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SEASON TICKET CARD GUIDE HOW TO USE YOUR CARD Using your season ticket card to enter Verizon Center is simple and easy. Follow the steps below. Step 1 When you arrive at the game, go directly to any entry point at Verizon Center. Step 2 Present your season ticket card to the Verizon Center attendant. The attendant will swipe your card to validate your account and present you with a seat locator tab for each valid ticket stored on the card for that game. Step 3 Use the seat locator tab(s) to access your seats.

MY WIZARDS ACCOUNT MANAGER You have 24-hour access to managing your tickets online at My Wizards Account Manager. Simply log on using your account number/email and your password. Using My Wizards Account Manager, you can print tickets from your home or office, forward tickets to family/friends/clients, or sell them on the Resale Marketplace. Log on to My Wizards Account Manager to see all of your ticket management tools in one place. If you don’t know your password or need any assistance with the process, your dedicated guest services specialist will help answer all of your questions or handle requests.

PRINT YOUR TICKETS Step Step Step Step Step Step

1 2 3 4 5 6

Select “Manage My Tickets” Select the appropriate game Choose the seats you want to print Select “Print” In the next screen, select “Print your tickets” Select “Download Now”

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1 2 3 4 5

Step 6 Step 7

Select “Manage My Tickets” Select the appropriate game Choose the seats you want to forward Select “Forward” Enter the email address to forward the tickets to Submit Confirm the forwarding information, and select “E-mail Tickets.”

You will receive an email confirming that you have forwarded your tickets.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Select “Manage My Tickets” Select the appropriate game Choose the seats you want to transfer to paperless Select “Paperless” Select a credit card or season-ticket card to transfer the tickets Enter a new card if one is not already on your account Submit

If you have transferred the paperless tickets to yourself, please remember to bring the card they were transferred to. This card is now your ticket to the event.

SELL YOUR TICKETS Step Step Step Step Step Step Step

1 Select “Manage My Tickets” 2 Select the appropriate game 3 Choose the seats you want to sell 4 Select “Sell” 5 Enter the desired selling price 6 Enter the expiration date for your ticket posting 6 Submit

You will receive an email confirming that you have posted your tickets for sale.

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SEASON TICKET CARD GUIDE Frequently asked questions


1. HOW DO I USE IT? Use your season-ticket card just like you would a normal ticket. Present your card to the ticket taker when you arrive at Verizon Center and they will swipe it. You will receive a seat locator tab with detailed seat information for each location on your account. You can then enter the building as normal with your guests.

• No more keeping track of paper tickets

2. WHAT IF I WANT TO GIVE TICKETS TO FRIENDS/FAMILY AHEAD OF TIME? Your guests will require their own ticket to enter Verizon Center. Prior to the game you can forward their seats to them by logging on to your account at My Wizards Account Manager. The recipient will be able to print the electronic ticket at home. 3. IS THERE A COST TO FORWARD A TICKET? No, it’s free! Wizards season-ticket holders can forward and reprint their season-tickets free of charge using My Wizards Account Manager. 4. WHAT HAPPENS IF I LOSE MY CARD OR IT GETS STOLEN? If your season-ticket card is lost or gets stolen please contact your guest services specialist immediately. Your card will be deactivated and will no longer be able to gain entry to Verizon Center. A replacement card will be re-issued for you to use the remainder of the season. 5. I USE MY TICKETS FOR BUSINESS, FOR CLIENTS AND EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES. HOW WILL I GIVE THEM MY TICKETS? Just login to your account at My Wizards Account Manager and select ticket forwarding. This is a secure way to deliver your tickets by emailing them to your client or employee without anyone leaving their office. 6. I SPLIT TICKETS WITH MY PARTNERS, HOW DOES IT WORK WITH ONLY ONE CARD? You will be provided one card that is valid for all seat locations on your account. Use ticket forwarding on My Wizards Account Manager to send your split partners their tickets. 7. WHAT IF I WANT TO SELL MY TICKET? You can list your ticket for sale through the Resale Marketplace. The first time you list a ticket for sale, you’ll be prompted to create an account which will link directly to your Wizards Account Manager; all subsequent logins during the resale process will be automatic. See page 6 for detailed instructions. 8. WHAT IF I HAVE A TICKET FOR A PREMIUM SEATING AREA? Our premium seating areas include our Owner Seats, VIP seats, and Acela Ledge seats. If you have seats in any of these areas, you’ll receive a card to use exclusively for them, and will continue to receive the benefits that come with these seating areas. Any additional 100/400 level general seats that you have will be stored on a separate card. 8. CAN I MANAGE ALL OF MY TICKETS FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON IN ONE ACTION? Ticketmaster is actively working to provide a bulk management tool which allows you to select and manage as many games and seats as you want in one action. More info will be sent to Wizards season ticket holders when this tool is available.

