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Torch: WI

Pre-Nationals edition


Editor’s Note Salvete! Thanks for being patient for this month’s Torch. Included are more information about officers and tons of nationals stuff! I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to give feedback! And hey, if you want to submit something to the Torch anytime, send over an email or message me! -Victoria Toledo, WJCL editor

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Getting to know the WJCL Officers… Kyle Jain, WJCL Tech Co

What’s the most exciting thing about nationals? Certamen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As an intermediate player, I’ve been studying hard with my friends, and hopefully we will do well this year. I like certamen because it’s a fun and competitive way of expressing my love for Latin and the classics. I’m a person with a lot of energy, and certamen allows me to expend that energy in a useful way. I’m also excited to see people from out of state with whom I made friends at last year’s nationals. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Sleep. I can never get enough of it. What’s your favorite music? I’m not really sure. Honestly, I listen to whatever’s on the radio. When I do pick an artist, I like to listen to Drake. That man is talented, and is an amazing artist. How are you you getting involved in the JCL throughout the summer? I am getting involved in the JCL in a number of ways this summer. First, I am your Tech coordinator and have been updating the website daily (check out the beautiful website at Additionally, I write practice questions for certamen, and then post them on the website. I am also going to be playing certamen at the intermediate level serving as a mythologian, historian, and grammarian.

Shir Bloch, WJCL President

What’s the most exciting thing about nationals? My favorite event at nationals is always - undoubtedly - spirit!!!! I love cheering and moving around and losing my voice after the first day. I love holding the signs and cheering Marquette Gibberish or My Little Red Wagon. I love needing cough drops to soothe my sore throat because that's part of the package and it shows that I put my all into it. I can't wait to cheer with you guys!!! What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? I honestly love going to the pool with some friends and "j chillin.'" I love heating up in the sun and cooling off in the pool. Eating green grapes (purple grapes aren't great sorry guys) and corn on the cob and laughing all make for an amazing summer day. What’s your favorite music? (Don't judge) I really like post-breakup One Direction: Harry Styles and Niall Horan and the rest as individual artists. I also like Ed Sheeran. How are you you getting involved in the JCL throughout the summer? I'm preparing for nationals, writing some cheers, making sure we have everything ready to go so we can prove to the other states what we already know: the WJCL is the best!!!


Alex Castroverde, WJCL Treasurer

What’s the most exciting thing about nationals? Obviously, my favorite event is selling things at the bazaar. And accidentally scaring people into buying Ludi jerseys. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Sleep What’s your favorite music? Folk Pop How are you you getting involved in the JCL throughout the summer? By making sure that everything for the nats bazaar is set and ready to go!

Aayush Agrawal, WJCL Secretary What’s the most exciting thing about nationals? I am looking forward to spirit cheers and Ludi competitions. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? My favorite thing to do over summer is to skate my Penny board. What’s your favorite music? Justin Bieber is my favorite artist. How are you you getting involved in the JCL throughout the summer? I will be taking pictures along with Sophia and record our experience at Nationals!

Sophia Eckdale-Dudley, WJCL Historian

What’s the most exciting thing about nationals? I've never been to nationals before, but I keep hearing about Ludi. Certamen is always fun, too. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? I generally spend most of my time reading, though I'm also trying to learn some ancient Greek this summer, so we'll see how that goes. What’s your favorite music? I like lots of different music, but recently a friend introduced me to Yngwie Malmsteen, and I've been listening to him a lot. His hair is pretty wild, but his technique is flawless. And he composed a whole concerto for electric guitar - how cool is that! How are you you getting involved in the JCL throughout the summer? Lots and lots of scrap-booking!

Victoria Toledo, WJCL Editor What’s the most exciting thing about nationals? Making new friends obviously! It’s always so fun to meet new people and share laughs with the JCL. What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? I love driving with the windows down while playing my favorite music. I also love spending time with people, playing piano, and relaxing! What’s your favorite music? I’m generally into indie pop, rock, or electric stuff, but I also love listening to radio music. How are you you getting involved in the JCL throughout the summer? Making the Torch obviously! I’ve also been trying to hype people up at about nationals; I’m saving my voice so I can all out on our cheers.






National Latin convention has a lot to offer, and every little bit of it can contribute to the extraordinary and unique feeling that really only exists in one place for one week each year. As returning veterans already know and as newcomers will soon find out, every Nationals experience is different; from the first G.A. (general assembly) to the final fellowship meeting, there is an infinite number of ways one can spend their time over the course of this special (if not hectic) week. Whether you are athletic, academic, or are just there to have fun hanging out with old friends, everyone finds something to make convention an amazing experience.


One of the first things everyone will have to do is attend the general assemblies. Despite having to sit and listen to people (whom you probably have never heard of) talk for a few hours, they are one of the most fun parts of convention. Most of the GA’s start with fifteen minutes of spirit competition, which consists of 2,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs in ridiculous costumes. As ridiculous as it may sound, it is something that everyone can get into and always ends in smiling, albeit sweaty and hoarse, JCLers.


Article written by: Adam Abuhajir, Brookfield Academy

DAILY LIFE As simple and mundane as it seems, meals end up being one of the best parts of convention. It is an opportunity to spend time with old friends from years past or make totally new ones. Meeting random people at mealtimes can lead to friendships that will last until next convention. Every evening there is a dance for all the JCLers. The last night the final dance serves as a kind of farewell to convention and is usually the best attended of the dances. Colloquia are presentations or workshops on some obscure but interesting classical subject or for service. These are a great way to briefly expose yourself to a new aspect of the classics.

COMPETITIONS Certamen is a Latin quizbowl competition in which three teams put their academic knowledge to the test. Certamen is fun and intense to play and to watch. Teams participate in three preliminary rounds and, if they scored highly enough, move on to the semifinals; three teams from each level walk out of the semifinals to play in the finals. For less competitive players there is also an open Certamen tournament that provides a more casual atmosphere for the game.

There are also tests on various subjects offered for the more academic delegates. These tests are a fun way to test your knowledge for fun or to try to place in the top five to earn sweepstakes points.




For people who are more athletically inclined, there is Ludi. Ludi are sports that can be either very casual and fun or extremely competitive. There are Ludi for quite a few sports (soccer, ultimate Frisbee, swimming, track, etc.) so there is something for everyone.



That's entertainment is a talent show starting JCLers themselves. Anyone can audition for a chance to perform and the everyone can watch. Every performance is extremely well done; I skipped this my first year and I strongly urge that no one else make the same mistake.


All in all, NJCL Convention is a unique experience full of opportunities to experience the classics, encounter state JCL’s from across the country, and make lasting memories. I hope everyone is eagerly looking forward to this year’s convention!

see you at…

…2018 NJCL Convention