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August/September 2012

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living well andfit

By Lisa Torbert

Michael Moore, Acupuncturist, is a graduate of St. John’s College and the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD. He has studied yoga, anatomy, physiology, as well as Eastern and Western approaches to philosophy, psychology and medicine. Other topics studied integral to his practice are Western medicine, homeopathy, East Indian Herbalism, and Western research methodology and biofeedback. Michael successfully combines Five Element acupuncture, which treats the whole person body, mind, emotions, and spirit with Eight Principle Acupuncture. Our bodies are like an orchestra; if one instrument is out of tune it throws off the entire arrangement. Our center offers valuable resources to fine tune your body by using holistic therapies to direct your body in a way that it can perform and play in harmony without the use of drugs or surgery. Preventative Health can help us to discover ways to nurture and heal our daily aches and pains. It can help us bring about physical and emotional changes, creating a feeling of wholeness in a way that makes a connection to our mind, body and spirit. Come and experience a new and better way of achieving health and wellness here at Heathers.

What Is Acupuncture?


What is acupuncture? Chinese Acupuncture is 4,000 – 5,000 years old. It is the insertion of needles just under the skin. The needles are only as thick as three or four pieces of hair. Most people find acupuncture to be very relaxing and that it does not hurt. It can remove negative emotions, addictions, stress, body soreness or pain, and almost any disorder or problem that upsets the vitality in the body. What is the process for acupuncture? When you come in for your first treatment, you will have to fill out several health forms. Michael will then go over them with you so he will know what to treat you for. He will most likely be treating you for several ailments at a time. You will be given a gown to put on and the treatment will start on the back of your body. The needles will be inserted into various acupuncture points, which are helpful to your specific needs. You will then relax for about twenty minutes while enjoying soothing music. The process will then be repeated on the front of your body. What can it help? Acupuncture can be a very helpful treatment for many health conditions including allergies, pain, disease, arthritis, and addictions, just to name a few. Most illnesses have symptomatic treatments or recipes of points, which can make disease symptoms better. Acupuncture is treating the whole person to a deeper level so that not only do the symptoms go away but also the subtle causes of theses symptoms.

points are used to help curb food cravings. Acupuncture is also very healing for all conditions of the stomach and digestive track. There are also points that provide a bit of improvement in mood and well being that would be good for people struggling with weight issues, or who eat to make themselves feel better. Acupuncture can help with bloating, binge eating, cravings, digestive problems, emotional

Most patients who have acupuncture treatments steadily get better with no ill side effects. Acupuncture is also a great treatment for people with negative emotions, problems with anger and grief. There are certain treatments for many emotional states including fears and phobias. Many people claim that their stress level drops and they sleep better after only a few treatments. How does it work? Let’s use an example to explain the process. A person with Asthma may experience shortness of breath, lung mucus, inability to breathe and chest tightness. They may take Western medicine and get better. Acupuncture does not interfere with medicines. However, the patient has a sense that something is wrong with their lungs and that their lungs are weak. To an acupuncturist each organ has a unique pulse found on the wrist, usually with Asthma the lung pulse is quite weak. Treatment will involve acupuncture points, which open the lungs and strengthen the life force of the lungs. This process should be done weekly until the lung pulse again becomes strong. After the lungs strengthen the patient will only need occasional maintenance treatments.

problems, and that “too full feeling” we sometimes get after eating. * Arthritis * Addictions * Body pain * Allergies * Sinus * Weight loss * Pregnancy * Quit smoking * Sleep disorders

* Colds, Flu * Disease * Asthma, lungs * Headaches * Energy * Digestive problems * High blood pressure


with Massage, Spa Packages, Wraps Pregnancy and Couples Massage Other Therapies * Acupuncture * Chiropractic * Warm Stone * Colon Hydrotherapy * Hypnotherapy

* Microdermabrasion * Pedicures * Manicures * Energy Work * Facials

* Sinus Therapy * Waxing and Bronzing * QRA testing * Ear Candling

Heathers Classes in our new 1,100 square foot studio Yoga and Belly Dancing

Weight Loss and Acupuncture Acupuncture uses tiny needles to stimulate the flow of Chi or vital energy. Sometimes the body holds in too much heat, which can slow down our metabolism. Acupuncture can help release that heat, helping our bodies to function healthier and shed unwanted pounds. Special spots on the body or acupuncture

1169 Walker Road, Dover, DE 19904

302-678-3433 2

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Women In The CDCC....................32 Upcoming Events!.........................33 food andfun DIY Tipsbusiness And Professional Video...34 andfinance

Change Your Life With Breath..….19 Picking The Perfect Trainer........…20

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Saketumi - A Must Stop...............44 dbeauty Youfashion Decide WeanProvide................45 Homemade! Take n’ Bake............46 home andgarden Recipes!..........................................47 Jungle Jim’s...................................48 Literal Lissa......................................49 Hogs & Hops..................................52

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and please know that we want you to feel this is your Journal as much as ours. 4 We hope you like the new look as much as we do, and would love to hear ddfit living well home garden testimonials or input from youaannabout what our paper has done for you or members of your family! Please email


fashion andbeauty d living 3 well an fit 4

publisher’s page With the debut of our redesigned Journal, a new logo, and some great new pages, it is an exciting time here at WJ Publishing. Some of the new pages include Recipes by Lisa Dolbey, Literal Lissa by Melissa Johnson (Angie’s and my daughter), and my favorite new piece, Our Women Who Serve written by Dave Skocik of PR Delaware. Mike & Lisa Dolbey Kevin & Angie Phillipson

Our Women Who Serve is a tribute to the women - soldiers, firefighter, EMT’s and police officers, who serve or have served our country and our community. They are moms and wives who balance their careers and their families while going above and beyond to serve and protect. Each issue we will select 2 of these amazing women, pamper them a little (hair, make-up, & photo shoot) and give them recognition and thanks for their commitment to all of us. If you know of someone deserving of this recognition please let us know.


I am thrilled with where we are headed; Worcester, Wicomico and Talbot counties in Maryland are having the grass roots work done to begin publication later this year or in early 2013. Our new website will be launched Mid-August, featuring Contributor Profiles, social media, and a branded YouTube channel where we will soon have exciting behind the scenes videos of our photo shoots as well as contributor profile videos.

Editor & Accounting:

As we develop our publications, please feel free to call with ideas or thoughts of what you would like to see included. We believe this is as much your publication as it is ours, and we welcome suggestions.

WJ Publishing, LLC

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Thank you for your support, we enjoy providing you this wonderful book.


Kevin Phillipson

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In T his Iss ue: C Maximum Bene



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en’s Journ al

A Free Bi-Mo nthly Resource for the Wom en of Kent Coun ty

See pages 26-2 7 for our featured peo ple in


file fits Minimum Costs C Prac ticing Safe Socia C Life Decisions l C Our Wom for the Adul t Child C Tips en Who Serve C Selecting for Shooting a Karate Scho Great Video ol C Hot Trend : Eyelash Exten sions of our arti

cles are available online at ww w.w jpub

lish ing .co




On The Cover...

On The Cover Photos were taken at wonderful Fifer Orchards another Kent County Treasure! Photos were taken by Mike Baker of CM Baker Photography , see his article on page 31. Hair and makeup were provided by Rori and Company located in Dover, she is in this month’s profile and their Article can be found on page 28. Read all about who they are and what they do and maybe even what they can do for you!


health andmedical By Kristy Handley Marketing & Admissions Director, State Street Assisted Living State Street Assisted Living is an assisted living community that is conveniently located in historic downtown Dover, Delaware. This community offers an array of quality services, as well as a secure memory unit for those with memory impairments. If you are looking for a home that will allow you or your loved one to experience independence, security, and a variety of activities, then contact State Street Assisted Living. For more information or to tour the community, please contact Kristy Handley, Marketing Director at (302) 674-2144 or check out their website at

Decisions For The Adult Child


As you get older, it seems as though so many things change: your children grow up, careers change, and your parents age. For many, watching our parents grow older is difficult. Maybe their health is not as good as it once was, maybe their decision making process has put them in some predicaments, or they may be living in unsafe conditions (i.e. alone). Whatever the case may be, we find it difficult to talk about. To us, our parents have become someone we never imagined they would grow to be. In the perfect situation, your parents have planned for their future: buying long term care insurance, prepaying funerals costs and even choosing their living arrangements. However, it is when those decisions have not been made that it becomes difficult. As the aging process begins and decisions have to be made, stress to a family often rears its ugly head. The feelings of guilt set in, as the child is now placed in a parental roll over their own parents. Decisions, negotiating and tough love that was once shown to us as children, now has our tables turned upside down. So, what does an adult child do? The key to everything is communication. We have to talk about “it”, no matter what “it” may be. Your parent wants to have control over his/her life for as long as possible. Remember, this is not easy for them either. Their own mortality has been brought to light in one fair swoop. Make sure you keep them involved with the process. Be honest, remember what you are feeling is real, so you both have to accept that. Not only do you need to be honest with yourself, but you also need to be honest with your parent.

Express your concerns in real terms. Do not give blanket statements, be specific and give examples. Keeping secrets can often backfire. Keep in mind that it is very important not to make promises. For instance, “I will never put you in a facility. You will live with me.” The words spoken sound like a great plan; however, life happens and often health issues creep up and change everything.

way, you have to be prepared. The key to being prepared is communication and talking about those uncomfortable issues. Testimonial John Pribanic has been a resident at State Street Assisted Living for 7 years. After 2 serious falls resulting in a broken shoulder and elbow, and broken hip, he moved in with his son, Tom Pribanic for 2 years. Living with Tom helped John gain his strength back, and soon allowed him to live more independently.

Get support. No one likes to admit that they need help, but there are times in life where being stubborn only hurts you. There are a lot of individuals that are willing to lend a hand. The support may come from a listening ear, a support group where you can talk to others in the same situation, or from someone that helps in explaining options in terms you can understand. Whatever the case may be, take the hand that is reaching out to you. Educating yourself is by far the most important step taken in this journey. You may need to learn about what advanced healthcare directives are or which community best fits your loved ones needs. You must be educated. There are so many different options out there. Wouldn’t you rather make the right decision based on your specific needs rather than settle for something completely unsuitable? Make sure you have as much information as possible to make that informed decision. Do not be afraid to ask those uneasy questions. Keep in mind that it is better to have your parent’s input while they can still express their wishes then to force them into a situation for which they were never prepared. No matter what life throws your


John had seen State Street and knew about their 24 hour care that still allowed residents to live independently. This is exactly what he wanted. Tom, hesitant at first, agreed, and to this day says it was the best decision he ever made for his father. “State Street has all the services and customized care my father needs. He can still live independently, but also has the assurance that help is there 24 hours a day. It gives me peace of mind knowing my father is there.” “The staff at State Street is wonderful. They are my family.”

health andmedical By Dr. Philip Chao Dr. Philip Chao graduated from Yale University and continued his studies at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, receiving his medical degree in 1983. Dr. Chao has been interested in MRI technology since its very beginning – the first MRI scan took place in 1981 while he was pursuing his medical studies. The University of Pennsylvania was at the heart of the development of this technology and where Dr. Chao was able to work with pioneers in MRI on the first GE Signa 1.5T (tesla) scanner. His advanced research and specializations complete, Dr. Chao left the University of Pennsylvania for a position as Director of MRI in Wilmington DE – a position he held for 14 years. Dr. Chao eventually left that position to create the best MRI center in Delaware, using the very latest technology: 3T MRI.

MRI and Insurance


Well, actually, not a whole lot. It is still the PATIENT’S job to assure that they get the highest quality MRI. While you might think a doctor cares about the quality of the MRI they order or their front desk staff might care - the actual truth is they don’t care very much. They prefer convenience over quality. They prefer to send their patients to older less capable magnets which have lower quality because that is where they are used to sending their patients. This means they are potentially sending you to a place which can miss whatever you have. A POOR QUALITY MRI will miss a lot. The more subtle MRI readings and better intepretation comes with experience and better equipment. Under Obamacare, which expands medicaid and some low cost insurance, patients can get higher quality imaging for the same price. It is increasingly difficult to keep up with the intricacies and the “ins and outs” of health insurance plans. Will your insurance company require YOU to contribute to this payment out of your own pocket—despite all you have paid in premiums? If you don’t have hours to spend on hold, it can be difficult to get quick answers to such questions and no one likes getting an unexpected bill for an unexpected copayment! In fact sometimes ecevn after holding for hours you do not get a straight answer. One new bit of information not always mentioned, is that the size of your copayment might depend on where you have your “test” done—even between two places that both take your insurance! It is shocking to find that if an MRI is done at a hospital, their insurance company could

contrasts (Multihance, Prohance and Eovist) that have never been linked to the disease “NSF” are not even carried by most MRI Providers. Also, who is responsible for the added cost of the safe contrasts. (

charge them a copay of several hundred dollars, but that if the test was done at a doctors office (or “Independent Testing Facility”), the copay would be $47. Quite a difference! REVEAL (DWI), shows cancers as “light bulb” lesions. Your doctor may not be aware of this revolutionary scanning technology. Most of the research on this excellent technique can be found by a simple web search— for diffusion weighted imaging of cancer. The large cancer shown below was found to be malignant by this technique without any injections. The ultrasound and CT were a waste of the $1000 they cost. They were inconclusive. The MRI cost 500 dollars and was superior to both the CT and U/S without contrast. One could have saved 1000 dollars on this patient. Multiply that over 300 million people and you can see how good quality MRI can save us money.

What if you are claustrophobic and you can’t be in a closed MRI, can your provider switch you to an open MRI immediately? Medicaid patients just need a doctors special autorization if they are claustrophobic. Can your MRI provider offer other services like metal subtraction imaging, indirect arthrography, super high resolution studies – only which can be done with 3T, diffusion tensor imaging, proton spectroscopy, prostate MRI, 3T Breast MRI which is 100% sensitive for breast cancer, and also offer our super high quality studies for non-contrast studies? Or an abdomen study able to pick up smaller pancreatic cancers, smaller liver cancers and include diffusion weighted imaging. This new technique is up to 96% sensitive for cancer.

Ask questions. It could save you hundreds of dollars. The quality of an MRI is based on the strength of the MRI scanner—NOT where that scanner is located. Your prescription for an MRI can be filled by your CHOICE of provider. The quality of an MRI Report is based on the education and exerience of the Radiologist (whether a General Radiologist, Neuroradiologist, etc.)—NOT where that specialist is located. Paying more does not necessarily mean you are getting better quality. Having an MRI at a hospital does not necessarily mean you are getting a better study.

The other day a patient called our BEST OPEN MRI office which is the newest and strongest and highest quality OPEN MRI in Delaware. We are also the only facility that offers IV sedation in case they fail. When that patient found out our scanner was ACR accredited (*all of our scanners are) and that she could get the higher quality for the same price – she changed her appointment. Dr. Chao has 27 years experience doing and reading MRIs. He is able to talk to the patients and your doctor at any time. He will

Ask your MRI Provider which contrast they use. Sadly, the three


answer SMS txts as well. He tries to be the most available radiologist in the state. He also responds to email. No other doctor is this available to the patients and your doctor. We want to help – we want to answer your questions. Our OPEN MRI pictures are guaranteed to be as good as other CLOSED MRI pictures. The ACR (American College of Radiology) said so! 32-channel, 3T MRI scanner that we have installed in our new office in Lewes, Delaware is second to none for brain imaging. You’ve heard of Traumatic Brain Injury? Our scanner in Lewes is able to track this using a process called Diffusion Tensor Imaging (“DTI”). It can actually show you microscoptic damage to the fibers of the brain! More information can be found at and, or www. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Chao at 302 295-3367 (33MR). We are here to help. Ask questions. Get the best.

Best Open MRI 302 838 7800 also visit our new office: MRI Consultants Lewes 17252-9 N. Village Main Blvd

Lewes, DE 19958 302 827 4251

health andmedical By Sandra Zaragoza Sandra Zaragoza is a licensed pharmacist with 25 years of experience. She and her business partner Ruth Dixon, are both graduates of The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. They opened The Corner Apothecary in April of 2012 after managing a hospital pharmacy together for 5 years. They are certified members in Pharmaceutical Compounding and the Fundamentals of BHRT through PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). They are also members of the Delaware Pharmacist Society and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP).

Roots Of Medication Production


The history of the apothecary dates back to about 2600 BC. At that time, the priest, pharmacist and physician acted as a team, relieving the ailments of persons in their community. By engraving on stone tablets, records were kept regarding the symptoms of the illness, the directions for making a prescribed medicine and a completion of the process by an invocation of the gods. It wasn’t until 1240 BC in southern Italy that a government ruling further defined the roles of the triad, specifically limiting the pharmacist to the production of the medication. From then on, medicines were made by hand by pharmacists trained in the art of compounding. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century, with the discovery of drugs like penicillin and insulin, that there was a need for mass production. Last year, an estimated 3.7 billion prescriptions were filled in 56,000 pharmacies nationwide. And unless there was some kind of problem, it is unlikely that the physician and pharmacist (forget about the clergyman!) ever conferred regarding the treatment of their mutual patient. So, what happens when the patient doesn’t fit the traditional mold or their needs aren’t met by something that is mass produced by a pharmaceutical factory? About 1% of those 3.7 billion prescriptions written were for a medication that needed to be specifically tailored to an individual patient. Pharmacy compounding is the art of making medication from scratch and is enjoying resurgence in the US today. Its increasing popularity is due, in part, to a demand for

alternatives to conventional therapy. Additionally, medical research identifies new disease states and unique patient needs on an almost daily basis. It was the desire to treat these specific needs that lead us to form our new business.

cannot be reproduced by the typical retail pharmacy which sells previously manufactured drugs. Our partnership with Professional Compounding Centers of America further enhances our ability to produce a quality product by networking with other professionals throughout the country.

Compounding, not only benefits humans, but animals as well. Because “dog is a man’s best friend”, prolonging their lives and making them more comfortable is especially important to us. Compounding pharmacists are trained to prepare formulations that make giving medicine to our four legged friends much easier and at a dose that fits their size!

The door at The Corner Apothecary opens at least once or twice daily to admit someone who is curious about what we do in the lab that’s visible from the street. It’s not always easy to explain, whether to the layperson or the health care professional. We’d like to think we provide solutions… for the mother who has a special needs child that can’t swallow tablets we can take the medicine and put it into a pleasant tasting liquid. For the caregiver who can’t arouse their loved one to take their medicine, a cream can be made that allows the medication to be absorbed through the skin and produce the same results as swallowing the drug. How about the patient who has achieved successful results with a drug that has been discontinued by the pharmaceutical company because it no longer makes a profit? In many of those cases, we can still obtain the raw chemical and make it for them.

A compounding pharmacy is not your typical pharmacy and specializes in producing medications for the individual. The Corner Apothecary welcomes patients with particular needs or a desire for nontraditional medications, whether in type of composition, dosage or route of administration. We would be happy to discuss your particular situation to see if a compounded medication is right for you. So feel free to visit The Corner Apothecary for some free advice or just a smile.

While many pharmacies claim to do “compounding,” The Corner Apothecary uses only the most technologically advanced formulas and equipment available to assure that the drugs achieve their desired effect. The medications are produced locally, made from scratch and tailored to the needs of the individual patient, By focusing only on compounded medications, we have created an expertise in the field that

Kent County’s  Newest     Compounding  Only  Pharmacy!!   Where  creating  the  right  medication     for  you  or  your  pet  is  our  ultimate  goal!  

