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Let it be on thee, who in hindrance learns not from these forbidden Lessons of the Masters Craft and secrets thy covet Thou has been eternal Warned

Entering in this book will awaken a hidden magic within all who was guided to its beginning, may this serve you as it will

serve those who are of thee...

"It is to she who is the most divine that finds the simple truths in all things" "for she will master not only herself but the future that holds her captive" "and all who come before her will call her queen of her domain" By the moon we are taught to seek the power sought, to remember and embrace the time, to defy the secret lines, to hold and have by nature’s tools, to sow and reap unlike other fools, to have and give as the night shines true, so mote it be shall be the due.

As a Real book of the arts, We have no table of contents, no direct way we want you to find the real or to tell you how to understand it, its a direct manual set to pen, and like most great collections is only known by how many chapters. In here you will be invited to its lessons, but know only in coven or grander design will they be fully uttered as this is after all 'a forbidden text' and like such it will be addressed as such, If you feel these lessons are beyond you, read it a couple of times and see if the 'magic doesn't take hold of you'. Now this disclaimer: Real Magic within, do not try this fully if your not ready, Nothing will harm you within this book, it is merely a very open guide created for those who are ready for more then illusion-ism and spiritual arts, “why is this book dangerous?” (Ideas have always been dangerous to those without thought) however in this book its the practice, because as you read it can't touch you or your life, but if you practice it, it can and will.... That's the Purpose of the bloody book, to use an English wording...

Welcome to the Arts of Tabli De Remondus Scarum Ventus Exos Destrium Translated: (the book of the hidden masters wordings and workings)

People ask if this is a witches book, then why is it written as the term master or mastery shouldn't it say 'coven or gathering”,and in truth it should, but for any 'direct witch' they can not share such secrets openly without being inside and then outside the design, and in a need to show the modern their own mystical folly or success if you will, its up to me to do this, or We.. if you was to invite the messages within, but as I stated its a forbidden text, as you will read and see and be able to share it,others will change the way the modern call 'practice” and the newly educated and reformed would think.... to this they don't want.. unless they are guiding it free and in their own hands...when they can't see ahead they send others and they are hoping others are going to gather it for them... so when you proven them wrong.. This to them is, Forbidden.... (shall we get started) 2014

Summoning To know is

to be.

as a beginner you were called or summoned (a summoning is a deep longing desire to support what you feel and in this it helps the spirit of the body 'this energy' to take shape and bring out what the emotions or the energy is connecting to, in symbolism, ritual or in physical exchanges..)pushing one into the path or direction of the ancient center of ( witchcraft ) “a system of thought and magical symbolism” that helps with the understanding of the mystical workings, that reflects the nature of all things of energy, magnetism , vibration, and even silence, or what have you..(as you shall learn here), many would modernly claim that science and physics is, all that magic would ever be just seem more differently, but those that think that will never master natures complete truths, it goes way beyond that to the heart of creational awareness and evolutions basic idea of truth..... " the real wisdom, behind the wisdom of what is seen " this is the beginning of the need to understand the world of the mystical teaching, you have yet to visit, However in this book you will.. and it is a lay over type style of world you will be facing, a kinda blanket over another blanket design.... TO FIGURE OUT THE END, YOU HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING... 1st of all the saying “we are candles” is true, this is the mystical saying used to express the hidden fire within us all , and in truth it is true, however there is much more to this as you will learn.. 2nd of all we are of star material, this again is true, but then everything about us is of the same material and if indeed it is, then it has a part to play when the time comes for all our designs to become star like again as well.. 3rd of all we are already in-tune with nature and the elements, this is false, because to be in-tune is to take in, transform and add unto oneself, by way of this knowledge and if those outside this books awareness, possessed that we would need little else, so this is why books like this come into existence, to help in this defining and final tuning process..

but to really have the use of natures gifts we need to know the energy of our candles and this is a personal thing, and a sacred trust, it can not be taught only guided..... from the craft, “witchcraft” as a word, in its simpler expression by media and tv, fad, and outsiders education..and nature, I have learned in this design, only the lessons of those not fully dedicated to study get mundane,(aka. Lacking/remedial) if you are a real witch (in this books/our term) or other “as in student of the arts of witchery as a guide/guardian “male” nature and or are of this root of magic system, even witchcraft as basic can never be mundane because it will evolve as you do, test you as you test yourself, and bring you company equal to your greatest dreams and desires..( yes it will, “this is why it is so, desired as a design, system, art, and now “modern created/reformed idea of religion..) Well onto the lesson , The real witchcraft is without words (aka chanting, prayer, meditational eastern ways, hex words, and spellcraft, without physical altars, (such as setup shrines, and temple bible connections, your getting into paganism and heathen ideals created to overlap this design (they are fun but oh, so basic).. because it works with the physical body, (like a tattoo or birthmark, you can't easily just flip it on or off its, part of you..) next altars was created to serve as a ceremonial design to help harness rituals within these word/prayer/meditation designs and much like religious creations/notions, started to make its workings more about them instead of following the blue print/design your about to learn of.. This “witchcraft creation” to occult designs and Freemason/pagan things started to become common practice, as altars and symbolism grew, as a way to harness the expectations of those of religious and ritual service using the 4 watchtower design used in many common things now as if it was real..(more about that as well) however in the witch ways aka “thitching” you will learn that their design/our nature in this design, aka (craft) was born to harness these patterns and cultural

connections to more then witchery, but for now we shall stay on this subject..

The real power of a witch which will eventually comes from inside after tuning, (a process to study the being of oneself and in oath learn the secrets to fine tune themselves like tuning on a piano/or/violin, by the actions of ritual, workings rites ect.) Sorry but as this is a book and not a oath-ed book as you will learn... some things will remain page-less however we will get you in the arena in this book. No wonder others find the lessons are mundane, “lacking'. Perhaps they just aren't trying hard enough to see the full picture. I would too, be lacking... if I was told such, and shown such limited view and skills.. in such a beautiful and powerful practice and nature. but as you can see I am one of the lucky ones, As you are now, by reading this book. As you begin to use natures knowledge and gifts, you will see the world open to you and you may even see you like it and it loved you, who knows until you finish this journey and as they say “there is always a new page to fill”, this is the reason why its called 'craft, or craft's” however the system (a body and or design that serves a much bigger model, and relates to the whole example)of this design, has a limited field of use, until you get past the basics and move into the more “symbolic” you will see. As for ritual, rites: these are what a witch does to contain and master her skill, or to help assist in the adoption of their helpers, consorts and others.. as you shall learn later. (forgive the grammar but I told you this wasn't going to be a formal book, for those are too common and oh' so very limiting..

Rites : are charging rituals to the candle of the self, (not the elemental candle, but to the harnessing of the body itself, however with a rite, there is more to do then if it was a basic 'ritual”, as few might know.. by now.. but with partner or other or others to link to the inoversal (the mystical state of the micro-cosmic being) more on this later.. one can begin to tap into their center of energy , ever renewing and ever sacred or feared, shell of self, The first creation thing: (even if you don't believe in creation, think on this as merely blueprints and not orders to build something)

: the understanding of the inner candle is the powerful sacred energies and the union of the keys and secrets of the soul as a beginner in the ancient arcane and heart of the learning of magic, k or not......( as much as one may wish, one is not born with knowledge and gifted by age or lifeline, the secrets of natures truths, this is handed out by those who in themselves explored the possible and came back with answers, some to be complete others, to be a bit off.. but answers none the less, but only in the union of memory and the pattern of energy.. was they fully able to be expressed this is the first step of knowledge to.........magical truths.... “Your going to hear the word, nature/natural, truth, and is.. a lot here, because this book isn't here to debate your outer knowledge but show you what you might not be able to debate after, you practice it..and see what is truly what... instead of guessing...” Marks of the witch or other: ( is the union of nature and gifts it offer , once in forever known, but none will bind or blind,, you will learn............ Ritual of initiation ( some in coven, some in self ) but you enter as you leave the same, but offered the gifts of nature awakening within, This is start to you.... the union (aka) energy and grounding ) true touch of the witch or as others say “the calling or the called”............ 3 spells of beginning in a book of 3002 , the history of the grimoire or book of shadow is more then what is replied as wizard or demon lore, it is the foundation of the bond of balance in natures trust to the hands of the witch or Wizard , for secrets revealed are secrets will learn.............

but you must choose as it chooses you......... Whom is interested in teaching the changing heart..... (the generalization of the word W.I.T.C.H.) because this is what ultimately a junior of witchcraft in energy and nature does...) entertain the higher awareness of a ethereal and spiritual state over the nature of the empathic heart..) and this is the skill of the basic craft...... craft : is the working of an design or skill.... and is the arcane basics for the forum of a witch.....

“ Et eterna natura ves aladio daion men ven materia invorta des mentanto phe de nyixs incubus ateron set heb zu kemprahon setem hoben.....�

:The confinement of the heart is the altar of the self and being of physical nature , the power of energy flows within and without by the means of existence , without this flow , there is no settlement of the soul.... thus the center of the circle is in need...... for the body and mind to be one., so the center must seek the freedom of the unlocked physical self, it is this nature to make with steps a root from this , but the nature is of ones own being , so sing not for bells and for the glory of voice...... as of chant and mark they will seek you, but for the nature to be, what thou is, not what thou wants.

(tools to this design): to those who would argue I need no tools, everything that can be done in a physical means/needs and uses them, get over your petty understanding of the mysteries... or close the book.... to gain this you need charging and focus, this is achieved by tools : 3 stones : 3 symbols : 3 paths : 3 lines : and 3 incenses Dragon Knowledge. Amethyst, Quartz, Stone of Self. Amethyst is truth, or truth in loyalty. Quartz is psychic will as in time and space. Stone of Self does not apply to the dragons knowledge. It is a metaphysical design based on tuning not power. Dragons deal in Transformation not manipulation. 3 candles: Red, Black, and White. To a dragon, colors represent truth. White is self honesty. Red is dedication. Black is territory, foundation or source. Lighter colors tend to exchange in disloyalty. 5 Incenses. To a dragon incenses are barriers of action. dragon in or remove them.

Each one is designed to bring a

Natures: Initiational Witchcraft (3 stones) · Amethyst- known as the heart of the witch, acts more like a directional tool to the witch energy. The stone acts as a base because the stone itself is energy. Unlike most, is cool to the touch. (Secrets of this stone lay within the Witch’s heart). · Rose Quartz or Quartz- seen as the body of the witch because it has light all over. Acts as the center of the Witches Power of Focus. “Mes Tempra Adem Shalon” and key to emotions of witchcraft nature. “Tem shemham kem' preference meaning raising from fires of desire and setting a perfect nature. · Temporal Birthstone- is key to witches mind and path of their own and others future (witch or one in service to the natures true gifts cannot see the future of themselves naturally, this is a secret to keep the seeker and the know-er on equal levels..) again chosen from of the mind and the sought answers as a astral design. (3 Symbols)- unlock wisdom and power, these keys act as minds harmony so the skills of the body and spirit come to a form of freedom and understanding these keys act as solitary (single studies) doors or union (class, coven, or other workers set as two) as ways of power and charge...

1. Symbols are timing and purpose of magic. As one seeks to enter the magic of marking in natures elements and energies… with this magic the universe will unfold in the mind and body. Single controlled energy that works as protection based energy and works the psychic will. To mark on a person begins evolution and creations mystical or magical understanding as path and truth (Once placed on your person, reveals what is inside to all who seek.) 2. Norse symbol of the mind, once drawn on the body opens the physical mind and center of self to the past… it creates the harmony of the doorway to wisdom, within and without… (long story will reveal later) not a power key. Just a natural and ancient one… (often referred to in the past as the waters of life.) 3. Triangle, roman delta- internal or ascending, it serves once on the body marking, the path of the 3 directions of chance and understanding it spirit and is a valuable skill in understanding others… It is natural and easy. The placement of the signal or symbol is a growth… The process changes as the person, witch or other evades/grows in the nature of these inner magic… (3 paths)- referring to as the way to work in wisdom and is the pattern of learning. · 1st direction (focus)- tempra, puimata · 2nd measurement (just letting go)- Kom sed adopi · 3rd guidance (feelings and being)- solves temero dobi · Focus (ta elvou)- sending the center of your will in the form of sight toward a candle flame and try to teach it with your inner mind then practice your giving will on it, this skill must be taught. · Just letting go (de summon ateri area)- relaxing in the arms of nothing and let all go, determined by mind set listen and grow or reach out to the non (space between space) called zen( but zen is the doorway to the power of this skill) and then in space of the life, you will seem to become like a magnetic anchor (life is about oneself but nature is about universal self and connections therein). · Feeling and being (solvi eterni imaldos sendonom)- the highest path is to become and you will do this automatically when your ready nature will redesign you from within and it will happen in and toward the real soul, never to the ones who tries to form it or rush (Play or pretending never works because nature can feel your heart…) (3 lines)- (Tempest Danum Sante) This is the place where trials of lines will begin to change and grow as nature does… · 4 Rituals of Connection: Ritual of Marking, Ritual of Thirst, Ritual of Power, and Ritual of Renewal. Ritual mean nothing to a dragon unless they are oath bound. A marking is an ownership. Thirst is when the auric energy of a person is too low. Power is the dragons most powerful ritual, this is the official joining of the Dragon to its subject. Any rituals done in this fashion, whether oath or not, dragons are drawn to cement them. (in this level of understanding the “dragon” here is the “external ring of a witches or mystical circle, its a kinda bardo (border ground) where the ether and astral transform the will of the hidden arts within and about..) there are many levels on which this design grows but I am only mentioning witchcraft in this book...

Technically there is no ritual of renewal. In a dragons' eyes you don't loss anything, you just forget how it works. (until re-offered, or accepted to higher domain)�remember forget what you know your walking in mystical domain now, its not a theo-psychological-mental mapping in any of the lesser mundane sciences, one can equate it as such but so can you say an orange is an apple, but they don't look or taste the same..) So don't bring that here or you waste the lessons you might learn..

The candle working, Tarot, Throw out, the Doll, the Dagger Oath, Sand of Fate, Devils Kiss, Marking of Touch. * Candle working, eye of the Dragon. * Tarot, gypsy design, not witchcraft. * Throwing out, psychic backlash. In a dragon's world a backlash of psychic energy is an effect that they use to find the worthy. * The Doll, there is no such object. * The dagger oath, the dragon's oath. Blade is the tooth of the dragon. * sands of Fate, metaphysical design, has nothing to do with dragons. * Devils Kiss, flame of the Dragon, a test to teach the one who holds the energy. * Markings of Touch, this is more for the dragon's companionship. Rooting Principles; workings, secrets, the witch of the wind, the 5, and the 7. (moh hou shem) This is a type of Sumerian meaning: of the mouth to the house within : meaning breath, in candles the breath of the mind is the thing that makes the body transcend things, we will get into this fully at another time, but here you will learn to think as you breath and look into the candle and an feeling will come over you and you will fall into the candles gaze...

: it is here you can start to grow in the light of the flame, what i mean by this is... a heat forms over your face and gets a bit hotter, and this shows your energy is in sink with another energy, you and the candle as an example.. : Psychic will, this energy is created, its hard to say fully when it happens, but as you drift you start to see things, in a type of illusion, you aren't seeing this your transcending the mind to advance into the hidden mind.. hypnotics of a sort... : it is here you will gather from your working or design a kind of 6 sense, and it gets stronger the more you do it, because it.. haunts you like a kinda invisible hand... : this stuff can't harm you, but it is the veil that one passes though to get to the hidden minds inner skills.. : this is why the lesser meditational will, or yogi like will, is seen here but we will go way beyond this, to do this you have to master the symbolism and rituals on your body, altar, placemat if you get that far, and any others that are connected to it... as this is your doorway in.... : candle anointing is more a witch thing and not a druid, mage or higher thing.. (unless you get into the magus, as they dabble in everything, because they are striving to serve both designs female appointed as well as male affirmed). as one uses talismans and tools to advance in a higher way, while they who are just starting are using the training i just showed...earlier. We "roak" objects over fires or ritual designs, its to harness ever greater skills.. : roaking is when you move an object over the fire from one end of it to another as if to coat it with the heat or smoke... : Elemental magic(k), Truthfully there is no such magick, ....forces yes..magick no... : now...take this to heart: others are going to say, magic(k) is what you make it everyone has it, its just few are better at using this then most... (why is this wrong)? : because others are thinking of is psychism, it is false because they lack the mysteries and connection we build through climbing by our design, we do not make it, we allow it to be felt by our connection to it or things of it elemental magick does not exist because they are ethereal form and forces, we do not focus a design around an entire element or expression of it, that's just a bit of philosophy and psychology mixed to try and connect to which element they feel represent their mentality best, we need all of them in our use of the arts : Fire: triangle downward (why)? : Water: triangle upward (but is also the symbol of the eye)? why? : Earth: symbol of the 3 pillar built doorway of standing stone why? : Spirit: the symbol of the trident/phi symbolism Greek... why? : Air: the symbol of the swirl? why? and why is it water as well....? but not...

: swirl/spiral ... : take your time on each one... : air is as earth is a divided symbol with a line in it dividing the top and bottom, why as well... Fire- because it is by the connection and transformation of lesser things fire gain expression it is greater but advances the lesser water- because water is the means by which we store and receive, and connect through touch, symbol of the eye is because water can reflect without revealing that which it hold within earth- is the foundation because there needs to be one, and we need a foundation to stand upon as we move trough other regions, kinda making sure we don't drift away but stand strong as we move along spirit- is the trident/phi because it is formed by union of elements and can take form as each one of them air- is the swirl because it is the force that will be us as we exert our influence, and advances, it is water but not because air is the advancing mind and it needs the water to properly hold within it, because air itself is presses/acts upon but do not absorb. divided symbol- I'm not quite sure, could be that it is the state of the mind un/conscious as it exists simultaneously, or that the air as in the mind will move freely between the greater and lesser The dragon's design is based in the fundamental set up of structure. Each occult design is based on this system. Starting from the main circle model which is the dragon chain ending at the youthful model of the dragon intertwining, than ankh or caduceus. The nature of the art is born in secrecy, The dragons forming the figure 8 and the Ouroboros , forming the snake eating its own tail are the prime examples. Witch of wind on stick and dagger is the key principle to the dragon ceremonial imagery. Staff represents the penis, dagger is the tooth. The 5 and the 7, the 9and the 12 are prime designs of the ceremonial model of the magi. 5 and 7 are the gateway. 9 and 3 (which is 12. 1+2) is the doorway. Set up: Magics wall, the 3 Glyphs (Ankh, Bird, Hound/dog/wolf.) * The only wall one will face is the one they fear. Fear is not being scared, its about not embracing who you are or could be. Fear denies itself so it has no purpose to be judged in a purpose. The ankh is life, the bird is value, and the hound is guardianship.

The book of Shadows.

(1/3/5/7/8/9/10/9/2/6/4/5/3/8/2/1) The tome or true book of learning is about embracing the psychic and territorial dream like displays of reality in an order to grant answers to the greater mysteries and comforts of brewing. When you face the book you become the art. Elemental Reasoning. The circle, the key, the word, cultures of change. Earth, Fire, Spirit. These are the only essentials that a dragon is apart of. Water and Air is more what the dragon travels through. The circle is the dragon, the dragon is the links of the circle. Sexual energy of the design is the mating partnership of the dragons commitment, is called the Key. The word is the book, the book the message, the message the thought. In every culture there is a dragon design. Dragons are everywhere, even in cultures that deny it, fight against their primal model or debase the idea of their existence. (Wurm, snake, lizard, reptilian, amphibian, winged-dragon, snake form, serpent, masterful serpent, king serpent, Dragon.) This is the design of the way all arts sees the dragon. Ask, answer, spell quest, reasoning, reflections, duty, word, power. Ask requires ritual, answer requires time. Dragons don't spell cast. Reasoning is always at the end, reflections are daily, duty is absolute. The inner word is the authority and power is exchange. This is the mind set of the Dragon. As you enter that circle of being..

Calling, awakening, name sake, token. You can summon a dragon, but the dragon summons a deity. Dragons have 6 books, and you only get 3 until your ready for more. Dragons give their name once they are comfortable with service. Only a dragon teacher can communicate with dragons about that. No talisman in the world can control a dragon, only rings. For a dragon is responding to the first oath upon seeing the ring, thereby it will be willing to serve. This is what established magehood as a schooling and over time trickled down to be the 'witchery� now known and accepted in as the Star. Pentagram : is the basic form of self and has only two energies it controls red: emotional and connective and blue: kinetic and spiritual white is its basic frame : meaning it is the self of (i know this, i am this, that is the focusing power) accepting of the self's physical energy Reversed Triangle: is the design of inner nature and is colored green cause it is the force that one connects to the material desires of the self, (regret, fears, doubts, memories, dreams(fantasies) and has read at its source because it draws from that band of energy to maintain its connection with earth(green) its design is in white do to awareness... Triangle: is the design of the self as in growth and connection to the psychic will its center is blue: spiritual, inspirational, psychic, however its borders are yellow: self ,ego, and need and gray: change, acceptance, or conformity this is the way this energy is directed, this icon is used in the growth of magic as a teaching tool.... 6 pointed star: (star of David): remarked as the Hebrew cross it is more of a definitive puzzle in the balancing of the two triangles, reversed and not... color green: material, knowledge, understand, trial it is the heart of this design with two borders (yellow and red) yellow: self, ego, need and red: emotion, energy it should be viewed as a mirror of ones desires and memories the way into an enlightened state.... Reverse Pentacle: The energy of this is clearly of is the heart and blue its border, the blue is more tries to encounter when one goes on self discovery this is the shelling energy of the revered design, show change does happen.....

the self, yellow of the spiritual venturing one with no limits and gray is its undertone, to

5 Elemental Doorway 1. To get each power, bath in the fire of the Dragon. 2. to the powers of self, lay upon the ground and die. 3. Reflections of the shadow, listen to the voices of the Dragon. 4. Candles teach: Only the triangle. 5. (Vision, Nature, Action): Through the eyes of the Dragon, your physical image will be transformed. Part of the face will be dragon like, full only in protection. 6. 15 Spells: Witch stuff, dragons don't mess in it. 7. 5 Rituals of trust, 3 rituals of promise: 1 ritual of trust, 6 rituals of promise. 8. Your first Book of Light: Witch herbalism diary. 9. Tools: yes you are, you become the tools. 10. Witch Secrets and Symbols: Dragons know them all, don't practice any one of them. why 3 ( well mind, body,and soul of course ) : write all you want into it this is the only door 3 stones that mark the witches presence and seekers of the energy or arcane skill or magi truths, what ever you wish to place at the magic center of this is the hidden keys to those gifts and wisdom's.... ( amethyst ) is the heart of the witch ( rose quartz ) the body of the witch ( and the stone of your birth ) is the key to the witches mind and path of futures 3 symbols to unlock ancient wisdom and power, these keys act as the minds harmony so the skills of the body and spirit come to a sense of freedom and understanding these keys act as solitary doors or union ways of power and charge ( the infinite symbol of Greek ) the key once drawn is forever on you person as a seeker of the magic the universe will unfold in your mind and body this key is grand and ancient, and as a sygil " protection energy " the mark on your person is evolution and creations path or truth ( you will have to decide when the time come ) ( the Norse symbol of the mind ) this key once drawn on the body , opens the physical mind and center of the self it creates the harmony of the doorway to wisdom within and without.... not a powerful key just a natural and ancient one... ( the triangle ( delta ) of the roman ) inverted or ascending it serves once on the body the 3 directions of chance and understanding in spirit and is a valuable skill in understanding others... it is natural and as easy as 1,2,3,

the placement of this sygil or symbol is as growth " the process of the person as witch or other " 3 paths : referred to as the way to walk in wisdom and is the pattern of learning ( 1st : direction ( focus ) ( 2nd : measurement ( just letting go ) ( 3rd : guidance ( feeling and being ) focus : ta elvou ( sending the center of your will, in the form of sight toward a candle flame and try to reach it with your inner mind, then practice your giving will on it, ( it will become automatic later ) just letting go : de summon ateri arcadi ( relaxing in the arms of nothing and just , determined by mind set listen and grow , or reach out to the non ( space in between space ) and then in the space of life, you will seem to become like a magnetic anchor....... feeling and being : solui eterni imajeidos sendanum ( the highest path is to come to be, and you will do this automatic when your ready, nature will redesign you from within, and it will happen in and toward the real soul , never to the ones who try to form it.......... 3 lines: tempest danum sante hoben koui this is the place where the veils will begin to change and grow as nature does..... What is it to know? To draw conclusions in ones mind, is to lose sight of what is, being in a mystical world, one must play by mystical laws or rules, logical reasoning, social conformity, can not be in invited or accepted if it doesn't stand on equal grounds. When one chosen to enter this world, they've chosen to seek their higher instincts, their place in the unknown, it is the power of that by either ceremony or self developing spiritual means, to identify this unknown and be welcomed into being. So what is it to know? To know is to accept the right to have, to be or become and to take this upon yourself by duties and responsibilities aligned by these choices. One may grant the greater illusion of ego fear doubt frustration, or the lapse of mental faculty, however to know is a divine right casted upon every being, animal and plant, material, atomic or not, that governs its own universe. So what is it to know? It is the right for something to be, as its felt, never put doubt in an honest choice to be. What you make, makes itself. In the art when you're adopted you become part of a living chain it is this chain that is the connection to your transformation and growth, or your resistance in growth, there is nothing that should hold one back but there is the fear of one self, what can I be? What am I meant to be? What? What? What? It is this fear that brings the need for answers or the need for reactions, ever hear the term “haunting ones self� What you do in the art is done to you in your physical life so each has its own scale to balance, do not get this confused with karma, dogma or any eastern philosophy because its not. When one chooses something is chosen, what happens after, defend or why.

As a young person you sought out the strange things that came to you both in the night and in your dreams, from echo to visual illumination of a shadowed figure, some would try to communicate with it, others to hide. the greater experiences are often mistaken as fearful things however as we look back on these things we discover as time tends to do, it teaches us that we have a hidden world there to accept and guide us if we seek it.. because after all we will be returning to it. Our world revolves about the world of the para-nature and it both is concerning a business and many have made both fame and great connections based on it. from the time of the earth forming to the discovery of outer space, we thinkers of the "unseen" have tried to see into the veil and to reach this they found cultural tools and ideas that identify the broad road between life and death was easier to cross when it had both heaven (outer space) and earth's (inner space) blessings... so religious natures was created to serve or appease these beings and to offer up dedication as their servants, this left those who didn't know a feeling that they wasn't cultural or spiritual enough so there was conformity and nonconformity in those who was called "the fateful", though the design here is to get you in, not tell you about what history or non history will accept as their reality. from Eclectic thinking to the ideal of Wicca, to pagan ideals and neopagan creations, and shaman grove druid messengers, each have their religious and personal and non personal spiritual points, but the goal has always been to see the pattern that brings each their greatest art as a teenager, you was told this is this and that is that, only to rebel and find what is acceptable to you, or some towed the line their parents set for them never knowing the greater messages of the universe out there and they are universe derived.. meaning they taken share in the minds of those seeking the reasoning of this world and created a formula to pass it down from a religious or theology based understanding, and this is the under standing.. because as a person we are just living flesh and bone, but as a spirit we are connected to more share in the connection of others and relate to our world and designs, truthfully its not always an easy journey it has its test , trails, and regrets however it never stays as that and touches on more when one gets beyond the homework and that's what it is homework, it is there to "give you a home" a "sensation of old-time memories" and those who brought you to "reflective dreams, deja vu, and spiritual encounters" they helped you touch and others to reach farther in and test their inner being, and after all this is the you will see here..

Teen witchcraft: has been the open door from Wicca and the idea of witch, it is a create your own group and coven like nature from films and authors to sell to this newer model, and it can be that simple if you seek only simple things..however if you are like all the other wiser ones you will see you can't "buy and sell" this art, only gain it by entering or experiencing it by one who is in. We live in a world where one wants to follow the 3 basic ideals of life, (maid, mother, and crone idea...) however the crone will not fake their nature because it proves nothing, the mother will hide from the daughter or maid their more difficult challenges until ready however they will not win when the daughter seek a more universal roll in their for the maiden aka (maid) it is common to dream and envision and draw the greater things from within and it is because of this "witches are seen as ageless", the idea again drawing the need not to study but to discover, but even in discovery the young seek wisdom from those who know what they have became aware of. It is up to those who know to share with those who will be without the fear and limits, hence the idea of the Wiccan creation based on the model of being good is being good.. as in "in perfect love" and "perfect trust", which is one of the greatest messages of its day however it is rarely seen in a coven of this model, only in the friendships and any friendship should be this but remember you sought to learn this way and tap into its heart and mind because you see yourself as it, as other claim from the so called "burning times" a link or social connection, however my friends you can be of blood in any family and still not pickup the trade...sorry... it just means you can have a better chance of learning the trade.. Traditional arts, noble thoughts and ceremonial connection but is this what it should be, or was it merely just the idea of trying as most designs tend to to collect its part of what it thinks it can create awareness of as an earlier design, we again aren't here to talk ill of anything but to serve the idea we seek to understand this design and tap into more... and now onto to the summoning self... If you saw the movie "the craft" you would see when the girl looks at the inner page of the book you see a storm cloud and then lighting strike in the image, this is a movie however it gives a greater image of what one will experience as they "dare to call on their spirit", because the spirit is the inner you the perceptive you and the one thing not held by the morals and designs of anything physical until its made to... (we aren't unleashing a jinn aka genie) we are however unleashing ourselves to see what we are made of..and as said above it started as a "teen, if not earlier".. we looked into things and saw other things, touched on objects to be shocked and reflected on events that take place moments later this is the pattern of life in all but to those aware...much more.. (yes we are role-playing, but we are trying to get beyond that, like any image one must see the original to get to the copy of it, and that's what we are calling up, though this type of ritual role playing, it can be faked but that should never be your goal, because unlike a fake play , there will be return events taking place because you wanted to "fake" it...

