Success Beyond 18 campaign compares the costs of doing nothing with the benefits of extending foster care by making a powerful case for investing in young people before they transition out of foster care so they may experience a better path to success in adulthood.   This is addressed by Delaware HB 163, which requires the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families to create and maintain a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive program that fully integrates independent living services from ages 14 to 21 and which will assist youth in their transition into adulthood.   Now a student at Delaware State University, Maegan is studying social work so she may one day serve youth and their families in Delaware.   “Some of my greatest accomplishments come from my experiences in foster care and my motivation to make a change. I have been through a lot but what gives me the most satisfaction is knowing I made a difference in someone›s life by improving the foster care system,” she said.


The YAC meets every third Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. and provides transportation for youth in the foster care system. Interested youth need only to contact their social worker to participate in the discussions. It provides a way for youth to get advice on challenging situations or to bring troubling issues to the attention of an adult who can help, a mentor who will listen, or another youth who has experienced the same hardships.   Youth get the opportunity to network, not only with their peers but with other groups like CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), independent living providers and workers, social workers, and Family Court judges.   “I am a mentor, a role model and a determined and motivated individual. I know foster care may not be the most ideal situation, but I plan to dedicate my time to provide more normalcy and permanence to youth that need it the most.”

community and education Presented by Dina Carol Vendetti This is Dina Carol Vendetti’s 29th year in education, the last 13 years have been here in Delaware at St. John’s School. She came to Dover in 2000, when St. John’s Lutheran Church established a goal of starting a Lutheran School. Dina loves her work with children, parents, and teachers. Dina holds a B.S. from Concordia, New York; a M.Ed. from Towson University; and she earned her doctorate in 2010 from Wilmington University. Dina is an active member of the Capital City Rotary Club and serves as the Leadership Central Delaware steering committee chair for the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce. St. John’s offers a high quality educational program for children in Pre-Kindergarten through the eighth grade, and an online high school opportunity. Learn more about St. John’s at or call (302)734-3767.

Be True To Your School... Several years ago, one of our students starting called St. John’s “BSITU” an acronym that stands for “best school in the universe!” Her enthusiasm for her school and her excitement to share it with her friends came out in one little 5 letter acronym… and it stuck. This nickname has become one of the components of our school’s branding. That’s quite a label to live up to… to some it may sound a little arrogant… to others it may sound totally inaccurate. Being the “best” school in the universe doesn’t mean being the “Most Perfect School in the Universe.” We are definitely not perfect. As far as whether or not we are really the BEST school in the universe, I guess that depends on your definition of “best.” Let’s examine for a moment what it takes to be the best school in the universe. The following is a list of how we measure “best” at St. John’s – it might be interesting to note how others define “best” and, hopefully, these thoughts will be useful as you work together with your family to generate your own definition of “best” in terms of education. 10. We are supported, encouraged, strengthened, and nurtured by a mission minded, caring congregation of people who want to make a difference in the community. 9. We are trend-setters… we were the first in our area to offer all-day Kindergarten, we were the first to offer Chinese, and now we’re the first to offer a high school program that couples online learning with our school setting. In addition, we were also the first to implement a leadership training program beginning in the second grade.

8. We have an amazing staff of teachers who travel a distance every day, work long hours, impact many lives, laugh and cry with their students as they experience victories and defeats… and wouldn’t have it any other way. 7. We are blessed with a strong group of parents and volunteers who care. They care about their kids, they care about our staff, they care about what we’re doing, they care about what we need… they are an essential part of the caring community that is St. John’s.

learn. Tools for life-long learning are the best gifts we could give our students. We are living in a world that is changing at the speed of light every day. Advances in medicine, technology, and engineering happen every minute. The best thing we can do for our kids is to teach them how to obtain and assimilate the knowledge that they will need as they grow in adulthood.

And finally, at the root of it all… the number one reason is… we belong to Jesus. He is the head of our school. 5. We do NOT celebrate He is the one we mediocrity. We are on a quest for serve. He is the one the best at St. John’s. We want who guides what each student to achieve his/her we do. He is the personal best. one who we carry to the community 4. We train our students to be through our children. servant leaders. This year we And He is the one were recognized with a Jefferson who makes St. Award for the second year in a John’s the Best row. This national award isn’t about School in the something that we’ve done for Universe! ourselves – it’s an award for public service recognizing our students’ (St. John’s School efforts to serve the community. is in its fourteenth academic year of 3. We offer a traditional education educating Dover’s and all that it means: Christian children. We are values, rigorous academics, high a small parochial ethical and moral standards. school owned and We teach kids to be polite and operated by St. respectful. We teach kids to speak John’s Lutheran boldly about their convictions. We Church. Our school, still teach things like spelling and a traditional center cursive writing all the way through for learning and th 8 grade. We even diagram student engagesentences! ment, strives to bring a quality program to 2. We teach students how to our area. Our

program of excell-ent academics is supported by three pillars: Christian education, community service and involvement, and leadership training. Our goal is to develop good Christian citizens who will be the leaders of the future.)

6. We find things to celebrate every day… a passed test, a birthday, a lost tooth, Fridays. Jesus wants our joy to be full… and full it is in the celebrations at St. John’s.


St. John’s Lutheran School 1156 Walker Road, Dover, DE 302-734-3767 Pre K – Grade 8 New this year: online high school A traditional academic center for learning and student engagement… Our program of excellent academics is supported by three pillars: • Christian education, • community service and involvement, and • leadership training. “Growing Disciples, Building Community”

St. John’s Lutheran School Quarter Auction Featuring items from

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Doors open 5:30 p.m. Bidding begins 6:30 Event held at the Camden Wyoming Moose Lodge

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fashion and beauty Presented By Brenda Pressley Brenda Pressley is the owner of a small private trade school Pressley Beauty Academy Inc. We teach Barbering, Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Instructor, Esthetics, And Makeup Artistry. I have been blessed to be able to teach students and clients alike. A new beauty from within. Which in return makes all things possible. Education is a must. Learning is the foundation of life. With a strong foundation we have the ability to inspire others.