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• Easily forward and reprint your tickets for free • Breeze through the gate with a card you can keep in your wallet • Allows you the ultimate convenience and flexibility in using your seats

NB AT ickets .com Resale Marketp lace The Resale Marketplace is the most convenient and secure option for Wizards full season ticket holders to sell their seats for a game. Follow the steps below to list your seats up for sale. You can edit or cancel your listing at any time. If your tickets sell, you’ll receive 95% of your posting price for the sale. The proceeds can be transferred to the bank account of your choice or have a credit posted to your Wizards season ticket account applicable towards the 2013-14 season. Please note that resale credit is not applicable to the 2012-13 season or any remaining balance on your 2012-13 season ticket account.

Step 1 Visit, hover your cursor over the word “Tickets”, and select “My Wizards Account” to log in to your online account. Step 2 Click Manage My Tickets under Quick Links on the left.

Step 3 Find the game you can’t go to, select the tickets, and click Sell. You’ll be directed to Resale Marketplace (firsttime sellers will need to create an account – all subsequent visits will auto-logged in).

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NB AT ickets .com Resale Marketp lace Step 4 Under Set Your Price, choose one of the two selling options, enter your selling price and expiration date, and click Continue (you can repost immediately if your tickets don’t sell by the expiration date).

Step 5 Enter your billing information (you only have to do this once), choose Direct Deposit for cash payment or Seller Credit to credit your 2013-14 season ticket account, and click Continue.

Step 6 Click List My Tickets and you’re done! Keep the confirmation and edit your listing any time. Your tickets are now for sale on Resale Marketplace. When someone buys them, you get an automatic direct deposit into your bank account or 2013-14 season ticket account credit worry-free!

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Dewar’s 12 Clubhouse




*Gate prices subject to change.

2012-13 Gate Price*

Percent Savings

$1,750, $2,000, $2,250, $2,500 $1,400, $1,600, $1,800, $2,100 $850, $900, $950, $1,100 $850, $900, $950, $1,100 $475, $500, $550, $650 $475, $500, $550, $650 $475, $500, $550, $650 $475, $500, $550, $650 $300, $350, $400, $450 $250, $300, $350, $400 $200, $225, $250, $300 $200, $225, $250, $300 $155, $180, $205, $255 $140,$165, $190, $240 $125, $150, $175, $200 $75, $80, $90, $110 $55, $60, $80, $100

2012-13 Season Ticket Price Per Game $1,500 $1,250 $749 $375 $394 $286 $289 $260 $235 $212 $137 $182 $137 $125 $94 $50 $31

$145, $160, $180, $200 $130, $145, $165, $180 $130, $135, $140, $160 $110, $115, $120, $140 $70, $80, $90, $110

$75 $75 $120 $99 $52

54% 49% 13% 16% 35%

$30, $35, $45, $70 $25, $30, $35, $60 $20, $25, $30, $45

$16 $16 $9.50

57% 48% 62%

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25% 22% 18% 59% 24% 45% 44% 50% 32% 28% 39% 29% 20% 24% 24% 40% 52%


Jim Van Stone

Greg Monares

Kirk Madsen

Sr. VP of Ticket Sales and Services Monumental Sports and Entertainment 202.266.2300

Sr. Director, Guest Services Monumental Sports and Entertainment 202.266.2302

Director, Guest Services Washington Wizards 202.292.1906

Andrea Martynec

Megan Vlasho

Tony Duffy

Kate Wells

Travis Eagleson

Eric Roth

Manager, Events and Programs 202.292.1956

Guest Services Specialist 202.292.1978

Guest Services Specialist 202.292.1954

Guest Services Specialist 202.292.1969

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Guest Services Specialist 202.292.1970

Guest Services Specialist 202.292.1966

F ULL SEASON TICKET HOLDER BENEFITS Price Savings – Full season ticket holders receive a price savings up to 60% off gate prices

Red Carpet Arena Entrance Lines (located near F Street box office)

Guaranteed Seat Location – Enjoy the same great seats throughout the 2012-13 season

Season Ticket Holder Party Season Ticket Holder Savings Card

Monthly Payment Plan Program – Pay for your full season tickets with our interest-free monthly payment plan

Select-A-Seat Event

Additional Priority Ticket Offers – Full season ticket holders can purchase additional tickets at a discount prior to public on-sale and throughout the season (subject to availability)

Ticket Partner Program

Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Gift – Choice of either a 201213 Wizards Bobblehead set or an autographed Bradley Beal basketball (one per account)