(now on with the message: WE WHO SEEK ARE, AND THOSE WHO ARE TO BE WILL) this is the idea of the message we are trying to get across not in the body but the spirit, because it is the one who will add it to the body.. confusing isn't it.. However it's not.. not once you take each point step by step, and in the right way of faith, "YES" i said faith (because faith isn't what the churches made it out to be, but a form of focus that if harnessed right can bring you all you desire) no not by prayer, you can if you want there is no rules in that part.. but we are trying to use ourselves not the "deities, others" for now.... When in the movie "the craft" she saw the lightening it sparked a thought in her brain, however to get to that moment she did a ritual with her "witchy sisters" to call forth the ownership of this power.... and then sealed it, and that is the nature of summoning, when you beforehand ask for it in a "divined" circle and then seal the deal, then the opening to the awareness happens, however you have to put forth the effort... it gives you the tools you do the work... it just doesn't occur because you want it, unless its something easy.. however the more you want to blend the more you need to get the ingredients to do so.. "BLEND" to us in magic (k) or not.. means "Blackness END" meaning the end to blindness of not knowing, because you can't achieve if you don't know.. and for you advanced reading this book "blend" is what you think as well... but lets start at the beginning.. When one is awakened to their spirit its like being in a circle and held to the ground and spinning, like a clock, because this is what you are doing to change your place on earth/Terra/gaia and reach out from there.. (a few things i can't reveal because they are of a "witches trust" aka "oath" and are the reason few know but many want to re-collect) so bear with me if i skip over certain things.. as this is meant to be more an educational book then a teaching manual. You wanted answers, here they are... as you touch on your spirit you will see that there is a world spinning beneath you and your standing still and you will just drift away and let it go, and you will see your spinning faster then it now, because your spirit is making you aware of itself, in "rituals" this is the goal and the reward. Again any can fake it but nothing is like taking it for a spin, we reach back to our childhood and to those still in it gain more insight, to strive to defy the hidden world that awaits us...

"Beware what you ask for, because it may ask for you as well" entrance: To know is to have. To be is to equate with knowing. Knowledge must answer any question placed before it without price. As of the past one was given insight, shown forth the beauty of nature and night, of sun and moon, of bread and birth, of breath and heat, the light of the world. For you are but a guide to a guide to a guide; and they are but your guide, from our guide, from their guide.

In the art of the witch one of her skills is the ability to change others fate..

witchcraft comes in many forms herbal as in life creation, metaphysical as in psychic and empathic, religious as in spiritual and self reflective, voodoo as in taming of the senses and control over the elements, and occult as in the nature of the shadow and ancient mindsets; summonings.. all are correct, not one will be that much different from another...however it isn't self celebration as in the being alive as most would try and sell you its a reminder that we are apart of the sensations of this world and those that act like tiny the other... Alone as a subject the witchcraft can hold its own in any subject. however it is these simple models of awareness that require resources of the mind, body, and drive them to the perfection of their being which is the goal of any true art. True the exchange of education that requires one to validate an experience or awareness, with greater value then others shown or thought of its a common thing like religion to these values to make it easier so others don't seek conflict in the process of the practicing method. Witchcraft has always had a spiritual side, but tools and physical practices denote and make exchanges in the body to promote the aura of the event.

Passage of initiation [Ancient] In any art that requires great learning, one was chosen before they were born or as they were attending to awareness of it. That would be here, they would be tested, marked or granted the symbolism or relationship created by the teacher or guide often thought of as a sort of brotherhood or sisterhood in a religious extent. The ancient way of thinking is you were chosen for a purpose, or to help empower them, their society, to greater understandings. Test or trials would be used if there was not a number of possible successors, in all forms of advanced thinking one sees the willing versus the not. Even though the ancient art demands a certain amount of slavery a.k.a service to the divine, the greater stance is the comfort that they will feel as they pass beyond the limited learning or acquisition of the knowledge there. For knowledge was like food, and those who possessed it were treated as if they were gods, or the will of god on earth. This is why schools or temples were born to educate the simplest of minds, to inspire greater achievements. Magic in itself is a great achievement, but magic with divine purpose is immortal.

[Ceremonial] Tools and or objects: would be seen as spiritual armor, skills at achieving or transferring the energy of said rituals to those who are believers and non believers. In ceremony preparation is necessary to set up and adorn sacred space, not so much as for role-playing or a.k.a setting the mood, but to show proper respect to that which one wishes to communicate, share or grow from. For that is indeed what we're asking, when we seek to be more than our hands, more than our eyes, and more than our reach. Such things were considered honorable if they were not self infused, for one could not take it upon themselves to speak for a greater deity, being, power or energy without feeling their prime message. For it was seen as pure medium-ship or awareness if someone spoke honestly and not with a forked tongue . Now, the idea of the serpent's nature, a.k.a forked tongue, is a religious backlash, not true. For a serpent, though it sheds its skin, will always know what's going on, and stay true to its environment. Such as a ceremony should, even though the tongues changes, or times change, the rituals should change little. For in the ceremonial arts is the chain to the past, and the ladder to the future , and it is a ladder, but it's a ladder that acts like steps, sometimes visible sometimes invisible. But this is to test your worthiness not your right to be. Worthy, it is just a word that means honest; honesty is not a straight line, it is a dance or a tap, or a series of obstacles that one of oaths must protect, we want to give our all knowledge, we want to serve mankind, we want to serve nature, we deserve to serve ourselves, but without rules and proper conduct what do we serve? The ceremonial arts of the witch are a gradual advancement into the nature of mage, for a witch is nothing more than a mage in training, they just don't know it. [Divine] It is through the divine, the right to higher awareness, that one is given authority as well as words to express the journey ahead. For reverence with the divine and not nearly in a religious or worshiping fashion, even though they should deserve it, they seek only our friendship and acknowledgment of their existence. Let's dispel a folk-legend; if you do not believe in a deity it loses all power, this is false. This is created by those who fear the unseen, the divine protects what wants to know them, but just like energy they can not be destroyed, the merest, simplest and easy based thought can bring them right back. Another fake message to dispel; having no faith in something gives it no power, again wrong. The unseen can tap you at any moment it chooses, and it will. But by the laws of magic it will not, for the laws state that one must seek in order to have. And this is true for deity as well as, demon, angel or other, you must invite them in. When you invite something you're showing or sharing your energy, this has nothing to do with words, your unconscious being is becoming awake.

The oath of the self: When one enters into any art they agree to give up all rules, responsibilities and set blind of trust so that they might attain in education a form of hidden or self guarded wisdom that comes from an outside source. It is here that one must establish roots, do not take a note lightly there are three version of oaths though others would use the ladder terms, pact, bond, agreement, contract; these are not an oath. These are a light agreement, or a light access. An oath is an eternal thing, one which a person is not fully bound to until they take upon the markings of service, this is why tattoos exist, for a tattoo is a symbolic representation of ones desire to belong, or speak out for the culture or cultures they serve, devoid of Americanized interest. For newer cultures does not respect older traditions, no offense, but the more ancient something wears its hardships and works on their sleeve. And that's what the symbols represent, the modern world thinks symbolism is language, it's not. Symbolism is dedication to service, it is utilized as a way to communicate without breaking the rules, and letting an unworthy person within. Worth is not determined at the door,it is determined at the marking, for an oath can send you away a thousand times before you are officially worthy. The goal of an oath is three folded, sorry if this sounds wiccan, but you see where they stole it. The first: entrance, the second: sharing of self, the third: promise, a.k.a reward. Until a person attends the full nature of promise they aren't officially a part of the oath, they are in truth entered, allowed all the freedom of an oath, where they're being tested.

Entrance: entrance is to ask to belong, you will not receive any negative reaction if you misuse your position then for you are just seeing if it is you, and worthy of the final stage. The second, sharing of self: the sharing of self is choosing to adopt the oath inside yourself, to play by the rules and to protect and serve the model of them, to assist others who see but not offer them entrance, for they must offer themselves. In the witches design this is the start of their test, for this is where the elements test the witch, a.k.a elementals. For the witches must stand up to and serve all the five basic elements, and by doing this they then gain the right to promise, a.k.a the true entrance. For as was said before, the witches legacy had no direct rules, they think the maid-mother-crone idea, a.k.a wicca, a.k.a eclectic thinking gives them to authority and the right of oath, it doesn't. For to share ones self is to be vulnerable to the judgment and justice of nature and not hide behind sisterly attempts at breaking the rules. For the goddess does not seek followers as what was said, she seeks equals as daughters for any witch worthy of their markings isn't going to break silly rules for their own gain, and these rules are silly but important to examine ones self. And that's what you're doing, you're laying yourself open for the universe or a deity to adopt you, what

greater reward is there? Promise: It is difficult to keep what you may believe or you may not believe in, service was not designed for fearful freethinkers, and admit it you are fearful, but in the older schools you didn't have a choice, there was no “witchcraft”, there was the essence of it but the rule stated you must be temple trained. You couldn't push a button and become a witch, even if you were born one. Because being a witch isn't about yourself, it is about teaching the dynamics of a universe that one is just beginning to explore. You can say you know this or that, and don't need to follow the rules, but then what are you? The whole question is: what are you? Where do you stand? What do you believe? What believes in you? And if all these answers are not ethereal and not rewarding you back then I know the answer, you're not promised. Promises can be broken, but that does not mean they weren't felt or desired, to be fulfilled. The sad excuse is miss-stepping a.k.a taking something for granted. And you expect something to keep it's word if you're not keeping yours? The universe is just as fickle, difficult to understand, if you're not moving forward. The whole purpose of an oath is promise, it's to graduate to a level, barring role-playing, the right to say “I am this”, and to see it returned to you. Gain is the least of your rewards, the ability to show this in your spirit is the essence of golden, we don't like gold because it looks cool, we like gold because it relates to us holding a piece of a sun, as if we are holding fire itself in our hands. That's why statues were made of gold, to thank them for taking the time for knowing us, and protecting us, teaching us, and allowing us to breathe or to live. Man has just made gold less, because of whom they can hurt and that's why oaths are looked on as bad. But yet you enter into an oath every time you make an agreement, education, work, the military, your house, your electric bill, everything. It is oath bound, a.k.a your word. And that is the nature of promise. Now once a witch is promised you don't have to be promised no more, for nature will no matter whether or not they break the rules continue to afford their work, because the universe doesn't reject, but it does at times not forgive. The nature of this promise is for your better side not for that which is weak. ECT.

Initiation of the self One can not self initiate, it is like a slap in the face of all ancient ways of thinking, it is to deprive yourself of the basics of learning. From one standard form to a higher form. True someone had to start, otherwise there would be no beginning, but even they took from something else, reached outside of themselves, searched for some meaning or purpose that brought them to the realization of that the self is not just one object. If it is to mean more to the dynamics of the universal way of thinking, self made god-heads are an abomination to the overall understanding of scholarly education, even a pharaoh knew that one is tested in order to be worthy of their place in the grand design. True they are born kings, but they realize that wisdom has rules, and even they abide by them. All manner of kingly virtue looks towards spiritual intervention, true they're once again the judge, jury and executioner but they believe their hand is guided by a higher power or authority. Under certain circumstances self initiation is allowed, but that is at the cost of one who is not available, no longer living, or you're subjected to

unworthy treatment by those whom you've promised under an oath, and not a self-made oath, but a verbal agreement with the universe. In this form self initiation is allowed, for it is payback forwarding of an agreement, or adopting one's place because the materials are there but the previous guidance was not. Now during this self initiation one must still strive to seek outside means of verification, for a.k.a self made godhood designs or goddess like interventions one should not be absent minded of real knowledge, a.k.a becoming their own mentor. For the object of study is study. A student should welcome their place as they advance into the arts. The modern world seeks to make this trivial for they fear the long standing applications of truth and trust and bonds that are forged during the trial periods. They want instant gratification, instant gratification doesn't earn you knowledge only practice in the idea you should seek it. Truthfully any spiritual design that is open has no set rules, but we're not talking about spiritual we're talking about physical application of rules or laws governing the mystical properties of that which gives your spirituality a reason to exist. For when we water down an art or design we subjugate or create slaves of those who fear advancing. We are not a religious body bent on liberty and self preservation, we are a physical body bent on opening up and empowering truth, as in dedication, service, and complete awareness of the collectors. Because any one person can be a “self�, but self comes from the word selfish and that is to be greedy about something that is meant to be shared. True we are protective of oath but that's what gives us the right to call ourselves by these awareness, others view these as labels that's trapped inside to form ego, so that one can seem more glorified than another, but it's not about that, if it was witches would not take part. For they seek only to learn, to earn, and to be. It is by this right that both the mentor, guide, teacher, other or self initiated one gain or empower their right to practice as a voice. My question is why to do many outsiders want witchcraft, but at the same time deny the rituals needed to express it's design? the answer will surprise you.. They deny the spirit itself. The essence of witchcraft. (books) that said you have the right to create or make it up as you go along... solitary wisdom, created a new way to lie to yourself and make up how to get in.. before that any order/coven/grouping wouldn't let you in without being like them... because the authors and the metaphysical stores wanted to make bank off of your beliefs.. we all want to fit in, even if we say we don't, it's human nature...but to believe and to be true to yourself, you have to be you....Witchcraft is the art to this... Wicca, Wittan, Wicae are all tools to create a new witch one without rules only stories and hope and prayers, fairy-tales come to life meanwhile witches of witchery are made bad images to sell them as popular... but soon the wiccan world couldn't face the unknown, and responded with occult and nocturnal natures. Witchcraft hid and fell into the designs that most to this day can't even understand. Magick is the art of nature protection of you, never was it meant to attack. it's a defense action, that is in the heart of any who use it... (but again media, and Do you think it would it is now a mess, and as a word (the Magus) the forms it takes..

others who are only interested in owning) sold it as more... be on the lips of outsiders if it was defensive only? those who practice it as confused as the day it was conceived education is to fix it to reveal the heart of witchcraft and

Why would they do this? Because the magus is about trying to fix the worlds problems and giving the boot to those things that don't work. The Goal of Great wisdom isn't to deny something from Existing it is to see how it would or did work to Begin with... anyone can doubt things, it takes real skill to see it made true. Truth in witchcraft is the power, the mystical form and force, the lust/and lack luster of

it's Spirit...take it away and what you get is a ghost without a house to haunt. magick the energy can't be generated in a mistaken heart to quote practical magic the movie... you can't practice magick when you look down on it.. A mistaken heart: is when, one doesn't openly come to the magickal workings without wondering what they gain or see... Sorry, but the hippy idea works in the essence of witchcraft, as in go with the flow, but after that its all it Witchcraft isn't owned by anyone, it is merely a word denoting the hopes of cultures that share in the magick to work these rituals/ways/ideals witchery is owned by the witches who have learned these 3 things, 1. a witch is awakened even if born in awareness, 2. the symbolism is the key to your training as a witch, even if you try and train yourself.., 3. a coven is more then a place to practice it's a right to practice with others that have found one and two.. HOW TO BE A WITCH:

1. to be a witch, you must not fear yourself or your magic(k) because to do so you are creating shadows about yourself and those about you that will feed on this...long story 2. we work with symbols and deities in our own way, however when you commit and make ritual to them you are creating a link to their being, and truthfully speaking they will call back.. 3. Spells are nothing to a Real witch, they rarely use them, for they have advanced tool implementations along the way of mages, however it is part of the education to learning the art, not only how to but when and why...real spells are linked in some,however only in ways to time and the persons involved and are more then they appear as well... again long story

4. a witch is a female who by oath and or nature has worked within, a ritual which isn't self induced or self proclaimed but from a coven head, guide or one of the witches foreground beginning.... as passed to them by the hands of one of the same, its an interlinking nature and remains that way even to today... "those so called witches or others" who say they can do as they want, do in name ONLY, this because they fear being left out/rejected or having to live up to anothers standards...' if...�YOU� feel this way then leave this education now.....and go seek a more simple way to enter in your own mind and body... because its not going to happen here....SORRY. (WE will know it from a mile away, your dedication...even if you don't) This isn't q and A (question and answer) this is RE-EDUCATION or Education to those who want to know and be......... 5. as a witch you will traffic with shadow, self reflecting being, others in your arts and those of the undead, you will gain power ever year and feel more connected to those who are the same energy that you are , even if they don't know it will tap others of the same skill or more and connect to seasons the same way and our things about you... effect electrical and technical arts and mindsets, and a whole lot more......

6. They call to you by symbolism, key or tokens, and there is no age or range that will stop or deny this, you will become energy and connect to the body and soul, yes there is one...You agree to serve this art and its designs and to openly seek its messages, the rest you can change if you seek to, but only after the energy has been achieved, because it is an energy based art, no different then heat or cold, and cold is an well....(stored) 7. you will at the start open a mirror gateway to the psychic bridge of your being, this can be done in body and mind, but both must be done once the other has been achieved, sorry no wiccan/pagan chanting drumming or trancing dances either, however they can be added to the mix after the "witches connection" has been achieved but not before...

8. Witches seek the company of others like themselves, witches even friend the darker toned, as friends with every art, they have no wars or others they deny or press against, they will voice their side..but that's it... they let the shadow do the work, and it does... (a witches shadow) is a energy that takes a form and serves to protect and make the witch aware of things that seek her... it is a secret contract created in the ritual of entrance and cemented in the full witch design... (by activation of the 3rd ring of awareness) what most outer designs think is the 3rd degree if you read wicca/pagan books..

Gather to know The nature of a coven is to share in the beauty, power, awareness and transformations of the entire group or separate people within it. You are not a gathering, a troop or an army you are merely experiencing the freedom to see transformation in the eyes of others, to reach out is to be reached to if its done for the right reasons if not, then you wouldn't be listening to this message, you would be lost in your own self creation by now. It's a responsibility, a family like hope to see oneself grow, or an entire group. Chip this apart any way you want it will still come back true for when we separate ourselves from those things that can lead to the greater answer or message, we can get lost in a forest of backwards memories. That which haunts you does not teach you, it warns you to seek how to know that which you are haunted by. It is an ongoing message that there may be more than to what one sees and meets the eye, a coven is a connection to a chain, and like any chain you can choose to be bound or drag it along like you were a prisoner, but no you are “not a prisoner but of yourself”, for it is difficult to believe that one can be their own worst enemy hiding from the answers that seeks them, simply because ego, id or fear. There is nothing to fear in a true coven. Again the word “true”, it's difficult to give over freedom judgment, questions, answers to a bunch of people you don't even know, or only knew for a short duration of time. However you are not giving over anything, you are being asked to be invited to a sacred heart that pumps the same blood, thinks in the same nature, that hopefully in time will see as you see. Hence the reason why it's chosen, and a witch above all knows when they're chosen, those who create without a purpose never find what they are looking for, they're hoping it will find them. 25% of the time that's true, 75% of the time it's not. But in the end it's all about that harmony, that connection to good will and to good self, even in the darkest claimed covens they live like they're on a heart-string, and that's why they are eternal. With the right thinking, to remove ones frailty and embrace ones challenges, or don't gather to really know.

In the eye all is known

At the center of a pentagram is the all seeing eye, what is it? Is it merely a design? That the eye of the beholder has to be in the center of everything, transformation is more than just genetic, physical mutation it is adaption of ancient ways, future models, evolutionary scales of leaps and bounds. The grander message always reaches back, it needs not a name or face, but just the will and the emotion, witches being emotional beings serve the center of this known model, it is from here that one begins to begin again. The eye is seen as the SHE for the SHE is the goddess of goddesses, over time redeveloped, re-theorized, recreated, although she still remained. The nature is to stay true to the model of the SHE a.k.a goddess like self, one must understand that summoning or working with a deity does not need or want to be made whole, as in controlling your every existence, move, moment. The witches free from this design, for they only accept that others assist, work with, grow, attain the proper messages and worth. For we all seek to be on the right road, or in the right thinking and right not being a religious or holy experience but a proper one to share with others. There is nothing wrong with a religious or holy experience or experiences, however to taint them with fear, doubt, frustration, and limitations of ones own need over what should be deserved In the witches design is looked on as a crying child. A crying child does not know what they want, they just know they want. They're not wrong for wanting, they're not wrong for crying, they know no better...Or do they? Question is, what is valued? In the eye of all knowing one should want to know or be accepted to a state, a.k.a status to be worthy to know. In the masonic, eclectic, veneer, they use the eye to represent the holy temple, the pyramid if you will, meaning either the great eye of Ra or the grand eye of illumination. See, it is within this design that they lose sight of what the eye truly means and it is here that the witch has the opportunity to cultivate the power of SHE a.k.a the goddess of the arts into its system or design now the working models portray a goddess oriented center but copy cat her known to copy cat the best artists or arts and good luck with their copying. In the witches design the wish to copy something is to not know its true base thereby one is applying there own value to something that's not universal. The mistake here is that the universe leaves notes, images, feelings, reactions that create or to create or connect to symbolism, and the art leaves not tracks except the ones they create, then its not an art, but an afterthought. A witch will not call you on what you believe, as in make you the center of attention, for their intent. They will merely get to the point of the message and leave the rest up to faith. This too is a form of eye.

the power of witchcraft, candle light, moon over a circle, a staff from a tree, a light from within, a darkness about and ever turning shades of reality, and then it gets fun, a naked soul, a releasing bargain, a power from an ancient voice, and then its gets real... what is witchcraft ask the stalk of wheat, ask the sun or moon, and the animals at your windows, ask the sky and the earth, and if that doesn't satisfy you, then ask yourself by candlelight in the dark.... (well) tempt thee not, for you be thy temptress, alive in the desires of memories ascending, tempt thee not, for you are descending, to the wealth that is life and shadow anew, reborn in the elements, and reforged in the stars that will be... as you weave so you see, dawn and dusk at 3, give or take, for all whom forsaken, but know its not your road shaken, to know is to have and to give is to be, so mote it is written, and the rest within thee,,, the eyes alight and the darkness reveals just a view from an old hand.. Entrance ritual markings.... stand before the candle of your altar naked, as in the nature from before or as you read on the textbook, and then after them... if you was one of the ready to practice. light the candles as so, and spirit lower right,

air top, fire, left, water right, earth to the lower left

draw a circle about the candles with your fingers, the two fingers stated in the book as "the witches touch" 3 times round, either forward or backwards clock or counter, it doesn't matter... then in the air in the center of the candles over the fire draw a star a pentagram... 5 points.. and then a circle.. and say "as i serve this will, so mote it be, as i serve myself so mote it be, as i earn my right to serve you so mote it be" Et, Tera, Ves, Del, Sante, Obju, Katu Val Gebori (in the name of the spirit i serve the will of the arts and you the she) translation.. i mark myself, so i may be marked : say this.... (example of our rooting ritual) 'sorry but only those fully in, will learn it all' its required by the right of oath: Candles are to tell us about ourselves, connect us with the elements and then define those elements and the powers of heat, water and smoke. You do candle rituals to do just what is called mental psychic charging. See each candle represents a separate element and allows us to kinda bask in it, since the energy is in the room not in ourselves. From that awareness we go into

the knowledge of the elemental design. Fire is basically the triangle upward, that's us not them. For lesser people the triangle is downwards because it has to build from the wood to become the fire, at least at the start.

Since fire needs three things to form, water, fire and air. We use the Greek triangle to factor in the three of the self, mind, body and spirit, then we get to water. Water is sensitivity but in a kinda researching fashion and in that we relate this design to the eye, referred to in the Egyptian mythology. The truth of the eye is that it is the eye of RA, not Horus. We use this symbol as that of ultimate sight. We use the eye as a mirror, a.k.a gateway. Earth is the standing stone- Two upholding one, and the other one representing the ring of stones in a series of three stones. Not the triangle but as a compass arrow. This was linked to the idea of truth, meaning there is nothing greater in truth than the grave, so the one who walks through the gateway or entered into the icicle had to be judged by the value of that. This became the judgment of the dragon. The symbol of the spirit is actually a pitchfork with a kind of cross at the lower back end. The triangle represents body, mind spirit, and the cross is earth from the native American symbol for the four tribes, north, south, east, west. It is the test of loyalty. It goes like this, after the anointing of the elements, using them on the staff you are adopted into the rule of law of that which is magehood, this time into the form of a pitchfork, it being the mind, body and spirit. Neptune has nothing to do with this symbol. That is a re-education. The staff in itself is the three elements used on it, fire, water air. True you touch earth with your stick and carry it with your spirit but they never anoint it, those are covered in the cup not the staff. For that witch it is different, theirs is the symbol of the woodsman’s ax.

Air is the symbol of the swirl or spiral. The spiral is basically the cave of the Minoan, where the minotaur supposedly lived. The idea is that knowledge that is confusing to the brain has to go through a maze to come out as truth. In this it became the swirl which took on two forms of knowledge- the wind a.k.a or swirl which is the tide. And that is the modern version, that is the modern version the ancient is the maze. In symbolism the air is the hyphen over the stone, like wind blowing over it. The self is like the triangle, the delta, but it has no bottom so it is only two forms. In other words it is like an incomplete A. The reason why is because it is the alpha and omega as one, but also sigma as a divider between them. Normally it would be the iota but in the beginning it is the sigma. Now, the triangle, which is delta is a representation of the same thing as from above, like fire. Fire however is not going upwards but downwards, because it is the opposite of the male fire. The Greek forming upward while the delta forming downward, which eventually becomes the hourglass or diamond. In magic there are three direct powers: Breath- The nature of breathing is tempo, this conscious and unconscious revolving action causes the mind to wander and this leads to answers. Breath in itself is a form of secret communication with the higher being, because it displays the hidden design to understand. This tempo acts as a sort of lie detecting depending, we are not talking about breathing itself, but the unconscious/ethereal lapse or mental release. We give ourselves away by the way we breathe, and it's not a mental trick. The mystical uses the skill of this to heighten their skill to understand the truth of the unconscious mind. Light- Light is an example of energy release. It is a whole bunch of sensation instead of working in unison to create a hologram like existence. Now, this does not invalidate the secret nature of being. It just makes it easier to understand when it comes to commanding it. Light is a form of hypnotic programing, and as you learn we use the cup as a form of remote control to this programing. A.k.a the goblet. Both for ourselves and for others.

We're not mind controlling them we're reflecting on the greater understanding of the answer through them and their experience with us. Light is a patch of vacuum, that can evolve or suppress the cognitive will in symbolism, a type of programing. For the purpose of advancing their students, for that is what they were, a disciple of education- the word mage/scribe.

Physicality- Utilizing rituals both in physical and mental demand, one would be challenged to their own truth, and through a form of hypnotic suggestion- enhanced by the heat, vacuum and the pressure of the arts; this is known as the psychic will. The nature of the psychic will is to enhance the auric energy by those distinct tools or tokens set up by the product of practice- the more work is done the easier it is to get from one part of the will to another. This is not a test or a trial, it is basically a reaction to what you've already learned and to see how you apply it. As one practices they become an antenna to the arts, and thereby they either gravitate towards a ping of the frequency. Creation comes from the words create and question, evolution comes from the words love and solution. The man hard at work is no lie, lion, sun at head and beyond the veil. (mage saying) In ancient times, when one wished to prove honesty, tattoos were placed on the physical form. We honor this tradition. However, in a world filled with mischievous lies, we cannot afford for such markings to fall into the wrong hands; so thereby, in ritual are these markings attended to in ink that remains outside of the flesh, unless one wishes to be seen as that which they will never have. It is a chain, whether a family or a fortune; but either way, you were given. What is Wicca and how is it related to Paganism? "Wicca" is the name of a contemporary Neo-Pagan religion, largely promulgated and popularized by the efforts of a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner. In the last few decades, Wicca has spread in part due to its popularity among feminists and others seeking a more woman-positive, earth-based religion. Like most Neo-Pagan spiritualities, Wicca worships the sacred as immanent in nature, drawing much of its inspiration from the non-Christian and pre-Christian religions of Europe. "Neo-Pagan" simply means "new pagan" (derived from the Latin _paganus_ , "country-dweller") and hearkens back to times before the spread of today's major monotheistic (one god) religions. A good general rule is that most Wiccans are Neo-Pagans but not all Pagans are Wiccans. Please consult alt.pagan or the alt.pagan FAQ for more general information on Neo-Paganism.

