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Why  Jon Favreau, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig chose

Cowboys & Aliens as their huge, summer blockbuster!

The 5 small

press publishers you should be pitching!

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Our mission statement... straight from the top!

This is a double crazy week. First off, it’s Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con taking center stage this weekend. It’s definitely a not-miss show of the year. We will have over 230 artists and writers, 100 celebrities and hundreds of exhibitors, plus panels, gaming, and a music festival by our friends from the LA Film School. Plus you can meet Harry Hamlin (Clash of the Titans), his first Comic Con appearance ever!

Gareb and Scott Rosenberg

This week also serves as my big screen movie debut. I actually make a cameo appearance in the Dylan Dog movie opening this weekend. You may not fully recognize me because I’m wearing Zombie makeup – but I am in a scene with stars Brandon Routh and Anita Briem – total fun – thanks Scott Rosenberg and Kevin Munroe. See ya! Gareb Shamus, Chief Executive Officer

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EXHIBITORS, SPONSORSHIPS, PROMOTIONS & BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Peter Katz VP Business Affairs & Development (646) 801-5572

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UP FRONT 6 MEANWHILE... From the small press publishers new creators should be pitching to the latest in Hollywood news and whose Tweets you should be re-Tweeting, we’ve got all the pop culture news you can handle this week. 11 The List This week, we dive into the Hollywood hits that need to be rebooted and remade for today’s audiences.

FEATURES 14 C  owboys & Aliens We dive into what made Jon Favreau, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig all jump at turning this sci-fi meets western comic into a summer blockbuster. 19 Mutants, Robots & Jedi, Oh My! We unveil what action figures Hasbro has in store for the spring featuring toys from Star Wars, Transformers and Marvel!


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24 PLANET ILLOGICA The games, girls, gadgets and gear team from Planet Illogica reviews ‘Portal 2,’ checks in with motorbike racing games and makes sure you don’t miss a comic book hit with Blacksad. 29 BACK DOOR ‘The Avengers’ flick began shooting this week, and we’ve got everything you need to know about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ big screen debut.


Too busy drooling over the new “Green Lantern” footage? Here’s the news!

Breaking In

One of the best ways to break into comics is to start small – as in the small press


o you’ve got a dynamite pitch for a Spider-Man storyarc, or you dazzle the kids in your art class on the daily with your drawings of the Dark Knight, and are ready to wow the editors at the Big Two with your creative genius. Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to ya, but regardless of how talented you may think you are, the chances of falling bass-ackwards into a monthly title at DC or Marvel – or, really, any major publisher – are about as good as winning the lottery while being struck by lightning on February 29. Ask anyone writing mainstream comics how they got there, and chances are they’ll tell you about the years they spent trying to break in, and likewise, the one small press publisher who took a chance on them and gave them their first published work that eventually lead them to comic book fame. So who are some of the best small press publishers to pitch to? Here’re a few to track down the next time you’re at a convention. They might not give you a contract on the spot, but who knows, you may walk away with some great advice and something that’s just as valuable – an industry connection.*

TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS: With an alumni that includes the likes of Jeff Lemire (Superboy) and Matt Kindt (Revolver) to name a few, this Georgia-based publisher is know for taking risks on diamonds in the rough. Not to mention, copublishers Chris Staros and Brett Warnock just so happen to be two of the friendliest folks in the biz who will fill your head with great advice.

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MEANWHILE... ARCHAIA ENTERTAINMENT: One of the fastest up-and-coming publishers in the industry (and home of David Peterson’s Mouse Guard) is always on the lookout for the next creative talent, and if you’ve got a finished project looking for a publisher, you could do a lot worse than Hollywood-based house.

ONI PRESS: Yup, the same publishing house that brought you the Scott Pilgrim series (and help launch the careers of folks like Jim Mahfood and Joëlle Jones to name a very few) would love to see your ideas and offer some advice – however, don’t mail them, your best bet is to swing by their booth if they’re setting up shop at a local comic con.

ZENESCOPE: The Pennsylvania-based publisher is always willing to take a look at your art and give a bit of constructive criticism to aspiring artists – as well as colorists and letterers, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

SELF-PUBLISHING: If no one seems to understand your vision, there’s always the self-publishing route. Several established pros got their in on their own terms, and some of them did it with some photocopies and a heavy duty stapler – no need to get fancy when you’ve got the skills! *Be sure to visit each publisher’s respective websites for official guidelines on submitting work.

