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June/July 2013

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Overcome Shoulder Pain

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Change Is Good


community and education Presented by Heather Steuer, Community Liaison and Rae Short, Community Liaison HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE was founded in 1994 in Omaha, the Home Instead Senior Care® network is the world’s largest provider of non-medical in-home care services for seniors, with more than 875 independently owned and operated franchises in 14 countries and 15 markets, spanning four continents. The local offices employ 65,000+ CAREGiversSM who provide more than 40 million hours of each year through activities including companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, errands and shopping. Founders Paul and Lori Hogan pioneered franchising in the nonmedical senior care industry and are leading advocates for senior issues in America. At Home Instead Senior Care, it’s relationship before task, while continuing to provide superior quality service that enhances the lives of seniors everywhere.

Trial Finds Two Drugs Effective for


Elderly With Macular Degeneration

Question - Mom has been diagnosed with macular degeneration. At 83, she still wants to live in her house, but she knows that it’s too dangerous now to drive. Her eye doctor says that her macular degeneration was caught too late, and there appears to be little that can be done for her. What is the latest research on this medical condition that seems to be fairly common among the elderly? We’re sorry to hear about your mother’s vision difficulties. There was, however, encouraging news about the treatment of age-related macular degeneration at the conclusion of a two-year clinical trial. The study concluded the two widely used treatment drugs – Avastin (bevacizumab) and Lucentis (ranibizumab injection) – are both effective in producing “a robust and lasting improvement in vision” in battling the leading cause of blindness in seniors.

The drugs improve vision when administered monthly or on an as-needed basis, although greater improvements in vision were seen with monthly administration for the common eye disease, according to researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health. The average age of the patients tested was over 80 years of age. In its advanced stages, the wet form of age-related macular degeneration spurs the growth of abnormal blood vessels, which leak fluid and blood into the macula and obscure vision. The macula is the central portion of the retina that allows us to look straight ahead and to perceive

fine visual detail. Without treatment, most patients are unable to drive, read, recognize faces or perform tasks that require handeye coordination. “The dramatic and lasting improvement in vision with these two drugs is extraordinary. At two years, two-thirds of patients had driving vision. With previous treatments, only 15 percent of patients retained similar visual acuity,” said Maureen Maguire, Ph.D., principal investigator, CATT Coordinating Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

A Home Instead CAREGiverSM also might be able to help your mother remain in her home even with the debilitating symptoms of macular degeneration. A CAREGiver can help with light housekeeping, medication reminders, meal preparation, shopping, errands and companionship. For more information about Home Instead Senior Care®, contact Mary Beth Harrington, Director of Client Care at 302-697-6435 or go to

Call for a free, no-obligation appointment 302.697.6435

Your parents want to stay in the place they call home. We can help.

Serving Southern New Castle, Kent and Sussex County

Whether you are looking for someone to help you or a loved one a few hours a week, or need more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead can help. • Companionship • Light Housekeeping • Meal Preparation

• Shopping & Errands • Medication Reminders • Personal Care

• Incidental Transportation Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated. © 2012 Home Instead, Inc.


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Valerio Juarez community andeducation fashion andbeauty business andfinance inprofile people Precious Cargo..............................25 Pearls - Beauty From The Sea......35 4 Basic Gifting Techniques................26 The Art Of Makeup....................…36 business andfinance nprofile Women andpeople Life Insurance...........27 Permanent Makeup......................37 food anidfun Motivate, Uplift and Inspire............28 health andmedical Employee vs Subcontractor......…29 bridald food an fun Student Loans Destroyed Credit...30 d health an medical Avoiding Wedding Video Woes...40 AFLAC.................................44 home andgarden The Perfect Gift.......................... .....41 community andeducation Still Insurance.................................52

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Summertime - cookouts, bonfires and trips to the beach, kids out of school, vacations if we’re lucky, poolside with extra sunscreen at hand; and if you live in a community like we used to that nightly song resounding through the neighborhood that meant the icecream truck was on it’s way - hurry and get your money! Flip flops and sandals, shorts and tank tops, and sundresses galore in so many pretty colors. Flowers blooming like crazy, the lawns freshly mowed, and that fabulous smell of a summer rain. May brought Mother’s Day, Graduations and then the beginning of summer with Memorial Day, June brings Father’s Day, on the 4th of July we get fireworks, and then before we know it September will end our summer with Labor Day - so many great reasons for summertime celebrations and family fun or good times with friends! Take advantage of any extra time-off you have. Enjoy each outing and cookout. Cherish your time with all of those you can spend that time with because, they move out or away and before you know it, those times get fewer and farther between. Loved ones get older and we never know which of those events may be their last. Take family photos often make sure to include everyone! And may your summer be full of enjoyment and laughter!

- Thank You, Lisa Dolbey, Editor

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April/May 2013

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Inside Thi HOme and s Issue: Garden Issu *Laughter Serio us Business *DSO e Concludes 45th *Spring Forw Season *The ard in 2013 *A Art of Barbering Cure From the * 4 Friends Not Garden * Allerg to Bring Home ic to Spring *The Impact of Optimism

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On The Cover... On the cover we are at the Monster Mile - Dover Downs. We just thought with race weekend it was just an appropriate spot for our photos. We have Ron and Ellen Sayers, of Sayers Jewelers in Smyrna, find their article on page 35. We have Rae Short and Heather Streuer of Home Instead, their article is on page 2. Also on the Cover is Stephanie Steckel of Orthodontics on Silver Lake, their article can be found on page 9. As you can see by the extra photos, we had a great time. Thank you to each of them for taking the time to join us for yet another awesome photo shoot. It’s actually a great deal of work, but fun too! And special thanks to Mike Baker of CM Baker Photography for his wonderful work. Without all of these, our photo shoots couldn’t happen.


health andmedical

By Kati West State Street Assisted Living is an assisted living community that is conveniently located in historic downtown Dover, Delaware. This community offers an array of quality services, as well as a secure memory unit for those with memory impairments. If you are looking for a home that will allow you or your loved one to experience independence, security, and a variety of activities, then contact State Street Assisted Living. For more information or to tour the community, please contact Kati West, Marketing Director at 302-760-9139 or check out their website at

Assisted Living: It’s Not What You Think T There may be many visuals that come to mind when you hear the words “Assisted Living”, but chances are you’re missing the mark on what Assisted Living really is. Let’s emphasize: it is not a nursing home. This is not a place where you or your loved one comes to be locked away or confined or forgotten. This is not that place.

For anyone, choosing Assisted Living can be a difficult decision, especially if you’re not sure what it is, what it means, or whether it’s a good fit for you. Armed with the right information you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice, at the right time. Let’s take a quick tour of what it really looks like to live in an Assisted Living Community. Imagine walking into a cheerful, colorful, luxurious mansion-esque home, filled with apartments unique to each individual who lives there. Picture your loved one starting the morning outside in the garden, then stopping by a colorfully lit dining room for a fine dining lunch experience before moseying out for a day of chauffeured shopping. Envision your loved one coming home to join friends for a movie in the upstairs living-room theater, nestling down on plush couches with a hot bag of buttery popcorn. That evening, after some tough competition playing poker or bridge or the Wii on a big screen television in the activity and gaming room, it’s off to dine in their private restaurant, ordering from a creative menu made from scratch, enjoying dinner at their leisure. Once plates have been cleaned

and whisked away by professional and courteous wait staff, perhaps an after-dinner coffee or dessert in the bistro is in order. Imagine that when you come to visit, you feel like you’re visiting your loved one at home. You feel comfortable in the cozy chairs and couches in the drawing room, where a fellow resident beautifully plays the grand piano. Your spirits are uplifted as nurses and staff stops by to welcome you and say hello. They know your names by heart, and know your struggles and victories - they care for your loved one 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have become a big part of your support system. They design a care plan specifically for you or your loved ones very unique and individual needs, and their mission is to make you as comfortable, as active, as happy as possible in your home.

in a broken shoulder and elbow, and broken hip, he moved in with his son, Tom Pribanic for 2 years. Living with Tom helped John gain his strength back, and soon allowed him to live more independently.

John had seen State Street and knew about their 24 hour care that still allowed residents to live independently. This is exactly what he wanted. Tom, hesitant at first,

This is Assisted Living. This is life at State Street Assisted Living. We offer the maximum amount of independence and freedom for each individual, combined with a 24-hour nursing staff trained to assist with those needing high levels of care. You get the benefit of luxury living in an active environment designed to enhance your health and quality of life. As care needs change, we have the staff and resources to care for you or your loved one gracefully, with dignity, respect, and above all, like family. Providing medical, emotional, social, financial, and family resources, State Street Assisted Living is YOUR home. Welcome. Testimonial John Pribanic has been a resident at State Street Assisted Living for 7 years. After 2 serious falls resulting


agreed, and to this day says it was the best decision he ever made for his father. “State Street has all the services and customized care my father needs. He can still live independently, but also has the assurance that help is there 24 hours a day. It gives me peace of mind knowing my father is there.” “The staff at State Street is wonderful. They are my family.” too!”

health and medical By Dr. Philip Chao Dr. Philip Chao graduated from Yale University and continued his studies at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, receiving his medical degree in 1983. Dr. Chao has been interested in MRI technology since its very beginning – the first MRI scan took place in 1981 while he was pursuing his medical studies. The University of Pennsylvania was at the heart of the development of this technology and where Dr. Chao was able to work with pioneers in MRI on the first GE Signa 1.5T (tesla) scanner. His advanced research and specializations complete, Dr. Chao left the University of Pennsylvania for a position as Director of MRI in Wilmington, DE – a position he held for 14 years. Dr. Chao eventually left that position to create the best MRI center in Delaware, using the very latest technology: 3T MRI.

Risk Of Cancer From A CT Scan


Radiation exposure from CT scans may account for up to 2% of all cancers in the United States, but a new study finds patients tend to underestimate their lifetime risk. Dr. Cook-Shimanek, the study’s author states: “I would recommend that providers optimize their own understanding of CT-related risk in order to best inform and educate their patients as they share in the decision to pursue such imaging studies” When patients were informed there might be a 2% overall lifetime risk of developing cancer from CT scans – they preferred not to have CT scans done. Most doctors do not inform their patients of this risk. The recent study showed that not only did patients not know that MRI does not expose a patient to ionizing radiation, they actually thought MRI had more radiation than CT. So this basic misunderstanding is why doctors generally order too many CT studies and too few MRI studies. Dr. Chao cares about EVERY PATIENT AND HAS 27 YEARS EXPERIENCE in reading MRI studies. Please call him and ask questions. Our OPEN MRI is super HIGH quality. It sees abnormalities that the other 1.5T scanners in our state*(closed units) miss. In fact, MRI is also in some cases superior to CT. Just today, we saw two pelvic fractures in an elderly lady that were missed by CT. Our BEST OPEN MRI is superior to most CLOSED MRI scanners with the exception of four 3T MRI scanners in the state. We own two of the four 3T scanners and also have 7 years experience with 3T imaging. 3T MRI is the highest quality MRI you can get. If you come to our closed

MRI scanner and can’t do the test because of claustrophobia, we are the only provider in the state who can instantly switch you over to our state of the art 1.5T 70 cm OPEN BORE MRI scanner. We have a super high quality OPEN MRI next to a closed MRI. There are only 4 3T MRIs in the state of Delaware. Ours is the only one which offers this quality for 500 dollars. Our 3T Trio is the only closed 3T next to a super high quality OPEN MRI. Our OPEN MRI pictures are guaranteed to be as good as other CLOSED MRI pictures. All units are ACR accredited.

Proton spectroscopy shows normal prostate tissue and prostate cancer prior to biopsy this disease (“NSF”) are not even carried by most MRI Providers who do not want to pay for it. Ask your MRI Provider which contrast they use! We only use safe contrast! We pay extra to be safer! REVEAL (DWI) shows cancers as “light bulb” lesions. Your doctor may not be aware of this revolutionary scanning technology. Most of the research on this excellent technique can be found by a simple web search— for diffusion weighted imaging of cancer. The large cancer shown above was found to be malignant by this technique without any injections. The ultrasound and CT were a waste of the $1000 they cost. They were inconclusive. The MRI cost 500 dollars and was superior to both the CT and U/S without contrast. One could have saved 1000 dollars on this patient. Multiply that over 300 million people and you can see how good quality MRI can save us money.

Dr. Chao also wants to provide services which the other facilities don’t even offer. Things like metal subtraction imaging. Indirect arthrography. Super high resolution studies – which can only be done at 3T. Diffusion tensor imaging which picks up subtle brain trauma, alzheimers and autism. Proton spectroscopy. Prostate MRI. Prostate spectroscopy. 3T Breast MRI which is 100% sensitive for breast cancer. And we also offer our super high quality studies for only 500 dollars for non contrast studies. Our abdomen study for 500 dollars is able to pick up smaller pancreatic cancers, smaller liver cancers and includes diffusion weighted imaging for free. This new technique is up to 96% sensitive for cancer.

Because of its extraordinary (100%) sensitivity to Breast Cancer, we generally prefer to do Breast MRI’s on our 3T MRI, but for someone who either will not fit, or who is extremely claustrophobic, our 18-channel 1.5T OPEN BORE MRI is a good alternative.

We try to help everyone by using the safest MRI contrast. Our contrast agents are the safest in the world and cost a little more but we ABSORB THAT EXTRA COST BECAUSE WE CARE. (www.safecontrast. com). Sadly, the three contrasts (Multihance, Prohance and Eovist) that have never been linked to

Ask questions. Get the best. More information can be found at and


Sacral fractures missed by CT scan, or www. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Chao at 302 295-3367 (33MR). We are here to help.

Two Locations Best Open MRI 1 Centurian Drive, Suite 107

Newark, DE

302 838 7800 MRI Consultants 17252-9 N. Village Main Blvd

Lewes, DE

302 827 4251

health andmedical By Sandra Zaragoza, RPh Sandra Zaragoza is a licensed pharmacist with 25 years of experience and a newly appointed member of the DE State Board of Pharmacy. She and her business partner Ruth Dixon, are both graduates of The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. They opened The Corner Apothecary in April of 2012 after managing a hospital pharmacy together for 5 years. They are certified members in Pharmaceutical Compounding and the Fundamentals of BHRT through PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). They are also members of the Delaware Pharmacist Society and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP).

Why Compounding?


Last month marked a milestone, the end of my first year in business. And oh, if had a quarter for everyone who said “ Boy did that go fast!”, I could retire by now…. (OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration). Would I say it went fast, probably not, but at least it WENT, …and now it’s gone! A time that I hope to look back on in the future and remember fondly. As I was doing market research and writing my business plan, I can’t say there was a single soul who told me it would be easy, or even that I would never have a sleepless night. But no one can truly prepare for you for the trials and tribulations of owning your own business.

a cat swallow a pill? If you’ve done it once, I guarantee you would never volunteer to do it again. One very effective route of administering medication to felines is by concentrating the drug in a cream specifically designed to push through layers of skin and then rubbing it in the fleshy part of their ear. They have the benefit of your touch and you know they’re not spitting out their medicine. We’ve incorporated medication in the base of chewable chicken and beef flavored treats guaranteed to deceive the smartest pup who can pick the capsule out of anything!

I would really like to thank all of you who are reading this Allergies seem to be more and supported The Corner prevalent and severe in humans Apothecary in our first year. We Although I had been a than ever before. What happens have enjoyed working for you pharmacist for 25 years and if you cannot take a medication and with you and we hope that completed certification in because you are allergic to we will be doing so for many compounding, I didn’t have a the fillers? Capsules can be true feel for what the scope and filled in my pharmacy using depth of my practice would be. all hypoallergenic ingredients. I wasn’t attuned to the unmet We’ve also made suspensions needs of the patients in my with natural sweeteners and community until they started colorless flavors for the pediatric coming through my door seeking population with special needs. answers. Some of them were And how rewarding is it when we seeking help for themselves, can administer medication to a others for their children and a child who hasn’t been able to large number of them for their take it any other way? Kent County’s  Newest       pets. Because it’s easier to Compounding  Only  Pharmacy!!   understand compounding by The human population is Where  creating  the  right  medication     giving specific examples, I’d like living longer and paying more for  you  or  your  pet  is  our  ultimate  goal!   to tell you about a few. attention to their quality of 2  South  Main  St.   life. They’re also educating Camden,  DE  19934   Almost all medication given to themselves and taking a more Phone:   (302)  387  -­‐  1590   animals are dosed according active role in their health care. Fax:   ( 302)   387  -­‐  1744   to their weight. Additionally, These factors have played a part Hours:   veterinarians use many drugs in the increased use of natural Mon-­‐Fri  9:00  am  -­‐  4:00  pm   approved for use in humans, but supplements and the prescribing Sat  &  Sun  Closed   rarely do they come in strength of bio-identical hormones. Many Contact  us  at   appropriate for a 3-pound women and men suffer from   Chihuahua or in a suspension the symptoms of decreased Or  visit  us  on  Facebook!   that’s flavored with tuna or liver! hormone levels, a natural part     Have you ever tried to make of aging. But just because      


years to come.

it’s “supposed” to happen, doesn’t mean it has to be tolerated. As part of my training in compounding, I participated in a course on the fundamentals of BHRT and have been working with local physicians to optimize the treatment plan for each individual patient. The process includes in-depth interviews to determine lifestyle and identify symptoms and in some cases obtaining blood or saliva levels of circulating hormones. Although no therapy works for everyone, with diligence, we can help you to feel your best.

The Corner Apothecary & Healthy Aging Clinic Are proud to sponsor a complimentary seminar: “An Introduction to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy” Presented by Dr. Eugene E. Godfrey A Fellow in the Academy of Anti-Aging Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 7:00pm Lewes Public Library 111 Adams Ave, Lewes, DE Contact us for more information (302) 387-1590

health and medical

By Christine E. Serio External Communications Specialist Blood Bank of Delmarva

Summer Blood Challenge Focuses


Vacations are planned, temperatures are heating up and our Summer Blood Challenge is in full swing—saving local lives one pint at a time! Blood Bank of Delmarva’s 11th Annual Summer Blood Challenge kicked off on May 20 and will run through Sept. 14. The challenge is meant to create extra incentive for people to give blood during the summer months. “The Summer Blood Challenge is a friendly, Delmarva-wide competition among employers and community organizations,” said Roy Roper, Blood Bank of Delmarva CEO. “The summer months are typically slower for blood donations and the competitive spirit and prizes help motivate donors as well as attract new members and donors.” Registered organizations will earn points based on blood donations, new members and more. The grand prize is a 2014 Mazda 6 courtesy of Martin Mazda. Second prize is a $2,000 TD Bank Visa Gift Card and third prize is a $1,000 TD Bank Visa Gift Card. Two $50 TD Bank Visa Gift Cards will also be awarded each week throughout the challenge. Last year, a record 226 companies participated in the Summer Blood Challenge. This resulted in 11,790 blood donations and 1,985 new Blood Bank members. “We had a record--breaking year last year,” Roper said. “We anticipate tremendous support from our dedicated, Delmarva donors who save local lives and have helped ensure a stable blood supply in this community for almost 60 years. We are grateful to everyone who takes the time to

On Proud Local Donors Taylor Jones, a 17-year-old junior at William Penn High School in New Castle, DE, has a very personal motivation for giving blood. “I had a brother who passed away when I was five. He had a rare brain cancer and died when he was only 17 months old,” says Taylor. “He had two brain surgeries in one year and needed large amounts of blood for both.”

help others where we live.”

age and younger.