Wigs & Hair Enhancements


From the very beginning of recorded history, wigs have played an important role in the world of fashion. The Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads with Bronze razors and wore heavy black wigs to protect themselves from the sun. In the 18th Century England, men wore wigs called “perukes” to indicate that they were in the army or navy or engaged to practice law. For the millions of people who suffer from extreme thinning or total hair loss, due to illness, cancer, or genetics today natural looking wigs can make a person feel much better about their appearance. Imagine how gratifying it would be to help a cancer patient who has suffered hair loss to feel good about their image and self-worth. With the right knowledge, hair enhancement could bring new dimension to many people’s lives. A wig can be a large financial and emotional investment for a client. It can make someone’s dreams become a reality. Understanding a motive for seeking a wig will have a more satisfying end. It will avoid disappointment and frustration.

ponytail wraps or toupees. How long the client is going to wear the piece. Who will be maintaining the wig or piece? You need to consider environmental factors like humidity and exposure. For instance, you may want to choose synthetic in places where there is high humidity because it will not frizz. 1. Budgetary concerns what you can afford. 2. Other thing to consider, custom cutting, color, perming, setting and styling of wigs and or hair pieces. Advantages of Human Hair Wigs 1. More realistic appearance 2. Greater Durability 3. Same styling & maintenance required as natural hair.

4. Can be custom colored or permed to suit the client.

2. They can even fool most styl ists.

5. They can be curled & blowdried or hot rolled

Synthetic wigs are a great value.

Disadvantage of Human Hair Wigs

They are less expensive than real hair.

1. Human hair may frizz or lose its curl in humid weather.

Ready to wear wigs are easy to care for.

2. If the wig becomes wet or after shampooing it will need to be restyled.

Most synthetic wigs are cut according to latest styles.

3. The color will oxidize meaning it will fade. 4. With harsh brushing or backcombing or excessive heat it will break or split. Advantage of Synthetic Wigs: 1. They look lustrous and feel realistic.

It is important to: 1. Determine the need & desire for a wig 2. Match the style with your desire. 3. Find the right balance. 4. Work with the hair type. 5. Select the appropriate hair addition or wig. There are many options to consider - human hair or synthetic, custom made or ready to wear, hair extension, temporary, clip-in or semi permanent , or hairpiece falls, ponytails, switches, wiglets braids,


The colors are limitless, from natural to wild fantasy shades. In order to achieve a natural look it is crucial that you blend the client’s hair with the hairpiece. You must match up both the color and wave pattern for a natural look. Make sure you purchase your hair piece from a professional. You are sure to achieve the look you want.

fashion and beauty

By Ron Sayers – Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

Beautiful and affordable A great investment The ultimate possession!



We have all heard the line diamonds are a girls best friend but did you ever stop to think how true it is ? Diamonds will be guaranteed to compliment your appearance with virtually any outfit you wear. Whether blue jeans or an evening gown, diamonds compliment any fabric or color you can imagine. They are also compatible with any skin tone, makeup or hair style. Diamonds are also available in many natural colors such as yellow, brown, pink and black, as well as some colors created by man. The most dramatic and versatile however is still the colorless round brilliant and unlike the outfits you wear them with, they can be worn in any season and don’t go out of style. Diamonds are well suited for any age group. We have sold tiny diamond pendants for Christining gifts as well as a single add-a-link diamond bracelet which can be added to yearly. By the time the child is in college they can have a completed diamond bracelet which can be worn a lifetime. You are never too young or too old to wear diamonds. Think about it, the very diamond your grandmother or mother so lovingly wore on their wedding day can be remounted in a modern ring or pendant for you to touch and enjoy every day as they did. And the best part is you can pass that love on to the next generation. Diamonds truly are beautiful and durable tokens of love to cherish forever. A great investment ? Let’s say you buy a pair of diamond stud earrings for $ 800.00. If you wear them only four days a

week for the first year, your cost is $4 per day. That is about the cost of a Cappuccino and you saved all those calories. The rest of your life you wear them for free and when you hand them down to the next generation they will probably be worth much more. You don’t have to pay property tax yearly and you don’t have to waste money upgrading to the newest version. What about love and romance ? Diamonds are the ultimate token of love when used as an engagement ring. They speak any language eloquently and are available in many shapes and sizes. Our sales staff includes Graduate Gemologists who can guide you in the selection of the ultimate diamond for the love of your life set in a ring she will cherish. We will show you the color, clarity and cut combination that will give your diamond the maximum brilliance.

provided today. Sometimes when we deal with the best it is easy to forget to say thank you. We accept it as the norm. It is with you, but not all businesses. - Again many thanks. Best wishes and prayers, Dan Dear Sayers Jewelers Gang, A special thank you to Dawn for helping me pick out Orbis for Mom’s birthday last week and for the extra effort to ship them to me quickly. She loved all the Summer colors, especially the lime green opal. I am now the lucky recipient

We carry Lazare ideal cut diamonds and the very exclusive Forever 10 brand of ideal cut diamonds as well as diamonds from Antwerp Belgium, the diamond capital of the world. The key to diamonds is quality. If you spend money for an ugly diamond it will be ugly forever. A quality diamond is a cherished, work of art that remains beautiful forever. A DIAMOND IS FOREVER choose it wisely and enjoy your best friend. Testimonials: Dear Tom, Ellen, Ron and Staff: Thank you so much for your prompt, professional, caring attention to my needs for the award that you so courteously


of the magenta one, thanks to her too! I always appreciate the service and selections at Sayers! Thanks again for another successful birthday celebration! - Jennifer

Dear Gretchen, Thank you so much for the great customer service received recently during my purchase of an Orbis ring. It is so refreshing to visit a business and receive great service. It was our anniversary week and thank you for making it so special. I love my ring! Enjoy the brownies!

d Video n d Photography a n community a education By Paul Joslow Paul Joslow has been shooting video since it was called film. His career has spanned three film formats and numerous video formats. His credits include documentaries, TV spots and a feature film. He has lit and/ or shot scenes for dozens of major corporations. He currently heads, a Delaware based production company featuring web video campaigns. He also specializes in live business events, as well as weddings and other events. Paul may be reached by email at, and on his mobile phone at 215.280.1212.

