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Transcription for subtitling •

When producing a film, editing a video, or creating a commercial for advertisement purposes, offering subtitles to the viewer is an important thing to consider.

There are many factors to subtitling that we consider including cultural difference, accuracy, timing, and translation of the original transcription.

Our Transcription for Subtitling Services include: •

Motion Pictures

Short Films


Post Production Work

Advertisement transcription •

Thousands of advertisements are broadcasted each day in a variety of formats.

Our Advertisement Transcription Services include: •

Video Advertisements

Advertisements presented on TV, through online videos, or as part of a streaming service

Audio Advertisements

Radio ads, Internet radio ads, and podcasts

Documentary & film transcription •

Our Documentary & Film Transcription Services include: •

Commercial Movies

Art Movies

Short Films

Educational Documentaries

Research Documentaries

Medical Documentaries

Historical Documentaries

Sports Documentaries

Religious Documentaries

Music Documentaries

Art Documentaries

Science and Engineering Documentaries

Product Documentation and Demo

Travel Videos

Video conference call transcription •

Researchers, counselors, college administrators, legal authorities and training institutions can benefit greatly from our Video Conference Call Transcription Services.

Our services include: •

Legal Video Conference

Focus Group Video Conference

Online Video Conference

One-on-One Video Conference

Multi-point Video Conference

Surveillance recording transcription •

Persons in the law-enforcement, education, and real estate industries use audio and video surveillances every day.

Our Surveillance Recording Transcription Services include: •

Audio Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Television series transcription •

Our Television Series Transcription Services include: •

Educational Programming, from documentaries to reality TV shows

Entertainment, transcribing any entertainment programs including sitcoms, dramas, and made-for-TV movies or game shows

Sports, for sporting events both live and recorded

News Broadcasts, for producing and performing news broadcasts

Recordings and Interviews, for televised recordings and interviews

Animation transcription •

Animation transcription is vital when operating an animation studio, cartoon TV channel, or film production house for storyboards and storytelling methods.

Our Animation Transcription Services include: •

Animation Storyboards

Transcriptions can be taken from an existing storyboard or extracted from a series of animated films


As part of a recorded presentation from a script or completed animated product

Webinar transcription •

Our Webinar Transcription Services include: •

Educational Webinars

Business Webinars

Training Sessions’ Webinars

Religious Webinars

Event Promotions

Product Launch

Product/Service Promotion

Q&A Sessions

Interactive Webinars

Non-Interactive Webinars

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Video Transcription Services  
Video Transcription Services  

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