Wicca recreated what they didn't like and changed it, put the idea of a neo-pagan or new pagan model into effect to give them the right to change things and to make it as they wanted, like those who didn't like the bibles or rules pressing on them and wanted to be the leader and not the follower until they was ready to leave the fold... Neo-paganism was just as bad recreating the pagan model and adding the seasonal way of the wheel and collecting the tools and designs of the new wiccan design and so forth and adopting it into a tradition that makes them able to do as they want... What are some common, basic beliefs in Wicca? In addition to its positive view of nature, many find Wicca more welcoming of women than other religions, with an emphasis on personal experience and a tolerance of other paths. As a whole, Wiccans value balance with a respect for diverse complexity, seeing sexuality and embodiment as essentially positive, spiritual gifts. There is a sense of personal connection to the divine life source, which is open to contact through "psychic power," mysticism or "natural magic." The values of wicca as this new one are true but they watered them down over time to suit whatever critic came their way and then use the name witch as their grounds to do so, while still having no basic model or teachings at the time other then the earlier one they rejected for the right to teach themselves... What god(desses)s do Wiccans worship? Although some Wiccans focus on particular gods from particular world mythologies, Wiccans may worship many god(desses) by many different names. Most worship some form of the Great Goddess and Her consort, The Horned God. Such duo-theistic forces are often conceived as embodying complementary polarities, not in opposition. In some traditions worship of the Goddess is emphasized, although in others the Goddess and God are seen as complementary co-equals. The Goddess and God may be seen as associated with certain things (such as the Goddess with the earth or moon, God with sun and wildlife, etc), but there are no hard and fast rules. Some traditions worship the Goddess alone while others see Divinity as essentially beyond human understanding, with "Goddess" and "God" simply a convenient shorthand. Its because of this freedom to create they have no direction in what is what or who is who, and so its open to express anything they want...and with the idea of the religious self... they can do it as they please, as you see with random spell messages... no other system in this world openly does that.. without quoting from another model... What tools and rituals do you use? Some ritual items are common to almost every Wiccan tradition, such as the athame 'a modern wording on the word 'athena/metal�(ritual knife) and chalice (ritual cup). Others may be used by some traditions but not others: bells, brooms, candles, cauldrons, cords, drums, incense, jewelry, special plates, pentacles, scourges, statues, swords, stave's and wands. The meaning of these items, their use and manufacture will differ among traditions and individuals. Usually a Wiccan ritual will involve some sort of creation of sacred space (casting a circle), invocation of divine power, sharing of dance/song/food or wine and a thankful farewell and ceremonial closing. Rituals may be held at Wiccan "Sabbaths" or "esbats" (see below) or to mark life transitions such as births, coming-of-age, marriages/handfastings, housewarmings, healings, deaths or other rites of passage.

again true but created to be used at will not following any books until the 1992 at that time wicca started to want a new management and added from local authors to its design and such and then again created at will while again taking from the "witchcraft" nature that has a system, religious models and designs, and again creating as they wanted, sounds like satanic nature, from the cos/tos creating once the creator was gone... Is there a set liturgy or liturgical calendar? Most Wiccans mark eight holiday "sabbats" in the "wheel of the year," falling on the solstices, equinoxes and the four "cross-quarter days" on or about the first of February, May, August and November. The names of the Sabbaths may differ between traditions, and many Wiccans also mark "esbats," rituals for worship in accordance with a given moon phase (such as the night of the full moon). Although there is no one source for all Wiccan liturgy, many liturgical items such as the methods for casting the circle, the "Charge of the Goddess," certain myths and formulaic expressions are common to many traditions. Some common formulaic expressions include "hail and welcome/farewell," "blessed be" (sometimes abbreviated on the net as B*B) and the closing "Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again." There is no one bible or book of common prayer for all Wiccans, however, and great value is placed on creativity, poetry and the artful integration of different myths and ritual elements. from the time of charge of the goddess they created as they went only adopting the pagan based 8 holiday designs and throwing witch based ideals into the mix, as there is no source from this as the ones who founded it, they took it as they wanted to see it again creating without a design.... (sorry but as this book is on witchcraft and above, it will only add odds and ends to help you understand that wicca is its own creation (of the modern mixtures) and not directly part of the witch self. (if you care to know more about wicca from our design and understanding of it, seek out more then this book) Witchcraft:

"from the divine teacher will the pillar will she climb and from the divine serpent self will she thus speak, for she is the divine being who attains it.. for in she will be named "goddess and daughter of the wise" and titled in witch and become the eclipsed moon." Ideally, a coven will allow you to attend a few open meetings, in which you can observe the goings-on and meet all the members, without intruding upon the secrecy of any ceremonies or rites. sorry but this for clubs allow one in unless they you let them in they may those you want in or you

and for pagan groups, any coven worth its salt doesn't follow trials like "school frats, or soro's", because once not be who they say.. so you can either play a game with can trust that who is meant to be will respect the rules

and designs of a serious coven.. true you can have open meetings but this will not contain anything ritualistic.. as it is bending the oath they claim to serve as an artist of the design...(get over the fears or just not go in)...perhaps its not meant for you after all.... As a seeker, your energy will show you the way. You must be brave and hopeful. You must not fear betrayal or loss, because these are the easy ways for the voice to vanish. For it is without these things, and only seeks to reflect itself in the eyes, clothing, mind, body, company, companion, and family pet. Often called the calling, it is mistaken by individuals who are lost in a form of self-awareness that chose to claim value for themselves instead of service. It is the job of the high priestess/lady to distinguish the difference between the one who is meant to be in and the ones who are not ready. This is a difficult process, because we account for each person their own virtue; so they must be allowed an invitation and allow them to provide proof either by task, gift or self. To seek a circle, you must go to places that deny their truth, mock places that are just awakening. Offer up no prayer, offer up no help. Offer up no service. Offer up no trial, and watch; you will be offered. Born within all of us is the nature of safety. But when you take hold of the night and embrace the power and fury of existence, you walk through the fire of self-conviction, which is a ring from which one can begin to cast outside to the world unseen, and to bring virtue, pleasure or pain to those individuals who are outside. This is the oath that one accepts when truly teaching an open coven. Key- A key is but a question to the road that is the path that one will walk. This symbolism is written on or around the person. Door- There are none. Nothing locks you out. Nothing locks you in. Nothing removes you. Nothing keeps you but your word. Life and Death- To a witch they don’t exist. To be a witch is to be all witches, to be timeless. Death is the art of the witch. To be death’s consort in the ritual of Yul is to attain a youth for one year hence. acceptance: Duty Dagger, incense, stone, rod/staff, plate or crystal, these are the tools (talisman and token can enter and leave), but these are the objects of the altar. They are meant inside the circle, not outside. They do not touch the ring or rings, for they are instruments inside, not out, unless one seeks to enter. Your job is not witch. Your task is to thitch. Your destiny already given, your task without forgiving. Priestess- As a priestess, you hold the role, as the keeper of the soul, the one you talk, the one you take, the one you awaken, the one you shake.

The Passages: (the oath and being) Goddess and One (SHE)

In this placement you can then learn to command the forces of existence and if willed by SHE the powers of nature itself as in the elements. The secret to this placement is our forth greatest secret. As for the self candle, it’s purple and has many a use as you will find out in time. Ah, now we get to the goddess stories and natures. Truthfully the goddess is real and the stories about her images as one thing or another merely shades of herself and the way she for-fills the messages that are collected by the ones whom are both friend and servant to her secrets. It has become a great design that she and her consort and or consorts have become the god and goddess nature of the wiccan belief. However in the eyes of the universe the female head of witchcraft will always be the First fire from which the full flame exist. You can call on her by any name and if your dedicated she will answer however it is often the ones whom call on her but then place her image as their own that lose the full measure of her respects. Tera, Gaia, Mother Earth, The Goddess, Lilith, Diana and a thousand more… These namings only bring you closer to the figures of her full measure and in actual understandings are not more then just tools and forms of others and not the Goddess as we know her… The Root of Witchcraft is the secret name of the goddess and her sisters… yes you heard me sisters in these arts… These names in the consort of seasons and or working helps to develop the changes in the personal witches “thitching” and way of their growth as in season… Here they are so you may understand them… · Lilith- She whom is named is so that you as a witch can tap the dark side of the moon, though we only work with her secrets and not her directly we learn from her and her book offered only to those whom are more then mere witches and spell casting hopefuls she is the black and red candle to the 2nd ring of the witches Heart and skills of the special womanly nature as in the mature witch and her workings in both life and death. Summoning her will is done in a ritual and a small bag of herbs: Il cocum dua shem shiet lil sumi cadro noc tem emu. By uttering these words and being in friendship with the will that follows you will see your actions and hers will be as one… (Warning: don’t utter until you know).

· Hecate- She whom is known as the teacher of the witches and the secret consort of the living eye is more then this she will come to you as a rooting witch when you start being wiser as in the marking of your search to understand her ART never forget that you are merely a watcher in this her nature and you must as a watcher be willing to share in the fruits and the will that will follow. Hecate isn’t summon-able but instead you can invoke her memory into your eyes and thereby her will will be as yours as well. Look into a mirror with either a white or blue candle in your hand and then look deeper. Let your eyes drift and call forth the memory of this lady and watch in your reflection for her arrival) for she will come… if only to see why you ask… Take after she has come a black covering like a towel or a small square shape of fabric and cover the mirror you used however if you use a big mirror merely wipe it clear, after…you will find out later… place symbols that are taught here about the inner area of the mirror but not in the middle…like so… Available only as one grows into the Rooting witches fashion but I’m willing to offer up a few secrets when you get to that mirror as I shown… is is the nature of the traveling will to collect what comes to it, once your mirror has brought you to Hecate it will also bring you to more hence the black covering was asked for before… · Isis- Though most only know the Egyptian naming she is the third string is the fabrics of the witches matrix at least for the time being. Isis is the guide to the symbol that is impressed as the witches star and though I can only reveal a bit about the external craft because this is where her secrets come into play she is very valuable as a way of heightening the witches psychic channels and connection to that mirror of the soul as in (ANKH) design. One to serve Isis’s magic is to serve the desire to understand the living body and to grow in the KAH of the world…

(breath) for she is the revitalizing witches key that renews the spirit when its empty and the light when one is lost in their own darkness and hundreds know this but then they get into the loss of their own will and that’s why they never get the reward that she has offered… You need only incenses and symbols to summon her and she is connected to the skin… For the witch the skills of Isis are a way of tuning into the magic of transformation and with this skill your body will become like a newborn calf but to serve her and get such a reward you need to do the ritual just as it is offered up…

Such is the information of the witches will… “underlined secret” truthfully a witch doesn’t know in the beginning or end at the times before that they was told of such as in deity but felt from the forces that these was the correct way to gather and connect to these rewards like a moth to a flame and then wiser ones chose to show once outside of the witches basic model that these deities and their skills was what the “witchcraft self” was collecting and using in their workings (keep this secret). Rooting Witchcraft draws all the fields of magical truths to their ends and collects this wisdom to help define those lost on the ever popular paths of the multiculturalism it’s why rooting exist… not to tell you the road but merely to see if you get lost along the way… and offer up a breadcrumb… To call on Isis is to use the cauldron,… yes you heard me cauldron of the abyss… witches didn’t use cauldrons as you heard me say before, however there is another cauldron that I speak… and this is the cauldron of the body… using the incenses and herbs you will literally start to transform so the cauldron will be your place to make it happen it’s an older witches skill and used only when the witches inner beauty has reached its peak and needs to expand out… like a light emerging from the body this new image will be made real from the old one you thought you saw… (no I will not sell this secret.) The power in the body and about it is to grow and from this the bird like being that was in a cage will become a phoenix or a dove at command… Now for the head of the 4 Natures. · Vasha- SHE is the forces of magics will. Not much is known about her yet… nay whom are in the nature of the occult or witchcraft design know of her name. She is the guiding force and connection to the future of the rooting witchery that makes the system of the root complete…often seen as another deity or form. She hides the real image of the witch’s bonds and secret nature in her own existence and the secret story of her legacy as the Masterful one. Many have for centuries sought out her light and connection to the star and its key natures but few have gathered that she is the missing puzzle piece. To know Vasha is to know the Root, and to know the root is to serve the witch self and to serve the witch self is to understand the puzzle of witchcraft is why witchery exist… The key to Vasha. To know her is to have her, to see her is to be seen, to understand her is to be the one in the 6 and before that the 2 and the 5, but to eventually gain reward by her you must begin with the 3, by doing all this you begin to see why the candles, actions, workings, and craft- like nature are the way to the Root. Rooting witchcraft or witchery as t has been known of calling… is the will of Vasha to offer up here and her sisters to help you as a up and coming Witchcraft working person either in the witches will or the will of the witches service to assist the elemental and natural order within the Powers That Be to help you and others grow in inspiration and select truths about the future and more… Touch of the Witch: Three Worlds Hands- utilizing the nature of heat and energy one can begin in ceremonial magic to collect smoke, fire, internal heat, and advancement of the aura by the powers of the hand Candle- candle magic is used as tools the color and or colors makes up a matrix of the type of elemental forces that are to be channeled and worked within candles can and will communicate with each other and are the first line in detecting other forms of magic as a witch Eyes- energy created from the eyes enhance the power of the ritual focus different energies can be emitted from different focus points of eyes and can run the range from hypnosis to the full on paralization and death of another.

Aura- though mainly a reading tool aura advances the ability to collect energy the stronger the aura the stronger the spell casting ability, aura as a spell is used to heighten or weaken another aura when held in flux by a particular field and or person. Body- used in rituals to harness the power of sigils it can be a tool both for and within another body outside your own to harness energy power connection health life vitality as well as up grade any of the spell-casters natural gifts Symbols- the nature of symbols are easy they’re used to show passages or natures such as desires/actions that any of the following spell-casting designs put in place to utilize their gifts The Gateway, the mirror, the doorway, the body, and the symbol or sigil, the cloth or fabric of energy, these are the three.

The Gateway is the mirror. The doorway is the body. The symbol or sigil is the cloth or fabric of energy. In the gateway, you will touch the mirror with your hand. This will allow you to touch the world. In the doorway of the body, certain points on the body will release memory and advance the self. Symbols and sigils on cloth or fabric create the energy that will bind and transform the body on the dream state.

The Amulet/Necklace


Desire/Love (Cove)/Destiny Ari- Amulet of touch. Eros- Amulet of self. Su- Amulet of the tri. Ari- This amulet serves as a divining tool. Eros- This amulet serves as to find objects in others. Su- This amulet serves the passions of others in their arts and turns them into artists of honesty. Cultures of the Powers (The Life of the Bread)

The Collective Transformation: Pagan, Witch, Druid (education) Gather within you the knowledge here. Pagan- A pagan seeks the fruit of life, the freedom of the Native American, even if they say they come from other designs. The shamanistic virtues so as to be healers of their fate of which they will never be; for a pagan is a pagan is a pagan, defined only by the land. The Witch- To enter the witch is to enter the elements. To enter the witch is to enter the 10th to the 15th century ideals. To enter the witch is to be burned and boiled in your own truth. To enter the witch is to be a silent as the trees, but yet as gabby as the sunset. To enter as a witch is. Druid- Drawn in, drawn out, drawn within, dragging, dragon, drawn, shown, sent, returned, ventured, remembered, embraced. These are the tools to the power of thought, the models of self, the key and the stone. The Greater Dragon Design Ventured: Witch in Druid (awareness) any dragon is to have it act as teacher, not guide,or it will not protect you unless you seek to protect yourself, dragons are a mystery they are the mental and spiritual connection to the souls energy and life force and as they advance they can then work for more outside the physical form, as to grant the users of these the skills and desires they seek, as a magus, you interact with beings and deities in an effort to collect their aura and essence so as to promote your energy within their spectrum, this is called transformation, and is the power to the art itself in the world of the adept you learn only about the elemental, the symbolism of the 3 fields, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Greek, because they are the sciences from which you will advance, and then as a magus or magi/mage you gain the symbolism of roman, welsh, french, Babylonia, and Hebrew, and possibly Indian, depending on their fields..but why such newer languages with such older awareness, well its because they shape the energy by the connection to the bridge that is the art itself, true they aren't fully as old, except Babylon but they have keys hidden within them to older arts Birth of the Temple Witch In ancient times, women of sight were given an opportunity to show their vision, and house the way so as to be an important image of the divine-ness of the wisdom and secret will of the Goddess or God within the body. For it was believed that one was inflicted with these gifts as a way of bridging the gap between the communication of the unseen and the physical world. When one showed greater promise in the aspect of opening the gateway, they were gifted too by sacrifice, not for God or for Goddess, but for the fundamental nature of being alive. “Tempt thee not, for thee walks with thee” is a favorite saying of the druid. It means, “seek not more than you are until it seeks you”. For the dragon in witch is merely the circle; and for the druid in, dragon is merely the cup.

The Sygil Temple: (the math of the occult) The 5/7 Doors of the Spirit The Five- The hand. Fashioned on the hand are a series of symbols relating to the conjunction of planetary designs, the secrets of immortality and the virtues of existence. The Seven- Seven is a mirror, a mirror of the self, related by the aspect of the sun and moon as in opposites of each other. Driven as the symbol of two triangles with the circle over it, called the Hebrew Star. The Door- The door of the spirit is simple. It is the releasing of will to let go and surrender to the unseen, and then have the new will close the door after. For only after experience can one see on the other side of the door. The Spirit- The spirit is an unseen ghost, a secondary example that is created when the veil between the psychic mind and the dream state merge as one. Only within this state can one communicate with the spirit until the freedom of the body is exercised within a circle ring. Temple- Systematic symbolism relating to the creation myths, either in rise or in fall of society, based in oracle and/or miracle/spells/omen idealism. Altar- The nature of an altar is to explain the universal curve of the elements as associated with the planetary formations Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn. Though the education is based in eight direct planets, five are the only ones that are seen because of DNA. Circle: the tribal dance The Dance- Element of the heartbeat, creation of the constitution of the planetary movement of the sky as emotional beings. We look at the world through interpretive dance- body, rhythm, movement. The circle is the facilitator for the expression of dance, the circle being a time frame relating to the cosmos. “Etc. etc.�.

The Five Symbols of Change: the secret code)

These are the Phoenician symbols of the elements. Within all things there is a duality, a consciousness of good and a consciousness of evil. Though these are religious limitations, fears if you will, it is invited in every culture. It must be a martyr, a principle, a field, a law that causes disharmony. In the five symbols of change, it is who, what, when, where, how and why. These explain the loopholes in the mock-chaotic feature, which represents ill will. Sexual, Spiritual, Self: (the awakening to the ritual self) Sexual- In perfect love and perfect truth. These are not words for one’s self. These are words for wisdom, those who want it, those who see it, those who deserve it. Sex is an energy, an essence of an innocent time. It evokes great emotion, but it isn’t an act. It is a reaction. One must not train themselves to be fearful of the first experiences of truth. The garden is a passage of womanhood into mistress hood. The veil between the cosmological beginning and the secret territory of man, man, not of man, but of fire, aka. fire Prometheus. In ancient Greek lore it was believed that women were statues given life during the act of sex. A fire burned deep within the male, which also was statue, would pass between. This is the nature of an archway. This thought was so powerful; they built a philosophy on it called Hades, the world of the underworld, where fire reined supreme. Fire- The Beginning Water- The Ending. Air- The Transition

Earth- The Newborn Life. Spirit- The Will of Transformation. Time- Three in One, One in Three. Spiritual- If you’ve accomplished above, then you are free from the limitation of fear. Truly there is a reason to distrust all things, but that is because of desire from those who will never have it, but you must never be jaded. As a guide, you’re a hand, a shoulder, an eye, a foot and a back. Self- As one is one, as one sees one, these are no different. We are all one. We all desire to know as one, but this is a mistake, for time proves ourselves and will find others who are just like us as one. Ancient mysteries are lost to time, because the arts, the fires, seek to own what is universal, what is said, what is known, what is kept, what is private. Not for their sake, not for ours, but because they do not understand. The material world builds a material world. The spiritual world builds on the spiritual world. This is the fear of growth and the promise of age. Try, Do, Understand, See.... Try to sleep. Do what you see. Understand where you are going; and see through others’ eyes. These are the secrets to having. Priestess Walk: Namesake You walk in the name of the High Goddess, for She is your friend and your protector. She is not at odds with the God or gods. She seeks nothing but honest communication between those who are, and those who will be. She has not lessons. She has not learning. She has not reason. She has not worth. All these things one must bring to her for her to grant them her watchful eye. Duty and Responsibility- To serve is to understand that all witches are the same. All methods are the same, all desires the same, all fears the same. All hopes are the same, but only will they be accepted as true if the circle grants the elements’ truth. This is the mirror that all witches face to contend faith from hope. Beginning the Witches Touch: (Only those who are more then their study and seek to enter the mysteries of witchcraft without holding back , who and what they are and what they may encounter shall continue here...) Adept class is over... Time to be in the Arts....or not.. (turn back if you feel you can't make the grade) 1. 2 fingers the secret to the witches bewitching ways, wand and dagger 2. conduction of aura (3 forms of enchantment) 3. fire and water the dance (life) 4. promise and reward, the nature of change... 5. to get the gift (rituals of the circles magic(k)) 6. using the shamans gift (as your own and healing arts) 7. the other side of touch (breath of life) 8. to give the gift (the dream of a dreamer) 9. she who walks with us (the goddesses/ and the fruits) 10. the he who is the energy of being (gods/daughters in test) 11. (stories of the ones who are) 12. the circles power (your connection)

13. 14. 15. 16. the

the giver of the witches (guardians/knowers) the advanced magic(k) "the dark eye" the level beyond being , animal-ism and cultivation of the sides of beast) catching the druid's eye (an outer door to more then just witch or dark one) stone message)

Fire, water, earth and air are not within a witch’s ring. They are on the physical body. They are the candles of the ring itself. They are judge, jury and at times justice. The lesser pentagram formation does not exist. It is not a witches’ model. To truly master the elements, one must master the candles. As form of coven nature, each element is not of birth, not of star age. They are known by deed and by action, not by birthright. (Power of Virtues): The second ring is the empowerment of the witch’s model. The first ring is the awareness. The second candle is the charging and/or collection of the consort and/or external energy or tools that are required. This is the give back stage of witchcraft, because in the first candle, or candle’s circle, it is the receiving. The second is the give back or return for the one who has entered.

The Witchcraft Edict

Bide the Witches Oath of thee, In perfect love and perfect trust they be. Known of walking the days and nights, Circle in and circle out our right. Cast thusly Circle held, For bonded spirit will it weld. To bend or bind the will of place,And demon spoken to its face. Marking set in book or tome, For all is given when thee roam. Backwards set the moon of dark, In knowing dreams will it spark. To face the morning sun or moon, Gather up the gypsies rune. The witches of fashioned new, Triangle of three will you do. If the memory is what thou seeks, Candle lit light will finds its peak. Heed the Goddess and her note, Or the self you find remote. From the four you know so well, Walls break free, secrets tell. Sent from North the truth of being, East and West are but seeing. From the South you find the sand, That is from where you began. In the woods you find your place, With wand in hand will you now face. Mysteries touch by Day or Night, Power in you, fear no flight. Revealed your truth will be, As a Witches memory. For in all things you learn is great,As set by Oath and will this date. Free your mind to begin,From what is coming isn't sin. By virtue of the witches heart,You know now of your part. With the blade you now hold,The secret tools of your cove. Granted is the will of three,What is sent now shall be. With the marking you will know,Ancient touching will you show. Magic arrives a truthful deed, Use it for it's only need. Dirt, fire, water, salt, Of all the basic are you taught. Greeting come and greetings go,

To that which is of manners show. Stones, lines, gems, arches,Find in rhythm and their marches. Beware the eye of knowing, For those of lust and pain is showing. In all of Magic there is a price, You have the gifts you role the dice. From all things find you the good or bad,But a life of Witchcraft is never sad... Beltane/beltain (belt of Orion): Summer (rye) Summer, known to us as the day of forgetful natures, is the time when one must reflect on the work/workings, and collect more internal strength, and begin to begin again as in re-learn, for as seasons pass so do the advancing of learning passes into more complex truths. Yul-e: Winter Winter, known to us as the Day of a thousand Dream, is the day of a new "witch" being made "aka" brought in to priestess....or a place for advancing one at the witches table to have a "newer view" as a Rooting one, it is also sadly a day that comes and goes as fast as it arrives....... (Ostara)Astaroth (Uyul-gum): Spring (sow) Spring, is the Season of Regret.... Though true witchcraft is never regretful, it has its drawbacks, when you have others that fall by the way you feel a bit more alone then you would if they was as "ready" as yourself.... Meaning they come and they go and they hope, and they wish, but not everyone is worthy of the witches "Heart" or to be the "Hands of NATURE", so we make friends as we can, but its still sad when they have to leave us, or they get taken from us, and this is the only season that we may honor what they wanted within themselves, and what we wanted to see in them.... Mal-bon: (shekii fe/fe) Fall (samhain) (wen) Fall is our Season of power, and is the time when more tools,might be made to recapture that lost energy, from the circles and rituals done before.... and is also the free day of the "witch" as you will soon see, for as you see, "We" of the Rooting design don't glorify the names of power, because it becomes just another tool that in the end will not be fully needed after its acquired....... Pagans: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, litha, lammas, Lughnassadh... Solis: As we look at the sun, it is a reminder of the ancient power of existence. The fire of Prometheus, the lightening bolt of Zeus, the star in the eye of Odin, the golden orb that is twisted into an ankh, these are the facets of the energy of life. Life is a circle constant and continual, ever collecting a little friction along the way, empty in its existence except to serve to build up something it may never fully connect to. There are only four seasons to which any ritual is set. You can accomplish anything if you choose to in these seasons, but the purpose is more to bring the value of that season forward. In summer it is to remember those who are of the arts, hence the term Summer-land in Wicca. In winter, it is to awaken the new witch, to bring in the dedication. In spring, it is about consorts and new relationships, renewed thoughts of magic. In fall, it is sisterhood or coven hood, as in the idea of awaiting the next year

to come. Talisman: (the token)

Metal is to metal, as flesh is to flesh. Alchemy, sorcery, science, philosophy are invisible here. It is an energy, a sense of transformation that one must open themselves up to, to be willing to carry the symbols of time and space. Awareness of the Three Brothers: Brass, Copper, Silver Brass is the ability to bend. Copper is the ability to bind. Silver is the ability to reflect and to remove. These are the tools of the witch in bracelet and in band, and are the key to the door that is the conscience and the soul. Psychic Talismans: Within all things is a harmony. This harmony is read by all living life. It expresses its pain, its pleasure, its desires, so to unleash a signal and/or frequency. To a witch this is the way to unleash, remove or hide by way of talisman; or to give up, open and forgive secret messages from the mind. As one grows as a witch, the talismans that one wears on their person, if kept true, will aid them in being present in everyone’s thoughts. Symbolism- Symbols can come from any culture, but the strongest symbols will be the ones written after the dream. Mathematically derived symbolism based on a unique knowledge of the celestial universe, this is the handicraft of the mage. Witches don’t wear talismans normally, for a talisman denotes ownership; but in the stead of the priestess/high priestess, lady and full, it was the token, eventually opening the door to more. So gather as ye will, to know what is to fill. High Priestess- The high priestess’ price is the dagger and the circle. Candle and coven are her due. For she is the word, the work and the passage of any who choose to enter. The circle- Set up by one’s hand. It can be invisible, wood or sand, salt, rope, or thread, even a circle of the dead. But a memory is all that will be that parts that world and thee.

Roping, Hexing, Penta, Elemental As one who is beyond the witch’s mentality, they are gifted with the wishes and desires of others to take part in or to be surrounded by those who are of service in will. As one ventures, so too does the art, ever growing, ever changing, ever evolving; but the artist does not. Like a skilled practitioner who only knows one song, he may gather a note here or there, but never the full musical complement, until you have a band. Then you have all of their music, all their rhythm, all their harmony. For the music is reborn in you and them. The Sides of the Passions: (their truth, and the mistake) The Darkness of Red Fire (Dual Star) Unlike some great story, there is no truth to evil or good. There is only the will. Remove this will from the religious, the philosophical, the theological, and you end up with the primal. The nature of the dual star is energy, the living fire, both in accompaniment of ‘as above, so to below’, the union must be even. We call this the classic sixty-nine or the yin/yang ideal of existence; but it is here that friction is born, the frictional powers to drive each and every one of those before, 1-13. Without this energy, we suffer as a human being. Our magic becomes a pale shell of nothing but psychic gifts, not because of the act of denial, but of the fear that would happen after. Wicca/Occult: Wicca- Wicca seeks to be a joyous message across the world, to embrace the little things that make up the simplicity of life, to honor time and space in an endless circle of unnamed gods and goddesses, to redevelop itself as each person comes to its door; these are altruistic goals with no foundation. Occult- “Dance with the Devil and you pay by the coin”. This is a saying for those who tempt fate. However, this is a lie put up by those who are indeed not occult, but instead ceremonial, paying for what they will never get. The nature of the occult is to reflect the mind and body of the person standing before them, to place them before test and trial, to make them both strong and weak, to show them fear and doubt, to unleash anger, to find truth, but all without saying a thing. The rituals do all of the work, because the body and mind are always battling, trying to find the common ground, whereby not to agree.

Isis, Hekate, Maat, Baste: (the guides within)

Isis- Teacher. Symbol of the dark moon, keeper of the secret of touch, she who is a light of magic. Hekate- Guide. The dark moon, red harvest moon, yellow winter moon. Her power is within the veil between the known and the future. Maat- Knowledge. 1000 years, 1000 years sent 10,000 years. She is the keeper of time, a teacher of patience, a know-er of the beginning, middle and end of all things. Know she isn’t a wizard; but she is a record keeper. Baste- Friend. Baste is an animal, an animal of life that breathes and bewilders. She lies outside of the spectrum we call companionship, for she is the keeper of the familiar, the “Asphinx”.

The Negative Mystery:

The negative mystery is the neutral mystery. It is the beginning, middle, and end of life. It is the heart of the witch’s model and the soul of its building and temple, sometimes revealing everything, other times in hope of hiding. The purpose of the

unseen world is to be laid upon and made to sleep, so as to embrace that electricity within our human soul and to float away. The Shadow Self: Gifted to the witch by rite of passage in the darker tone during the circle cut, within one will begin to foster a shade of energy. Misconstrued as the ethereal self or aerial being, it is not. It is a harmony of the darker shade of purple. It is the cloak of the very witch herself, confident, dominant in the freedom to exercise the darkness and embrace all fate. Within the act of summoning, upon service to your oath, a witch’s spirit is released of a copy of your image, though more the power of a full witch to command. This spirit has a shadow of your inner dedication and contribution as a protector to the coven. For within the witch’s ghost’s design will it show you a world defined. World: (set ways)

Connect, Condone, Consecrate. Connect- To connect is to create a source, a mini-temple, if you will, to allow for symbolism and the nature of the element within. Condone- To condone is to open by movement on action, drawn like a star of circle, a triangle, square, over the candles, to request the entrance of another. This is called an awakening. Consecrate- To burn or smoke or bury, or build is to start the process for consecration. The nature of consecration is to allow the tool, person, object, or other to enter in to connect (build). Incense/perfume helps build.

The Pyramid: The tri, the three candles of the four (air, fire, water), and the fourth, north, south, east and west, up/down, left/right, inside, outside, around and through.

The Standing Stone: (example of time and life) This energy/essence/nature is a reminder of the frequencies of things about us. To one who is empathic (and 98% of the world is empathic), any stone gracing the land that is outside of the field from where it should be is creating a psychic rift in our conscience, a sort of magnetic circle (even if it is not shaped circlelike), that we as human beings tend to respond to, but witches bathe. The Gateway of the Spectrum Circle: in the arts

As the planets rotate, revolve, move about us, we are a constant reminder that we are small, insignificant little insects rolling around in our version of the mud, trying to make symbols that the universe understands to communicate the idea. The symbols the sigils, the tokens the talismans, the rewards, the wants, are all written right before us. We just need to be in their color. Just like a person who has visited a foreign land picks up tradition, experience and awareness's, so to does the one who walks through the gateway and picks up the right color frame. For the spectrum is not just white light or the essence of darkness in light. It’s bands of energy, information and transformation. Utilizing these, one becomes the spectrum circle. Now this is not a metaphysical or auric ideal. This is an energy, an unconscious transformation that spills these colors, these sensations of knowledge, forth onto the one who is in their study, and bathes each and every one around them in that light. (I know you were hoping to see great darkness at the end of the rainbow, but its not so. The legacy of witchery is the power to transform, not by will, not by want, but by belonging, being called is only the door. The rest is up to you.) Graves: (the other side of existence) Greedy, deadly, forgotten, fallen, these are the emotions that one gains from death; the death of stone, not death of man, not death of woman. It is the human design to die; but a witch is an immortal, trying to live an immortal freedom. They feel the pressure of the stretching of life and death much harder than most. It is both a pleasure and a pain. Those who bathe themselves in the essence of this are swept away by its meaning, left adrift in their own emptiness, hallow and sometimes cold. For its not death they seek, but its power. At a person’s passing, if you know them true, gather up a rock outside of the gate from which they end. Hold it in your hand, both top and bottom, cover. Lay it upon their stone or empty grave which will be filled. They will get their fondest wish.