Weekly Planholder Update

Dedicated Guest Services Specialist – Your go-to person to customize your Wizards full season ticket experience Playoff Priority - Allows you to purchase your seats for the entire NBA Playoffs Resale Marketplace Program – List your full season ticket seats for sale quickly and easily, right from your Wizards Online Account Manager Access to Acela Club (100 Level Center Three Sections, Rows A-G Only) Access to Acela Club Level (100 Level CenterThree Sections Only) Complimentary Special Event/Welcome Messages on Verizon Center LED boards (subject to availability) Express Concessions Lines Guaranteed Giveaways Monthly Chalk Talks Monthly Fan Forum Teleconferences Name Listed in Game Program and on Wizards website (primary account holder’s name only) Participation in Kids’ “High Five Tunnel” Post-Game Autograph Session

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Online Unused Ticket Exchange Program

Wizards Online Account Manager

2012-13 WIZARDS VIP Season Tickets Experience premium seating with first class quality and service

owne r seats Owner Seats VIP Full Season Ticket Holders enjoy the ultimate all-inclusive basketball experience, featuring an unparalleled level of benefits and service that truly provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a memorable impression on clients, employees, family, and friends. Owner Seats VIP Full Season Ticket Holders enjoy these exclusive first-class benefits in addition to all Wizards VIP and regular season ticket benefits:

The Best Seats in the House The most exclusive seat location in the building allows you to sit literally shoulder to shoulder with NBA players, coaches, and media

Complimentary Valet Parking Simply pull up to Verizon Center upon your arrival to meet the valet, and your keys will be hand delivered to your seats during the game

Owner’s Club Membership Access to the same club as the Wizards owners, featuring complimentary fine dining, as well as a full bar throughout every Wizards home game during the 2012-13 season

Dedicated Concierge Service A dedicated concierge will be onhand at every Wizards home game focusing exclusively on the needs of our Owner Seats VIP Full Season Ticket Holders And Much More...

scorer’s table owner seats Scorer’s Table Owner Seats offer the most unique viewing experience in sports, along with an unmatched list of exclusive benefits to include: • Access to the ultra-exclusive Owner’s Club, including complimentary fine dining and open bar in an intimate setting along with members of the Wizards ownership group and their guests • Complimentary valet parking • Post-game press conference access • An all-expenses paid trip to a Wizards road game •11And much more 2012 - 2013

Season ticket holder guide book

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V I P S E AT I N G Wizards VIP full season ticket holders enjoy some of the best seat locations and benefits in Verizon Center. Whether closing a deal or bonding with customers, family, or friends, VIP season tickets provide the top-notch amenities and seats to make every game a turnkey premium experience. VIP season ticket holders enjoy these exciting premium benefits in addition to all Wizards regular season ticket benefits:

BENEFITS INCLUDE: Complimentary Parking - All VIP full season ticket holders receive one complimentary off-site parking pass per account with two or more seats; all full season ticket holders in row AAA only will receive one complimentary parking pass in the Verizon Center garage Complimentary Premium Food and Beverages – A variety of gourmet and stadium food favorites, draft beer, house wine and soft drinks in our newly-updated Dewar’s Coaches Club and Courtside Club (sample menu listed below)



Bleu Cheese-Crusted Grilled Flank Steak finished with Horseradish Sauce

Hebrew National Hot Dogs and Spicy Italian Sausages with Onions, Relish, and Tomatoes

Ranch Roasted Turkey Breast paired with Apricot Cranberry Chutney

Guinness Beer Battered New England Cod with Ranch Roasted Potato Wedges

Freshly-Prepared Pasta Station

Southwestern Nacho Bar with Chili, Cheese, Jalapenos, Tomato Salsa, Sour Cream,Tortilla Chips and Hot Sauce

Artisan Cheese Table Grilled Vegetable Antipasti Classic Greek Salad

Ice Cream Sundae Bar and Sweet Desserts

Tortellini Pasta Salad Pickled Cucumber and Onion Salad

acela club ledge seats • Exclusive Acela Club Ledge Seat Acela Club Ledge Seat full season ticket holders enjoy Location – Relax from your own unrivaled value and convenience every time they come dedicated seat in the private Acela Club to Verizon Center. With dedicated seats in the private Acela Club overlooking the court and access to a gourmet • Complimentary Gourmet Food and Soft Drinks – Enjoy the superb buffet dinner, Acela Club Ledge Seats provide an upscale Acela Club Chef’s Table buffet and atmosphere to relax and enjoy Wizards games with 12 2012 - 2013 Season ticket holder guide book unlimited soft drinks at every game clients, co-workers, Return to table offriends, contentsand family.

