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NOV 1, 2020


Fall/Winter Edition





SPOTIFY PLAYLIST Add to our official WJCL Spotify playlist! We may still have the dance at our virtual State Convention so help us line up some great tunes!

PHOTO OF THE MONTH Submit to the Photo of the Month contest! If you are in-person for school, show us how you are all doing with a photo! If you are at home, show us some Zoom fun! Due to the circumstances, previous club photos are also welcome!

CLUB OF THE TORCH Previous called "Club of the Month," the Club of the Torch is here to motivate all to submit to the Torch! The school with the most submissions will win! This includes ALL submissions, big or small, and ALL schools, in and out of state. I hope to receive some more submissions from Wisco so that we can better capture the Wisco spirit in the Torch!

GAME POLL Fill out this quick, 1 question survey! I added a new game section in the previous Torch with "History Hunt" and now "Labyrinth." Please fill out the Google form on which game you would like to see featured in the next edition! J869

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Salvete omnes! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy as school starts up again! Although we were unable to attend an in-person Nationals this year, I hope that all who attended still had fun! It is difficult to transfer a week long, in-person event into a virtual one, so I would like to thank the NJCL for all the hard work they put in to make Nationals possible! Another big thank you to all who submitted to the previous edition of the Torch! The Torch: WI couldn't exist without you! On a similar note, thank you to everyone

who contributed to this edition! We have several out of state submissions this time, and I would like to thank Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Oklahoma for their support! I am glad you are all enjoying your Ludi Jerseys and the fun games at the end of the Torch! The Wisco spirit has endured through these times, and I hope that you are all excited for State, although virtual! I cannot wait to see you all again on Zoom! Emma Canga, WJCL Editor


S C H O O L U P D A T E 4

MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL By Patrick Walsh WJCL 1st VP Marquette High welcomed students back to school this August in a hybrid learning format. The student body is divided into two cohorts, with each group alternating days in school and at home. At 50% capacity, everyone is able to maintain a safe distance, and the school has implemented a variety of additional safety measures including mandated mask use and daily health screenings and temperature checks. Each classroom is equipped with an iPad mounted on a Swivl C3 robot which turns based on the movement of

DSHA By Matina Naum In September, we celebrated the new group of Latin 1 students by virtually hosting our annual sorting ceremony. This is where we put each student into a house (inspired by the Hogwarts houses in Harry

HOMESTEAD HIGH SCHOOL By MacKenzie Lawless Although this year has brought on so many new changes, Homestead has been able to adapt very well. For starters, Homestead has put out four plans for classes based on the severity of the case count in our zip codes. These plans include all distance learning, on campus learning with maximum social distancing, on campus learning with social distancing, and finally “normal” schedule and procedures. Throughout these first two months of school, we have been exposed to two of them. For the first week of school, the last week in October, and the first week in November, we have been all virtual. This entails logging onto zoom at 8:25 and tuning in for two

the teacher and is connected to microphones which are placed throughout the room, allowing the students at home to feel connected and engaged. Guided by our fearless Imperator, MUHS Latin has adapted beautifully to hybrid learning. Although partner readings aren’t the same without the normal rotations, we are able to work with the person seated next to us while remaining in our desks at a safe distance. This year Marquette High is extremely fortunate to have Michael Kearnery back as an Alumni Service Corps member. In addition to teaching German 1, Mr. Kearney is excited to work with our certamen teams. Everyone is looking forward to participating in all of the events at this year’s virtual State Convention.

Potter) that they will stay in for the remainder of their time in the program and earn spirit points for. In October, we had our very first Latin Club meeting! We played many rounds of Kahoot, and shared what genre our lives would be as a movie. The Latin 3 students have just finished reading their first piece of authentic text by Eutropius, and the club officers are working to finalize spirit wear designs!

three-hour classes each day. We are able to receive assignments and assessments in Canvas from the comfort of our own home. However, for the majority of our school year we have been in person with maximum physical distancing, but with the option for some students to be virtual. We arrive at school at 8:25 with our masks on and follow our one-way hallway system to class. During class we sit socially distanced with plastic dividers so that we are safely separated from our classmates. In between classes we have three lunch periods to minimize the amount of students in one space and we eat with dividers between each of us. Overall, Homestead is well equipped to tackle any more changes that we may face this year. Our school is able to balance the health and safety of each student with the importance of “normal” learning. We are ready for anything!