There are also a number of therapeutic regimens that need to be dosed based on patient blood levels. Many women, as well as men, suffer from symptoms related to decreasing hormones. By means of patient interviews and blood test results, our pharmacists can assist the physician in prescribing therapy to restore hormonal levels to normal and improve the patient’s quality of life.

2 South  Main  St.   Camden,  DE  19934   Phone:  (302)  387  -­‐  1590   Fax:  (302)  387  -­‐  1744   Hours:   Mon-­‐Fri  9:00  am  -­‐  4:00  pm   Sat  &  Sun  Closed   Contact  us  at   Or  visit  us  on  Facebook!          


health andmedical By Juventas Aesthetic Center Mehdi Jadali, M.D. FACS Board Certified General surgeon, Certified for Laser treatment by Palomar and National Laser Institute and BOTOX and Filler injections by National Laser Institute Michele Burke-Kelly, Board certified Physician Assistant, Certified for all laser treatments by Palomar and National Laser Institute Teresa Duricek, MA Certified all laser treatments by Palomar

Smoother,Younger Looking Skin?


At Juventas Aesthetic Center, you will find the way to smoother, younger looking skin. You can get rid of the unwanted hair on your upper lip or your entire leg. Have you been plagued by facial redness you have tried to cover up for years? You can clear it with few treatment of IPL. At Juventas Aesthetic Center, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is committed to making you feel comfortable during your treatments! What is IPL? IPL is one of the leading modalities for permanent hair reduction. During a session, you will experience a brief, slight snapping sensation, after which you might feel hot for a few hours. You should keep your body temperature lower during this time.

Don’t worry! Fractional Nonablative Laser treatment can tighten your skin. Juventas Aesthetic Center can help you wipe away the effects of years of wear and tear from face and hands.

You should not tan or expose your skin to ample sunlight for 2-3 weeks before the first session and stay out of sun for the duration of treatments. We recommend 6 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart. You may notice a change as early as a few weeks after the first session.

Are you staring at your wrinkles wondering if there is an easy way to get rid of them? At Juventas Aesthetic Center we can help you to soften your wrinkles by simple injections.

What can you do for your sun spots? IPL has been extremely successful for the removal of dark spots that show up on your face, chest or hands as a result of long-standing exposure to sunlight.

How do injections work? Botox or Fillers are used for giving the face a more youthful, refreshed look. Botox injections typically last 4 months whereas the effect of fillers last about 9-12 months. No downtime, no surgery and despite the need for repeat injections, it’s still less expensive than a facelift.

Three to six treatments, at two week intervals, can get rid of all these unpleasant marks and leave you with smooth, flawless skin. Do you feel like your skin is sagging particularly around your chin and jaw line?

What should you expect after a botox injection? Minor headaches are not uncommon, but gone before you know it. In 4-7 days you see the wrinkles disappear. Botox can be used on the forehead, around the eyes, above the upper lip, on sagging cheeks and even on the neck lines.

...and don’t forget to come find us if you’re furry too! (or know someone who is)

Testimonials: “I had laser hair removal at Juventas. The process was very easy and comfortable and in less than 6 months, all the unwanted hair on my face and underarm is gone. I barely ever shave anymore!” - Charlotte , North Wilmington “My face was covered with Rosacea (redness and flushing). I was using foundation ever day to cover the redness. After IPL treatment at Juventas, my skin is back to normal. I do not miss the cake on my face.” - Teresa, Newark

Juventas Aesthetic Center 302.547.5401 324 East Main Street Suite 204 Newark, DE 19711 8

health andmedical By Jeffrey B. Minkovitz, M.D Jeffrey B. Minkovitz, M.D., is with Eye Physicians and Surgeons, P.A., 1207 North Scott Street, Wilmington, DE 19806. Dr. Minkovitz is affiliated with Christiana Care, Wilmington, DE and The Center for Advanced Surgical Arts, Wilmington, DE. Dr. Minkovitz served as an Assistant Professor with Johns Hopkins University from 19982004. He received his M.D. in 1990, University of Massachusetts Medical School; and his B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Harvard University in 1986. Dr. Minkovitz received his certification in 1996 with the American Board of Ophthalmology and in 1991 received certification with the National Board of Medical Examiners. For six consecutive years, Dr. Minkovitz was awarded the distinction of “Top Doc” for excellence in the field of Ophthalmology in a survey of his peers. Dr. Minkovitz is a highly accomplished surgeon with over 16 years experience. Dr. Minkovitz is fellowship trained in cornea, cataract, and refractive surgery. As one of Delaware’s leading cataract surgeons, Dr. Minkovitz offers both ReStor™ and Crystalens® to his patients.

Finally… Laser Cataract Surgery

Bladeless And Computer Guided


The latest step in the evolution of modern cataract surgery has now become available in Delaware. This new technology, Femtosecond laser cataract surgery, offers precision never before possible and aims to meet the expectations of today’s active cataract patients. FDA Approved in 2010, and under investigation for several years before then, the laser has been used in thousands of cataract procedures worldwide. But within the United States, availability of these lasers has been limited. Along with my partners at the Center for Advanced Surgical Arts, I have monitored the results of this new technology. Recognizing the significant benefits, we brought this technology to our surgery center, the first and only laser of its kind in the area and one of the first 75 in the country. Already one of the most technologically advanced procedures, cataract surgery has evolved in slow, incremental steps. Until recently, the procedure was performed manually, by removing the cloudy lens through a large incision, which was closed with crude sutures. Microscopes and ultrafine sutures dramatically improved recovery, from a week of bedrest to an outpatient procedure. Then, intraocular lenses allowed for functional visual rehabilitation. The current “state of the art” procedure, phacoemulsification by ultrasound, was invented approximately 40 years ago, allowing removal of the

fragmented cataract through smaller incisions, further improving outcomes. Better ultrasound machines have improved safety and efficiency, while better intraocular lenses have allowed for better overall visual results and in many cases the elimination of dependency on eyeglasses.

care available. With this early introduction of leading edge technology, we are proud to usher in the next stage in modern eye care. For further information or to schedule an appointment please call 302-656-2020 extension 1.

Now, in yet another significant leap forward, cataract surgery has evolved to once again stand as one of the most technologically advanced surgeries of any kind. The Femtosecond laser, originally developed to create LASIK flaps for laser refractive surgery, can now be used to design and create all of the necessary incisions for cataract removal and astigmatism correction, precisely measuring the ocular structures with micron precision and displaying these structures through real-time high resolution digital images. The laser can also create the critical opening of the lens (capsulorrhexis), and also fragment the lens before any instruments enter the eye. This allows for reduced ultrasound energy (which can be damaging) and improved safety. Reports suggest that the procedure is up to 10 times more precise than when performed with manual blades and ultrasound. The computer guided accuracy is ideally suited for the latest premium intraocular lenses capable of improving spectacle free vision.

Dr. Minkovitz programming the new LensX laser.

Eye Physicians & Surgeons, P.A. 302-652-3353

Eye Physicians & Surgeons Skilled, Compassionate Eye Care Specialists • Cataract & Corneal Surgery • Diabetic Eye Care • Glaucoma Evaluations • Neuro-Opthalmology • Retina / Macular Degeneration • LASIK & NearVision CK® • Comprehensive Eye Exams • Custom Fitted Contact Lenses • BOTOX® Cosmetic Stephen H. Franklin, M.D. ~ Paula C. Ko, M.D. Jeffrey B. Minkovitz, M.D. ~ Dennis R. Mirra, O.D. ~ Robert C. Sergott, M.D. Carolyn Glazer-Hockstein, M.D. ~ Scott J. Fudemberg, M.D.

Delaware is home to some of the finest medical and surgical

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health andmedical By Anthony W. Clay, D.O., F.A.C.C. After practicing for seven years in Philadelphia, Dr. Clay joined Cardiology Physicians, P.A. in 2003. He is a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Hahnemann University and Instructor of Medicine at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Clay received both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Villanova University. He then went on to attend medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He did his internal medicine training at Hahnemann University where he was awarded Resident of the Year. Dr. Clay then served as Chief Resident of the Internal Medicine Program. He remained at Hahnemann University for his Cardiology fellowship and served as chief cardiology fellow there. (continued below)

Clinical Research


Cardiology Physicians, P.A. has begun a new endeavor of clinical research trials. Clinical research is the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of medicines and medical devices. These medications and devices are evaluated in trials for the possibility of general use in the healthcare system. These medicines and/or devices may ultimately be used in diagnosing, evaluating, treating or relieving symptoms of disease. Advancements in medical research have contributed significantly to the improvement in quality of life as well as longevity. These medical advancements, just in the last few generations, have significantly changed the human experience. Just a handful of advancements include vaccines, elimination of pandemics through antibiotics, blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Also included in these advancements are devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, coronary stents and artificial joints. In recent years great improvements in robotic surgery have been achieved which significantly limits the size of the scars in the postoperative recovery patient. None of these advancements could be obtained without controlled clinical research trials, comprised of patient participation in a supervised setting. Clinical trials are usually done in phases. Typically a Phase 3 research trial of a medicine has already been through earlier stages with smaller trials. Additionally, Phase 3 trial medicines require approval by the Food and Drug Administration for continued testing. As well as the FDA, there are multiple review boards and ethics boards which have to “clear” the study to continue. Frequently

Are You At Risk?

It is very important to be

of medical students. Many of the patients who evaluatedhundreds for vascular disease participate in clinical trials become Dr. Clay has also served as quite interested in their progress, if you have increased risk chairman of the Physician’s as well as the achievements of the Fund Raising Committee for the overall trial. It is my experience, American Heart Association, that patients frequently comment Southeastern Pennsylvania on how appreciative they are Chapter. He is a member of Alpha that someone has lead the way Omega Alpha honorary medical in previous trials for medicineDiabetes society and the Pennsylvania and they are now receiving. Overall, patients of clinical trials report back Delaware medical societies. He Smoking is also a member of the American Safety and efficacy are continually favorably feeling as though they College of Cardiology and the monitored during the study by your have furthered the advancement Family history Vascular Disease American of Heart Association. Dr. physician and by the sponsors of of medicine. Clay has a special interest in the trial, as well as the Food and consultative as well If you are interested in participating Drug Administration. All of the costs Family History ofcardiology Aortic Aneurysm in Cardiology Physicians’ clinical as echocardiography, nuclear associated with the trial, including cardiology, CT angiography and trials, please feel free to ask a the medicines and the visits to the Coronary Artery Disease physician which trial you may congenital heart disease. physicians, are covered by the qualify for. sponsor of the study. The sponsor Dr. Clay was hypertension born in Delaware Uncontrollable could be a pharmaceutical (Dr Clays Bio continued from above) County and is one of ten children. company or an organization Dr. Clay has strong interests in He was married in 1987 and lives such as the National Institute of Elevated cholesterol teaching. He has been a lector at with his wife Bernadette. They have Health. A typical study can be a national conventions regarding three sons, Anthony, Luke and few months or even a few years. congestive heart failure and Blaise. Dr. Clay enjoys all sports, In some circumstances, patients coronary artery disease. He especially coaching and playing are simply monitored with periodic basketball, rowing and scubacontinues to teach regularly at visits to the physician for a physical medical schools in Philadelphia diving. Dr. Clay also enjoys reading, assessment. Occasionally, blood and has been a preceptor for movies and travel. At Cardiology Physicians, P.A. We Are Performing Today’s Latest Testing testing is involved. Phase 3 trials are done in a blinded fashion. A blind trial allows a group of patients, after informed consent, to either receive study medicine or a placebo medication. Placebo, a pill containing no actual medicine, allows the researchers to compare safety and efficacy of patients on the trial medication against those who do not take the medication.

Common risks include:

a a a a a a a

Twelve million people in the United States have Peripheral Arterial Disease

Cardiology Physicians, P.A. Abby Medical Center Suite 200 One Centurian Drive Newark, De 19713 302 366 8600 Foulkstone Plaza Suite 201 1401 Foulk Road Wilmington, De 19803 302 478 5055 WWW.CARDIOCPPA.COM Top Row (L to R): Dr. Clay, Dr. Pastore, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Sarter, Dr. Micklin Bottom Row (L to R): Dr. Furey, Dr. Leidig, Dr. Rahman


By Dr. Grace Liu and Dr. Lewis Yu

health andmedical

Dr. Lewis Yu earned his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry in 1996. He received two years of advanced post-graduate oral surgery training in both the New York City Hospital System and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He continues his education through extensive hands-on training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies and the Pankey Institute. The Las Vegas Institute has provided Dr. Yu with advanced training in Neuromuscular Dentistry and Comprehensive Aesthetic Restorations. He had practiced in Philadelphia and Newark, DE before joining All About Smiles, P.A. He is a member of the Delaware State Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Grace Liu has been practicing dentistry since 1996, having earned her degree from the New York University School of Dentistry. She continued her education through post-graduate studies at Columbia University, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies in Nevada and the Academy of Dentistry. She is also a member of the Delaware State Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Obstructive Sleep


Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can be found in every segment of population, even in children. One distinction to be made is that OSA in adults can only be managed, not cured. However, OSA in children can be cured.

to illustrate how easy it is for the physicians to be misguided to wrong diagnosis. A child with OSA symptoms can be very easily misdiagnosed as other behavior disorders such as ADHD.

Consequence of airway obstruction is reduced oxygen available for the body. Oxygen deprivation is especially critical for the rapidly growing body and brain. Approximately 3 to 12 percent of children do snore. One to ten percent of children go on to develop various forms of sleep breathing disorders. The mild form is called Upper Airway Resistance Symptom (UARS). UARS causes brain to arouse from sleep to correct the problem then falls back to sleep again. This cycle occurs many times during the sleep; therefore, it destroys quality of sleep. Here are some symptoms often associated with UARS:

The most common cause of childhood OSA is enlarged tonsils and adenoid tissues. These are soft tissues that line the upper airway and the back of the mouth. Intuitively speaking, they simply “clog the pipe”. Surgically removing these enlarged tissues has proven effective in improving airway. Numerous studies have documented improvement in snoring, OSA, frequent urination, behavior and growth following adenotonsillectomy.

• Hypertension • Fatigue • Cognitive impairment • Unrefreshing sleep • Chronic pain (often misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia in adults) Some children do go on to develop full OSA. In OSA, there are more physiological symptoms. Some of the symptoms in children include: • Failure to thrive • Bed wetting • Obesity • Enlarged tonsils and adenoid tissues • Craniofacial abnormalities • Poor academic performance • Gasping for air • Unusual daytime behaviors • Darkness under the eyes

Bony upper airway obstruction is the second category of causes. In this category, bony structures of the nasal/palatal physically impede airflow. Examples in this category are: deviated nasal septum, midface hypoplasia, high vault shape palate. Early intervention to correct these abnormalities, using orthodontics and surgery, would afford a child the chance of normal development; hence avoid living with airway obstruction when he or she is an adult.

There are many other signs and symptoms associated with OSA. The list above is, by no means, a complete list. They are mentioned

en r d l i h Apnea inC

to support the OSA diagnosis, polysomnography (sleep test) is warranted to get the definitive diagnosis.

Treatment options vary greatly depending on the cause and severity. For the most common cause of obstruction which is enlarged tonsils and adenoids, surgical removal is the first line of treatment. When facial and palatal bone structure is the cause of constriction, orthodontic manipulation may be called for to expand the bony air passage. Childhood obesity is increasingly playing a bigger role in this disease. Healthy eating lifestyle is a prominent requirement in any treatment plan. Early detection and treatment for childhood OSA allows a child to have normal development both physically and behaviorally/emotionally.

Diagnosis starts with careful review of history. Unusual behavior problems are usually the first clue. Be sure to discuss with your physician and dentist about your child’s behavior pattern. If there is a definite sleep disorder pattern, the physician then can do a detailed examination of the airway. He would be looking for any soft or hard tissue blocking the airway. Should there be enough evidence from physical exam


Treatments at early stage of the growth curve tend to have greater and more permanent effects. This represents an opportunity to unlock a child’s growth potential. Imagine how much better a happy, physically fit, socially well adjusted child will do in life, compared to a grumpy, often ill child? Your dentist is in a unique position to help detect and treat airway issues. We see your children more often then your medical doctor. We get to know your kids intimately. This makes us great as the first line in detection. So, talk to your dentist about your child’s snoring. It may change his life. All About Smiles, PA. offers comprehensive general and cosmetic dental services, such as veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, whitening, as well as, Invisalign®. The practice also provides comprehensive neuromuscular(TMD) evaluations and treatment and smile makeovers.

All About Smiles, P.A. is conveniently located at 4543 Stoney Batter Rd. Wilmington, DE ; 302/239-1641. Visit the website at for directions, hours, and more services.

health andmedical By Dr. Heather Rooks, DC As senior clinic director, Dr. Rooks is skilled and experienced at treating the root physiological, biochemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with Type 2 Diabetes and with Hypothyroidism. Dr. Rooks uses breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis that’s rarely done in conventional settings, to uncover the hidden, underlying causes a person may be experiencing from Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. She also takes great pride in delivering personalized healthcare treatment to patients as well as providing an environment that supports and inspires patients to reverse their poor health. Dr. Rooks graduated from the University of Delaware, with a BA in Biology and has a Minor in Women’s Studies. She attended Life University for her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and has extensive Postgraduate education in Functional Endocrinology.

Type 2 Diabetics. Metformin?


There are over 25 million Americans who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. For this growing sub-population of people most if not all of them have been prescribed the most popular oral medication called Metformin. Metformin is now believed to be the most widely prescribed “anti diabetic drug” in the world. In the U.S. alone, more that 48 million prescriptions were filled in 2010. In 2009 Metformin sales alone “raked in” $52 million in sales for drug companies. One of the issues that has long shocked, saddened and at times infuriated me is that many diabetics are not aware of the potential negative side-effects of their prescribed drugs. In addition, many diabetics are not even aware that their prescribed drugs can be very dangerous. Yet many diabetics are often plagued with a “laundry list” of negative symptoms that upon close inspection are often the same symptoms listed as possible side-effects by the manufacturer of the drug. As an example let us investigate METFORMIN. Here is a list of the most common potential adverse effects associated with Metformin. 1. Gastrointestinal upset 2. Diarrhea 3. Stomach Cramps 4. Nausea 5. Vomiting 6. Increased Flatulence 7. Lactic Acidosis (especiall with liver and kidney dysfunction) 8. Increases TSH in patients with Hypothyroidism

(worsening the condition) 9. Decreases testosterone in men 10. **Increases Homocysteine levels 11. Vitamin B12 deficiency

The question is..DO you have any of the above symptoms? Well if you are like many of my diabetic patients you may have many of the above symptoms.

You see, I have been supporting and showing many diabetics over my professional career how to reverse diabetes and here is a general list of symptoms they suffer with and have reported to me over the years.

Have you ever thought your poor quality of life could be related to the drugs you are taking?

Metformin can be associated with the following symptoms: Cold-like symptoms, Headache, Indigestion, Gas and bloating, Weight Gain, Allergic reactions such as: rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, swelling of the mouth, lips, face, tongue, blurred vision, bone pain, chest pain, dark urine, difficult or painful urination, dizziness, fainting, difficulty breathing, general feeling of being unwell, muscle pain, irregular heartbeat, unexplained weight gain, sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, swollen ankles and feet.

