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Why Hire Wizscribe? In addition to General Transcription Services, Wizscribe offers services in Audio Transcription, Video Transcription, Legal Transcription, and Business Transcription. All of our services are 100% customizable to fit the need of your project. We offer additional services including: note taking, time stamping, template filling, and much more. We pride ourselves on our strict quality standards and excellent communication skills. Our employees are highly trained and have knowledge in all related fields, while exploiting the potential of technology.

General Transcription Services Wizscribe offers a variety of transcription services to suit the needs of the individual, the organization, the business, or the industry. Our services are performed with the utmost professionalism and accuracy.

-Music and Song

- Property Record

- Product Launch Press Conference

- Seminar

- Insurance - Medical

-Book - Interview

Music and Song.

Product Launch Press Conference:


Wizscribe provides expert transcription services to musicians and the industry executives. Our services include: music note transcription, to bring music notes into sheet music; song transcription, to transcribe recordings and samples into sheet music; and lyric transcription, to translate video and audio recordings into any language.

We provide accurate transcriptions of press conferences for use in business analysis and presentation in the media. Our services include: small and mid-size company launches, business analysis, and press-ready transcriptions.

When making an insurance claim, it’s important to have written records. Our Insurance Transcription Services include: medical claim transcription, auto insurance claim transcription, homeowner’s claim transcription, and worker’s compensation transcription.


Property Reports:


We offer a range of Medical Transcription Services for doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other medical and patient history and data. Our services include: dictation for doctors and nurses, audio prescriptions, periodical reviews and patient diagnosis, medical records, patient information, and specialty transcription.

Our Property Report Transcription Services include: on-site survey reports, on-site inspection reports, construction site recitations, real-estate documents, property-related court recordings, PCR, residential valuation reports, and property summaries.

We transcribe seminars for future use including: educational, business, training sessions, and religious reasons.



Our Book Transcription Services are ideal for writers who have volumes of audio books, or who dictate their thoughts using a recorder for future writing projects. Our services meet the needs of authors, publishers, students, researchers, and assistants.

Our Interview Transcription Services include: telephone interviews, group interview, video recorded interviews, celebrity interviews, audition interviews, informational interviews, and more.

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