BROOKFIELD ACADEMY By Emma Canga, WJCL Editor BA is back in business! After a long spring at home, we have returned to in-person classes! For every class, students are spaced 6 feet apart and are required to wear masks. At the end of class, we each wipe down our desks and walk along the directed one-way path around to our next class. Our Latin Club is still thriving

as well! We have already had our first meeting on Zoom and intend to keep that up throughout the year! Currently, we have several teams preparing to compete at online Certamen tournaments, keeping the spirit alive although from home! As for our WJCL status, we took home the win for Photo of the Month last month and hope to keep up our streak throughout the rest of this year and the next! Keep a look out for our next submission! AP Latin stumbled upon a stellar line in Vergil!

Photo of the Month Winners: Left: DSHA; Savanna Kaczynski Right: Brookfield Academy; Emma Canga WJCL Editor

CLUB OF THE TORCH CASADY HIGH SCHOOL By Jonah Craine, OKJCL President I never thought this moment would come. As I sat down in my chair, listening to your editor talk about the Torch, I had an idea. Why not put all of my effort into winning Club of the Torch in Wisconsin? So, I looked through your Constitution, all media posts, and previous Torches, and discovered that nobody specified that the Club of the Torch had to be in-state. I wrote poetry, promoted Ludi, wrote an article, did a History Hunt, and finally this submission. After convincing others in my chapter to do the History Hunt, I finally secured what I had hoped for: the coveted Wisco JCL Club of the Torch. Casady School in Oklahoma

City, Oklahoma has never won a Club of the Torch before, not even in their own state. By turning in submissions to Wisconsin we were finally able to win. Casady starts their Latin program in 7th grade, and offers JCL from that point through high school. With the unparalleled support from our sponsors (Mrs. Titus, Mrs. Russell, and Dr. Buchhiem), Casady’s JCL chapter does very well. Through a new, unknown year, the Casady JCL has many things planned, and this win was just the tip of the iceberg. Emma Canga, the WJCL Editor, did not believe me. She thought that I would never spend this much time submitting to her beloved Torch. This article is proof that if you have a dream, you can do anything. So, in conclusion, we’d like to give a special thanks to Mr. Hoffman. Though you are not here

to celebrate this momentous occasion, you are the reason the Casady JCL is where it is today. We are truly grateful, and we hope that your next journey in life is even better than the last. Though we have won Club of the Torch already, we will continue contributing, and maybe even win again!






STEP 1 Go to the official WJCL website:

STEP 2 Hover over the tab that says "Ludi Store"

STEP 3 Click on the dropdown "Ludi Jerseys" tab and select your size


Share your Ludi Love with the WJCL! Send us pictures of you and your Ludi Jersey and/or socks! Write a review of the product(s)!







EXPAND THE LUDI BRAND LIVE, LAUGH, LUDI: THE INNOVATIVE FASHION EMBODIMENT OF VERSATILITY AND COMFORT Designed by the WJCL, Ludi merchandise has broadened its horizons in recent years, initially with the launch of the nationally available edition of the jersey (purple and white) and now with the online Ludi Store. Formerly solely a stand at Agora, Ludi merchandise has evolved to span both physical and virtual worlds. At first glance, one may mistake the Ludi Jersey for a mere “tank top” or the Ludi socks for simple “foot sheaths,” but their technical designs and structures reveal their more complicated and careful engineering. The latest model of the Ludi Jersey effectively combines comfort, versatility, and style to cater to customers around the globe and to induce the unique Ludi experience. The main body is composed of a light and comfortable mesh designed to create an optimal environment for exercise and physical activity. Also visible is the utilisation of the innovative cooling technology “sans sleeves” which facilitates movement and enhances body temperature regulation through increased air exposure. In addition, the Ludi jersey exhibits reversibility, available in purple and white (sold nationally) and red and white (exclusively sold in Wisconsin, USA). The two-in-one benefit of this convenient feature appeals to