What I propose is you consider an alternative or at least compliment to a one-drug-after-anotherapproach. An alternative that has been shown over time clinically and in the literature to be very effective at reversing TYPE II Diabetes while reducing and eliminating your dependence on potentially dangerous drugs. My passion for showing patients how to reverse their type II diabetes (yes, it’s possible) while getting off medication is both a huge blessing and curse at the same time. I am blessed because it is a privilege and a thrill to see diabetics begin to return to normal health and how that impacts not

Dr. Heather Rooks, DC PATH Integrative Health Center Suite 3, 98 WilmingtonWest Chester Pike (Rt. 202) Chadds Ford, PA 19317 484 775 0550

only their life, but the life of their family and loved ones. A real honor to have a patient thank me for showing them how to reverse their diabetes, and be able to walk away from a medicine cabinet full of drugs they either hated or were hesitant to take. It has also been a curse because it is so hard to reach the millions who are suffering. Many diabetics are not educated properly about their condition and the choices they have in health care and because of this they tent do only live in a false reality of a “youneed-more-drug’s” society. The PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES love that many diabetics live in that reality, but I think you would’s getting ridiculous! It is because of my passion and your need that I have taken the liberty to share this information, it is my hope , this information may find you, one diabetic of many millions, in a place where you still have the hope, motivation, and the life force within you to overcome and reverse YOUR DIABETES!

YOU ARE INVI TED to a complimentary informational consult “Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally” Call 484.7 75.0550 to register today


Women WomenPublishing PublishingEntrepreneurs EntrepreneursWanted Wanted WW

ith the experience of publishing nine different ith the experience of publishing nine different County Woman publications, I can confidently inform County Woman publications, I can confidently inform you that this is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and you that this is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and successful business ventures for women entrepreneurs successful business ventures for women entrepreneurs in any part of the nation. I was originally born and in any part of the nation. I was originally born and raised in Minnesota, and I have lived on the West Coast raised in Minnesota, and I have lived on the West Coast and the East Coast and many states in between. Some and the East Coast and many states in between. Some of my past careers include being a National Insurance of my past careers include being a National Insurance Account Executive, Retail Operations Manager, Account Executive, Retail Operations Manager, Certified New Jersey Certified New Jersey Teacher, and Teacher, and Teacher of the Year, Teacher of the Year, but, of these, I have found being a County Woman but, of these, I have found being a County Woman Publisher to be the most gratifying on many levels. Publisher to be the most gratifying on many levels. I guarantee that you will meet many incredible business I guarantee that you will meet many incredible business owners and community leaders. Your publication will owners and community leaders. Your publication will be the critical component in helping to launch a new be the critical component in helping to launch a new business and/or successfully grow an existing business. business and/or successfully grow an existing business. The personal rewards are endless. The personal rewards are endless. My five principles in my life are: My five principles in my life are: Think * Learn * Think * Learn * Try * Try * Work * Believe*. Work * Believe*. Always enjoy Always enjoy each minute each minute of your life! of your life! -Lynn-Lynn

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1-800-993-3822 1-800-993-3822 JoinJoin the the #1 Woman’s #1 Woman’s Educational Educational Newspaper Newspaper in America! in America! 13

living well andfit By Hannah E. Draper, MSN, RN Hannah E. Draper, MSN, RN is in private practice as a holistic nurse in Dover, DE. Hannah is a mastersprepared registered nurse (RN) certified in therapeutic bodywork and Nondual Healing®. Her academic background includes a Bachelors of Science and a Masters of Nursing degrees from the University of Delaware, a Bachelors of Arts degree in English from the State University of New York; certification from the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) in three modalities: Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Massage, and Sports Performance bodywork; and certification in Nondual Healing® from A Society of Souls (ASOS). “I believe that in the healing of one person there lie the seeds for healing the greater universe; we cannot touch one aspect of our existence without touching all aspects.” Hannah offers both in-office and telephone appointments. You can schedule an appointment by calling 302-883-4332.

Going Beyond the Physical


What is holistic nursing? According to the American Holistic Nurses Association, holistic nursing is “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal.” Holistic nursing recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit; and integrates complementary therapies into the practice. These therapies can include therapeutic massage, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, and nondual healing—therapies that allow the practitioner to address a client as a whole person. What is Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)? This is a broad and changing field. CAM consists of medical and healthcare practices that are not part of conventional practices associated with medical doctors (MD) and doctors of osteopath (DO). Instead, CAM practices complement, or work in conjunction with, conventional medicine; for example, receiving massage and acupuncture for pain relief, in addition to usual care given by an MD. CAM therapies support the healing of a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Why See a Holistic Nurse? Holistic nurses work with people on both ends of the health continuum: people who have a general sense of health and are seeking wellness care and a desire to be in closer connection with their inner essence or True Self; or those who are experiencing disease, discomfort, or physical or emotional distress; for example, someone who is undergoing cancer treatment and needs help managing and healing the side

effects, such as fatigue, pain, and depression/anxiety. Someone else may schedule a visit for back pain, a family crisis, or anxiety and depression.

and well-being. Many people find tremendous relief in coping with pain, particularly chronic pain. Guided Imagery Guided imagery involves a series of relaxation techniques followed by the visualization of detailed images, usually calm and peaceful in nature. If used for treatment, the individual will visualize their body free of the specific problem or condition.

Massage Massage includes a wide variety of techniques and styles. In general, therapists work directly with the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. People use massage for a variety of healthrelated purposes, including relieving pain, reducing stress, increasing relaxation, addressing anxiety and depression, and aiding in general well-being.

When Should You Schedule a Session? You may choose to schedule a session for one of two basic reasons:

Nondual Healing Nonduality is the understanding that things appear to be distinct from one another while they are in essence not separate. We are all, at our essence, of the same creative energy. Nondual healing is a transformational healing modality that awakens us to our truest nature and helps us heal the parts of us that are not in harmony. This work integrates the nondual wisdom of modern psychology, quantum physics, Judaism, and Buddhism; however, the work does not require any particular spiritual path or understanding. It is a tremendously kind and compassionate work that allows our natural state of health to unfold. It heals on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Meditation Meditation techniques focus your attention, and include an open attitude toward distractions. People use meditation to increase calmness and relaxation, improve psychological balance, cope with illness, or enhance overall health

1. You are feeling pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, or distress and want to seek a compassionate path for recovery. 2. You may have a generally positive state of health but want to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with the infinite power of the universe. Note: People undergoing treatment for cancer will find great support through this healing in terms of reducing side effects of the cancer and its treatment. These include pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

The Healing Circle No charge— This is a way I give back to the community. No commitment v Ongoing Drop-in meetings v No charge— A place others share in a healing experience Thistois meet a way I giveand back to the community. Address physical, emotional, and spiritual life issues Drop-in meetings Heal compassionately v Guided Imagery

No commitment



A time to share

Ongoing A place to meet MONDAYS others and 6:30pm-7:30pm share in a healing experience Address physical, emotional, and spiritual life issues 5609 North Dupont Highway, Suite 7 Smyrna, DE Across from Ronny’s Garden World Heal compassionately 302.883.4332 Guided Imagery

Meditation 14

A time to share

living well andfit By Colleen Stone Colleen Stone is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the Banyan Hypnosis Center in California and a member of National Guild of Hypnotist, Inc. She has a successful business, ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY OF DELAWARE,, located in Felton, Delaware. Colleen is also certified in Anti-Aging Principles and Natural Hormone Replacement Theory through Giovane Medical Services Inc., member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and sells natural hormone trandsdermal creams. She is trained in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden through Omega Institute in New York, and all of Colleen’s clients are taught how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a form of acupressure, and Self-Hypnosis.Colleen holds a Bachelors Degree of Education with thirty plus hours of graduate work. She spent sixteen years in the classroom teaching in addition to four years at the Caesar Rodney School District Office training teachers. She has also presented workshops across the country through involvement in two national projects. This nurturing, giving quality and her trusted rapport has carried over to her practice by helping her clients achieve positive changes in their lives through hypnosis for nine years.

Be Happy, Healthy & Strong


With so much unsettling news these days, much of our country lives in fear, stress and anxiety says Colleen Stone, Certified Hypnotherapist. In working with her clients, Colleen sees and hears similar complaints such as, “I am so afraid …”, “I have so much anxiety that I cannot sleep!”, “My migraine headaches are so much worse” or, “I cannot leave the house without taking a pill!” Colleen believes that core beliefs play a big part in how the mind/body operates affecting our thoughts, emotions and our health. The body can heal itself once the negative energy from these emotions has been resolved and released and Ms. Stone states, “This is what I do everyday….with the use of hypnosis, self-hypnosis and EFT.” In addition, Colleen believes that ENERGY MEDICINE is the medicine of the future…just think if we could resolve and release negative energy before they manifest into an illness! Look what Dr. Candace Pert has to say in her book, “Molecules of Emotions”, about the power of releasing negative emotions with the use of forgiveness, and how the process actually affects our mind/ body, and the immune system:

resentment and rage). If you experience a constant, suppressed state of anger in your body/ mind over many years, holding grudges and not forgiving people for incidents that happened in the past, then you are most likely using energy to make antibodies, and keeping yourself in a chronically inflamed state. As a result, you tax your immune system to overreact, aggravating autoimmune disorders such as Fibromyalgia, lupus, CFS, and rheumatoid arthritis, and many other illnesses. Colleen’s goal for each client is self-awareness through positive changes in their core belief systems allowing for desired behavior changes, ultimately self-love and reconnecting with the original/ true self that is happy, healthy and strong!

By Releasing Negative Emotions Colleen uses a five-step process of one-on-one hypnosis, including one session of Direct Suggestion, and four other steps of letting go and resolving negative emotions including “Forgiveness of Others” and “Forgiveness of Self”. Forgiveness is about no longer having to carry around the pain and anger caused by these negative emotions. This is when the self-healing begins!! Colleen teaches her clients what she has learned after ten years of researching and working successfully with other clients that, “the bottom line to healing is learning self-love and allowing the body to heal itself!” Forgiveness is a gift to self and it is not about the other person. Self-Hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are two methods of self-healing that Colleen teaches to all her clients, along with the one-on-one process of 5PATH. Self-Hypnosis is a method of resolving and letting go of negative emotions daily so

“Releasing blame requires a quantum shift in which the whole body/mind is altered, a true state change that affects the entire system. It isn’t a small thing that is done by degrees, but a whole-body turnaround. Who you are when you forgive yourself and others is someone living a new reality. You are free and experience true happiness. You can also be healthier; because physical inflammation in your body is diminished, (it is no longer continuously triggered by


that they no longer accumulate and manifest into illness. EFT is an amazing healing technique that is easy to learn and has profound effects. It is a simple, rapid and remarkably effective approach to healing emotional disorders that is based on a synthesis of Chinese Acupressure and Applied Kinesiology. As clients clear away the negative emotions related to the illness, they experience a process of improvement and inner peace and find a transformation of energy for the good. From there many clients use that energy in a positive way to achieve lifetime goals. Ms. Stone provides workshops and talks in many of the titles listed in this article. Colleen also does treatments on Tuesday and Saturday by appointment at Kaya Wellness and Yoga Center –  301G Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE. Call 302-227-3450 for an appointment.

living well andfit By Dean Roles

How To Hold Hands With A Predator 101


T hat’s the first class my students (horses) take here in Bridgeville, DE. That analogy works on so many levels - both physically and mentally, but we (for this short article) will just stick to one aspect. It is just so easy for a human to induce trauma with their claws. One of the first things we make sure is that our 4-legged friend understands that we mean no harm and wish only to communicate with our hands. Some horses and people understand this enlightened point of view. It is very rare that they both understand the concept, and often the horse nor the person understand what the human hand is for. When a horse and rider understand that they are to connect and communicate through the reins, beautiful things begin to happen. Once a horse allows a human to connect through the reins, it enables a human to relay information to the horse about what’s coming, through what is referred to as a half-halt. Once half-halts are common practice, relaxation and trust become common place. This relaxation and trust is absolutely necessary to any type of training. It allows us to mold the horses form into proper positions throughout movement under a rider. When a horse achieves proper position on a regular basis, it’s called collection. Collection is the term used when a rider compresses a horse from the poll to the croup, causing the horse to suspend himself in movement and to enabling him to better carry a riders weight. True collection can take a horse and rider years to achieve. But to tell the truth, that’s the entire point with horses and life. It’s

always about the journey – not the destination. Horses seem to do that, teach life lessons all day, everyday – and we silly humans call ourselves the trainers! Testimonial For all of you horse lovers out there who are looking for a really great horse trainer, search no longer. If you want the best, I recommend Mr. Dean Roles of Centaur Training in Bridgeville, DE. I own a lovely 7 year old Arabian horse named Rockapella (Rocky) and we’ve been together for four years. Rocky and I have been with several trainers during those four years, but Mr. Roles is the first trainer that has had a positive impact on my horse and me. Mr. Roles has been training me and Rocky for just three weeks. In these three weeks I’ve noticed a great improvement in my horse’s behavior. Rocky was a rather high strung and nervous horse that spooked a lot at just about everything. He’s already much calmer and he even appears to be much happier because of the leadership Dean has given him. I’m a senior rider, and I need to be able to trust Rocky to take me safely wherever I want to go. I also need a trainer who can clearly define what it is I’m to do with my horse during our training sessions. Mr. Roles does this for me. He has a way of putting into words, in the form of analogies, what he expects of me and my horse in such a way that helps me experience a connection between myself and my horse that I’d never thought possible. You could almost say he’s a human with a horse’s brain because he understands these fine animals so thoroughly. I’m on a journey with the “love of my life” horse and I’m excited about the

possibilities that training with Dean can bring to the “partnership” I know I’m going to have with Rocky. He’s a very smart horse; he pushes all my buttons, and believe me, he knows just what ones to push and when. I admit I’ve spoiled him but Dean’s techniques are beginning to help me show Rocky that I can be the leader he needs. This will mean

a less spooky, calmer Rocky who is much happier because he doesn’t have to “take on the world” all by himself. I’ve realized, thru Mr. Roles training, that there’s so much more to riding a horse than jumping on its back – it’s experiencing a unique partnership with one of God’s finest creatures. ~ Nancy Minton, Bridgeville DE

Centaur Training, LLC A full-service boarding/training facility.

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living well andfit By Nancy Hawkins Rigg Nancy Hawkins Riggs is the founder and owner of Forever Fit Foundation, a personal training business specializing in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yamuna Body Rolling and sport specific training. Forever Fit Foundation accepts clients at three sites: Dover and Lewes, Del., and Mendenhall Station, Pa., just over the Delaware line. A certified athletic trainer, she earned her bachelors degree from the University of Delaware and her Master’s degree in exercise science and sports medicine from Miami University in Ohio. Please call (302) 423-1816 or (302) 698-5201 to schedule an appointment for more information.

Beware: Slick Exercise Programs


What are your fitness goals? What do you want to achieve from your training sessions? How do you want your investment of time and money with a personal trainer to pay off? The answers would probably be something like weight loss, muscle gain, an increased level of fitness in terms of flexibility and strength, recovery from a prior injury, an improved golf or tennis game, ease in functional activities. Heavily marketed fitness programs are a hard sell, but take time to look at the fine print - is it safe and reliable? If not, how effective can it be? There are gimmicks in the world of fitness, full of promises but lacking effectiveness and, at times, causing injuries. Pilates, however, is a safe exercise and has been around nearly 100 years. It’s a system of exercises that can be individualized to suit each person’s needs and fitness level, and a skilled instructor can use these same exercises to help overcome weaknesses caused by old injuries. Resistance training is at the heart of Pilates, but that resistance is used with control in order to preserve correct form. This training includes activities that use weights, machines, resistance bands or even body weight to work your muscles properly. When the equipment is used, the muscles of the body will be pitted against the resistance of weighted springs. The cells of the body will then adapt to the extra resistance, enlarging and increasing the strength of each muscle cell to help the muscle perform contractions more efficiently. The exercise system designed by

Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century offers resistance training without using heavy weights. German-born Pilates created the program during his World War I internment in England. To encourage fitness in his fellow internees, Pilates fashioned resistance training equipment from bed springs and parts. After the war, Pilates immigrated to the United States and continued to develop the method in the same building as the New York City Ballet. The exercises were first embraced by the boxing and ballet communities. Under the watchful eye of a Pilates instructor, a client performs a series of exercises that require movement against the resistance of springs. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, nor are the exercises performed quickly or competitively. The equipment was designed so that the instructor guides the student through a series of movements, isolating specific areas of the body. This aspect of Pilates is especially useful when a client may need rehabilitation from injury or surgery, such as hip or knee replacement surgery.

regular basis, the client develops strong muscles that are long and lean, sculpting the body. What happens beneath the skin is that resistance training also creates strong bones, and that’s important because as people age their bone mineral density decreases. Developing a strong core involves conditioning your abdominal muscles, the postural muscles in your back and the muscles that wrap your trunk connecting the two. The results may not be weight loss, but things like increased stamina, flexibility, and improved mood and maybe even a positive change in the way clothes fit. Why not get some professional help to assist you in reaching your fitness/ lifestyle goals? Schedule a consultation with a personal trainer at Forever Fit Foundation where new clients receive a complimentary consultation to address goals. Most find that working with a trainer maximizes

An educated trainer can recognize limited range of motion and modify exercises to prevent injury while increasing flexibility and strength. Practicing Pilates means training all of the core muscles. Pilates builds strength and flexibility. Instructors must be trained and certified to properly adjust equipment to individualize resistance training. Pilates exercises are performed slowly in order to achieve the best results. Energy flows from a strong core and a focused mind into the student’s arms, legs, even into their fingers and toes. Practiced on a


their time spent in the Pilates room and the gym. There is a tremendous advantage to have an experienced trainer not only to encourage, but also to provide variety to your workout. The benefits of Pilates are achieved with precision. A trainer assists in assuring that you are moving correctly, modifying exercises to meet your specific needs. Many find that professional support is a worthwhile investment in our health and fitness.

living well andfit By Patrick Preece Mr. Preece is a graduate of KMAI Newark’s leadership team; he has gone on to become the chief instructor of our Dover location. Mr. Preece has been training with KMAI since the year 2000. He holds a 3rd Degree Tang Soo Do, a 3rd Degree Sin Moo Hapkido, and a 1st Degree Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Preece’s teaching strengths include both youth and parent’s classes. He says his favorite part about the martial arts is teaching leadership skills to a new generation as well as encouraging families to train together to reach their full potential.

What Karate School is Right for Me?


With the increase in popularity of the martial arts more and more people are searching for a good karate school and a good instructor. There are many great schools and instructors out there and unfortunately there are as many not so good. How do you tell the difference? What should you look for in a good instructor since the instructor in most cases is the school? Most prospective students think that the most important thing to look for in an instructor is content knowledge. They want their instructor’s karate to be dynamic, powerful and impressive in every way. This is obviously very important because there is nothing that looks worse than a black belt instructor who can’t deliver the goods when it comes to content. So this quality is definitely high on the list of prerequisites. However, there are other things to look for that may ultimately be even more important to you. Here are some other important points to consider. Does your instructor have good people skills? This might not seem as important at first because after all you want to learn about the martial arts first and foremost and you’re willing to put forth the effort no matter what. But the instructors who have great people skills are usually the ones who care about their students the most. Generally with this type of instructor your progress will be foremost in their minds and they will do their best to encourage you, give you appropriate feedback and ensure your success in their program. The opposite type of instructor may well be very good at the martial arts but often seems arrogant, aloof and completely disinterested. It seems like they are more focused

on trying to break your spirit for the purpose of showing you how bad you really are. This may or may not be true, and some people react very well to this type of hardcore training but most people don’t do well in this environment. Instead, they need a healthy balance of tough love and positive encouragement.

to black belt? Is their school a part of a larger organization that offers support and guidance to them? These types of questions don’t always give you the full picture of your instructor’s ability in the martial arts and their level of teaching, but they do give you some idea as to how seriously they take themselves and their school.