DIY Tips and Professional Video


DIY VIDEO TIPS My parents recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. We had a film fest, watching the numerous reels of 8mm and super 8 films documenting our family’s growth (after transferring to DVD, of course). It was touching to see us so young along with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, many of whom are long gone. We had a great time, but watching over two hours of “home movies” together became a bit tedious, even for those of us in them. For all those who would like to create better home movies, I am happy to offer a few tips to help get you started. GET CLOSER. Draw the viewer’s attention to what you want them to see. In too many videos, the main subject takes up only a small part of the frame, surrounded by excessive background. Zooming in will make the subject appear closer, but will magnify any shakiness if you are hand holding your camera. Moving closer while zoomed out wide will help steady the image, and will also help you record clearer audio from your subject. The subject should command a significant portion of the frame most of the time, not the background. A tripod is a must if you zoom in from a distance. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. With most video cameras it is as simple as that…what you see in the viewfinder is what you can expect on the screen. (Just be sure you are viewing the external LCD screen at the proper angle.) Don’t just focus your attention on your subject. Check the subject’s surroundings. If you have centered your subject’s face and have lots of “headroom” between your subject and the top of the frame, pan down to minimize the space. If you are cutting the

head off and do not desire the flat top look, pan up a little. Pick interesting angles - don’t always shoot at your eye level. EXPOSE PROPERLY. Improper exposure will result in loss of clarity and color. Most cameras have pretty good auto exposure control, but they can be fooled in high contrast situations. If your subject is dark, try to avoid having lights, windows or bright backgrounds in the frame. If your subject is bright, try to find a background of similar brightness to avoid loss of detail. They eye is naturally drawn to the brightest point. Try to have some light on the subject.

During the pre-production phase, a video professional will examine the information to be presented, discuss the intended audience, visit the shooting locations, and create a design for the program, culminating with a script. A schedule for recording will be drawn up once personnel and equipment requirements are determined. Production involves more than pulling the camera from its case and taking aim. Camera angles, audio needs and lighting concerns need to be addressed before recording even starts. Several takes are often required.

I’ll have more tips in future issues. Email questions to pjoslowvideo@ WHEN TO TRUST A PROFESSIONAL The world of video production and distribution has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. Once the province of television stations alone, video production required large, cantankerous cameras and a room full of floorstanding video tape recorders. Most video was viewed via broadcast. Today, most cell phones have the capability to record a video the user can upload directly to the internet. Almost anyone can produce and distribute video content but easy-to-use gadgets don’t preclude the need for some skills to create a video that delivers the intended message. For businesses utilizing video communication for public relations, training, sales, web presentations, etc. it is wise to trust the services of established, experienced professionals for many reasons. The foremost reason, of course - each message must be carefully crafted to provide the desired audience response.



The magic is in Post-Production. Editing matches the visual images with sound elements - live audio, voice over, and music. The tasteful use of effects and graphics completes the professional look – promoting the professionalism of the business, while communicating the envisioned message. A lot more goes into the professional video process than meets the eye. Attention to detail is critical, and that’s where the experience and expertise of the video producer proves its worth.

Photography By Peggy Montgomery Ford Peggy Montgomery Ford started her business in 1988. She has been offering classic boudoir since 1990. Having attended boudoir seminars in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Florida and New Jersey and 20+ years in the business, she certainly knows her business inside and out and she knows how to make a woman look terrific!

Boudoir Photography


Allure Boudoir Photography by Peggy (in association with Montgomery Ford Photography) offers a classic approach to boudoir photography that unveils your most alluring, sensual, mysterious, sexy, mischievous self! Celebrating Women, Celebrating You! The Beauty of Boudoir. Allure Boudoir Photography by Peggy gives you the opportunity to present your loved one with the very special gift of YOU. You at your very best, you as he will cherish you forever. Be inspired! Be a work of art!  Create the absolutely perfect gift… for a special occasion, for any occasion, for no occasion, for someone special — or just for you…just because!  From innocent flirtation to soft nudes.

has all the experience needed to and gorgeous views out of make your Allure adventure just the windows overlooking the perfect! Chesapeake), convenient to the entire DelMarVa area! What to Expect  Peggy’s decades of experience will benefit your entire Allure Prepare with a Pampering at the experience and will result in an Beauty Salon. artistic, tasteful, and intimate set of photos for you to share with Whether you opt for a natural your loved one. look or one that is more glamorous, consider having your makeup professionally done just prior to your shoot. It will give you extra confidence, and it will ensure that our lighting does not wash you out. You can use someone you know, or you can use Allure’s makeover partner. Be sure to ask us about current affiliate salons.

The Experience. Your Allure experience begins with a simple phone call to book your photo session…and it ends with a set of tasteful images for you to enjoy and share with your loved one. Peggy Ford will be your guide through the entire experience beginning with a complimentary design consultation…through your individualized photo session… and ending with your selection of the images and display options for your precious gift.  Your comfort and satisfaction are ensured and guaranteed every step of the way.  Allure has the perfect facility for a perfect photo experience, and Peggy

1. Dressed in your favorite lingerie — or other favorite clothing — and surrounded by things that are important to you and your loved one — you will create a gift to treasure for years! 2. After the session, you and Peggy will choose a date to view the proofs. This is usually a few days or a week after the boudoir experience and viewed in the privacy of a small meeting room at the Holiday Inn Express.

“I have always thought of doing photos like this but before it was just a fantasy. You have breathed life into that fantasy by your services of boudoir photography. I would never have done the photos if you didn’t offer this service - most obviously because you are a female so that certainly put me at ease. The atmosphere was comfortable and relaxed and the results were great.” ~ Sara H., Boston, Mass. To have your boudoir questions answered and to schedule your boudoir experience...

Call Peggy today! 302-494-0802

Peggy Ford will guide you through the process of dressing and posing during your 1 to 2 hour photo session depending on the package you choose. Sessions are photographed at the Holiday Inn Express Kent Island (King size room/Jacuzzi

Websites: 3. You will also see a selection of photo gift ideas, personalized photo products, books and ways to display your photos.