“I wanted to know how I could help them. The most personal way I can help is to give blood,” says Taylor. “Giving blood is worth it in every way. It could be your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother who needs the blood. It could happen overnight. You just never know.” For more information While her brother went through about the Summer Blood treatments at a children’s hospital, Challenge and giving blood, a young Taylor saw many other ill visit children in the halls and playrooms. or call 1 888 8-BLOOD-8. They were children who were her

This year, the Summer Blood Challenge is focusing on the dedicated Delmarva donors who go the extra mile to save local lives. One of the donors is Jonathan Waddell of Elkton,

Platelet donor, Jonathan Waddell, with his son Gage. Gage needed multiple platelet transfusions to survive procedures.

MD. Waddell has been a regular platelet donor for several years. In October 2011, the need for donors like himself truly hit home. Jonathan’s four-year-old son Gage was diagnosed with portal hypertension, a serious and potentially fatal condition caused by impaired blood flow to his liver. He ended up needing regular platelet transfusions prior to procedures.

May 20 – September 14

Grand Prizes

1st Prize: 2014 Mazda 6® Courtesy of Martin Mazda

“It was shocking that my own son would be a patient in need of platelets. You never think that your own child will need any type of transfusion,” says Jonathan. “It really made me think about the other children and adults who are able to live because of dedicated donors who give of themselves every day. You just never know when it is going to affect your life so deeply.”

2nd Prize: $2000 TD Bank Visa® Gift Card 3rd Prize: $1000 TD Bank Visa® Gift Card Weekly Prizes Two - $50 TD Bank Visa® Gift Cards

1 888 8-BLOOD-8

Courtesy of: Media Sponsor:

Note: Grand Prize is a 2 year/10,000 mile lease on a 2014 Mazda 6 ®. Cash value approximately $7500. Lease subject to dealer terms, conditions and mileage overage fees. Tax and tags included.


health and medical By Dr. Stephanie Steckel Dr. Stephanie Steckel is a diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics, and started her Dover orthodontic practice in 1995. She is a graduate of UCLA School of Dentistry, and she completed her postdoctoral specialty education at the Georgia Health Sciences University at Augusta, Georgia. At Orthodontics on Silver Lake (OSL) in Dover, she and her OSL team provide excellent orthodontic experiences and results for her patients. The science behind orthodontic treatment continues to evolve, in many cases becoming both more comfortable and predictable for our patients. Dr. Steckel’s experience as a general dentist prior to specializing means more coordinated care with your family dentist. Our OSL team is proud to support the local community in numerous educational, sports and volunteer activities.

Why NOT Consult an Orthodontist…? Part 2


Last month I introduced a few scenarios we encounter that can contraindicate a patient beginning orthodontic treatment. This month, I will present two more:

to make sure they are ready to focus on what is needed. Whether they are in school or in work, they make a commitment to proceed and we make it with them. 98% of our patients finish on time or early, which is accomplished by thorough planning and discussions before the treatment begins.

3. Homecare and Dental Hygiene, Periodontal disease prevention Whether you plan on having conventional braces or Invisalign® aligners, you must practice good homecare and have healthy gums. Invisalign® is removable so it does make it easier to brush and floss with little technique change. Braces require a little more effort than you are currently practicing. Every patient I consult with is evaluated, and we take photographs to review together. Ask any of our OSL patients-they will confirm it! We want to make it easy for you but ultimately you need to be consistent in your daily life.

Another part of your homecare is your diet; avoid sodas, sports drinks, and sweets to prevent cavities- if you consume them. The risks to you include permanent scars and gum damage that may require more dental treatment than you had planned. Water is your best option. Smoking is the number one environmental risk factor for gum/periodontal disease, so I encourage you to quit.

Periodontal disease is preventable, and the best prevention is starting treatment with excellent homecare. Learn to floss, use your toothbrush for 2 minutes each time for thorough cleanings.

Two OSL patients are shown below-along with the number of months in treatment, and number of appointments needed to finish treatment:

18 appts - 23 months from start to finish

4. The time commitment get the results you want

Orthodontic Treatment can contribute to good dental health for adults and children. At OSL, we work with our local dentists and our patients to ensure the orthodontic experience is what we all would want.

References: 1. Orthodontic-Treatment.cfm 2. “Making Orthodontic Treatment More than Just Straight Teeth” Robert Boyd, Med,DDS

To schedule your consultation, please call (302) 6727776. To learn more about our orthodontic services, go to www. doverorthodontics. com

11 appts - 18 months from start to finish

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the average treatment takes about 22 months to complete. About 1 in 5 patients are adults. There are a series of appointments that need attending over this span of time. Seeing a local orthodontist saves you time getting to these appointments. Each appointment allows me to assess your progress, adjust your appliances, time to review instructions and answer questions you may have.

July 2013!

At OSL, we review a patient’s time, the plan and work to make it convenient, but patients also need


health and medical By Erik and Jenny Mabus Erik and Jenny Mabus, owners of Bayard Pharmacy, have been residents of Dover for the past 10 years. Erik Mabus has been a registered pharmacist since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 1989. He has held multiple management and supervisory positions within the retail pharmacy industry. Jenny Mabus has worked in pharmacy as a technician, but also has talent in interior design. Jenny is responsible for the very warm, friendly and inviting feel of Bayard Pharmacy. Both owners are dedicated to providing the residents of Dover with the highest level of customer care possible. The owners have also created a charity fund, Bayard Pharmacy Cares, which will provide 25 cents to a local charity for every prescription filled through their pharmacy. Located at 202 West Loockerman (corner with Governors Ave), the pharmacy is readily accessible to local residents, business men and women and government employees. Website – Phone 302-724-4497.

Weekend Warrior


Are you a weekend warrior? You know what I all week long and get little to no exercise at all, then the weekend comes and you have a thousand “have to’s” and “want to’s” to squeeze into those precious 48 hours. Is your weekend filled with plans of gardening, mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, sports activities with your friends or children, hiking or other physical activities? Or maybe you have a huge shopping day planned with friends? You know the type of day I am talking about. You go from store to store and accumulate bags upon bags of merchandise. Before you know it you are carrying more weight than you are accustomed to and the next day you wake up with muscle stiffness and pain throughout your shoulders and back.

ping excursion planned, make sure your shoes fit properly and offer support and comfort. Is the tread still capable of giving you traction when needed? If you will be on your knees gardening or pulling weeds then make sure to have comfortable padding for your knees. Also, just as important as anything else, you need to plan rest periods. Take a break and rehydrate.

condition. For diabetics normal physical exercise and activity is great to add to your life style but exercise in extremes without proper monitoring of your sugar levels could lead to dangerously low blood sugar levels that may land you in the emergency room.

over the counter treatments for you if you do experience some minor aches and pains. Muscle rubs, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are all common remedies for aches and pains. It’s also a great idea to keep ice packs and elastic wraps on hand just in case. Even though most over the counter medications are considered safe there are patients and circumstances where not all over the counter medications are right for all patients. Please ask us for advice. That’s why we’re here.

Remember, exercise and physical activity is great for you. Go for it, but prepare yourself. If you have medical conditions speak Muscle strains and back spasms to your doctor first. Call your can be uncomfortable but there pharmacist if you have questions are other issues even more impor- about your medications. Your tant to consider. Are you physipharmacist can also recommend cally capable of handling the activity that you are planning for the weekend? Do you have medical conditions that can be worsened by excessive physical stress? If you have diabetes, Exercise and physical activity is a heart condition, high great for the body, but it must be blood pressure or other  We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, in doses that your body is ready serious medical condito handle. Pushing too hard or tions you should speak Tricare and Medco! warming up too little is often the with your physician reason why walk-in clinics are about any limitations for  Our retail shop carries groceries, over-the-counter medications, over run by middle age Ameriyou. Follow their advice. gifts, greeting cards, household goods, and much more! cans. Come Monday morning Some medications may the pharmacies are busy filling also limit your ability to  Transferring prescriptions is easy...our pharmacist does all the work all the new prescriptions to get carry out your weekend these same patients through the plans. Speak to your for you! week in less pain and discomfort. pharmacist about your Many of these office visits and medications. Certain trips to the pharmacy could be medications can make avoided if only people would the skin more sensitive take a few minutes to prepare to the sun leading to themselves. burning or rash. Other medications can cause 202 w. Loockerman Street Preparing for exercise should orthostatic hypotension Dover, DE 19904 include some form of warm-up. which can cause diz302-724-4497 For most people a short walk ziness or fainting when and some mild stretching of our you get up quickly from muscles and joints should suffice. sitting or kneeling. This is “Like” us on Facebook! Additionally you need to make even worse in the heat Hours: M-F 8:00 to 6:30, SAT 9 to 1, SUN Closed sure you have proper equipment. when you are squatting If you are hiking, playing sports or frequently. Dehydraeven if you have an all-day shop- tion will also worsen this


health and medical Cynthia P. Mangubat, MD FACOG Dr Cynthia P. Mangubat is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology. She completed residency at Sisters of Charity Hospital, State University of New York at Buffalo. She completed a research fellowship in Reproductive Immunology at Rosalind Franklin University in North Chicago Illinois. Dr. Mangubat completed medical training at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine in Manila. Prior to moving to the United States she completed Obstetrics & Gynecology residency and Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship at Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines in Manila. Caring for women amidst a busy family life, has been a lifelong dedication. After rearing five children, and completing two residencies and two fellowships, Dr. Mangubat started private Obstetrics-Gynecology practice at Women’s Care Associates of Dover in Delaware in 2007. The first year was a difficult solo hospital practice with a 24 by 7 call schedule. With the latter office’s eventual retirement in 2012, she has since ventured on a practice with a unique philosophy.

The Best Kept Secrets...


The Best Kept Secrets of Creighton Model FerilityCareTM System and NaPro Technology By Elzbieta Bolesta, FCPI, Many, if not most, women lack a fundamental understanding of the functioning of their fertility cycle. It is a core right and obligation of each woman to understand her cycle, and how it impacts her body function. The answer for women lies in the Creighton Model Fertility Care System (CrMS), which has developed through thirty years of forward-thinking research, constitutes the core family planning system of the women’s health science of NaPro Technology (Natural Procreative Technology) and has produced a successful roadmap for women to master their cycles and total reproductive health. The Creighton Model Fertility Care System, unlike other family planning tools, is tightly linked with a woman’s health. Rather than only relying on man-made chemicals, a woman can implement the Creighton Model Fertility Care System through teachable observations of biological markers to master her fertility cycle and gain greater control over her health. Such mastery will not only help women with their fertility issues but will also provide them with greater satisfaction in their lives. The standardized, teachable observations, which are taught at low cost to the woman by a Fertility Care Practitioner (FCP) can be learned by all women. First, a Fertility Care Practitioner provides an introductory session

explaining the principles, methodology and techniques of Creighton Model Fertility Care System. Subsequent follow up appointments with the Fertility Care Practitioner educate the woman about tracking her biomarkers and allow the Fertility Care Practitioner to instruct the woman on her observations. This observable “biomarkers” provide a path for couples about their fertile and infertile days and thus allow couples to achieve or avoid pregnancy, and women can use these biomarkers to identify abnormalities and other health issues. Thus, not only does the Creighton Model Fertility Care System empower women with knowledge of their bodies and fertility cycles, but it can offer an “early warning system” for the risks and dangers they face.

Model Fertility Care System has “method effectiveness” (perfect use) of 99.5% and the “use effectiveness” (typical use) of 96.8%. Other studies indicated that couples having normal fertility and employing the Creighton Model Fertility Care System to achieve pregnancy were 76% successful in the first cycle of use and 98% successful by the sixth cycle.

The follow up appointments also allow the Fertility Care Practitioner to tailor Creighton Model Fertility Care System to the woman’s goals. Therefore, not only is the Creighton Model Fertility Care System easy to learn, but it only requires a limited time commitment of a few minutes of daily observations. Finally, the Creighton Model Fertility Care System is highly safe, ecologically friendly, natural and inexpensive to learn and operate.

NaPro Technology is a dynamic new science that helps women maintain their reproductive health. When a woman’s reproductive systems fail to operate as expected, a woman and her doctor can use NaPro Technology to target problems and work constructively with the woman’s cycles. Women and doctors can use NaPro Technology to diagnose and address issues such as: infertility, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, irregular or abnormal

Women can employ the Creighton Model Fertility Care System to achieve or avoid pregnancy. In the June 1998 issue of the “Journal of Reproductive Medicine,” a large use-effectiveness study evaluating the performance of the Creighton Model Fertility Care System to avoid pregnancy concluded that the Creighton


bleeding, polycystic ovarian disease, repetitive miscarriage, postpartum depression, prematurity prevention, hormonal abnormalities and chronic discharges. Many women have found value in NaPro Technology because it educates them about their bodies, helps them spot issues, makes their doctor’s job easier and empowers them to be a partner with their doctor, rather than just a patient. A free introductory session regarding natural fertility awareness (Creighton Model Fertility Care System) will be offered on July 12, 2013 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. The introductory session will be at Mercy Care for Women’s Health located at 22 Old Rudnick Lane, Suite A. For reservations and inquiries, please call the office at 302883-3677 or send an email to

health and medical

By Drs. Eric and Mimi Skocik

Drs. Eric and Mimi Skocik are the owners of Skocik Chiropractic in Dover, DE. They are natives of Dover, and strongly support the military members of Dover Air Base. Dr. Eric is a 10 year military veteran of the army. Both are members of the Delaware Chiropractic Society and have become known for their specialized, hands-on approach to patients in relieving muscle tightness and pain.

Contemplating Neck or Back Surgery? As a chiropractor, I’ve had many patients come to my office as a ‘last hope’ before making the dreaded decision to have surgery. What I have found is many of these patients have tried very little before opting for the surgery. They’ve often tried pain killers, muscle relaxers and had several sessions of physical therapy and just as they are about to ‘thrown in the towel’ someone suggests chiropractic.


great results. Sometimes it’s just not possible, but I’ll do the best I can.

Since many of you reading this have not been to a chiropractor, let me shock you by telling you chiropractors lead the way in the highest approval ratings by their patients, typically scoring well over 90%. Chiropractic is also extremely safe, especially when considering possible side effects of invasive procedures or addictive drugs.

Spinal decompression can significantly help patients suffering with back pain, leg pain, bulging discs, herniated discs, tingling, numbness, arm pain, neck pain, degenerative disc/joint disease, sciatica and spinal stenosis. Patients with these conditions often see a moderate decrease in symptoms in only a few visits. Ultimately it does depend on the severity of your case as well as your response to treatment to determine how many treatments you may need. Each patient is evaluated on a caseby-case basis, and then a treatment plan is formulated. The treatment plan may be changed, depending on several factors which will be discussed with you during your office visit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had immunizations/shots, taken prescription drugs and have had a surgery. I’ve seen patients have great results as well as not so great results. What I am saying is it is in your absolute best interest to explore your options.

I have found among the best options to treat significant back pain is our Chattanooga Triton Spinal Decompression machine. I have treated many surgery-bound patients with the Chattanooga and with a high rate of success.

In my practice, I’ve had overwhelming success with symptoms of head- Spinal decompression is not recommended for patients that are pregache, neck pain, back pain and radiating pain in the hands and feet. I’ll nant, have had back surgery (screws/cages) or have osteoporosis/osteopenia. be the first to admit I’m not magic. Its’ tough when a patient gets great results, then refers a friend or family member who expect the same

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living well and fit

By Chuck Barker, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC Chuck Barker, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC is owner and director of American Therapy & Rehabilitation and has been working as a physical therapist in Dover Delaware since 1989. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Arcadia University. He is a certified athletic trainer and is board certified in orthopedic physical therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

Don’t Let Shoulder Pain Get SPEC

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The Best of You

American Therapy & Rehabilitation

The shoulder joint has 1015 the greatest in 40-70 S Governorsoccurs Av Dover DE year olds and range of motion or degrees about 3% of all people will of freedom of any joint in the body. This awesome mobility also makes the shoulder joint more vulnerable to injury. Shoulder injuries tend to keep people out of work the longest; even longer than low back injuries. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that in 2006 7.5 million people saw a doctor for shoulder or upper arm pain. Of these, aVZ-010115-DOVER, total of DE Physical Therapists 4.1 million were diagnosed with rotator cuff dysfunction. Almost 6 out of 10 people with shoulder cuff muscle strain, ligament pain had rotator cuff strain or develop this condition. Patients sprains, arthritis, frozen shoulder tenosynovitis. Shoulder pain may with insulin dependent diabetes and impingement syndrome. occur from trauma, degenerative will more frequently experience Frequently trigger points are found changes or over use. Repetitive frozen shoulder. Very often the in the rotator cuff muscles which over head activities such as racket shoulder will be very painful may contribute to referred pain or throwing sports, swimming and without injury or apparent cause. into the upper arm and at times various job requirements may lead Pain will appear gradually with extending to the hand. Deep to subacromial impingement and later symptoms including loss of resultant bursitis or rotator cuff motion and functional ability. Early tissue massage, pain relieving tendinitis. Bursitis is inflammation detection and diagnosis may lead modalities and stretching of a bursa. A bursa is a sac of to the best outcome for complete may relieve these trigger points fluid that helps to reduce friction recovery. Physical therapy is a and subsequently decrease pain between structures in our body. very effective treatment option in their respective referral pattern. The subacromial bursa helps to for the treatment of rotator decrease friction between the rotator cuff tendon and acromion. Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon which attaches muscle to bone. The rotator cuff tendon attaches the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor muscles to the humerus (upper arm bone) and allows active rotation and abduction of the shoulder. • Most Insurance Accepted • One on One Service Other causes of shoulder pain include but are not limited to fracture, degenerative arthritis, infection, ligament sprain, adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder, nerve inflammation, nerve root compression at the cervical spine and rarely bone cancer. Frozen shoulder typically


Chuck Barker DPT, OCS, ATC

Differential diagnosis should be made to rule out cervical nerve root compression or disc herniation TQCP which may also refer pain into the shoulder and arm. Other non-invasive physical therapy treatments may include ultrasound, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, ice and compression with a vasopneumatic device, ROM and gentle strengthening exercises, postural education and instruction in a written home exercise program to promote a faster return to normal shoulder function and complete pain relief. If you are suffering from shoulder or arm pain, weakness, loss of motion or loss of functional ability; please contact our office for an assessment and treatment for the best possible outcome.

