First Round of Personals (State 2021)

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JAN. 30 2021 GO DASHERS!!! special shoutout to the DSHA level 2 certamen team! good luck! to chef eddie you make a mean pasta sincerely, ur secret admirer Dear Emma Canga, Thank you so much for your constant dedication to the Torch and wonderful personality. Your quest to include people from other states is something to be admired, and your use of Google Do- I mean Canva is unparalleled. Your sense of humor, while maintaining focus on academics, is incredible, and your love for the people around you makes me want to be a better person. The effort you put into your work is outstanding and makes me want to read Wisconsin's Torch. Let's be honest, you know that it is a shocker when somebody WANTS to read the Torch, especially out of their own state. You, somehow, manage to pull it off. Thank you for all the effort you do, and I hope we can stay in contact posthigh school. Now, I need to get the hot pocket out of the microwave. Sincerely, jake. Please vote for De'Aaron Fox for the NBA 2021 All Star Game!


Emma, hey, buddy! I don't know about you, buddy, but I'm really looking forward to convention, buddy. -Zoe H nox, for certamen. We got this 30 is better that zero

Dear WJCL Editor, You are the coolest! Your precalc friend

Hi guys, just wanted to inform everyone about something that's pretty big. This is actually pretty exciting, but there's this really really big basketball team on the rise called The Big Dawgs. I really think you guys should follow our Instagram @thebigdaws_. Right now, we aren't doing too well, but this will soon change. The road to success is long, but it's all okay, we don't need to win, as all of our Latin knowledge has made us the smartest team in the league. Hi Ella Tarwacki!!!!! :):):):) love u sydney sorry for burning ur hand Big shoutout to Eddie!! His cooking show was literally the BEST and comedic gold lol. Plus he made among us so funnnnn! Such a fun night with him.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO grace grahek and faith fineour of DSHA for their amazing costumes! Dear that stuffed animal in the treasurer's background, A god amongst us mortals, you lighten the days of all who come across you. I bow down to your presence, O' Powerful One, and listen to the cries of all nonbelievers. Your green fur radiates hope through the zoom call, your omnipotent power uncontended by others. Hear our prayers, and praised be your everlasting love. John Wilkes Lincoln

Once more our sojourns intersect, a fated reunion after such a turbulent half year. Our former run-in caused peaks and valleys, waxing and waning affections. Developments have been made, however, and my own evolution has carried me to my present state of disinterest. Sincerely, Your (former) secret admirer, although you probably never even saw the first one.

to the Reverend Lord Noah: I wish there was a product, perhaps a series of products, that would allow me to express my love of the JCL and its sportthemed activities. Do you know of such an item? -Zoe H

To my fellow Latin 2 honors dropper, Thank you for the good times pretending we know how to translate, and thank you for the memories of pocket milk.

Emma, thanks for carrying the WJCL w i t h t h e a m a z i n g t o r c hO e sF . IFaIpCpIr e e OTE AcLi a tN the talks about school and the Wisco pride that you help to carry to the NJCL as a whole. Ooga Booga. Ooga ooga booga. Ooga booga booga ooga. Ooga ooga ogga. Booga booga ooga. Ooga ooga booga ooga. Ooga Booga, Booga booga ooga booga

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