• Complimentary Off-Site Parking – All Acela Club Ledge Seat full season ticket holders receive one complimentary off-site parking pass per account with two or more seats • Complimentary Acela Club membership

L O YA LTY AN D M IL ESTONE RECOGNITION PROGRA M Your loyalty counts. Based on the number of consecutive seasons you have owned Wizards full season tickets as the primary account holder, you will receive these great Loyalty Program benefits on top of your based on full the number consecutive have owned Wizards full season tickets as the primary account holder, valuable seasonofticket holderseasons benefitsyoupackage. you will receive these great loyalty Program benefits on top of your valuable full season ticket holder benefits package. Rookie (1 Yr.) Invitation to a Private Pre-Game Shootaround Select-A-Seat Relocation Event Priority 4th Presale Priority for Additional Tickets 4th Online bonus Tickets for Pre-selected Games 1 Game Online Upper level Group night Tickets 6 Complimentary Concession Item(s) 1 Suite for Select Games at a Discount $1,750 lapel Pin and lanyard Private Player Reception Ticket Credit to be used for Individual Game N/A Purchases (credit not available for online ticket purchases)

Captain (2-5 Yrs.)

Coach (6-12 Yrs.)

Commissioner (13+ Yrs.)

3rd 3rd 2 Games 8 2 $1,500

2nd 2nd 3 Games 12 3 $1,250

1st 1st 4 Games 20 4 $1,000




WIZARDS MIlESTOnE RECOGnITIOn PROGRAM WE LOVE THE LONG-TIMERS. In addition we also have a Milestone Recognition Program to reward the most loyal Wizards full season ticket holders for their tremendous commitment. 5 Years

Private Reception with Wizards management and special guests

10 Years

Season ticket holder’s name displayed on the Wizards Wall of Fame

15 Years

Lexus Level Suite for a game with stadium food for a group of 18 (one per account)

20 Years Trip to an Eastern Conference away game (two guests per account) 25 Years Participate in the Captain’s Meeting at a pre-selected home game (one person per account) 30 Years Tickets to the Owner’s Suite for a pre-selected Wizards game 35 Years Transportation for you and a guest to and from a pre-selected Wizards game, plus a Lexus Level Suite with gourmet food for up to 18 people 40 Years Overnight trip to a pre-selected Wizards away game, including airfare, hotel, and game tickets (two guests per account) 45 Years On-court recognition plus your choice of either an overnight trip to an away game, or trip to an Eastern Conference away game (two guests per account)

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The DC 12 Club is a year-round platform that connects our season ticket holders to events 12 months a year. In addition to your season ticket access, you have the opportunity to participate in 30+ outside events over the course of a full year. These valuable events are the perfect opportunities to enjoy fun experiences with family, friends, and business associates.

Wizards Season Ticket Holder Open Skate Event at Kettler Capitals Iceplex - Free, private summer skating party at KCI

The Wizards Draft Party at Verizon Center - featuring exclusive VIP access for season ticket holders

As a member of the DC 12 Club, you’ll enjoy access to events like these:

Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night at a Mystics Game - Special event at a Mystics game featuring a Meet and Greet with Basketball Operations personnel

Wizards Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night at Nationals Park -Special event at a Washington Nationals game featuring a Meet and Greet with Phil Chenier

Coffee with the Coaches - Opportunity for off-season “State of the Team” events with members of the coaching staff

Breakfast and Basketball Business Networking Event - Featuring members of the Wizards front office Summer Movie Night at Verizon Center - Season ticket holders enjoy a private family film screening on the Verizon Center scoreboard

Verizon Center Wizards Season Ticket Holder Event - Complimentary access to a select Verizon Center event for Wizards season ticket holders Wizards Business League – Exclusive private Wizards events geared towards our business season ticket holders And much more!

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Wizards Season Ticket Holder Holiday Party

Season Ticket Holder Happy Hours at RFD Featuring members of Wizards Basketball Ops, fun raffles, trivia contests, with food and drink specials

wizards a to z Access to VIP Seats

VIP season ticket holders entering through the F Street entrance are reminded to access their seat locations by using the following methods: • Gold-N VIP season ticket holders should use the aisles between Sections 110/111 or 111/112, or use 120/121 or 101/102 and walk behind the baskets to gain access to the north side of the arena and their seats. • Gold-S Owner Seats, Scorer’s Table VIP, and Gold-S BBB season ticket holders should use the aisles between Sections 120/121, 121/100, 100/101 or 101/102 to access their seats. • Gold-W season ticket holders should use the aisle between Sections 120/121 to gain access to their seats. • Gold-E season ticket holders should use the aisles between Sections 101/102 to gain access to their seats.

Accessible Seating

Verizon Center complies with and has been designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We provide equal access to all programs, services, and opportunities the arena has to offer. Game day relocations are available on a limited basis at the Guest Services locations behind Section 102 on the main concourse and Section 402 on the upper concourse. Please stop by the Guest Services on the same level as your seat location. For more information on accessible seating and services, please call 202.661.5065 (voice) or 202.661.5066 (TTY). You may also contact the Wizards Guest Services team at 202.661.5100.

