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Lab Notebook Guidelines Prof. Jefferson-Jackson’s RD Labs Updated 9/09

What is the purpose of a Lab Notebook? The purpose of the Lab Notebook is to enable you to be a creative, independent thinker, reader, writer, and learner. The Lab Notebook will be used for class notes as well as other activities where you will be asked show evidence to yourself and your instructor of your learning. What materials will I need to create the Lab Notebook? • • • • •

A three-ring notebook- two inch binder suggested. college-ruled notebook paper A folder or binder section for handouts Hole punch 5 Section Dividers - one for each Lab.

What order should the notebook be in? • Each Lab should have a coversheet. Download it from the class website. • Each Lab should be sectioned off with a divider.

How will I be graded on my Lab Notebook? Your Lab Notebook will be spot-checked periodically throughout the semester. These “spot checks” will NOT be announced! It is extremely important that you keep all of your assignments organized and up-to-date for this reason. “Spot checks” will focus on particular assignments. Your personal touch should be visible throughout the notebook. Each entry should be dated and titled. Remember it is YOUR responsibility to obtain notebook assignments if you are absent.

Notebook Guide  
Notebook Guide  

Follow these guidelines in preparing your notebook.