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HOLLYWOOD HEAT ELISABETH SLADEN: Longtime Doctor Who companion, Elisabeth Sladen—who played Sarah Jane in both the classic ’70s episodes and recently during “The Sarah Jane Chronicles” and current “Who” series—passed away at the age of 63.


BATMAN: The voice cast for the “Batman: Year One” animated movie cast has been announced and it’s pretty huge— Bryan Cranston will voice Jim Gordon, Ben McKenzie, from “The O.C.” will voice Bruce Wayne, Eliza Dushku gets her purr on as Selina Kyle and Katee Sackhoff plays Sarah Essen, Gordon’s love interest.

After an impressive run on Oni Press’ Stumptown, we assumed the sky would be the limit for Southworth, but we haven’t really heard from him since. Let this serve as a reminder, comic publishers – this dude’s got the skills!

BATMAN RISES: Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have officially joined the cast of “Batman Rises.” Cotillard will appear as Miranda Tate, a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham. Gordon-Levitt will play John Blake, a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon.

THE CROW: Is Bradley Cooper playing the Crow? Rumor has it that “The Hangover” star is in talks to take over the classic Brandon Lee part.

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WHAT TO READ Fans of the Nick Spencer book finally find out what happened to Jun the night he snuck out of the dorm and who he ran into.





FOLLOW THE LEADERS Five pop culture Twitter feeds you should follow, now!


@ronmarz The longtime comic pro offers up tips to young writers and points out some of the better books to read each week along with industry insight.


@JaneEspenson The writer and executive producer of Buffy keeps in constant touch with her huge fanbase hourly with Twitter.


@RyanDunlavey One of Wizard World’s favorite artist Dunlavey pimps his new projects and offers up some humorous wisdom along the way.


@Christosgage Offering up hints on upcoming storylines and teasing the future of comics, Gage is both engaging and fun to follow.


@mrosenbaum711 With Rosenbaum poised to return to “Smallville” as Lex Luthor soon, this is the perfect time to follow this bald beauty.

Taking place before the first, classic Planet of the Apes film, but inline with that classic continuity, the new series begins with a new Golden Age in the ape kingdom.


Spike travels to Las Vegas for this highoctane adventure involving a demonic, giant Elvis impersonator and an ex-flame with an axe to grind.



220 lbs. Final weight of “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth after training to put on weight to play the God of Thunder.

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“I’ve already had a meeting with Marvel. I talked to them and I told them that I was a gracious reader of their comics and that I wanted to be Luke Cage. So we’ll see where they take it.”

Old Spice pitchman Isaiah Mustafa to on the possibility of him playing Power Man in a feature film.

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Hey Hollywood! Reboot these films, NOW!


Red Sonja With the new “Conan” flick coming out this summer (and looking awesome so far), we think now is the time to bring back our favorite redheaded, sword-swinging babe Red Sonja. In 2010, the internet was swarming with reports and posters of Robert Rodriguez being tied to the movie with Rose McGowan playing the she-devil, but all word of film completely stop. Come on, Hollywood! We want our Sonja back!


Smokey & The Bandit This film made Burt Reynolds a huge start in the ‘70s, and it’s just a fun movie at its core. Now we don’t think “Bandit” needs to be rebooted, but with there actually being an interest in fast cars in movies nowadays (“Fast Five” anyone?) it would be fun to see a good old fashion car chase done in the classic “Smokey” style!


Mad Max As awesome as “Mad Max” was, we can’t help but wonder what sort of a dystopian future we would have seen if the movie had a gigantic budget. Enter the Hollywood of today! We see Sam Worthington taking the helm of Mel Gibson’s character in this flick. Heck, add a Mel Gibson cameo and maybe that would save his career! Which flicks do you think should be rebooted? Send us your rants to: BULLPEN@WIZARDWORLD.COM





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8 Things You Need To Know About

Cowboys & Aliens Before you watch this summer blockbuster, here’s eight tidbits on the film straight from the creator of the graphic novel, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg!

In 2006, Cowboys & Aliens from Platinum Studios was released both on the web and in comic shops across the country. And it did well, including millions of views online! It’s now five years later, HarperCollins has just released a hardcover version of the graphic novel and its cauldron is about to get much bigger thanks to the release of the summer blockbuster film based on the graphic novel. With a star-studded cast (Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and uber hottie Olivia Wilde) and a Hollywood A-List team behind the camera (Jon Favreau directing, and Steven Spielberg executive producing) the film is destined for blockbuster status. Now, two months before the film hits theaters, we sit down with the graphic novel creator Scott Mitchell Rosenberg as he runs down eight reasons why you have to watch this action packed hit!