Appropriate Behavior

Please be considerate of those around you. For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all our fans, the Wizards request that all season ticket holders and guests maintain appropriate behavior at all times. Profanity and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. One warning will be given, and then ejection will be immediate. Drunk and disorderly conduct will result in immediate ejection by Verizon Center security.

atm Locations

There are five Capital One Bank ATMs inside Verizon Center for your convenience. Two ATMs are located at Sections 120 and one at Section 113 on the main concourse. In addition, there are two ATMs located on the upper concourse near the escalators at Section 400 and outside Section 421.


Children three (3) years and older are required to have a valid ticket to enter the game and may not sit on laps as the view for the patron seated behind or adjacent may be obstructed. We ask for your cooperation in helping all fans enjoy the game.

Communications to Wizards Season Ticket Holders

All full season ticket holders will be signed up automatically for our weekly Planholder Updates and event announcements delivered via email. You will also have access to our Planholder Insider webpage for everything you need to know about managing your Wizards full season ticket plan. On the Planholder Insider webpage, you will be able to read an online version of our 2012-13 Planholder Guide, view information and photos

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wizards a to z (continued) from previous events, and see up-to-date news about your Wizards full season ticket benefits and events. If you need to make any changes to your email address on file, please contact your Guest Services Specialist or contact Wizards Guest Services at 202.661.5100 or guestservices@

Complimentary Suite

All VIP AAA full season ticket holders will receive a mailing prior to the start of the season, which will list various games that you can select to receive your complimentary suite. VIP AAA clients are encouraged to submit a first, second and third option from the list of available games. Return your request early to ensure your preference. The suite will accommodate up to 18 guests. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique benefit and share a Wizards game with your friends, business associates, or family.

Contact Us

Washington Wizards Attn: Wizards Guest Services 601 F Street NW Washington, DC 20004 Front Office: 202.661.5000 Wizards Sales: 202.661.5050 Wizards Guest Services: 202.661.5100 Fax: 202.661.5101 Email: Online:

Credit Cards

Verizon Center honors Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard at the arena Box Office. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at all concession stands and the Team Store.

Donate Your Tickets The Washington Wizards direct affiliation with Most Valuable Kids allows ticket holders to donate unused tickets allowing underprivileged children from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area the opportunity to attend a game. Donations can be made online via the My Wizards Account section of Since Most Valuable Kids distributes donations to local charities and non-profit organizations, donations must be made at least 48 hours prior to game time.

Simply: 1. Log onto Account Manager 2. Click on Manage My Tickets

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wizards a to z 3. Select the game and seat location you wish to send or donate 4. Click Forward 5. Under Forwarding Method, select Donate Tickets to Charity 6. Click Continue if donating your tickets to charity. After your donation is processed, a receipt will be sent to your email address on file to retain for your tax records.

Doors Open

Doors open one hour before the start of the game (unless otherwise noted), allowing Wizards fans to get to their seats and enjoy the pre-game warm-ups. Please consult the schedule at for game times prior to leaving home.


Elevators are located throughout the building: • Main concourse/100 level - near Sections 100, 103, 108 and 115 • Club/200 level - near Sections 200, 210 and 221 • 400 level - near Sections 400, 405, 412 and 423


Escalators are located at the F Street entrance of Verizon Center with access to all levels. Also located on the main concourse behind Section 111 is an express escalator that allows easy access to the 400 level of Verizon Center.

Fan Behavior and Safety Notice

The Washington Wizards appreciate the enthusiastic support shown by our fans at Verizon Center and we encourage active cheering. However, individual conduct must be bound by law and should not violate the rights of other fans to enjoy the game. Guests using foul or abusive language, appearing intoxicated or otherwise displaying disorderly conduct are subject to ejection from Verizon Center without refund. Please contact your nearest usher or the Guest Services locations behind Sections 102, 115 or 402 to report such behavior. Inappropriate behavior by anyone using an account holder’s ticket(s) is cause for cancellation of ticket privileges. In consideration of other Wizards fans, please wait for a stoppage in play before leaving or returning to your seats. Also, please avoid obstructing the view of other Wizards fans seated behind and around you.

Fan Mail

Letters to Wizards players and coaches should be addressed directly to the individual, in care of the Washington Wizards. Mail to: Verizon Center 601 F Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20004

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wizards a to z First Aid

There are two First Aid stations available to Wizards fans at Verizon Center: • Main concourse - near Section 108/109 • The 400 level concourse - near Section 410/411

Guaranteed Giveaways

Promotional giveaway items at designated games are guaranteed to all Wizards full season ticket holders. Promotional giveaway items are given out pre-game at the F Street and 7th & G Street entrances. In the event that the supplies of the promotional item have been depleted at either of these locations, please contact your Guest Services Specialist or email the next business day to arrange delivery of the promotional giveaway item you missed! Nov. 3 Schedule Magnet Dec. 22 Knit Scarf Jan. 1 Bradley Beal Bobblehead presented by Verizon Mar. 16 Wizards Tin Lunch Box presented by Capital One Bank Apr. 6 1978 NBA Championship Replica Ring Apr. 12 Team Poster

Group Sales

Full season ticket holders receive special discounts on group tickets (10 or more). Bring your church, school, office or professional group out to a game! Call or email your Guest Services Specialist directly for information on group outings.

