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PHOTO CREDITS FOR THIS ISSUE: Elizabeth Foster, Homestead Reena Singhal, BA

Editor’s Note Salvete! Here’s the Torch: WI August issue. I hope everyone had fun summers and looks forward to the school year! Remember, feel free to message me if you want to send something into the Torch. Since the fall is approaching, I hope there is interest for making a school shoutout! Thanks so much for reading the Torch this month! I even added a new article idea that I hope to maintain, involving me clowning around. I really hope you enjoy this month’s edition!

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President: Shir Bloch, Homestead High Historian: Sophia Eckdale-Dudley, School Wauwatosa East Favorite cereal: Jewish Crave Currently listening to: probably Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Scariest class next year: AP Research for sure

1st Vice President: Hope Judge, Madison West Favorite cereal: Cocoa Krispies Currently listening to: Jack Johnson Scariest class next year: AP Government

2nd Vice President: Jake Brink, Homestead High School Favorite cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Currently listening to: Guatemala – Rae Sremmurd Scariest class next year: Multivariable Calculus

Parliamentarian: Shloka Nambiar, Brookfield East Favorite cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats Currently listening to: Astroworld Scariest class next year: AP Literature

Favorite cereal: My younger sisters and I both love frosted flakes with strawberries. Currently listening to: The Seikilos Epitaph - it seems simple at first glance, but I’ve come to realize that it has a lot of potential for adding complex harmonies, and I’m hoping to make my own arrangement someday soon! Scariest class next year: I don’t know about scary, but online gym seems a bit disreputable…

Editor: Victoria Toledo, Brookfield Academy Favorite cereal: Coco Puffs Currently listening to: Bud Like You - AJR Scariest class next year: Graphic Design

Tech Coordinator: Kyle Jain, Brookfield Academy Favorite cereal: This is a hard question. I go back and forth. However, if we judge purely by taste, then I would have to say that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is by far the best. I love it so much that I often replace my dinner with a hearty bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Favorite cereal: none Currently listening to: Shotgun by George Ezra Scariest class next year: idk

Currently listening to: Literally anything that is not In My Feelings. I originally liked In My Feelings. However, every time I open up Instagram, someone is dancing outside of a car to this song, and because of this, I no longer enjoy the song. However, Drake's other hits (Nice For What, God's Plan Etc.) are all amazing.

Secretary: Aayush Agrawal, Brookfield East

Scariest class this year: Calculus. The name of the class scares everyone and it is a notoriously hard class. However, I hope to do well by doing the homework, and working hard.

Treasurer: Alexandra Castroverde, Homestead High School

Favorite cereal: Frosted Flakes Currently listening to: Yosemite by Travis Scott Scariest class next year: AP Lang

Nationals 2018:

Ego Vos Hortari…

This year’s NJCL Convention took place in Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The week was full of competitions, cheers, friendships, and fun. Here’s a look from WJCL President Shir Bloch. Article by: Shir Bloch,

As Phineas and Ferb famously say, there are (approximately) 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it. This time is precious to all, providing an opportunity to “hang” with friends or “chill” by the pool. We Latin Nerds©, however, choose to spend a week at one of the most exciting and dangerous places known to man: LatCon!

It was the summer of 2018. It was hot and mildly rainy. The date was Sunday, July 22nd. The time was 10:00 AM. The bus from Madison was already on its way to the Pettit Center while Magis, Mr. Magis, and I were coming from Mequon. That’s when Magis got the call. A seemingly innocent call from the one and only Michael Kearney led to us discovering the Irish Dance competition going on at the Center! Calls to Mags resulted in a (wet) location migration to a local school (thanks Remind 101) and a very angry man on his way to work. Finally, all the buses were loaded, but Dr. Roessler and Michael were forced to head down to Ohio separately, for dear Mr. Greenwald had found himself back at home and not responding (following some back and forth between the buses and the Roessler car, we won the race to campus thanks to a stopped train). And so, we were off. Our 59 delegates and 13 adults/chaperons/sponsors finally made it to campus! To Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Wrong Miami. Wrong Oxford. Lots of construction meant a 20 minute detour to travel a block, but we finally arrived at our dorms. The rest of Sunday involved everyone walking around, finding their way to the dining hall, and exploring campus. Fellowship that night was uneventful (besides my wonderful attendance-taking). Monday was Olympika Swimming, where our lovely WJCL sporty people did well!! Caleb Saffold got a cramp but still performed remarkably. The first GA was also that day. Some colloquia, some tests, some competitive Certamen, and, to end the day, AGORA and the DANCE! At fellowship, we practiced cheers! HUGE shoutout to Jake. Tuesday came next. Track and field was in the morning following an early team breakfast. Kyle Jain (AKA Tech Boi) swept at chess (of course). More testing, colloquia, and a service project, followed by the essay contest before the GA. Our first day of spirit may not have gone as well as we’d hoped, but our voices remained (mostly) intact thanks to whomsoever brought the cough drops *cough cough*. We won Ludi Basketball and I made it past Nom Com (Nominations Committee) to become an official candidate for NJCL 1st VP! Competitive Certamen round II, as well as a chance to meet the NJCL Officers, came next.. Another agora and dance made the day an overall success, and we practiced our cheers (as well as more/bigger motions and increased tempo) at fellowship.