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COWBOYS & ALIENS WAS CREATED BY A CHILD! “I came up with Cowboys & Aliens when I was a kid. There are two versions: the indoor version and the outdoor version. They used to sell 99 cent bags of 100 inchhigh cowboys, Indians and creatures -- they weren’t called aliens back then. So my friends and I would build a fort in different corners in our room and used hundreds of little guys to form armies and we would try to knock down and invade the forts and towns. When three kids were doing it at the same times, ganging up became inevitable, and, thus, cowboys and Indians fight aliens came to be! Outside the house, we started by buying or taping together ray guns and alien looking stuff and started battling aliens together. “Fun!”


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Not his first rodeo Believe it or not, but this is not Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s first time working in Hollywood. Rosenberg has produced the feature film “Dead of Night” based on the Italian comic book series “Dylan Dog” and brought the billion dollar “Men In Black” franchise to Sony. It was based on a comic Scott published when he ran Malibu Comics! Here’s one comic book nerd who knows a thing or two about Hollywood!

3 4 5 THe comic was written years ago...

“I had written the treatment for the graphic novel before Platinum Studios was even formed. We then published a short version and that became the graphic novel. The story was always there. The treatment was written not thinking “[this will be] a movie.” Although I always hoped it would become one.”

The movie kicks ass!

“I’m thrilled! Everything has fallen into place. The movie is amazing and it is everything that I hoped it would be.”

Graphic Novel versus the film... “One of the similarities I love is the town being blown up by rays shooting from the smaller ships. It was amazing on the set seeing the same kind of rays -- without special effects -- shooting down from the ships.” “The heart and soul of the graphic novel totally remains in the film, but I’m a firm believer that different mediums call for different feels and characters. All the changes work awesomely.

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Study the trailers... “Fans should seriously watch the evolution of the trailers. The most recent trailer is quite different from the first trailer. You can see the evolution and see how things are just now being revealed.”

6 8

Star studded cast... “I’m fortunate to be at the table with the ability to give notes but when Steven [Spielberg] is involved, what am I going to add that would make the film better? All of the filmmakers involved – Jon Favreau, Steven, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci– are all amazing people.”

Cameo “You’ll miss me if you blink ”

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters on July 29! For more info on Cowboys & Aliens check out their official Facebook page: page 17 of 30

& s t o b o R , s t n a t Mu ! y M h O , i Jed s

a h o r b s a H t a h w l i e v ! n g u n i e r p W s e h t r o f e r o t s in h c s t e i JD By T


pring has sprung and you know what that means: lots of new toys and action figures. That's how the old saying goes, isn't it? Anyway, Hasbro will be celebrating not only the nice weather that comes along with the season, but also some serious new releases from their Marvel Universe, Transformers and Star Wars lines. The Thor figures

have already hit in anticipation of the movie's May 6th release, but they've also got figures coming in support of Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22nd) and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (July 1st) in addition to a slew of collector and kid-oriented toys all around. Read on for a run-down of what you can look forward to in the coming months!

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hough not tied into a box office blockbuster in the coming seasons, the perennial Star Wars franchise will offer a series of vehicles to the Clone Wars-based fleet. The biggest and most important addition to the line is the huge Republic Attack Shuttle that expands to create a playset and comes with a Clone Pilot. Meanwhile, Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter splits in two and has a spot for an R2 unit to help steer. You can also have your pick of a series of figure-

and-vehicle packs that consist of an AT-RT with ARF Trooper Boil, the BARC Speeder Bike with Clone Trooper Jesse and the Freeco Speeder with a Clone Trooper. Plus, for the kids— and adults with kid-sized melons—Hasbro will have Clone Trooper and General Grievous electronic helmets on sale. We warned you about the size, though, so don't blame us if you need a trip to the emergency room to get one of these babies removed during your next role play date.