• Auto & Workers’ Comp. Injuries • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist • Arthritis & Fibromyalgia • Orthopedic & Sports Injuries • Back & Neck Care • Treatment of Neurologic Disorders • Orthotics

Over O ver 2 20 0Y Years ears Experience Ex E x

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By Lisa Torbert, MS, QRA Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor

Summer Beauty Secrets


Secrets behind the perfect tan You know them when you see them. They stand out from the crowd with their perfect glow, looking effortlessly happy. Before torturing yourself with envy, realize the truth. Chances are, their appearance is calculated and they paid to earn their sun-kissed glamour. Summer beauty pros say wearing light-colored clothes makes tanned skin pop. Bronzing, one of the summer-ready services offered at Heather’s Holistic Health, is highly recommended because it is the most successful way to achieve a natural and streak-free look. Tanning beds are out of the question for the health-minded because of the harmful UV rays used to darken the skin. Do not confuse bronzing with spray tan, which most places offer because it requires less work and attention to detail. At Heather’s Holistic Health, our clinical aesthetician ensures uniform application in even the trickiest areas by solely using a sponge to hand-apply bronzer. Spray tan services do not guarantee such quality. Their method runs the risk of streaks and product accidentally landing on the soles of feet and hands. The best bronzing results are due to exfoliating in a warm shower before

the appointment because dead skin cells prevent even-toned color. After the appointment wait at least six hours before showering to let the bronzer fully react with the skin. Although most spa bronzing results last from five days to a week, results last longer through proper moisturizing, refraining from sweat-producing exercise and tanextending lotion. Beauty in the details: our nails A little known secret to showcasing a tan is applying bright neon or soft pastel nail polish to fingers and toes to compliment a bronzed glow. Go beyond the corner nail salon and treat yourself to a spa manicure and spa pedicure at Heather’s Holistic Health, where the services are performed in your own serene private room. Massage and paraffin wax are included in the services for the ultimate luxury experience.

that eyes are smaller than what is accurate. When the sun is out, the fashions are daring. Don’t let unwanted hair scare you from the tank top or bikini you dreamed of strutting. We recommend waxing to those who want affordable and lasting results. Waxing is far superior to shaving because waxing results last on average two to four weeks and shaving results last a few days. For some unlucky individuals, shaving results last a few hours before hair is visible.

Waxing the body’s secret weapon To dramatically change your face without spending too much, book an eyebrow wax appointment with a clinical aesthetician, like the one found at Heather’s Holistic Health. Eyebrows frame the face. A quick way to showcase eyes, which are usually the first things people notice, is to give eyebrows an attractive arch to highlight eye shape. Thick eyebrows emphasize foreheads and give the illusion

Who Is Heather? Heather Torbert is Lisa Heather Torbert’s mom. She died at the age of 66 from diabetes. Mom’s life was not easy, as she became addicted to drugs and alcohol in her twenties. She also suffered from depression most of her life. At the age of 40, she finally was able to “kick the habit” forever. However, she substituted into some very unhealthy “other addictions” such as smoking, caffeine, and food addictions (chocolate, sugar and carbohydrates), which eventually lead to her death. This center is dedicated to my mom, Heather, my best friend and special angel. Because of her, we here at Heather’s are able to offer a touch of heaven to everyone that visits our center.

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This is because shaving does not stop a hair follicle from growing, while waxing does. When hair is removed from the follicle, it takes at least a week to grow back. Another unknown reason professional waxing is more effective than athome shaving is the ability to adapt to the different directions skin grows. Underarm hair can grow in multiple directions. Improper hairremoval, such as shaving, or athome waxing prevents lasting and hairless skin.


with Massage, Spa Packages, Wraps Pregnancy and Couples Massage

Try Yoga and Belly Dancing in our new 1,100 square foot studio Other Therapies offered are: * Microdermabrasion * Sinus Therapy * Acupuncture * Waxing and * Pedicures * Chiropractic Bronzing * Manicures * Warm Stone * QRA testing * Colon Hydrotherapy * Energy Work * Ear Candling * Facials * Hypnotherapy Heather’s Classes in our new 1,100 square foot studio Yoga and Belly Dancing

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living well and fit By Patrick Preece Mr. Preece is a graduate of KMAI Newark’s leadership team; he has gone on to become the chief instructor of our Dover location. Mr. Preece has been training with KMAI since the year 2000. He holds a 3rd Degree Tang Soo Do, a 3rd Degree Sin Moo Hapkido, and a 1st Degree Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Preece’s teaching strengths include both youth and parent’s classes. He says his favorite part about the martial arts is teaching leadership skills to a new generation as well as encouraging families to train together to reach their full potential.

Focusing On Diligence


This month I’d like to focus on the word; “diligence.”

for substandard results that could indeed be improved if they tried.

Diligence is shown when we carry out a task with great care and consistent effort. These days it’s all about doing jobs faster. But quicker isn’t always better. Sometimes, we need to slow down to take the care and put the effort in that is required to do our best work. Especially when we’re in the beginnings of learning a new skill, taking our time can actually save us time. Eventually, we may do these tasks quicker, if we learn them right the first time. As Samuel Johnson once said; “What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.”

So when it comes to diligence, we are dealing with a question of a “fixed mindset” vs a “growth mind-set.” A “fixed mindset” is when people believe that they are only as good as they are today. They think, that if they do poorly, the subject or skill just might not be “their thing.” A growth mind- set acknowledges that with effort and persistence, a person can change the results. Helping children and teens understand that effort and ability are positively linked can change mind-set... and results.

Children who work hard often don’t attribute success to being “smart” but rather, persistent and diligent. When we tell children that effort is the key to their success, they are much less likely to give up and much more likely to buckle down and continue to work hard. Thomas Fuller once said; “Care and diligence bring luck.” It’s a funny thing when people label a person who has worked for years at becoming great at a skill, “lucky” or “an overnight success” once people find out about his or her talent. There’s really nothing “lucky” or “overnight” about it! Overnight success is often the result of many years of constant and consistent diligence. It makes sense then, that studies show that praise for diligence is much more productive and helpful for a child than praise for results or talents. Children sometimes forget that there is a link between effort and ability. In particular, some children attribute success to how innately “good” or “bad” they are in a particular area. This can be detrimental such that they fail to realize that with additional effort and diligence, they can do better. Instead, they simply give up or settle

I’ve often used Dr. Robyn Silverman’s acronym, P.A.C.E. which means Prepare, Act, Continue/Commit and Evaluate. These components are important to diligence and achievement. Confucius once said; “The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” When we prepare, act, commit/continue and evaluate, these are part of the tools to our success. Help your children realize the link between effort and results by sharing your successes and how your hard work and diligence paid off. What helped you focus? What kept you going? How did you keep a growth mind-set even during the tough times? And of course, help them to recognize how their own hard work has helped them reach their goals as well.

P. A.C.E.

Prepare - Act - Commit - Evaluate


living well and fit



Most people are afraid of it, even fewer people practice it and least of all are people who apply it properly. Without the silence between the notes, music is just noise. You must have that space (silence) between the notes to create the beauty of music. This analogy of the art of creating music and comparing it to working with horses is one of the effective comparisons I have come up with. If you compare a cue on a horse to a note and compare the silence with the time between the cues, this analogy alone can steer you into the proper mind set when working with a horse. When humans find proper balance between the silence and noise, miracles happen, whether it’s music, horses or life in general. So why if it’s so simple, why is it so hard? The answer is in the first sentence of this article, fear. Horses are large, powerful, non-remorseful, and not persuaded by your superficial self. Fear destroys beauty, relationships and life in general. In reality there is only one cure for this plague of fear that destroys... FAITH!

By Dean Roles Faith in GOD, faith in yourself, faith in your horse is what is needed. Faith can always trump fear. Once you find faith, you find the ability to be still (silent), calm, cool and relaxed. Once found, this state of faith must be exercised in a continuous manner. The exercising of faith is the practice part of silence. How to apply it properly (the least of all part), well that takes wisdom, but I can tell you that just being quiet is not silence. Lack of fear is not faith, the truth is; faith is not even necessary without fear! And to return to our analogy, not making notes will not produce beautiful music! It takes both! Noise and silence to produce the song of life! It is because of fear we exercise faith and the exercise produces abilities and those abilities produce a joyful noise, the perfect song.

Testimonial I met Dean Roles during the summer of 2010. Since then, my life and my horse’s life have changed in a positive direction. I am no longer afraid to ride my once anxious, nervous, confused Tennessee Walker named Tony. Building a close and solid relationship of trust and understanding with your horse is Dean’s foremost goal. He asked me at our first meeting what I wanted to achieve with my horse. My reply was that I wanted a safe and more relaxed horse to ride. Thus began our first month of training. When I brought Tony to Dean’s facility, I thought Tony had good ground manners. Boy was I in for a surprise. Dean informed me that Tony was the leader and I clearly was not. Dean worked with Tony for the first couple of weeks while I observed his techniques with both groundwork and riding skills. I didn’t miss a day of training….. five days a week. Then it was time for me to get up in the saddle. I was a nervous wreck with lost confidence and I am sure Tony knew it. Dean certainly did. But we worked through my fears with

baby steps. By the end of the next two weeks, I had regained my confidence and could not wait to get Tony back home and ride him in the ring. What a different horse in just four weeks…..much calmer, less anxiety, and overall just a happier horse. Winter came and went, as did summer whereby I was unable to ride due to a back injury (nonhorse related). However, this past August, Dean came to our farm and my training resumed through the end of October. His techniques and ability to finesse a horse with what appears to be little effort is nothing less than amazing. I cannot describe how happy I am that I chose Dean Roles to be my trainer. He is a confident leader in the horse arena and is teaching me to be a confident leader with Tony. If Dean were to ask you what are the two most important things you are in charge of with your horse, you would quickly reply “speed and direction.” Once you have control of those two key elements you will be on your way to a happy and safe riding experience. Thank you, Dean, for everything you have taught me and for everything you will continue to teach me. - Pam Nebel, Harrington

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living well and fit Presented By Kevin and Angie Phillipson Kevin and Angie Phillipson are entrepreneurs, currently involved in 4 businesses: a consulting firm, a team of mortgage originators, a women’s magazine, and a wellness company. With 5 kids, 4 grandkids and 2 golden retrievers, Kevin and Angie are keenly aware of their environment and are actively involved in their community. They both volunteer with CASA, and Angie is a volunteer mediator with the Center for Community Justice. They both participate in karate, enjoy going to the gym and traveling. Both Kevin and Angie are full time students - Angie finishing a second bachelor’s degree and Kevin working on his doctorate in business.

Are You A Smart Shopper?


Shopper alert: grocery prices are going up, and up... Do you sometimes wonder how in the world a few bags of groceries could cost as much as a cart-full used to? With groceries and gasoline in a battle to see which can do more damage to the wallet, shoppers are finding it difficult to keep both stomach and gas tank full enough to make it all the way to payday. The good news is you have many more options when it comes to grocery prices than you have concerning gasoline. The bad news is you may have to make changes in your eating habits as well as your spending habits. Smart shopping is about more than simply choosing generic labels over brand names. Smart shoppers consider the nutritional value of the foods they buy—and that can be an eye-opening experience.

Now we’re not saying that your food shouldn’t taste great, but focusing on food as a means of satisfying some unnamed longing or unreasonable craving is a sure path to overspending on the food budget. That sort of thinking can also get you headed down the path towards metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, or obesity. Focusing on food as a means of supplying your body with nutrients casts grocery store shopping in a different light altogether. The following ideas are not meant to be a complete list. They are suggestions pointing in the direction of health—both physically and environmentally. They are meant to help get you going.

Rather than eat from cans and packages, start as close to the source as you can. Example: a crockpot of beans, cooked from a bag, saves about 80% over canned beans (and doesn’t reTake the standard advice, add quire the recycling or some thought, and amplify your disposal of a can). savings Cook a bunch of You probably already know the beans and freeze basics of getting the most out of them for future use. your food budget: tactics like clip- Basic food ingreping and using coupons, checkdients tend to be ing the weekly advertisements for much less expensive bargains, not shopping when you than precooked and are hungry, and comparing cost prepackaged alterper unit are commonplace and natives. Moreover, by fundamental. cooking and storing basic foods, you save The next step is to couple those money and have the standard tactics with some intromakings of any numspection. If you will do that, the ber of creative and resultant savings can be significant. fun meals on hand. Smart shopping begins in your attitude towards food, and that means a “checkup from the neck up” before you even begin to plan your shopping. Work to develop an attitude towards food that reflects reality: the primary purpose of food is nutrition, not pleasure.

in the kitchen. Here again, creativity is the key. Staple foods can be used in any number of recipeswhether from a cookbook, the family files, or made up as you go. Have fun. Let your primary concern be getting the nutrients you need—and that is much easier when you are working with basic ingredients instead of name brand concoctions. Revisit the basic food groups you learned about in school. The plate has replaced the pyramid as a way of looking at how your diet should be structured. Go to to find out more. And think about this: the food recommendations call for fruits, vegetables, protein foods, grains, and dairy—not McDonalds, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Stouffer’s. Sure, there are times when prepared foods are handy- but it may be that your wallet stays fatter and you body trimmer when you prepare meals from scratch instead of

Turn first to leftovers. Get creative. Try to never let food go to waste. Studies show that up to half of our available food goes to the trash- and much of that occurs


from a package. There is one more consideration though—one that is especially critical today. Even when you start with basic foods, you may not be getting all the nutrients you need. Most of the available food supply is now produced by giant agri-corporations, and the methods they use have resulted in foods that look good, but may pack considerably less nutritive value than the foods our grandparents ate. Smart shoppers are turning as much as possible to crops grown organically or purchased from local farms that still work at building up the soil through natural, instead of artificial methods. Most of us will need to add quality vitamin and mineral supplememts to our diet in order to make sure we get the nutrients we need. Shop from home and earn while you shop!

living well andfit

By Nancy Hawkins Rigg, Founder and Owner, Forever Fit Foundation Nancy Hawkins Rigg is the founder and owner of Forever Fit Foundation, a personal training business specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yamuna Body rolling and sport-specific training. Forever Fit Foundation accepts clients at three sites: Dover and Lewes and Mendenhall Station, Pa., just over the Delaware line. A certified athletic trainer, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and her master’s degree in exercise science and sports medicine from Miami University in Ohio. Please call 302.432.1816 or 698.5201 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Pilates Helps You Get In Shape & Stay In Shape W When people shed the winter clothes, chances are that some look in the mirror and feel regret: regret for not working out more and regret for eating or drinking too much. Then, when it’s time to put on shorts or a tank top, the mirror doesn’t lie. Forget about shopping for a new swimsuit. There’s no need to step on the scales if last year’s summer clothes don’t zip. What’s a girl to do? Try Pilates. That doesn’t mean buy a DVD and do a half hour every now and then when you have time. Fitness takes personal commitment to a goal, and that means sticking to a plan even when you don’t think you have time or you’re not in the mood. The benefits always outweigh the disadvantages, and most people feel much better after they have finished a healthy and challenging workout.

Here’s an opportunity to get help and support from a personal trainer. Before teaching anyone Pilates, personal trainers at Forever Fit Foundation first evaluate a new client to consider things such as physical limitations, prior injuries, and levels of strength and flexibility and fitness goals. Then, it’s time to train. Pilates, for the uninitiated, is an exercise program created by a man named Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, and it has endured as a reliable and effective training method. He developed a series of movements that, when performed properly, involve and strengthen both body and mind.

In addition, classic Pilates exercises are performed on apparatus that uses springs to create resistance, so in essence, Pilates movements develop both strength and flexibility. A trained teacher also knows how to modify these

exercises to meet individual needs, from beginner to the experienced client. The beauty of Pilates training is that while it focuses on strengthening the core, these exercises offer a lot of benefit for time and money invested. Pilates is quite complex and offers a variety of exercise that can be performed on the mat as well as on apparatus, and it doesn’t take long for clients to notice improvements. Don’t stop now. Those springs that provide resistance, similar to resistance offered by weights, can be adjusted as students become stronger. Pilates is an exercise system that is embraced by the dance


community, not only for injury rehabilitation, but also because those same exercises improve posture and increase flexibility. An additional benefit is that practicing Pilates helps you become more comfortable in your own body through subtle changes that help you feel more confident and secure. Pilates will become a welcome part of your life as your clothing fits better, you start to look and perform daily functional activities better, and you are able to release tension in your back and neck through the same movements that shape, sculpt and tone. Your muscles that were once covered with, well, flab, have become longer, stronger and leaner. Welcome to Pilates!

living well and fit Presented By Kris Hutchison Kris is Hutchison is the Program Manager for Brandywine Counseling & Community Services at its Georgetown location. Her role includes overseeing the daily operations of the program, maintaining contact with clients, taking responsibility for quality assurance, and overseeing the CSAT STEP Grant. A native of Wisconsin, Kris has lived and worked in Delaware for three years. Prior to assuming her current position, she lived in Wisconsin and worked as a Clinical Supervisor for Brown County Mental Health Center Substance Abuse Program. Kris has also worked as a Manager and Therapist for Women’s Recovery Journey, a program serving women and their families. Kris graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. She currently lives in Lewes, DE and is the mother of a healthy and happy girl.

Change Is Good


Brandywine Counseling & Community Services (BCCS) is a welcoming organization committed to strengthening communities and enhancing the quality of life for Delawareans impacted by mental health, substance use, HIV and multiple occurring diagnoses, and their related challenges. Last year, BCCS reached 6,500 Delaware residents age 18 and over through providing Education, Advocacy, Treatment, Early Intervention and Prevention services. BCCS prides itself on helping members of our community recover with dignity, while also focusing on improving their physical health. Originally part of the Wilmington Medical Center, BCCS was incorporated as a separate non-profit in 1985. Today, it operates nine locations throughout the state of DE and is DSAMH licensed and Joint Commission accredited. 