The Writing on the Wall:

Ancient symbolism is written everywhere if you don’t know where to look. The essence of the witch is to find the cracks in life, to reveal, to obscure, to take apart like a puzzle, to question (not value), but what’s next. Writing is a human frailty, a form of remembrance to make one seem that life is longer than it is. However, it is one of the tools for communication with the other side of existence. To a witch, carving something into existence is second only to making it real. Given in the season of the four, handed from witch to witch, are tools, unrevealed supplies, and a talisman. The talisman is a reminder, but not to the owner, but to the one who had given it, so as to remember they had passed on their ware, their sacred teachings, and their aged bridge. It is a cycle no different than one to one, a gift, a reward of learning and/or punishment of those who haven’t completed their road to see this on another. Power: (over the self) Power is the connection. Power is the stinging of a whip on the back. Power is the icy chill up a spine without an open window. Power is a reminder of humbleness, and a promise of an oath. Keys of Power- the eyes, the feet, the heart, the hands. The eyes- With the eyes oh so true, light beyond light is their due. The feet- As one walks oh so softly, removed from gravity will one’s daunting. The Heart- In the heart is the truth of how one wishes life’s pursuit; but to a witch a heart is failing, if she gives into fear of swelling. The Hands- Of all the powers that are grand, there are whispers to the hand, for the nature one must do. So mote it be rest with you. Deities (natures): Hekate- She, who is the commander of She who is, is but a handmaiden to life, a service and a woman who sees only her daughters and their future blessings upon this world. For she has seen much and to make friends with her is to make friends with the darkness itself. She is its consort, its lover, it’s secret mistress. She who is the power, reveals herself as the eyes.

SUN With the sun, you see the names, and the places that time began, in the sun you will dream and gather the messages of things unseen, the sun is your guide but not your teacher and to learn the most about any creature, you will be in the light, and you will be in the shade but to know both you hide not in river-ed area or glade, to gather the secrets you need but to find the messages forgotten and born back in rhyme... MOON Drink in the sight and throw away the fear, for on the many planes will she now appear, beauty to full and dawning to dusk in the summer of hunger and waxing a must, she is your voice and gift born on earth if your of the craft lost in birth, for harmony and truth and silence a must and forever in your power it trust, Guided by the winds and time its secret nature revealed, the moon has only one word forever instilled.... STARS They are brighter then the messages and forgotten and moved and thought of as whispers of stone turning in duel, they are but reminders of the days to come and go away, and if your a witches who's stars are showing, you should hold hard and not be made to sway, for to live in the fire and be born again and again, isn't the curse that the churches thought up as sin, you will have proven to be as timeless as an ancient temple or hill, though in the end all the wisdom you fill will carry on to the next which is the role of the sky that during the day the blue will hide... so wear your symbol which isn't the symbol you think, and try to divine what the old ways had been born with in ink, for they knew the price of the trail and in the end they will be there when others fail the tale... 4 IN THE SUN AS THE PICTURE WILL SHOW ABOVE 3 IN THE MOON AS ALL KNOWN TO LOVE 3 IN THE STARS BUT THEIR IS MORE THEN ALL COULD COUNT BUT IN THE END THE NUMBER ISN'T ALL COLLECTED BUT SEEN IN DOUBT SO KNOW THE COLOR AND KNOW IT WELL FOR POWERS MOVE BY THE SEASONS DISPELLED Since the beginning of time, our senses have been adapted to be indifferent and/or excepting of certain sensations brought about by smell and/or extrasensory awareness. Perfume, and oils were once thought about as being worth more than most kingdoms. It is because of the rarity and god/goddess like inspiring tools and or tokens required to appease. Incense is the binding tool of the advancing witch. Truthfully it is the fire as it dances upon the stick passed over and around and through, untamed within our physical attribute. Like a shell it covers and connects. As sacred as precious stone, touching on all levels of the spectrum, crystals have served as the unconscious, untouched sides of the psychic mind. Enveloped in preparation and tool, used in either ring or chained pendant on necklace, they are representation of the true

powers; though five crystals remain at the top of the chain of transformation. Within the pillars of mastery in mystery, they have tokens to the revitalization of planetary cosmic will. Calling (of the self):

To call on a deity is to serve what it represents, to not seek reward or benefit, but to bask in the eternal nature of its design, for it will grant you gifts. You need not ask. So any who say they worship or ask for praise are going to be denied the calling. ( Isi Heku Net Abri Isis Hekate Nul Amun Lil)

"From that which is your virtue, to that which is your passion. From that which is your dreams; from that which is your hopes. This is how the Goddess names. And she will name you." Prayer- Prayer is a fateful gift; but it is meditation stiff without meaning in or right to be. Emptiness would follow thee. But with a witch of Goddess true, so mote it be changes prayer too. Chanting- Chanting is but simply rhyme, given to any that define one world simple, the other one true. It has nothing to do with so mote too. The Moon- As the moon shines high in the sky, the light touches the ground and creates a ring. In this ring is both cup, stone, dagger, woodland branch and body. The Sun- As of the sun, it walks the sky, showing the pressure and power of life reflected in the absorption of the human skin and eyes. Only the night shines more true. The Earth- Fertile is the earth as it lends both the lenses of sun and moon, sky and land to reflect the rainbow essence of the removed veil of water and ice. Book of the Markings (tomes an tokens): Awakening:

Triangle in, circle out, secrets kept within fire and ice. Triangle- Honor to thee the gate of knowing, to share in the darkness transformed, made shape before you, awakening a model of the future mind, the ethereal. The Circle- With candle will you now hold sway over the world of the unseen, to carry in confidence and in passion, the messages of the departed and the departing. To challenge one’s senses, to give into dreams, to find thoughts and memory, to define the unseen, to defy what is written, to record what is true, is the book of shadows, the key to you too. The Book of Shadows- A book of shadows is not a journal, but a book of symbols and of gateways, practiced and complete by the workings within. Its nature is to invoke change. Its power is never to be open, never to be questioned, never to be pondered, never to be exploited. Grimoire- Mistaken for a book of shadows, a grimoire is a book of death teaching about the reasoning between the worlds. It was mistaken because of the nature of spiritualism written within its pages, because of the workings of the mirror that is used in scrying, because the sight of the unseen was tempting to the teachers of the unknown. Occult in two words, old/other cult (culture). The idea of the occult is to merge the metaphysical or that which is tool make-able, into the spiritual and psychic sensitive. To channel by way of connections of the three forms into the branches that make up each select art. Occult isn’t dark or evil or good and proper. It is a mixing of the blends of the strongest of psychic achievable energies and awareness that bridge the gap of the gateway, the human psychic/dream. It is this bridge that separates those who see from these who don’t. It’s common to grow into your skills, they will never be just “plug and play”, it requires secret passages/rituals, and key words to activate them. The goal of every great occult artist is to make as many bridges as they can, without setting the ground to it visibly. Darker energies tend to bring out the greater keys and codes, but this is because of the heat and auric energy created in ritual, those who say they can do this without these tools are “dreamers.” Individuals who are connected by dreams or just hoping they are correct. The occult is the one field in the design of any artist in any field, that has no fear,

and if lost, passes to the next likely person without thought. Now the separate fields. There are seven, but for now only the first five will be discussed. The empathic will, the dreaming will, the psychic will, the astral will, and the coronal will. The empathic will is skills of the lesser designs, it taps into the energy of the body to create sensation in the physical body to touch a second level of the will of information about the para-natural world. It is a shaman/witch/and basic ceremonial artist skill, during the connection to the psychic will arts. The empathic will is born into those who are deeply lost in the time they live and have a form of out of body nature, of the place they are in awareness of. It can be made up, but for those who are real, they get images and awareness that no fake would be able to make up … without vast study. The empathic will is a soft field that reflects the aura and reflects color string like bands. True, the aura reflects color even if it is only the mind’s eye that sees this; however, now the less this will is the strongest of this soft energy. Soft energy, is energy from the body that needs no direct expression or push. The Dreaming Will. This is a secret will of the unconscious self, that is very in tune to the vibrations of the empathic design. However, the dream will works independently of the empathic will, and is used to charge and channel the connections to ancient time frames and display symbolism this very visible designs of ancient mindset. Ancient mindset is symbolism that relates to the will and nature of the one connected to its expression. In the ancient mindset all things are possible, but the will to use it is one sided. Meaning they can use you to connect to, you can’t use them. Like a phone that can only call out. The world of the unseen through the empathic will in with others connects to the dreaming will and communicated to us via a guardian/conduit, or dragon etc. This is the most “amazing training”, because it is done by a (field) created by your linking gateway aka placemat. The placemat is the dream will device connected to the other fields by energy and design. In ancient temples a “placemat” the master altar image, was used as the conduit to the skill of the bridge and the future gateway. It is the center of the world of occult truth, but not mastery of it. The dream will becomes the tool that the awakened aura of the empathic will can use to by the three forms can change and by talisman connect you to the Houses greater mysteries. ( The will isn’t the tool but its part of it, the dream will isn’t connected to memory. Memory is connected to water in the body that traps images in its electrical connections and stores them as a form of magnetic conductor. The empathic and coronal wills control memories.) The psychic will has been researched to death, not much I can tell you that you might not already know, however lets see it from the occult will. To the occult will, the psychic will is the charge and electrochemical energy base that creates fields of electrostatic waves about the body, it can be soft as a form of information exchange, or heavy as if you could pull down planets. It is this will that commands the full mastery of all the other arts and wills. However it lacks one thing, it has no will of its own, its just an engine. The purpose of psychic will and control methods within "them" by the will of something beyond itself. Psychic will is a field with no mindset. All the other wills have a mindset, a reason to be, the psychic will lacks the ability to reason or divide itself. Those of the future wise way are to learn this about the psychic will, because others in the occult try and say they run their skills by the psychic will. As one skilled in the occult it means if something try's and attack you psychically, it can then be controlled by you. By one of the other wills. With the the psychic will one can then bridge the communication gap with their beings or deities and transmit to them your will to offer up as a vessel.

being: Elemental Reasoning To each eye there is a light and in this light is a shade. The shade gives way to an ability for the Goddess or the Tri to open up the aura of the one they choose to look at, or to charge their aura so that others don’t see them. Coven Workings A-G: (the practice and desire to be)

Process that is broken down by culture. A. Voodoo B. Underworld (Anubis) C. Heightened underworld (Osiris) D. Greek Underworld (Zeus) E. Norse underworld (Baldur) G. Earth: Internal dimension of nothingness, the Non. The Rituals of Being: 1. A coven is not 1-3 members. It must be 4, 5, or more. There is no number at where it can end. 2. High Priestess is in charge of the coven, aka, Lady on High or Lady in Standing under. 3. A coven design must be with five symbols per candle, not just the elements. 4. The art has no classification, no direct coven law other than dedication. 5. There are no wars in a coven. Coven can’t battle coven. Forces don’t battle forces. Witches don’t battle witches. (so to kill your media fun) 6. The High Priestess’s rules go. Things become cemented when they are cut into the earth. The Witches’ Touch: Two Fingers of Wand and Wood, From your hands,

will new life spring, thoughts begin , hearts to sing. Awakened in much, will dreams be read, from candles’ light, none to tread. For venture within, and know the wood, so that all can be as should. Venture within, so wand is grand, as sword is held, in fire brand.

Winter Yul- Yul is a celebration of the bringing in of the youthful witch. It is the opening ceremony of the elder witch or high lady to pass on the veil or cloak of death as its mistress to the next one. The Old Witch Summer The old witch is called Rye. Rye is the season of the blending of the education of a growing witch of truth; for she is taught the recipes of the arts.

The Dark Witch:

Fall/Autumn The nature of the dark witch is the unleashing of the animalistic nature of the two poles of the ceremonial design reflected in the mirror in the light of the art, which is the candles. It is the nature of the dark witch to consume the energy/essence of the up and coming consort and offer it in cup ceremony to the deity of the chosen dark witch. Conduction of the Aura: The Three Forms of Enchantment, Fire- Green, white, yellow. These are the colors of the aura that represent fire and the energy of the witch. Water- Blue, red, black. These are the colors of the power of water as contributed to sexual energy within the depth of the consciousness. Air- The most mischievous of all truths, it is the power to empower. The colors are purple, orange, gray and sometimes red. These are the higher scale of the sky. Fire and Water: (the hands secret skill) The Dance: (union of fire and water) Bathe your hands in cold water, both intertwine underneath. Place them dry after. Place before you a red candle and in a counter-clockwise rhythm, move one hand and then the other. Fire and water are born within. They are the heaven and the earth. They are the grass and the weed. They are the open plain and the desert. They are the ice and the water.

This is the dance of nature, of opposites that are not. The witches’ power is to understand the dance. Promise and Reward: (within the oath) In service to ritual, one will perform a candle burning at both ends, but within a centered circle, north and south, the poles of beginning. As one enters, so to they exist. This is the ceremony. The reward is the memory. Keys White, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink

As a witch grows, she’ll collect items, symbolism, natural items such as the living by products of nature, friends, devices, collisions of thought. These become the keys to more. It is the nature of any who practice magic to collect referenced items that are conclusive to their theology, either in scientific or magic practice as outside of their own domain. Curiosity of the unseen is in itself a passion of the art to develop, create reflection, remove resistance and expose oneself to the universe. To Get the Gift (Ritual) Fire- The transition of life. Water- The transition of unity. Air- The transition of self. The Four Elements- North, south, east and west, ceremonial ritual based on the cardinal points, not in witch unity. Connected to the self as in the poles, it is a ritual that is designed for the basics of as above, so below from the Solomonic model.

(and now a training q and a...below...)

what are the candles?

white, air, red fire, blue water, green earth, yellow spirit why is the candle spirit yellow, why should it be interchanged with the white as in air from a wicca design? the candle for spirit is yellow because yellow is the color of the ego, and as it goes from darker yellow to lighter it becomes white think of the spirit a thing that has to grow through transformation to become pure and in pure i mean able to reason without outside emotion... attach (knowledge to this) is assisted by the heat and wisdom of the other candles... now.. a wand what is it and why does a witch need or have one? Student: a wand is a tool to help focus, a witch doesn't need a wand as she can use her fingers instead : good but can you do better? student: it is a connection to the elements : well done... student: thank you a wand is a wooden stick that needs no extra items on it, and is an example of the witches fingertips when done in practice it symbolism is that of a staff not a wand, but one has to start small and work their way up, in the arts magically priest/priestess's would carry long sticks that would light the way, this eventually became the image known as a wand..

: magical orders then used this image to teach others like the stick used to conduct a class or orchestra : and then it just became a habit for ceremonial magical ones to just use it as a normal temple like tool.... : what is a dagger and why is it used? student: is its use similar to the wand? : yes and no truthfully the witch never used the dagger in rituals, it was modern ceremonial artist that created the use of it from the druid.. in witchcraft temple wise you had the image of the woman who did need to protect herself and her gift, but that came later as well student: so why do we use it now? : the real truth of the dagger came from the sword image, that was used in ceremonial arts to bind the people in the ceremonial sygil or ring/circle : the dagger is the mini image of this sword : witches started to use this in the 10th century and a bit earlier to use the same item... as a binder student: do we still use the sword? : as a way to show loyalty among the others.... (past if we like) : in the mage/ceremonial arts outside witchcraft yes... : and this became the worth of the design known as: dragons teeth in a witches ritual...(the art of the dagger) which modern wicca use as 'athame� for which it is not : understand? student: yes : the dagger is a person promising to serve what they dagger point.. : and this is why the rituals became more secret and less open.... : remember ceremonial rituals was already pretty strange.. to outsiders student: yes : so the witch dagger was born.. (an athame) is not the real name of the dagger... : the dagger has no real name.. (athame) is a made-up word student: I don't like to use that word it seems artificial to me : agreed... : a witch uses the wand to gather.. pleasure or truth to those whom she holds it over, and a witches dagger , honesty, loyalty, and oath of soul/self.. (a kinda backwards knighting of the queen to her champions or a king to his knights and warriors in his name)

: together this became the image of the witches fingers.. called the "touch" : in witchcraft there is no pentagram, only the shadow of it.. why is this? student: because the focus is on the witch in the center : correct, the ring... : there is 3 rings in life... (entering, exiting, and getting married) aka joining union ect.. : when you enter you get invited to know, when you exit you get invited to teach, and when you get joined, you get invited to share : the pentagram is merely the physical body displayed as a star and elemental tool : can a person do magick without an oath, and would it be anything special? student: yes a person can and yes it would : the answer is no, not well student: I thought that any one can work a spell : yes one can cast, but without the sources energy behind them it will be weakening, and without an oath your not part of a stronger chain.. : think about this even gypsy's as singular as they are are part of a clan, student: yes that's true : and now your part of mine.. "Levona's coven" rooting witchery : now cup/goblet what is it why is it used... : but know it is used for collection of ceremonial material and to help in the energy transformation purposes : in witchcraft... the cup or goblet is the idea of the circle, as in the example of the circle without having to cut or make one with chalk... : the cup comes from the idea of the seasons of the moon... and sun, and in a wealthy coven, each cup would have its one : one for each art of the side the moon or sun takes : but its not needed : (the cup/goblet) is a tool passed to a witch as a head of the coven..normally : as it is the 3rd item a witch gets : the first is the right to be in, the 2nd a dagger and the 3rd a cup, the wand is if you want one... : well the cup is used to hold the spell/hex or names of the ones to be judged by the coven, and in ritual of the coven it is filled with water/wine/ or apple juice : to unify the coven as in those who accept this or that.. by the covens head...

: more about that later in the arts of coven hood : "this will confirm your dedication in the arts of priestess" : and can then be taught more.. Lady trainings.. Fire, earth, water, air and spirit, the flames dance on the candle lit. They are a reminder of the light that is light itself. To each of these, a person must stand before in coven ritual and either light or blow out as part of their entrance. It is to show servitude to the five masters, who in turn will show servitude to the one ready. Have the dedicate stand before the five in the center of the cut circle and face before each candle, place upon their hands two fingers or the wand, as they tap the flame lightly. Then take to them the dagger and hold it at their back. Place it in reverse fashion, downward and hold upon their shoulders and ask “do the elements seek the entrance of this person?� as which you will see as the energy of the room will either light up or go darker. Do not tell the individual what is to happen. Just ask them to wait outside once its over, that way they cannot argue with the judgment, but merely submit to it. The Star- That which is represented by the elements, including spirit. The first and second points of the circle position is charge. The working is fostering. The nature is judgment before the candles themselves. The Three Points- The three candles, these are the power of mind, body and spirit. Mind- When a candle is connected to the mind, it begins to drift. It begins to reorder itself magnetic-wise, aka psychic. Body- With candles, a witch can re-order the body. They can undo small problems, advance miss-communication, reshape and reorder life. Spirit- Though this is more of a transition of the physical body, the spirit helps raise and remove internal clock issues, as in biological mistiming, what we would like to call cycles. It also cures illness. The elements exist through windows of the sisterhood through the thin-like veil that separates the mind and spirit. The elements are always used in three. Though witchcraft isn’t a part of the elemental design, the principle of the physical body is. We have in us, around us, and within our dreams the passion of the elements, are our sensations. Cultures are defined by the elements, and though they do have sides that strengthen or defeat each other, every element is immortal. The purpose of witchcraft is to serve the elements, to serve the body, to reflect the dream, to understand our beginnings, to become like the dragon, and to awaken the will to transform. Fire : the first elements ( the strongest power of nature ) and the keeper of the power of the mind and body it is the element of transformation and the center of the circle of life, in truth fire is the power of seeking and is the perception of a real root one, life is the pattern of fires it is also a creator, as well as a destroyer........ fire is in the hands of the root ones

water: the second element ( the weakest of nature ) and the keeper of the crown and the sepherothus of dna it is the element of spiritual wisdom and truth finding it is the purifier of the dagger of life, life's design of this element is the knowing of others and giving of the self it is the healing truth of touch....... water is in the heart of the root ones earth: is the third elements ( the center of natures heart, but not truly nature for it bends the rules and allows for the justice of will, ones own ( natures justice as it is said so shall it be done........respects ( the dagger is this and the reward of earths Geo-nature...the truth of current magic, this element has no opposing force as one would wish.... ( it is Friend and worker in all the other elemental self's ) earth is the 3 the 7 and the 9 of comeback actions of nature, ( the so called folds in the arts) air: the unseen element of the 4 ( the walker of design in mind and body, the so-called " angel on my shoulder " or aerial servant of nature it is the reminder of nature in time and thought it is only powerful if used with fire and only justice if used with earth and wisdom if used with water it is alone any other time, because it acts only with others, never alone, and is natures go-between....... air is the face of natures freedom and center of steps of the witch or root..... spirit or ( aerial ) is the power to link the elements together with the inner candle i described or will described, it is the pentagram itself and not the necklace all wear as amulets and talismans ( the truth of nature within the power of spirit is UN-described because there is no limit to control of the moving truths of the elemental circles....... spirit is the UN-described 5th element ( and the key to all of the others ) with the walking of life we seek outside ourselves, and miss the internal universe of our being...... ) north south east or west ( funny ) there is not point only a pointer called the finger............ et eterna natura ves aladio daion men ven materia invorta des mentanto phe de nyixs incubus ateron set heb zu kemprahon setem hoben.....

anointing: The Circle

Granted in one or two, so mote it be shall you do. Circle high, secret kept, nothing said, nothing wrote. As one who is one, you can now call upon another. These things are the will of the great unseen. Ask and now be answered. When one pierces the veil between the worlds, they reflect the will of these worlds. The connection to both psychic and temporal share commonality. Dreams and memories reorder themselves. They are in essence, a second skin. The circle is the reasoning that there is a beginning, middle, or end to all things. It is a sacred chamber, a secret consciousness, a daring emptiness of the soul to be filled. “You must be insane to understand this.” Just kidding. Just like religious texts take a leap of faith, so too does the circle take a leap of trust. The circle will grant you five wishes, none of your desire. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Security- It shall protect those that protect it. Truth- It will reveal those that choose not to reveal. Hunger- It will show you that which nature hungers. Desire- It will show you what you truly wish to have and grant it to you. Connection- Sisterhood and truth of self.

Sex/Power: The Key Life is the power of truth, touch the value of love, love the security of friendship, passion the will of life. Sex is a powerful expression that must be used as a focal design, not trying to please or be pleased, but to bask, to push one’s limits beyond their own limits.

The consort is only the tool or receiver. They are just a vessel; and it can be artificial or physical as of another presence. Their job is to maintain that charge. The ultimate goal is a unity, whereby the releasing of that energy can inspire the eyes to reflect the will upon the candles, so the elements may grant the woman or witch her desires. Power: is given when the elements agree from the reflection in the eyes that the energy was true. Power can be self-given, but must be observed that it doesn’t over-step its bounds with the elements, for they are the guide in the dark. Lady: She Who Walks Hear me: she who is named Lady is given time unquestioned. All things in her body and mind reverted to youth and strength. She who is, is now the hand of she who will be. This is the power of the Lady. As one gathers a great name like a lady, others of a coven-like design will seek sisterhood. You as a lady are then granted the ability to be at any gathering as if it was your own. Magic gives you the right and authority. This is the secret sisterhood. She who is, was before. She who is, will be again. It is within the nature of her cycle to repeat itself, to awaken within all things female, She who walks. Like all deities, like all beings, like all passages of motherhood, She who is, is because. knowing: Beginning of witches design with awareness As a witch you are spread openly before the stars. However, you must remain true to the three forces of your power. This is a ceremonial design and not a witchcraft-oriented message, for as you do the service of the three, you in turn do service to your circles, 1,2,3. here is what you as a lady in standing or lady on high will be watching for: and helping others seek out in themselves if they are ready. 2. Nature of me 3. Arts and their ways 4. The born again witch 5. Your god or mine 6. The goddess we know 7. Show and tell 8. Teachers and guides 9. Have you become

10. Witchcraft Powers 11. Your dreams tell 12. What are you dreaming 13. The eclectic nature 14. The good witch 15. The bad witch 16. The witches god 17. The lazy guides 18. Spell and hex's 19. The poison pin 20. Destiny and fates 21. What's your game 22. Can you win at winning 23. The witches paradise 24. Mysteries and mastering 25. The greater god or goddess 26. Welcome to your soul 27. The first ring 28. The second ring 29. The third ring 30. The hidden fourth (theses are the things in and beyond the witchery spoken here, and if you seek those seek more then just this to practice..)

The nature of witch

I could tell you a million things and all would be true, but it would be sliced up, re-modified, taken apart , reconstituted, segregated, ostracized and blown out of proportion. Why the nature of witch, the nature of witch is simplistic, mathematical, practical, ceremonial , spiritual, semi-religious, adoring, educational and about fifty more things, but one must fight negative press if they are going to create a stamp, a mark, a hopeful answers to those things that deny the obvious, remove the solitary self, eclectic concepts and challenge yourself to still hold true in what you believe. Do you have a map, or is it merely what you built up? When one removes the self and they cease to be, the universe revolving around themselves and an instrument controlled by universal influences then give way to what is seen in vain, one should not have to challenge nature instead it should be welcomed by it. One should feel that they do not have to pretend anything, but proving is your version of religious conviction without being convicted. To tap into something is one thing, to have it tap into you is another, we call this things in time coincidental, or do in side dense, but what if they were moments to advance our selves, what if they were answers we were waiting to learn. As said before there is a million ways this could go, but there should be a reward for at least getting it right. We're not talking spiritually thinking, spirituality is not wrong, ever! It is the fact you search, period, that you want to know something. But the nature of witch as in three, is the desire to be, to be apart of. Nothing needs to convince you, if you're not even listening, but if you are then you are on your way to understanding it. “Letting go� has always been the most difficult first step, but wanting to let go will always be there even if you can't. One goes about saying, judge not me because you aren't me, but here you are asking for answers, asking is entitling someone to answer. So if it offends you, or makes you seem lesser, then why put up the question? Isn't growth about knowing how to do something, accurately without a systems? Even though you need assistance in the beginning? Natural does not give you the ability to say, you're good, it only gives you the right to say you're of it! Few know their full potential even in school you have to take tests to evaluate what you know, so why should it be different in mystical challenges? If they wanted you to have the prize they would give you the key instead of hiding it. The nature of witch is to adopt the right to ask, the right to be answered and the right to want from those things that you value, deity or religious otherwise, one can not take from you what you are not willing to give yourself.

So why are we mistreated, a.k.a witchery, because we chose to ask, practice and educate ourselves in the unknown, like any other design, however they don't seem to like us being correct as in having the will to know that it's reflected in the daily things that we do, the weakly things we find, and the yearly things we reflect on. If it sounds like I'm being all about us, as in witchery, you are included in us when you include yourself. By following the message of number 9. For witchcraft isn't there to challenge the choices of others but to embrace the power of itself or empower those within it into greater choices. She the divine messenger Who is SHE? Where did SHE come from? Is SHE Gaia? Is SHE mother earth? Or is SHE part of the dynamics of all womanly nature? For when one seeks witchcraft they seek the glory of SHE, you can place any deity in her stead as female, but you will always come out with a purpose, a type of mental practice, that gives rise to the feminine dynamic. As it was taught to me the womanly spirit is complete when it serves the foundation of nature, the four elements and the spirit. For it is here that the messenger is tested from within. But why test something that is an absoluteness? Because that's the nature of true knowledge, it's to listen for the voice that's not your own but leads you into the greater voice. The one that serves it all. By now you can gather that this is more than just the witches design, but you're going into a greater depth of feminine reward in the mage's world. For deities aren't held to the same rules as men or females and only seek the greater of each, just as woman should seek the greater of men and vice versa. For men start out as consorts, guardians, bridges, pillars, in the witches' dynamics. And woman start out as the symbols, the markings, the presence of nature, and the rights to the male being the other things. For when the roles switches it is the women who becomes the pillars and the consorts, and the men become the map, the dynamics the design, the markings. It is an equal exchange under the eyes of SHE, for SHE is connected to the oath, and this oath is service. The story of SHE is long, and so are the stories of other within their way to SHE. But here you seek as a female the daughter's role, an opportunity to become outside your ring for this is beyond mere witchcraft and the rewards and promises of the wizardess to be. Though the road is twice as hard for you are competing in a male dominated world, not by choice but any male would welcome you in gladly but the rules state otherwise, and that's what we are adhering to. Rules, roles, rights and oaths. And to bend or break these things in the hopes of getting in cheaply shows lack of resolve towards the future as one. True the world is unfair but we know this, we accept this and try to strive for more better ways of even exchange. But the road is also two-sided, dominant female of the moon, dominant male of the sun, and during an eclipse these sides exchange but still remain dominant. Is this fair, the arts would say they are. Any form of study requires limitation, exaltation, and reward. Limitation is not the lack of having, it's the duty of showing why you have. Exaltation is when one reaches outside themselves and finally sees what was inside was correct. And reward is the fact of prime, the fact of putting your fears and doubt to the side and becoming ready. The downward triangle is represented by three candles. However, on the physical body, it is both hands and the opening of the garden. On the male, it represents both feet and the elongated form of the member, for it is upside down, a secret union in its own right. The map of the universal key symbolizes the upward triangle with the circle in the center. It is the key to the

male form in the witches’ model, ceremonial mage/magus. It is the model from which the third ring is created. During ritual one must exhaust themselves of everything they are, in the effort to create a sublime light that will release from within magus to witch, to allow the high priestess/lady to exceed her circle and enter the veil of the ceremonial universe by symbolism. As above, so to below, the secret mysteries of the universe, it is the alpha and the omega. The alpha means the call, like a wolf baying at the moon. The omega means to touch the earth, as in getting your hands dirty, gardening. This is the scale of existence. In witchcraft, the scale is measured in this fashion. You enter in the downward triangle, submit yourself before the tri, and awaken in the eye of all knowing with the ankh marked across your back or neck, a daughter of reflection, a mirror if you will. The higher arts of the divine:

Protection, truth, reality. These are three different powers, three different tools. Each tool is divided into its prime nature. First one, protection: In the occult based awareness of things, it is believed you must make agreement with God or a divine angel and under their protection be allowed into a ritual ring or ceremonial circle, it is here that one would face a being and be allowed to ask ethereal based questions, and with the nature of their skill be offered gifts as well. This is partly true and partly false, more about that when one is ready. For a witches' service to the divine is service, not granting itself gifts, and nature of that power becomes ones protector. In the arts of the higher divine a witches nature is to absorb a.k.a collect, or respond to the collection of, ethereal essence or spatial awareness in their environment and transform it as a bridge or a gateway to their ethereal servant, a.k.a aerial, aeon, eon, you name it. For this is their go-between, for a witch can not enter the other side without the permission of a dragon, and they must already be attending the awareness of mage level or education in one self.