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ans of both the film and classic versions of the Transformers should keep their eyes peeled in the coming months, because Hasbro is releasing shapechanging robots of all shapes and sizes. Fans of the classics can look forward to Generations versions of Wheeljack and Thundercracker in addition to the killer Ultimate Optimus Prime who can change into vehicle, robot and mech suit variations. If the film franchise is more your thing, then Michael Bay-approved Bumblebee, Ironhide and Sideswipe single figures in addition to a Bumblebee vs. Megatron 2-pack will be in your future while the MechTech line, which focuses on combining the weapons that come along with figures, will showcase new versions of Skyhammer, Starscream and the Thunderhead and Major

Tungsten 2-pack. The Hot Wheels-like, vehicle-only Speed Stars series will continue on track with Topspin, Bumblebee, a concept version of Bumblebee, Crumplezone, Mirage, Optimus Prime and Starscream as well as Stealth Force takes on Topspin, Barricade, Bumblebee, Classic Leadfoot, Starscream and Big Hoss. What's the difference, you ask? Well, the Stealth Force vehicles sport hidden weapons that come out with the press of a button. Finally, the smaller scale Cyberverse series of Transformers gets its first playset in the form of the Ark, which we first saw at this year's Toy Fair. The giant vehicles turns into a playset and also comes with Autobot Roller. Packed with old school action features, the Ark should appeal to everyone from kids just discovering Transformers and long-time fans.

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ven with full lines dedicated to the characters involved in the Thor and Captain America movies—which include a Kmart-exclusive 3-pack called The International Patriots featuring Captain Britain, Captain America and Red Guardian--Hasbro has no plans to neglect the ongoing 3 ž-inch Marvel Universe line. Spring releases will include one of the most hated characters of all time, a pair of ultrapowerful MDs and one of the biggest figures in the series' history. Characters like Apocalypse,

Cable with baby Hope, Cyclops in his 90s costume, Dr. Strange in his regular and astral forms, Doctor Doom, the Falcon, Shi'Ar Imperial Guardsman Gladiator, the Scarlet Spider, Skaar and Wolverine in his original costume will be joining the ranks. Even with such an impressive group of characters both well-known and fan-favorite, the biggest addition to the line, quite literally, is the 16-inch purple and silver, mutant hunting Sentinel that comes with its own Wolverine figure so you can reenact all your favorite robotdecapitating or mutant-frying adventures.

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Portal 2: Fulfilling Ridiculous and Unrealistic Expectations By Chloe Dykstra

Do not read this review. In fact, here is what you need to do right now: 1. Get up, go to Gamestop this instant, and buy this game. Trade in your copy of Modern Warfare 2 if you have to. (Who needs that s**t when you have Black Ops anyway?) 2. Cancel all appointments you have for the next two days. 3. Get some top ramen and pizza rolls. 4. Sit your ass down on the couch, and fire up your Xbox. 5. Insert Portal 2. 6. Thank me. (@skydart on Twitter)

This, of course, is assuming you've played

the first one. If you have not, follow all above steps, replacing "Portal 2" with "Portal", and THEN play Portal 2.

Portal 2 is the kind of game you don't want to hear a WORD about before you play. And honestly, no words could really quite describe the awesomeness Valve has fit onto a disc. But since it is my job, and you're still here, I will accept the challenge- and will avoid spoilers at all costs. If you're like me, you've been waiting for this game to come out for years. The first one was an absolute classic, a brilliantly written game that literally everyone could enjoy.

I taught my 62-year-old father how to use dual-stick controllers with this game, and it managed to keep Mr. "I CAN'T DO THIS WHY DO I KEEP LOOKING AT THE CEILING" playing until the very end. In addition to its universal appeal, the song that plays during the credits ("Still Alive" by the talented Jonathan Coulton) became a huge hit amongst nerds. So, mixed in with the tingling excitement I felt when the clerk at Gamestop handed me my beautiful, shiny copy was a hint of worry. How

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could this game live up to the legend of the first? Somehow‌ It did. The game was just as well done as the first one in terms of the mechanics. You can jump, crouch, open doors/use items, and shoot portals. Simple controls, simple play. The movement is smooth and very rarely did I have trouble with it. I didn't run into any serious glitches. The graphics aren't anything to make a video blog about, but there's no real reason in the story to feature ridiculous landscapes and flawless human faces. On occasion, I discovered some badly rendered textures, but nothing that actually took away from the game itself. The atmosphere throughout is incredibly well-done, and I found I actually felt emotions ranging from scared to uncomfortable in certain areas. This is pretty impressive, considering Portal's not exactly viewed as a 'scary' game. Let's get to the real meat: the story. Or in the case of Portal, it feels more appropriate to call it "writing". Every piece of dialogue spoken in the game either adds more to the backstory of the characters, or provides genuine laughs, but most often manages to do both simultaneously. The protagonist, Chell, never speaks, which makes for long monologues from other characters, but the monologues never fail to entertain. The sense of humor of the game appeals more to internet dwellers and/or veteran gamers, but I still see it translating well to those who spend more time outdoors than we do (though it's possible a few jokes may slip over their heads). While at times the plot is slightly predictable, it's easy to get lost in the storytelling and let yourself be surprised at the twists. The progression of the game is clever and manages to keep things fresh, continuing to introduce new aspects of the game throughout the storyline. In all, the writing gets a 9.5/10, and the only reason it doesn't get a full ten is because I'm afraid of absolutes.