Location: Kent Narrows, MD


By Mike Baker

After shooting weddings for approximately 28 years, one would think that you have seen it all, right? Far from the truth! Weddings are always a learning experience. The constant change in the technology alone makes it a huge challenge. For brides out there looking to book a photographer, Good Luck! And I mean that sincerely. I always tell brides to go with someone that you feel comfortable with. You will be spending a lot of time with them during your wedding day. Unless you absolutely know who you want for your photographer, look around and do some comparison shopping. Instead of looking at just a few pictures, look at a complete wedding. Most of my weddings are booked through referrals. Of all the weddings that I book, word-of-mouth is by far the best advertising. Make sure they are experienced! It’s not just taking pictures. Dealing with the guests and the wedding party is a job in itself. The photographer needs to keep things flowing no matter what problems arise. There are too many so called “photographers” that buy a camera without any other required equipment and expect to shoot a wedding. Not good! When I shoot a wedding, I have at least 5 camera bodies with flash systems to go with that. If you have one camera or one flash and it goes out on you, there might be a furious bride. There is nothing worse than a furious bride! I always figured when the bride isn’t happyno one is happy! Price is always a huge concern as it should be. Along with everything else in planning a wedding, you must try to set some kind of budget. I am baffled by the prices of weddings anymore. I occasionally get a call for a wedding being planned with a $500 or $600 budget (or some low amount) for photography. I have to politely turn it down. On the other end of that realm a bride and groom could spend thousands of dollars wastefully. Spend wisely! I really feel that pictures are the only thing left after a wedding is over. Unless you have a video done as well, there is nothing left from a wedding to keep those memories intact. Yes everyone does have a cell phone to take pictures or a point- and- shoot camera to also track the day. These are all good for Facebook and other immediate internet media but it doesn’t always look good in print. It really comes down to your priorities for the wedding. Time is one of the most important things to consider. When time runs short, guess what gets cut? Photography. Seems that to keep up the pace with lost time, the easiest way to get back on track is to cut the photography time or rush through it real quick. It will show in the results of the pictures. Doing the formals after the ceremony is the most dreaded part for the wedding party. The biggest thing in mind is getting to the reception and start the party! There’s nothing wrong with a drink during the picture session (out of the church that is). It’s just that there have been some occasions that some have celebrated a little more than what they should have done. I just take the pictures and am not there to judge. One of the ways to make sure to get everything covered is to shoot all the formals before the ceremony. Yes the groom sees the bride! Everyone is really happy and excited before the wedding. There is a relaxed mood with the time situation and you don’t have to worry about holding up the guests. A small amount of time can still be given for those family shots at the ceremony. The wedding party can go to another location to do those pictures or where the ceremony will take place. When that is done, we always try to set up a private meeting for the groom to see the bride right before the formals are done. It also gives the groom a few minutes alone after he sees his bride. Normally he has no private time alone with her for a while. Please keep in mind that the quality of time for the pictures will dictate the quality of pictures. When the bride starts looking through the hundreds of web sites and magazines that show the perfect bride and groom images, please realize that many are staged in a perfect scenario. We try to get that perfect image every time. I always suggest a list of pictures and with the different people as well. We always cover many of the traditional family pictures but there may be some that we are not aware of. I always suggest to the bride that if there are some particular poses that she wants to try, please let me know. My way is not the only way. There is one thing we do that sets our “traditional” weddings apart from all the other weddings done by other photographers. We will print out 12 – 15 8x10’s at the wedding reception for all to see. After the wedding is over the bride and groom can take the pictures with them. If you have any questions , call us. You can also view full weddings at Click on on my home page and use the password 8847. These will have some of the recent weddings online from start to finish. Good Luck!

Call Mike Baker of C.M. Baker Photography at 674-8118 or 335-1500 or visit our website at



Looking For That Perfect Gift?

We all look for that special gift to give the family member who has everything or to someone who needs something just for them. When we find the right thing for the right person we just know it. We prefer to give those meaningful gifts personal to the person we are buying for, not an impersonal gift card if we can help it. What a wonderful surprise when we find a solution that can fit our needs for many occasions in the future! And it is always a gift in return to see how much what you give means to the recipient. These framed photos are unique gifts for the holidays, graduation or any gift giving occasion. Alpha-Framed photo pictures are the right gift for any of these occasions. In designs geared for school spirit, sports teams (great for players and coaches), family names and LOVE - for a treasured wedding gift. Plan ahead and place your orders now. Photos can be submitted for inclusion. All letters of the alphabet are available.

Send email to: or call: 302-492-3496 Size: 5x7 or 8x10 Wedding - Sport Team - School Spirit - Family Name Frame: Black - Wooden - Silver - Gold Make sure to include contact information, including phone number. Credit Cards Accepted!


community and education

“Every child deserves a family...could yours be the one?”

Every Child Deserves A Family


Daunte Culpepper, Dave Thomas (The founder of Wendy’s Restaurants), Eleanor Roosevelt, George Washington Carver, Nancy Reagan, and Sara McLachlan…what do these famous persons have in common? They were all adopted! Each one of these people is an example of how a child can rise above trauma, and flourish under the care of a loving family. Children’s Choice has been providing services to children and families for over 30 years, focusing first and foremost on children who have been removed from their biological families and placed in the state foster care system. Our adoption program focuses primarily on the children for whom it has been determined reunification with their biological family is no longer an option. Although we work with children of all ages and races, the children available for adoption from foster care typically range in age from 4-15 years old, are of minority descent, and may also be part of a sibling group needing to be adopted together. These

children have experienced many losses in their young life, and need a permanent, loving, adoptive family. They need a family who understands the impact of losses they’ve experienced, and are willing to love them unconditionally and work with them through any challenges they experience as they heal from their past and grow into their future. Some of the requirements of being an adoptive family include being over the age of 21, being able to financially support and additional child or children, being single or married for one year, and having adequate home and bedroom space. When you adopt a child into your life, it is a bond that you establish forever. You are taking the responsibilities, challenges, and benefits of caring for that child upon yourself and your loved ones. Your lives will be greatly affected by this decision! That’s why Children’s Choice provides professional adoption services adapted for each individual…we will be there to provide support and guidance for your family before, during,

and after the adoption process. There will be dayto-day challenges. There will be developmental changes and life events that will have a significant impact on your life. But there will also be giggles, smiles at the breakfast table, and mouths covered with peanut butter and jelly. You will change a life... yours, and the life of the child you adopt. Every child deserves to have a family….could yours be the one?. If you are interested in learning more about our adoption program, please contact Pam Shockley at (800) 220-2173.


We service the entire state of Delaware, and have offices located in Newark, Dover, and Georgetown.

home andgarden By Christina Lessard I have worked with my family at Lessard Builders in many different positions since seventh grade. My jobs have included the office cleaning lady, job site cleanup person, receptionist, secretary, and errand runner. It’s been a real life learning experience. After graduating from Wilmington University with a BS in Finance, I became comptroller. In addition to our staff, Lessard Builders includes my father Brian, mom Kathy, and brother Brian. The best part of the day is following dad when he is working directly with our clients. That’s when I learn the most about our business.My goal is to continue our 4th generation business of building custom homes. My father has shown me the joy that comes from working with clients from design through the building process to handing them the keys to their dream homes. I look forward to the day when I can carry on the business with the same values and dedication.