Which type of person are you? What are your instructor’s qualifications? Again I’m not just talking about their technical skill, although this is important. I’m also talking about other not so obvious qualifications they should have. So, instead of just finding out what degree black belt they are, try to find out other things such as how long have they been practicing the martial arts, how long have they been teaching, how often do they go on courses to improve their own skills? Do they have CPR and First Aid qualifications? Other important factors include: Do they do background checks on their assistant instructors? Are they qualified to rank you once you get

What do your instructor’s lessons look like? Does your instructor teach the same thing every lesson? Does your instructor seem disorganized and frazzled? Does each lesson flow from one activity to the next or is it disjointed and confusing? Some of these things are signs that your instructor doesn’t know what they are doing. Instead your lessons should be more like the following: *A high-energy and positive environment where the instructor leads by example and models the techniques or drills. *Ample opportunity to practice the techniques and drills in different

ways while giving constructive feedback. *Lessons flows seamlessly from one technique to the next and one activity to the next *The instructor is well-organized and uses multiple teaching methods such as verbal, visual and experiential. *Questions are asked and comments are made to help reinforce the content. *Good discipline is maintained in the class so there are minimal interruptions and students are held accountable for their effort and focus. As with any activity for your family, the best evidence is to observe a class for yourself. A professional, and well-run school will be thrilled to have you observe a class, because they have nothing to hide. Hopefully these ideas give you a better picture of what to look for in a good school and instructor.

Korean Martial Arts Institute

Master self-defense, boost your physique and fitness, and live a more confident, disciplined, and focused life Specializing in: Children’s Martial Arts Classes Adult Martial Arts Classes Kickboxing Classes and Children’s Birthday Parties Located at Route 13 (across from Blue Hen Mall and Corporate Center) Dover, DE 19901

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living well andfit “Inhale, & God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, & God remains with you. Exhale, & you approach God. Hold the exhalation, & surrender to God.” ~ Krishnamacharya

Purchase a private yoga, aerial yoga, or pranayama lesson & receive 2 FREE regularly scheduled yoga classes. Offer Expires Sept. 30, 2012

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Learn to teach one of the fastest growing yoga styles. Aerial Yoga Teacher Training registration is now open for Level I- Sept. 28- Oct 1, 2012 & Level II- Oct. 26-29, 2012 at the Rehoboth Beach Kaya Aerial Studio.

By Heather Shafer, ERYT, Director

Change Your Life with Breath


“Disease cannot live where there is oxygen,” I always attest as I encourage students to flood the body with fresh oxygen in full yogic breaths. Far from rote catch phrases, this principal could be the most important, life changing action. Consider the fact that we can go without food for weeks, and without water for days, but cannot go for a few minutes without oxygen. As the important yogic text Science of Breath simplifies, “To breathe is to live, and without breath there is no life...Life is but a series of breaths.” (Ramacharaka 2008) We are born with the ability to breathe, but how to breathe fully, completely is something that most Westerners forget how to do. Shallow breathing that is commonplace from stress and fastpaced lives poses a serious threat to health. Yoga in itself is beneficial because the physical movement creates oxygenation. Many styles of yoga, including Kripalu-based and VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga, are breathbased practices, that not only teach you how to breath properly, but that also offer techniques to more fully permeate the body with fresh oxygen.

1931 Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer cells cannot live in the presence of oxygen. In medical science, the critical role of oxygen has been shown. Oxygen nourishes cells, creates energy, combats fatigue, breaks down waste products and toxins, provides energy needed to metabolize carbohydrates, regulates body chemistry PH balance, creates immune system defense and fights off invading hostile organisms.

of breathing properly, along with the physical movement of asanas (yoga postures), breath is importantly linked into many schools of yoga as a source of mental clarity, stillness, and connection to a higher source. There are many schools of yoga that offer an interconnection of breath to postures, and philosophy. It is important to find a studio and teacher that resonates with you. So, do your research and find a place

The importance of breathing properly cannot be stressed enough. Whether fatigue, irratibility, immune deficiency, or if you are just looking to maintain health, increasing oxygen in your body should be a high priority. Learning to breathe to full capacity, along with regular physical movement provided by yoga classes, whether they be vigorous or gentle, will help to counteract, balance, harmonize and help protect the human body from disease. It may also help to alleviate various existing diseases and health challenges.

where you can focus your mind, deepen your practice, and soak in the vital benefits of a breath-based practice. Private pranayama (breath) classes are available, along with group yoga & aerial yoga classes that are based in breath in a variety of styles at our Rehoboth Beach & Philly locations. For more information, please contact the studio at 302-227-3450 or email info@

Yoga mMassage


Located in The Shops at the Pearl 301 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Dr. W. Spencer Way writes in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians, “Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to a life-threatening disease. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established.”

Coupled with phsyical movement, the breath-based classes offered at Kaya Wellness & Yoga in Rehoboth Beach, DE and at Kaya Aerial Yoga in Philadelphia teach students how to breathe properly, fully, so that you can maintain health and increase your energy with simple techniques. At first, breathing properly will take work and dedication, along with patience, but over time breathing to full capacity will become a natural state of breath, influencing your health positively without effort.

The significance of oxygen to health is not a new discovery. In

In addition to the health connection of the physical act


Aerial Yoga

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living well andfit

By Kyle Long Kyle, a graduate of Wesley College and a Dover resident, has over 5 years of experience as a personal trainer. He specializes in weight management and athletic performance. Outside of the gym, Kyle has played collegiate and professional soccer in the United States and in Europe. Kyle currently trains at Quest Fitness in Lewes, Delaware training one-on-one as well as teaching boot camps on Lewes Beach.

Picking the Perfect Trainer


You’ve made the decision; it’s time for a personal trainer. Whether you’re tired of your old routine, not seeing the results you want, or just need someone there to tell you “one more rep!”, picking the right trainer is a process that goes far beyond writing a check for the first Navy SEAL looking individual that you see at the gym throwing around 100lb dumbbells. Understanding what to look for is vital when choosing a trainer, so let’s cover the basics to get you started. Would you go to a surgeon that has six degrees, a laundry list of abbreviations after his/ her name and no experience at all? Maybe one who had no formal education, but who had undergone operations several times throughout their life? No? How about one who has a solid educational background, a certification or two, and years of experience with a long list of testimonials? Sound better? Treat picking a personal trainer the same way. It’s important to understand, ANYONE can call themselves a trainer, with or without certifications and/ or education. People who have achieved a high level of fitness themselves, do not necessarily have the knowledge required to properly train others, and conversely a person who has an extensive educational background with no experience may not provide the level of service that should be expected. When vetting trainers, look for a combination of education, certifications, and most importantly testimonials. Any quality trainer should have a number of references from former

clients, and certifications through national organizations such as ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ISSA or ACE are also a plus. Lose 20lbs in 20 minutes! Drop 4 dress sizes overnight! Sure, that sounds nice, but don’t get sucked into a training program that makes outrageous claims. A guarantee is nice, a promise makes you feel good, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different. It’s absolutely impossible to make a “Lose X amount of pounds in X amount of days” statement, because of how different our bodies respond to exercise. A good trainer will sit down with you, set reasonable goals, and will set up a time table to reach those goals. Remember the block game when you were little? The wood circle fits in the circular hole, the square through the square hole

and so on. Each piece works because it’s designed specifically to fit through a single space. The same concept should be used by your trainer when designing your program. No one workout works for everyone, or even most people in that case. When picking a personal trainer, keep the root personal at the forefront. Choose someone who will design a program specifically for you and your needs, not the needs of all 10 of their clients. Personal training is considered a luxury service, but that does not mean it should cost as much as a luxury car. A trainer has a value, and under or over pricing that value should raise red flags. Purchasing training sessions in packages rather than individual workouts are typically more cost efficient. If a trainer throws a three- figure number at you for a 30-minute workout, and your last

name is not Kardashian, then you should probably look elsewhere. On the flip side, a trainer who offers sessions for the price of the change you find in your couch won’t see value in you as a client, and thus most likely will provide subpar services. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and even barter if you have services that could benefit the trainer. In the end, working with a personal trainer is about comfort. You should never be intimidated or uncomfortable when working with someone. Pick a trainer with a combination of experience and education, who will treat you as an individual rather than a number without emptying your bank account. Finding a trainer that fits you personally is well worth the search and in the end, will provide you with an extremely enjoyable and successful fitness experience.

Ky le Lo ng Personal Trainer Call: 740-816-3180 to set up a free introduction


business andfinance By John Still John Still brings over 35 years of successful insurance, retirement, and financial planning experience to individuals, families, and businesses. He specializes in business planning and employee benefits, as well as life and health insurance for business owners of small and large businesses. John is well known and respected not only in the insurance field, but also for his civic involvement, which is broad and extensive. He graduated from both Wesley College and the University of Delaware, was the first Delawarean to earn the coveted “Registered Health Underwriter” designation in 1980, and became securities licensed in January 1981. He maintains and updates his professional life and health knowledge and credentials with comprehensive continuing education courses annually. In 2010, he completed the “Certificate in Financial Planning” through the University of Delaware, Lerner College of Business and Economics. He has taught LUTCF insurance courses and conducted employee benefits seminars throughout his career.

Employee Benefits


With the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision (5-4) regarding the constitutionality of The Affordable Care Act (PPACA of 2010, as amended), the future of healthcare delivery and its financing for all Americans is changed. This fall, when the dust settles, we will conduct seminar(s) for clients and guests summarizing the law, the U.S. Supreme Court decision, healthcare’s future, and how employers can manage these expenditures in the future. This first article explains the basics. Future articles will delve in more details and comparisons. In order to remain competitive, as well as attract and retain top employees, employers are faced with a vast array of new federal and state compliance measures as well as the task of creating winning compensation strategies that will not only accomplish these objectives, but will also stay in line with business budgeting constraints. While employers are legally obligated to provide certain state and federal sponsored benefits, the majority of employers also offer, and often contribute to, additional employee benefits for their employees. Employee benefits fall into a number of categories, including: • State and Federal Mandated Benefits • Group Benefits • Retirement Benefits • Other Benefits State and Federal Mandated Benefits include workers’ compensation coverage, unemployment insurance taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare contributions, and state disability laws, where applicable. Group Benefits include but are not limited to the following

coverages. Group Term Life is either offered as a fixed amount or based on a multiple of income. Medical Insurance is an important part of an employee’s overall compensation package. Today’s medical insurance plans typically are identified as Traditional ‘Fee for Service’, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs), Point of Service (POSs), and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). The main differences in each of these plans are the number of participating providers and patient access restrictions. Of note, Traditional Fee-For-Service plans generally permit an individual to go to any provider for treatment. It is important that an employee realize that the most restrictive access to providers is an HMO. Generally speaking, PPOs, EPOs, and POSs all have out-of-network benefits. Nevertheless, even with traditional fee-for-service plans to HMO coverages, most serious illnesses and their respective treatments must still be preauthorized, unless it is an emergency. Dental Insurance plans pay for a majority of services offered by dentists, orthodontists, and endodontists. Services are classified as preventative (routine exams and x-rays), restorative (fillings, endodontics, periodontics, crowns, and prosthetics), and orthodontia (braces). Benefits are normally payable as a percentage or fixed co-pay amount, based on the classification of the service. There is usually an annual maximum benefit per insured and a lifetime limit on orthodontia. Disability Income coverage replaces a percentage of an employee’s earnings in the event he or she becomes unable to perform the regular duties of his or her job. Typical benefits

range from 50% to 70% up to a monthly maximum benefit. Some plans pay for a number of years (2, 5, 10, to age 65 or 70). Most offer additional provisions via policy riders designed to improve coverage. Some riders enhance benefits with partial disability coverage, Cost of Living riders, and more. Pay close attention to the policy’s contractual language, can the carrier adjust premiums and/or terminate coverages. Retirement Benefits, like health insurance, are an integral part of an employee’s overall compensation. There are a number of different retirement options available, such as Pension Plans (Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, and Profit Sharing). Typically they provide employees with a retirement benefit, payable based on the employee’s length of service, salary, and a benefit formula that typically calculates the average of the employee’s earnings over a prescribed period of time. Examples include: 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP’s), and Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (Simple’s). There are a wide variety of plans available to employers, so consult with professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge of retirement plans for businesses. Other Benefits is a “catchall” category that includes programs and benefits offered by the employer on either an employer-pay-all or contributory basis. These benefits serve to improve the employee’s quality of life by offering services and programs that may make the employee’s life easier, and hopefully, more pleasant. This translates


to improved satisfaction levels and greater productivity. Other benefits can include, but are not limited to, wellness programs, group automobile insurance plans, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, dependent care accounts, medical expense reimbursement accounts, paid leave, employee assistance programs, health club memberships, company vehicles, and certain “non-qualified” plans such as “deferred compensation plans”, which are usually discriminatory in nature and thus not tax preference instruments of employee compensation. In summary, it is important to design a plan around the core array of benefits, ensuring compliance with the numerous federal and state laws such as HIPPA, ERISA, ADEA, Civil Rights Act, COBRA, etc. We recommend you seek advice and counsel of a professional experienced in designing health, welfare, and pension plans so your plan is right for you and your employees, in addition to fitting within your budgetary requirements.

Are You Covered? Life Insurance, Individual & Group Health, Medicare Supplements, Dental Plans, Long-Term Care & More

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business andfinance Written by Linda Ferrari, Presented by Kevin Phillipson Kevin Phillipson has developed custom applications and solutions for small and large businesses, as well as the federal government, and has a case study published by Microsoft. His understanding of business processes and procedures has enabled him to bridge the gap between operations and technology and how it is applied in today’s market. With 6 years’ experience in the mortgage business, and 4 years of that specializing in working with people with unique and difficult financial and credit situations, Kevin has developed and copyrighted 2 processes, Mortgage Ready© and Ready for Business©. Both are designed to take people from where they are today to where they want to be, detailing all the steps along the way, a clear in depth, proven process of getting people Mortgage Ready, or Ready for Business. Kevin earned his MBA in 2010, and is working on his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) at Wilmington University.

Part 1 The Five Biggest Credit Mistakes


Imagine spending nearly $40,000 more than someone else does just because your credit score was not as high as theirs was. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Consumers feel like they are backed into a corner to pay more because their credit score falls within a range that is not high enough to qualify for the best loans. Here are some examples of what you would pay for a $300,000 loan if you had the following scores:

The table shows that if your credit scores are below 740, you could pay as much as $107 more per month in your mortgage payment. That translates into an extra $1,284 a year and a whopping $38,453 over the life of the loan. Wouldn’t you rather have that money available for retirement, or improving your overall situation in the way of lifestyle, education or investing? It is a lot of money. It is enough money to change your life for the better, and it is worth fighting for. Even if your scores are low right now, you do not have to give up on your dream of homeownership. Many options will allow you to get into a loan now, spend the next 6-12 months working to improve your scores, and refinance for a better rate. Your mortgage professional can assist you in this important process. Then, you can take proactive steps to improve your credit scores to get the best loan possible. As you can see above, there are 38,453 good reasons to start right now! This 3 part article series is aimed at showing you how you can do just that.

Some background facts you should know: Here are some quick facts to get you started on your credit awareness and improvement campaign: A “Good” Credit Score Scores generally range between 350 and 850. A score of 720 or better is considered “Very Good” credit.

Scores from the three credit bureaus are all a little different The three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are businesses that make money by collecting data about YOU from creditors and then reselling the data to lenders, employers, insurance companies, and utility companies. It is very common that the data they house in your file will differ because not all creditors report to all three bureaus. That explains the variance in the scores as each line item affects the score either up or down.

directly from the bureaus, but instead take the DATA ONLY from each bureau, enter it into their own scoring software and calculate their own scores based on the criteria they feel better evaluates whether or not you will be a good credit risk for their program. So all lenders calculate your scores using the same data from the three bureaus, but all lenders DO NOT use the same software to evaluate that data. The potential for varying scores is great. You want to properly manage your credit to ensure that your scores are favorable under all scoring software models. Credit Scoring Factors There are five factors that make up your credit score, and each factor weighs differently on your score. Here is the breakdown: • 35% of your score is based on Payment History: The biggest chunk of your credit score, payment history, tells lenders how you have been paying your bills. Late payments, collections, past due accounts, and public records such as bankruptcies can seriously hurt your score. • 30% of the score is based on Amounts Owed: The second biggest factor affecting your credit

score, this factor takes into account how much is owed on all your accounts, how many accounts you have that carry a balance, and what percentage of your available credit are you using. • 10% of the score is based on New Credit: This factor includes the number of recently opened accounts, the number of credit inquiries, and the time since each account was opened. This portion of the score also looks at how often you apply for credit. • 15% of the score is based on Length of Credit History: This factor scores you on how long you have had credit, the time since you opened an account and the time since recent account activity. • 10% of the score is based on Types of Credit Used: A mix of credit is the best way to develop a good score. The most important consideration is to be fussy about the type of credit you apply for because that will really help your score. For instance, to the scoring system, third party financed credit cards (i.e. department store credit cards) are considered particularly low quality credit, as the holder of such cards can appear desperate for credit.

You too can overcome the challenges of the past .... And claim your share of the American Dream

Many Different Scores Because different lenders analyze the data with an eye toward their own unique interest, emphasizing different aspects of the score and the history, your credit score can be very different to different lenders. For example, if you are applying for a car loan, the lender will analyze the data with an eye toward car payment history. A mortgage lender would heavily weight your history of mortgage payment, or even rent payment. Lenders DO NOT buy their scores

Get Mortgage Ready Get Ready NOW Call Today (302) 264-9094 Specializing in underwriting based personal finance preparation . . . Ensuring the best rates and lowest cost loans


business andfinance By Brian Kelly When you’re dealing with one of the largest transactions you will make in life, you would like to know you are dealing with someone who has your best interest at heart. That is what you will always get when dealing with Brian Kelly. Brian has specialized in residential home finance for more than a decade. He has worked with both large and small financial institutions and through it all, he maintains the only thing that matters is a satisfied customer. Brian’s team works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction and that is why 73% of his business is referral based. As a team leader at Emery Federal Credit Union he now has the backing of a federally chartered bank that allows him to originate loans for his clients all across the country. When you work with Brian and his team you know you are not “aloan”!

Rent VS. Own?


Once you have read this article you may feel as though I have made an error placing a question mark in the title. Home prices have dropped to price levels not seen since the mid 90’s. Interest rates are breaking records for alltime lows and the inventory of homes “For Sale“ are enormous. So why even ask the question? Over the last 10 years three distinct things have happened to the American public. First they have been conditioned to believe the interest rate on a home loan is the most important thing. Second, many have been convinced that home ownership is beyond their grasp because of the high price of home and the difficulty in getting financed. And lastly, which is almost the exact opposite of the previous point, home ownership is risky because of how quickly home prices have come down in the last 5 years. All of these things are laced in some form or fear. I have been in the mortgage business for 10 years almost to the day that I am writing this article. When I entered the business the one question I was asked more than any other was-“What’s Your Rate”. Now 10 years later the number one question I am asked is “do I qualify”. Both are great questions. Interestingly enough I need a few questions of my own answered before I can answer theirs. Question like: • How long have you been on your job (2 Year History Needed)? • Wage earner or Self Employed? • How would you rate your credit (Great or do you have a few hiccups)?

