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SOULSCAN Visualizing The Soul

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Introduction SOULSCAN Visualizing The Soul

Soulscan is an interactive installation which explores the psychological narrative undertaken by Robert Falcon Scott during the Terra Nova Expedition to the South Pole. Using his body as a vessel to gain access to the soul and extract the narrative of the non-physical from his body. Soulscan extracts this psychological narrative in the form of an ultrasound image. As the user autopsies Robert Falcon Scott's body the psychological narrative is revealed. Many believe that the soul lives on after death. 'The soul can not think without a picture.' (Aristotle) Soulscan attempts to extract these images that have taken shelter deep within our mind and soul.

Introduction SOULSCAN Visualizing The Soul

Soulscan Future SOULSCAN Visualizing The Soul

Soulscan is a flexible installation which can be altered to accommodate any subject throughout history. For this reason Soulscan would fit perfectly into a museum exhibition. Interactive installations allow the users to engage in the project, making for a richer and more memorable experience.

Soulscan Future SOULSCAN Visualizing The Soul

Giving visitors an excellent experience is paramount to gain return visits. ‘When creating visitor experiences, it pays to tap into all the available human senses - i.e. sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. How this is best done will also relate to how well you know your visitor markets. And most markets will welcome imaginative opportunities for interactivity and participation.’ (Bruce Dickson, 2004)

The National Science Museum in London also offers the opportunity to license or buy their interactive exhibits. This is a market that Soulscan could also explore, advertising Soulscan towards specific organizations for hire. However museums remain the primary market for Soulscan, the ability for the user to dress up and interact like a medical doctor would prove popular and entertaining for young children.

Soulscan Future SOULSCAN Visualizing The Soul

The education sector is another area that Soulscan could pursue. Interactive learning has been proven to yield greater results than many standard teaching methods. It would allow for a fun way to learn about important historical figures. History in secondary schools is regarded by many as a boring subject. ‘Only just over 30% of pupils study the subject at Key Stage 4 and fewer still post-16.’ (Ofsted, 2007)

Creating a more interactive learning environment would help remove this ‘boring’ stigma and possibly increase students taking the subject. ‘Children don't want to read stuff on walls about history – they want to feel it and see it and take part in it,’ (Paul Pattison, 2009)

Soulscan is an installation that would stay in the memory of students along with the information they had learnt during interacting with the installation.

Future Of Soulscan  

The future of Soulscan