Wednesday. The official “hump day” of convention. Marathon, more testing, and impromptu art began this momentous day, followed by more colloquia and a service project. After that came the GA. Our spirit was MUCH improved. Candidate speeches were this day, so Katie introduced me -- a slug -- and I gave my speech to the vast crowd that is the NJCL. Our poor voting delegates then had to suffer through an exceptionally long Constitutional Amendments Meeting, during which they came to despise Robert and his Rules of Order. Then came Ultimate Frisbee and another round of Certamen before more agora/dance. At fellowship, we recognized the Certamener(d)s for their brilliant performances. The Latin I’s had fought valiantly but had, sadly, not made semifinals. Both the Intermediate and Advanced teams had. Thursday started with early morning soccer (which we won!) and some testing. Certamen semifinals saw the Intermediate team make the finals (more on that later)! Another colloquia and service session came before the Candidates Open Forum, at which time the exceptional Tim Han (formerly of Wisconsin) made me come up with a haiku on the spot, among other difficult tasks. Voting fellowship was immediately after Open Forum. We then had spirit and the GA. I was finally allowed to join in the cheering and promptly shot my voice to match the rest of our wonderful delegation!! I lost the election, but the laughs at That’s Entertainment *sprinkler intensifies* meant no one, not even Dennis “Who’s Your Daddy” Webb or Generosa “NO” Sangco-Jackson, could keep a straight face! Fellowship was unusually long. Friday was an amazing end to LatCon 2018. We crushed Ludi Volleyball! We had some successes by WJCLers competing in Open Certamen. The Intermediate Certamen team WON THE 2018 FINALS for the first time in a longgggg time (and an unidentified person yelled “I love you, Kyle Jain” at the conclusion of the round)!!!!! There was another Colloquia session before the Toga Procession, GA, and Roman Banquet. Agora and the FAREWELL DANCE were huge hits, and we let go of our cares and had so much fun! All of this, of course, led to a very tired fellowship. Senior speeches were quite emotional, Insomnia Cookies were brought, and I couldn’t stop crying as I thanked everyone (we knew the convention tears would come at some point!). The Saturday bus ride home was long and boring, and involved upside-down french fry eating and laying with pillows on the floor of the bus. What a wonderful way to end such a fun convention!

…tantum possum ut amicitiam omnibus rebus humanis anteponatis. Join us for 2019 NJCL Convention at NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota!

Q: What do you like about this year? A: I liked the convenience store! It’s something that I missed at the Trinity University Convention. I like it because they have ice cream and water. Q: What would you change about this year? A: I would not have done the North and South quads for different cafeterias. I came here, after all, to see friends, yet everyone’s schedules are different here. -Lucy Ku, Georgia

Q: What do you like about this year? A: Ludi! Q: What would you change about this year? A: I would have preferred a smaller campus that keeps stuff closer together. My legs are gone from this week. Also, the cafeteria. -Alisha Khosla, Wisconsin

Hey there!

Q: What do you like about this year? A: The campus is gorgeous! It’s better than Troy. I also feel like I have more friends this year, since last year I kept to my school more. Q: What would you change about this year? A: I would want fellowship to not be that late -Rena Shi, Tennesee

I asked NJCL attendees for their thoughts on this year’s convention. Here are the responses!