Now, if you're starting up Portal 2 saying, "Hey, the first one only took me four hours to beat. This'll be a piece of cake," think again. Portal 2 took me about eleven hours to finish, though to be fair I did spend a lot of time standing still and listening to dialogue, afraid to trigger anything before the character finished speaking. Either way, I promise you you won't be asking for that time back. NOW GO GET IT. By the way, the new song? Totally rivals "Still Alive". Oh, come on, it's not a spoiler if you knew it was gonna happen.

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State of the Game:


By Ken Goldstein

I’ve been riding motorcycles my whole life, but I’ve never actually been on one.

My riding experience has been on virtual bikes in video games. The fascination started when my six-year old fingers wrapped around the rubber grips of Stunt Cycle, the very first game in a long list of motocross titles that began appearing on home console systems in 1975. For the most part these games have helped me avoid what would inevitably be me crashing hard on a real bike, though they’ve not stopped me from window shopping at every motorcycle dealer I’ve passed since Road Rash launched as a 16 bit classic on the Sega Genesis’ Mega Drive twenty years ago. The basic problem is focus. I know I could physically handle a 600cc but after the first hour or so I’d lose my attention and things would just get bad for both rider and bike. To satiate my fantasy of riding a real motorcycle, I’ve toyed around on scooters, motorcycle’s considerably less powerful and goofier looking little brother. While you can still get pretty messed up crashing a scooter, the likely-hood of being on one long enough to crash is pretty slim. Those things get boring after about twenty minutes or so and you just want to get off.

A few years ago I noticed a trend in electric scooters that seemed promising. The bikes were starting to resemble real motorcycles, while still retaining the relative ease of riding a scooter. Last year a place called Hollywood Electric opened and with it came a whole fleet of the latest in street legal electric bikes. Badass street legal electric bikes. This week I took one for a test ride and finally fulfilled my lifelong fantasy. I was riding a real, albeit electric, motorcycle with enough power to hit main streets with confidence and enough attitude to not feel like a total tool. The one I rode is called a Native S, and though it made no sound (save for a few squeaks it is basically like driving a two wheel Prius) it was a blast. At its top speed of 65 mph it felt sturdy and I wanted more. Not once did the experience feel ‘scootery’; it was a consistent joy ride the entire time. And the fact that it’s an all electric ride made me feel good from an environmental point of view too. I only had two problems with the experience. One, I didn’t want to get off. And two, now that I’ve ridden the S I want to step things up next time on Hollywood Electrics’ eSuperSport which tops out at 100mph! Hmmm, I wonder if they’d let me take one to Anaheim for Comic Con…

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By Whitney Moore spent all of last week’s spring break alternating between playing N64 and sunning myself on the deck, margarita and comic books in hand. After reading Transmetropolitan for the nth time, I turned to a new favorite, Juan Diaze Canales and Juanjo Guanrnido’s Blacksad. It’s a beautifully drawn collection of three detective stories with a film-noir vibe and an alternative twist: there are no humans in the story. Instead, the characters are all anthropomorphic animals which each fit the character type and style of the role they play. Blacksad features a cast of canine cops, white supremacist Polar bears, criminal amphibians, and our hero- a hardboiled detective tomcat. The setting is a slummy, 1950’s urban neighborhood, fraught with all the things that make up a great detective story: violence, political strife, sex, and jazz. There are even a few celebrity cameos

in the three stories; among others, Alan Ginsberg makes an appearance as a Bison, Hitler is represented as a cat, and Senator McCarthy is a cockerel. The first story in the book, Somewhere Within The Shadows, is a classic detective story where Blacksad investigates the murder of film actress and ex lover Natalia Willford. However, after dead ends and being chased and beaten by goons, his superiors quickly tell him they have been ordered to bury the case because of “pressure upstairs.” This story takes Blacksad all over the slums of 1950’s America, and is gritty, sexy, and violent. Perfect! The second book, Arctic Nation, is a racially and sexually charged mystery. In this volume, Blacksad is working for an elementary school teacher in the

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slums of the city (nicknamed “The Line”) in order to find a student who has been kidnapped-presumably by a group called the Arctic Nation, a political organization which parallels the Klu Klux Klan. Blacksad, along with his new sidekick (a weasel named Weekly who happens to be a tabloid reporter) investigates the personal life of the Chief of police, a polar bear with a reputation for being a racist and a pedophile, and his wife, who may have some secrets of her own. Arctic Nation is an intense, fast paced book which dramatically deals with many of the racial, violent, and sexual controversies during the 1950’s.