consumer preferences by lessening color fashion limitations. The common use of white mesh in both the purple and red jerseys reduces light absorption so that users do not heat up additionally due to the absorption of sunlight. The colors purple and gold, displayed on the purple side of the purple and white Ludi Jersey, symbolize the JCL as does the bolded “LUDI LUDI LUDI” printed on the front. The use of capital letters illustrates the support and motivation experienced during a Ludi event. By simply looking at the strategic font, size, and capitalization, users and viewers will be able to enjoy the Ludi love from their own homes. This past year, the Ludi brand expanded its name with the release of Ludi socks, now available in purple and gold (sold nationally) and red and white (exclusively sold in Wisconsin, USA). The socks, as do the jerseys, demonstrate the extraordinary comfort and versatility guaranteed with Ludi products. An insulating yet airy material forms the body of the sock, and the footlike shape relieves the discomfort of inconvenient seams and fitting complications. Each sock is approximately 2 mm thick allowing for a slim, comfortable fit in various styles of shoes. If desired, the sock can be concealed under a pant leg or within a boot; its flexible material

eases adjustments in all shoe environments. The tactical construction and composition of the Ludi socks enhance a variety of activities that include, but are not limited to, recreation, relaxation, work, and dining. The font and text techniques evident on the Ludi Jerseys are also incorporated into the socks’ outer design. With only 7 clicks, you can purchase your very own Ludi apparel. Visit di_Jersey.html or di_Socks.html

to locate the Ludi Jersey and socks respectively. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. The act of purchasing a jersey or the socks consumes less time than the reading of this article, so we at the WJCL encourage you to spare mere seconds of your time for a lifetime of enjoyment! We assure you that the marginal benefits will exceed the marginal costs; fifteen to twenty dollars are unaccountable amongst all the joy evident in Ludi merchandise recipients.

Are you a part of NJCL and want to show some Ludi spirit in your own town? Check out the WJCL Ludi Store If you are a part of the WJCL, please contact the WJCL Treasurer at to obtain a RED Ludi Jersey and/or socks.


ARTICLE EXCHANGE FRIENDSHIP By Jack Wilburn, KJCL 1ST VP Upon hearing that national convention was cancelled, JCLers across the country collectively released the most terrible cry of anguish ever beheld by human ears. From California to Massachusetts, the work and joy that had been surrounding the NJCL all came to a screeching halt. Although everyone recognized that it would not be the same experience, nearly 1,000 Latin fanatics nonetheless chose to uphold the JCL spirit and attend the virtual national convention, even if it meant doing the whole thing over zoom. The virtual aspect is perhaps what JCLers feared most, hours of

sitting in zooms with no genuine human connection for a whole week. We still looked forward to testing and Certamen, but without meeting the friends we had made the year prior, a gaping FARGODOME sized hole weighed heavy in our hearts. Eventually, we all logged onto the first general assembly, sitting in the waiting room with no knowledge of what the conference would hold. Fortunately we were greeted by


familiar faces and phrases, seeing Joceleyn’s both comforting and unbothered face, and hearing the word "snazzy" just as much as we did at previous conventions. The vibes of the conference were the same, but the connection that makes nats so special was still totally absent. This connection, the connection that JCLers crave so fervently was missing until one fateful day. On this day the Kentucky JCL officers thought, “Wouldn’t it be epic if there was a gigantic convention group chat?” And so the ‘NJCL chat’ was born, beginning with Kentucky and soon branching out to first Ohio, then Wisconsin, soon followed by Louisiana and as many states as JCLers could find. This group chat lended itself to many memes and polls that provided countless laughs. It also provided heart wrenching moments at the final GA after all the people in the group had finally attained the connection they desired so much. This group chat revealed JCLoves, and it fostered friendships nobody thought would be possible in a virtual setting. What was originally the largest pitfall of the conference, the virtual setting, soon became a blessing and the gateway to connectivity. At an in-person convention, connections are often

made in passing with no sharing of contacts, but at an online convention contact information is sacrosanct for connecting in any capacity. Undoubtedly more numbers, emails, and instagrams have been shared during this conference than any conference before. Meme sharing has also grown exponentially, within the group chat chuckles are shared with the mention of 800,000 chickens or literally the name Andrew, and there has never been so many zoom links sent in one group. These new virtual connections also uphold longevity. I’ve zoomed with my JCL friends every single night for two weeks after the conference, becoming better friends with them than I am with the people with whom I attend school. Under normal nationals conditions you only expect to see your friends the next year only hoping to meet them in the world outside the junior classical league. Now by the wonders of modern technology, JCLove has had more room to grow, and a more profound effect on me than I’ve ever experienced before.