For this aerial servant is their guide, their protection, and connection to the higher arts of magehood. Often showing up as an invisible or darkly lit shadow, some of the higher witches know of them, the lesser only knows they are around. It's curious that ones own protector would pay little mind to its protected, but instead act like a guard dog, wall or karma to the attending witch. I often thought it was a form of punishment for reaching too far too fast. Second one, truth: When one lays within the circle ring their given all the powers unto heaven and earth, unleashed and opened before them, but only in sight and not in touch, for this is the borderline of the human existence versus immortality, and just like a small crack in a window, a little of its essence seeps through, and the witch that attend that circle the longer will attain or be imbued or tainted with that essence. This is called the marking, like perfume it will gradually leave the circle and become fully part of the witch herself. Now the secret, even though the witch may lay or be imbued with said energy, it must attain a mage's staff to channel it. It is a blockade created so that magic will not infiltrate the world and then be made lesser a.k.a abused. For the lesser arts are those of the hands, and though the hands magic is strong the body's magic is stronger. But we of the mages are in charge of this leakage, or freedom. This is our responsibility, and our promise and our oath in learning. This does not deny the womanly figure known as witch, it harnesses their will to choose to be honest in it, for when one attain their great circle there is no rules on them to forbid abuse, but those set by the dragon, the ancient protector of all, not just men, to not use it unwisely. Hence the need for the staff, but not just any ordinary stick, for to cheat is to be cheated. The third, reality: The reality is there are eleven true designs, the reality is there is only three ways of power, the reality is there are two laws governing both male and female wisdom. All these things a witch must attend, but a mage must serve. To attend means merely accept, while to serve means to be bound by the rules and subject to their punishment, this is not something we created, mages, shamans, druid or wizard; this is how it is. The problem with truth is fear of failure, the problem with practice is the challenge to do it honestly, the art has always been about finding the true message, not what we think it is, not what we believe it is, not what one can religiously turn it into, but that power behind its message is what all wise people seek. One may wish to argue that magehood is a boy's club and witch-hood is a woman's club, it would be easier if that was true, but it's not. It is attending to the knowledge as it is presented, not as we would like, the truth of a male model in the witches nature would be an oxymoron or a backwards miss-stepping of the pursuit of nature. True we work in consort to the advancement of witch but we don't learn there, we're only serving there, service in itself is an act of caring, while the witch is learning there to be worthy of the outer rank, for like a great person once said: “It's easier to take what's outside and add it to you and make a world, than it is to take what's inside and add it to the outside to make a universe, creating makes one a creator, a creator must know the direction ahead, otherwise why create?�

The beginning of the tenth

Ten is the perfect number, defined as two 5's, or five times 2, or any sequence in which the number ten appears. This is a metaphysical, mathematical, ceremonial domain. Because the nature of this model is to perpetuate the dominion of a binary absolute, 1 and 0, 0 and 1. Though the witches design never reaches this higher state of evolutionary thinking it plays in the consistency of the star design, the five point. Forget the 7, 8, 11 and 9 pointed stars, they're theology in retrogrades the principles beginning starts here, from within the penta. What can be said about the star that hasn't already been said, it is the union between the physical body and ethereal shade of being, this ethereal shade of being is your mystical ghost self, in witchcraft this is portrayed as the aerial self a.k.a servant. As one advances between the physical and the ethereal it is written that they receive a holy messenger, now this can be refereed to as a demon, daemon, angel, guardian, watcher you name the connotation. But the idea is that you have gained the attention of the ethereal world, in the witches design numbers only represent the numbers of ritual count, as in how many to do and where to do them, or if your structured in your spirit, when to do them. The universe is constantly presenting us with moments where energy is strongest and weakest, this so to aid in psychic development, not to be a duty or responsibility to a ceremonial design for energy shifts things retrograde and evolve, it is the nature of the witch to keep up, but physically speaking not spiritually speaking, meaning they tap into it. Ten is the perfect number because it exists in the idea of fingers and toes, it exists in the idea of certain shapes and certain fashions, and true it is a binary absolute but the goal of any design is to see its strength and its weaknesses. The witches design exists within the circle dream, and if we were would be going on pro and con it would equal the number ten, but pro and con have their own pro and con, as in an equal side to themselves, so you have two tens which would be twenty, which in numerology would come out two. Which in normal understanding of a design would be the two things in our atmosphere, the sun and the moon, just by basic thinking.

The reason why the witches model doesn’t see beyond this is to look at number seven again, in the listing. 0 1 10 110 011 1000 1 0 0 what does this mean? What could it mean? What should it mean? What has it been? What will it be? When we think in zeros and ones we bring both the possibility of yes's and no's, of ups and downs, left versus right and so forth. Ten relates to the nine plus planets, meaning nine planets and one earth even if its counted twice, the idea if that the vision of the star, two houses, there is a lot to be said on this but then it is speculated and theosophical and not really worth listening to. But you're arguing yourself out of what you argue, the idea of any form of knowledge is to grow, however theosophy, philosophy and the consciousness of choice can seem to trap your going backwards. This is their way of maintaining their world, we seek none of this. It is not to accept madness or the idea of irrational awareness but to be open to the pros and cons of the unseen. Within reason.

Logical understanding can only get you so far when you're dealing with something beyond the simple collective, until you can account for existence itself all we have is the majority of spiritual discoveries that has led up to what is known as the lesser or greater achievements, again these are just discoveries. For the goal of any form of intellect, whether be spiritual, metaphysical or tactical is to find its higher reasoning. Magically speaking one needs to only look and have something resonate in its imagery a.k.a visual, what it brings to the table this becomes its strength and weaknesses. The funny thing about magic is that is surprises itself going from a simplistic elemental pattern into a backwards and multi-debated recreational will, but yet it still comes out visual. Meaning a type of experience that reveals itself to be in an automatic fashion as if not programed but expected which leads to the defining of the question that we began with, a.k.a the journey.

Male Witchcraft: ritual self Workings: A male witches circle (not to be confused with the term “male witch”, but more just an adopted student of the witches 'female” ways, is set up just like a female witches circle. However the markings and or locations on these markings are backwards or changed. Due to the form that male even in the “portal” design is based in the sun model and not the moon of the female model. The male form of witchcraft removes the form of dagger of priestess, and installs the compass. This of course is north and south. North being test of oath as a dagger put to tones chest and south as a dagger is put towards ones back. The object of the dagger ritual isn’t complete until a priestess or high-priestess aka lady of the cause binds the true guide with the 4 elemental ritual of the dagger.

The Sun’s Power As the sun rises high in the sky, mid afternoon is where it lie, raise your dagger up and point, fold it in and press it forth into centered ground, specifically found, carved in earth and wood, so the truth remains as stood. The Moon’s Shadow As the one who raises the dagger true, in a coven light of five candles stew. They call upon the moonlit night, and draw a circle within a circle fight, to protect one and all who happens here, so that only the desired created near. Upon three is thus bladed kissed. So mote it be. Dedication knows no bounds. It is not in the appeasing of one person, but the empowering of them. To bend on knee or to kiss in surrender, one is showing loyalty to the circle and the oath and power from which is stands. It is the tempest dagger, the three daggers of fate or the one dagger of the moon, which make up the model of a powerful witch and her legacy. “In ancient times a woman who wore a dagger was a hero, an amazon, a slave of high value, a Roman woman of the senate, a spy or a solicitor of freedoms. The dagger has no loyalty, as it has been everything from savior to conqueror. The witches’ legacy is but a tempest, a storm. To work with the tempest dagger is

to not be so broad-minded, but to show loyalty to your power and choices. The Justice of the Cutting Circles: (bond) When you make an oath, you connect to the elements. You connect to the forces around you. You connect to the unseen universe; but by cutting into the ground, grass, wheat or wooded area, you are making a bond with the earth. It is this bond that is more of a guardian, a watcher, a companion, a lover that will learn to embrace you and give you what you desire. It is required after one has reached the third ring to practice or set up their first cutting. Robes are ceremonial vestments and only used in occult designs, not witchcraft as a labeling in color, white for entrance, red for teacher, blue for assistant, black for group (or for hidden one), purple for high witch (aka the full witch), but only in ceremonial designs, not basic working witchcraft. It was added into modern models so as to give older ceremonial recreations ideas to rank and privilege of the past. This is the robe that is from head to foot. It does not drag on the ground unless you choose it to. It is merely a covering in the bracing of security. The purpose of the cloak is to be reminded of the ceremonial fashions, as to denote who is part of the all who enter. Red, Blue and Purple Red- Those who are coming in (female). Blue- Those males. Purple- The high lady herself. (white or black was just used in occult beginner ideals) so as to not accept them to any ranking in the arts until they was farther in). The cloak is a binding of the fact that you choose to be a member of the coven. You can go without cloaks; but this is the model for the modern world. Vestments to the image. -Two bracelets bound in same. -Two anklets, bound in trust, both similar. -A light chain around the waist with the image of the star or a gem of like nature. -A necklace of the talisman of your design. -If you are a full, a choker or a brace, which is placed around the neck, like a collar. (more on this if you make it to the end of the book) and decide to look farther... As in witchcraft, the rope represents binding. As the levels of your awareness increases, your rope can then bind anything, living or dead. The essence of the rope is to create a connectional bond between the power and justice of the forces in the universe. A standard rope made of horsehair or otherwise is the connection. Utilizing three incenses, it is charged to do the duty of the underworld. The rope itself is nothing; it is the will behind the rope that unleashes the design. That’s why one of lesser awareness cannot accomplish what they aren’t able to command. Use not the roping in anger, but in answer.

1 rope 3 rose petals or rose water.. 5 candles 3 strands of your hair olive oil ( just 4 drops ) sage (for rubbing the rope before you knot) sandalwood and frank and a moon stone and onyx stone.. any black stone will do Start by smoking the incenses over the rope one after another, in any order you want... add the stones to the rose water, let set four 4 hours.. after add the 3 strands of hair and the olive drops... while you await the 4 in any order... after pentagram with either of the star formation times and then circle

hours... light the candles, witches star formation, lit say "tempus eledju de ashali magnus rex" as you draw a a blade/dagger or your fingers.. while looking into the fire candles...draw this pentagram shape from candle to candle 3 the candle design 3 times... any direction..

now add the incense smoke to the candles fire of each by tapping the flame with the incense...each the rope is read you be prepared... after the time is up, wash the rope with the rose water lightly..., then as the candles are re-lit you can then begin to smoke the rope by having it pass trough the smoke of the candles, not the flame... (don't set anything on fire..) as you pass it over the smoke, remove it after and knot the rope, as you do this for each until you have 3 knots for each candle or 15 total knots... (then wait 3 mins) and say while holding the rope.. "maxus volti indem tu" this will call the spirits.... to the rope... hold the rope over the 5 candles lit and just let the rope bask in the combined candle heat.. again try only smoke, not safe... (with some the robe does a type of pull then stops, others nothing) after this is done we bind these energies.. by rubbing non lit sage over the rope... (and there its done, blow out the candles..) put the sage in the rose water..., and remove the stones, dump the rest, and quiet the candles... Ready... about 3 days... then UN-knot your top knot....and enjoy... and every 2 weeks after... and watch the changes start to happen... (again step one is needed before all will be open) for you to use stuff like this.. seed before carrot..ideal.. The will of the High-priestess "Lady on High" She is met by divine entrance, even though the art isn't religious it has religious understandings, meaning it serves as an open forum for others in the magic(k)al arts to come and be welcomed, however within the circle the lady is queen and judge as the voice of she herself...and the Tri...womanly natures of the Arts... (The tri as you will learn is the mysterious connection of the witches external witchcraft legacy and the ones of the art that have carried its nature from its very beginnings womanly goddess/demi goddess designs) more about that later.. By divine entrance, she must be naked with her vestment (tokens of the goddess rule) items placed on and within her reach as she setups for ceremony, she may

choose if desired a robing if it is for her comfort and desire to stand out, but must be naked within, unless she is of season, or it is too weather stricken beyond her control.....(at that moment) for she is the image of the purity of trust, love and desire in all things witchlike... Passage of Will, for she must be perfumed in the scents of power, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood... and these are to be smoked over her in each ritual that there is to be a new one of entrance, she may offer up herself with the perfume of her own as well, and the scent of angelica or nightly made incenses to awaken the darker designs, because she is equal in both as long as she stands in the circle ...( those who attend her ) may offer up amber or dragons-blood or lotus or a divine higher incense made for the mages of female study....) they are to be smoked both front and back to allow her the passage of both door and key.... Cultivation of personal energy, like all witches she does the entrance of personal massage energy and anointing, however in this form she will not massage herself for she is an example, a fountain to the art of the coven, "but don't let it go to your head" you are also a servant to the Arts like the rest of massage you must tap all areas and be respectable in these, and foster others by having yourself or another of your hand (priestess) to serve you in this as you stand at either head with legs spread at the side of the shoulders or at the feet within the closing of their legs...this is to cultivate a bond unseen now, but soon to be made aware the candle...within them as well.... anointing's can be token or taken as charge, but in the higher arts they are a bond and one must do them in repeated fashion, when they leave one circle for another... (you are to see they do this) well as yourself....if required... (personal growth in energy can only be achieved by the higher on the ladder,it is the struggle of one in the arts to achieve this.... (candles are setup as markings) in anointing.... daggers are setup as tools by anointing.... and marking others just shows self dedication, when they mark you then they show its return.... Candle judgment, in the Lady design as well as keeper of the circle, (mage or more) the one doing the ritual must stand before the candles and face the judgment of the light of them... if one is true then the candles will answer, if not then they will just lay there.. there is a bit of empathic feeling and psychic will that one must study before they can fully face this skill alone...(however the candles never lie) Evocation of the past, as you grow into your own you will tap the very essence of being, it is the nature of the design to call back the past and awaken it before you, some physical others in dream or memory... but if you are connected to a legacy such as a source it will call this back as well and you will be accepted as one of its numbers....a member of an older design, reawakened in your own flesh.... (you will when available lay down on open grass not to high not to low and stretch out like a child trying to make snow angels..forming a star...with your body..) you lay in dirt/soil as you cut the circle into the earth, you lay in a wheat field for the Autumn of life, and spreads open you hands on open green grass.... this is to relate you to the fruits of your a person of life...not just witch but be... Sisterhood/Mages doorway, As you grow so to will the desire for others to want to be at your side, either in witchcraft or in just energy serve them as you would serve yourself, however remember the circles rule from above... (sisters of the

craft is what women as witches have desired since the beginning of their days, you may have this if you wish but know you will be tested at every turn by another trying to be in your shadow, but that's just because you are as good as the rewards you gather... (as in magehood) you are a door to those who seek entrance to more then witchcraft but you must stand them before the candles, marked and unashamed naked before this world and the next and make them face the blade of their words...after that it gets fun... The calling: is a lie to most.. so test not the words of others but their deeds and where they show themselves, example... if someone says they are a witch but are about fairy pictures and Stonehenge like images then they aren't, not directly...if they say they are a lord of darkness and you find them reading Darwin....or Shakespeare... then they are not... (do not tell them, but don't directly offer teaching either, it is the duty of one who is.. To those awaiting the callings from those who are or want to be...) but again just because they aren't what they say doesn't obligate you to help them farther.... (they must ask without words) or with words, and the right energy) choice wisely..if you assist. (for we are not to block their road, just not get lost on it helping them find a gas station to refuel their being..) Fostering the following... as your oath stands true, so mote it be shall be your due... this saying is you must help/assist/advise/remove/restrict those who are or aren't doing what they should... even if you are friend and more... (your oath) comes first, and nature will test this, it always does... so be aware it is a sad but needed step at times to put someone back on their mind you, "THEIR" track and you are in reality giving to them the chance to be more later on...... There are many out there trying to be this or that, and thats fine, but when they tap into the root, the root will tap words don't mean a thing unless the ritual, way or actions follow..... Mind you again you aren't out looking, you serve as it is offered if offered...and in that share a part of time and self with those who are on their way to more...not everyone is meant to see what they already deny in themselves... Service in the goddess hands/nature (the power of the 5) fire earth water air in all things declare, for they are the key of 4 and with the 5th the power restore..... spirit is the missing key and though most have only 3....the 5th is what we seek... Tap into the elements in all your workings because you will change and transform as they do, most say points or fields or the lessor penta well they would be mistaken, because in each 5 is the mastery of 3 and as a high-priestess/Lady you will tap them all.... The penta is the hand, the face and the body and the spirit itself as in soul, it is the senses and the known starting planets of research (mercury, venus earth, mars, the moon of earth, and Saturn)

mercury (mercy-from the angel Uriel) the night Venus (venture within us) birth earth (Terra) ear of thought (knowledge) mars (march to the sound) (psychic will, life) the moon (Luna/luva) move on (to reflect/ memory ) Saturn ( say you can turn ) transformation (the spectrum) these are the secret teachings of the mystery schools, that witches of the priestess design was tempted to make their own....and more.. much more... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------misconceptions That witches was wild women made that way when they was taken by savages, Indians or tormented, that they are children of the fairy folk, that they was born with the knowledge, that they was lost children in the wood, that they came from the amazon/hellion systems of things, and there are a few others.... Stuff witches hate to hear and like to.... The things i hear are: Wow you question my dedication, just because i won't do this, well i done that and alot more things i forget right now, but i'm not going to do that..... or I study so i can learn, but don't want to get too involved.... Or Oh, yeah i was a High priestess/witch/monk, wizard, druid, shaman or other, but i seem to have forgotten it all, but i am ready to start What witches like to hear..... now.. Oh, hello so your into...... it too, ok, show me something..... fine, lets find a place to go..... hey your the one i saw in my dream, right..... yeah that was me, but my hair looked dreadful right.... So what made you follow witchcraft..... what didn' heck i see we don't study the same stuff, but can we exchange what we think we know.....

now look at the

# how can you tell if you are a witchy? (you seek to explore witchcraft, or it seeks to explore you) # natural witches selves (rewards and information, friends and connections) are about you or seek you out.. it happens because of your aura...and personality.... # male witches (students of witchcraft only in the 2nd position in ritual nature and circle as "consort" working partner, or high priest/mage guide behind the high priestess...)sorry other then title, there is no male witch design that was born,even though many a male model would seem like its connected its not, it was as of the 1500's copied the models of the 'witchcraft nature and preformed them in a male tone, long story and most will want to debate, but as the saying goes “showing is better then telling” and they of the modern 'male witch/warlock ideal will only show wicca educated rituals, so how can you be anything but within that spectrum of education, and Thor/Odin/Amun/Zeus/ect.. of male design isn't witchcraft, no matter how the modern writers want to “recreate it”, as of the 1700's only males allowed to learn witchery was adopted by coven external female models..which is few and far between..(wicca tried to create through the pagan/neopagan model the lord/lady (god/goddess) unity... but you wouldn't be this far in this manual if you was disagreeing with this education removed from the mistaken rituals created to add males to its design, instead of the ones that support the witch using males as the 'tools”....(personal opinion is mute here)...(as stated long story) Which for the sake of this book will not be explored here. # becoming a witch ( you can only awaken the witchcraft and secret arts within, its up to the goddess and or powers that be, (where you get the godhead ideals) that will offer you in, but normally it is being invited into ritual by a coven member or connection to a coven guide, aka another witch in the practice to make dedication to the art..the rest is practice and study) # pretend witches (no such witch, Witchcraft is an art that leave in it a very visible wake of skill and design, those that pretend to do witchcraft, are often hit with the worst kind of "return" they are made to see it and desire being a witch as others who are these are silently laughing in their face...(remember the saying you have to be cruel to be kind) Beware the cackle.....for like the bell it tolls for you....) The cool thing is they will never know the full design, because even their they will feel aren't making any, this is justice to hide the art from the ready” ( so you get what you give )Fluff and Puff, and Huff are all topics wicca systems trying to play in the witches nature... (but its only a name

mistakes “not about right?)

# Christian Witches ( as with all designs models of modern paganism recreated what a witch was, is, so as to say even Christians are witches as well, "what happened to the statement.."thou shall have no other gods before me..." (perhaps they was asleep in the church at the time)... or is it because the art has grown so womanly in self that even "mary like nuns want in” since the movie "mist of Avalon" and others of like media design, sorry but when one wants in they can't convert as they want, thats fantasy, and you need not reject your past, you just won't find it very useful in the witches design, and thats the reason churches suppressed it, and wanted what the witch knew and had, as you see the way the 'spiritual pool is now going”. (ask yourself should there be a christian witch?) or are the wicce/a/n's trying to be christian as well....??) witchcraft is an art not a religion, so if you add religion its your own design, not something that was there before... (and that's why Salem is denoted to Samantha of "Bewitched" and not any wiccan/witch in its state....right?) # deity question (wiccan designs may very, however in witchcraft.. the art serves only the knowledge and or communication with deity or more, and doesn't worship anything directly, they can.. but most don't)

# Lord and Lady (King/Queen Ideal) of the magic(k) design, however the real nature might shock you.... (WU education required)”the lord and lady design comes from the ceremonial arts and was more occult then witchcraft and has continued in that design since the 1500's, under those of the 'luciferian/thelma natures, which even in their system its a throwback to the temple man and wife spiritual deity unions.. (more about this if you study 'dark witch natures and magus trainings, and I don't mean the ones from Mather or they know only the shell not the core..)

# finding your divine Everyone needs to find their own deity in their own way. (Actually that statement is created by neo-pagan idealist who have no teacher, guide, other, so they are just told what they want to hear as in 'you can't make a mistake, you can do as you want', the reason modern paganism sells so good, is the freedom one has to 'do as they please, 'but give a loaded gun to a child and what happens, they mistakenly use it.., not persevere, or fear, or to protect or ask for assistance, but spirituality is fickle that way because of 'false priest, and theologies, well let me remind you.. (THIS ISN'T A BOOK OF DEBATE, ITS A BOOK OF ANSWERS) like it or not.. They who want you to make it up as you go, gain profit from your searching, and can then teach you as they see fit and you as a seeker have to follow their own creations, even if they are quite off from your own discoveries.. (but again that's spiritualism, not an art, that's a religion, not a purpose...are you to want and seek what you, by the nature of the skill and awareness within you is not feeling complete.. 'though only my discovery, deities are teachers, they are guides to oneself, not their greater wisdom, they want you to be you, then seek what they have to offer by the desires you collect about you, and the patterns that show up..) only wiccan models tend to create that which isn't found in the direct study of witchcraft and mix pagan theologies, because that's what they are (guess's) to them.. and because of this they tend to be one-sided on the 'practice' as in how to achieve anything.....(but again the saying 'you get what you give�) Most forms of Wicca call for a Lord and Lady, a God and Goddess. Most forms of Wicca allow for a Witch to substitute a God or Goddess other than the main ones for a specific ritual. (if your coming from a designed nature then yes, otherwise this statement is false, as to the idea that deities are based in seasons as setup by the wiccan models before....) In witchcraft it is not that way, for witches it is the art that defines the energy, the deity that defines the magic(k) and the connection that defines the reward (at WU) you will see this..more....

So, how do you know which God or Goddess (or one of each) is yours? (by symbolism, items about, you and way you communicate) If you are part of a coven or other group, you can seek the assistance of your high priest or high priestess, who may have a ritual to assist your search. If you are a solitary or your group is all beginners, then you will need to conduct your own search. (true) For some people, the God and/or Goddess comes to you. This can be a visit in a dream, a vision that occurs during ritual, or some other sign or message from your God and/or Goddess.(often more then this...alone..but that can be a start...) For many people, you have to search for your God and/or Goddess. The easiest method is to start researching Gods and Goddesses from around the world. After enough research, many people encounter a God or Goddess that appeals to them. Once you find a God or Goddess that seems right, you can use meditation, divination, or other ritual to confirm the choice. (wiccan/pagan thinking) In the meantime, it is perfectly acceptable to invoke a generic “Lord” and “Lady” that represents all of the Gods and Goddesses. You can also experiment with different Gods and Goddesses that you have read about, especially if you match up those Gods and Goddesses to rituals that are related to them. (and you wonder why christian idea's are in witchcraft as theory)..this thinking is wrong to say the lease..but that's why there is a book dummy guide to wicca.... It is also possible that you might find more than one deity that fits you personally. It is fairly common, for example, for someone to use two different Goddesses in their ritual, balancing which one fits their needs at any given moment, or even invoking both at the same time. The pairs can be deities that are related mythological (such as sisters or mother/daughter) or could even be two apparently unrelated deities from completely different traditions (sometimes they turn out to be more related than you first thought, for example, many people are drawn to Artemis [Greek] and Diana [Roman] or Artemis and Bast [Egyptian] and then later find out that the ancients thought that Artemis, Diana, and Bast were all the same Goddess).remember this is based in spiritual journey and self re-creational natures and not magic(k) or connection to anything by ritual and or more...but those who want to have fun be my guest...)

" I though you wanted to study as a witch or explore witchcraft" Right? Spirit guides are a shamanic tradition, but many Witches use spirit guides. Without going into too much detail, a person finds his or her spirit guide by going on a vision quest. These are usually very involved rituals and you probably need the help of an experienced shaman to try this. Usually the spirit guide is in the form of a animal. This animal might also become your totem. In some forms of Witchcraft, once you know your God and/or Goddess, you might have an animal spirit guide provided by that God or Goddess (and the animal spirit would be an animal associated with that deity, for example, Bast is Goddess of cats). (talking about familiars/friendly ideals) (WU education) Animal and Spirit Guides The two most common animal connections in Witchcraft are to a spirit guide and to a familiar. A spirit guide is an animal in the spirit world, while a familiar is an animal in the physical world. (wrong, a spirit guide is an ethereal being or essence that guides you as you get closer to the dragon nature, the real gateway keeper to these mysteries, while the familiar info is below... (forgive me we are going into the K magic creations) magick.. so learn to see the (k) added on, and the magic.. that is devoid of this addition) A familiar is an animal with whom a Witch or shaman has a spiritual, psychic, or magickal connection. The connection with a familiar is different than the connection with a pet (although a person can obviously have both connections with the same animal). A familiar assists your magick work. The most common kind of familiar is a cat and the most common way that cats participate in magick is by being psychic guardians when you perform your circle. # after life Though the wiccan design has created the summer land, the truth of the afterlife is more then shocking..but your not ready to know this..(the WU is) # spell book A book can be made by anyone it requires no training, no awareness, and no dedication, however it will not have the power or complete will of a book that has this...then it stops being a spell book and becomes a grimoire... (a lesson book) to the eventual book of shadows.. # book of shadows a book of shadows often mistaken for a grimoire is an advanced book of learning and preparing rituals and tool information required for a witch and or practicing magic(k) one to advance their skills and nature to the harmony of the occult arts and more...until they get a book of shadows from their coven or the right to copy one, which is totally different from this 'grimoire study many begin as a book� (WU has more) # lack of money If you are in the favor of the magic(k)al design then your tools and supplies and other things become almost free and at times totally free, it is the will of the goddess and natures to serve an easier road for those devoted to its exploration... (in the witches design, not wicca/n nature only witches who have done good in their workings get the rewards of easier access to tools and materials.. (same can be said for ceremonial junior masters aka (mages/magus) but you have to give before you get)....RULE OF LIFE.

# stores Most stores are shaman and wiccan in nature they will not possess more then about 30% of any idea you might ever need, unless they are run by a person who does as your art offers...(then they become a possible haven for those who are like you, many shops trying and build mock covens...(know the differences by the info here and your inner feelings) if that fails..then get a teacher..they will have your answer.... # groups or covens There are many but few are truly able to teach past the basics, and that is there goal, to have a collective control the group and so they can just exist, while a witches coven you will find is without this flaw and is way more advanced then it looks, a group is only as good as the items it offers, and most are just for community, which is fine, but if you seek what seeks you... # circles There are 3 types of circles, Ritual, Gathering, Charging there can be others but that is the basic...for the advancing... Ritual: dedicated to the practice of a direct art or design Gathering: not to be confused with a coven... a gathering is just a bunch of others doing as they want and calling it ritual...which will not have any system, and design, and no return... Charging: life charges us with the power of the sun and moon and earth, its within us to in ritual tune it to our aura, make it makes us more aware in the senses and designs about us, let alone connect us to more... # meeting other witches Witches don't openly advertise, so those who are in the High priestess/High priest, Mage or more leave notes or start small outreach designs, not to promote students/seekers/neophytes but to allow the world to share in their awareness, this is more just by accident they find others... but the real meetings take place in.....(WU if your ready for this step) # adults As an adult you will learn the ropes of witchcraft or magic(k), some might help you out along the way, it is up to you, but know if you don't seek you will never fully understand...

