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Deposition transcription • Depositions are a part of court hearings, interrogations, witness and victim interviews, and police interviews every day. • Our Deposition Transcription Services include: • Court hearings • Academic legal • Interrogations • Witness and victim interviews • 911 emergency calls

Court briefs & proceedings transcription • Audio recordings of court briefs and proceedings are a large sum of the recorded data used by attorneys, police departments, and detectives. • Our Court Briefs & Proceedings include: • Court arguments • Petitions • Pleadings • Appeals

Court reports & subpoena transcription • Our Court Report Transcription Services include: • Attorney reports • Police records and reports • Investigative reports • Defendant reports • Claimant reports • Business legal reports • Our Subpoena Transcription Services include: • Witness subpoenas • Attorney in law subpoenas • Clerk issue subpoena

Jury Instruction transcription • There are multiple points throughout and before a trial at which judges provide instructions to the jury. • It is important that these instructions are properly recorded and transcribed for reference by attorneys, court clerks, and investigators. • Our Jury Transcription Services include: • Civil jury instructions • Criminal jury instructions

Testimonies transcription • Court testimonies are delivered every day and have an immediate impact on the outcome of a case. • It is important that every party involved has an accurate final transcription of the court testimonies delivered during or as part of a case. • Our Testimonies Transcription Services include: • Witness testimonies • Expert testimonies • Police testimonies

Arbitrations transcription • Arbitration is a tool used to settle contract disputes, legal issues, and issues related to arguments within businesses. • Arbitration is used to determine who is at fault, to negotiate a contract, settle issues determined by the court, and to offer legal advice for the parties involved. • Our Arbitration Transcription Services include: • Binding • Non-binding • Court appointed • Grievance • Independent

Investigation & forensic transcription • Our Investigation Transcriptions Services include: • Police investigation • FBI investigation • Property investigation • Insurance investigation • Scientific investigation • Medical investigation • Our Forensic Transcription Services include: • Carbon dating • Forensic reports • Cyber forensics • Forensic testimonies

Police interview transcription • Police interviews are the foundation of most criminal investigations. • These tapes, both audio and video, represent a significant portion of the evidence presented in a trial or court hearing. • Wizscribe offers comprehensible police interview transcription services to legal and investigative professionals, attorneys, police departments, law colleges, medical examiners, detectives and private investigators.

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