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Torch: WI Spring 2018 Edition


Editor’s note: Salvete! I’m Victoria Toledo, the new WJCl Editor. I’m looking forward to making the Torch this year and I hope you guys continue to enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to message me, especially if you have something you want me to put in here!

Update: Due to Joomag’s new policy, we’ve had to switch to using a different platform for the Torch.

Cover credit: Stef Potter, 2016-2017 Historian

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Getting to know WJCL Officers…

Shir Bloch, WJCL President, Homestead High School Salvete!

My name is Shir Bloch. I'm a junior at Homestead High School, and I am so lucky to be able to serve as your 2018-2019 WJCL President. I'm so excited about the upcoming year and being able to lead the WJCL at nationals. Officer communication has been amazing this year, and I hope to continue that. We loved having so many people attend Rome's birthday party, and I'm so proud of all of you all and the AMAZING Jake Brink for the success of the Relearn Foundation service project. I love being a part of the WJCL. Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns. Hope Judge, WJCL 1st Vice President, Madison West High School My name is Hope Judge and I will be a junior at Madison West High School this coming September. Along with including many new schools into our organization, I look forward to State for all 365 days leading up to it. I love cats, BuzzFeed quizzes, and my favorite mode of transportation is walking. The picture included is a photo of me and Peter Krauss, the runner-up for the Bachelorette 2017. I really like TV. And Bachelors. Jake Brink, WJCL 2nd Vice President, Homestead High School I’m Jake Brink, I am currently a junior attending homestead high school. I’m really excited to start planning spirit for nationals and leading the WJCL at Miami of Ohio. Also if you were wondering my favorite animal is an otter!


Shloka Nambiar, WJCL Parliamentarian, Brookfield East Salvete! I’m Shloka Nambiar, a junior at Brookfield East High School and I’m beyond excited for this upcoming year with WJCL. One of the biggest plans I have is to get a post-convention discussion board going to keep everyone in touch. If you didn't already know, I’m a total goof; I love puns and vines. Lastly, my favorite extracurricular club is speech and debate. Oh, also I love food-it has a special place in my heart. Aayush Agrawal, WJCL Secretary, Brookfield East Salvete Omnes! My name is Aayush Agrawal or as others call me, "YushiGang". I am currently in 10th grade at Brookfield East High School and I really really love monkeys. Moreover, as your WJCL Secretary, I am excited to bombard the minutes with close ups of many officers and even include pictures that capture funny moments. Also, I am a rapper so follow me on SoundCloud, subscribe on YouTube, and go hit the "like" button. Furthermore, if you haven't guessed, emoji's are my life.

Alexandra Castroverde, WJCL Treasurer, Homestead High School I am a junior and I am very excited about the upcoming ludi jersey sales and a possible LUDI BOOTY! I absolutely love my plants and, like, I am addicted which is kind of bad. My favorite plant is the string of pearls.


Latin at prom






Featured: Homestead High School 1. Latin students seated together 2. Shir Bloch and Alex Castroverde make a W 3. Shir Bloch and Alex Castroverde display the “WI in your eye!� cheer 4. Shir Bloch and our state chair, Magis



Marquette University High School annually holds a student chariot race Here are some of the highlights from the big event! Photo credits: Joey Yamat, MUHS junior


MUHS Chris Rizzo, MUHS senior Salvete Omnes! My name is Chris Rizzo, and I am a senior at Marquette High who is desperately looking forward to graduation next week. Some of you may remember me for my speech at one of the GMs at this year’s convention (The one with the Kermit the Frog impression), but I’m not really banking on that kind of name recognition. During my WJCL career, I have attended four state conventions, one national convention, and literally hundreds of Certamen practices, like actually too many. But enough about me, this is the School Shoutout after all, therefore I should spend some time talking about my high school of origin, the illustrious Marquette University High School. Now despite our reputation as hard partiers, (I.E. FRATIN CONVENTION), Marquette High has a long and storied tradition of classical excellence. Latin has been offered at Marquette since the school’s founding in the 1850’s, and we have had many notable characters in the program since then, but I would be remiss if I did not mention Greenwaldus Rex, otherwise known as Mr. Greenwald, otherwise known as Greeny. Mr. Greenwald is undoubtedly a treasure to the WJCL, but only Marquette High WJCLers can claim this derivative spouting World Series of Certamen guy as our own educator emeritus. His advice may be impossible to comprehend let alone understand at times, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to prepare me for a final round at state.