Christina’s Corner


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, since 1851, there have been 645 hurricanes during the months of September, October and November, compared to 321 hurricanes during June, July and August. Experience has taught us that preparation means protection of property, but more important, physical safety. Here are some common-sense weather related tips to provide peace of mind. Review the following: •     Check your home’s rain gutters for any debris thrown around by the wind •     Check for sink holes where the ground has settled to create hidden pockets within 5-10 feet of your home. •     If you have a crawl space or basement, check the entire perimeter to make sure there are no puddles or wet spots. Ninety percent of all wet basements and crawl spaces are due to poor drainage around the house. Most drainage problems can be resolved by adding 10-foot extensions to your downspouts. •     Water forced into homes during high winds may be hidden in carpeting or lying in crawl spaces or storage areas. Dampness feeds mildew and mold, which can lead to breathing problems in adults and children and structural damage. •     Check your roof. Stand far enough away so you can see the entire span. Make sure no shingles have blown off, especially at the top part called

the ridge. Missing shingles will cause leaks throughout your home. If you have binoculars this is a great time to use them.

Use passive solar heat. Open the curtains or raise the shades in your apartment with the doors closed. The sunlight will warm up the room.


Turn off lights when you leave a room and unplug little energy vampires. As we move into the cooler days of This will really help you reduce Fall, now is the time to think about electricity bills. Look for all of the little saving energy. Here are some tips:  energy eating devices, including computers, chargers, power strips, If you are using your electricity battery rechargers, laundry room during off periods, you may be able to sign up for a time-of-use program lights, CD players and other devices that together consume energy with your utility company. But be aware that these programs may cost 24-hours a day. The easiest way to find them is at night when you turn you more if you use more electricity off the overhead light and see all during peak times.  the little glowing lights looking back Lower the thermostat during the day. at you.   Setting it to a lower temperature will Wear layers. Dressing in layers will let reduce the strain on your heater, and lower electricity bills, particularly if you heat with electricity. You can also lower the temperature slightly at night and add an extra blanket to the bed for a comfortably warm night. It’s a matter of changing your habits but it will save money over time.  Tighten the seal on windows. Placing removable rope caulk or peal-able caulk will help even well sealed windows retain heat during the winter. By using rope caulk you will still have easy access to windows if you need them.  Shut doors to unoccupied rooms. Shutting doors to unoccupied rooms keeps the heat from travelling down a cooler hallway.  Add moisture to the air. Humid air feels warmer than dry air, and you can comfortably reduce your thermostat a degree or two and still feel warm. By placing a few bowls of water in front of heat registers, you can also humidify your space and reduce static electricity. 


you maintain and modify your body temperature as you need. If you feel chilly, instead of turning up the heat, grab a cozy sweater or a warm blanket. And don’t be a stranger. Email me at with questions or suggestions. Lessard Builders stands ready for your property and building needs.   For more information check out our insulation videos on our website at or call 302-698-1091. You can get any upgrade you desire and know that it’s going to be the best quality from start to finish. -Manny and Christine Perry

home andgarden By Valerio Juarez Valerio Juarez has over 10 years’ experience learning from some of the best in the business. He has branched out as an entrepreneur and has developed a great client base, some of the best looking properties in the developments. He provides excellent customer service, consulting with his clients, making their yards a masterpiece.

How To Winterize Your Lawn

Y 2.





Grass seed




Lawn or landscaping service (optional)

You Will Need: 1. Rake

opens up spaces in the soil and tips and tricks? allows the grass to more efficiently complete its metabolic processes. Call VJ today to have your yard winterized professionally. VJ also TIP: You can rent a core specializes in planning your spring aerator or hire a lawn or landscaping service to do it for you.

STEP 4 Overseed Overseed your lawn after STEP 1 aerating it to thicken sparse Pull weeds and rake leaves areas. In the fall, warm Tour your lawn. Pull any remaining season weeds will die off weeds, and then rake away and leave space for new leaves and other debris. If you grass to grow. Overseeding have a sprinkler system or other in the fall will give you a automatic irrigation system in denser lawn the following place, shut it down for the winter. spring, with more grass and less room for competing STEP 2 weeds. Apply fertilizer Apply a winter lawn fertilizer with STEP 5 a high potassium ratio to stimulate De-thatch root and rhizome growth. De-thatch your lawn to prevent disease and fungal TIP: Do not fertilize later than problems. While a thin layer September or early October. Your of thatch is beneficial, grass will keep growing instead more than half an inch of entering dormancy and be can be harmful. You can susceptible to frost damage. de-thatch your lawn with a thatching rake or a power de-thatcher.

STEP 3 Aerate Aerate your lawn in the fall. Soil compaction prevents your lawn’s root system from getting the oxygen it needs. Core aeration

STEP 6 Store your mower and tools Put your lawn mower and gardening tools away for the winter and look forward to a lush, healthy lawn in the spring. Did you know: The grass is always greener -- in your yard, once you have discovered the lawn care


flowers and a maintenance program customized to your needs. Ask him about his Total Care Package featuring 12 months payment options.


REMODELING In today’s market many home owners have decided instead of purchasing a new home. Remodeling has become a better option. It can be more accommodating to the home owner without the hassle of having to move and being able to customize their own home to suit their needs. From new kitchens, bathrooms, additions, etc. Give your home the performance of a life time. Create a new scene. All dreams can be made possible and cost effective. While staying in the comfort of your own 3RD GENERATION CORPORATION



Call us today for your free estimate Phone# 1(302) 653-4381 Fax# 1(302) 653-6527 Ask for Bill or Nicole they will be glad to help you. Quality workmanship 25 years

When you’re sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help you and your family with unexpected expenses!