The last book in the hardcover, Red Soul, is a politically charged story set before the Red Scare. The story begins with Blacksad being hired as a bodyguard to a rich tortoise as he gambles in Las Vegas. After he returns home, he visits with an old friend, an owl and nuclear physician named Otto Lieber. There he also meets the wealthy, confident and brass communist Samuel Gotfield (a dalmatian) who invites him to party on his private beach. There, Blacksad meets the “Twelve Apostles;” twelve influential leftists, including Alan ’Greenberg,’ a beat poet’, and Alma, a writer and love interest to Blacksad. However, things are not all well as anti-communist protesters rioters mob Lieber’s lecture hall and attempt to bomb his car. As a new love blossoms between Blacksad and Alma, Blacksad begins to unwind a complex series of entrapment that ends at the very top of the government. Blacksad is a must read if you are a fan of hardboiled detective novels, history, and beautiful art-- or, if you have friends who are furry lovers.

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' og D Inside 'Dylan e hit s ri p r u s e th ! mmer u s e h t of

on Every reas you have to play the new s former s Tran ! video game


Five publishers you should be pitching!




Five things you need to know about next summer's biggest film, The Avengers!

oss Whedon may look more like Jarvis than he does one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but that’s not stopping him from leading the team to the big screen. Marvel Studios and Disney’s “The Avengers”—directed by “Buffy,” “Angel” and “Firefly” mastermind Whedon—began shooting this week. Here’s five things you need to know about next summer’s biggest film:

It’s got everybody And we mean everyone. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark/Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth is Thor, Chris Evans is Captain America, Scarlett Johansson is is Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo debuts as Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Sam Jackson returns as SHIELD Commander Nick Fury. Oh, and if that’s not enough, expect at least a few nods/cameos by other Marvel icons getting their 15 seconds of fame. There will be Skrulls Although the original rumor was that Loki would control the Hulk to destroy the Avengers, new reports indicate it will be Loki taking control of a undetermined

number of Skrulls—Marvel’s alien shape-shifters, most recently use to great effect in Brian Michael Bendis’ Secret Invasion mini-series. The Hulk will be hairy!?! According to Ruffalo, the new CGI version of the Hulk— voiced by Hulk TV star, Lou Ferrigno—will be based on his body, down to the smallest details.“No one’s asked me to shave my chest yet, thank God,” the hairy actor told The Advocate. “They want this Hulk to be as close to me as possible. I’ll be playing him in motion-capture, so this Hulk will just be a bigger avatar version of me. As they’re modeling him, they’re using many of my own features,

down to my scars and wrinkles. This could beget JLA He will have body hair, but I Like we said, this is the biggest superhero film of all don’t know to what extent.” time, and we don’t just mean Whedon wrote it in cast or cost. There’s a lot That’s right, the guy who riding on this for Marvel—has created and crafted “Buffy” its grand mash up movie and “Angel.” The guy who plan worked? Can we expect created Mal Reynolds and a huge movie universe like “Firefly” and also wrote some this one really interest fans? of the best comics of the Can Whedon really pull of an last 10 years— Astonishing epic, action-packed film that X-Men—wrote and is now plays to the mainstream and directing the biggest comic hardcore fanboys alike? But book movie in history. If there are also questions for Christopher Nolan is perfect DC Entertainment, which has for Warner Bros. Batman to wonder—if “Avengers” franchise, there’s no one becomes next summer’s big more perfect for Avengers’ hit—what’s stopping a Justice ensemble cast, need for League of America movie quick sharp dialogue and with its big icons: Superman, understanding of the universe Batman, Wonder Woman, they all exist in that Whedon. Green Lantern and more?

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Wizard World Digital Issue 1.9  

*Meanwhile... we breakdown the publishers every aspiring creator should be pitching. *Cowboys and Aliens... inside the hit comic turned film...

Wizard World Digital Issue 1.9  

*Meanwhile... we breakdown the publishers every aspiring creator should be pitching. *Cowboys and Aliens... inside the hit comic turned film...