ZOOM PENPALS By Sara Rhouate, MassJCL Editor and Historian Before the 2020 National Convention, I don’t think I ever wrote an actual letter. Yes, I signed my name at the bottom of birthday cards or wrote a fake letter as part of a school assignment, but I never took the time to write an actual letter to be sent in the mail to a friend until this summer. This year at convention, I met a lot of great people that I don’t think I would’ve ever met had the convention not been virtual. During one of our first zoom calls together, one of them mentioned that they would love to send us all letters, so we all began exchanging addresses. A few weeks later, letters began appearing in my mailbox. Before this, I had never received a letter addressed specifically to me besides an official document, so this was special. I was super excited to open the contents of the envelopes and read what they wrote because I had no idea

what to expect. Most people get excited for a package to arrive and will track it’s shipping, but they usually know what they are going to get. However, with a letter, you can’t track it and you have no idea what will truly be inside. They could’ve easily texted me what was written in each card, as it would’ve reached me faster, but it wouldn’t have meant as much. One can be a lot more sentimental when writing a card, rather than by sending a message through text or other social media. Beautiful hand drawn images accompanied each note. Not only are cards fun to receive, but they are also a lot of fun to make. You could take pre-designed cards and envelopes or you can completely design your own and personalize them for each receiver. I know that I really enjoyed creating my letters. At the beginning of the summer I was devastated that the

in-person convention was cancelled, but now I’m kind of glad it was. It allowed me to meet many amazing people, and exchange letters with them.

VIRTUAL CONVENTION By Jonah Craine, OKJCL President Though this convention was unlike any other, it was very special to me. I was able to meet some lifelong friends whom I will never forget. This convention was my first, and I was travelling on a roadtrip with my family while it was going on. I was hopping on and off of Zoom calls, YouTube videos, and group chats whenever I could. My time wasn’t invested in convention, and I wasn’t able to fully experience the magic of nats. Though at first it seemed like a hassle, a 20 hour car ride made my experience worth it. I was on a State Officer’s Mixer, and Joly Lo (KY Pres) pointed out that I was in a car. I met with him on GroupMe, he put me in the NJCL chat, and he became my “guide” for nationals. I found out through Joly that there was a Zoom call for mafia, and I decided to join. I became the mafia alongside Emma Canga, and together we destroyed

all Andrews in sight. Though we eventually lost, we were put in a Zoom breakout room to make the game go faster. This group of people, consisting of JCLers from across the nation, was my first tie to JCLove. We became very close, created inside jokes, and started writing each other letters. It’s crazy looking back on how everything happened to get me to this point. My camp getting cancelled so I could “go” to nats, the car ride, meeting Joly, being mafia with Emma, and creating a friendship with that Breakout Room with our

limited time made a group of friends who give advice, share our feelings and thoughts, and complain together. Writing letters has allowed me to take the next step in my JCL experience, realizing that Oklahoma is not the extent of those who love Latin. I highly encourage anyone who can to write letters to friends far away and check up on them. Through all of these unprecedented times, it’s nice to find someone (or a group of people) who truly cares. So in conclusion, check up on friends from different states and make sure they’re doing well. Also realize that most things happen for a purpose, and a lot of things had to work out right for this group to be created. Though it may seem different, we should take the time to care about others. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you stay safe in a world of unknowns.



RESULTS What was your favorite part of convention?









THE WAITING ROOM "How I love the tech wonder called Zoom. Waiting room symbols war off the gloom! 'Connecting...' sign spinning," Cried the latin kid, grinning, and I heard he's still there in that room. - Zoe Hoelmer








ROCKIN' EVERYWHERE Wisco is so great. Eighteen dollars free shipping, That is a great price! -John Lincoln



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