Shari Sack


food andfun By Sandra M. Winfrey Cajun Queens Cuisine is a woman owned minority business that has been in existence for 16 years and counting. We specialize in Cajun/Creole foods, American & International foods. No party is too big or small, We cater intimate parties of two to events of five hundred or more (family reunions, weddings, business meetings, etc...) : Striving to always serve you better, we also offer food menus for individuals with medical diets or allergies, (diabetics, high blood pressure, vegetarians, gluten, etc...) Sandra M Winfrey is the owner and operator of Cajun Queens Cuisine and can be reached at sandy@ or call 302-222-4732.. Credentials: Licensed & Insured, member of Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, selected as SBA Home-Based Business of the year 2006, in Cambridge Who’s Who and Manchester Who’s Who, in Delaware Today Women In Business 2005, selected as a Top 100 Minority Business

Memories Cherished At The Table


Fall is here bringing together all the special memories we cherish throughout the holidays. Make Cajun Queens Cuisine your first choice when planning your holiday festivities. October is cancer awareness month, let us remember those we have loved and are not with us and those years that are still battling the disease. It will be 10 9 years October 13th that my daughter lost her fight with breast cancer. I remember the many good times we spent cooking her special dishes; and also the different foods brought to us by family and friends while she was undergoing chemo and radiation treatments. Since that experience we at Cajun Queens Cuisine have made our motto to provide healthy home cooked meals to all our clients. This being Breast Cancer month, please remember all those who are undergoing treatments in your prayers. Good healthy food is always appreciated by the person and their families, as I speak from experience. Thanksgiving being around the corner, it is that time of the year when we try to dust off and bring out all those recipes from our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and the other special people who shared them with us. Let Cajun Queens do the dusting for you. As we specialize in good healthy home cooked meals. We guarantee you that this Thanksgiving we will bring to your table, grandma good sweet potato pie, auntie Sue string beans, and good old uncle Bills famous fried turkey. My slogan for fall is always the same, when September begins December is knocking on the door. October and November are almost a blur except for Thanksgiving. So while you are digesting your turkey, start making plans for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve gatherings. Don’t you forget all you have to do is Decide and We Will Provide. Testimonial: I never hesitate to book Cajun Queen Cuisine as my caterer for any size event. Sandy and her staff have catered employee holiday parties, client lunches and a 60th surprise birthday party. The staff is professional and the food is always a crowd pleaser. The Ooie Gooie bars are a favorite around my house. -Tammy J Ordway, CPA Ordway Group, P.A.

CAJUN QUEENS CUISINE 2012 THANKSGIVING SPECIALS CAJUN QUEENS CUISINE 2013 THANKSGIVING / CHRISTMAS SPECIALS NAME____________________ ____________________ ADRESS ADRESS _______________________ PHONE ______________ NAME _______________________ PHONE ______________ PICKUP DATE:__________________________

PICKUP TIME: __________________________ PICKUP DATE ______________ PAID


CHECK ______

PICKUP TIME ______________ PACKAGE DEAL:PAID 10 PEOPLE CASH$180.00 CHECK25 PEOPLE CREDIT$450.00 Fried or Baked turkey Collard greens or Southern green beans CARD Baked ham Bread or corn bread dressing Macaroni & cheese Homemade rolls / butter or corn muffin PACKAGE DEAL: 10 PEOPLE - $285.00 25 yeast – PEOPLE $715.00 Candied Piegreens (your or choice) Fried or yams Baked turkey Collard Green beans

Baked ham Bread or corn bread dressing Macaroni & cheeseHoliday special Homemade price * yeast rolls / butter Candied yams Pie (your choice)

Items can be prepared for Vegans and Vegetarians (call for selections)

Individual items for sale: Cooked and ready to serve


Individual Ham sliceditems for sale: Cooked and ready 6-9 lb to serve$45.00 Ham sliced / rolls 6-9 lb $45.00 Fried turkey sliced 10-14 lb $60.00 Fried turkey sliced / rolls 10-14 lb $60.00 Fried turkey sliced 15-20 lb $70.00 Fried turkey sliced / rolls 15-20 lb $70.00 Fried turkey breast sliced 6-9 lb Fried turkey breast sliced / rolls 6-9 lb $55.00 $55.00 Candid yams Candied yams ½½ panpan$40.00 $40.00 Collard greens ½ Collard greens ½ panpan$45.00 $45.00 CornbreadororBread Breaddressing dressing Cornbread ½½ panpan$30.00 $30.00 Macaroni&&cheese cheese Macaroni ½½ panpan$45.00 $45.00 Southernstyle stylegreen greenbeans beans(no (no meat)½ ½ Southern meat) panpan$30.00 $30.00 Homemade yeast rolls $4.50/dozen Homemade yeast rolls $4.50/dozen Cornbread bread ½ pan Corn $15.00 – ½ pan $12.00 – ½ pan Corn muffin mini $2.00/dozen

DESSERTS DESSERTS Apple pie Apple Cherrypiepie Pecan Pecanpie pie Pumpkin Pumpkinpie pie Sweet Sweetpotato potatopie pie Ooey OoeyGooey Gooeypecan pecansquare square

5” 5” $3.00 $1.75* $3.00 $1.75* $3.00 $1.75* $3.00 $1.75* $3.00 $1.50* $3.00square

Quantity ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

9” $10.009” $9.00* $10.00 $9.00* $10.00 $9.00* $10.00 $9.00* $10.00 $36.00 (box of 20)


______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Mandarin Orange cake (9” round: 3 layer) $30.00 Mandarin Orange (9” round: layer)square $45.00 $30.00 New Orleans Bread cake pudding/Bourbon sauce3 $2.50 (½ pan)

New Orleans Bread pudding/Bourbon sauce $2.50 square $45.00 (½ pan) TOTAL








Total______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______


______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______


$ ______


$ ______


Pickup will be at Holy Cross back parking lot November 27, 2013 from 4 PM - 6 PM or, you can pickup ALL ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID your order at 1820 Ironmine Rd Felton, De. 19943 Sandy Winfrey (302) 222-4732

Pickup will be at Holy Cross back parking lot November 21, 2012 from 4 PM – 6 PM or, you can CUISINE pickup your order MAKE at 1820 CHECK IronminePAYABLE Rd Felton,TO De.CAJUN 19943. QUEENS Call: Sandy Winfrey (302) 222-4732 MAIL to: CajunTO Queens Cuisine PO Box 246 Dover, DE 19903 MAKE CHECK PAYABLE CAJUN QUEENS CUISINE: We accept all major Credit Cards MAIL to PO Box 246 Dover, DE 19903 LAST DAY TO ORDER IS November 25, 2013 LASTDAY DAY TO ORDER November LAST TO ORDER IS IS December 20, 16, 20132012 NO DELIVERY AVAILABLE