Guest Services Team

Our Wizards Guest Services Specialists are available to assist you with any questions or concerns during your visit with the Washington Wizards. During Wizards games, representatives can be found at the Planholder Hub behind Section 115. Throughout the week you may contact the Wizards Guest Services Team by calling 202.661.5100 or emailing Wizards Guest Services office hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., however on game days the Wizards offices will close at 4 p.m. during the regular work week.

High Five Tunnel

At each home game, children are selected and given the opportunity to line up courtside and ‘high five’ the team as they take the court. As a full season ticket holder, you may request the opportunity to sign-up a child for one game during the season. A detailed request form will be sent to you during the season. Spots in the high five tunnel are limited, so get your request in early for the game in which you would like a child to participate.

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wizards a to z Lost and Found

To report any lost items while attending an event, contact Verizon Center at 202.628.3200 ext. 7810. Please leave your name, telephone number, description of item, date when item was lost, and seat location. During the event, you may stop by the Guest Services windows, located near Sections 102 on the main concourse and Section 402 on the upper concourse.

Lost or Stolen Season Ticket Card

Your season ticket card is your ticket to every Wizards home game! If your season ticket card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately for assistance. You can also go online to the My Wizards Account section of to reissue or email your own tickets for any game during the season. The Washington Wizards reserve the right to refuse replacement of lost or stolen tickets. Before entering Verizon Center, visit our Planholder Priority Windows at the Main Box Office for assistance. Valid ID is required.

Media Contacts

Have you ever seen a great news clip on the Wizards and wanted to thank the station for the coverage, but did not know where to call? Here are the telephone numbers of local newspapers and television stations. When you see or hear a good story about the Wizards, call the station and say thanks. The Washington Post – 202.334.7350 The Baltimore Sun – 410.332.6200 The Annapolis Capital – 410.268.5000 Washington Examiner – 202.903.2000 WUSA, CBS 9 – 202.895.5600 WJLA, ABC 7 – 703.236.9499 WRC, NBC 4 – 202.885.4870 WTTG, FOX 5 – 202.895.3026 WDCW, DC50 – 202.965.5050 THE FAN, 106.7 FM – 703.691.1900 ESPN980 (WTEM) – 301.562.5800 News Channel 8 – 703.236.9499 Comcast SportsNet – 301.718.3200


The Metro can be accessed very easily from Verizon Center. The Metro station that is directly underneath Verizon Center is Gallery Place/Chinatown (Red/Green/Yellow lines). It is located at the corner of 7th St. and F St. and 7th St. and H St.

NBA Fan Code of Conduct

The National Basketball Association, the Washington Wizards, and Verizon Center are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports & entertainment experience. NBA fans have a right to expect an environment where: • Players respect and appreciate each and every fan • Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional, and courteous manner by all arena and team personnel • Guests will enjoy the basketball experience free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language or obscene gestures

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wizards a to z (continued) • Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired, intoxicated, or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner • Guests will sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested. • Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects, or attempting to enter the court will be immediately ejected from the game • Guests will smoke in designated areas only • There will not be any obscene or indecent messages on signs or clothing. • Guests will also be responsible for reporting inappropriate behavior they have witnessed. • Freestanding chairs must be affixed together to prevent them from being separated from each other. The arena staff has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard, or guest services staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund, and revocation of season tickets and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution. The NBA, the Washington Wizards, and Verizon Center thank you for adhering to the provisions of the NBA Fan Code of Conduct.

Planholder Hub

Visit the Washington Wizards Planholder Hub, located outside of Section 115. The Planholder Hub is the perfect in-arena destination to get more information on all of the details and benefits of your full season ticket plan. You will find Wizards Guest Services staff at the Hub during each home game, beginning when the arena gates open to shortly following the conclusion of the game.

Planholder Insider Website

As a Wizards full season ticket holder you have exclusive access to our special website that offers exclusive coverage of various planholder special events and perks. Just visit and check us out!

Planholder Loyalty Cards

Wizards full season ticket holders will have the opportunity to receive valuable discounts throughout the 2012-13 season when you present your Wizards Loyalty Card at any of our select sponsor locations. Your Wizards Loyalty Card can also be shown at the Planholder Window located on F Street or at the Planholder Hub behind Section 115 so that our Wizards and Event Staff can better assist you. All Wizards full season ticket holders will receive their Wizards Loyalty Card. Please note that the Loyalty Card is separate from the Season Ticket Card containing your season seats. You will receive one Loyalty card for your account. More details will follow on how to view the current special offers. *Please Note: Offers and partners are subject to change. All Wizards Loyalty Card discounts are only offered in the DC Metropolitan Area.