Men’s Group. We also have a 12 Step meeting held at our facility Tuesday and Thursday evenings that is available to clients and the public.

that communicates a “resiliency The following statistics reveal the attitude” and adopts a culture built positive changes being made in upon a “strengths perspective”. our clients’ lives: When it comes to providing holistic • 81% of clients reported no services tailored to the needs alcohol or drug use. of women, BCCS staff members • 75% improved their housing The groups provided offer an array endorse the idea that “What is status. of information. Frank Cassidy, right with you is more powerful • 69% improved their BA, who facilitates the Relapse than anything that is wrong.” employment status. Prevention group, provides information on topics including Post In 2009, BCCS in Georgetown • 50% reported reduced Acute Withdrawal, relapse triggers was awarded a generous grant mental health symptoms. and an action plan for change. from the Substance Abuse • 98% were arrest free. The Co-occurring group, facilitated and Mental Health Services by Kris Hutchison LPCMH, CADC, Administration (SAMHSA) to create The STEP Program utilizes an evidence-based-practice to provides information and therapy the STEP Program. STEP stands for facilitate change. STEP services on both substance abuse and Support, Treatment, Engagement meet the clients where they are mental health. Helping clients and Prevention. BCCS began understand the correlation implementing services for homeless and offer services to engage between using substances and adults with substance abuse issues individuals of varying levels of experiencing mental health by utilizing a holistic approach. The readiness. The STEP case managers work diligently with their clients to symptoms is one reason that BCCS services provided by STEP include has been successful. intensive case management. Since help them achieve their goals all in its inception, the STEP Program has support of personal growth. Rochelle Holmes BA, CADC, CCDP served nearly 500 clients. is a counselor for the Georgetown BCCS office and facilitates the HEY Women’s Group. Rochelle stated, “The Women’s Group takes YEAH, I AM TALKING TO YOU a holistic approach to each individual. The group has a strong ARE YOU influence on unity, learning to depend on each other, building a healthier mind, body and spirit.” The group focuses on a variety of topics including self esteem, body image, relationships and family.



Georgetown Center, located at 528 East Market Street (302) 856-4700



As experienced providers of gender-specific, trauma-informed BCCS’s Georgetown location services, BCCS is aware that provides substance abuse experiences of trauma quite treatment and behavioral health often precede problems, which outpatient services. Georgetown result in substance abuse and offers its clients individual vulnerability to violence. The counseling for substance abuse focus of Brandywine’s traumaand co-occurring disorders, and specific work for women is psychological evaluations by our on stabilization, safety, and LCSW. Georgetown’s therapeutic understanding. Risk reduction for groups consist of: Substance Abuse relapse in a gender-responsive and Mental Health Education, context is expressed in providing Co-occurring Disorders, Relapse a welcoming and therapeutic Prevention, Women’s Group and setting in our Georgetown clinic








living well and fit Beach Yoga 7 Days/Wk Memorial Day-Labor Day

The Power of Yoga

Ocean & Swedes St, Dewey Beach 8 am - 9 am Beach Yoga $11 cash-only or NEW this year 10-pack of beach yoga for $100 (available with cc in studio, or cash on the beach)

Unlimited Studio Classes

3 months for $300 or 4 months for $350

enhanced balance, injury-free Publisher’s Note: Private Instruction- Beach, Studio, or Your Location muscles and spine “When I first thought about taking Spiritually: improve and deepen Aerial Yoga I was assuming that For more info 302-227-3450 your relationship with the it would be hard, and that there world itself, mindfulness & an was no way that I could do any of By Heather Shafer, CYT, Director, Kaya Wellness & Yoga appreciation of your life for it (I am almost 60 yrs. old). I also what it is right now, connect to assumed that I had to be really your true self, find that place of strong and limber. I was totally stillness within yourself, closer wrong: From the very beginning it to Spirit was fun, enjoyable, & allowed me Beach Yoga 7 Days/Wk Emotionally: balancing hormones to go in to yoga poses that I never By: Heather Shafer, CYT leads to emotional stability & had been able to do in regular Director, Kaya Wellness & Yoga Memorial limber. I wasDay-Labor totally wrong:Day From the *This article does not serve as “Which class is going to challenge Spiritually: improve and deepen more balanced moods, relieve floor yoga. ~PJ very beginning it was fun, enjoyable, medical advice or diagnosis. your relationship with the world me more? Ocean & Swedes St, Dewey Beach depression & anxiety, reduced “Which class is going to & allowed me to go in to yoga poses Please seek the advice of a medial itself, mindfulness & an appreciation I really want to feel the burn.” 8 am - 9 am cortisol (cortisol is known as challenge me more? that I never had been able to do in professional before beginning any of your life for what it is right now, the “stress hormone” because I really want to feel Beach Yoga $11 cash-only or - PJ 302-227-3450 Screeeeech…wait, stop….This is a the burn.” regular floor yoga.” new routine. Statements herein connect to your true self, find that it is activated when you are NEW this year or email tale-tale sign that someone needs have not been evaluated by place of stillness within yourself, stressed”, create a sense of calm creeeeech…wait, stop…. 10-pack of beach yoga for $100 yoga. Not more exercise and more the FDA & are from the author’s closer to Spirit & peace This is a tale-tale sign that (available with cc302-227-3450 in studio, or cash on the beach) or email challenging poses, but good ‘ole personal & student experience. someone needs yoga. Not more Kaya Wellness & Yoga Emotionally: Balancing hormones yoga. Yoga that encompasses so Anyone who has exercised exercise and more challenging Unlimited Studio Classes Rehoboth Beach, DE Testimonial leads to emotional stability & more much more than asanas (physical Kaya Wellness & Yoga knows that simply poses, but good ‘ole yoga. Yoga & 3 months for $300 about taking balanced moods, relieveexercising depression “When I first thought postures). Yoga that creates Rehoboth Beach, DE willreduced aid in physical & emotional that encompasses so much & more Kaya Aerial Yoga or 4 months for $350 Aerial Yoga I was assuming that it anxiety, cortisol (cortisol change; emotional, spiritual, & & balance, but when layered with than asanas (physical postures). PA would bePhiladelphia, hard, and that there was is known as the “stress hormone” physical. YogaYoga that that takes you Kaya Aerial Yoga proper yogic breath, intention, no way that I could do any of it (I am creates change; because Private Instructionit is activated when you deeper, without creating injury. Philadelphia, PA & energetic control, exercise, almostFind emotional, spiritual, & physical. Yourself... 60 yrs. old). I also assumed Beach, Studio, or Your Location are stressed”, create a sense of everything else in your Yoga that takes you deeper,calm & and atbeKaya that I had to really strong and peace In the US yoga has come to mean Yourself... at Kaya life is transformed into the without creating injury. For moreFind info 302-227-3450 asanas or fitness. If yoga is limited sacred art of yoga. In the US yoga has comeAnyone to who has exercised knows to a physical workout, you are Washing thewill dishes, running, mean asanas or fitness. If yoga exercising aid in missing what yoga is truly about and that simply doing laundry; all of these but have is limited to a physical workout, physical & emotional balance, diminishing what traditional yoga the potential to be yoga. you are missing what yoga is when layered with proper yogic has to offer. truly about and diminishing So experience yoga in a breath, intention, & energetic space and learn the what traditional yoga has tocontrol, spiritual exercise, and everything Yoga is translated as “yoke” or sacred art of yoga so that you offer. else in your life is transformed into “union”, describing the integration can carry this off of your mat Yoga is translated as “yoke” the sacred art of yoga. of mind and body to create a and transform all of the areas or “union”, describing the greater connection with one’s own ofthe your life. This attitude of integration of mind and body to Washing dishes, running, doing pure, essential nature. learning, enjoying create a greater connection laundry; with all of these haveand thegrowing from every experience that life pure, essential nature. potential to be yoga. It encompassesone’s the own spiritual, throws at you translates to an It encompasses the spiritual, emotional, & physical bodies. Trying So experience in a amazingyoga outlook inspiritual everyday life emotional, & physical bodies. to sweat your way into a leaner outside of the studio. It learn the Yoga sacred art of Trying to sweat your wayspace and form rarely works without addressing you can to handle that you carryjust thisabout off into a leaner form rarely yoga soallows the emotional and spiritual bodies. anything brings with a sense and life transform all of the works without addressingof your mat For true transformation, all of calmness, confidence areas ofofyour life. This attitude and of true the emotional and spiritual these bodies must be prioritized & peace.and growing from bodies. For true transformation, learning,inner enjoying balanced, which involves drawing Let go ofthat yourlife conditioning all of these bodies must be every experience throws your yoga off of your mat, & into that a workout to be painful prioritized & balanced, which at you translates to anhas amazing every aspect of your life. Onceyour yoga outlook to effective life to ensure that involves drawing off of in be everyday outside inducted into this philosophy, you are not diminishing the full youryogic mat, & into every aspect of of the Yoga studio. It allows you the term “Live your Your life. Yoga” willinducted allow into potential of your yoga practice. Once tothis handle just about anything life you to flow with yourphilosophy, life with much is dedicated to creating yogic the term “Live brings with Kaya a sense of calmness, less effort. a sacred to encourage Your Yoga” will allow you toconfidence flow andspace true inner peace. students to find their True Self. with your life with much less I have experienced and witnessed Let go of your that or Join us conditioning in-studio for classes effort. in my students a myriad of benefits and a workout has sessions to be painful toorbe private in yoga aerial I have experienced from a deeperwitnessed yoga practice more aeffective to ensure you are not yoga, and on that the beach for daily in my students * than I could have ever diminishing the full (Memorial potential Day-Labor of your Beach Yoga myriad of imagined benefits from a deeper from exercise alone. yoga practice. Day). yoga practice more than I could have ever imagined from exercise *This article does not serve as medical * * Physically: increased flexibility, Kaya is dedicated to creating alone. advice or diagnosis. Please seek the increased muscle strength & a sacred space to encourage Physically: increased flexibility, advice of a medial professional before *Rehoboth Location tone, improvedincreased energy & vitality, studentsbeginning to find any their True Self. Join muscle strength & new routine. Statements weight reduction, controlled blood us in-studio classes privateby the tone, improved energy & vitality, hereinfor have not beenor evaluated Rehoboth Beach ~ Philadelphia pressure, improved enhanced in yoga or aerial yoga, and& weightsleep, reduction, controlledsessions FDA & are from the author’s personal balance, injury-free muscles and on the beach for daily Beach Yoga blood pressure, improved sleep, student experience.

The Power Of Yoga



Find Yourself...

Aerial Yoga h Yoga (in-studio or beach) h Private Sessions h Group Classes h Therapeutic Massage h Spa Treatments



(Memorial Day-Labor Day).


community and education By Karen McGloughlin Karen McGloughlin’s role as the Director, Office of Women’s Health, for the State of Delaware lies in the newly established Bureau of Health Equity within the Division of Public Health in Dover, Delaware. The office focuses on health equity concerns for women, minorities, people with disabilities, and the aging. The office’s primary strategic goal is to create partnerships within communities to increase the awareness of the underlying causes of health disparities among the underserved populations of Delaware and work to reduce their effect. The Office of Women’s Health is a strong advocate for healthy lifestyles and strives to educate all women about medical concerns and ways to improve their health.

Please check out our website for our weekly newsletter. Or send us an email request at


n i People Profile Ron and Ellen Sayers Ron and Ellen Sayers, owners of Sayers Jewelers and Gemologists in Smyrna. Ron moved to Smyrna with his parents at the age of 5 and Ellen is a native of Delaware, born at Kent General Hospital in Dover. They have three sons who all live in Kent County with their families. The Sayers operate a very successful jewelry business in Smyrna Delaware started by Ron’s parents Leroy and June Sayers in 1950. Ron and Ellen have spent the last 45 years in the business and son Tom has been with them for eighteen years. The Sayers are the only Jewelers in Kent County to have two full time Graduate Gemologists (GIA), Ron and Tom Sayers as part of their large expert staff. Nascar fans? Ron and Ellen attended the third race at Dover and have held season tickets ever since. Friends even come from Canada each fall to join them at the races. They also enjoy snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, scuba diving, skiing and anything to do with steamed crabs.

Stephanie Steckel Please see this month’s orthodontic topic in this issue, which also emphasizes orthodontic treatment requiring a team effort. The Orthodontics on Silver Lake team consists of: Orthodontist, orthodontic staff, patients, parents, and referring dentists. When we’re all in-sync with each other, the patient experience is enhanced with exceptional results. In addition to practicing orthodontics in Dover, I participate in two out-of-the-office team activities : The

Dover Downtown Rotary Club. Our Rotary Club has pooled resources since 1994. We have fun together at our Monday lunch meetings, and support local charities such as Murphy School, Mom’s House, and Dictionaries for Schools and numerous other worthy causes. Rotary provides opportunities for individual leadership, community awareness, and business networking. It was an honor to serve as club President in 2003-04, and presently as membership chair. (P.O. Box 1831, Dover, DE 19903).

The Polytech High School Dental Assisting Program. Kent County’s only dental assisting training program just a few months ago underwent a major site renovation. Our team of dentists who volunteer to teach dental assisting now get to work in a 21st century dental suite! The students also benefit from upgraded digital imaging and instruction of real-world dental procedures. Since 1996, I’ve proudly served on the Dental Advisory Board and our dentist team has donated back over $20,000 in scholarships to Polytech dental assisting students. Additionally, I’ve given co-op opportunities to over a dozen students and some stayed on as full-time and

long-term employees.


n i People Profile Heather Steuer, Community Liaison Heather has always had a passion for people. In high school she was a candy striper at her local hospital in Gaithersburg, MD. She started a career in direct care at the age of 21, when she became the lead counselor for a group home for adults who were mentally challenged. Heather states, she loved working with this population as there was innocence in her clients not seen in other adults. It was her working there that made her decide to go to nursing school. Heather has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings as a nurse, such as: acute care, nursing home, Physicians office, and hospice. She has been a nurse for over 13 years. Heather was delighted to gain her position at Home Instead Senior Care two years ago. Heather was able to utilize her nursing skills, but was most excited to create a new skill set. In her role at HISC she has had the opportunity to learn the business and marketing aspects of the company. Heather is our Community Liaison for Kent, Sussex and lower New Castle Counties. Heather also sits on our executive team, where she is honored to collaborate with the other 4 members. She has a devotion to the senior population and works diligently to build and strengthen relationships with other providers in the community. This approach allows Home Instead Senior Care to deliver the best care possible to the growing population of seniors in our area, by providing customized care for each individual.  Heather manages our community education program and strives to reach seniors and family members to equip them with the knowledge to tackle the challenges that come with aging. It is so important for all of us at Home Instead Senior Care to be experts when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease as the number of those effected in community continues to rise. Until there is a cure we want to be the solution. Heather is our educator for our CARE Alzheimer’s and other Dementia Family Education Workshop. We will be holding our next workshop on 6/29/2013 from 10am-12pm at our office located in Vepco Industrial Park in Camden, building 1.  Heather also facilitates a caregiver support group for the Alzheimer’s Association at Heritage of Dover every third Monday of the month from 6:30pm-7:30pm. She can be contacted regarding any of these things at or at (302)535-2867. Heather lives in the Dover area where she loves spending all free time with her two beautiful children.

Rae Short, Community Liaison Rae Short is a native of Delaware and has been married for 36 years. She has one son and daughter-in-law.   She is a Heart survivor thanks to the team at BayHealth and the office of Drs. John Mannion and Daniel Marelli.   She enjoys traveling, planning events and volunteering for non-profit organizations.   She is a member of the Capital City Rotary, Ambassador of the Central Chamber of Commerce, member of the Middletown Chamber of Commerce and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce. Rae enjoys volunteering for the Capital City Rotary, American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s Association, Delaware Breast Cancer Collation and Meals on Wheels. A project she is currently working on is, “Be a Santa for a Senior”; a project with Home Instead Senior Care, which provides Christmas presents to seniors from Southern New Castle County, Kent and Sussex Counties. She enjoys working with people and having fun. 

Thank you to George Keller of Dover Downs, Monster Mile. Thank you George for bringing the car for us to get our photos in and around. It made for an extra special photo shoot and allowed us to actually do a photo spread that we don’t usually get to do. Also, thank you to Mike Baker for once again taking your time to get some great photos! And thank to each of the contributors involved, we hope you enjoyed playing in the race car!


n i People Profile

Photo Shoot Dover Downs Monster Mile


businessand finance By Susan D’Alonzo Ament Susan D’Alonzo Ament is a partner with Morris James LLP and has practiced for 30 years representing personal injury victims. She was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and attended Widener University School of Law. Susan is dedicated to representing clients injured at work and in serious automobile accidents in their claims against insurance companies. Clients describe her as compassionate and tenacious. She says that she finds it rewarding to work with her injured clients to protect their rights. She is driven by her faith to help others, not only at work, but in her personal life and volunteer work. Over the years, Susan has found that some of our clients don’t understand the crucial need to have adequate automobile insurance coverage in the event of a serious accident. Susan educates her clients on Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation law every day in her practice and in seminars that she presents throughout the year.

Your Most Precious Cargo


The Personal Injury Group Attorneys of Morris James LLP frequently see potential clients who were involved in automobile accidents all too frequently involving minor children. Far too often it becomes evident to us that the children may not have been secured properly in their child safety seats. With the end of the school year and vacation season approaching, the Morris James Personal Injury Group Attorneys dedicate this article to educating Delaware residents as to the current Child Restraint Law. Delaware’s child restraint law [21 Del.C. § 4803] reads –All children must be properly restrained in a federally approved child safety seat appropriate for the child’s age, weight and height up to 8 years of age or 65 lbs whichever comes first. Additionally, children 8 through 15 years old are required to be properly secured in a seatbelt. Children under 12 years old or 65 inches in height are still required to sit in the back seat of a vehicle if there are active airbags in the front passenger seating position. The fine for violating the law is $25.00. How do you choose the correct car seat? Birth – 12 months Your infant under the age of 1 should always ride in a rear-facing car seat. There are different types of rear-facing infant seats that can only be used in the rear-facing position. Three-in-one and convertible car seats usually have higher height and weight limits for the rear-facing position, which allow you to keep your infant rear-facing for a longer period of time. 1-3 years Securing children in the rear-facing

A.I. DuPont Hospital for children, Rockland Center One - across from the Hospital in Wilmington. For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 651-5437.

position for as long as possible is the best way to keep them safe while riding in a vehicle. Children should remain in a rear-facing seat until they reach the top height or weight limit suggested by the manufacturer of the seat. Once children outgrow rear-facing seats, they’re ready to travel in forward facing car seats with harnesses.

Car Seat Certified Of Delaware – At Buckley’s Auto Care, 1604 E. Newport Pike, Wilmington. For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 999-8285 or email

4-7 years Keep children in a forward-facing carseat with a harness until they reach the top height or weight limit suggested by the manufacturer of the seat. Once children outgrow the forward facing car seat, they’re ready for a booster seat, but must still be seated in the back of the vehicle.

Kent County: OHS Fitting Station – At Dover DMV, Rt. 113 South in Dover. For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 744-2749. Sussex County: Delaware State Police Troop 7 – At Rt. 1 S/B Lewes, DE. For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 853-1014.

8-12 years Keep children in a booster seat until they are big enough to fit in a seat belt properly. Statistically, children are 5 times safer riding rear facing than forward facing. Do not rush to transition your children to the next step. Four out of five child safety seats in Delaware are not installed correctly. For your convenience, following is a list of Fitting Stations located throughout Delaware.