• Are you currently renting? • How much of a down payment are planning on? Your answers to these questions have an impact on your rate and your ability to qualify. The public is not at fault, it is what the media has trained us to be concerned with. The reality is qualifying is more difficult than It was a few years ago but banks are still very much in the business of lending money for home buyers. Patience on the part of the client and working with a knowledgeable loan officer are the keys to a successful loan approval process. So ask away, but if you want real solid and accurate information, be willing to answer some questions of your own first. People love having options of all kinds and none is any greater than having the option to Rent or Buy. Once you have been Pre-Approved for a home loan you fit squarely in the category of having options. Often times we are too quick to say I can’t, when in reality, we can. Even though the loan options are not as

plentiful as they were a few years ago, buyers have plenty of loans to choose from. In the state of Delaware you have more options than you could imagine. The fear that people have over one, the high cost or two, the crashing home prices, can be addressed in the following way. Let’s look at the numbers. Zero is the first number to look at. Zero is what you build in equity when you rent. Zero is what you will receive when you vacate the rental property. Yes there is an absolute freedom that comes along with the flexibility of renting but at what long term cost. People will spend more time planning a vacation than they will on planning for their future. The purchase of a

home is usually the largest buying decision that a family makes and that decision has long term impact. If you are looking for a home and you know that you are willing to be in that home for the next five years, buy a home. Speak with a loan professional and a highly qualified realtor and design a plan. We have seen many indications that home prices have reached near bottom, if they haven’t already. Many of the markets in the country that were hardest hit by the housing crisis have seen actual increases in sales prices in the last quarter. Just like mattresses, tires and clothing, homes are on sale today. Find out what your true options are and then go shopping.

Find out if you are eligable 24HRS a day (800)555-1212 Ask for me Brian Kelly “Let’s Talk” (856)625-8679


business andfinance By Susan D’Alonzo Ament Susan D’Alonzo Ament is a partner with Morris James LLP and has practiced for 30 years representing personal injury victims. She was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and attended Widener University School of Law. Susan is dedicated to representing clients injured at work and in serious automobile accidents in their claims against insurance companies. Clients describe her as compassionate and tenacious. She says that she finds it rewarding to work with her injured clients to protect their rights. She is driven by her faith to help others, not only at work, but in her personal life and volunteer work. Over the years, Susan has found that some of our clients don’t understand the crucial need to have adequate automobile insurance coverage in the event of a serious accident. Susan educates her clients on Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation law every day in her practice and in seminars that she presents throughout the year.

Advice You Deserve


The Delaware personal injury lawyers of Morris James LLP understand that being injured in an accident can be a frightening experience, especially when someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. You may be facing medical bills, lost wages, and other significant expenses, all because of someone else’s carelessness. We frequently see victims who are injured because another driver was using a mobile device, disregards a red light or stop sign, is distracted by passengers, speeding, or is otherwise inattentive. At the Delaware Personal Injury Group of Morris James LLP, our compassionate attorneys understand how difficult it can be to live with an injury. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to getting our clients the money they and their families need and deserve. If you have been injured in an accident, we will carefully review with you all insurance benefits to which you are entitled. Being injured in an accident can have wide-ranging repercussions. You may be unable to work and face medical bills you cannot afford. Any financial problems you may be facing could be magnified by the often significant costs associated with living with an injury. You and your family should not have to handle these responsibilities alone if someone else is responsible for your pain and suffering. We handle a wide range of cases on a regular basis, including those involving:

• • • • • • •

Auto Accidents Trucking Accidents Motorcycle Accidents Workers’ Compensation Dog Bites Product Liability Slip and Fall Accidents / Premises Liability • Wrongful Death

• • • • •

Personal injury is a broad field, and if you have been injured in an accident, it can help to know that your attorney has a wealth of experience handling a diverse range of cases. In the past, our Morris James Personal Injury Group Attorneys have successfully helped clients with cases involving:

Brain Injuries Burn Injuries E. Coli and Contaminated Food Workers’ Compensation Fractured Bones and Scarring

If you or a loved one is injured due to another person’s negligent or reckless conduct, you need to know exactly what claims you can present to insurance companies under Delaware law. Do not be taken advantage of. Discussing your case with a dedicated Delaware personal injury attorney to become educated concerning your rights may be your first step towards securing justice and compensation.

Here are what past clients have to say: “You and your staff have always treated me with respect, kindness and have always helped steer me in the right direction and always told me to never give up.” - T.B. “My attorney explained everything clearly and put me at ease. I have never worked with an attorney and I was anxious about it, but they made it easy.” - J. G. “I found the group to be very friendly and involved. They settled the case in a timely manner and always consulted me before doing anything that involved my case. Also, everyone was up front and honest.” - J. H


Driven to Educate and Serve Delaware for Over 81 Years Pete Jones, Esq. 803 N. Broom Street Wilmington, DE 19806 302.655.2599

Susan D. Ament, Esq. 803 N. Broom Street Wilmington, DE 19806 302.655.2599

• Personal Injury


Kevin Healy, Esq. 16 Polly Drummond Hill Rd Newark, DE 19711 302.368.4200

Keith Donovan, Esq. 29 N. State Street, Suite 100 Dover, DE 19904 302.678.8815



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We love our new look! “With so much going on in my life , I need a publication that speaks directly to me . I find Kent County Women’s Journal has informative and objective articles on subjects that really matter to me . In this crazy world , it helps me make the best decisions for me , my family and my life . Thanks Kent County Women’s Journal!”

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n i People Profile Sandra Zaragoza Sandra Zaragoza and her business partner Ruth Dixon are both graduates of The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science and have been pharmacists for more than 20 years. For both of them, it was a part-time career while raising their children and managing their homes. During the past 5 years, while working together in a hospital setting, they discovered their shared dream of being business owners. Sandra spent her early career years monitoring investigational medication studies. After moving to Dover, DE, she assisted her husband Michael in his Urology practice coordinating clinical trials. Her original business plan was to open a research center to work with other physicians who were interested in pharmaceutical studies. Ruth, a native Delawarean, also assisted her husband Lee in managing his business while her pharmacy career had her serving the community in the retail drug store. She enjoyed the patient contact and the opportunity it provided to build trust-based relationships. The idea of a compounding pharmacy appealed both of them and they started working on a plan for The Corner Apothecary. Because each of their products is customized for the recipient, they confer with both physicians and veterinarians on a daily basis. They also find it very rewarding to be able to provide solutions to medication problems for both the prescriber and more importantly, the patient. “In the short time we’ve been open for business; we’ve already had numerous patients who have expressed their gratitude for the unique services we’ve provided. Even if a compounded medication isn’t something everyone needs, the satisfaction of helping even one person makes our day worthwhile”

Rori Allen Rori has held a hairdressing license since 1978. She has trained in color, makeup, and haircutting and styling in New York City. During the years she has attended many hair shows and met and learned from the best in the industry. She knows how fast styles change and makes it a point to stay current. Rori purchased the salon in December of 2009 and is proud to say they are growing fast. She feels that her staff is the best! One comment that they hear over and over is that customers feel so welcome. They are truly a family. At Rori & Company they believe in outstanding customer service, honesty, reliability, generosity, and kindness for all of their clients. They appreciate the value of the dollar, especially in this trying economy and therefore have affordable prices. They are a progressive salon and spa and are always going to classes and furthering their educations. They specialize in wedding parties, makeup, formal styles, and total makeovers all at affordable prices. Their stylists are amazing with custom hair color, highlighting and creating the trendiest new haircuts. Also, on staff, are stylists certified in the hottest new smoothing Brazilian Keratin Treatment and all facets of hair extensions. A Special Thanks to Rori and her staff for providing hair and make-up for our photoshoot this issue for the cover and People in Profile!

Sandra Winfrey Sandra M Winfrey is founder and CEO of Cajun Queens Cuisine. She brings her passion in the love of fine authentic Cajun foods since the age of nine. Her vision is to always provide the most flavorful foods through two-generation old secret recipes and spices. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by creating lasting memories… anytime and anywhere. Cajun Queens Cuisine is now a sixteen year old business with many accomplishments throughout those years. We have catered many different events leaving our customers pleased and ready for more. Nothing is too small or too large for the company. Cajun Queens Cuisine is a women owned and minority owned catering business that provides a wide variety of different of cuisine. YOU DECIDE WE PROVIDE says everything we do. Some of Sandra‘s awards and accomplishments include but are not limited to: SBA Home Based Business Champion 2006, Mid-State Living “25 Who Matter” Award, Delaware Today Top Women in Business 2005, Delaware State University (HSCU) Outstanding Service & Support 2003-Junior Entrepreneurship Training Conference, Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development Program, Mastery Program , Cambridge Who’s Who award, Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise 2009, Dover Networking Group


n i People Profile Christina Lessard Christina Lessard is quickly growing into key roles in the family business at Lessard Builders in Camden. Born and raised in Dover, Delaware, Christina attended Saint Thomas More High School in Magnolia. After earning a degree in Finance from Wilmington University in 2010 she went to work for her father Brian as comptroller. That said, her work in the family business didn’t begin with her current role. She grew up in the business and worked as the office cleaner, job site picker upper, receptionist and assistant. Though now heavily involved in the financial aspect of the business Christina also shadows her father in meetings with new and current clients and visiting job sites. As a woman in a man’s industry, she understands this is the time to really learn about her family’s business. Understanding the actual construction process, knowing the language and terms, and meeting clients throughout the process are invaluable keys to success in a sometimes volatile business. “Understanding the custom building business has allowed Lessard Builders to thrive for more than three decades and four generations, and I’m proud to be part of the future,” she said. In addition to working with them, she still spends most of her free time hanging out with her parents, siblings, nieces and friends. Having been a competitive member of the volleyball team at Wilmington University, Christina enjoys coaching the JV Volleyball at Saint Thomas More and plays in two side leagues for the county and Holy Cross Church.

Hannah E. Draper A Kent County native, Hannah recently moved back to Dover after many years away and has started a private practice as a holistic nurse. Hannah has over 20 years experience in holistic healing modalities, and has been practicing several forms of meditation for the past 15 years. Hannah’s focus is on preventative wellness care, as well as supporting the healing of individuals suffering physical, emotional, and spiritual life issues. Through her work as a hospice nurse, Hannah developed a specific interest in working with individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Her holistic approach allows her to be a significant support to traditional allopathic medical treatments. As a result, Hannah developed the 6-week program, Healing Inside Out, which offers group support and meditation as well as individual healing sessions to anyone living with cancer. Through her own journey in nondual healing, Hannah has realized the unique and transformational aspects of this work. She is committed to continuing on her healing journey and offering the greatest support to others who are seeking help. She is excited to offer a no-charge Healing Circle as a way of giving back to the community. Held in Smyrna on Monday evenings, the Healing Circle offers an opportunity for people to gather in meditation, guided imagery, and sharing with the focus on going deeper on the healing path. All are welcome, and there is no commitment. When Hannah is not providing holistic care to others, she is busy raising her two children and fostering other children. She enjoys cooking and caring for her 2 dogs and 4 cats, and on occasion sketching and calligraphy. Hannah is a believer in Plato’s philosophy: “You ought not attempt to cure the eyes without the head, nor the head without the body, so neither ought you attempt to cure the body without the soul, for the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”

Thank you to Mike Baker of CM Baker Photography for all of the wonderful photos this issue, from the cover, the profiles to the women who serve. And thank you to Fifer Orchard for their hospitality in allowing us to do our photo shoot at the orchard. Everyone had a great experience and the peaches were awesome!


fashion andbeauty By Rori Allen Rori has much experience in the beauty industry. Starting her career in New York City where she trained, Rori has spent time training and teaching different techniques in many places in the United States. Most of her career has been spent on the eastern seaboard, Eastern Long Island New York, and presently in Dover where she owns Rori & Company which is a fast moving upscale salon. We are always busy Rori says, learning, teaching and growing in this area. Currently, Rori oversees the operations here in Dover and has moved away from the actual work behind the chair, as she watches her staff grow. Rori & Company currently has two wonderful apprentices that the staff takes pride in. We are a close knit family here, it’s the only way we want it. Licensed since the late 70’s, Rori has seen many changes in this industry. Traveling again to Las Vegas in January we will be bringing to Dover the new hair and make-up fashions for 2013.

Hot Trend: Eyelash Extensions


Rori & Company believes in outstanding customer service, honesty, reliability, generosity, and kindness for all of our clients. We appreciate the value of the dollar, especially in this trying economy. We are a progressive salon and spa and we are always going to classes and further educating ourselves. We specialize in wedding parties, makeup, formal styles, and total makeovers all at affordable prices. Our stylists are amazing with custom hair color, highlighting and creating the trendiest new haircuts. We also have stylists on staff certified in the hottest new trends and styling techniques. We proudly offer a simple service that has been quoted as being

the “Next Big Thing in Beauty” – ABC News. Adding natural looking, permanent lashes that require minimal maintenance will not only add to the simple beauty of the face, it will make you feel like a new person. The first thing that is noticed in beauty ads is the models lashes. Why not treat yourself to newer and longer lashes that will brighten your day! JBlashes by JB Cosmetics has created this beauty wonder and they have made sure that the lashes withstand any condition that the wearer may face: water, pool chlorine, heat, and perspiration.

wedding. I cannot say enough about the technique that Leland used. Not only did I enjoy the relaxing touch of Leland, but also the application of my permanent lashes. Everyone commented on how beautiful my eyes looked but no one noticed that the lashes

were extensions. I enjoyed the sexy look for my special day and the days after. I would highly recommend this up-scale service to anyone.” – Kim Melnick To make an appointment contact Leland at Rori and Company 302736-6999.

Rori & Company Salon and Spa LLC 302-736-6999 Redken 5th Avenue Salon

Testimonial “What an great experience! Leland did my lashes for my

• Trendy Custom Colors and Foils • Custom Extensions (Clip on, Beaded, and Fusion) • Men’s and Women’s Custom Cuts and Styles • All Phases of Body Waxing • Individual Eye Lash Extensions by a Certified Lash Stylist • Custom Air-Brush Tanning • Massage Therapy (Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Relaxation) • Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Thermafuse and Other Soft Relaxers by Certified Stylist • Trendy Up-Dos, Wedding Parties and other Events • Make-Up Application and Instruction (including Airbrush Make-up) • Certified Redken Retail Distributor

Leland Damon is a licensed cosmetologist that gained his credentials from apprenticing under many seasoned stylists. He is fashion forward and always conscious of his clients’ needs. He gained his certification to apply JBlashes in February 2012. Leland has done numerous lash applications and is confident that he will be able to make any woman feel amazing after getting their new lashes. While you are in the salon, complete your look with a complete hair makeover from our professionals and top it off with an airbrush tan or a hot stone massage.


fashion andbeauty By Erin Tinsley Bel Boutique is a women’s clothing and accessories boutique located in Downtown Dover. We are proud to offer the latest unique, quality fashions at reasonable prices. We offer a little bit of everything from top brands in clothing and accessories like Brighton, Pandora, Spanx, Max and Cleo and many more to small boutique brands you won’t find anywhere else. You will find the latest trends as well as classic styles from everyday casual to date night cocktail. We also have great gift options for the special ladies in your life and we provide complimentary signature gift wrap. Please come in and enjoy shopping our amazing selection in a cozy and chic atmosphere. Our fun and knowledgeable sales staff would love to meet you! Be sure to tell them the Women’s Journal sent you!

Let Your Jewelry Tell Your Story


The jewelry we wear is often much more than pretty clusters of precious metals, stones and beads. Like most of what we wear, our jewelry is an expression of ourselves. Generally the final item we put on, it is the essential element that completes each ensemble. There are many ways to express yourself through the jewelry you are wearing, and many different ways to wear it! Versatility and sentiment are features that we enjoy in our jewelry, and here are some great tips about it- the long lasting fashion piece! Mix and match! Matching sets are great for a pulled together look, but often times a variety of jewels offers a unique and personalized fashion statement. Look through your old jewelry and reorganize, get creative on how you can update it! Experiment with combining colors, pattern, metals and stones. Try stacking simple banded rings with a cocktail ring for an extra pop or slide pretty pendants on bracelets to create pretty dangles. Don’t be afraid to layer, I have combined several bracelets or necklaces together to create one cohesive statement! Brooches are very versatile and can adorn hats, scarves, and are darling when affixed to layered necklaces. If you are typically a gold wearer, two-tone jewelry is a great way to tie together some of your other pieces. By pairing gold chains with sterling, or bronze and gunmetal, you open up a whole new world of options for your look. Stacking some gold bands with a silver ring pulls together a gold bracelet and silver pendant necklace that

might otherwise clash. You will also find its easier on your wallet to purchase two-tone over gold when purchasing high quality items. Love what you wear! Find special meaning in your special pieces. When an item you wear has sentiment it can make all the difference in how you feel about your look. I find that wearing my charm bracelet representing special moments in my life I am a happier person just because it makes me smile. Items can be literal such as an initial pendant or birthstone ring to represent yourself or your children or loved ones. Think outside of the box and find ways to represent other interests, moments, or special people.

necklace even more because I am aware that it was handmade in America with recycled precious metals. Knowing where your jewelry came from, how it was made, and what it might have meant to the people behind its creation makes it that much more special. For most of us, our favorite jewels have stories and we love to share them! Jewelry always makes for great conversation. The next time you are at a loss for words at a ladies lunch, ask the lady you are seated next to about her charm bracelet or pearl drop earrings. You can find a lot of information, history and common ground when discussing where our jewels came

Jewelry also makes a truly lovely gift for someone special. There are great options at any budget. Try to find a way to tie it in to how you know them or something you really like about them. A simple note letting your sister know the starfish earrings are because she is your favorite “Sea Star” will let her think of you each time she wears them. With endless options and variations, charm bracelets are a perfect way to give personalized and meaningful gifts that will keep on giving for years to come as she adds to her assortment. Ask questions and learn about the jewelry you purchase. You would be amazed at some of the processes involved to create many of the pieces you wear. The story of a beautiful piece of jewelry began long before you laid eyes on it. Behind each item there was a concept, a designer, and a process. I love wearing my identity


from, what they mean, and how gorgeous they are! When you find a piece of jewelry that you love, get it even if you do not have a need for it at that moment. You will find creative ways to wear it, and be so happy you had that handmade turquoise necklace to pair with a sundress you find next summer. Our jewelry often lasts a very long time, and its story continues on as we use it in new ways to create fresh looks for all of our special moments! Bel Boutique 28 W. Loockerman Street, Dover, DE 19904 302.741.2340

fashion andbeauty

Summer Hair


While summer can be full of fun in the sunshine, it can also leave you wondering how to heal damaged hair! At Rene Delyn, we offer a variety of sun-rescuing services and products. For dry frizzy hair, it is always best to keep the ends trimmed. Our stylists are experts at knowing exactly how much hair needs to be trimmed without leaving the hair shorter than it needs to be to stay healthy. Sometimes, removing dead ends and leaving locks healthy, can make your hair appear LONGER AND MORE LUCIOUS. For sun worshipers with extra damage, we offer several varieties of smoothing, conditioning, and keratin treatments which can actually mend split ends, and smooth frizz. Our brands of treatments include: Paul Mitchell – Awapuhi, Simply Smooth Keratin, Simply Smooth Color Extend, and Dream Hair Keratin. Come in for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our stylists to see which treatment would be best for you!

treatment not only lightens, but softens the hair, leaving you with a radiant glow in only FIVE MINUTES!