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wizards a to z Planholder Updates

The Planholder Update will be sent to Wizards full season ticket holders on a weekly basis and will feature exclusive and exciting full season ticket holder information about your benefits, planholder events and any other Wizards related information. Please call Wizards Guest Services at 202.661.5100 or email to make any changes to your email address on file.

Post-Game Autograph Session

Each full season ticket holder will have the opportunity to receive a post-game autograph from a Washington Wizards player. Full season ticket holders will receive one invite per seat on their Wizards account for one pre-selected game. You’ll receive more information on this great benefit via email during the season. Please note that games are preselected. Unfortunately, there will be no advance notice of the selected player until the time of the signing.

Pre-Game Happy Hours

All full season ticket holders will receive an email invitation to attend special themed pregame Happy Hour events. Information regarding games and dates are TBD and will be announced via email notifications.

Pre-Game Warm-Ups

If you are a Wizards full season ticket holder in the Lower Level, you can watch pregame warm-ups from around the court for the first half-hour after the doors open at every game. Simply show your Lower Level season ticket to our ushers and they will allow you down to observe from the Lower Level in rows A-C. Please note that if the owner of the seats you are occupying during warm-ups arrives, we ask that you relocate to an unoccupied seat.


Verizon Center offers accessibly equipped public restrooms throughout the building. Family restrooms are located near Sections: 113, 212 and 433. Main concourse bathrooms located near Sections: • Men’s: 103, 106, 113 • Women’s: 104, 109, 115 The 400 level concourse bathrooms located near Sections: • Men’s: 406, 415, 430 • Women’s: 404, 413, 419, 428

Season Ticket Privileges

Each ticket is a revocable license. The holder, on behalf of the holder and any minor accompanying the holder (individually and collectively, the “Holder”), agrees to all of the terms hereof. By using this ticket and entering the arena, the Holder agrees to be bound by all of the terms of this license. The Holder agrees not to transmit, distribute, or sell (or aid in transmitting, distributing, or selling), in any media now or hereafter existing, any description, account, picture, video, audio or other form of reproduction of the event or any surrounding activities (in whole or in part) for which this ticket is issued (the “Event”).

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wizards a to z (continued) This ticket may not be used for any form of commercial or trade purposes, including, but not limited to, advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes, without the express written consent of the Washington Wizards and the National Basketball Association and/ or its affiliates (the “NBA”). Breach of any of the terms of this license, failure to comply with arena rules, or the refunding to the Holder of the printed purchase price of this ticket, shall automatically terminate any rights that the Holder may have hereunder; shall render illegal and unauthorized the Holder’s use of the ticket for any purpose; and shall authorize the Washington Wizards or the NBA to withdraw the ticket, refuse admission to the arena, or eject the Holder from the arena. Breach of any of the terms of this license shall also subject the Holder to all legal remedies available to the NBA, the Washington Wizards and their affiliates. Resale or attempted resale of this ticket in violation of applicable law is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation. The Holder grants permission to the NBA (and its designees and agents) to utilize the Holder’s image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation. THE HOLDER OF THIS TICKET VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISK AND DANGER of personal injury (including death) and all hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the Event, howsoever caused and whether by negligence or otherwise. The Holder and the Holder’s belongings may be searched upon entry into the arena, and the Holder consents to such searches and waives any related claims that might arise against the NBA and the Washington Wizards. If the Holder elects not to consent to these searches, the Holder will be denied entry into the arena.

Security Policy

Fans are encouraged to arrive early as Verizon Center has a security policy for all events held at the arena. Patrons will be subject to search and possibly handheld metal detectors. For the safety of our players and guests, the following items cannot be brought into Verizon Center, including but not limited to: tape recording equipment, flash photography, alcoholic beverages, bottles and cans, luggage, backpacks and any large bags. Verizon Center will not store any bags during the event. No outside food or beverages are allowed inside Verizon Center. All bags, briefcases, book bags, or items similar in nature will be searched as patrons enter the arena. Each patron attending events will be allowed one personal item that falls within the following size constraints: no longer than 13 inches, taller than 9.5 inches and wider than 6 inches. Items that do not fit within these size limitations may not be allowed in the arena at the discretion of security personnel. Verizon Center consults with local law enforcement agencies on a continual basis. Some of the security measures in place will be apparent to patrons and some will remain unseen and undisclosed.

Select-A-Seat Event

Full season ticket holders will be invited to Verizon Center for a private event to view available seat locations. You will receive an invitation for the Select-A-Seat event where you will have the opportunity to upgrade, purchase additional seats, or relocate your seats after seats have been renewed for the following season. This event is typically held at the conclusion of the season (based upon availability), and the 2013 date is TBD.