# harassment of witches This is on 3 levels....

Help: as you study what others might disagree with, you must keep it to yourself, to get help you must look for signs otherwise....let the art bring the answer to you... Self: you must, if you want to learn, share with the area the learning comes from, you can't just lock yourself away and hope it comes to you, because it might not, but at the same time question, but don't be pushy....just await a result...even if it takes a bit... Other: When attacked you have the right to attack back, but don't..not until you learn a bit more..even the darkness reveals to its subject a shadow before it is show an action, so don't take crap, but don't act on crap as well....otherwise you will have to cleanup your own mess....holy crap...right... one thing that does connect modern education to ancient witchcraft/ceremonial arts fully though, was the scattering of the temple priestess used in both ceremonial designs as well as teachers and guides, which is very evident today in the form of 'school teachers" now.... Night Virtue It is given to a witch to have symbolism placed on her in the mist of sexual slavery, this was to heighten ritual and pronounce deity/powers that be/authority in the act of their dedication and to create a bond with the powers of the otherside of the pentagram design and symbolism of certain cultures, though this was only open to the highest of teachers in the past. As it was normally placed on only those who would be of greater a future teacher/guide themselves however over the years it was a custom to have those who seek this awareness (tested) by having them tap into it and as of youthful nature be open to its aura and energy, this created a bond with the art farther on in the years ahead as their essence of being and self grew.. (As this was not merely a witch creation it was a magus design of the hidden witchcraft calling what the modern occult called “the greater/higher design�, and not directly witch or witchcraft as it starts, it continues to be the key to these skills which if you was to break down any ritual before you in wicca/occult ceremonial witchcraft, you would see they are connected within it, just outwardly shown as different by those too fearful of the modern worlds acceptance of it,

since religion of the “modest woman and man� was the education of the day, which gave rise to more about dabbling in the mid occult beginners nature, ranging of ceremonial arts to the gypsy crystal ball and not the full spectrum you get by being in a temple like structure as the ancient arts grew from..)and now tend to copy under modern hands. This gave way to self creation ideals, energy natures, and opened the door to eclectic 'multi cultural adding� theology and solitary practice by the modern satanic and wicca/n based concepts....of the day. Though the art is ever evolving, it was however the practice of those given to the 3rd ring of awareness (aka the dragons gateway) in a coven like circle design to merely dabble instead of dive in....but if your part of the moon, don't you wish to see it's seasons and shades... (more in the magus world) Contract with the Red and Black,

If your a full witch model of the Lady on High then you have removed all the limits to this ritual and rite, the red and black are the occult ceremonial candles of night witchery a system of physical carnal exercises that is used to awaken the dark shade of the soul, and it is a 3 sided ritual as it has 9 doors..... and to each door is a level the advancing dark witches energy must connect to... as one does rituals with the 2 red or double black they connect to the occult systems of the awaiting natures of the system of the cabal unions and the keys, a cultural pathway back to the arts of the older temples and their is a personal road beyond the image of the lady, but it is within her education if she is brave enough to face it... Candle elevation: As one has a Lady embraced the field of the candles as in the star they now will grow as each candle takes shape within their design, one moving in position to another and eventually to return to the same... (the model is often looked out as the wheel) when in reality its more like a learning clock...It is here that the witch as a Full model of the Lady can then tap into the foundation of all the models and systems and designs without the limits given to her by those who only go half way...

Gateway to the Night Arts:

The candles setup a form of psychic gateway, and it is the energy for the mirror ritual and certain gateways.. that are setup in cut earth to work, it acts like a field that will draw you into a form of connection with your night self, and things you summon if you chosen to... It is the Lady's job to serve as judge , jury and exerciser in anything that has to do with the incoming energy or emotional fields of other witches with the connection, as far as the design though only the 3rd circles mastery will make one ready as a Full witch... (The Works) Druid/Shaman/Witch Study (Beyond)

Upon you the ancient sky, below you the naked earth, within the power of eternity, the veil of time and space itself, a simple three triangle in service to the union of the universe. Three is the cosmic reality, faith, hope desire; up, down, and beneath. The secret of the triangle is universal. It is the secondary entrance to the witches’ model. For if you envision a circle and place upon it a triangle in the center, then place upon a circle in the center of the triangle, you would then see a star in the center. The star is the living eye, the all-seeing, all knowing eye. There is an old story that when one is truly happy, they have stars in their eyes. This is true, but what is more true is that the universe is made of five.

The star, the physical body revealed, naked and unashamed, mourned in the beginning of fire, set loose to live in water, brought forth to the land, stretched arms to the sky as in air, and embraced the unknown by the spirit or soul. This is the key legacy of our birth, our birthright. It is a lower key. It is a model that must be beaten and tamed. We must succumb, subdue our own physical desires in order to obtain, not it, but reward, which is the upper key, that which supports the eye. For the lower key is the grand mystery of life, while the higher or upper key is the grand mystery of purpose. Once unified, they are the living dragon’s eye, the secret to not just one circle, but to every one. Witchcraft is born here in the center, the upper key or lower key of the upper. The triangle is its support. This is the cosmic secret. she who is dawns by candle light without her skin to be ghost to flight circle in soul and spirit to take the night she who is, is but the fire of candlelight without her skin has no time to end in sight without her touch to limit her delight for she who is in, is in an eternal circle right... As with Diana, Hecate Isis, Baste, Molis and Vasha and Lil, you call upon the female power of birth and truth. This is referred to as the Venus temple. This is a physical working related to the lady and the priestess if you will). (terms used in my art, and the position of skill, 'standing, is awaiting, and high or fully prepared to guide as teacher) It is a connection the goddess’s tokens.

high lady (priestess, high design to explain the Lady on high (is the witch between feminine energy and

Druids serve witches in the aspect of the staff, but not in its nature, as others want to make it.. for a witch is seen as the hand of nature, but merely that of priestess within their own design. The dragon's eye is the secret ritual of the power to the dragon/magus arts, it is the primal power unleashed its both intellectual and highly sexual, but that's because dragons crave the energy of life as it is "unleashed in ritual, they tune it so the body can reach higher awareness and sensations...states at which they are already living within... (for males it is the wisdom and power that come to us, for women its beauty, and knowledge and magick to unleash its skill in others as well as themselves.. (only in the dark veil of this design, can the roles of male and female energy be reversed....) dragons don't know what sex is.... truly they don't, they think of it as a workout that requires them to tap the physical energy of themselves and those they work with, to them, we are just learning to see.. they think we are just too sheltered or blind... to see the obvious...(only in a binding ritual will dragons view anything as sacred) Shamans are the equivalent of the witches’ model, only they can be male or female. Their nature is to serve the community that they belong to, and they do it in more of a sense of faith than in magic, but there are exceptions. In the witch’s world, the shaman is best friend and information gatherer to witchcraft, not to witch.

Witch Study and Beyond: (outside the ring)

The witch’s study is the art of witchcraft. In its shaded form, the dark witches model, tempting and powerful, connected to the tarot itself, ceremonial and put to point as in the points of the pentagram itself. The power of this design is to unleash the connection of all three circles, instead of abiding by the rules of one or two or three, not for malice, just for knowledge, and to absorb that energy into their heart; because a witch is a witch is a witch, there are no distinctions. However there is cultivation. There are three fives, these make up the number 15, 15 makes up the number six. The first five you must gather in order to own. The second five you must appease in order to have and share; and the final five is a return with both of the other fives as your the slave in training or service to the arts. By service to an oath, you are making a universal and internal bond. It is the legacy of witchcraft and magehood to make specific agreements, not by self, but by service, so that those forces and/or fields may release themselves in union with your actions. One should never look at an oath as the ability to self-contract to recreate one’s self, or to establish a foothold in another design, because it will become self inflated; and each token will not follow your actions. An oath: “is the surrendering of service to the higher goal, as contracted by your calling”. No one can fake the calling.

Brine/The Lady:

(Decoding the imagery you see is the male priest offering full connection to the womanly consorted one, and she was to take the phallus into all her being, to have it ride out the mouth, the phallus is symbolism for 'the divine dragon�) this imagery is 1400's occult..) Twelfth century England, a pub called the Three Boars was started; a small gallery of four women who thought piracy and secrets were the way to make them famous. Pirates, individuals under the authority of the Royal Navy would tell stories of secret women and bestial rituals and sacred areas in which mysterious goings on were fielded. As the brine, known by the word of what happens to wine at the bottom of the barrel after it aged, became wise to these secrets, they collected tools and tokens from their favorite visitors. The witches of the brine were witches of the French/English natures and it was in 1113 that they applied their trade they sought only one thing to gather energy and power from both living and dead forces, there was 6 of them at first which grew quickly to 40 or more......They held rituals devoted to sexual renewing of the soul and phallic like workings, they sought sex not for power but for protection, not to sway minds but to empower their own sensations of the flesh, they would work casting both spells and hexes on those they wanted both wealth and rewards too and they always came true without much delay......However over time they got greedy and sought beyond the mere power and secrets of the flesh to gather more and more skill in their own "new" they began creating sygils given to them by their secret water seeing trick, and then with a bit of their own blood could open doorways in the living soul by use of these sygils formed from the very mind of creation itself..... So they became more then hunted they became a threat, so witch after witch sought to gather their "new" skills and failed because it was always only open to those whom taken the long it became more a mere limit on the witchcraft of the day to contest this new education.......(Fearing that they wouldn't be long for this world once they disclosed this new secret. they created a book of it for only the 6 main one whom had held every little bit of honey enlightened word and or diagram...) and sure enough as soon as the books was made an attack not by them but

by another witches design was creating the flood they would soon disappear within....... some might know these witches as summer-born..but to history it was claimed the secrets of these the witches of the brine, all but one of the books was burned none of the brine was killed as of note...they all just disappeared but not before the birth of another witches design..... (The Rooting Will) "the True Circle" (Root of the Circle Witches) it is two more days until history has come and gone. because it is....January 6th that the books was finished......and We of the Root have had this legacy of hidden wealth and shame and enlightened secrets as our "Birth Mother"......Truthfully it wasn't until the Re-birth that I learned of our little secret......which to this day few if any have minor a clue too........(But the books secrets and the brine's secret destiny rest now in the Rooting Will) "short for rooted willow tree" another secret we have yet to own up to.......(but as this is another Year so it to is another way and Will) We thank the brine for being so bold as to look beyond the mere skin of live and temples of symbols and to devote body and mind to the true secrets of enlightened will, and to the fact we are the remake beginning of this small but very en-caged circle of witchcraft/witchery form and force....... May the Brine secrets bring us more then just the lost greed of those whom was devoted to nothing more then their own ....and as a Testament to this legacy now in the hands of this simple yet very devoted coven of time....We bring honor to their discovery and those they chosen to share in the future yet to come.....By revealing the Rooted Willow and its seeds.....(to those whom Circle Venture) May the root be more then a handful of answers

So mote it Be The Lady- A secret chair set amongst the center of the pub floor above the seating of a table, this was the position of authority on high, to be the center of attention. Information, friendship, loyalty, service, counter-intelligence and awareness were all the household of the lady; for she was known as the woman of the river, a secret that later became lady of the rose. The witch’s design is based on the Moon, the energy of the Moon and the circle as created by the Moon. This process was never part of the grand design as in the temples. Temples were square as in corners, though they did have circles as in pits as in the Eye. Later

the circle was the dragons’ eye hence why the eye is in the center of the circle as in the pentagram as well, for the dragon controls what goes out and what surrounds, the dragon represents the Sun and the Moon. The first circle is the gift. The essence of circular rhythm was then collided with the figure 8, the power of the hierarchy of the planets in conjunction. The circular design is basically a charging area and is a type of responsibility, when you are working with the elements you are responsible for what you do within that circle, the teacher is the one who helps and determines the advancement. The rituals determine when one advances as it gives notice to that. As the Moon design was starting to get more rampant, givers of the moon were looked on as the source of material, like Apollo, Diana, Freya and so on, these were often attributed to the witch’s design. Those practicing started to assign it to the elements and the triangle of mind body and spirit, so over time the design gathered the deities of Hekate, Lilith and Isis. Lilith is known by Natas Claw Mark, Isis is known by the Ankh on the back of neck, Hekate is known if anything by the witch’s ax because of duty and responsibility. We refer to Hekate as the teacher of the daughters. When we refer to the 11th Century witch (circa 1116 C.E.) and their tools we are speaking of those which were the ones passed on to the witches of the Brine. The Ladies of the Brine had through the unusual meetings with the pirates and mysterious fates had taken these rituals to heart and became the witches of the Brine, because a reaction would happen after the use of these. These which became to the core of the root came from the women of the Brine to the Toulon witches… the Art of Levona… she lived it ascribing no name as such to it but it’s history, we call it the Root, because it goes back to the Root of the Brine. The book of shadows has been passed on through to the Toulon witches to Lady Marie Ro to Lady D. All our witchery is based on this except some of the goddess details (as most know the witchcraft design today, we aren't claiming, the full ownership, but the designs that made witchcraft as the modern know it and we guide it to this day.. given wisdom of this rooting art from Lady Marie Ro, and as to the awareness of the tri self far outside the 'trinity and concepts of wicca creations and recreations, but no details as to names..... just symbols and markings at the time. With the help of the included symbols and markings and use of the knowledge taught to me and my studies I was welcomed into its adoption.. those who sought the Brine way, they were finally able to find the names to the tri of Hekate Lilith and Isis in workings and union arts. (from which many an earlier occult design mixed and formed their own greater understanding of, only to be half right..) Hekate was assigned in general the first, and entrance to the second circle and Isis, and Lilith were considered for the second, and third circle. The second: circle is the circle of Isis; in this circle we are celebrating the female goddess, the union of the moon it is the empowering ritual where one can begin to follow the mirror arts of the ritual. You are trying to take the witch’s ghost or Ariel servant with the ethereal veil to communicate with the Shadow or shadows. The mirror rituals are basically a kind of deadlock to owning the circle a borderline between magehood and witchcraft. The third ring is the essence of Lilith the daughter teachings of the sun the essence is not the witch’s rebellious nature but the ability to move the witches circle wherever and not in a certain spot. You have the ability to see what the others practice and if they are practicing the true art they will live magically otherwise they will die out.

pagans : cut and dry worshiped life and the physical energies of the self pagan ( not a real word ) given in difference of heretic witch : comes from wording ( thitching , and changing wit ) worships nothing , served by magic life and gift given , was locked in the serving of the know , before it was know, said to be inspired by angels or devils ( yes devils ) marked and bounded by the forces of the moon , ( had no fixed religion, only that which it summoned in service ) called aerialus spiritanus the craft , itself took on many faces, in order to hide its usage , healers , scryers, gypsy and others were of medicine linkage , and tools of amulets and roots were of use , this was the craft , not the witch......... ( then came the foundation of witchcraft ) : truthful there is none , before the burning and after there were those who wanted links , life of the Egyptians, : lives of the Greek/roman , : and lives of the Sumerian , those who hold ritual higher then the energy of life's real craft or the real witch of same : and the Celts/druids , what a laugh,,,,,,,,, : ancient legend for something more then legend and more then ancient............ : want to see the true face of the witch...... : it would really shock you all........

there were 3 histories......... 1st : Sumerian in rituals of sex or the arcane , the belief in fertility deities and tools to harness power was the acts of this magick and the folklore of the ( jinn ) magical beings that granted the user of them power to control the elements of the earth... and the protectors of the holders of these gates...... it is a long story but a system of cult like persons became the focus the natures of rituals and rites of passion..... ( refereed as heretic or pagan ) this is the primal center of of the reasoning........ 2nd : Phoenicia the center here was on the working of magick and the sciences of the body and mind....mostly experimental, how ever the divinational tools of the rude forms were in full action..( animal guts , bumps on the skull , and such ) this is the prime root of the tarot.......and scrying..... 3rd : Egyptian the basic center of magic is on the passage of life and the direct control of the natures and the center of , the ritual of massage was a placement in the Arcane of magick the process of the tuning of the body in this art was the releasing of the energy of freewill, and the linking of the talisman principles was brought into focus, like all groups of magick , protection from the other side was also observed....... the rest deal in the tools of refinement as the cup the dagger

the robe the wand and the sword.... all have there place in the refined witch , but not the harmony of...

history is one who doesn't look kindly on magick in any form.... for time is involved and things get rewritten , history favors the victorious , so here it goes...... ( from drawings of the primal times to the script of today ) magic has played an important part in the evolvement of the mind no one really knows the start , but for all purposes there were many and at the same time almost..... mytho : has played a part in many a arcane event....... the real history is shy a few bricks , for most as i said was written by the victors...... as for the symbols of magic stretch back to ancient Persia..... as for herbs and sciences ( alchemistry ) to ancient Greek as for the written and astral stuff ( to the Babylonia and Egyptian ) as for tools to this effect ( early 1400 England ) there is more.....but here is the tree...... The Awaiting door of the Root Witches circle as....... the doorways of life for a witch: (this is one of our stories) in the brine:

(a story of the developing nature of the mystical woman and the book that would forever shadow the art of witch self) the glass book,

a naked woman gracefully walking to a rusty gate in the eve of the suns morn and it is slightly opened as she steps one foot in , she enters as she sees a garden filled with flowers and moss stones, and a warning in an ancient symbol " you enter as you leave " farther in the garden gos dark as the moon starts to shine, and a circle appears on the ground by the light, as she enters the circle she is bathed in the light as if a hundred fingers are all over her body, but only the light shows as she reaches for the moon in the circle as it lifts her a few inches off the ground.. as the morning returns she sees 3 stones on the corners of the circle outside they seem to be written in an mix of symbols and of 3 different stone colors, red-stone,gray-stone,and blue-stone but humble and not foreboding, and she begins to feel the earth pull her down until she is on her knees, , then a wind blows as it forms a tornado on the outer edges of the circle a man appears ( naked/skyclad with a medallion ) around his neck..... and she fears his entering but doesn't move, and he kneels like her and takes her hand,, and places a kiss on her forehead, and then stands in front of her and displays his powers in each of the corners of her circle... ( he then kneels and asks if she would like touch of these and anoint them with her body and touch... after doing so, the magus raises her up and then bend to his knees and kisses her feet leaving an ancient symbol by his lips, the moon arrives again and the man vanishes as this the woman now glowing, sees a upside down tree in the light of the moon a bit of space away, and and angel like thing hands her a bright red fruit and she eats of it.... then falls to sleep, as in a dream, but more real. she bathed in golden skyclad/naked self walks up to a gate made of fire and touches it with her fingers the two told as one, and she saw a guardian at this gateway and it said give of yourself and enter the fire of wisdom and gain of yourself no fear in your workings so she did, and water in the shape of hands raised her to the heavens and a guardian came to her and said " deep is the ocean of life, can you walk it , will you walk within it...( no answer was needed , as the guardian looked into her eyes,

unknowing to this she was stunned ) and fell to earth.......

silence came, and came and came, as day turned to night and night to day, then a rumbling in the ground came and spiked the earth as needles ( and a grand head of a dragon broke free ) and opened it mouth and said " i as my mother before me , await to eat you " the woman was scared, but still golden in shading and the dragon said " only the one who is without life can return " so she said " eat of me, " and the dragon gulped her all up and her heart stopped and was cold and way dead, " in the stomach of the dragon she rested dead and silent, and was awakened in a river of silver in a crystal cavern " a voice rings out to her " ( i am the lady of this silver, awake and be my guest and the fire of the dragon, heats the silver and as she leaves the pool of silver only a little of this was left on her, as she enters exactly where she started, ( the silver was in brackets on her arms and legs and about her waist and neck....... ) still in the light of the moon she shimmered by the silver reflecting, then a storm of air and darkness come and struck down the stones, as wind made beings called "demons" come about 12 of them and they made pushing and pulling at the circle, but no use..... as the sun arrives she is tired after all this going on so she rest naked in the circle and stretched out to sleep........

Witches , or maidens as there were known , are/were sensual beings and being so they would smell the flowers and run in rain and do this all in the freedom of the naked sky......... well as they would do this things would happen to their body, they would hear nature call to them and they would see visions of the past or future , it was often that a warrior or such would see this naked goddess and view her from afar.... and still she or they would not hide from view.......... and it was said that their touch was like fire and eyes like water.. and they could hear you heat beat from a mile away....... ( no they didn't seek sex , but they new the power of it..... ) and the energies of touch...... and if you were wanted by them they would take your energy as their own...... , if willingly offered...... ( mostly female , not often.......male...... ) As defined in many books, a witch is a person of power a conjurer , and it should be of note: they are mostly female, as said before a male can take the title but that is all, a male by design is a student of the sun not the moon, unless adopted by a coven nature..and they share this knowledge with them, which by the rules they normally can not, unless like me, you do a great deed for the circle/coven and they owe you, then your adoption as merely a consort or tool of the arts is granted further advances. and as such you can then assist as an equal, however in the main rituals 2-3rd and so forth your still beholding to only that which is under the guided SHE “aka Lady� unless your outer circle like her in education, which means you still have to go through all the earlier stuff to get there. (so no cheating) or you might find your visit cut short.. HOWEVER: witch THE TERM : in the basic understanding is: Whom is interested in teaching the changing heart..... and this is the skill of the basic craft...... craft : is the working of an design or skill.... and is the arcane basics for the forum of a witch..... ( not all witches were conjurer , some were healer of the physical , : in basic terms , they : who are the regulators of the written words would like you to believe that real natural witches , developed by the sciences of healing and herbal arts..... but this once again is not so , this reasoning stems from the fear of the natural

act of the nature of the craft , and the integration of the witch self.... to be understood , but the real center of the witch is much more... As a beginner , newbie , neophyte , or other , you have felt the energy of nature call to you, and the courses of the arcane i will reveal the wicker of the candle to the real seeker , 101 is just a number , unless it is the beginning of the self ( learning of the tools of the placement in the craft.....( witch wise ) As with all beginnings , focal magic is the key to the transformation and awareness of the candle of the witch.... I will post the lessons of the link of the craft in my locked book for the true seeker..... ( The soul is skyclad/naked in the wisp of the candle without form or design until the mind gives it shape and sets the truth to center ) so in the Arcane of the real witch ( Naked and accepting of the candle of the natural self ) For nature is the only helper of the witch and never will it master one , unless you lock up your true soul and have it not call on you.... ( more later ) : some say the first witches were daughter models of " Lilith or Morgana " : others give rise to cults of virgin priestess ( that devoted to the moon or sun ) : then others say witches were born from birth educations, with the idea of using moon marking : Well the first witches , were not of the physical form but more of a interlocking soul with the past.... they were from the Sumerian period to the late french period... ( like most composed of mostly woman , and often referred to in myth ( no direct record is marked by there own hand , but there were links to this beginning ) ( all of nature flows in life , and so that which is felt can be traced or even copied..... ) ( as for the term witch it was just that a word of defacement.... to show a fear of and a loathing to.... you can look at most 14th century books to see the term in many a naming.. (so what was a witch really called back then.. 'a traveler/seer/a wedo,�weird doer�( as for the flower of the craft i came from the bounty of the elements and the sciences yet to be......) ( Romania , gypsy : traveler of the path , were at time witches of fate , and sought for for information..... ) ( many want claim to the nature of control , but a real witch in the act of nature is , and doesn't seek , but knows.... ) many stories arose of the acts of witchcraft , none were true.. all who was Salem/other put to death was those found guilt of voodoo, or those found guilty of dabbling, the real witches saw it coming..and perhaps stood in judgment or the court area,.. but all had there link with nature as well as fate... ) continues in : BOOK OF THE ROOT


AS TEACHER TO AS TEACHER TO THE HOUSE OF THE WITCHES The Witches way MEMBERS OF THE CIRCLE... (an old group I was part of before the event of modern computers) AS TEACHER TO THE HOUSE OF THE WITCHES we who seek the real answers to magics truths await the goddess and her lessons on the elements and the powers they can release within us all as members of the awakened SOUL........................ The Witches way :its not of ease it is of life : it is of the elements and the math of the circle of the self : weigh temptations and joy and you find love : weigh strength and loyalty and you find truth : weigh love and light and you will find harmony : this is the witches way................. MEMBERS OF THE CIRCLE............. 1st , natural : A natural female of witch self/type is in harmony with nature and the center of the candle of self is brightly lit and , without fear walks sky-clad in self and in mind....( the elements serve her without words ) the goddess ( explained later ) is within and willing to be.... it is the natural witches duties to find and raise the 2nd or another like of self to the center as of she........

2nd , iniational : entering Most think coven, when others speak of initiation but nature want to know you too and to serve in your grand candle for magick is nothing with out the soul or self....( dedication is one of the linking to the first, initiation is not just of circles or covens and is the center of the candle of the seeker or the called.... 3rd , solum : invited to more is the practice of outside workings under a guidance, however it is kept alone, as one has to see if they are ready for more then just basic arts...that anyone can do or be part of.. (like pagan stuff, which will not be mentioned fully in this book as we are about 'witchcraft', not theology..(of the modern age) ( levels of the rituals define our awareness , but the energies of the soul reveal the harmony of the natures of ourselves..... ) without we are just wicca rede recreations, that is why a natural one of the 3 is not blinded by truthful answers instead of creative spiritual religion-ism...... THE CRAFT WILL KEEP ITS OWN>>>>>>>> ALWAYS... in all there is the rule of 3 but there is more to that then what is said so....... the rule is that if you send out you will receive it 3 fold whatever you do,(sorry but what you send out is only what you get back) as you will learn.. well there is also the rule of 7 and the rule of 9...... often referred to in the sense of karma the rule of 7 is the rule that is the mirror you show you will become so if you say it play at it or want to be it , the path will find you.. and the rule also applies to those who think it..... next is the fate rule of 9..... things such as spiritual actions are rarely set in stone, the rule states that the circle has 9 opening so when you cast you have 9 possible outcomes...if you cast without really knowing your target.....or seek to influence, (as with all greater secrets, it will be lost to history, fear, or this very book will be burned, banned, or destroyed because of what you learned within it, but this is the price we as people have to pay) otherwise it was just a passing moment...) RECAP ON WHAT YOU LEARNED SO FAR:

(as a witch) first of all we are candles, 2nd of all we are of star material 3rd of all we are already in-tune with nature and the elements but to really use of natures gifts we need to know the energy of our candles and this is a personal thing, and a sacred trust, it can not be taught only guided..... from the craft and nature i have learned , only the lessons get mundane, if you are a real witch or other and are the root of magic , you can never be mundane, well , the real witchcraft is without altars , and rituals this is a Masononic/pagan thing created to formalize the designs and make them more adaptable to the temple ideals.. the real power of a witch comes from inside after the markings and rituals, not those outer 'chanting/spell-casting nature shaman things, no wonder outsiders find modern lessons/ education mundane, lacking.. without the spice of life. As I use natures gifts, there is always a new things/message/freedoms to fill, up many a page. (even if here its merely witchery) a design that should be as accepted as breathing, but disliked because of its “hidden natures”, We have a right to hide from those that disrespect our ways, and share with those that do... leave your moral compass at home. (or as spoken 'close the book”) TO ME IGNORANCE IS ONLY BLISS TO THOSE WHO WANT TO JUST TO CHEAT LIFE, then you know if you don't want life, whats left... In my ancient text, one is known by their practice, as for ritual, rites/workings/services are what a witch does... rites : are charging to the candle of the self, but with partner or other or others to link to the inoversal (you might call it the microcosm)

the grand center of energy , ever renewing from the source after workings.. and ever sacred or feared,by outsiders.. : If you study far enough it will explains all,............ as I said, history is written by the victors however, I am also a scholar and hold meriting in several educations and a few in physics and bio electric chemistry, but more then modern education i wanted truths and patterns to truths........ and Wicca short of the wording doesn't exist before the 1300's and as for history , before Adam and Eve there was women as in a female woman ruling half the known world........ as for grimoires , well its a long subject......... and I stand by the known truth that woman were the beginning, will be the middle and end of the craft ( in the year 4000 ) as for title a title can be given to anyone as far as witch, first , the witches mark was setup by fake witch hunters, because they wouldn't know anything spiritual or otherwise and when you was appointed by the court facts was few and far between until they themselves got accused such as the 'judges�, but that was the point wasn't it..back then.. however through the ages symbols of the witches craft defined by the goddess herself and her daughters devoted to the SHE of being.. , have been used as the markings and now are seen in everything symbolic, funny how a rejected thing suddenly gets all these symbols, but few can show how they work.... They are : creation of life symbol on head it is placed : power of forces symbol on the right hand : power of ( reflection ) on the left : symbol of self at the belly : symbol of unity with all natures between the breast : symbol of natures protection and root on right foot : symbol of linking to all natures on left foot these are the keys and symbols of the real witch............ but more then this is the skill and awareness of the new eye that the real witch can now serve usage to........

Placement of the ideal's of witchcraft...... about the lessons of the book of the root.........

(forgive the censorship, but the pic on the left was 1971, and the pick on the right was about 15 years later) so you can see: mentality wise little changes but politics and personal creations..) First the real craft , is : well without walls of religion,fate,or destiny.. these are shamanistic ideals ( karma , dogma , kitren ) next : being skyclad/naked is the self and soul..... next : the real witch is vibrational in the nature of life..... ( hands , feet , eyes , body and soul are all....well you will just have to feel it for yourself.......there are no words........ ( like many things in life all have the spark but few have the light... there is no lock on good or evil in the path of the craft......... ( your your own tool for the working...... ) as you progress , nature will gift you will skills of your soul.... if not to awaken others....... ( there is no crusade , no must be this , no border or wall ( we just as people place restrictions ) ( sometime for fear , others for discarded.....)to not be alone? well if you wish to play with the real power of the soul awakened... then you can't be fearful of your own shadow now can you?