Chlorine and other chemicals in pool water leave a residue on the hair, causing buildup and sometimes even discoloration. This can make the hair feel sticky, smell strange, and sometimes it will look green! Just ask for our line of Malibu Wellness products and treatments which protect from chemicals, remove buildup, and help to MAINTAIN HAIR PURITY.

Can’t stand this humidity? Neither can we!

Want to maintain the sun kissed look of your summer hair while remaining low maintenance? Ask for our New Blonde treatment by Goldwell. This is a five minute treatment performed at the shampoo bowl by your stylist. It softly lightens the color at the root of your hair, making it blend with old highlights, creating a glowing, natural look! This

Our Amazon line of humidity resistant products will keep your hair looking smooth all day. If a more permanent solution is what you are looking for, try our Amazon Smoothing Treatment. It will keep hair smooth and sleek without compromising the natural texture of your hair. Yes, you can have YOUR WAVES AND SMOOTH HAIR! Article by: Emily Moses Photos by: Stacy Hart Hair and Makeup by: Emily Moses Wardrobe Provided by: Bel Boutique

Rene Delyn would like to wish you a happy summer with warm memories, and the fun in the sunshine is over, come visit us to restore your hair’s health!

Call to book your appointment today at (302)736-6070 or visit our website at We look forward to meeting you!

1744 North Dupont Highway Dover, DE 19901

Are you a pool swimmer?

Phone: (302)736-6070

Left to right: Tish, Homairah, Emily, Leila, Heather, Rene’, Alison, Christine, Carrie, and Gulya

w w w. r e n e d e l y n h a i r d e s i g n s . c o m 30

By Mike Baker

Event Photography


One of the most enjoyable areas of photography is event photography. While weddings are still the most popular, event photography takes a close second. Over the past 20 years, we have been involved in many galas and charity events throughout Delaware. During the “film days”, we used to shoot the Kent County Heart Ball at the Dover Sheraton and then take the film across the parking lot to WalMart to be developed. Then we would go back with more film, pick up the 5x7’s and return to give the pictures to the guests. Now-! Fast forward to the present! What a difference a decade (and a half) makes! We can now take a picture, view it, print it, put it in a folder and then into the hands of the guests in less than 2 minutes. The technical world has enabled us to make high quality 5x7 prints in 8 seconds (4x6’s are even faster). That’s a big change from our first on-site prints. It took about an average of 5 minutes per page. Using inkjets- we had to wait for the print to dry. Then the pages had to be cut. There was no guarantee what the picture looked like until it was printed. The only viewing screen was a little 1½” black and white square screen for viewing the image. A minimum of 5 printers were needed to carry this event to the end and then the guests were told to come back after an hour to pick up their prints. Now with the camera being tethered directly to the computer, the image is immediately on the screen. Usually little-to-no adjustments are needed with the studio lighting present; it’s immediate gratification. A variety of backdrops are available to match the theme of the event. Backdrops are also available through a rental supply warehouse at an additional charge. There are numerous ways to charge for these events. A call to us will put you and your event on track for pricing and availability. With computers and software so advanced, a favorite is “green screen” photography. After about 6 years of using this, we finally have it down successfully. Green screen (or Chroma key) is exactly as it says- using a green screen. Taking a picture of a guest, it goes into the computer and puts the preselected backdrop with them right on the screen. It could be out in the desert with the pyramids or standing under the Eiffel Tower. There are a few samples that show how the initial photo is transformed. Just like all areas of photography, there are many people jumping on board to make “instant” money doing this. I cannot stress enough to beware of these overnight photographers. There are a few things to check on your possible photographer. Ask them if they are licensed and insured. And also ask for references! They should also have back up equipment such as lighting, cameras and printers. Event photographers should be able to handle any size crowds in a non-stop environment. High quality studio lighting – not on camera flash will also make a difference in the results. We use some of the best, high quality commercial printers that give excellent results for constant printing for hours on end. For example - when shooting a “Father-Daughter” dance, no dad wants to leave without a picture of himself and his precious daughter. These types of dances are getting to be popular at schools and churches. In fact my daughter helped me with my first one at Holy Cross years ago and I have been doing it ever since. Some of our events can be found at our order site - Pictures can be purchased directly from there. We can handle almost any type of event - car shows, motorcycle shows, most sporting events including golf tournaments, Gala Events, Dances, Charity Events, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Quinceaneras , Bar mitzvahs, Bot mitzvahs, and anything that involves fun!

Call Mike Baker of C.M. Baker Photography at 674-8118 or 335-1500 or visit our website at • • • • • • • • • •

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Women in the CDCC! The CDCC provides networking opportuni�es with other businesses to discuss issues we share in common. We follow the legisla�ve alerts because of the poten�al and real impacts government ‐at all levels‐ can have on a small business. ~Dr. Stephanie Steckel of OrthodonƟcs on Silver Lake

Good Networking The networking opportuni�es provided by the Chamber have proven invaluable. I have made many contacts in the short �me I have been a member and I have come to appreci‐ ate the camaraderie. ~ Jennifer Lapinsky of Senior Helpers

Good Connections On a regular basis, the Chamber gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with many local business owners and community leaders that otherwise I would not know. ~Adrienne Hawes of WSFS Bank

Good Business! ...JOIN TODAY and mention this advertisement, the CDCC will waive your administration fee of $25.00

435. N. DuPont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901 p: (302) 734-7513, f: (302) 678-0189 e: Good Networking, Good Connections, Good Business!


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By John R. Ennis John R. Ennis, is the Director of LCD, Marketing & Program Development at The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, 435 N. DuPont Highway Dover, DE 19901. For more information about the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce or to become a member contact us at 302-734-7513 or

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The first Thursday of every month, the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce(CDCC) partners with Kent County Levy Court to provide the “Kent Is Open For Business” program from 8 to 10am at the County Administration Building, Room 220. A dozen agencies representing various interests will provide information to new proprietors and help give direction to existing businesses with expansion or renovation plans. The next two sessions are August 2nd & September 6th . Attend and grow your business!


On Thursday, August 15th, the CDCC will hold its 11th Annual Allen S. Hedgecock Memorial Golf Tournament at Maple Dale Country Club. Lunch is served at 11am, Shotgun Start is at Noon, and Awards Dinner follows tournament play. Snacks and beverages on the course, contests, awards and prizes are included with a day of golf at a cost of $100 per player. Call (302) 734-7513 to register. Come network while enjoying a day of golf! Speaking of networking, try our next Power Networking being held on August 22nd from 11am-Noon at Maple Dale Country Club. Give a one-minute commercial about your company to potential new customers. Seating is limited. You must pre-register by calling (302) 734-7513. If 11:00-12:00 doesn’t work for your schedule, try our September session on the 19th from 5 to7pm. A CDCC Sunset Business Mixer will be held with the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milford on August 29th from 5-7pm at i.g. Burton & Co., Inc. in Milford. This is a combined Chamber of Commerce event for the purpose of networking and meeting new

clients. Call the CDCC office at (302) 734-7513 for information on how you can expand your business territory. The September Sunset Business Mixer will mark the CDCC’s 24th Anniversary of Mixers and will be held on the 26th at Dover Downs from 5-7pm. The Chamber has partnered with Harrington Raceway & Casino for a “Night at the Races” on

Monday, September 10th. Post time begins at 5:30pm. Bring your employees and business colleagues and meet under the “Big Tent” at trackside for an evening of horse racing, hors d’oeuvres, open bar, a carving station and live entertainment and, again, networking with new potential customers for a cost of $10 per person benefitting the

Mid-Del Charitable Foundation. To RSVP, call (302) 734-7513 or email For information on these events or other CDCC opportunities to gain exposure and connect with other businesses, call the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce at (302) 734-7513 today and join the most progressive business organization in Central Delaware!

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community andeducation By Paul Joslow Paul Joslow has been shooting video since it was called film. His career has spanned three film formats and numerous video formats. His credits include documentaries, TV spots and a feature film. He has lit and/ or shot scenes for dozens of major corporations. He currently heads, a Delaware based production company featuring web video campaigns. He also specializes in live business events, as well as weddings and other events. Paul may be reached by email at, and on his mobile phone at 215.280.1212.

DIY Tips and Professional Video


DIY Video Tips My parents recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. We had a film fest, watching the numerous reels of 8mm and super 8 films documenting our family’s growth (after transferring to DVD, of course). It was touching to see us so young along with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, many of whom are long gone. We had a great time, but watching over two hours of “home movies” together became a bit tedious, even for those of us in them. For all those who would like to create better home movies, I am happy to offer a few tips to help get you started. GET CLOSER. Draw the viewer’s attention to what you want them to see. In too many videos, the main subject takes up only a small part of the frame, surrounded by excessive background. Zooming in will make the subject appear closer, but will magnify any shakiness if you are hand holding your camera. Moving closer while zoomed out wide will help steady the image, and will also help you record clearer audio from your subject. The subject should command a significant portion of the frame most of the time, not the background. A tripod is a must if you zoom in from a distance. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. With most video cameras it is as simple as that…what you see in the viewfinder is what you can expect on the screen. (Just be sure you are viewing the external LCD screen at the proper angle.) Don’t just focus your attention on your subject. Check the subject’s surroundings. If you have centered your subject’s face and have lots of “headroom” between your subject and the top of the frame, pan down to minimize the space. If you are cutting the

head off and do not desire the flat top look, pan up a little. Pick interesting angles - don’t always shoot at your eye level. EXPOSE PROPERLY. Improper exposure will result in loss of clarity and color. Most cameras have pretty good auto exposure control, but they can be fooled in high contrast situations. If your subject is dark, try to avoid having lights, windows or bright backgrounds in the frame. If your subject is bright, try to find a background of similar brightness to avoid loss of detail. They eye is naturally drawn to the brightest point. Try to have some light on the subject.

During the pre-production phase, a video professional will examine the information to be presented, discuss the intended audience, visit the shooting locations, and create a design for the program, culminating with a script. A schedule for recording will be drawn up once personnel and equipment requirements are determined. Production involves more than pulling the camera from its case and taking aim. Camera angles, audio needs and lighting concerns need to be addressed before recording even starts. Several takes are often required.

I’ll have more tips in future issues. Email questions to pjoslowvideo@ WHEN TO TRUST A PROFESSIONAL The world of video production and distribution has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. Once the province of television stations alone, video production required large, cantankerous cameras and a room full of floorstanding video tape recorders. Most video was viewed via broadcast. Today, most cell phones have the capability to record a video the user can upload directly to the internet. Almost anyone can produce and distribute video content but easy-to-use gadgets don’t preclude the need for some skills to create a video that delivers the intended message. For businesses utilizing video communication for public relations, training, sales, web presentations, etc. it is wise to trust the services of established, experienced professionals for many reasons. The foremost reason, of course - each message must be carefully crafted to provide the desired audience response.


The magic is in Post-Production. Editing matches the visual images with sound elements - live audio, voice over, and music. The tasteful use of effects and graphics completes the professional look – promoting the professionalism of the business, while communicating the envisioned message. A lot more goes into the professional video process than meets the eye. Attention to detail is critical, and that’s where the experience and expertise of the video producer proves its worth.

community andeducation By Dave Skocik Dave Skocik, MA, APR, is owner of PR Delaware, a central Delaware public relations counselor who specializes in helping small businesses get the word out about what they do. In 2009 he wrote Practical Public Relations for the Small Business: Tools and Tactics for Competitive Advantage, a go-now, hands-on guide for getting the word out economically and effectively. A college instructor with 30 years of experience in hands-on public relations, he is one of a handful of PR counselors in Delaware who is nationally accredited by the Public Relations Society of America. Go to or call 302-736-8500 for more information

Our Women Who Serve

Alexis Lynn


When Alexis Lynn was growing up in Camden, she might have envisioned entering the somewhat predictable field of accounting, but surely never dreamed that one day she would become a crew member on a giant C-5 Galaxy aircraft that regularly flew over her hometown.

Andrea Lorraine Cheyne comes from a long family heritage of military service that includes her grandfathers, uncles and a sister. A great uncle several times removed was Army Lt. Col. Henry Mucci, whose WWII exploits were the subject of the 2005 film The Great Raid.

Her life-changing adventure began with a cold call from an Air Force recruiter after graduating from Caesar Rodney H.S. in 1996. He invited her to take a no-obligation aptitude test and she was happy to oblige.

She continued the tradition in a way that would make them all proud. In high school Andrea joined Junior ROTC and during the summer of 2003 as a rising senior attended the Citadel Military College for a course in leadership. In 2001, her older sister Angela enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve and was in boot camp during the events of September 11, 2001, later serving for six years.

When he called her back and listed a number of fields for which she qualified, loadmaster caught her attention. She enlisted that November bearing a signed release from her parents because she was still 17. Two months later Alexis began basic training in San Antonio, Texas and afterward sent to Loadmaster School before being assigned to the 512th Reserve Wing at Dover AFB.

The 9/11 attack was the catalyst that led to Andrea’s decision in 2008 to enlist in the U.S. Army. She completed basic training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, going on to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, and was then assigned to Ft. Gordon, Georgia, her permanent base.

Loadmasters prepare weight and balance calculations and determine the order of loading of cargo on the aircraft so it is balanced in flight. Loadmasters supervise on and off loading of cargo and troops, ensure everything is properly restrained, and oversee passenger comfort and safety.

Deployed to Afghanistan from Oct. 2009 to Oct. 2010, Sgt. Cheyne served in field interrogation operations in Baghram and was later attached to a Special Operations Task Force at Camp Morehead, Kabul. From there she served in an intelligence operations unit, being sent on numerous missions to liaison with females in remote villages.

As a Reservist, Alexis drills one weekend a month. Reservists are subject to call up to active duty at the discretion of the President and according to the needs of the military.

Sgt. Cheyne’s military awards include an Army Commendation Medal for service while deployed, an Army Commendation Medal with a V device for Valor for a particular mission, and the Joint Service Achievement Medal for her interrogation operations.

She describes her “first 13 years of service” as transporting cargo, troops, household goods, and the Secret Service and Presidential equipment all over the world. Her unit was activated after 9/11 for one year, after which she volunteered for an additional year of active duty. She’s flown to most of the countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle and Far East and “too many stateside locations to mention.”

Having finished her active duty commitment with the Army, she comes to Dover with her husband Steven, who serves in the Delaware Army National Guard, and their 8-month-old daughter Marissa.

When it came time to begin planning for a family, Alexis knew being away on missions would be difficult, so she cross-trained to the safety field. As a Safety Technician she is responsible for planning, organizing and directing safety activities, but on the ground.

Andrea plans to complete her RN degree at Delaware Technical and Community College in Dover, then to go on to a four-year college to finish her bachelor’s and then to pursue a master’s degree as a nurse anesthetist.

She provides safety briefings to fellow airmen; inspects safety practices and facilities; trains supervisors and airmen; investigates accidents; studies trend analyses; and reports accident findings and causes.

Her ultimate goal is to work in a children’s hospital. “While deployed I had the pleasure of going to clinics and seeing children. It’s what compelled me to want to work with them,” she said.

Since earning a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a minor in Finance from Wilmington University in 2006, she obtained her CPA license and Alexis has worked at First State CPAs in Dover. In 2008 she married Sean Lynn and in 2010 had their first child, MacKenzie. They live in Dover and share their home with two greyhound dogs and several kitties.

At 25, Andrea Lorraine Cheyne has earned multiple medals in service to her country, travelled to places most have only read about, worked with people from diverse cultures and is a wife and mother looking forward to a future of medical service in Delaware.


community andeducation

“The Greatest Jazz Festival in The World”
























Potomac Jazz & Seafood Festival





community andeducation By Wendy Bryant, Owner Wendy Bryant wears many hats as the owner, head coach, and director at All Star Revolution. She was born and raised in Michigan and relocated to Delaware with her husband and four children in 2000. In Early 2000 while teaching at Lake Forest School District as a Para Professional Wendy attended Delaware Technical and Community College and transferred to Wilmington University to obtain degrees in Early Childhood Education and Education K-6 with a secondary in Special Education. All of the above experience is what has made her expertise with working with children in all realms and helped make her the successful owner and coach at All Star Revolution. When not at the All Star Revolution cheer gym you can find her supporting her favorite driver and enjoying everything NASCAR with her husband and spending time with her 4 teenaged children.

All Star Cheer!


What is All Star Cheer? All-Star cheerleading is a competition sport that involves boys and girls performing a 2 minute and 30 second routine composed of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance, and cheer segments. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions. When we refer to tumbling, we mean gymnastic type skills like cartwheels and back handsprings. Stunting refers to a group of two or more individuals that elevate another cheerleader in the air. Pyramids are a form of stunting but are done as a large group and are interconnected. Dance is a portion of a routine that consists of choreographed high energy dance moves. Lastly, the cheer portion is a part of the routine that team members perform precise coordinated motions while chanting a gym cheer. What does it take to be an All Star Cheerleader? Dedication to the sport, a commitment to hours of practice each week, and being a team player are all fundamentals of cheering for an All Star team. Members are not chosen based on popularity, attractiveness, or familial status but on the skill they can offer the team. Team members are athletes in every sense of the word and work hard to dispel any biased assumptions of what a cheerleader should be. Parents and cheerleaders should be aware that cheering All Star is a large time commitment. Normally, seasons begin with tryouts in the spring with light to heavy practices in the summer followed by a competition season running from fall to the spring of the following

year. Practices can be 2-3 hours long and as often as 2-3 times a week. These practices are usually mandatory since many elements of a routine cannot be done without everyone there. Most teams will attend 5-10 competitions a season. What are the age requirements, divisions, and levels? There are many different combinations of age groups, divisions, and levels.These were all created to insure that like ages were competing with like skill sets. All-star cheerleaders are placed into divisions, which are grouped based on age, size of team, gender of participants, and ability level. The age levels vary from under 4 years of age to 18 years and over. Levels range from 1 to 6, level 1 being a introduction to All Star Cheer which is usually for the beginner, and levels 5 and 6 for the most experienced in skills. What is expected of me the parent? As a cheer parent, you will want to support your child with every up and down they experience in cheer; and there will be many of them. There may be skills your child masters in days and than there may be the one skill that two years to perfect. Along with these lows there are many highs. The thrill of seeing your child perform a skill for the first time is incredible; while the pride of watching your 5 year old Tiny perform in front of thousands will bring tears to your eyes. There are great times and tough times but your support as a parent is priceless. Why should my child cheer AllStars? Cheer is unique in that it encourages individual development (i.e. tumbling) as much as team development

(i.e. stunting, pyramids). Your child can feel pride in learning a skill completely on their own and at the same time learn the invaluable lesson of depending on their teammates to reach a goal. Likewise the confidence developed in performing in front of thousands of people is priceless. You will be amazed how quickly your young cheerleader adapts to being on stage. Also, because of the long practice hours, travel times, and competition weekends, your cheerleader will create friendships that will last a lifetime. Many All Star cheerleaders have friends they have met across the country as they have progressed into college and even career coaching jobs. How to get started: First, visit a few cheer gyms. Make a planned meeting where your child can watch a tumbling class or cheer practice, and then later meet with the owner, director, or coach. Here are a few questions to ask at your visit: 1. What is your mission statement? 2. How many teams do you have? How many cheerleaders? 3. What division and age levels are these? 4. What are the time commitments? 5. How many competitions do you go to a year? Regionals? Nationals? 6. What is the cost breakdown? 7. Does this include everything? 8. Can we purchase/rent used uniforms? 9. Do you provide fundraising opportunities for parents? Any quality program will be able to offer all of the above information with out a stumble. Remember you are making a huge commitment and you the parent must be able to ensure your child will be a priority.