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wizards a to z Smoking Policy

In order to promote a healthy and smoke-free environment, Verizon Center enforces a strict no smoking policy within all public areas of the building. We sincerely appreciate your adherence to this policy.


Stairwells are located throughout the building: • Main concourse - near Sections 103,108, 114 and 119 • The Acela Club level concourse - near Sections 204, 210, 219 and 226 • The 400 level concourse - near Sections 404, 412, 421 and 429. The stairs located outside Sections 119 and 429 provide easy access to the Gallery Place/ Chinatown Metro Station.

Team Store

Make sure you visit Team Store, the Verizon Center souvenir shop, where you can get all of your Washington Wizards gear. Team Store features a complete line of Wizards merchandise plus apparel from teams around the country. The Team Store currently offers a large collection of products from top name brands in the sporting goods and apparel business. Access to the Team Store can be gained through an entrance on the main concourse near Section 121 or through the main entrance on F Street. Wizards merchandise stands are located throughout the main concourse behind Sections: 100, 104 and 115 on the main concourse and Sections: 404, 413, 421 and 430 on the upper concourse.

Ticket Reselling Policy

In an effort to keep our customers informed, we would like to re-familiarize you with the laws in the District of Columbia governing ticket sale and resale, more commonly known as “ticket scalping.” Acccording to the D.C. Municipal Regulation: No person shall sell or offer to sell tickets from the sidewalks, streets, or public spaces anywhere in the District of Columbia for any excursion, theatrical performance, opera, ball game or any entertainment of any kind. 24 DCMR Ch. 5, Section 500.5 (1996). We would like to reiterate that “the sale or offer to sell tickets from the sidewalks, streets, or public spaces anywhere in the District of Columbia is prohibited. Any ticket sale or resale is in violation of this regulation, no matter if the price is at, above, or below the price printed on the ticket and subjects the violator to a potential fine or imprisonment. Violators are subject to prosecution under District of Columbia Law.


Follow the Wizards Season Ticket Holder handle on Twitter! @WizSTH – for all the latest season ticket holder news and information.

Unused Ticket Exchange Program

One of the numerous benefits of being a valued Washington Wizards full season ticket holder is the ability to exchange unused game tickets to a select number of predetermined games. Please review the changes regarding the Unused Ticket Exchange Program to correspond with the new Wizards Season Ticket Card for the 2012-13 season.

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wizards a to z Pre-Game Exchange Details

If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to attend any one of the games in your plan, simply visit: and follow the instructions to submit an exchange request. Only your full season ticket seats are eligible for exchanges.

Post-Game Date Exchange Details

If your tickets are not attended, forwarded, donated, or resold for a game, you may exchange these tickets in return for tickets to one of the post-game exchange dates below. The unused game tickets must not have been attended, forwarded, donated, or resold. Only your full season ticket seats are eligible for exchanges. For both Pre-Game and Post-Game Date Exchanges, your submitted form request will be reviewed and fulfilled within 2 business days. All exchanges are subject to availability and will be exchanged for tickets in the same price code, or the next available price code of lesser value, based on available inventory. Exchange tickets will be automatically loaded onto your Wizards Account Manager; you can assign them to your Wizards Season Ticket Card, forward them to a friend, or print a copy of your ticket at your convenience. Please note that you must complete one of these options to utilize your exchange tickets; paper tickets will not be mailed out for games.

Your Wizards Guest Services Specialist can also help you take advantage of the Unused Ticket Exchange program. Simply contact your rep directly if you need any assistance. 2012-13 Wizards Unused Ticket Exchange Game Dates Monday, Nov. 19 – Wizards vs. Indiana Pacers Wednesday, Nov. 28 – Wizards vs. Portland Trail Blazers Tuesday, Dec. 18 – Wizards vs. Atlanta Hawks Monday, Jan. 14 – Wizards vs. Orlando Magic Monday, Jan. 28 – Wizards vs. Sacramento Kings Tuesday, Feb. 19 – Wizards vs. Toronto Raptors Wednesday, Feb. 27 – Wizards vs. Detroit Pistons Wednesday, Mar. 13 – Wizards vs. Milwaukee Bucks Monday, Mar. 25 – Wizards vs. Memphis Grizzlies

VIP Entrance

If you are a VIP or full season ticket holder (Sections 100-101, 110112, or 121) you may enter through our VIP lobby located on 7th Street side of Verizon Center closer to Gallery Place by showing your tickets.

Will Call Window

The Verizon Center Box Office is open Monday- Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Will Call is located at the F Street main entrance of Verizon Center.

guest services p:202.661.5100 f: 202.661.5101 e:

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Wiz Planholder Guide 2012-13  

2012-13 Season Ticket Holder Guide Book.

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