Q: What do you like about nationals in general? A: I like all the activities! There is so much more offered here than at state. Plus, here it’s more than just Latin. Q: What’s a new memorable experience you’ve had here? A: I loved making new friends, especially over the weirdest things like spirit. It was also fun learning the inside NJCL jokes, like “stage crew!” at That’s Entertainment. -Christine Arnold, Tennessee

Q : What did you like about nationals in general? I think my favorite part about Nationals was the spirit before each GA. When everyone is shouting together, you really feel like you’re part of something. The sheer magnitude of all these people from all over the country really shocks you, but to be able to stand out among them is truly amazing. …And I really liked the food. -Kyle Williams, Wisconsin

Q: What did you like about nationals this year? My favorite part of nationals was either certamen or spirit. It’s really hard to choose between the two as they are so fun. After those, just meeting up with old friends and making new ones was awesome. Q: What would you change about this year? The biggest thing I would like to change, and I’m definitely @ the NatCom here, to not have a limit on certain speeches, like the silver bowls or officer farewell speeches. -Rushee Soni, Florida



Certamen this year was a blast! Our training included memorizing the parents of extremely obscure mythological characters, learning the dates of the reigns of every emperor, learning the strangest vocabulary words (who knew allec, allecis meant fish pickle?), and practicing for many hours. We were understandably nervous going into the tournament, as it had been 28 years since Wisconsin had won in the Intermediate division. We saw no easy rounds in the prelims, however we made it to the finals where we played Texas and Virginia. Playing in the finals was a stressful experience which none of us had experienced before. It was a tough round, and although we were down at question 16, our many hours of preparation, along with our chemistry, allowed us to secure the win by five points. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to play on the national stage with such an amazing team, and I can’t wait to play next year! I want to thank anyone who helped out with Wisconsin’s Certamen program, either by reading us questions, helping to set up the practices, or in any other way. Moreover, I want to thank the question writers, the moderators, and anyone else who was involved in the set-up of the tournament. They did an amazing job in ensuring that Certamen was run smoothly. -Kyle Jain, Brookfield Academy

NJCL Friday Fellowship Minutes (7/27) Shideler 1

Call to Order​ at 11:48 p.m by President Shir Bloch ● Attendance ● Friday Recap ○ Ludi Volleyball. Did we win? You bet we did!!! ○ Awards Assembly ○ Open Certamen ○ Competitive Certamen: Intermediate Wisco won!!!


Missed Nationals? Here’s a peek at Friday’s fellowship minutes, written by our fantastic secretary Aayush Agrawal! Check out more of his minutes online!


Editor’s Take

For all you faithful readers out there, here is my new special treat to the Torch: my random perspective on things!

My strange NJCL Highlights !

1. Cookies. On the way to Miami, a group of my friends and I stressfully ordered 13 cookies from McDonald’s. Admittedly, our time budgeting was pretty fatal, because the cookies ended up taking ten minutes to cook up in the oven; we were almost late to the buses! They were amazing cookies, so I don’t regret a second of it. The next day, the same group ordered Insomnia Cookies right after fellowship! It was a little clutch, but the delivery guy pulled up right near where the paths to the respective gender dorms split. Once again, they were a taste of heaven. This is probably why my acne acted up this week. Kinda worth it, though. 2. Farewell Dance. If you haven’t seen me at a dance, that’s probably for the best. You see, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve cared less and less about what people think of me in public, meaning that I now have little shame in going all out at dances. Yes, I belt out lyrics until my voice grows hoarse (reference: prom) and dance like a spaghetti noodle. It’s a fun time. 3. Everything else. On a more serious note, I really do JCLove the JCL. I always have a good time at any convention, despite all my sweating, voice cracking, and unwilling exercising. I hope that this inspires you to go next year!

Advice !

Here’s some things people probably don’t tell you about convention: 1. Natural highlight. You should probably go pretty light on makeup during convention, considering you’ll be walking around a college campus in the balmy heat while toting around source books, spirit props, and more. There’s so much walking. So. Much. 2. Food. Bring your own food for your own dorm room! Besides being a perfect emotional snack at midnight, it will also help out if you miss out on breakfast—yes, breakfast does close at one point. I learned the hard way this year; I should have referenced my first tip and not spent so long on makeup that morning. On the bright side (there always is one!) my roomie Alisha Khosla and I ended up eating Belvita’s in the dorm and had a rather relaxing morning start. 3. A friend who knows their way around campus. Let me tell you, if you asked me on the last day of convention how to get somewhere, there is a likely chance I would have gotten you lost. For some reason, I refused to reference the map on campus, and on the way back from testing one day when my roommate stayed back at the dorm, I walked alone from the auditorium and had to ask for directions back. It was already Wednesday. Luckily, during the week I almost always was walking with the same two-ish people, and one of them was the Christopher Columbus of the campus. Beware of asking me for directions next year.

Just can’t wait to get together again?

Next WJCL meeting: October 14