All Star Revolution

302-331-4620 6467 MilfordHarrington Hwy, Suite 2 Harrington, de Monday – Thursday 5:30pm – 9:00pm

community andeducation By Heather Steuer, Community Liaison & Tiffany Coker, Marketing Manager The Home Instead Senior Care office serving Southern New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties offers free Alzheimer’s CARE program training classes to families dealing with Alzheimer’s. Please call Heather Steuer (302) 697-6435 ext 804 for more information or to register.

A Home Instead CAREGiver


At Home Instead Senior Care (HISC), the motto, “To us, it’s personal,” is not just four simple words, it is the guiding principle by which the company runs its business and its relationships. Certainly, this is true for the seniors and their families served by the local HISC office, but also for the members of the Home Instead Senior Care staff Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers have stories as diverse as their clients. Many were moved to become professional CAREGivers after years of providing personal care to a member of their own family. Others simply feel a strong connection to all seniors and view a career as a professional CAREGiver as a rewarding way to give back to a generation that has done so much, “We have CAREGivers from all walks of life, and from all over the world, but there is always that one common thread,” says Robert Ware, Director of the Home Instead Senior Care office serving Southern New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties. “We all want to help seniors maintain an exceptional quality of life.” Recently, two Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers sat down with Tiffany and Heather to share a typical day with their clients. Julie Boone has been a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver for three and a half years and is the 2011 CAREGiver of the Year. Julie currently lives in Dover with her husband who is in the Air Force and their three children.

Julie says that when she arrives at her client’s home, he is usually asleep in his favorite chair. “I will gently wake him and we will talk for some time about what has happened since the last time I was there,” says Julie. “My client needs a lot of support and help with bathing. Once bathing is finished, I help with dressing, putting on his socks and shoes and brushing his hair. I will then help with light house cleaning: dusting, vacuuming, laundry, changing his bed linens and making him dinner or a snack. We spend the whole time I’m there talking to each other -companionship is very important to clients.” Alison Dezsi, who has been a CAREGiver for two years, agrees that her clients – particularly those with dementia -- value a good listener. Like Boone, she has successfully completed the Alzheimer’s or Other Dementias CARE: Changing Aging through Research and EducationSM Training Program, which focuses on a personal approach to engaging seniors with Alzheimer’s and managing behaviors. She credits the program with helping her complete her daily tasks, like encouraging her clients to take their medications. “I let them know that I love and care for them, and I give them their favorite drink and reminders to take their meds. I usually get good results.”

many levels, which in turn helps me to be the best CAREGiver I can be, and to become part of the families I work for, and help in many situations.” The two CAREGivers say their daily work is filled with challenges and the sense of accomplishment and joy they get from overcoming them. Boone recalls arriving at work one morning to find her client in tears because the coffee pot was broken and he hadn’t gotten his morning cup. It was an easy problem to fix (she just drove to the nearest drive through and bought him a large coffee), but it made his day. “Little moments like these, I treasure,” Boone says. Dezsi speaks of working with a client who woke up in a wet bed every morning. “I went out and got guards and pads. Recently, my client had a dry night. For me that was brilliant. I think I was more excited than he was.”

Sometimes the days are filled with adventure. “One time, I walked into my client’s bedroom to change the bed sheets and noticed moths all over the windows, walls and closet doors,” Dezsi recounts. “Wow. My client and I had not expected to do spring cleaning that day but obviously, I could not let him sleep in there like that. So I spent the whole morning rounding up moths!” Both Boone and Dezsi are grateful that they can be there for their clients, especially when family members are not able to check in as frequently as they would like. As Boone puts it, “One of the highlights of my career is just seeing the appreciation on a client’s face when I’ve helped them out in some way. They are so thankful and it makes me feel good that I have made someone’s days a little easier.”

Call for a free, no-obligation appointment 302.697.6435

Your parents want to stay in the place they call home. We can help.

Serving Southern New Castle, Kent and Sussex County

Whether you are looking for someone to help you or a loved one a few hours a week, or need more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead can help.

Dezsi, who was born in the United Kingdom, says that leaving her family and moving around a lot has helped her develop empathy, “I’ve learned how to interact with so many different people on so

• Companionship • Light Housekeeping

• Shopping & Errands • Medication Reminders

• Meal Preparation

• Personal Care

• Incidental Transportation Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated. © 2012 Home Instead, Inc.


community andeducation

By Andy Ryan Andy Ryan is a husband, father, early adapter, geek and Co-Founder of SoMM, a Social Media Management company. SoMM provides daily management and monitoring of social media accounts for businesses. When Andy isn’t teaching a class, facilitating training, or consulting a business on social media, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends with a locally crafted brew and good music you haven’t heard of yet.

Practicing Safe Social


You have heard the acronym, “TMI” or Too Much Information. Someone you are talking to will overshare some personal information and you will say, “Whoa, TMI!. We find the same people sharing TMI in social media. You may be one of the 90% of Adults that think people are sharing too much personal information online. On Facebook alone, 20.4 Million people share their full birthdate. What is even more shocking is that 4.8 million users share when they are leaving the house. What are the reasons for oversharing? One Harvard University study found that talking about yourself provides the same kind of intrinsic value as food and sex. A study by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that sharing personal information online can be a coping mechanism. Another University of Pennsylvania study found that individuals in a heightened emotional state were more likely to share with other people than their mellow counterparts. So people overshare because it is satisfying, because they are upset, or because they are excited. Social media users between the ages of 18-34 are willing to share more information than older generations for a price. Over 50% of consumers 18-34 will trade personal data for discounts. With all of this oversharing on social media, there are some things that are still considered sacred. Social Security and credit card numbers are held in highest priority with 70% of adults who try to keep them private. Driver’s license numbers, phone numbers

Another arena that we tend to overlook is the privacy settings of different apps we download to our smart phones. Most apps require you to fill out a minimal amount of personal data to sign into an account. Usually there is a setting found under “sharing” or “privacy” where you can change what personal information you would like to be public.

and credit scores are also not as freely shared. Yet, some people are ignorant to how easily their personal information can be spread. Recently a twitter account named “NeedADebitCard” would retweet images that people had posted with their full credit card number. The NeedADebitCard page says simply, “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.”

When a new app is downloaded it will ask for permission to have access to certain information on your device. Make sure to go through the settings of an app before you start using it to understand what information it collects and how you can modify those settings. Look for words like “privacy”, “security”, and “location”

So how do you remain socially active while protecting your information? Most social media accounts have privacy settings. The first thing you should do when signing up for a social media account is to read and execute the privacy controls. On Facebook 20% of the users haven’t accessed their privacy controls. Facebook’s privacy settings do not apply to third party Applications (Apps). Apps such as Social Cam will show everyone on your friends list that you watched a video if you clicked on the link. More than 60% of Facebook App users have not customized the privacy settings for Apps. To change these settings you have to access “Ads, Apps and Websites” section of Facebook’s privacy settings. Here you can limit what activities you want your friends or the public to see.

Social media can be a great tool when used properly. Think twice before hitting the send key.

Review your privacy settings on your social networks and apps. After making some changes to your privacy settings you may have to review past posts. Some social media sites will only apply the updated privacy settings to posts going forward. Facebook is approaching 1 Billion active users. This means that there are more people than ever that are on social media websites. Would you want your co-workers, church members, or family to see what you posted? The next time you have an urge to post something personal, take a breath, think about who will see it and then post something less detrimental to your bank account. Practice Safe Social. Andy Ryan 302.757.6440

Eliminate Busy Work Maximize Exposure Build Relationships


Social Media Account MAnagement for Your Business 302.757.6440

community andeducation Join the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Delaware for the biggest networking event of the year!

Your Business Connection Destination Thursday, September 27, 2012 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Chase Center on the Riverfront FREE to attend!

Please register online at Walk-ins and children welcome.

Sponsorships and exhibit tables available! Call (302) 576-6586 for more information. B:3.25 in T:2.75 in S:2.25 in

Family Court CASA Program

Seeks Child Advocates

The Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA) of the Family Court is expanding its efforts to represent the interests of abused and neglected children in court. The program is seeking qualified adults to serve as CASA volunteers. CASA volunteers are trained members of the community who are appointed by Family Court Judges to speak up for the best interests of abused and neglected children in Court proceedings. As an official of the Court, the CASA volunteer conducts an independent investigation into the child’s life and provides information and recommendations to the judge in the case. CASA volunteers work with attorneys, social workers, and family members to attain the goal of a safe and permanent home for each child.

Alicia’s addict parents neglected her. She was placed in a group home. No one detected depression.

She attempted suicide.

The problems of child abuse and neglect belong to all of us. Be part of the solution. Be a CASA volunteer. For information, call the CASA office in Family Court at 302-255-0461.

Call 302-255-0461 in New Castle County

Call 302-672-1037 in Kent County 40

Call 302-855-7410 in Sussex County

Volunteer at: Family Court of the State of Delaware (302) 255-0461 New Castle County (302) 672-1037 Kent County (302) 855-7410 Sussex County

B:11 in

S:10 in

In the last year, CASA volunteers served over 600 children in Delaware. Yet, many of Delaware’s abused and neglected children still have no independent voice in court.

T:10.5 in

CASA volunteers have varied professional, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. They are selected on the basis of their objectivity, competence and commitment. Each volunteer accepted into the program must complete five days of initial training. Casework supervision is provided by full time Program Coordinators from the Family Court staff. Program attorneys provide legal advice and represent the CASA in court proceedings.


Mispillion RiveRwalk

in Downtown Milford, DE

September 6th, 7th & 8th, 2012

Thursday Sept 6th HLive

Friday Sept 7th

Fireworks at Dusk


~ Bands ~ 4-5 p.m. – The Good Time Boys (Country) 5-7 p.m. – Petch & Paula Eagle 97.7 7-8:30 p.m. – Glass Onion (Classic Rock)

Food Co Opensurt at Noon

4-9 p.m

Saturday Sept 8th

Over 100 Vendors!

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Car Show

Bike Show

Kids Korner

Food Court

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

First Responder’s Tug of War 11am


Parade 6:30 p.m

All Day Events

Live Remote Cool 101.3


Pony Rides Shows Games Inflatable’s Dunk Tank Petting Zoo & Much, much MORE!

The starts at 2pm

Presented by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford & The Milford Parks & Recreation Department

For information call Chamber Office 422-3344 or Chairperson Angela Dorey 424-8459


home andgarden About Us Since 1963, one thing has set Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center apart from all of our competitors - and that’s our concept to completion frame of mind. An impressive room depends just as much on intelligent design and good installation as it does on quality products, which is why we are there with you every step of the way. We help you come up with a design that meets your needs, choose products that fit your budget, and manage the construction and installation phase so the process is as stress-free for you as possible. Whether you are just starting to think about redesigning your kitchen or you have stacks of magazine ads you’ve saved over the years, the team at Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center wants to help you make your dream kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, study or any other room a reality. We invite you to take a tour one of our showrooms, located in Wilmington and Harbeson, to get a better idea of what we can do for you. We have full kitchen and bathroom displays, a wall full of hardware to browse, hundreds of countertop samples for you to see and feel, and much, much more. Our showrooms are easily accessible from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia – call today for directions or to set up an appointment with one of our designers who will serve as your personal tour guide!

Dreaming Of Remodeling?


Whether you’re interested in redecorating, remodeling or new construction, it pays to rely on experienced professionals who can meet all of your needs, from start to finish. Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center has been fulfilling those needs for close to half a century for customers throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia. We back everything we do with the knowledge and reliability that can only come with time and experience. Yet we remain on the cutting edge in our industry, providing you with the latest selection of high quality products and the best ideas in design and functionality. Visit one of our showrooms in Wilmington or Harbeson, Delaware and see for yourself why we’re known as the region’s premier remodeling company. As you browse installed bathroom vanities and showers, custom countertops and complete kitchens, you’ll quickly see that we have everything you need to create the home of your dreams – including expert designers and professional installers. Our Remodeling Services As a full service design build company, our in-house staff provides everything you need for a remodel, addition or commercial

project from start to finish, including installation, electrical, lighting, dry wall, painting and more. Our services include: • • • • • • • • • •

Design Services Kitchen Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling Countertop Fabrication Commercial Remodeling Wholesale Product Sales Custom Cabinetry Flooring Plumbing & Electrical Lighting

Our Showrooms Bath, Kitchen and Tile Center has two showrooms in Delaware – one in Wilmington and one in Harbeson – making it convenient for customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia to come and see the wide selection of product options we have on display.

unparallel. We are extremely pleased with everything. I have already recommended you to many of my friends.” - Ann E., Wilmington, DE “Once again, a job very well done! I’m very happy with the new bathroom - it’s the nicest room in the house! I’m especially glad that we were able to finish a day early. It was great working with you again, and I’ll be back when the kitchen get is update, whenever that will be. The difference between the old and new bathroom is really amazing.

If you’re looking for the best selection, service and value on your next home project, call us today and set up a free design consultation.

Again, thanks so much to you...for an exceptional experience!” - Lisa R. “You worked with us, very patiently, with picking out materials for the cabinets, backsplash, countertops, etc. You faxed us the final schedule from the drafting dept. and I’ve never seen a schedule adhered to so efficiently as with BKT. It was very impressive. You did an absolutely fabulous job...I have already recommended you to several others and speak of BKT very highly.” - Bob and Sharon C.


Testimonials “My family had been searching for a new counter top for months before walking in to BKT. We visited every big name you can think of. The price, service and expertise that we received from BKT are

103 Greenbank Road, Wilmington, DE 19808 Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9- 6; Wednesday 9- 8; Friday 9- 5; Saturday 9 - 4 26836 Lewes Georgetown Highway Harbeson, DE 19951 Hours: Monday - Friday 9- 5; Saturday by appt only


home andgarden By Christina Lessard Christina has worked in her family’s company, Lessard Builders, since she was in seventh grade. Since then, she has held many different job titles, including office cleaning crew, job site cleanup, receptionist, secretary, and errand runner. More recently, after graduating from Wilmington University with a BS in Finance, Christina became comptroller for Lessard Builders. She is proud to work in her family business alongside her parents Brian (CEO) and Kathy (Executive Administrative Assistant) and her brother Brian (Sales and Marketing Manager) as a fourth generation home builder. She looks forward to continuing this tradition into the next generation.

Know Your Home Style


You may very well know your favorite style when you see it, but putting a name on it is a little trickier. The majority of new home buyers today are choosing colonial and craftsman styles. That said, a little education on these two styles will go a long way in pinpointing your exact fit. Traditional homes are still popular

in many areas of the country. The Colonial style actually dates back to the early 1600s. These flat front façade homes feature a centered front door. Sometimes referred to as “five, four and a door” reflecting two flanking windows on the first floor and five across the second. Adorned in a wide range of

materials throughout the country, they all remain a symmetrical design. The medium pitched roofs originated as a practical matter for snow and rain drainage. The often seen double chimneys replicate old homes built early in our country. Today many boast long front porches that reach across the entire front. In sharp contrast is the eclectic Craftsman style dating back to the early 1900s. Brackets and decorative detailing frequently create a modern expression to mimic historical details. Substantial columns sitting on low masonry walls characterize the abundant porches occasionally wrapping around the home.

“The Craftsman Style”

or horizontal or vertical siding typically comprise the main body. Stone or brick create the base and chimneys. Shake siding offers contrast in dormers and second floors. These styles remain admired and desired today. Older homes are being restored to their original charm in many neighborhoods, while newly constructed Colonial and Craftsman style homes provide graceful allure on single lots or in new neighborhoods. In addition to these two styles there are others, including the Cape Cod, Country French, Victorian and Tudor. Lessard teams with C. O’Brien Architects, Inc. to make home style dreams come true.

Main windows display a multipane top half and single-pane lower half. Smaller quaint windows claim dormers or higher plains, adding charm. Stucco

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“The Colonial Style” 43

What’s the color of year?? Tangerine Tango

food andfun

Chic Lounge & Outdoor Space, Along With Happy Hour Specials Make Saketumi

A Must Stop At The Beach B

y now, hopefully you have all had the opportunity to try the spectacular range of specialties at Saketumi in Rehoboth Beach, off of Route 1. Saketumi, the sister restaurant of Jasmine in Wilmington, is the lower shore’s most chic restaurant. Saketumi offers well-prepared, modern Asian cuisine; Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean. As a soup lover, I am always impressed with the spice and freshness of Saketumi’s soups. The Thai Spicy Lemongrass Soup with Shrimp is my favorite. With bell peppers, shitake mushrooms, fine lemongrass and lime, it is a combination of flavors that will thrill your taste buds. One of my newfound favorites at Saketumi, as well as Jasmine, is their wonderfully priced Bento Box Specials. A complete meal that is sure to leave you with plenty of delightful leftovers, these are offered in Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. The Thai, for instance, starts with Thai soup, followed by a complete divided tray of papaya salad, jasmine rice, spring roll, and Tom Yum Goong. What a delicious selection at a price that will keep you coming back to try all of the varieties. If you prefer to stick with an entrée, the succulent Braised Korean Shortribs with Kimchee offer a combination of spicy and sweet that play wonderfully off of each other. Another favorite, the Rainbow Roll, has a gorgeous presentation, as does all of Saketumi & Jasmine’s sushi. The fresh tuna, salmon, and avocado topped with roe, will make you remember why you crave sushi. Saketumi offers a fantastic Happy Hour that includes drink specials from wine, to cocktails, to beer. The Happy Hour special not only includes a large selection of sushi and vegetable rolls, but also tempting appetizers such as Crispy Crab Wonton. The best part is that everything is priced starting at $1.75 to $5.00 and is offered seven days a week from 4-6 pm. Now that is something you can’t afford to pass up in this economy. An exciting edition to Saketumi that’s sure to be a hit this spring and summer is the new upstairs Ai Lounge and outdoor area. What better way to enjoy their fantastic martinis such as the Flirtini, complete with raspberry puree and a splash of champagne than on their hip upstairs patio? So be sure not to miss out on all of these wonderful offerings in the south. Make it a point to experience Saketumi on your next beach trip, because they are so much more than great sushi.


every day from 4pm to 6pm

Saketumi Restaurant 18814 Coastal Hwy Rehoboth Beach, DE (302) 645-2818

Jasmine Asian Cuisine 3618 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 479-5618

Two locations to entice your senses. Pan-Asian cuisine with excellent Sushi


food andfun By Sandra M. Winfrey Cajun Queens Cuisine is a woman owned minority business that has been in existence for 16 years and counting. We specialize in Cajun/Creole foods, American & International foods. No party is too big or small, We cater intimate parties of two to events of five hundred or more (family reunions, weddings, business meetings, etc...) : Striving to always serve you better, we also offer food menus for individuals with medical diets or allergies, (diabetics, high blood pressure, vegetarians, gluten, etc...) Sandra M Winfrey is the owner and operator of Cajun Queens Cuisine and can be reached at sandy@ or call 302-222-4732.. Credentials: Licensed & Insured, member of Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce, selected as SBA Home-Based Business of the year 2006, in Cambridge Who’s Who and Manchester Who’s Who, in Delaware Today Women In Business 2005, selected as a Top 100 Minority Business

You Decide We Provide


When planning your special event there are just a few things to consider before calling your caterer. 1. Have your budget in place. This is the foundation for your event and will be a determining factor in choosing your location, as well as number of guests you can afford to invite based on the formality and food choices you want to provide. 2. Setting a date is very important. Contacting your caterer and confirming your location are the first things you want to do. Planning ahead is the key to any great event, 1 year is optimum, 6 months is suitable and 3 months may limit availability but can be done. 3. Finding the venue and booking it. Details of the venue are necessary for the caterer. Be sure you can bring your own caterer. Not all places allow outside caterers. 4. Know your headcount. Can your caterer handle the guest count? When you consider your headcount, start with family, close friends, business people, co-workers, and celebrities. After family and friends, then take the total of the remainder guest and deduct 25%. Now you have a very close head count. 5. Know your guest special needs: diabetics, high blood pressure, vegan, vegetarians, gluten, and nut allergies and their age group. Foods need not be bland when preparing for these special people. 6. Know what type of food you would like to have. Ask for a menu of choices from the caterer. Ask for food sampling, this will assure you that the food is to your liking.