What Are Pagans and Witches? Paganism, as it is experienced and envisioned by other Earth orientated belief systems, is devoid of religion, which worships serves as a strand or rope of will , so it venerates the feminine and masculine aspects, as

equal in sexuality , of that synthesis of divine force and/or supreme supernatural power, which has known many names through out the ages. Pagans revel in the wonders of sex and freedom , worshiping the Creative Force as represented by God archetypes, And the Macro-cosmic Form, embodied by Goddess archetypes. Paganism is rooted in spiritual traditions of the world, having many myths and stories to explain the creation/existence of ourselves and the universe we are part of. Pagans seek to coexist with the sacredness and life giving qualities of nature. We see ourselves, and all other living things, as vital parts of the cosmic whole, and have gained the understanding that all entities in the universe exist in both a physical and spiritual reality. Modern Pagans, as a general rule, do not worship evil or satanic , but did long ago..... they did not participate in the practice of sacrifice of other living beings or animals. Many have assumed the title of, "Neopagan", because the exact links to the old ( false ) knowledge are tattered and stretched with time. Pagan, the word, comes from the Latin Pagus, village people, a term used by early Christians, just prior to the middle ages, to describe the country folk, especially those who retained their traditional practices of nature worship and celebration of life. Modern Neopagan take the beliefs, philosophies and practices of ancient Paganism and give them life in the world of today through ritual, ceremony, festival and dance. They will into existence and gather those energies needed to heal and sometimes destroy certain maladies in ( the mix of magic as powder , and pagan as nature ) their fellow creatures, aiding others only when requested. Some Pagans call themselves pagan Witches because the foundation of their path dates back to the pre-christian peoples of western Europe.( though false as well ) The modern word witch comes from the old English, wycca (again the modern creation to find a place outside the originally creators design, when they no longer wanted to do things that are not by the older standards aka “way”, doesn't seem very dedicated does it?) They want to say as 'Pagan”, these individuals held a sacred position among the tribes of pre-christian Europe (sorry but no) as natural healers, teachers, psychologists, herbalists and midwives.( term gypsy : now because of the 'awakening of the 7090's created their own theology called “The Craft of the wise”. Which is not the same as to the Shamanism roots of external cultures including of native Indian/Americans ideals..( but was added , because of lack of root wisdom, in their designs both groups dealt in the physical, mental, or spiritual health of their peoples, but differed somewhat in the methods used. To be a kitchen witch (the pot , kettle witch of crone being ) term because of hansel and gretal, is to be proficient in midwifery, herbalism, astrology, rendering, horticulture, mythology, etc. this is far removed from the root and

history of the first witches....... As Christianity established a political power base in Europe, persecuting any organized religious belief system, which opposed the ( biggest falsehood ) Christian churches absolute authority, many of the native cultures were ( real craft was never underground ) old religion were forced into hiding. It is estimated that over nine million people were falsely accused of being satanic or evil, most of them heretical Christians. The majority of the teachings and wisdom of the Craft was maintained and practiced in secret by small groups called a term of grouping starting in the 1940's :covens or groves, which were often limited to family groups or clans. ( once again a falsehood ) Celtic mythos Over the past couple of decades, with the rise of the counter culture and the New Age consciousness, many people looking for a spiritual alternative have joined in the revival of these ancient ways. Many of the environmental (ecopagan), feminist and animal rights movements have found that Paganism in general, and the Craft in particular, offers a spiritual path compatible with their social concerns and tolerant of their varied beliefs.

(to the left the church roman/christian cross) to the right (native Indian)

Covens and groves of today are spiritually bonded families of (sadly that more a wise tale, true you get connections, but mostly gatherings not answers, unlike the book your reading but like church like groupings say brother or sister in nature........ Pagans, Wicae or other nature-oriented people. Our religions are based on respect for the planet flower child Earth and all forms of nature. We value all humanity as vital parts of creation, celebrating our similarities and differences through rituals, liturgies and festivals dedicated to our Earth Mother, Goddess and Her bountiful love; to the Horned Hunter or Harvester of Souls, God and His miraculous energy; and to the changing seasons, times of the wheel of the year. We hold no malice, nor ill will towards any other religion or belief system ( yet they view Christendom as their enemy, due to the firm knowledge that there has never been ( bucklands rede ) only "One Path, One truth or One Way" to Illuminati or blissful enlightenment. We shall never repress nor deny any ones rights to practice their religion, in that that practice does not intercede with, nor prohibit the practice of our religion and that members of those religions do not attempt to proselytize

us or our progeny. We hold that it is a fundamental human right to believe or not believe in what an individual chooses to, without fear of ridicule or persecution from other religions, religious leaders, public schools, government agencies, or the news media. We believe that a government cannot embrace any part of any ( banking churches ) religion, without denying religious freedom to some of that governments citizens. We affirm that federal, state, or local governments establishment to "provide for the common good" shall be limited to secular laws. It is our intent that there is a clear division between any religious activity and said governments, and that no government funds nor tax revenues shall be used by any religious order, church or sect. We oppose any formation of any type of theocracy, save by the will of all of the people. (sounds more like a movement not an education in magic, sorry but they are trying to see the messages as anyone we let them) zen people say : to know life you must set it free Buddhist people say : you can't give up what is inside of you shamanic say : it is your duty to know yourself good or bad and Christians say : trust in he who made you, and witch say : my way or the highway of life my friend in all there is wisdom, but you must be you.......always ( with power or not , ) to fear what is you is to fear yourself and life, if your purpose is of justice , then deal but if your purpose is to life , then know why you live, wisdom of a wizard : to find yourself and center you must be able to see these things in others and be......... its that simple........... what is offered? a craft/wicca/witchcraft.......

Hear Now the words of the witches, The secrets we hid in the night, When dark was our destiny's pathway, That now we bring into light. Mysterious water and fire, The earth and the wide-ranging air, By hidden quintessence we know them And will and keep silent and dare. The birth and rebirth of all nature, The passing of winter and spring. We share with life universal, Rejoice in the magical ring. Four times in the year the Great Sabbat Returns, and witches are seen At Lammas and Candlemass dancing, On May Eve and old Halloween. When day-time and night-time are equal, When sun is at greatest and least, The four Lesser Sabbats are summoned, And Witches gather in feast. Thirteen silver moons in a year are, Thirteen is the coven's array. Thirteen times at Esbat make merry, For each golden year and a day. The power that was passed down the age, Each time between woman and man, Each century unto the other, Ere time and the ages began. When drawn is the magical circle,

Be sword or athame of power, I ts compass between two worlds lies, In land of the shades for that hour. This world has no right then to know it, And world of beyond will tell naught, The oldest of Gods are invoked there, The Great Work of Magic is wrought. For the two are mystical pillars, That stand at the gate of the shrine, And two are the powers of nature, The forms and the focus divine. The dark and the light in succession, The opposites each unto each, Shown forth as a God and a Goddess: Of this our ancestors teach. By night he's the wild wind's rider, The Horn'd One, the Lord of the Shades, By day he's King of the Woodland, The dweller in green forest glades. She is youthful or old as she pleases, She sails the torn clouds in her barque, The bright silver lady of moonlight, The Crone who weaves spells in the dark. The Master and Mistress of magic, That dwell in the deeps of the mind, Immortal and ever renewing, with powers to free or to bind. So drink the good wine to the Old Gods, And dance and make love in their praise,

Till Elphame's fair land shall receive us, In peace at the end of our days. And Do What You Will be the challenge, So be it Love that harms none, For this is the only commandment, By magic of old, be it done! a message of wiccan truth from ( pixie ) thanks..... ( wicca speaking: the title witch : can be given to any animal or person ) just so u know. ( to be a witch : u have to have knowledge of the basics ) not true (to be a high priestess u must be voted in ( it is not on power or awareness..) tools of the craft / and preparation is just for show ... ( being skyclad is not required ( again false ) u buy stuff u never need ( herbs or pendants ) to make the craft a business( these are all false , below is the truth ) the real craft....

-----------------------the body is a sacred tool it is in harmony with the spirit.... witch : is a person who through nature feels and sees the nature of others or things alike.... the tools of the craft are the harnessing of the physio-kinetic energy of the awakened soul... ( pendant and certain herbs and symbols : help train the mind to focus on the energy that helps them go into harmony to communicate with the soul....

( god/goddess/other are the ancient messages and the forces that if u could tap into them ( your sight and vision of the world expands / rather than contracts.... ( the real craft is not a religious center and that which is natural cant be..naturally. ( being skyclad ( nude/naked ) is your way of telling the body and the elements of harmony , you don't fear them or their natures...) and u wish to join them without attachments... ( Do u paint a wall to hang a picture ? ) ( only if it is unattractive to the room or pictures content...) ( in the real become the energy of the room , and that which is awareness becomes the pictures.... ( for u must be without fear , for nature will dare u on ! the lessons of the levels............. There is more ..... i 'll tell later.... (a bit more on our story of witches nature and its beginning)

The first witch was skyclad/naked with a candle and sitting in a circle, the pentagram , wasn't even known then and moved the winds with a thought by looking deep into a candle......and then stood and it started to rain and got on her knees and spread her legs and gathered of the fluid of creation and anointed the candle, and the sun showed it face and she smiled and thanked the sun and she raised the candle high above her head and 3 male spirits appeared the ready(rede) of 3 and she led each into her circle and was massaged by them and marked of there head with her palm , anointed her candle with their seed ,

then they vanished like the dawn, she sat the candle down and star formed with her body the length of the circle..... and the moon arrived and a length of light, fell on this beauty and she glowed and levitated an inch off the ground the circle she had drawn started to spin and very dark creatures, moved about the edges and pushed and pulled to open this circle the moon seeing this cast a dagger of light into the hands of this one, and named her witch and as she pointed the dagger they the dark creatures would bow, and sit then she walked to the edge of the circle and led one in and sat on him like a chair and this creature, she gathered its seed for her candle.......And then the creatures vanished...... then between her breast appeared a symbol the pentagram is the symbol that appeared ... she anointed her candle with the creatures seed then with the rest she ate of its seed ,and kissed the creatures member, in a thank you ... the light of day came and the dagger gone, the creatures gone as well she returns to the ground... she never felt, energy like this before flowed within her.... everything she touched was electric...... Then the candle lifted in her hands went out and a glowing of the ground the circle that she drawn with her fingers was now there for real ... and sitting on the outer edge of the circle was a golden cup..... in it was wine......And she walked outside and naked she stayed, no one ever saw her in her nakedness....and she knew it..... on her body was the symbol, so she quickly written it it vanished and it had symbols inside of symbols the pentagram , 5 symbols on each corner and the wind flowed with the flick of her hand, the water she went to visit, showed a mirror image of herself (a small stream) and in the stream, was the amulet that she the symbols had drawn was real...she took horsehair and made a string and placed it about her waist....and then she decided that she would return to her circle, with her a stone opening was the dagger the moon had was real as the amulet. but this time she returned a stone had

opened the earth and now stood at the center of the was coarse and flat in parts...and on the stone was the symbol, it lighting without rain and struck the circle, it sent the sensation of (woo) through the woman and she fell and was gone....into the astral realm and she was standing naked in front of a beautiful woman.....adorned with bracelets and she was naked as well....and he asked her to step forward....and lower her head, the woman then said you are now my daughter....... the brothers and sisters of earth, air, water, and fire now know you, and welcome you...... and then she awoke, and a naked man was tied down to stakes and a voice said take of his seed and life and be.... and she did....and she had a daughter......... as the man had vanished as quick as arriving.. she then taught the daughters and practiced the natures of the book that the man was laying over-top..the man was marked with a symbol ....... that's the first witch outside the brine “Levona,' advanced witch in the circle :

(what you see before you is a ex wicca model in a ceremonial dark arts design, that was about both sanders and crowley model, they came close to the nature, but again without full respect to the design, your only seeing the 'outer imagery� and not the art itself.. 1970-80's pic...) ----------------------------------often call by priest or priestess they are steps in a longer staircase many climb but few see that the stairs are not really there ( they are put there as a test to

nature of you...) nature want to know your plans and your thoughts ( it could invade your mind and find them but it is not allowed for free will is the wall you must see in front of you ( for it is at this stage not to tell u is there....) for u are in a maze and have to find your way out alone..... If u do, reward is yours / if not then the maze changes and again the test will happen..( time is on your side always ) u just have to summon it ) natures magic is yours to command and conform... you will see the 4 immortals you will have the symbol of power on your person....... Incense is the way to channel emotion to a focal tool, " to see the center of the self without restrictions. " There are three basic incenses to awaken the mind. " Once unlocked the mind is open for all to see and know , some use substance to get to that door , but it only last for the time of the substance." The energy of life and the forces in it are more than enough for a real venturer. There are three stones to start,these act as tuners of the metaphysical and are very reliable keys to link your new power. There resides three metals that "charge and discharge" the focal energy by three means...

Linked are the three spells "though basic are very powerful" to the awakened soul , 1st. is linked to the circle , 2nd. to the soul , 3rd. to the tool of self.

The energy of earth ( Geo-dominate ), the energy of air ( ethereal-coral ), and the energy of fire ( para-junctional ) " the ability to transfer power by " circle " , the ones whom the neophyte/witch level initiate comes in contact with... The neophyte/witch is now ready for the next level of awareness to the symbols of the elemental keys "written symbols of the design of the elements " fire/water/earth/air".... Learn the history of the first spell casters ( The sisters ) Now nature will guide u to your "talisman" to bond with your pre-awakened spirit,in the service of nature..... Nature has granted u a grand gift, the sad thing is the others who are on your path or beyond , can now feel your presence.... ( so know your circle...) In natures plan that which effects you , will now reflect you.. , as in a mirror what u see will be and what u don't will not be of you...." for nature protects its own. " As you go on you will see through things as if they were glass hence the saying " Now converse with the invisible world not under your feet...." "As above, so below" ( the steps between wizard and a witch is not as far as some think ) but each still have their rules and rights... 'IM SORRY BY NOW IF YOU EXPECTED A GRAND BOOK OF SHADOWS' THAT WILL FOREVER BE OUTSIDE THIS DESIGN, THIS BOOK HERE IS TO PATCH AND MATCH TRUTHS AND THEORIES AD DO DO IT ON WITCH EDUCATION AND OATH BASED ARTS...ty continue if you want to know more and later you might be offered to join and see that book as well� In this level of understanding, you as an advanced witch gain the circle again but this time as explorer, as she returns to the circle the inner circle is covered in a small lit candle and 3 items, herb, stone and root are there.... another candle is lit as a bowl is used and the juices of the root and herb are squeezed out of them and polted by the stone... then burned..... ( a circle of candles set at the lining of the circle itself, are then lit as doorways in-between each was a darkly lit door and a light emerging from within not as bright as the candles but there never the less, and the wind of her mind set

place a chant in words that seemed so perfect to her lips, so she sang and the doors in the shadow started to open and a spirit of some sort was hovering as big as a man or woman over them each ( the circle had what looked like 19 candles around it...... ) a inner voice rings in her head ( welcome to the gateway of the ancients ) " tera mis adem aturi sen am sante dem ateru " and as it rang came voices of the ages and power like no other opened the earth and ripped the circle from its foundation into shadow....... and only the doors awaited within, each apart of a time and place like no-other, but still the image was only that because touch wouldn't mock or mar its reality, it wasn't real , more illusionistic, but there... ( then the door closed and all was quiet.... returning to what felt like earth , dark black smoke was hovering over and around, and drawing the moving of this circle and it was gone as if she was the only one left, no candles or tools or day or night only smoke and her once again in skyclad nature and shining examples of silver now golden on her person glowing in the darkness, and in the distance it looked like a lit candle on something it was an altar and a sword that grew small to the size of a dagger with a ruby in it, and on the blade was writing, " nos emterui corpus dem suilo athemei "the blade of the non the direction of sounds seem to come from afar and she held the dagger tightly as the sound came closer and closer she dropped the blade and it returned into a sword, the smoke cleared and Around her was an Ancient Cavern and a beast the size of 50 men tall stood before her then grinned with sharp teeth and turned its back to her and on its back was weird shaped sygils as a tattoo and vanished into the cavern...... then the ground shook and she was returned in a hard thump to the circle from which she entered........ voices of nature sing out to this lovely covered in and when reflected by the natures voice was calling

in the early dawn and try to call golden-silvery bands and chains sun looked like a star fallen to earth in flames to this one.......

and as she taken to end her journey, she is robed and covered in a thin fabric of eve and walks out to view the world a new..... the world of one face now showed 3 faces ( love , light, and truth in all of the spectrum ) and in the mystery of the self she now held water in the right hand that was ever flowing, and fire in the left as powerful as a roman torch ( and on her body was symbols of her nature in ancient script and harmony of knowing things in her heart...... the faces of witches next..... The Magus in understanding the lesser occult is the teacher in a form of mystical wedding, according to Aleister Crowley as a chemical wedding, but Is more of a binding. Aleister Crowley called it the elusive nature/aeon. There are three phases of existence; that which we see, that which we perceive, that what perceives us. Most people think dark witches design is based on Necronomicon, but no... Men have the dark model but it is trained in, not exploratory as it is in the female. The male design is meant to be consort and protector of the circle it is only in

the third ring that they act as guide and teacher and those require the ritual of a more mature nature. Because of the darker tones… when one takes on the dark witch’s model one becomes as a quasi dark arts sex slave. Lady in Standing design, is the example of the woman who is now in the circle being the pillar.

You will see this in the wiccan design as a woman standing with legs spread hands and or hands up but this is not. This is the occult imagery of a symbolism that dates back to the egyptians and before.. used in ceremonial ways, the “Lady in Standing postion”, is being allowed to be in charge of the circle who is to enter and to leave. (priestess derived) long story.. Lady on High (a direct education of the complete witch nature), is liken to Hekate in the chair and is in charge of all three rings. Hekate model is to act with authority within the circle, whoever enters, whoever resides, whoever asks. The Full Witch: (taken from the wording for (full-moon) as in the cycle of a full moon time..) is in charge of those who go away, those who seek and those who want to seek the art as in extend to mage. Full Witch responsibility is to maintain the chain or to severe it to make a new chain. The Full Witch has the responsibility to be the High Priestess if there is none but she does not have to. This is because the Ladies of the Brine felt if you are who you say you are, you will do so out of generosity. The Brine didn’t intend to be a coven, they collected the secrets, the coven oven time, became the protector of these secrets. This is not the ultimate goal of witchcraft but how our design sees the progress as years go by. (the female form of mercury, venus, moon/Jupiter later) In magehood we try to understand the principles of the three basic powers that is Mercury messenger, Venus female messenger and Jupiter unseen planet touching on the primordial flame. Saturn comes later. Earth is neutral, Mars is agressatory. Cleopatra instituted her own temples of Baste, Sekmet and Isis ruled herein, in which she appointed a complete female priestess, she did this as a male pharaoh wearing a pharaoh beard. The oracle of Delphi had two casts one of practice, one of study and the magi added the third one of the mage. The third ring of Lilith is based on the three pillar ritual. Each one of the circles had a standing pillar the main pillar in form one the sun and one is the moon in between is the magnetism or force between the two and that became the third pillar and became the foundation of the higher arts foundation and entrance

to magus and witchery. The free masons a development from the “MASON� are a knock off the three Egyptian powers Isis, Anubis, and Osiris. And that became their 33 degree, they create from the theology of the art without fully studying they try to create the art without the godly universe. Pharaoh is seen as a person who was deemed to be the processor of all knowledge. The temple was seen as the gateway and direct link to the deity. It is through the knowledge gained through the study as a student of the temple, that gained the knowledge to become like the magi and then the temple is created as an idea of the house of the magi which freemasonry fail to see the patterns in...

The circle is a testing ground in three forms. The first is the mind all three levels, the second is body all three levels and the last is the spirit all three levels. There are five tests to each circle. As we practice it entrance priestess education high priestess education. First two levels anointing and some charging. It is third level that has the mature level of ritual like in a slave attitude and it is to be humble to enable to be taught. For males it is the vessel of the energy for the female here the key or connection to the key of each one of the elements as we endow them with the term and of nature. Consort: in the general understanding of the consort as exposed to the transitioning of their being in three roles as being exposed to this meaning; the giver gives and the given accepted. In the give you are merely a vessel in male or female design you apply yourself to helping another you are to empower or direct them to the higher place in ritual now this would be seen as one sighted because o the High Priestess nature aka Lady on High as normally the one the witch would be working with because the male side of the ritual doesn’t enter until the third ring. Until then the consort is nothing more than the vessel. The given you are not giving over anything to a physical body or person you are taking on the mystical responsibility to serve your art and the style form or working in which it is shown. No one holds your rank privileges or rights other then these workings like finishing chores or homework once done then you will be graded. What is difficult to understand is such an easy and open system o communication with the principles of elemental nature why so many rules these rules were established to protect the inside and the ones outside from not misjudging their steps. One cannot assume that they can grow into perfection without guidance. Divinity aka deity had their own teachers the scholarly education of the witches design should never be looked at as a weaker form for the knowledge that this design shows should reveal a higher direction and take you from being part of the Lady class and move you into magehood aka the third ring. Too often is it too

simple to just flip-flop, create or recreate what one finds acceptable instead of reaching deep inside and focusing on what was written before they were ever born.. aka temple glyphs. All these mystical opportunities didn’t come forth from thin air, they came from ancient temple structures denoting centuries of higher wisdom. Your pagan understanding is about 17% of the known education of just one temple and there were ten if not more. I don’t mean to decimate all you learn but when you get through the comfortable and easy side of your learning all that is left is the truth and you may not like it but it seems to have stood the test of time. Hence the reason why it is actively a part of even your own designs. As misplaced as they may be, when you walk the road of the Lady you give up the games the idea of pagan neutrality and seek the messages written in stone painted on temples and engraved in the heart otherwise it is only a party and you are the last one to get the invite. Being a Lady is like being a daughter of a deity who will let you do what you want but you still attend school like it or not. This is heavy handed knowledge for you are being groomed to think outside the main design of the circle and that which you entrapped yourself in when you can’t see this design before you. You take what was natural and you give it worth I could be all flowers and unicorn but then you wasted twenty years of your life laying on a rainbow without seeing the world change around you. Witchcraft is not a drug polluted haze it is an attempt to match words with the divine on their terms!!! in their way!!! without bending to the weaker side of our frail human existence for when we give in to others limits we are nothing but tools and these tools will simply age and die. being: As one grows into their own, their mind awakens a passion. This passion reveals symbolism. What will be seen as gibberish is actually a code when taken in its ancient connotation. This becomes a tool heightened by the dream state and made real. Secrets and Symbols Workings: (of the inner self) As one begins to blend power into their being by knowledge, they then seek symbolism from different cultures that awaken. It is in these symbols that one begins to define the world around them. seeing, doing: Potions From the 10th to the 17th centuries, alchemical concoctions, druggist, freely made things were used as maladies in increasing the heath and welfare of the environment. However, the advancement of herbal intuition, elemental empathic nature, and psychic dream state reflections created a composition of different forms of tonics. Voodoo, Druid Paste In voodoo, there are five powders, a powder of protection, a powder for memory, a powder for love, a powder for justice, and a powder for summoning. It is these powders that go into the effect of the alchemy of dream connection. Witchcraft, as far as voodoo is concerned, is the borderline between the Damballa and the limbo states of awareness. The priestess virtues are a part of the awakening to the next shango. Druid Paste is a form of alchemy that creates a sort of clay. It’s placed on the body to create healing. It is used only in ritual circumstances.

1. One cannot use a potion if they mean to do harm to another, unless harm is meant by the person who had started it. 2. Oceans cannot be used to heal if spells are cast on others. The spells must pass their time, or be countered before a potion can be used. 3. A true potion master doesn’t charge for healing, but they will charge for desire. 4. The elements must all be in harmony when any potions are made. 5. Potions work on anyone, magic or otherwise. Don’t let stupidity fool you. Occult World: The art known as the Qliphoth , is the fake version of the Kabbalah, a made-up esoteric occult creation denoting the negative side of being. Which it isn’t, because even it has redeemable qualities. They’re taken from the reverse version of the Solomonic. Of things you will learn, the occult hides the best, not because they want to, but because of the copycats. The nature of the occult is to bring understanding to the unseen, to awaken by silence the nature of things about them. The occult is a science, a science of theology, an esoteric religious connotation of obscure paganism, rebound and spewed out in a form of limerick or puzzle with no redeemable factors save one: It’s not that (the occult uses the alchemy of scientific theology to help explain what it isn't going to show outside those that practice its design...) this is the only way occult begins to be scientific. releasing: The Levels Beyond (The Witch’s Ritual) Anism:

Inside the human body is a living animal, both male and female. You see this in every living animal as a totem, a concept of our behavior as their reaction. As we dive into the primal senses, which are only charge points, we begin to unveil the heat;

and this heat empowers the aura. Though animalistic lust, frenzy, limitation of communication is overwhelming in the non-evolutionary, it is merely a chapter to the understanding of the physical being. Anism is none of that. That is the calculus, the catalyst of being an animal. Real anism is awakening with animal-like senses given form by the advanced alchemy of the evolving frame of the spiritual human body. Vampire and Dark Messages: the inner darkness

Deep within the consciousness of all cold animalistic beast is the carnal and the carnivore state of survival. In this, the animal develops highly trained sensitive reflectional energy, aura and sensation. The power of the dark arts within cultures awaken these primal passions, these sensations of survival to unleash a curtain of veil over top of the eyes of humanity. You do not lose your value system, but find a more food chain oriented existence, as which you’re not at the top anymore. To embrace this form of awareness is the key to the power of darkness itself, but not to unleash this unforgiving morsel of lackluster, ego-driven, pompous, latent, fear-driven limitation away from the real. For reality is a lot more dangerous than it appears when survival is the essence. What they don't tell you: to be a vampyre is to be a living symbol of animalistic nature, smells get better, sight gets like a hawk, and your nails well they never stop getting sharp you feel the heart beat of everyone near you, blood is just a tool, and your soul is like a night wind, vampires don't war... by the way, its in the gene when sired, to serve the one who made you, as in protect them and the same otherwise, war is man's creation, not natures.

Full Moon Witch: The Shadow’s Embrace

Just like the moon that is in the high sky displays its light into the lonely person watching, it is like a mother reaching out for its child hoping to guide it into the sun, so that it is not afraid of the changes ahead. This is the nature of being a full witch. As a full witch, one has embraced both singularly in first circle, second circle and third circle, and has now learned to merge them, through the use of the alpha and the omega, the principle of the scale. They have thrown off the limitations of singular coven, and have become all covens, because each coven is a representation of the moon’s very own faith. By the power of their unity, magic and ceremonial, they can now embrace wisdom undreamed of as a mere witch. As a full witch, given guardianship of both ceremonial as well as ritualistic natures, you are no longer just a lady on high, but the lady herself, as in She. Within the world of She is the right to enter the door, a key will be presented, a teaching or lesson will be known. Though the art of mage is considered more male, it has been accepting female designs since the days of the shaman; and just like the moon has shown the witch her virtue, so now do you become the eclipse with the sun at your back. Door to the Mage’s World.

It is in our design as human beings to seek enlightenment wisdom and thought in the things around us. Never accept doubt, friction or philosophy as truth, for it is another wondering will disguised, seeking answers no more than any other. It’s the

witch’s skill in ritual to give them their answer by touch, or by token. When doing such, they help the ones along their road, not to define the answer, but to find their place. Questions are always going to come, but truth and loyalty are things that never leave. Weaving, clinging, clocking, UN-forming, these are all a part of the thitching nature. Thitching is an ancient form of basket weaving, of sewing, of binding, of roping. As we lay fabric or material over top of material, weaving it, creating this tapestry, it is sewn into reality. This is the thitching will. This form of knowledge is in everyone. It is not in eclectic numerology, meaning it is not trying to find itself, or map its place. No, there are strange attractions that make one thing into multiple, examples of itself. Power is in the ability to see this interweaving. As a witch, as a lady on high, as a priestess to be, all these things reveal themselves without you needing to do anything. There is a seamstress, the craft shop maker,and the indivisible lines of the creative child. This is your power as one who sees. Weaving- When one seeks another’s attention, by giving them one more line of the design, in order for them to decide who will put it together. Clinging- When another whom you come across seeks to know, but is not willing to do what is needed. Send them example, and then walk away. Don’t expect to communicate with them again unless they communicate with you. Clocking- The thitching witch’s way of knowing who is going to be coming in, or who is going to be leaving, who is going to be walking in or who will walk away. Introductory Lesson: " in this lesson you candle light working internal energy into creating it....

