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Chri stmas Gi ftGui de

babyand toddler Wooden Acti vi ty Centre Spi ralFun

Per f ectf orat t achi ngt o pr ams,cot s,hi ghchai r s

Makel ear ni ng f un!

£30. 59

£1 4. 39

PepperPi g Puzzles

Pepperandherf r ei nds

From £1 0. 79

Babyplush stackers Sof tandf l uf f y st acki ngbr i cks

£1 4. 39

Gruffalo Games

Ever yonel ovesJul i aDonal dson’ s TheGr uf f al o

CAlendars& Di ari es 201 3 Calendars Al waysagr eatgi f tand easyt opost !

From £6. 29

201 3 fami ly organi sers

Keepyourwhol ef ami l yact i vi t i es or gani sedi nonepl acenextyear .

From £6. 29

Letts201 3 DI ARY

Asel ect i onofsi z es,col our s andt ypesavai l abl e.

From £6. 1 1



Cut e,cuddl yandr eusabl ehandwar mer s

£8. 99

Stocki ng Fi llers Fr om cut escr eenwi pest o cuddl ygadgethol der s

from £8. 09


Eyemasks,bodywr apsandwar mer s

from £8. 99

candles& BATH SETS GraceCole bath Sets

Fort hel adywhohasever yt hi ng

From £5. 39

Lavender bath Sets

Beaut i f ul l ygi f twr apped

Wi ld fi g and grapesets Evoki ng anat mospher eofa war m Medi t er r aneanvi neyar d

Woodwi ck candles

Thecosycr ackl eofanopenf i r e wi t hasel ect i onofal l ur i ngscent s

From £1 4. 39

HomewaresGi fts Gi ftsfor Buddi ng chefs

Pr act i cali deasf ort hose whol ovecooki ng!

J Ason Placemats Beaut i f ul l yboxed From ÂŁ20. 69 Beauti ful Notebooks

Forr eci pes,not es,orj ustst r ay t hought sandi deas!

From ÂŁ5. 39

Gi ftsfor homestarters I fyouwantt ogi vet heonesyou l ovesomet hi ngusef ul , l ooknof ur t her !

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Aldiss Gift Guide  

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