OHS Fitting Station – U of DE Cooperative Extension office. For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 856-7303. When a child is injured in a motor vehicle accident due to another person’s negligence, any settlement the child receives requires Court approval in Delaware. When a Morris James Personal Injury Attorney negotiates a fair settlement for a

New Castle County: OHS Fitting Station – At Wilmington DMV, Rt. 13 South in New Castle. For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 434-3234.

minor, that attorney will accompany the Guardian and the minor to the Court hearing seeking approval of the minor’s settlement. The approval of a minor’s settlement is governed by Superior Court Civil Rule 133. Rule 133 (c) provides that the petition must be accompanied by medical reports or other evidence so that the court can make a determination of the reasonableness and fairness of the settlement. The court can require (and often does) oral testimony and typically will require the proposed guardian to be sworn in. The court will inquire to make sure that the guardian understands the settlement and that it is in the best interest of the minor. If the Court approves the settlement, the proceeds are required to be deposited in a special guardianship bank account until the minor reaches 18 year of age. If you or a loved one suffers the unfortunate event of an automobile accident and your children are involved, the Personal Injury Group Attorneys at Morris James LLP will guide you through the process of achieving a settlement that is fair to your children, and will assist you to be certain all applicable statutes regarding minors are complied with.


Christiana Care’s SAFE KIDS Fitting Station – At the entrance to the Women’s Health Care Building at Christiana Hospital on OgletownStanton Rd. in Newark, For hours and to schedule an appointment call (302) 733-2472.

803 N. Broom Street Wilmington, DE 19806 302.655.2599

A.I. DuPont Fitting Station – At

Se habla Español 302.655.3589


Driven to Educate and Serve Delaware for Over 81 Years WILMINGTON

Susan D. Ament, Esq. Pete Jones, Esq. Michael G. Owen, Esq.

NEWARK Kevin Healy, Esq. 16 Polly Drummond Hill Rd Newark, DE 19711 302.368.4200


Keith Donovan, Esq. 29 N. State Street, Suite 100 Dover, DE 19904 302.678.8815


Clayton Bunting, Esq. 107 W. Market Street Georgetown, DE 19947 302.865.7163

business and finance Presented By J. Paul Jones, CLTC Paul was raised in Rehoboth Beach and is currently living in Dover. He is a Financial Advisor with Diamond State Financial Group (DSFG) in Newark, Delaware. Additionally, he has been awarded a professional degree in the field of long-term care, Certified in Long-Term Care (CLTC). The certification program is independent of the insurance industry and focuses on providing financial service professionals the tools needed to meet their client’s extended care needs. Paul is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, Securities Dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor. 544999 08.2012

Basic Gifting Techniques


More than ever, charities depend on the individuals who financially support their important work. Massive cuts in federal and state funding reflect government’s increasing reluctance to fund even the most worthwhile charitable endeavors. The message is clear to all who care about charitable causes: funding today and in the future must come from you, the individual donor. While charitable organizations depend on the cash flow from regular contributions to cover day-to-day expenses, it is the funding from contributions above and beyond regular contributions which allows the charity to survive—and thrive— beyond today. The ability of the organization to remain financially strong is, in fact, of great concern to its devoted members. At the same time, donors can realize potentially significant estate and income tax savings through these larger gifts. Here are several ways you might want to consider gifting: • Outright Gifts– Cash, check, charge or transfer title to the charitable organization. While the amount of the gift may be unlimited, there may be limits on the income tax deductions depending upon the type of the gift and your income. You have no retained interest in the gift. • Matching Gifts– Many employers have matching gift programs to encourage their employees to donate to charity. Check with your employer about these programs. • Gifts of Insurance– By making

the charitable organization the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you leverage current dollars into a significantly larger gift. You have no retained interest in the gift, but you may get to deduct the premiums on the policy.

Trust you make an irrevocable gift to a charity. The money saved from the tax deduction is used to fund a life insurance policy that will replace the value to your heirs that would have otherwise been lost.

• Pooled Income Funds– The contributions of several large donors are placed in one large trust that can provide you with income for the balance of your life, after which the charitable organization owns the property. You have no capital gains tax, and the gift is partially deductible for income taxes. This is an irrevocable donation.

Life insurance products contain fees, such as mortality and expense charges, and may contain restrictions, such as surrender charges. This information is a general discussion of the relevant federal tax laws. It is not

• Charitable Remainder Trusts– Your property is donated to a trust which names the charitable organization as the beneficiary. You can receive income during your life or until the death of the surviving spouse, after which time the trust assets become the property of the charitable organization. There are multiple versions of the CRT: The Charitable Remainder Unitrust provides a variable level of income to you, and the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust provides a fixed amount of income to you. This is an irrevocable gift and is partially deductible for income tax purposes. • Charitable Lead Trusts– You can donate the income from the gift while the trust is in existence and you continue to own the principal. When the trust is terminated, the principal passes to your chosen beneficiaries or back to you. • Wealth Replacement Trusts– With the Wealth Replacement


intended for, nor can it be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding federal tax penalties. This information is provided to support the promotion or marketing of ideas that may benefit a taxpayer. Taxpayers should seek the advice of their own tax and legal advisors regarding any tax and legal issues applicable to their specific circumstances. Securian Financial Group, Inc. 400 Robert Street North, St. Paul, MN 55101-2098 © 2010 Securian Financial Group, Inc. All rights reserved. DOFU 4-2010 A01709-0410

business and finance By John Still, Registered Health Underwriter John Still brings over 35 years of successful insurance, retirement, and financial planning experience to individuals, families, and businesses. He specializes in business planning and employee benefits, as well as life and health insurance for business owners of small and large businesses. John is well known and respected not only in the insurance field, but also for his civic involvement, which is broad and extensive. He graduated from both Wesley College and the University of Delaware, was the first Delawarean to earn the coveted “Registered Health Underwriter” designation in 1980, and became securities licensed in January 1981. He maintains and updates his professional life and health knowledge and credentials with comprehensive continuing education courses annually. In 2010, he completed the “Certificate in Financial Planning” through the University of Delaware, Lerner College of Business and Economics. He has taught LUTCF insurance courses and conducted employee benefits seminars throughout his career.

What Women Need To Know --


If someone depends on you, chances are you need life insurance. Why, then, are men more likely than women to own life insurance? And why do insured men have, on average, 44 % more coverage than their female counterparts --- $ 195,000 vs $ 135,500? *

About Life Insurance

to safeguard their children’s financial future.

• If You’re a Stay-At-Home Mom: Just because you don’t earn a salary doesn’t mean you don’t make a financial contribution to your family. Part of the reason is that men Childcare, cleaning, cooking often earn more than women. and household management But common misconceptions are all important tasks, the also play a role in preventing replacement value of which is women from getting the often severely underestimated. coverage they need. For has valued these instance, you don’t need to be services at $45,697 if the primary breadwinner in your you compensate the household to need life insurance. stay-at-home parent Most stay-at-home parents need for a 40-hour work life insurance too. To determine week, and $134,121 if your life insurance plans are if you account for up-to-date, take a moment overtime hours! * to review these important Could your husband considerations below: afford to pay someone for these services, • If You’re Married: The majority or take over these of today’s families depend on obligations himself and two incomes to make ends still work fulltime? With meet, yet working wives are life insurance, your less likely than husbands to family can afford to carry life insurance coverage.* make the choice that If you died suddenly, could best preserves their your family maintain their quality of life standard of living on just your husband’s income alone? Life insurance makes sure that your • Don’t Forget About Coverage for Dad: In plans for “your” family don’t die addition to addressing when you do. their own life insurance needs, it’s important • If You’re a Single Parent: As a for married women to single mom, you’re the primary make caregiver, breadwinner and sure their husbands are much more. Yet more than one adequately insured. in three single moms have no Eighty percent of life insurance whatsoever, and women will outlive many with coverage say they their husbands.* What need more. * With so much if you outlive your responsibility resting on their husband by 10, or shoulders, single parents need even 30 years, which to make doubly sure that they is certainly possible have enough life insurance

today? If your husband has adequate life insurance coverage, you won’t have to worry about living your remaining years in a state of financial uncertainty.

For more information contact John Still RHU at: 302-7344448; Email him at: johnstill@ or visit Our webpage is full of useful, current information.

*Information and statistics provided by: LIMRA, 2011; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010;, Mom Salary Study, 2006; and U.S. Census Bureau, 2007.

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business and finance By Dr. Sharon Yoder Dr. Yoder’s unique presentations are fun, motivational and some people say they change your life! Dr. Yoder has spent the past 20 years training people all over the world. Dr. Yoder believes in using the power of fun and humor in the workplace, the home and especially in the classroom. Sharon received her doctorate degree from Temple University in the study of creative leadership and its powerful impact in the workplace. She was awarded one of the five Blue Ribbon Presenters Awards in Washington, D.C. by the National Resources Network. In addition, she has appeared on NBC’s People Are Talking to discuss the most effective tools required to change employee attitudes, behaviors, working relationships and abilities to cope at work. In 2003, Dr. Yoder….a past single mom of 5 children….was award the Mother of the Year for the State of Delaware and is the author of the book: The Single Parent Guidebook: Up, Up and A Way To Personal Fulfillment. Dr. Yoder is presently a full time faculty member at Wilmington University for the college of Arts and Sciences.

Motivate, Uplift and Inspire


Whether you are a supervisor or manager of employees, a president of an organization or are in charge of training, a program or a conference, you need to know about Make It Happen Keynotes and Seminars with Dr. Sharon Yoder.     Dr. Yoder's unique presentations

make a positive, significant difference in people's lives and their world of work. There is no question that we all need training in technical skills.  But are technical skills enough?  Do your members really know how to deal with difficult people or energize a team in charge of a new project? 

When you are called to lead will you be ready? The training preparations you make today will be reflected in what you will be doing 5 years from now!   Contact Dr. Sharon Yoder at (302) 535-2596 and discuss with her what all she can design specifically for your team or organization.  Also, check out

her new website at Read the list of her most sought after presentations and read the list of the clients she had trained and what they have had to say about her programs.  Join all of the others who are “Making It Happen” with ESP! (Exceptional People Skills)

The largest, most influential business organization in the state. The mission of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce is to promote an economic climate that strengthens the competitiveness of Delaware businesses and benefits citizens of the state.

“With so much going in my life , I need a publication that speaks directly to me . I find Kent County Women’s Journal has informative and objective articles on subjects that really matter to me . In this crazy world , it helps me make the best decisions for me , my family and my life . Thanks Kent County Women’s Journal!”

DELAWARE STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Through programs, legislative advocacy, publications, small-business services and special networking events, the Chamber continually provides an enriched environment for businesses and communities to grow, one day and one enterprise at a time.

Small State. Big Benefits. The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce works for you.

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DELAWARE STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  w w w . d s c c . c o m 1201 N. Orange St., Suite 200, P.O. Box 671, Wilmington, DE 19899  (302) 655-7221 Kent & Sussex counties  (800) 292-9507 28

business and finance Presented by Stephanie J Turner, CPA Stephanie J. Turner, CPA is an Entrepreneurial Services thought leader and Manager in the Delaware office of Faw Casson. In this position she works directly with our clients, helping them create and execute strategic business plans that align their future business goals with their current actions. She’s outgoing and passionate, and forges strong relationships with our clients based on integrity and commitment. A Tennessee native, Stephanie settled in Delaware and graduated from Wesley College. Genuine and open-hearted, Stephanie is quick to jump in and lend a hand with several local agencies. She’s actively involved in the Next Generation and the American Heart Association.

IRS Red Flag: Employee VS


It can be very costly for a company to misclassify an employee as an independent contractor. Not only will the Department of Labor and IRS question whether a company has employees or independent contractors (contractor), but those deemed independent contractors may, as well. It might surprise some employers that contractors are on that list. However, there are several benefits employees receive that contractors do not, giving them an incentive to be reclassified. For example, employees can be eligible to receive overtime, unemployment benefits, health insurance, and retirement benefits. Not providing these benefits is a cost savings for companies that hire contractors instead of employees, but misclassification of workers has proven to be very costly for companies. FedEx is one such company that has had a class action suit brought against them by their contractors, claiming they should be classified as employees. They have been in legal proceedings for years, paying millions in settlements and legal fees, trying to determine whether their drivers are employees or contractors. How do you tell the difference? There are three main factors to consider when determining if your hire is an employee or contractor. Behavioral: An analysis of the behavioral relationship looks at how much control the company has over the worker’s job. If the company provides training, tools, assistance, and direction on where to purchase supplies, the worker should be considered an employee. Contractors control the manner and means by which contracted services, products, or

results are achieved. The more control a company exercises over how, where, when, and by whom job functions are performed, the more likely the workers are employees, not contractors.

Subcontractor ployees or contractors they can file a Form SS-8 with the IRS. The IRS will determine the worker’s status as a contractor or employee. All factors above should be discussed with a trusted advisor to ensure workers are classified correctly, especially for new companies beginning to hire. Addressing this early can help avoid a great deal of expense and potential issues with the IRS and other governmental agencies.

Financial: Analyzing financial control includes more than looking at how the worker is paid. A company should review who has invested in the job. A contractor would typically own their own equipment, creating an opportunity to profit from that ownership. Contractors would generally be available for other business opportunities, as well. Type of Relationship: Some companies have written contracts with their workers declaring their status as contractors. However, other aspects of their relationship may override that determination. Benefits including health insurance, vacation pay, and pension plans indicate an employer-employee relationship. The expected length of the relationship and the type of services provided by the worker are factors that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the type of relationship. These factors cannot be looked at individually to decide if a worker is an employee or a contractor. Companies should evaluate the relationship with the worker as a whole and consider the factors above when determining the classification of a worker. There is no set formula that determines whether the worker is an employee or a contractor so the process of how a company classifies the worker should be reviewed carefully and documented thoroughly. If a company has trouble deciding whether their workers are em-


“During my association with Stephanie Turner at Faw Casson, as both my personal and business accountant, I have developed a high regard for her professionalism, diligence, and ethical standards.   Stephanie’s attention to detail and her personal commitment to deal with all my queries quickly and efficiently and in a manner that I can understand are paramount.  She is always pointing out ways that I can reduce taxes and boost my income in legitimate, creative ways!   I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend them for any accounting or fiduciary responsibility.” Charese Messina-Prichett

business and finance Presented by Kevin Phillipson Kevin Phillipson has been helping families get their part of the American Dream for over 7 years now, specializing in two main areas; higher networth individuals wanting a professional who understands finance and can guide them to the best solution for their financial picture, and those seeking to overcome credit and financial issues related to foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce and other life changing events. If you need someone in your corner to hold your hand through the tough times, or just need an advisor who understands ROI not someone trying to “sell” you on something, give him a call at 302-399-4829 or email him at kevin@

Written by Randy Padawer, Ph.D.

Student Loans Destroyed My Credit I “I’m 25 years old, and I’ve destroyed my credit because of student loans. I graduated three years ago, was sloppy with my repayments, and eventually defaulted on all the loans. I just got married, and we want to buy a house in about 18 months, but my credit scores now fluctuate in the mid-to-high 500s. I understand that negative information can appear on a credit bureau report for seven years, so is there a solution?” - Andrew P., Camden, Delaware

Congratulations on turning your attention to this now. You may be aware (or, like most people, perhaps not) that student loan guarantors have the right to garnish wages without informing the consumer. Incidentally, this is unlike regular collection agencies which are bound by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and cannot simply take whatever they feel is theirs. Even more disturbing, perhaps, is that student loan guarantors can add interest, collection fees, and late penalties once the loans have defaulted. For that reason, it will benefit you to take action sooner than later even if you and your wife change your mind about buying a house. Whatever you do, don’t consolidate loans which have defaulted. Although there are bankers who will indeed create a single loan to replace your separate loans, such consolidation loans can be problematic. First, you may find that you have replaced a previously low interest rate with one that is significantly higher, a probability that is much increased by the fact of your terrible credit rating. Second, when loans are consolidated, the new lender

actually repays the previous loans, then folds those amounts as well as new costs into the new loan. For that reason, you will likely find that you owe even more now than you did before. Finally, when previously defaulted student loans are paid off, they are no longer eligible for what the Department of Education calls “rehabilitation,” which is a program that can literally erase ALL student loan negatives on credit reports after just one year. Whoa, you say! Why in the world would the Department of Education be motivated to remove all that derogatory information long before the seven year reporting period has expired? Simply put, it’s because legislators who wrote the relevant laws understood that, unlike all other types of credit, student loans are “guaranteed” (i.e., awarded on the basis of need rather than creditworthiness) and that many students may acquire and subsequently begin repaying the loans before fully realizing that they could very well wreck their lives with them. In this regard, current and former college students with student loans in repayment get a bit of a break. That said, there is a particular path that must be followed in order to “rehab” previously defaulted student loans:

specific program. Their toll-free number is 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800433-3243), and their website is (with no “www”). This office will provide the necessary forms for beginning this process.

Second, send letters to current loan guarantors regarding your wish to begin rehabilitating the loans in accordance with federal law. Send such letters certified mail with return-receipt requested so that, if documentation is ever requested, you can prove that you did indeed register that request on a particular day. In a nutshell, after you have officially entered the rehab process, you will be required to make 12 consecutive on-time monthly payments, after which the Department of Education will see to it that all financial penalties are reversed and that the affected loans are marked as “NEVER LATE” with the bureaus. After rehab completion, and

First, contact the Office of the Ombudsman at the Department of Education and let them know you are interested in rehabilitating your defaulted student loans. Use the word “rehabilitation” specifically because that refers to this


assuming that your reports are clean otherwise, you may well see your credit scores soar by a couple of hundred points! Once the loans are rehabilitated, only then should consolidation be considered. Finally, I would encourage you to seek professional consultation from if you feel lost among the various consumer protection statutes. Sometimes home buyers miss qualifying for the most favorable rates by just a few credit score points. With MyMortgageReady. com we will work hard to help you with your goal to obtain the best possible mortgage in less time. During the course of our 90 day service, will focus on helping you improve your credit score with the intent to improve the quality of your loan. All you need to do is sign up for our service.

Kent County Happenings Featuring The Delaware State Fair The Delaware State Fair, Inc. is a diverse, volunteer supported non-profit community based organization that is committed to educating and promoting agricultural heritage and values. We provide educational exhibits, demonstrations and competition aimed at the advancement of livestock, horticulture and agriculture with special emphasis placed on educational

activities such as 4-H, FFA and similar youth development programs. Specifically, the mission of The Delaware State Fair, Inc. focuses on the preservation of the past, promotion of the present, and education in the future, of agriculture, horticulture, mechanical arts, and rural and domestic economy. The Fair conducts and promotes an annual 10-day fair to serve as its primary medium to achieve its mission. The primary focus of the fair is to serve as a showcase of the talents of the youth and citizens of the community by providing them with a means of education, exhibition and competition involving various livestock and non-livestock projects in which the youth and citizens of the community are involved. The Fair strives to create an event that celebrates an atmosphere of responsible community involvement and citizenship.

Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The Fair’s central Delaware location provides a gathering place for nearby communities to showcase their best resources their youth, agriculture and a sense of community in addition to their products and skills. Additionally, during the Fair, other community based non-profit organizations benefit from fund-raising opportunities. The Fair also promotes non-fair events throughout the year that aid in sustaining the fairgrounds, while keeping in focus, the overall mission of the Fair. Operations of the fairgrounds facilities year round are to serve the community by providing multi- purpose facilities for both public and private events in a responsible manner generating economic stimulation and tourism development.

302-736-0101 The “Positively Dover” Festival is an African American festival; since the founding of the Festival in 1991, it has become a signature event for the City of Dover and the State of Delaware. It is held annually on the fourth Saturday in June, on the Legislative Mall. Dover.html

Dover’s Fourth of July Celebration – Thursday, July 4, Legislative Mall, Dover, 302-674-7579 First Saturdays in the First State – Saturday, July 6, First State Heritage Park sites, 302-739-9194

Delaware State Fair – July 18-27, NASCAR – May 31, June 1 & 2, and Delaware State Fairgrounds, Harrington, September 27 - 29 at Dover International 302.398.3269 Speedway, 800-442-RACE Kids Fest – Saturday, June 8, Greater Amish Country Bike Tour: September 7 Milford Boys & Girls Club, Milford, 302-4224453 Delaware Wine & Beer Festival: October 19-20 35th Annual June Jam – Saturday, June 15, G&R Campground, Houston, 302-284-5863 TICKETS ON SALE NOW! PINK FLOYD MUSIC TO HEADLINE 35TH ANNUAL JUNE JAM. Charity Beneficiaries for 2013 are the Veterans United Outreach of Del & A. I. DuPont Nemours Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Unit. http://www.junejam. com/tickets/index.htm

Firefly Music Festival – June 21, 2013, The annual fair also highlights the heritage Dover International Speedway, www. of the community, its ties to agriculture, industry, and businesses that are the African American Festival – Saturday, backbone of Southern Delaware and June 22, Legislative Mall, Dover,


community and education By Dave Skocik David Skocik, a military retiree, is president of PR Delaware LLC, a Dover-based public relations and communication consulting business. In 2009 he wrote Practical Public Relations for the Small Business: Tools and Tactics for Competitive Advantage, a go-now, hands-on guide for getting the word out economically and effectively. A college instructor with 30 years of experience in hands-on public relations, he is one of a handful of PR counselors in Delaware who is nationally accredited by the Public Relations Society of America. Go to or call 302-736-8500 for more information.

Our Women Who Serve

Joan Cote

Joan M. Cote is known by a great many people for the service she provides through her 23 years of service with USO Delaware at Dover AFB. Her life revolves around the military and she loves it. Her parents were Marines. She was born in Quantico, Virginia and has lived in North & South Carolina, California, Texas, Alabama and Massachusetts. Her life continued its connection with the military when she married an enlisted airman who later became a pilot and eventually assigned to Dover AFB in 1988. Although the marriage later ended it produced her “greatest accomplishments,” two wonderful children who have blessed her with two “gorgeous, smart and fun grandsons, Oran and Evan,” she said.

“Becoming a parent later in life was an easy transition for all of us because of her.” Joan’s mother died from malignant skin cancer at 49 and her father in 2003 from a heart attack. “I miss them every day of my life but they made me the tenacious personality and military champion I became,” she said. Her devotion to those who serve led to the birth of USO Delaware. In 1990, Dover’s City Council asked her to help form a committee to assist Dover AFB commanders field the large number requests from people who wanted to help military families as Desert Shield/Storm was happening. A grass roots organization called SOS was formed by community leaders. Their mission included providing services to the large numbers of troops passing through the Dover AFB terminal enroute to overseas locations. SOS led to the creation of a charter application for a USO at the base. She was informed by prominent community leaders, including the base commander, that she’d been elected director of USO Delaware.

“My parents were my greatest inspiration with a strong sense of family, duty to country, and giving back.” Joan accepted and began in a borrowed trailer with no running Even though she had five children water. of her own, her mother became a foster parent with Catholic “During its many years of service Charities and helped raise to those who serve, the Delaware hundreds of babies from birth until USO has always been blessed by their adoption. the support of our community, businesses and military

commands. From the trailer they moved to a Welcome Center, the old Terminal and into the current passenger terminal,” she said. USO support has grown from card table and Tupperware bins to state of the art facilities in the passenger terminal and Mortuary for their staff including the JPED (Joint Personal Effects Depot) and AFMES (Armed Forces Medical Examiner›s Office). The mortuary is known worldwide for the outstanding service it provides to the remains of the military’s fallen from across the globe. It led to their involvement in every Dignified Transfer by meeting the bereaved families and providing support to the Honor Guard Teams. “The heartbreak can be overwhelming but we know they gave their lives for one another on the battlefield and protecting freedom for us and others around the world. I would be thrilled to never attend another Dignified Transfer in my career but consider it a highest level of honor to support them and their families in their ultimate sacrifice.

Contact USO Delaware, 500 Purple Heart Way, Dover AFB, DE 19902, call 302-677-2491, or donate on

2012 NGAUS Award

All Ranks Ball

“The USO’s greatest need is financial support. Many people don't realize we are a non-profit organization and responsible for raising our budgets every year on the local level.” The USO offers a variety of ways for volunteers to pitch in and even host events for some of the thousands of troops and families who pass through the Dover AFB terminal each year.


With Zac Brown

community and education By J.R Ennis, Director of LCD, Marketing and Program Development John R. Ennis has been with the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce for just over a year now and is currently the Director of Leadership Central Delaware, Marketing & Program Development. John enjoys finding the most cutting edge marketing opportunities and putting them to use for the chamber and its members. In 2010, he graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, Virginia and studied International Business, Spanish and had a concentration in Marketing. John is a Delaware native and enjoys spending time with family and friends. If you are interested in joining the CDCC or would like to see how your business can grow successfully, contact the office of the CDCC today. You can virtually find us anywhere online or contact us directly…. Ph:302-734-7513 ~ Email:

Christina Takes The “Crown”


The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) has officially named their 2nd Honorary Mayor! Miss Christina Lessard of Lessard Builders was our first candidate to actually be “crowned” and not “hatted” at the Chamber’s Sunset Business Mixer on April 24, 2012 at Townsend Bros. Chevrolet. With nearly 200+ attendees at the Townsend Bros. Chevrolet April Mixer, the reveal added suspense, excitement and awe. Each of the Honorary Candidates was carried in their own Chevrolet Corvette, made possible by First State Corvette Club of Camden Delaware. The official results were delivered by Tammy Ordway of The Faw Casson accounting firm escorted by the City of Dover Police followed by an official Garda armored truck. Our 1st Honorary Mayor of Central Delaware, Mr. Steve Artz of Orthodontics on Silver Lake, “crowned” our new Honorary Mayor, Miss. Christina Lessard of Lessard Builders. The event also celebrated the brand new million dollar renovation of Townsend Bros. Chevrolet and hosted their official re-grand opening and ribbon cutting event. The Honorary candidates: Rori Allen of Rori & Company Salon & Spa, Kevin Phillipson of The Kent County Women’s Journal, Carolyn Phinney of Signs by Tomorrow and Christina Lessard of Lessard Builders did an exceptional job promoting the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce and their own businesses throughout this memorable campaign.

Each of the candidates 9:00pm at the Sheraton Dover Sunset Business Mixer, July 31st, participated in a total Hotel 5-7pm, at Berry Van Lines in of 3 community events Dover throughout their campaign! An official debate hosted by Sheraton Dover Hotel, a “Minute to Win It” Contest hosted by Wild Quail Golf & Country Club “Becoming a member of the Chamber has allowed me to meet business-minded and a “Celebrity individuals and to share information about our businesses and to learn from each other. Bartending” event Being new to Kent County, the CDCC has been a great asset to me and my business..” hosted by Cowboy ~ MaryLois Barnas, CEO / Alternative Solutions Up Saloon!

Women in the CDCC!

As you can see, the promotion is endless with the CDCC. If you are interested in being a candidate for next year’s Central Delaware Honorary Mayor, contact J.R Ennis of The CDCC at 302734-7513 or jrennis@ . Until next year, follow our NEW Honorary Mayor on Facebook and find Christina Lessard at Chamber events throughout the community!

Good Networking “The Chamber provides many opportunities for networking, community involvement and forging relationships within the business community. I am proud to continue Faw Casson’s tradition of investing in this organization.” ~Stephanie J.S Turner, Manager / Faw Casson

Good Connections “The most recent Member to Member Expo at Maple Dale Country Club gave Comcast Spotlight excellent exposure and offered a great networking opportunity with businesses we usually don’t have the chance to connect with. We were very happy with our results from the Expo.” ~Jane M. Francisco, Sr. Account Executive / Comcast Spotlight

Good Business!

Upcoming Events with the CDCC:

...JOIN TODAY and mention this advertisement, the CDCC will waive your administration fee of $25.00

Sunset Business Mixer, June 19th 5-7pm at Del-One Federal Credit Union in Dover Awards for Excellence Dinner, June 27th 5:30-


community and education

I Am for the Child…

Elaine A. Forbes

B.J. VanKavelaar

When she retired from Verizon in 2006, after 31 years of service, Elaine Forbes of Dover never thought she’d enjoy spending days in court.

BJ Clinton VanKavelaar and her family moved to Delaware in 1962. A graduate of Caesar Rodney H.S., she earned her BS in Business Management from Wesley College. It was her mother who influenced her to become involved with CASA. “She was always an inspiration volunteering in the community,” she said. That, along with her father serving as Mayor of Magnolia, and involvement with their church set the stage for volunteering at an early age.

But her time in front of the judge is not in her behalf but for the good of the children she represents as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Delaware family court.

Her passion is working with young teenage girls who face severe challenges because of the many difficulties in their lives. Elaine’s inspiration to serve others was instilled in her by her parents and the many role models who nurtured her as a young lady to always put God first. Growing up in Wilmington, she attended the AME Zion church for more than 30 years and passed her faith along to her four sons, eight grandchildren and her values to the many children she has worked with over the years.   Her favorite song is “May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me.” She sees challenges as just a temporary stop sign in the road of life.   Serving as a special advocate for Family Court has been challenging, rewarding and at times paved with rocky roads, she said, especially when dealing with children and families who are neglected and abused or just looking for someone to love.   CASA to Elaine Forbes means making a difference in someone’s life. It means making a child’s life better because they know that someone is speaking for them without expecting anything in return.

BJ and her husband Dave, both retirees from the Delaware Department of Transportation, have witnessed many changes in Dover through the years. They have two sons and one grandson and have been involved with helping children as long as she can recall. BJ’s been active in the 4-H youth program, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Round Table Club of Wyoming. She is also a director and secretary for Caring Heart Helping Hands, a charity that helps low-income working families in Kent County. BJ has been a CASA volunteer for about 10 years. “The children tug at your heart strings, whether they are in foster care due to neglect or abuse or in the middle of a custody battle. Even when they know they were in a very unsafe environment, they have such loyalty to their parents,” she said.   “The children didn›t ask to be in the situations they are and suffer from a sense of abandonment. They crave attention and love. It is very rewarding to help them through the adoption process to find them a loving and safe home.”

For information call the CASA office in Family Court at (302) 672-1067 or (302) 672-1037 or (302) 672-1114. Applications are being accepted now for volunteer training.


fashion and beauty

By Ron Sayers – Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

Beautiful Gems From The Sea


Queen Elizabeth, Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana all wore pearls. Most of today’s modern brides also adorn themselves with pearls. They can be worn on any dressy occasion as well as a semi formal dinner date. Pearls are great with business attire for the professional woman or just out to lunch with the girls. What is a natural pearl? Pearls in their natural form are a beautiful accident of nature that is very rare indeed. Natural pearls start from a grain of sand that becomes trapped inside of the Akoya oyster. When the oyster cannot expel the grain of sand it starts to build layers of nacre around it and in time that nacre calcifies and the pearl is formed. The nacre material is the same substance that forms the luster on the inside of the shell of the Japanese Akoya oyster. Our edible oysters and clams can also produce a bead but it in no way has the beauty or luster associated with a fine oriental pearl. What is a cultured pearl ? Cultured pearls have the same outward appearance as natural pearls however the process is started by man inserting a round shell bead in the flesh of the oyster, thus giving the process a head start. From there the oyster secretes the nacre to coat the bead and form the cultured pearl. This process has made beautiful cultured pearl jewelry available and affordable to the masses. Types of cultured pearls: The most well known and prized for years has been the Japanese saltwater Akoya pearl. The cool water temperatures these pearls are grown in can produce a very high

Suitable for Royalty, The Christening of your little Queen , or just for fun! luster pearl up to about 10 mm in diameter. South Sea and Tahitian pearls on the other hand are cultured in the warmer waters of the South Pacific and Indian Ocean and can produce much larger pearls up to as much as 18 mm in diameter with very good luster but not quite as high as the Japanese Akoya. Freshwater pearls are another type of cultured pearl that starts with a piece of mantel tissue from another oyster and forms from there. The freshwater pearls therefore have a smaller nucleus than the saltwater cultured pearls. Early freshwater pearls had the appearance of grains of rice however new advancements in recent years have improved the shape and size of freshwater pearls dramatically. Imitation pearls are glass beads, plastic or any other substance that can be coated or painted to resemble a pearl but are only considered costume jewelry and have very little value and durability.

and iridescence, referred to as the orient. The base colors can be pink, white, cream or green as well as black and yellowish. Many pearls also undergo bleaching and dyeing as part of their preparation for market. Freshwater pearls in particular are dyed in every color of the rainbow to produce interesting fun inexpensive jewelry for all ages. They said it couldn’t be done: A recent new twist to pearls was the introduction of a nucleus made of turquoise, amethyst or citrine quartz which the oyster covered with nacre. The finished cultured pearl was then harvested and carved to expose the inner core of gemstone. Experts said it couldn’t be done but designer

How pearls are graded: The factors that determine the value of a pearl are the size of the pearl. Larger pearls are much more rare due to the stress placed upon the oyster to produce them. The more spherical or totally round the pearl the better and with a strand of pearls the degree to which they match is very important. The finest cultured pearls are at least 95% blemish free and have a very high luster. The color of the pearl is also important as well as the overtone


Chi Galatea Huynh proved the experts wrong and gained recent world wide attention with his experiment and new art form.

19 South Main St. • Smyrna, DE 19977

(302) 653-9456

Tom Sayers, Graduate Gemologist (GIA) Ellen Sayers, Diamonds (GIA) Ronald L. Sayers, Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

fashion and beauty Presented By Brenda Pressley Brenda Pressley is the owner of a small private trade school Pressley Beauty Academy Inc. We teach Barbering, Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Instructor, Esthetics, And Makeup Artistry. I have been blessed to be able to teach students and clients alike. A new beauty from within. Which in return makes all things possible. Education is a must. Learning is the foundation of life. With a strong foundation we have the ability to inspire others.

The Art of Makeup


The Art Of Makeup can be dated back as early as 3000 B.C. Egyptian’s used minerals, insects and berries to create makeup for their eyes, lips and skin.

Ancient Egyptians were not the only ones wearing makeup, and makeup was not only focused on the eyes. Ancient Mesopotamian women crushed semiprecious jewels and used them to decorate their lips. Red clay mixed with water was used to color their cheeks, and henna was used to dye their nails orange or yellow. The term cosmetae was used to describe Roman slaves that were responsible for bathing, dressing, and adorning men and women of that era. Many African tribal cultures used face painting for occasions such as the birth of a child, as a sign of love and purity, and to signify a rite of passage into adulthood. These applications are still used today by many tribal cultures across the African continent. Native Americans also applied natural cosmetics to their horses to communicate rank during times of war.

to apply makeup. This was the introduction of the makeup artist.

a blank canvas. Using your skills to cover, change, or accentuate features. Combining hairstyles, In 1963, Mary Kay Ash, an color, and makeup you will entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, achieve beautiful results. started a home-based cosmetic A strong understanding of how sales business. Mary Kay is now sold color works is vital. Everyone sees in more than 33 countries, has over color differently, understanding the 900,000 independent distributors, basics of color theory like and does over $1 billion in annual identifying, primary, secondary sales. and tertiary colors as well as warm, cool, and complementary colors Makeup is a very important part in you can use your creative instincts the cosmetology industry. to invent any color palette you With the proper knowledge & skill desire. you can alter one’s appearance creating immediate changes, they Selecting makeup colors. can be dramatic or a more natural Now that we have defined warm looking, accenting good focal and cool . . . features, while concealing facial flaws. Application of makeup can The art of makeup application vary greatly among clients. The allows for more than one way need of each client can be very to achieve the results you want. different. Always match your color choices to skin tone. Starting with your When you master techniques, you foundation. Once you have can imagine the client’s face as determined if the skin is light,

During the Elizabethan Era in Europe, the desire for a pale complexion continued. By the end of the Elizabethan Era and the beginning of the Stuart Era, an outbreak of disease had given people new admiration for rosy cheeks and a healthy color. Today we use liquids, powders, cakes and minerals just to name a few. The overall objective was the same. To enhance or define facial features. With today’s technology & air brushing you can create a flawless look. In the 1930’s Hollywood, individuals began to be hired specifically


medium or dark you may choose, eye, cheek, and lip color to match the skin color level. All faces are interesting in their own way. None of us are perfect. The art of makeup can be used to hide scars, flaws, age spots, or for just a night out or a day at work. The proper application will create an overall attractiveness of the face. Have fun and experiment. If you do not like it simply wash it off and try again. For more inforamtion, call 302-7349853 or go to our website www.

fashion and beauty

About the Artist Carmella Gibellino-Schultz is a licensed cosmetologist and has been practicing the art of permanent cosmetics since 1999. In both Delaware and PA she has performed thousands of procedures and her impressive portfolio speaks for itself. Former owner of The Skin Care School and Center, her expertise and years of experience have made her the areas most sought after permanent cosmetics artist.

Article By Mandy Bell Young

The Skinny On Permanent Make Up


As Permanent Cosmetics is a fast growing industry, most women have at least heard of the glorious notion of “never having to apply make-up again.” Many women have considered the possibilities of permanent make up, for themselves or for someone else, knowing that such procedures could make a tremendous difference, even a life change. However, in our busy worlds not all have found the time to explore even the most basic aspects of the procedures, putting it “on the list” as we say, hoping to eventually find the time to learn more. We are here to clarify.

discuss shapes and lines, and come to an agreement on what is to be expected for the final result. There are no surprises, only possibilities. With her decades of skin care and make-up expertise, she often makes suggestions to clients they never even considered, opening up and enhancing facial features to their highest potential. Ultimately the client makes the decision, and Carmella delivers. The consultation is always free, and can be done by itself or along with the first procedure, depending on where you are in your decision making process.