45 49

food and fun

Chic Lounge & Outdoor Space, Along With Happy Hour Specials Make Saketumi

A Must Stop At The Beach B

y now, hopefully you have all had the opportunity to try the spectacular range of specialties at Saketumi in Rehoboth Beach, off of Route 1. Saketumi, the sister restaurant of Jasmine in Wilmington, is the lower shore’s most chic restaurant. Saketumi offers well-prepared, modern Asian cuisine; Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean. As a soup lover, I am always impressed with the spice and freshness of Saketumi’s soups. The Thai Spicy Lemongrass Soup with Shrimp is my favorite. With bell peppers, shitake mushrooms, fine lemongrass and lime, it is a combination of flavors that will thrill your taste buds. One of my newfound favorites at Saketumi, as well as Jasmine, is their wonderfully priced Bento Box Specials. A complete meal that is sure to leave you with plenty of delightful leftovers, these are offered in Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. The Thai, for instance, starts with Thai soup, followed by a complete divided tray of papaya salad, jasmine rice, spring roll, and Tom Yum Goong. What a delicious selection at a price that will keep you coming back to try all of the varieties. If you prefer to stick with an entrée, the succulent Braised Korean Shortribs with Kimchee offer a combination of spicy and sweet that play wonderfully off of each other. Another favorite, the Rainbow Roll, has a gorgeous presentation, as does all of Saketumi & Jasmine’s sushi. The fresh tuna, salmon, and avocado topped with roe, will make you remember why you crave sushi. Saketumi offers a fantastic Happy Hour that includes drink specials from wine, to cocktails, to beer. The Happy Hour special not only includes a large selection of sushi and vegetable rolls, but also tempting appetizers such as Crispy Crab Wonton. The best part is that everything is priced starting at $1.75 to $5.00 and is offered seven days a week from 4-6 pm. Now that is something you can’t afford to pass up in this economy. An exciting edition to Saketumi that’s sure to be a hit this spring and summer is the new upstairs Ai Lounge and outdoor area. What better way to enjoy their fantastic martinis such as the Flirtini, complete with raspberry puree and a splash of champagne than on their hip upstairs patio? So be sure not to miss out on all of these wonderful offerings in the south. Make it a point to experience Saketumi on your next beach trip, because they are so much more than great sushi.


every day from 4pm to 6pm

Saketumi Restaurant 18814 Coastal Hwy Rehoboth Beach, DE (302) 645-2818

Jasmine Asian Cuisine 3618 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 479-5618

Two locations to entice your senses. Pan-Asian cuisine with excellent Sushi



food and fun

Presented By Lisa Dolbey

Wow fall is upon us and I love the foods of fall. Especially pumpkin. I always look for pumpkin recipes because it’s something I really enjoy. And though I love the traditional pumpkin pie, I like to try other things too! The first recipe I saw on facebook and it looked so good I just had to try it! Don’t forget - Email send a photo if you have one in case mine doen’t turn out as well! Enjoy!

Pumpkin Dip The original photo showed it in an actual pumpkin served with apples and vanilla wafers. We enjoyed it with ginger snaps and graham crackers!

Pumpkin Roll

1 can pumpkin 3 boxes pudding mix (I used sugar free) 1 container Cool Whip topping 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

3 eggs beat at high speed for 5 minutes 2/3 cup of pumpkin 1 cup sugar or splenda 3/4 cup flour 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsps cinnamon 1 tsp ginger 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp salt

Do not make the pudding, just use the mix. Combine pudding mix and pumpkin until thoroughly blended add spices and then fold in Cool Whip.

Combine sugar and pumpkin. Add beaten eggs and stir. Add remaining ingredients. Grease a jelly roll pan, cover with wax paper and grease wax paper. Pour batter onto greased wax paper and bake for 10-15 minutes at 375. Meanwhile, spread paper towels on counter and dust with confectioners sugar. When cake is done, flip the cake onto paper towels, peel off wax paper, and roll cake with towel. Allow to cool.

Filling Mix

For the filling use either the pumpkin dip or filling recipe you choose!

1 1/2 cups confectioners sugar. 8 oz pkg cream cheese softened 4 tbsp butter 1/2 tsp vanilla extract optional 1 tsp cinnamon

Unroll cake when cool. Spread filling on cake and roll back up. Sprinkle powdered sugar on the outside and keep chilled in refrigerator.

Mix all ingredients together and use as filling for pumpkin roll or icing for a cake.


food and fun Seeking all Volunteers

Are you a High School student in need of volunteer hours? Are you retired and need a place to feel needed? Are you someone with a good heart and an hour to spare? The Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill in Smyrna needs your help! We have 150+ residents who are in need of: one on ones help with writing letters someone to visit someone to push their wheelchairs around our campus There are many of opportunities for anyone to share an hour or two a week or each month. We are in the process of doing some fun things at DHCI and would love to have some extra help. Contact Carmen Santiago at 302-223-1433 for more information or to signup to help. Ignite the Heart, Inspire the Mind, Illuminate the Spirit!

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world”

an adult literacy program. I said I didn’t like school. He said ‘Try it. It’s different’. He was right. It took a while but my Meet Jake. He seems like a nice world started changing. It wasn’t easy. I enough boy. He comes from a typical thought about quitting many times. But neighborhood. Here’s what he says he kept encouraging me. Today I am about himself, “I ain’t much. My family working toward my high school diploma. don’t have much. We get by. I never I see possibilities for my life that I could did much when I was growin’ up. I didn’t never have imagined. My friend has like school. I quit as soon as I could. I do opened a new world to me.” some odd jobs. My Dad always said I wouldn’t amount to anything. I think he’s Are YOU the one who holds the key to right. I’m an unsuccessful kid from an the world for someone? Jake’s new unsuccessful family.” friend had one quality - he cared. Somewhere, sometime the friend learned Delaware has many Jakes. Their futures about adult literacy programs. He shared are bleak, their skills are nil. What is to that with Jake. happen to them? Job? Family? Kids? What? He also mentored Jake as he went along. Who is the Jake or Jane YOU know? Jake continues, “One day I met a man Now, get the information, share it, and who said he might be able to help walk the path with them to their new me. He told me I didn’t have to be world of possibilities. Start at unsuccessful forever. He told me about


The Delaware Coalition for Literacy, Inc. Businesses, Individuals, Organizations, Agencies Working Together for Literacy Syd Goldberg, Executive Director 302-366-8771

Contact Delaware Coalition for Literacy Syd Goldberg, Executive Director P. O. Box 716, Newark, DE 19715 Phone 302-366-8771 (Newark) FAX 302-366-1029 e-mail: sydgoldberg@

food and fun

By Melissa Johnson Melissa Johnson is a twenty-something young lady with a penchant for the arts & entertainment currently residing in Dover. She has several years of work experience in the Delaware Public Libraries and is an advocate of reading and life-long learning.