7. Colors of your special event also need to be decided. To do this think about the time of year, colors can be chosen based on the season, pick your favorite colors or the guest of honors favorites, or if there is a theme for the event your colors can be based on the theme.

parties, client lunches and a 60th surprise birthday party. The staff is professional and the food is always a crowd pleaser. The Ooie Gooie bars are a favorite around my house. -Tammy J Ordway, CPA Ordway Group, P.A.

We offer you 3 ways of providing for your special event: 1. Full catering service which include: • setup and decorate food table • provide plates, napkins, utensils, cups, glass • serve upon request • the food is yours after the event is over (we package it for you) •  clean up food table only (all other cleanup cleanup is at extra charge) 2. Delivery and set up service which include: • us bringing the food to you hot and ready to eat • setup the food table and decorate it for you • providing you with chaffing dish to assure that your food will remain hot to temperature • leaving the serving to you • we return to pickup equipment at the completion of your event 3. Delivery or Pickup • we will deliver to you with a delivery charge • you may pickup to avoid delivery charge • food is always hot and ready to serve “You Decide We Provide” is our motto. Please visit our website for more information and to see our menus: Testimonial: I never hesitate to book Cajun Queen Cuisine as my caterer for any size event. Sandy and her staff have catered employee holiday


Our customer’s favorites are the Mandarin Orange cake, New Orleans Bread Pudding/Bourbon sauce, Fried Turkey, Jambalaya, Chicken Francesca/Pasta Pomodorini, and Ooie Gooie Pecan Squares just to name a few.

food andfun We offer home delivery service! Visit website for details about delivery in your area email: 3619 Silverside Road, Wilmington, DE 19810 Talleyville Center, Rte. 202/Concord Pike. Hours: Monday & Friday 9:30 to 5pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30 to 6pm, Thursday 9:30 to 7pm, Saturday 10 to 4pm

Homemade! Take n’ Bake.


FoodEase has been family owned and operated for six years by Cathy Hagan and Camie Bailey. What’s with the name? It’s a play on the word foodies. If you haven’t heard the term “Foodie” it means “people who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and facts about food.” That’s us ... and you get the benefit by the ease of delicious ready-to-cook food! And there you have it , our name ... FoodEase - Take and Bake!! Need help with the “Back to School Madness”? … Getting the kids back into a routine can be a tough task especially with after school sports and activities. Do you hate feeding your family fast foods? We can help. We do all the prep work, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven, skillet or on the grill. At FoodEase, we want to help families, couples and singles simplify one area of their lives – DINNER We take care of the hassle that comes with shopping for and preparing your family meals. Using the freshest ingredients makes our entrees healthy and delectable and contains zero trans fats. We know that everyone wants a meal “just like mom would make.” That’s why our delicious, home-cooked meals are family favorites. Now, you can spend more time with the ones you love and still put a wonderful, nutritious meal on the table. Experts say that taking time to enjoy meals together helps families reconnect. FoodEase makes it easier for families to sit down at

include; Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars, Key Lime Pie, Berry Apple Crisp, Peanut Butter Cup Pie, and Country Peach Cobbler. Veggies and side dishes include Parmesan Garlic Green Beans, Asparagus w/Dill Sauce, Orzo with Grilled Vegetables, Southern Baked Mac & Cheese and lots more! And it’s all made fresh at the store!

the table together for dinner. All the shopping, chopping, mixing and prepping is done. All you do is cook it and enjoy your time with the family. Sound expensive? Not compared to dining out or your weekly grocery bill. It is hard to imagine that having restaurant quality meals in your freezer can cost less than you would spend at the grocery store to buy the ingredients. But it’s true! At a time of fuel, utility and overall cost of food and living skyrocketing, FoodEase is a luxury that actually saves you money! Our food is all made and prepared on site here in our store. Some of the customer favorites include, Asian Flank Steak (awesome on the grill), Parmesan Chicken with Wine & Sage Sauce, Chicken Pot Pie, Crispy Apricot Pork Chops, Bruschetta Chicken, Meaty Cheesy Lasagna, Vegetarian Lasagna, Pecan Crusted Tilapia, Classic Shepherd’s Pie, Sunday Pot Roast. Also available are Wheat/ Gluten FREE, dairy free and lower sodium entrees and sides, as well as for a variety, we prepare new entrees each month. Entrees come in three convenient sizes. Single servings, regular (3 servings) and large (6 servings) FoodEase is not just for dinner. Besides more than 35 different entrees to choose from daily we are stocked with many breakfast items, like Cinnamon Monkey Bread and Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Bake, or Strata Florentine. Some appetizer choices are Crab & Artichoke Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Jalapeño Popper Dip, and Cranberry BBQ Meatballs. A selection of desserts

Lunch! Bring a friend, sit and enjoy our home-made soup, fresh to order salads or a delicious sandwich from our lunch menu. Choose from a Pretzel Grill, Turkey Reuben, Hot Roast Beef, Mozzarella Meltdown, Turkey BLT or Turkey Slaw and more or choose to build your own sandwich with your choice of turkey, ham, chicken salad or tuna salad. No luncheon meat used here! We cook our turkey breast, ham and roast beef in the store and cut it fresh daily for your sandwich. Our delicious chicken salad is made from all white meat chicken and white

food Ease Take and Bake

albacore tuna is used for our tuna salad. When you bring FoodEase to the table, you know you’ll be serving a meal that not only tastes delicious but is good for your family. As always, we truly appreciate our loyal customers and welcome our new ones. Our hope is to make your mealtime more enjoyable, easier, healthier and tastier.

Holiday Entertaining 302 478 5935

Made Easy! Savory:

Need a break from the kitchen this holiday season?

Throwing the perfect party makes the busy holiday season even more hectic. This year, make it easier by picking up an assortment of delicious ready-to-cook entrees, sides, appetizers and desserts. Your guests will be impressed, and you'll have the time to actually enjoy your party.


Peanut Butter Cup Pie Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars Caramel Apple Crisp Hello Dolly Bars Country Peach Cobbler Pumpkin Pie Caramel Walnut Apple Pie Boston Cream Pie Pumpkin Pie Dip Southern Pecan Pie

Cowboy Caviar Cranberry BBQ Meatballs Spinach & Artichoke Dip Buffalo Chicken Dip Bleu Biscuit Bites Hot Pizza Dip Crab & Artichoke Dip Assorted Baked Brie Cheesy Crab Pretzel Bites Feta & Olive Roll Ups Cheddar Pecan Cheese Ring Pimento Cheese Spread

Complete Take w wand w Bake . f o Holiday o d E aDinners s e t nAvailable b . c ofor mOrder Now!



home andgarden

By Lisa Dolbey

What to do with an exploding garden of goodness. I went out to my garden to find the vegetables were going crazy; so I decided to put it all to good use and fix two meals at once! Salsa and Chips with a Taco Salad and Second Meal of Chili and Cheese

Salsa Choose your peppers according to the spiciness you prefer 1012 peppers Tomatoes use what you have 40 cherry tomatoes 5-6 regular tomatoes 1 large Onion – 1 tbsp onion powder if you don’t have an onion 3 cloves garlic Juice from one lemon

Taco Salad

1 tsp ground cumin 1 tbsp oregano 2 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper Remove seeds from peppers and quarter them, cut cherry tomatoes in half or regular tomatoes in cubes. In food processor (electric or manual) finely chop peppers, tomatoes, onion and garlic then add remaining ingredients. Once everything is well blended remove from food processor and put in large saucepan. Stir frequently over high heat until mixture begins to boil, then, reduce to simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Put about 1-2 cups of salsa in small bowl. Save remainder for second meal of Chili.

While salsa is simmering, brown 2-3lbs ground beef. Once browned, add packaged taco seasoning and simmer per directions. Ground beef not used for taco salads will be saved for second meal of chili. Use a tortilla bowl maker (can be gotten locally at Byler’s or Target) to make the taco salad bowls. Use a large flour tortilla and heat in oven until crispy. Allow bowls to cool then put in lettuce, tomato, ground beef, salsa, sour cream, cheese and any other salad items you choose. Top with Ranch dressing or a Spicy Ranch would work well too.

Homemade Chips for Dipping in Salsa In frying pan heat thin layer of oil, take 6-8 small to medium flour tortillas cut into eight pieces and fry one layer at a time lightly on each side, sprinkling with salt as they cook. Place on paper towel to catch the excess grease and then plate. Cook extra if you want to eat them with your Chili also.

Chili With leftovers of salsa add large can or jar of tomato sauce and can of tomato paste to thicken a little mix well and add left over ground beef. Add beans if you like. Allow to simmer for at least an hour. Top with cheese.




PLAN A GROUP PICNIC THIS SUMMER PICNIC THIS SUMMER JungleJim’s Jim’s Water Water Park Jungle Parkisisa a GreatPlace placeto to have day! Great have fun fun for forthe the day! Call today for “opportunity dates� which Call today for “opportunity dates� which offer additional fun with group rate! offer additional fun with group rate! These dates won’t last long, so call today!

(Based on availability availability with with aa (Based on Minimum guarantee) Minimumofof50 50 person person quarantee) (Mention this ad Mention this ad when when booking) booking) 2010 Season 2012 Season

County Club 8 Countr Countryy36944 Club ub Rd., Rehoboth Rehoboth th Beach, BeacRoad h, DE 19971 199 971 Rohoboth Beach, Delaware 19971  3K   ‡ )D[ )D[[   302-227-8444 48

food andfun

By Melissa Johnson Melissa Johnson is a twenty-something young woman with a grand affinity for arts & entertainment. She has over six years of work experience in the Delaware Public Libraries and is an advocate of reading. She is currently in the process of earning a BA in General Studies with a heavy concentration towards Literature and Humanities at Wilmington University.

Literal Lissa


Welcome to the inaugural debut of “Literal Lissa!” This is a new and hopefully welcoming feature of the Kent County Women’s journal. Each issue I will be hand-selecting a series of novels - sometimes new and sometimes old - but always encompassing a vast array of genres and subjects. All of this in an effort to further pique you and your family’s interests, expand your knowledge, and broaden your love for the printed (and now digital) page. So let’s begin, shall we? If my timing is accurate, this column will be debuting in the August/ September issue. Much to the dismay of many another hot summer season is approaching its end and much too soon the crisp, cool air of autumn will quietly settle in. And we all know autumn is undoubtedly synonymous with “back to school.” If you haven’t already, I’m sure you’re already hitting the shops in preparation of supplies. Whether you have children, grandchildren, family, friends or even yourself making the triumphant trudge back to school, what better way to certify yourself at head of the class then with these scholarly reads? The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky Know a teen or perhaps may even recall yourself as an introverted freshman in high school? He or she might relate to Chbosky’s charming coming of age tale about 15-year-old protagonist, Charlie. Released in 1999, Wallflower, offers a fictional and illuminating depiction of the mindset of a shy young man. It has even recently been adapted into a feature length film slated for release in theaters this fall. Charlie deals with the usual teen problems of family life, school, love; lust but also must combat the emotional devastation of the suicide of his best friend. Struggling to find a group of people whom he belongs, Charlie is taken under the wings of seniors, Sam and Patrick who welcome him to the real world unabashed. Waiting for “Superman”: How we can save America’s failing public schools by Karl Weber It is no surprise that some things have changed since you’ve attended grade school and these changes are not only exclusive to the curriculum. In recent years, “the American public school system has been in a state of crisis, failing millions of students, producing as many dropouts as graduates, and threatening our economic future.” As a novel accompaniment to the powerful and controversial 2010 documentary film on the perils and pitfalls of our nation’s current public school system, Waiting for “Superman” offers an insightful and eye-opening collection of essays from educators, parents,

political leaders, businessmen, and all around concerned citizens with a mutual interest and determination to identify and save these missteps in our educational system. Superman is well worth a read for who has grown up or works in the public school system and has a desire to make a difference. Middle school, the worst years of my life by James Patterson You may not have known that well known thriller and mystery writer, James Patterson, has expanded his repertoire and delved into penning novels for juveniles as well. This comedic chapter book is ideal for kids entering the often times confusing and frustrating years in middle school. Upon entering middle school, 12 year old, Rafe Khatchadorian, along with the aid of his best friend known as “Leo the Silent” think up a proposition to ensure that this school year will be anything but mundane. Rafe devises a game of mischief to break every single rule in his middle school’s constricting and stuffy Code of Conduct. Leo acts as scorekeeper awarding Rafe an insane amount of points for such acts as chewing gun in class – 5,000pts, running in the hallway – 10,000pts, and even pulling the fire alarm – 50,000pts! To find out just how much Rafe manages to rack up in points and whether or not he is cunning enough to make it out of his first year in middle school without a visit to the principal’s office, you’ve got to read it for yourself. If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff Immensely popular among the pre-school, kindergarten, and early grade school children scene is Laura Numeroff’s beloved “If You...” picture book series. Surely you’ve heard of this book’s predecessor “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?” That delightful picture book originally published over 25 years ago offers children a hilarious and extremely clever lesson in cause and effect. On the opening illustrations, Numeroff begins with “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk…” The story keeps building up and up with mouse spiraling into making even more curious requests. This version, in which you take mouse to a unique setting – school, showcases requests wonderfully unique to that environment. For instance, mouse will ask you to share your lunch at first, and then he’ll progress into help with your coursework, and even creations in art. It’s ideal for any young child just beginning school and returning alike. Good news, everyone! All of these selections are available at your disposal, completely free of charge at your local area Delaware Public Library. Log on to to find the nearest library near you, for additional information and how you can get carded!


Testimonials This is what our advertisers say about the Women’s Journals: “This will be our second edition with the Journal. Although, we have not had any direct leads as of yet many of our current and past clients have contacted us to let us know how great it is that we have an article in the Journal. I do believe we will see some leads after we have been in the Journal for a few editions and have a following. Every person we have dealt with on the WJ team has been great. Each person has been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have had. I just had my first photo shoot a couple weeks ago. The edition has not come out yet so I haven’t seen the pictures but the experience itself was a lot of fun. It was great to have the experience of being in a professional photo shoot. Thanks!” - Christina Lessard, Lessard Builders, Controller “I have worked with the Women’s Journal in two separate areas of my career. Each time, I continue to be impressed by the professionalism and compassion of the staff. The articles and advertisements are always perfect. If I have a problem, Pam is always there to help. What more could a Marketing Director ask for. Thank you!” - Kristy Handley, Marketing Director, State Street Assisted Living “Without question, an outstanding way to educate patients.”

- Vincent Perrottta, M.D., Peninsula Plastic Surgery

“We have built our business on the readership of the Women’s Journal: I cannot believe the amount of business we receive from our articles.” - Fred Winward, President, Resort Landscaping “The Women’s Journal is the most successful advertising we have ever done.” - Focal Point Opticians “A priceless educational vehicle to allow patients quality, objective information about our various procedures.” - Andreus V. Strauss, M.D., Director of Oncology Beebe Medical Center “The Women’s Journal is the best advertising I have ever done, I can’t believe I waited so long to try them. They are the only advertising I am doing now.” - Carmella, Permanent Cosmetics “Magnificent response to our advertising.”

- Dave Crowley, President, Bethany Bay Resorts

“Your Woman’s publications effectively target the market we are after.”


- Tara Kee, Director of Marketing, University of Delaware

fashion andbeauty

By Ron Sayers – Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

It’s Easy, It’s Fun, It’s Orbis From 's


Orbis jewelry is a unique line of interchangable jewelry created by U.S. designer Ron Hartgrove. Each piece of jewelry comes with six different natural stone spheres so the purchase of a single ring gives the wearer six color options. In addition to that, there are over 1000 different spheres available in all types of different materials. Jewelry items include rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings available in all sterling silver, sterling silver and 18k gold, all 18k gold and platinum, with or without diamonds. With over 350 styles to choose from we know you will fall in love with more than one. Prices are available for any budget. Starting at only $165.00 for a sterling ring including the 6 spheres, sterling and 18k start at $495.00 and platinum and diamond starting at $2,085.00 up to $9,750.00. Additional spheres start at only $15.00 each with hundreds available under $50.00. Specialty designer spheres in platinum and diamond are also available. Each ring is registered and a wish list filled out by the customer so family members can surprise their loved ones with their favorite spheres. Rings are even available for men.

Sayers is the only place to obtain Orbis in Delaware and as of this last December we are proud to say we are the number one retailer of Orbis in the entire U.S. or the World for that matter. Visit us during the Orbis Trunk show and see everything the company makes at one

trained professionals. Ron and Tom Sayers, along with Alan, meticulously create It’s from Sayers: hundreds of custom Sayers was started in 1950 by Leroy one of a kind jewelry and June Sayers at 19 S. Main items each year using Street in Smyrna. Now in its 63rd the most high tech year and 3rd generation it is now laser welders and Sayers Jewelers and Gemologists. CAD CAM equipment Still in the original location it has available to the expanded seven times over industry as well as the years and at present has the traditional hand customers in 48 states. Ron and carved waxes. Sayers Ellen Sayers have been in the designers work with business full time for 45 years and platinum as well as son Tom for 17 years. Together with 14k and 18k gold and the rest of their bench jewelers and silver which is cast and sales staff, you have the benefit assembled in our own of over 199 years combined studio on premises. experience at you service. Designer jewelry from Ron is the only independent jewelry other designers: store owner in Kent County to be Sayers stocks fine a Graduate Gemologist from GIA. jewelry from leading Son Tom is also a GIA Graduate designers such as, Gemologist and three other Lazare Diamonds, employees have GIA diplomas. Forever 10 diamonds, Richard Krementz This training an experience is Gemstones, Lorenzo, unmatched in the area. Frederic Duclos, The customer benefit is: Sayers Pandora, Frederic hand picks every loose diamond Sage, and Orbis to for engagement rings and the name a few. jewelry that they make. Diamond customers are educated about the merchandise and shown the many options they have to choose from as well as seeing their diamonds in the gem microscope. Sayers specializes in the finest ideal cut diamonds from Lazare Kaplan as well as the very limited production Forever 10 diamonds, two of the most brilliant diamond cuts in the world. time in one place and share in the many other surprises and drawings for that event.

Restoration and custom designs: All restoration and service work is carefully done on the premises by



s r e y Sa

19 South Main St. • Smyrna, DE 19977

(302) 653-9456

Tom Sayers, Graduate Gemologist (GIA) Ellen Sayers, Diamonds (GIA) Ronald L. Sayers, Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

enter WJ2012 for 10% off your ticket order

2012 August / September Kent County Women's Journal  

A bi-monthly educational resource for the women of Kent County, Delaware

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