And of course, how could I forget our current Latin faculty members, Mr. Dybicz and Mrs. Zunac. I believe the popular meme “Name a more dynamic duo… I’ll wait…” may actually apply here. They are iconic and simply unstoppable. Now Marquette High may also be somewhat unique in the WJCL because we do not have a school board or officers, but our Latin community is certainly alive and vibrant outside of the classroom and beyond convention. The hallmark tradition of MUHS Latin has to be the annual Chariot Races. The basic objective of this monumental contest is to complete one lap in the school’s parking lot on a homemade chariot, with one rider and one runner, and you continue racing until either your chariot falls apart or you are crowned the champion of the Circus Maximus that is Marquette High’s Senior Student Lot. For all the garbage cans, golf club bags, suitcases, and even office chairs used in the races, there are some solid feats of engineering. I called my chariot Old Reliable, since it lasted through all four years of harrowing chariot to chariot combat, though it never did win a race. Chariot races were a riot.

Another very special part of the Marquette Latin experience is our Ignation Tradition. As a Jesuit High School, we take much of our mission and inspiration from Ignatius of Loyola, the 16 th century Catholic saint, and he is of course known for having some great Latin mottoes, but there are two of particular importance to me. The first is the phrase Cura Personalis. Now all of you being Latin scholars can tell me with certainty that this phrase translates roughly, or at least I think it does, into “Care for the Whole Person”. This not only speaks to what we hope a Marquette High education is, but a Classics education as a whole and even the WJCL experience. Latin and the study of the Classics teaches us so much about ourselves, and gives us skills in critical thinking, oratory, and so many other foreign languages and academic fields beyond. I truly believe that my education in the Classics has helped me understand my whole identity. The second key motto is Ite Inflammate Omnia. Again, I need not translate, but for those of you who wish to critique my word choice, this essentially means “Go and Set the World on Fire”. This is one of the big catchphrases of Jesuit education, asking students to use their knowledge to make a difference in the world around them. In my opinion, the world could use just a little more gravitas, a little more sincerity, and a little more simplicity, and this is what Ite Inflammate Omnia calls us to. To use the Classics and our passion for them to serve and benefit others. 7

I’ve had such a wonderful experience with Latin at Marquette High and the WJCL, and I certainly can’t doll out enough thank yous to all the people who have inspired me and formed me, but I can certainly try to point out some highlights. My brother encouraging me to take Latin classes, come to my first convention, and participate in Certamen has to be near the top. My first nationals convention during the summer of my sophomore year is also undoubtedly a high point. Convention as a senior was equally wonderful, though I was more than a little sad to say goodbye to the Inn on the Park this past January. But if I had to pinpoint just one regret of my time in the WJCL, it would be not running for state office. I would encourage all of you to take that step and make that move I was unwilling to make. The WJCL really thrives when as many different opinions as possible are brought to the conversation. In the end, convention and the WJCL are about so much more than how many medals you win or what trophies you take home. It is about the comradery, the singular passion and drive of its members, and the exemplary spirit of the organization. -Chris Rizzo


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Upcoming events Summer certamen schedule: June 12-13: Homestead High School June 19-20: Brookfield Academy June 26-27: Madison West High School July 10-11: Brookfield Academy July 17-18: Brookfield Academy

Nationals July 22-28, 2018 Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

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