Literal Lissa


Greetings! And Salutations! Welcome to the second annual “Scary Stories” themed (October/November) issue of ‘Literal Lissa.’ This column is an ongoing feature unique to the Kent County edition of the Women’s Journal. Each issue I thoughtfully recommend a collection of novels – sometimes new and sometimes old – encompassing a vast array of genres and subjects. All of this in effort to further pique you and your family’s interests, expand your general knowledge, and broaden your love for the printed (and now digital) page.

but troubled former child prodigy and daughter of the mysterious and recluse filmmaker Stansislas Cordova is found dead at the bottom of a disused elevator shaft. Her death is ruled as an apparent suicide. Disgraced and too inquisitive for his own good, investigative journalist, Scot McGrath thinks foul play is involved. Driven by revenge, curiosity, and a need for the truth, McGrath, is drawn deeper and deeper into this filmmakers’ eerie world.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark By Alvin Schwartz This series of children’s books By now, autumn has arrived. The days have contains an astonishingly grown shorter. Nightfall looms. There is a frightening array of urban noticeable chill in the air. A black cat scatters legends and folklore across your path as dead leaves rustle at your guaranteed to send shivers feet. Up ahead, in the distance you notice a down your spine. I grew up translucent, shadowy figure leering steadfast reading these tales. I distinctly in your direct. Suddenly, the hairs on your neck remember checking these begin to rise as a feeling of imminent danger books out from my elementary school library overpowers your senses. You freeze in your repeatedly and reading these tales aloud tracks utterly petrified.... along with my brother and sister. They shock Do you see where I’m going with this? me to the core. To this day I cannot specifically forget the garish tale of a woman who falls For this issue, I’ve appropriately dedicated my victim to a spider who lays eggs inside her picks to that of a more spine-tingling nature: checks while sleeping and awakes the eruption scary stories. Nearly everyone enjoys a good of thousands of baby spiders crawling over her fright now and again. Every culture even has every pore. The accompanying nightmarish their own unique variations of popular ghost illustrations by artist, Stephen Gammell, helped and horror tales. Scary stories are great to read to sear this tale into my memory. In many ways during any time of the year but I’m sure you’ll the illustrations are more chilling than the tales agree with me that fall is when the fright factor themselves. So much so, following its release is at its peak. many critics argued they were too frightening So why not indulge in a little spooky fun? Curl for a children’s’ book series. These tales up with these curious tales to read by yourself are not for the faint of heart and are highly or aloud to loved ones. Just don’t be surprised recommended to middle school grades and if you find yourself sleeping with the lights on up as well as adults wanting a scare up a bit of afterwards. spooky nostalgia. Night Film: a Novel By Marisha Pessl This literary thriller by New York Times bestselling author, Pessl, has been herald as “brilliant, haunting, and breathtakingly suspenseful.” One October night, a beautiful

In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories By Alvin Schwartz This book contains another great collection of much tamer scary stories for elementary school aged children by author, Alvin Schwartz. Consider it a


stepping stone or introduction before reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. This is another book I can accurately remember checking out from my school library again and again. The illustrations and tales are entertaining and fun, giving only minor chills to the reader. The tale of the young girl who ALWAYS wore a mysterious green ribbon around her neck still stays with me. While the tale is not as frightening to me now as an adult, I can’t help but think twice whenever I spy a spool of satin green ribbon. You never know what it may be used to hide... At no more than a few pages for each story and few challenging words, In a Dark, Dark Room, is ideal reading for young children looking for a scare this fall season. Ten Little Goblins By: Pamela Jane This charming and fun tale of ten little goblins on Halloween night might be vaguely familiar. It’s a fun and clever re-working of the classic nursery rhyme and song “Ten Little Indians.” From monster to ghosts to goblins, all kinds of fun beasts then roam the night haunt and howl their way home in this fun Halloween version sure to add a dose of fright to your little ones. Good news, everyone! All of these selections are available at your disposal, completely free of charge at your local area Delaware Public Library. Log on to to find the nearest library near you, for additional information and how you can get carded!

Testimonials This is what our advertisers say about theWOmen’s Journals: “This will be our second edition with the Journal. Although, we have not had any direct leads as of yet many of our current and past clients have contacted us to let us know how great it is that we have an article in the Journal. I do believe we will see some leads after we have been in the Journal for a few editions and have a following. Every person we have dealt with on the WJ team has been great. Each person has been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have had. I just had my first photo shoot a couple weeks ago. The edition has not come out yet so I haven’t seen the pictures but the experience itself was a lot of fun. It was great to have the experience of being in a professional photo shoot. Thanks!” - Christina Lessard, Lessard Builders, Controller “I have worked with the Women’s Journal in two separate areas of my career. Each time, I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and compassion of the staff. The articles and advertisements are always perfect. If I have a problem, Pam is always there to help. What more could a Marketing Director ask for. Thank you!” - Kristy Handley, Marketing Director, State Street Assisted Living “Without question, an outstanding way to educate patients.” - Vincent Perrottta, M.D., Peninsula Plastic Surgery “We have built our business on the readership of the Women’s Journal: I cannot believe the amount of business we receive from our articles.” - Fred Winward, President, Resort Landscaping “The Women’s Journal is the most successful advertising we have ever done.” - Focal Point Opticians “A priceless educational vehicle to allow patients quality, objective information about our various procedures.” - Andreus V. Strauss, M.D., Director of Oncology Beebe Medical Center “The Women’s Journal is the best advertising I have ever done, I can’t believe I waited so long to try them. They are the only advertising I am doing now.” - Carmella, Permanent Cosmetics “Magnificent response to our advertising.” - Dave Crowley, President, Bethany Bay Resorts



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