So, we are fully aware that we can permanently enhance our natural beauty with permanent eyeliner, brows, and or lips. Did you know she also does areola tattooing and scar camouflaging? What does it take to achieve the perfection that Carmella is recognized for in the tristate area? Does it hurt, how long does it last, and what can I expect? Read on my friend, read on.

After the consultation, if you’re ready to go ahead, you will relax in the chair while she applies a topical numbing cream to the area(s) to be worked on. She reapplies this several times throughout the procedure to ensure the highest level of comfort with little or no pain at all. When you’re through (brows and liner take about an hour and a half, full lip takes about 2 hours on average), you will be given a little care package with instructions for home care. At first, your make up will appear very fresh and bright, kind of unnatural. This will last for 2-5 days, while the pigment flakes off on its own. (It is important that you do not pick or peel at the dried pigment, the pigment cannot be disturbed). its vivid for a few days, the pigment will blossom in 4 weeks. Often after the first round there will be spots or areas where the pigment completely absorbed and did not resurface. This is when you come for the second seating and perfection is achieved. Carmella always gives 150% and prides herself in her artwork, a feeling that is obvious when you are in her hands.

It is very important that when considering the procedure(s), one understands that 2 visits are crucial to achieving the desired results, and that these visits must be 4 weeks apart (6 for lips). “Meticulous” is an understatement when describing Carmella’s artistry. She likes to say the first round is baking the cake, and the second is the icing. She is committed to perfection, and by requiring 2 sessions, she has achieved her honorable reputation for which she is known by. So if you’re planning to be finished for a special event, plan ahead, two months to be safe. As far as the procedure itself, it is comforting to know that there is always a consultation prior to any application of pigment. During this time, together you will pick colors,

prolonged sun exposure. Certain products and medications, such as glycolic or Retin-A can also cause premature fading of the tattoos. It is best to avoid these products around your make-up area, and ALWAYS wear SPF (even in the winter!) to protect your skin and your investment in yourself. Color boosting your make up every 1 to 7 years is the best way to keep your fresh, youthful color. Every person’s skin is unique, as will be your make up. The good news is you don’t have to keep up with the maintenance if you feel you no longer care for the enhanced look. It will not turn blue or black. It will simply fade over time, eventually leaving no trace. Honestly though, it will be hard to return to the drudgery of the daily make up grind. One gets a bit spoiled you know, and it’s hard to go back to the old way. Yes, you can wake-up with make up; you can

Permanent cosmetic pigment is made of all natural minerals, and it does fade over time, especially with



exercise, swim, sweat and play and you’ll have no smears or smudges. For those interested in scar camouflaging and/or areola restoration, it would behoove you to come in for the free consultation, especially if it something to boost your esteem. Carmella’s color theory is unmatched, and her delicate manner only adds to the warm hearted experience. With her expertise and education, she has managed to create a three dimensional looking areola/nipple for those with breast reconstruction, giving self-confidence and naturalness back to the women who’ve fought and deserve it. Most light pink or white scars can be blended to appear as if they didn’t exist, regardless of their location on the body. Sometimes looking good is a great start to feeling good, and together, it’s in the direction towards wellness.


By Cosby Payne, Maternal Child Photographer I am Cosby Payne, Maternal Child Photographer and owner of Baby Beginnings Photography. I also am a labor and delivery nurse. As a nurse I have the privilege of helping families bring their newborn baby into the world. As a photographer I have the honor of creating keepsake images of their beautiful babies.

Newborn Portrait Session


A Newborn Portrait Session needs to occur during those first 2 weeks of life to capture that newly born look. This is often such a busy hectic time for new parents that a little pre-planning, can help get the beautiful keepsake images they envision. Choose your photographer while still pregnant. You can meet with them, be penciled in for a tentative date, have an opportunity to view their work, discuss what you are expecting for your portrait session, and even choose some of the props you would like to use for your new baby. As soon as your baby is born call and schedule your actual date and time. These are the some of the many wonderful benefits of choosing to have a custom portrait session.

of the session. Once you see your session’s proofs the choices of what to do with all those beautiful images can be very overwhelming and it is tempting to just purchase a digital package of your gallery with the intent of having prints made. Let your photographer help you. Consider turning your images into pieces of artwork for

your home in the form of prints or wall groupings. Another wonderful photo item is a custom designed baby album. An album will give you will have many years of viewing pleasure and is a great keepsake to pass on long after your baby has become an adult. Life moves so fast. With a blink of an eye your sweet little newborn

Newborn portrait sessions usually take longer than other types of sessions. Everything revolves around the baby and sometimes a little time and patience will give you some of the most beautiful images. Sessions can take up to 2-3 hours. The photography environment is usually extra warm for your baby so dress lightly. Most likely your baby will need to feed at sometime during your session, make sure your photographer has a comfortable area for you to rest and care for your baby. Your image collection should have a good variety of images that include the baby in several different poses and props, the baby with the parents, together and with each parent alone, and the baby with the entire family. Siblings bring wonderful energy to a portrait session but sometimes it is helpful to make arrangements for them to be at only a portion


will be growing, changing and doing this most amazing things. Our photographs are our visual memories of the life we have lived. We love looking at them over and over. May you have a lifetime of beautiful memories. Please contact me for more information about scheduling a portrait session or visit my website babybeginningsphotography. com

A View From Above


By Mike Baker

Most people see things with their feet planted firmly on the ground. Maybe even see things from a building a few stories higher. Few people get a view from above as I do unless you are a frequent flyer as part of our local Dover Air Force Base. I see them hundreds of feet (or a thousand or two) higher. I have one problem with that though. I am acrophobic! I have a fear of heights. There is something about going up in a plane or helicopter that feels different and looks different. I cannot stand on my 2 story house roof or even look out on the edge of the Dover International Speedway bleachers as easily as hanging out the window of a Cessna plane. I must say that I am a fair weather aerial photographer. Two reasons- one is that it makes for better photographs when the view is clear and you’re not bouncing around. Secondly, if it is rough flying around, my acrophobia kicks into high gear. In the 15 years that I have been doing aerial photography, we seem to attract a wide variety of clientele. The work that we do for developers and contractors is usually from start to finish. Usually the construction site is photographed and then incremental photo shoots are done at the specified time periods. This usually comes to an end after all construction is completed and in use. In Kent County alone, I have seen many changes from the air. With Route 1 being put in place, our Dover streets being upgraded, the Dover Downs site’s many changes, along with the major additions to the Bayhealth Hospital’s KGH site. Although most of our aerials are done in Kent & Sussex counties, we do cover all of Delaware and eastern shore Maryland. Most of our aerials are done by airplane. We do use helicopters occasionally but not often. The cost of using a helicopter is much more expensive to operate which reflects a higher cost to use. Most helicopters are not in the area, hence even more expense incurred. During race week in Dover, we usually have an available helicopter sitting on their property. They actually have a helipad behind the facility during race weekend. No I do not operate a plane. I leave that to someone else. I am too busy getting my shots. When looking for an airplane, I have access to one within ¼ mile down the road from my home which makes it very easy. Aerial photographs are also great gifts. Individuals may have their homes photographed and given as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or Christmas presents. Some companies even give their work sites as part of their retirement gifts. Businesses can promote themselves by projecting their sites, whether it is a hotel, retail area, or a golf course. Some schools even like to show off their campuses. Real estate companies can always show off their properties to display for sale. With the internet as it is now, it makes it a huge marketing tool. Some real estate companies have even used these as “closing” gifts for the buyers. Whatever the subject is, an aerial photograph is perfect for the “hard to shop for” person. If your situation shows a need for an aerial, call us to discuss what we can do for you.


Call Mike Baker of C.M. Baker Photography at 674-8118 or 335-1500 or visit our website at • • • • • •

AMC Museum American Cancer Society American Heart Association American Lung Association Bayhealth Medical Center Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce • Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milford • Compassionate Care Hospice • DE Breast Cancer Coalition

• Delaware Hospice • Delaware State University • Delaware Technical and Community College • Dover Downs Casino & Hotel • Dover International Speedway • Dover Rotary Club • Ducks Unlimited • Halpern Eye Associates • Holy Cross School • Kent County Tourism



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Maryland Kidney Foundation Modern Maturity Center Nellie Stokes School Newark Charter School Smyrna Middle School USAF – Dover Air Force Base USO of DE University of Delaware Wesley College

bridal By Paul Joslow Paul Joslow has been shooting video since it was called film. His career has spanned three film formats and numerous video formats. His credits include documentaries, TV spots and a feature film. He has lit and/or shot scenes for dozens of major corporations. He currently heads, a Delaware based production company featuring web video campaigns. He also specializes in live business events, as well as weddings and other events. Paul may be reached by email at, and on his mobile phone at 215.280.1212.

Avoiding Wedding Video Woes


Don’t Try This At Home

In previously published articles, we have been discussing ways to improve your own home videos. For most life events, these tips will come in handy. But when it comes to weddings, don’t try this at home! “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” -Red Adair These words were underscored last week when a couple brought me the video footage recorded by several friends covering their wedding day in order to save money. They want it edited together and improved upon wherever possible. Most of the material suffers from one or more of the following: poor composition, improper exposure, severe unsteadiness, random camera movement, inaccurate focus, unintelligible audio and a few other issues which help make the program difficult to watch. What they are realizing is that the cost to clean up this toxic mess can be more expensive than hiring an experienced professional in the first place. The sad truth is that the final result will still bear many scars that cannot be corrected.

Weddings Are Special

Most brides begin dreaming of their wedding day as young girls. By the time they start planning their actual wedding, they will have imagined numerous concepts of what that day will be like. The final result will be a combination that reflects the bride’s personality. Because this day receives so much attention and is so personal, video memories need special care.

A Part of Family History

A wedding is a special chapter in two families’ histories. It is an event that brings together family and friends of all ages and is a unique opportunity to preserve happy

memories of a large number of them. It is the opportunity to hear a proud grandfather recall the groom in his youth, or watch the bride and her grandmother boogie down together on the dance floor. The value of the preserved memories will grow each and every year, and with each generation who will view it.

Not All Video Professionals are Wedding Professionals

How to Select Your Video Professional

Trust your eyes (and ears). Make sure you like what you see. Are the faces visible and properly exposed? Are the images sharply focused? Is the camera steady? Are the movements smooth? Can you hear the bride and groom clearly during the vows? Is the content presented in a logical fashion? Meeting with your video professional is the best way to assess his or her personality. Remember, this person will be interfacing with your guests and should be capable of getting their cooperation, when necessary. Telephone and online encounters can’t compare.

Recording a wedding, or any other social event for that matter, requires a special kind of professional for several reasons.

First, a wedding is a one-time, onetake event. As such, the wedding video professional must be able to withstand the pressure which accompanies that fact. I know many fine video professionals who are reluctant to place themselves in that position.

Ask to see more than one sample. Look for consistency in the quality of the samples. Samples are much easier to evaluate on a television screen, rather than online.

Second, a wedding has a special structure, which may include any number of variants. An experienced wedding professional can draw from different situations in their past to provide the best coverage possible in an everchanging flow of activity. Quality coverage includes the special details of the bride’s gown, flowers and hair, of the room decorations, table settings and cake, of the tears in the eyes of a father and daughter during their special dance together, and so much more. In addition to experience, a good wedding professional has skills – for composition, lighting, movement, audio - a good sense of timing, and the ability to properly adjust the camera on the fly. Finally, the ideal professional has a personality that can blend in with the guests, and helps to bring out their best on screen.


Be sure to select a videographer who utilizes a wireless microphone during the ceremony for clearer sound. Discuss the details of your day and your expectations from the video. Ask what is standard and what is extra. Be sure you understand what you are getting, and what options are available.

It’s Not Worth It, If You Don’t Enjoy It

In the end, this opportunity is a terrific value only if performed properly. If money is tight, try to find a way to have the wedding professionally taped, and presented unedited. You can always pay for editing with some of your wedding gift money later. Choose wisely. Avoid the mess the couple mentioned earlier has created so you can enjoy your special day over and over.


Looking For That Perfect Gift?

We all look for that special gift to give the family member who has everything or to someone who needs something just for them. When we find the right thing for the right person we just know it. We prefer to give those meaningful gifts personal to the person we are buying for, not an impersonal gift card if we can help it. What a wonderful surprise when we find a solution that can fit our needs for many occasions in the future! And it is always a gift in return to see how much what you give means to the recipient. These framed photos are unique gifts for the holidays, graduation or any gift giving occasion. Alpha-Framed photo pictures are the right gift for any of these occasions. In designs geared for school spirit, sports teams (great for players and coaches), family names and LOVE - for a treasured wedding gift. Plan ahead and place your orders now. Photos can be submitted for inclusion. All letters of the alphabet are available.

Send email to: or call: 302-492-3496 Size: 5x7 or 8x10 Wedding l Sport Team l School Spirit l Family Name Frame: Black l Wooden l Silver l Gold Make sure to include contact information, including phone number. Credit Cards Accepted!


home andgarden

By Valerio Juarez Valerio Juarez has over 10 years’ experience learning from some of the best in the business. He has branched out as an entrepreneur and has developed a great client base, some of the best looking properties in the developments. He provides excellent customer service, consulting with his clients, making their yards a masterpiece.

Reinvigorate Your Yard


Your yard is an extension of your home. You use it to play, eat, relax and entertain your friends. It also plays a central role in your home’s curb appeal. But if you’re like many people, you may avoid updating your yard because you think it’s too expensive or takes too much work. Here are some ideas on how to reinvigorate your yard without huge investments of time and money. Most, if not all, of these projects can be completed in just one weekend. It’s a good idea to fertilize your lawn one to four times a year. It’s a one- to two-hour job that can lead to a healthier, prettier and more resilient yard. You can fill in bare spots in your lawn, prevent weeds and make your grass more durable to foot traffic and pests. Plan on spending $15 to $25 for a bag of fertilizer that covers 5,000 square feet of grass. Some stores also sell a seedfertilizer combo called Sta-Green with Nitro-Fuze for about $23. I suggest using organic fertilizers, which cost about the same as traditional fertilizers but avoid their chemicals. Fertilizers high in phosphorous can enter drainage systems and bodies of water. This can create algae blooms that suck up oxygen and kill fish and plants. For about $34, you can also buy any number of eco-grass seeds, such as Pearl’s Premium, No Mow Lawn Seed, EcoLawn and Pennington Smart Seed. They need less water than traditional grass seeds but grow slower. To start: rake the seeds lightly in bare spots so they contact

the soil. Then apply a starter fertilizer to the lawn and water thoroughly. You’ll also need a spreader, which can cost $10 to $50. Pruning your trees and shrubs improves how your yard looks. It ensures they fit in nicely with your landscape and can encourage new blooms on flowering bushes. But the task also helps you protect your investment so you enjoy your trees and bushes for years to come. Pruning trees in their first two to four years can help keep them sturdy and resistant to storm damage. Removing crossed and excessive interior branches creates good air circulation through the foliage to reduce disease. Removing forked stems at the top of the tree creates a single tip, or “leader,” and helps to keep a tree straight. Most trimming should be done in the fall or winter, when many trees are dormant. But prune flowering bushes each spring, after they bloom, to ensure new growth. Tired of setting a timer and dragging the hose around your yard to water? You can save that time and effort — and ensure you don’t overwater or underwater your yard — with an automated irrigation system. If you understand the basics of irrigation-head layout, you can install a sprinkler system yourself, saving thousands of dollars in labor but perhaps adding an extra weekend to the project. First, measure your yard and

sketch a general map of where you will place the sprinkler heads. Assume three different heads will hit each point in the grass, and each will spray 10 to 20 feet. A typical lawn has six to 10 watering zones, and each zone could cost $250 in piping supplies. Consider renting a trencher for $100 to $150 a day to cut the digging time to two hours per zone from five. Want a new look that doesn’t require upkeep? A xeriscaped garden, one using droughttolerant plants that need little water, requires less maintenance than a traditional garden. And it doesn’t have to resemble an abandoned parking lot filled with cactus and rock. You can create a colorful garden that will attract butterflies, honeybees and hummingbirds just by using plants such as lavender, Russian sage, yarrow, sedum and salvia, all of which thrive in dry conditions. I suggest starting with a small area of your yard, such as 5-by-5-foot section. Add highquality compost and organic fertilizers to the soil. The investment: one day and about $130.


Find “paint-by-numbers”-style maps with lists of plants for xeriscaped gardens at High Country Gardens’ http://www. Call for a free estimate and a consult for our Total Care Package, a program customized to your needs, and budgeted out over 12 months for affordability and convenience. Valerio Juarez, 302-331-7154.

home andgarden By Christina Lessard I have worked with my family at Lessard Builders in many different positions since seventh grade. My jobs have included the office cleaning lady, job site cleanup person, receptionist, secretary, and errand runner. It’s been a real life learning experience. After graduating from Wilmington University with a BS in Finance, I became comptroller. In addition to our staff, Lessard Builders includes my father Brian, mom Kathy, and brother Brian. The best part of the day is following dad when he is working directly with our clients. That’s when I learn the most about our business.My goal is to continue our 4th generation business of building custom homes. My father has shown me the joy that comes from working with clients from design through the building process to handing them the keys to their dream homes. I look forward to the day when I can carry on the business with the same values and dedication.

Christina’s Corner


Sprucing up your home for maximun enjoyment As someone who has grown up in a construction family I’ve learned a lot about maximizing value of property. What really enhances the value of a new or remodeled home is appearance. Many of the tricks that builders use are simple and less expensive than you may realize. Here are some things that will make the outside of your home look great: •   Paint shutters •   Power wash siding •   Paint front door •   Plant flowers in front •   Wash the screens and windows every season. In spring and summer this will increase air flow and also remove attached pollen These changes to the interior of your home can make a big difference: •   Repaint the trim, baseboard and sills throughout your home •   Add some dimension to your walls with new painting techniques like as sponging and striping •   Rearrange the furniture •   De-clutter your home. It will make every room look and feel bigger Following are some easy ways to reduce utility bills: •   Replace incandescent bulbs with the LED bulbs •   If you have an electric hot water heater put it on a timer so it only runs during usage hours

•   In summer pull shades down in rooms not being used to keep them cooler and reduce AC costs •   Have your cooling system serviced for best efficiency. Even a small leakage in the amount of coolant will cause your system to cycle excessively •   Make sure the registers are free of obstructions like furniture or rugs to maintain free air flow •   For consistent temperatures and air circulation, keep upstairs bedroom doors open •   On really hot days consider grilling outside rather than using your stove. It will keep your home cooler. For more serious home renovations: Sealing your home. One of the top focuses for new and older homes in maximizing energy efficiency is making sure they are sealed properly to reduce air flow between the inside and outside of the building.

leaks add up to major year-round energy costs. Insulation is another key factor in reducing energy costs. Rather than reducing drafts, it increases thermal resistance and reduces heat transfer between objects of differing temperatures. It’s why storm windows were developed. The three types of insulation include batt, bib, and foam. All work but I call them good, better and best. Good is the standard batt insulation. That’s the rolled up pink or yellow fiberglass insulation with brown paper on one side that you see in hardware stores and lumber companies. It comes in various thicknesses, depending on the width of the studs and rafters used in the home. The rule of thumb is “foil faces heat.” In other words, the brown paper side is put against interior walls to reflect heat or A/C back inside. The fiberglass merely acts as a filler to restrict the movement of air.

Reducing air flow, or drafts as they are more commonly known, will reduce heating and air conditioning costs. It’s simple physics. Cold air is heavier and more dense than warm air. During winter cold air seeps in through cracks and gaps trying to equalize pressure with inside warmer air. We feel them as drafts. In summer, the process is reversed as cooled air leaks outside. This air flow can be reduced through caulking and sealing around windows, doors and other joints. Foam backers for electrical outlets and switch plates are available in hardware stores. Make certain windows and doors are sealing properly. Many small


We congratulate our daughter Christina Lessard not only for her successful hard work in the Chamber of Commerce Honorary Mayor of Central Delaware competition, but for her daily expertise and focus as comptroller of Lessard Builders. She represents the fourth generation of our family in business. We are particularly proud of her outreach to her generation of young professionals in her campaign.

Better is BIBS insulation. BIBS® is a proprietary insulation system that blows dry white fiberglass insulation into walls, floors, attics and cathedral ceilings. It makes a custom fit around wiring and fixtures, eliminating costly voids and air gaps. BIBS® is an industry leader in new construction as well as retrofit projects. Best is foam insulation. An inert chemical composition, it expands to fill the voids between the studs and creates an air-tight compartment that provides maximum insulating capability. For more information check out our insulation videos on our website at www.lessardbuilders. com or call 302-698-1091. You can get any upgrade you desire and know that it’s going to be the best quality from start to finish. Manny and Christine Perry I have been raving about Lessard Builders for some time now. If anyone is on the fence, I would say you’d make a huge mistake if you didn’t go with Lessard. Mary and David McKenzie

home andgarden By William D. Pressley, Sr. William D. Pressley, Sr. (Bill) started his family business W.D. Pressley, Inc. 25 years ago; specializing in Residential & Commercial Remodeling & New Construction. Over the years he has branched out over all aspects of construction with his son Bill Jr. as the Project Manager and Bill Jr.’s wife Nichole as the Office Manager. You are ensured a friendly atmosphere and quality workmanship. Bill has the knowledge along with the years of experience to accommodate his clients. He will tell you “loyalty” is everything. Bill has also served as a Town Councilman, Vic Mayor and on numerous committees.

Don’t Lose Your Independence Because of a Handicap


Sudden changes in our lives can put us in a situation that we have no choice but to remodel our home to accommodate a love one. Sometimes comfort and conveniences may be the last options to assure our loved one has the safety and luxury they need. A state of the art bedroom, kitchen or even a bathroom or deck may be necessary, so that your loved

one can hold on to their independence as long as possible. Remodeling can be as simple as installing a toilet that is accessible for a wheel chair or a shower large enough to wheel the chair in by themself, and installing shower knobs they can reach on their own. Sinks that they can roll the chair under, cabinets they can reach, maybe a whirlpool with a door

that opens. The options are in the direction to meet your or endless to meet their needs. your loved one’s needs. Accidents and illness no longer have to hold anyone hostage. Call today 302-653-4381 for a free estimate: Nicole or Bill will be glad to sit with you to guide

When you’re sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help you and your family with unexpected expenses!

Shari Sack


food and fun

If you enjoy the taste of handmade, gourmet candy, you must sample the goodies at Graces’ Candies

302-674-8851 Greentree Shopping Center 75 Greentree Ave., Dover, DE 19904

Presented By Roger Sales

Specializing In Pure Enjoyment


In the words of a frequent customer, Graces’ specializes in pure enjoyment.

He’s modified the size and shape of his candy and even experimented with the taste of some pieces at the suggestion of customers who have become connoisseurs of fine candy. “They come to me because they try other so-called “handmade” brands and consider our candy the top of the line,” he said.

The Delaware business has been in operation since 1987, first in New Castle, then Dover. Like many successful specialty stores, the idea originated in the kitchen of Ina Sales, who made candy as a treat for her small family. That was in 1975. It wasn’t long before the word -- and taste -- of her talent spread to her extended family and their families.

Fruit & Nut

Ina’s three children shared their mother’s talent at church and school. It wasn’t long before people wanted to place orders, which she filled from her home. Demand grew and Ina finally decided to incorporate the creative skills of her twin sister, Irene, who was also active in school affairs with her own twin daughters. More orders flooded in. By 1987 Ina and Irene decided to open Graces’ Inc., to share their delicious treats with the public at large. Their first shop was a cottage along Rt. 40 in Bear.

Sea Salt

The Dover store also creates boxes and baskets of treats for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, graduations, weddings, open houses, or other special events or celebrations. We can package a memorable “thank you” gift for a friend or business colleague. “People love to be surprised with a treat designed especially for them, and we welcome new ideas.”


Let’s Celebrate! For a unique tasty event Graces’ will add a distinctive and memorable memory to the celebration.

In addition to today’s shop in Greentree Village on the west end of Dover, many have experienced the unique flavor, texture and colorful presentation of the delicacies at Spence’s Bazaar, at craft shows and events, and even Cheswold Fire Company. The treats are designed to appeal to the eye as well as the palate. That’s why shop owner and operator Roger Sales, who grew up loving the candy his mother made, invites feedback from his customers, even to the point of design and suggested new flavors.

“There are other stores that do make their own candy but some of them use commercially bought ingredients in bulk and combine them in a standard recipe that may lack the nuances of flavor that people are looking for.”

Our special handcrafted candies have been a part of family gatherings, special events and even “just because I love you,” gifts for many years.


We offer ingredients you may have never tasted before. Come and sample our creations, which also include sugar-free and low-calorie confections. In a word...yum. AD -Marydel


food and fun

Chic Lounge & Outdoor Space, Along With Happy Hour Specials Make Saketumi

A Must Stop At The Beach B

y now, hopefully you have all had the opportunity to try the spectacular range of specialties at Saketumi in Rehoboth Beach, off of Route 1. Saketumi, the sister restaurant of Jasmine in Wilmington, is the lower shore’s most chic restaurant. Saketumi offers well-prepared, modern Asian cuisine; Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean. As a soup lover, I am always impressed with the spice and freshness of Saketumi’s soups. The Thai Spicy Lemongrass Soup with Shrimp is my favorite. With bell peppers, shitake mushrooms, fine lemongrass and lime, it is a combination of flavors that will thrill your taste buds. One of my newfound favorites at Saketumi, as well as Jasmine, is their wonderfully priced Bento Box Specials. A complete meal that is sure to leave you with plenty of delightful leftovers, these are offered in Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. The Thai, for instance, starts with Thai soup, followed by a complete divided tray of papaya salad, jasmine rice, spring roll, and Tom Yum Goong. What a delicious selection at a price that will keep you coming back to try all of the varieties. If you prefer to stick with an entrée, the succulent Braised Korean Shortribs with Kimchee offer a combination of spicy and sweet that play wonderfully off of each other. Another favorite, the Rainbow Roll, has a gorgeous presentation, as does all of Saketumi & Jasmine’s sushi. The fresh tuna, salmon, and avocado topped with roe, will make you remember why you crave sushi. Saketumi offers a fantastic Happy Hour that includes drink specials from wine, to cocktails, to beer. The Happy Hour special not only includes a large selection of sushi and vegetable rolls, but also tempting appetizers such as Crispy Crab Wonton. The best part is that everything is priced starting at $1.75 to $5.00 and is offered seven days a week from 4-6 pm. Now that is something you can’t afford to pass up in this economy. An exciting edition to Saketumi that’s sure to be a hit this spring and summer is the new upstairs Ai Lounge and outdoor area. What better way to enjoy their fantastic martinis such as the Flirtini, complete with raspberry puree and a splash of champagne than on their hip upstairs patio? So be sure not to miss out on all of these wonderful offerings in the south. Make it a point to experience Saketumi on your next beach trip, because they are so much more than great sushi.


every day from 4pm to 6pm

Saketumi Restaurant 18814 Coastal Hwy Rehoboth Beach, DE (302) 645-2818

Jasmine Asian Cuisine 3618 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 479-5618

Two locations to entice your senses. Pan-Asian cuisine with excellent Sushi



By Lisa Dolbey

food and fun

Time for grilling and picnics so what better Recipes than to give you a favorite marinade for steak Kebabs on the grill works great with whole steaks too! And next we’ll grill the best chicken barbeque ever! A dish of homemade sweet pickles and what celebration would be complete without delcious devilled eggs? Hope you enjoy these favorites of mine as much as I do!

Sleak Kebabs

Qui kSweetPi kles C


1/2 C Vegetable Oil 1/3 C Teriyaki Sauce (or soy) 1/4 C Red Wine Vinegar 2 TBSP Lemon Juice 1 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce 1 tsp Dry Mustard 1 tsp Garlic Powder or finely minced 1/2 tsp Pepper

2 Regular Sized Cucumbers or 6 Kirby 1 Sm Sweet Onion (optional) 1 C Kosher Salt 1 C Water 1 C Apple Cider Vinegar 1 C Sugar or Splenda  1 TBSP Mustard Seed  1/2 tsp Tumeric  3 Cloves 1 Bay Leaf

Stir all ingreients together. Set aside about 1/4 cup for basting while grilling. Then soak meat in marinate for at least 2-3 hours taste will be bolder if you can marinate in frige overnight.

Thinly slice cucumbers, they can be thicker if that’s how you prefer them and slice onions about the same thickness. Place in colander putting salt all throughout. Allow this to sit for at least two hours. Put remaining ingredients in a saucepan and heat to boiling. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Rinse the cucumbers thoroughly, put them in a jar or lidded container and then pour cooled mixture over them after removing cloves and bay leaf. Close jar and refrigerate, shake ocassionally - can be eaten in an hour but will get more flavorful after at least four hours, preferably overnight. Will keep refrigerated, for about 2 weeks.

Put on kebab skewers with your choice of veggies, only takes a few minutes per side. Great for tailgating too!

Chi ken Barbeque C

2 C Vinegar 1 Egg  1/2 C of Salt  2 TBSP of Pepper  2 TBSP Poultry Seasoning 1 C Cooking Oil

Enough for a whole chicken cut into pieces

Devilled Eggs

Mix all ingredients together and save out at least 1/2 cup of mixture for basting while grilling then marinate chicken in remaining sauce, refrigerate at least 3-4 hours, overnight preferably. Grill and enjoy!

This makes fantastic chicken salad left over.


6 Eggs 3 TBSP Mayonaise 1tsp Yellow Mustard 1/2 tsp Salt 1 tsp Sugar 1/4 tsp Pepper Paprika just for sprinkling on top.

Hard boil eggs double recipe if you need a big batch. If you are new to cooking, to hardboil eggs, place eggs in a big pot of water, then bring to a boil 9-11 minutes is good for hard-boiled eggs.


Allow eggs to cool or run under cold water while peeling, then cut in half. Place yolks in bowl and add remaining ingredients mix until fairly smooth. I take a ziplock baggie and put mixture inside. I press to make sure there are no large clumps and then cut small triangle off corner of baggie and squeeze onto eggs. Then add just a dash of paprika for color.

Leftovers can be used for egg salad sandwiches. Cut white of egg into small pieces and add just a little mayo for proper consistency on your favorite bread, toast or in a pita. Salt and pepper to taste.

food and fun Seeking all Volunteers

Are you a High School student in need of volunteer hours? Are you retired and need a place to feel needed? Are you someone with a good heart and an hour to spare? The Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill in Smyrna needs your help! We have 150+ residents who are in need of: one on ones help with writing letters someone to visit someone to push their wheelchairs around our campus There are many of opportunities for anyone to share an hour or two a week or each month. We are in the process of doing some fun things at DHCI and would love to have some extra help. Contact Carmen Santiago at 302-223-1433 for more information or to signup to help. Ignite the Heart, Inspire the Mind, Illuminate the Spirit!

Lifelong Earners MUST BE Lifelong Learners In Delaware today – • 7% of the workforce is unemployed. Many of these people have had good jobs for years and now have been involuntarily dislocated by layoffs or job closings. • 68,000 adults ages 18 to 64 (13% of the adult population) do not have a high school diploma or GED. Over half of these adults have literacy skills at less than 9th grade level. Many of these citizens have never been able to qualify for steady longterm employment. They must depend on the public and private support programs.

Is there help? YES! Delaware adult education has programs specifically for adults from non-reader to adult high school graduation. Programs include the James H. Groves Adult High School, adult prehigh school education, one-to-one basic literacy tutoring, English as a Second Language, and

Family Literacy working with limited literate adults and their young children together. Programs are available across the state in all three counties.

• Join the Delaware Coalition for Literacy, Inc. Businesses, Individuals, Organizations, Public and Private Agencies Working Together for Literacy.

Does adult education really work?

• Contact friends, neighbors, co-workers, business and community leaders, public officials and policy makers as well as potential adult students and share your thoughts about adult education.

Again, YES! Graduates and current students alike tell of significant changes in their lives as a result of their adult education experiences. Many new students enroll on the recommendation of former students. They want to transform their lives from being on support rolls to becoming productive workers, family members, and citizens who are on the tax rolls and help in their communities.

What is needed? More public and private volunteer and financial support is needed to serve increasing numbers of enrollees. This means more money to publicize services and to run programs in existing and new locations to give students access to nearby services. It means more volunteers to train for and do one-to-one tutoring. It means reducing present waiting lists. It means reaching out in more ways to more people who can benefit from enrolling in adult education.

How do I become involved? • Go online to or call Syd at 302-366-8771.


Contact Delaware Coalition for Literacy

Syd Goldberg, Executive Director P. O. Box 716, Newark, DE 19715 Phone 302-366-8771 (Newark) FAX 302-366-1029 e-mail:

food and fun

By Melissa Johnson Melissa Johnson is a twenty-something young lady with a penchant for the arts & entertainment currently residing in Dover. She has several years of work experience in the Delaware Public Libraries and is an advocate of reading and life-long learning.

Literal Lissa


Welcome to the special summer (June/July) reading issue of “Literal Lissa.” This column is an ongoing feature of the Kent County Women’s Journal. Each issue I thoughtfully recommend a collection of novels -sometimes new and sometimes old – but always aspiring to encompass a vast array of genres and subjects. All of this in effort to further pique you and your family’s interests, expand your knowledge, and broaden your love for the printed (and now digital) page.

envision and relate to Crusoe as if he were a living, breathing person and not the famed fictional literary work.

The Night before Summer Vacation by: Natasha Wing Planning on taking your children or United States of Pie grandchildren by: Adrienne Kane somewhere fun and If you find yourself exciting during their attending many a family summer vacation? gathering or BBQ this Don’t forget to pack summer, this charming little this delightful title! cookbook filled with dozens Written in a fun and of sweet and tantalizing catchy rhyme, this Summertime is here at long last! It’s time to pastry recipes just may story tells the tale of a little girl and her family dust off your flip-flops, grab a towel, and hit include that perfect dessert preparing to go away on vacation. At least the shore. School’s out and so is the sun! you’ve been searching they are trying to. In an attempt to pack for. Compiled from over everything they think they’ll need, there is For me, summer has almost always evoked a dozen community gatherings and church sure to be something that’s overlooked. And the most pleasurable feelings and memories groups across the county, and featuring that “something” is more than a clever twist spent outdoors, despite those occasional variants of the classical all-American apple, ending. painful burns from the sun. The added free this book of pies includes more than its just time and extended daylight is taken full desserts. All baking skill levels are welcomed Good news, everyone! All of these selections advantage of with moments spent lazing as well as its accompanying guide on baking are available at your disposal, free of charge, about by the pool or beach, strolling in the tips and techniques. In fact you may just find at your nearest Delaware Public Library. Log park, or catering a family cookout. these recipes as easy to follow, as well, pie. on to to find the closest library to you, along with additional information on how Whether you happen to spend your vacation Beauty Queens you can get carded. trolling the high seas or traveling cross by: Libba Bray country, bathing in the sun or by the pool; the This comical and satirical culminating selections below are immensely tale about a slew of Miss This page sponsored by satiating reads to help you relax and retreat Teen Dream Pageant Delaware Coalition for Literacy from the sweltering heat. contestants who crash Syd Goldberg, Executive Director land on a deserted island P. O. Box 716, Newark, DE 19715 en route to their live Phone 302-366-8771 (Newark) by: Jane Gardam broadcast competition by FAX 302-366-1029 At the age of six, Polly famed YA author, Libba Flint, is sent to live with Bray, is wildly entertaining. her devout and painfully Stranded with little food, dull aunts in their remote little water and practically home near the Irish Sea. no eyeliner (the horror!), Orphaned and seemingly this superficial set of beauty queens are left alone, Polly spends the to compete for their lives against wild animals next 80 years of her life and natural elements instead of each other marooned in this home for that coveted pageant title and crown. while the historical events Who will win? Who will survive? But more of the 20th century play importantly what will she be wearing?! on in the world without her. In Polly’s mind, her only companion is Robinson Crusoe. Out of sheer madness and perhaps crippling loneliness, Polly begins to


Testimonials This is what our advertisers say about theWOmen’s Journals: “This will be our second edition with the Journal. Although, we have not had any direct leads as of yet many of our current and past clients have contacted us to let us know how great it is that we have an article in the Journal. I do believe we will see some leads after we have been in the Journal for a few editions and have a following. Every person we have dealt with on the WJ team has been great. Each person has been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have had. I just had my first photo shoot a couple weeks ago. The edition has not come out yet so I haven’t seen the pictures but the experience itself was a lot of fun. It was great to have the experience of being in a professional photo shoot. Thanks!” - Christina Lessard, Lessard Builders, Controller “I have worked with the Women’s Journal in two separate areas of my career. Each time, I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and compassion of the staff. The articles and advertisements are always perfect. If I have a problem, Pam is always there to help. What more could a Marketing Director ask for. Thank you!” - Kristy Handley, Marketing Director, State Street Assisted Living “Without question, an outstanding way to educate patients.” - Vincent Perrottta, M.D., Peninsula Plastic Surgery “We have built our business on the readership of the Women’s Journal: I cannot believe the amount of business we receive from our articles.” - Fred Winward, President, Resort Landscaping “The Women’s Journal is the most successful advertising we have ever done.” - Focal Point Opticians “A priceless educational vehicle to allow patients quality, objective information about our various procedures.” - Andreus V. Strauss, M.D., Director of Oncology Beebe Medical Center “The Women’s Journal is the best advertising I have ever done, I can’t believe I waited so long to try them. They are the only advertising I am doing now.” - Carmella, Permanent Cosmetics “Magnificent response to our advertising.” - Dave Crowley, President, Bethany Bay Resorts


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