Neo adv learn about how energy is formed in witch and witchcraft" : the ability of channeling the heat and spirit of the candles yourself and to direct it, the beginning of charge as in

next walking the circle : Learning what the pentagram and circle are and how to use both and create the walls of the witches power in themselves via nature and the beginning of your initiation based oath as witch.... next finding the hidden : the power of the witches charge is to feel what is out of pace, missing, or losing energy in this lesson you learn how to gain this gift..... next the touch of tempest : feeling the power of witch and witchcraft grow in your spirit and feeling those who are and are not what they claim, this is done on a more subconscious form and directed by your new nature as a witch to be next the skyclad candle ; learning and using the color pattern of the witch as in witchcraft to create a spiritual doorway to the un-seen world, in this your past will return (physically) Lesson One: Tempest adv The Real Altar : the key symbols used as power and know throughout the world in both witch and general magic(k), and how to set them off next the Stone ring of perfection and trust : the first of 3 circles developed to gain personal magic and keys to the other 2 stone rings, the power of the walls given to you will increase at a faster rate, here next is be thee dawn or awaiting moon ; the power to gain

from any form of magic(k) you will encounter and even to reflect it and make it learn here next the Turning the wheel : learn the real days used for gaining power and the places that one can gain more gifts by......not the sabbath, ritual stuff next the mixing : now that your senses are awakening it is time to tune them and create an ability to focus power from your very eyes....... (these are the beginning gifts of personal magic given to the ones who freely seek to know witch and witchcraft) Initiation : Witch

The keep and the given nature: If you have gained all i said before then you are a witch and now it is your time to show it, and have it seen in you.....nature will now respond to your very huh, next being witch : It is easy to wear some title and join some group, but being one takes a bit of a new twist, it will now as your skills increase start teaching you,(like so many said before you can only direct the witch-self, not instruct)next fostering : the ability to channel energy and even protect using your own personal energy, many can do this naturally, but find it hard to control without instruction, it can be like a light bulb awaiting to go out due to being off or on so long.... next the unseen witchcraft, revealed (being touched) (this is the cool part. as you are becoming well the energies and images of witches will seek you out, so be not afraid, otherwise you might go mad....sorry, but yes) as you gain this lesson, you will learn things others hidden from you.......... next the Skyclad truth : You are now the witch in the beginning of her beauty, the naked you with your clothing on is hereby revealed and you will wonder why it took you so long to understand that, and fear well will be gone forever from you about your calling..... Lesson Two: Neo witch (the understanding) The fields of 8 Sabbath Rituals and why they be : To know the path of others is to walk them, in witchcraft it hides nothing, so you will at this level learn what others have planed for the witches truth, and what they hope to be of...... next The Gypsy stone and mirror : scrying is quite beneath a real witch, why because that is a lesson, that nature has already given you in personal magic(k) but the power of the gypsy can see more then mere scrying, and that is what a growing witch needs, so the lesson of the stone/mirror is quite a worthy one to those that wish to see a different form of witch....

next Facing the Inner and Outer circles : remember i talked of the 3 circles it time to advance your power and wisdom by calling on their gates, no not the 4 corners but the real power of the witches circle, should only be done, if you have finished all the other levels, because whats in there will want out.......... next Facing the Nightwind : Ever wondered what a demon is, well they know you or they will know you better if you haven't mastered this lesson...witches don't fight demons or warlock, they only are themselves powerful, if you have the idea that you can fight these things,then practice not magic(k) cause your dreaming....(beside warlock is a term for a guardian of loc castle, lol) the truth is quite a bitter taste to the lost next Harnessing the aerial servant and night winds : Real witches have guardians (not angels or demons) but servants in the realm of shadow and light, to be a real witch of power is to have one given to you by a higher power and they do their job well... Lesson Three: Fire witch/Tempest dreamer Workings of the mind in fire : now that you have gained the keys, sygils , markers and charge well it is time to learn their powers (a fire witch isn't a witch born on the sign of fire lol, that's fluffy) A fire witch is one who has gathered the secrets of fire that they can use fires gifts and nature..... next tools of the gypsy : The goddess is a fan of fire witchery, so she gives the witch a special gift, the gift of voice of the future, quite a cool gift but one that requires abit of self control, because what you will see is quite well........amazing next Walking the nightwind/nightwing/mirror ; the power of fire is to visit other realms and one who has mastered this gift, well they will see what others will only find out in well 50- or so years but to those that don't learn the lessons ( possession ) will happen to the weak of heart. Lesson Four: Water witch/ neo scryer Magic's Essences : you will learn the makeup of magic(k) and its truthful nature in the hands of others, why? it just happens to be the nature of a water witch... next you learn Skyclad candle dreamer : here you learn the makings of nature and how to make them work for your casting power, the water witch is a spellcaster, but not an ordinary one, she can caste from any field of energy and with the tools before has quite a shell of protection, this is the level where she puts her skill to the test Ecu dema hektaru ovel : The Water Mirror, Shodu Modugei keto metu legba :The Healing Mirror Amulets and Talismans ; They symbols, language, system and design of these creations will you as a water witch master Water scrying advanced dreamer : gypsy skill, your will will create a mystical doorway to the realm of dreaming, but not your own, a network to the will of all dreamers next Personal energy : a Water witch can give and take energy at will, tends to give though, they can feel the pain, love, anger, hate of any they come in contact with even over great distances, at this level tuning is required otherwise you could find yourself becoming, tuwar kempra shem vegerbrah : your self image at this level will take a funny turn, you will seem like angel light will be coming from you and be a bit tranquil, why? well because at this level you will know the truth of a water witch....... Lesson Five: Earth witch / the magi, consort, helper coding a circle of the inner and outer ; given to you from a book, will be keys and symbols that will bond you and others to the natures and power of earth, "you wanted your foot in the door, well it is in" now what you do is up to you... next Casting with keys and doors: gathered together all the skill you earned and continue to do, makes you ready to open a gate, like no other this is the Gate of changes "many have tried these gates and few return sain, why because they didn't face why they sought entrance, will you.....

next play that next move back next

Magi Text of Names and Patterns : normally not witch skill, but the magic in the equaling balance of the circle, so it is not so shocking they might learn abit about each others works............ consorting with the Natures : having made it through the gate and ready to on well its time to find your place, and I hope your ready to see what giving truely will here.... Re initiation of the Oath "time to give back"

Lesson Six: Air witch / priestess,full,or moon The shadow and the light 9 rituals of high magic ; the practices of the charging of priestess and the working (way mature are these rituals because they require more then just abit of words or gestures.....)next learning you calling : Are you ready to move on, what does it detail, can you foster a coven, here you see..... next the air of purple and gold and black : to enhance the increasing power that you as a witch and now becoming a priestess has added on yourself, tuning is an advanced art of magic(k) and it is one that can if you do not respect it and practice can take a lifetime to handle..... Lesson Seven: Full witch basics Fears,Powers,Truths,Natures : here you will learn about the powers of a full witch and witches in general and abit more of mythos about the witchself only told in ancient stories...... next Order/Chaos and the Balances : As any witch knows they exist, but do you know the places, presences, tools they use and they way to balance and even divide them, you will here next ( Union ) in self or other : the key to balance and the skill of self is to discover with others your mirror "in union you learn this lesson well, and like most lessons it require maturity to pass it... next know the Secret name of things : call it as it was, is the power you will gain here both in wisdom and in understanding you will without much learning in any book, be as wise as those who do......(nature will call out to ) you....... next Athame/dagger history and touch of : the underlined history of the use, meaning and purpose of the blade, and where it gained it power........and how to remove its power. Lesson Eight: The priestess ritual Duties : the inner workings of the circle of witch as in coven, properties and the way of transference and union and fostering..... next circle magic : As a priestess what is your placement, and how to charge and bind and a few other things........ next tools of her keeping : when does she foster others tools and charge them next....the self : what does being a priestess offer , this is answered here History of Priestess nature Witch Q-A : Answer what you have learned and the natures you now know.... (here you get to ask all the questions you want about the witch-self) Lesson Nine: The High Priestess Full witch self : the gifts , talents and mastery of reflection as a full witch title : what does being high priestess mean oath : the bond of a high priestess in ritual to nature and what it means Duties : the working and gathering of an Hps History of Witchcraft as in Firstings : Learn history of witchcraft as taught by My Hps and how it still is quite a mystery to most magic(k) users now that you have encountered what you sought as witch, from the time you seek-ed, perhaps you hunger for a bit more, mind you this is treading in the wizard, mage, and magi realm.....

Lesson Ten: Tes Morte Sen opel Sodem ( the books of the dead ) Ever wonder what being a ghost was like :Spiritual Venturing Can you tap into your past live and see them as you are now :Time Incarnates Awaken the power to open the gate to seeing everyone's inner shadow : Knowing the living soul Astrobody 101 and ethereal nexus 202 :projecting a dream spirit Hexing truths and falsehoods : want to know what counters what, and what can't be countered..... Lesson Eleven: Atep Sheth Hoben Kempra Isi ( Egyptian/Sumerian spell-casting and why it isn't witchcraft ) Egyptian priest did alchemistry not spells... chant's yes, prayers yes..... The living words ; the Gate of Isis Curses and how to make them stick: The royal code alchemical egypt : what the priest taught (in their actual tongues) Alexandrian Library ( and the scrolls ) as learned in astrobody creating of a Pharaoh......quite a cool story Deities of the black abysu enit ( underworld ) the world between the world of the dead.........shethma domain Lesson Twelve: Tetragramaton ideals in Wizard Secrets (in the welcoming to the witches keys) 'the planet pullers' the Keys ( the 7 actually gate keys of Solomon and the book of the Angels) the five doors of the 4 elements ( and how they work ) as referred too by the keeper of the keys Arron..... the working of :stick or staff , realm or rod whispers of witchcraft ( what wizards known of witches powers) God/Goddess ( the whole 12 step program ) not AA but cute an ancient symbol used for centuries as the philosopher's stone and it's key Level Thirteen: Wizardry has Females Wizardess: When a wizard found a woman of beauty and power, they tend to teach them a little in the hopes of keeping their interest some women out grew that fast and wanted they were invite to join the house, few are know to have pasted though......the workings of being on, nature and history of them spells : a complete list of companion spells to your working nature( available for working only at the end of your education ) only in physical study......... In a world that is black/grey/white, few ever get to see the patterns that defined why, and those that did risked burning, death, poisoning of the soul, and harassment.... Would that if faced with the reality of this again however painful, have changed their ways, dived least deep, brought less in helped or not helped others see, (the answer sadly is no) They would still do as they have done, because to not, is to question it forever and to do that is worst then ever not needing to know... We as a culture of magic k or not need to see the stuff few can, feel the stuff few can, otherwise we as a culture are a pawn on a very big chess board.....and being a pawn you have no control over how you move... forward, not back and diagonal is the only way you survive, (not to mention if there is another pawn trying to move as well....) But magic much like a chess game, you pawn can become anything you name after you make it to home row....otherwise you better watch out for their piece... (some pay to play) and that is called being pagan... Some play to learn (that is called a witch) and some learn to play by instinct and feelings (that is sage/mage/adept) Then there are some that invented the way it is played these hapless founders are called "role-player" they know their role so well that when they play they play as if their live depends on it...

(always in the idea of wining and they might...but they need more their their skill (they are called wicca/n.../occult/or gray) 'many pick on this hapless piece because they aren't playing, they are writing the rules...even if they aren't the main pieces or the board...' Then there are pawns that aren't pawns to begin with they been in other games as queens/knights/kings/bishops/rooks so they know how the game is played because they been there done that...) (these pawns on a new game are "wizards" they play not to play, not to learn, not for life or death, not even to contest there skill, they play to help the other players say...."been there done that..." lol Sorry but your in checkmate..... In all of magic there is a strategy, it is based on the patterns it shows and in the end it isn't a game.....its just a move... Facts and myths Fact : All witches are women. Fact: A male witch is not a Warlock ( an old English phrase that means oath breaker) a male witch is a male ceremonial artist in a female witch design, given right by the head to speak on the behalf and practice their arts of a witch.... complete witch self: De Lady Dela Cabra,

(sut tu em emboku do shali, wawa vagiah sheol, malkuth, rex uresati devi, shango pecno, and the magus practicus tempest templi valum sorcorus magiestr (uh) indemnos tactus informata.. (ect) Darkness is the veil between the world/s of energy and the consciousness of the subconscious vices. Using symbolism, the body can open up these vices and create an ongoing transition between the physical energy and spiritual traffic. The essence can be both from the body and the ether, as in ritual transition or art, which is the mirror of the unconscious mind. To each there is a saying; to shatter is to make noise into the darkness. This is the essence of a key. Lying on the ground, cold and still, after the ritual of the dark witches model, one can begin to embrace the emptiness of existence and have the shadows awaken them. This is not to be feared, nor challenged. It is but to bring to light the dark shade of the moon in the journey of the full witch to be. The shadow is but a watcher and a memory of the future that the one has begun to tap into.

What does being a real witch mean? well it means you can on a direct level contact things around you and have them seek you out because of your awareness, oh so you can do this huh, then you might be gifted in this form of magic, or you might just beginning to tap into the witchself,

What a real witch can do and does!!! 1. in the silences of others thoughts they can UN-intentionally connect to them and see visions, touch hearts, and even cause others to feel their memories more fully. 2. be felt by all who have "real magic of any form" and even pick them out of a group of hundreds without truly knowing them first... 3. bring to life the "fire of passion in others by their bewitching truth" and even control and transfer this to any by seeing them in their mind... 4. Have a dark personal servant that (no-not a demon) will bring protection and awareness of those, information and control of others and their circles, they only use them as protectors, very few are used to do more, but the fear of others seeing and feeling them, well "scares any who aren't true" 5. connection to the symbols of living and the dead on a way that you would believe they can bend time and even stop it at times.... 6. connection to all forms of divination without trying the reader will feel their energy and re-lay it as if they had a personal connection. 7. because they awaken the power of the candle, the inner power of witch they can effect energy to the point of light and even heat work for them, weather is just a way that any of magic gains well an awareness of changes and the witch can control this as well, (noticed i am saying they can do all this and more without spells and chants)and religion.....prayers 8. well you will just have to see for yourself, but i can say to this day few have fully been apart of, "WoW huh, not really most who are what they can tap into, well know this already'" If you didn't and would like to i say to you..... Find Out......

9. The Goddess does play her part, but you have to enter her gates, and they are well like i said only for the serious..... now you know can you handle it......

( Being ) The essence of awareness in the form of awakening. Being is not be-ing. It is beginning in how to be. When anything begins it has to have a blueprint, a model a design a proto-type. This is achieved by the unseen will, to identify itself as a certain standard by an educated sense of genius or ingenuity. In ancient times, one was chosen their profession. You did not have a choice, and your name went accordingly. As one became more capable in said trade, not necessarily the one they were born, their value changes. This is the understanding of potential nature. In magic we all seek our potential nature, not our birth nature. It is here we are reborn into the world that will be our potential. For being means to apply, to supplement ones self to. A thousand years could pass and you would be no smarter than a grain of corn. But given a different location you could rule the world in a day. Others think this is born into them, others meaning outsiders who disagree with magical applications. For they are too busy living in the accolades of what they think they know verses what they could know. Leave these people to their own devices, for they will never become, until they’re touched by that dream. As a witch or more, you are not here to recruit others or teach others the way of the art, unless their scope pierces that mirror. You are to accept criticism, theology, sciences, an laugh in their face. For you are the potential and not the being as in birth right. Time will prove you true, and them lost. Which is greater, the word or the maker of the word. The answer is obvious, the creator of something can never own its creation, there will always be something or someone that has out-reached the pattern that has been created. True something had to create the word but what if I told you the word was in response to a grander word that has already been there, just assimilated differently. Magehood is about tapping into that ancient world, and seeing the wizard behind the veil. Because even if you disagree with their methods, conscious values, image, they are the first of the first. And as long as time is counted, they will be the last of the last.

An ancient saying goes, Truth is subjective, when it has nothing to be measured by. Interpretation: debate. Truth is only subjective when it has nothing to be measured by. For it is here we begin to validate purpose. Magical systems are indeterminate of psychological, theological questioning. For any form of education must have a standard reference.

Psychology, theology, and debate are self defining individualism because they can't handle the fear of being intolerant. For as a being, our goal in life is subjected by the will around us. Mental intellectualism and freedoms of self genius without the regard to the scope of ancient wisdom creates potential morons out of self made gods. There is another old saying, Those that don't learn from the past are thereby made to recreate it. This is one of the highest models of intuitive magehood thinking. True we can not think like another automatically, but that doesn't mean energy based communication does not perform its task in revealing the core source of ones potential being. Utilizing what you just learned, the lesser design or lower design is inherent in trying to produce the potential being from the blood born being to cultivate its altruistic nature and not its sides. Mind you this is done still in a fact finding and a personal matter without regard to full emotional persuasion or permissiveness. For it is the goal of the lesser design to blend, but not in the sacrifice of individual reality or consciousness. It chooses the role of guide to serve as an example of what is possible. In an act of a reality based experiment, for its systems of being. The lesser is to absorb from the higher design or greater to teach itself. In the sense of being no lesser or higher design is greater, though you could debate that until the cows come home. Its all in ones sense of gravitation and self permissive nature to be giving to ones self the right to study either way or a third known as both. For as above is the mirror of as below. As below the mirror of as above. As within the mirror as without. To study its mirror is to gain its reality. (Example: Study as below and gain as above. Study as above and gain as below, etc and visa versa.) For it is a water like complement or reflective surface which our whole being is aware of. But our unconscious ego prefers to touch first.

Dark Arts witch...Witches of the Dark arts are few and they owe no marking or making to mental and physical games of the basic mind of training, esp/psychic will/ethereal dreams, for they are just beginning steps any natural witch can a Dark Arts one you will tend to go into the making masters trust, the alchemical and genetic design of will and energy of both tactile and sensory truths... Dark magick can only be transmitted by one who has energy in the aging aura of dark magick, this means it can only be received by one who has been with another one in it.. through the physical power can you then draw out that nature, the truthful powers of this gift is measured by the path it is sent from, so like witchcraft in general the one of the chains is locked to your wrist in mental ideals, to serve the other links and then as you go from link to link you will then have chain to chain in education as a 1. DESTROVIV 2. PESTROVIV 3. METROVIV 4. COPRATRIE 5. PETRAMETIV 6. CABRAMOTIVAE 7. IMPROMOTIVAE Gift of the Goddess: The Gift of Inner Beauty (Kah Pha Ehum- Breath of Power) Within a woman, any woman, is the secret of inner beauty, not by makeup, not by disguises, not by costumes. Revealed among the witch is the secret to this, and it is the sleep smoke of candles.

Fire- For strength of beauty. Water- For purity and heart. Air- For mystery and for mastery. Earth- For humbleness and professional nature. Spirit- To reflect the image of those about you. Purple Candle- Candle of fate is purity of love. Solomonic Keys: (the magi keys to the dark witches way) Open yourself up to the night, to part the veil of life and light, to shatter the mirror of the self in the fight, for you are the dark moon kite. As a dark witch, you are given the knowledge of the systems of shadow and self, the passion and the principle of what its like to walk the second ring and be summoned and a summoner. Talisman of the Venus Secrets:About the recovery of the honor and authority of the Solomonic mysteries within the Goddess’ design. The true gift of the Goddess’ beauty is the freedom to be alive. Moon, Venus, Dark Witch: The Moon- In the witches’ design, the moon represents the female goddess, Luna, Selena, Isis as a shadow. It is this energy that is the start of the witches’ goal of the three circles in the Solomonic design. Venus- The second level, the second circle, Venus is the power or empowerment of the witch in her inner beauty. She is the naked representation of a strong woman who is of love, of trial, and of truth; and she foresees these issues upon any who enter. The Dark Witch- The dark witch is the power of the divine third circle in witchcraft. You have to be seduced, seduce, build energy by ritual, be engulfed in it, be torn away, and reflect in the rite of it. The purpose of the dark witch is to become the dark moon; but in the Solomonic talisman, it is the freedom of the wearer of this talisman to become more than just witch. Planets and Passages; (the growth of dark nature) Dark, Moon, Both Dark- Energy is life, life is shadow, shadow is birth and destruction, a reflection of the mirror of one’s beginning s and strength, and will of what they tap into. Sexual energy, dominant energy, hardcore unleashing of self is the whip that stings the soul to release the power of the shadow, for it is a veil that overcomes the body and it sends you to another plane of existence. Lust, Passion, Power: Lust- Lust is an energy driven from the conformity of the world of pressure. It is a secret longing of an ancient form of symbolism that controls the very actions of love.

Passion- Passion is a key, a hidden veil of lies and deception that must be revealed for one to truly show their naked self, unashamed to be guilty of the desire of hidden lust. Power- Power comes from the combination of lust and passion, but not from its utilities; for power seeks not the energy of lust, or the key, or the deception, or the truth, but merely the friction between the two fields of time that lust and passion occupy. Darkness is the cup from which these passions, lust, power, flow; and in ritual, this is where they stand. Moon- The moon is the essence of existence, the symbol of air in the emptiness, a void which is space. The moon represents the hanging light that is a reflection of the circle itself. The purpose of the moon is obvious. Even if a thousand people lived on the moon, happily joyous, they would see the earth as if they saw themselves. Both- The dark moon is the secret name of Hekate. She is the watchful guardian that demands sacrifice in both forms, shadow energy, naked self and purity of the moon. To offer any less is to forever get caught up in trying to find oneself completely happy. The Rose of the Golden Moon: This is a ritual connected to the passage of the dark witch into the full witch model. It is a form of animalistic ritual connected to the prime essence of charge. More about this if you are going from dark witch to full witch. Air of the dark, is the element to this, connected to the psychic awareness of self. It is given that a witch who has performed the rose of the garden and golden moon rituals to connect themselves with the principle of the 3rd circle of air. In it, this woman or practicing one becomes connected to the full design of both the alpha and the omega, the system that is based within the Solomonic key, one of which is called the after-wind key, also known as the Saturn talisman. The role or rule of the after-wind key is connected to this.

(Advanced Rituals of Elemental Shadow Paths): The Lost Records Inside a coven design, there are the traits of a person being represented by each element, by earth, water, air, etc., but within the elemental shadow paths, a system of dark witch rituals. There is the spirit joining of each one of these elements, so as to transform or to trade the aura energy of someone from fire, to air to water to earth, literally changing their destiny. It is a powerful and very focused ritual design related to the second ring of the witch’s model. The Tools of Transformation: The Sacred Fires: (how to understand them) When one chooses to embrace a deity, a being or a spirit, they openly create a form of spiritual fire. The purpose of this is to create an awareness in the unconscious self, dream state, or physical mind. Utilizing certain incenses spread over with graveyard powder, they would begin to create the ceremonial fire. Ceremonial summoning cannot be tainted by intervention of a darker stream of consciousness. You are not opening up the unseen, and you are not welcoming everything. You are merely tuning a doorway to be suited to the thing you wish to summon. So no protection is truly needed for those who are at the gathering. Altar fires must be campfire size; and though others have them serve seasons or seasonal, they are open to any moment that brings in the fortune of the thing you wish to summon. Candle, Flame, Camp or Bonfire. Candle- Justice. Flame- Memory. Camp or Bon- Unity, Time. Stone is the living immortal energy of symbolism. It is the bridge between life and death. In ritual, stone is communication, either in stone ring, standing stone formation, or oblong pillars. The four elements are the forces and adaptable natures of the power stone. Air, fire, and water transform the eroding stone and earth supports it and creates new. The nature of a key is to unlock, to reveal, to remove. It is a promise to be let in. Fire of Mirror: Fire is life. Mirror is refection of life streaming through the portal of candles and firelight, reflects the unconscious mirror to the witches’ model, the oracle of the eyes. smoke: Reflected in an illusionary state, are the unconscious memories and thoughts that act like a fog or smoke-covered area. Glasses or goblets are hereby incensed or smoked upon to create, by ceremony, a bond or agreement between the element of force and the element of self-transformation. Necklaces: (the ritual of their art) As you practice, you will learn the process of seeing objects and things at their worth and value.

This will inspire you to make a gift of these in the form of necklaces. A magical necklace is a mini-wish, a tool,an awakening, a thank you, a hello. It is a treat and should always be treated in these forms, never taken too seriously and never taken for granted. Gateway Symbolism: (the circles secrets)

Sigma, delta, iota, alpha, omega, gamma, gamot, epsilon, phi, psi, ku, these are the secrets of the ceremony, the psychic symbolism of the gateway, tools of the mage in the hands of the witch, redefined as elemental keys, tokens, freedoms, traits, and cultural symbolism. So the witch may use them at her leisure without giving away the fact that they are gateway symbols. Sigma- Sound is the ankh. Delta- The triangle, the all-seeing eye. Iota- Foundation Alpha- The alpha Omega- The omega Gamma- Is life, known as Gaia Gammot- Power, known in the symbol as the witches’ ax or ankh Epsilon- Is the candle Phi, Psi and Ku- Are the tri, Isis, Hecate, Vasha, or Lillith Awareness of Your Freedoms; to serve the hidden Protection: workings Native American symbol, Norse symbol, Sumerian symbol, Greek symbol, this image is that of the winner/know-er and seer. It is the symbol of the arrow. As you go out during storms or winter weather or seasonal change, you will hear voices among the wind. To a witch, these are omens of the future to guests coming, to hiding what you know. Ankh, aka Akhor, it is the symbol for mirror. It is known only in two cultures, Egyptian and Greek. The mirror of Diana and the symbol of Isis.

Kah-met, the art symbol for time, life and rebirth, aka Khe-met, which they stole and recreated it into that name. Kah, breath. Metron, angel of the Biblical, known as the fire angel, real name Hu-met. The Charging of Seasonal Magic: Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Nef Meao Tef- Night Meets the Ground. Summer- Amun To Winter- Amun Pef Fall- Amun Atep Spring- Amun Kaph Sumerian symbol Ba, life. Placed upon the forehead of Adam as a clay golem when he was first born, as God in the Christian model blew into his nose creating life. In witchcraft, it’s the symbol for new life and a way of awakening the mind. The Tul, secret name of the stone most know as Teutonic, the standing doorway, but the tul is a bridge between life and death, time and space. As a witch, you will gather friendship with nature; and nature will offer back. It will reward you with the eyes of the Druids, two shades of color that fall over the eyes like contact lenses. Green for nature and red for reaction, vengeance; but it is not you who seek vengeance. The Dark Door and the Red Key to the White Room (occult candle 101) Star up, star down, to each there is a moment, moment of power, promise or strength. One is the giver; the other one is a taker. Both are equal. Both are honest, but they do exchange. The Dark Door- When one enters into the dark arts, the third circle of the witches’ model. Much like the symbol of Freemason hood, they have to knock on the main door. The door you knock on is the window of your mind. The reasoning of this is the secrets within. The red key is the opening to the door. This is the process wherein the one has now submitted to the energy of the door. They themselves become a copy of this key. The key is energy itself. The white room is the open door to the psychic mind. Remember the dark door was only holding you out until you got the red key. Now your psychic intuition and freedom of this room is now yours. All those inner secrets which might be a thousand doors or more are now available for you to look within, knowing yourself and your power. Eyes of the Five Powers: (the real pentagram of self) Deep within the candles, darkness within the veil, the other side of nature is the five A’s. Beneath these Five A’s is the secret to their power. They are an ancient form of religion and awareness that is denoted or made aware of by those who seek the occult wisdoms. Normal witchcraft can’t enter this door, for the dark witch is the only one. You will know these names and their skills if you

dare pierce the veil. The Five A’s “(The Dark Triangle)” To each point is an answer. To each answer is a key. To each key is a door. To each door is a path. To each path is a future. The five A’s are the principle power of the pentagram, the secret of all the dark knowledge in man and woman. Each point is a representation of Greek symbols that form a dark triangle that opens up a skill to the “sacred pumace.” When you venture with the 5 A’s, you gain a key for each dark triangle. When these dark triangles are folded together, they form a mini zodia, the secret to a self-made daemon called 'the token.” Power, Sex, Sight: Dark Witch book II Power comes first. As one begins to exercise the dark veil of the five A’s as mistress, she will unleash the power of Dark Isis, the secret ecliptic moon. This will reveal the dawning, a knowledgeable art of the witch’s true alchemy. Sex- The Book of Il is a secret book of tantric rituals, evolving methods of bondage and self-reliance. It is a prayer book if you will to the knowledge of Il, referred to as Lilith or Lilith’s book, but isn’t. Il is a secondary version of esoteric manual based in contemporary ceremonial magic and symbolism, but is a key, a secret to the actual book’s location and daughter based worship arts... Sight- Through the power of the dark book, one begins to unleash the sight or vision of the world between the worlds, not a ghostly veil, but more mysterious. The keystone to this is a blood-red amethyst specially handmade and aged appropriately. having, Spell Quest answers: One cannot give a spell. One cannot take a spell. Spells can work on others, including those with no magic. The art of spellcraft- You make as you understand a connection, a bridge to the plant or animal used in your spell, heighten its energy, bask in its afterglow, and then transform. Light is the deceiver of truth in a spell. Candles fire or other, you must learn to read what it doesn’t want to tell you. This makes a powerful witch, makes things true. Hexing- The dawn of beginning must be in haste to the answer that is quelled or the promise forgotten. For it is the duty of every witch who is, must bring out the justice of whoever tread on they within. Reasoning: Nature must balance. Life must begin and end. Truth must find direction. Passion must find purpose. Empowerment must find duty. An oath must find open hands. Terra/earth- The earth will never go away, never be destroyed by the hand of man, never be removed from time or space. So as to this, neither will the witch’s will. Gaia/life- She who is remembers. She who is will remember. Do not try to serve

here, for she is neither body or material. Time- Measure, if you will, the length from your nail to your arm and you will not be any wiser than the wisest person ever, for time is not distance, for time is not a measurements. Time is but a movement, from one movement to another. Solis. Solis- Life was born from seed to shell to sprout to spring to root to branch to leaf to ground to earth to center to the emptiness of space and returned the same. Solum is the word the dark sun. The part teacher is in reference to the male deities associated with the art of witchery. Witchcraft is normally in the female art of design, but there are key male arts represented in the magus/mage design. The dark teacher is the occult ritualistic model of the magus and full witch final working. Reflection: (in self) A mirror is an answer. A mirror is a key. A mirror is a chain. A mirror is the reflection of a doorway. Time- Embrace, if you will, the flame of a candle still. As you pass on through, the sight will be all new. Passion is play here, for the keys are lost today here. For they are ever renewed, in the body oh so true. receiving: Aura, Energy, Effort Aura- Aura is the essence of electrical field around the human body that gives off shade or color by mock perception, illusionary awareness, and dream-like-state reality. It is a spectrum that awaits the eyes of all things, whether they be live, dead or in transition. This field can be tampered with, can be reconstructed and can be denied. Energy- Energy is the essence of life from the atomic DNA to the secrets of the very stars. It is the fuel, the heat, the vibration, of existence. Though electrically placed, it has a staticlike quality. Its purpose is to expend the field and expand its horizons. When energy is faced in the three fields of life, the only way to reach the highest of its goal is to succumb to the next plateau. Effort- Effort is an unconscious value to try to achieve with achievement. One can feel purpose or presence and exercise more duties and responsibilities on a higher scale. All things living and dead apply the principle of effort. giving, teaching: TO KNOW; Is to accept that everything is learn-able as in personally and spiritually the cold that chills your know yourself that well... A saying from "Merlyn" ( To be is never to know why but flow like the birds to the places of many feedings, resting, and breeding and in the end you spent your life as you have lived it, knowing truth...)

TO WILL; As with all things you must be strong enough inside and out to know your words and live by them this is the will, truthfully the greater strength is the one that gives not when your in a grudge or pushing match when your correct, to do so is to admit your wisdom isn't truth but opinion... "Merlyn again" Be not the tree but the branch as strong as the root but not as relying on the foundation to keep you, because you will bend its just a matter of when, and why if not you break but be not heartened because when you fail your roots will grow again...

TO DARE;beyond all things is the right to defend and this is known well by all living and dead things...but that not what you do when you dare, nothing changes or grows in it right direction if it looks not in the mirror of its own making and this requires a stronger strength then most can offer..."Merlyn again" (you are what you call yourself to be, but to have it forever is to make it you, not just claiming it, and how do you do this....Ask, what you will and it will....(laugh, and see who smiles)they are your friends forever.... TO KEEP SILENT;Truthfully a wise person is silent in their wisdom not in their voice, and time, pleasure and knowing of the other 3 methods lead one on the right stones..."Meryln again" (As with all thing silents weed out the need and noise directs the attention, so to honor the wise is to read what can not be said and to know the wise is when you read them before they read you....A test of will or automatic action all of creation does it... As with all things, the meat and potato's gives balance to the full meal, and my teacher of witch has said, to know is not just to feel but to do and understand why ... this is just a simple message with strong roots...because being a witch is as you stated more then nudity, sex in the higher levels of getting over them it is required but in a way that is not need but energy, and that has its own truth...truthful pagans want to own nothing know everything and be understood... (Wiccan's want a faith like the mist of Avalon) or charmed on TV..... And good for them, but the simple fact is it teaches you nothing about everything... The reasoning of witch is not just to know yourself and be set free, but to be a mirror to nature... a mini-force in its tuning or changing, the key to why any wished to be a witch in the first place...and none deny that this is possible...(the simple fact is lots of book witches have no insight, and this is but sad...) I'm a wizard who will never enjoy the full nature of witchcraft it is after all a female design, but when in a form of exchange, not sexual it leads to a grand union where one can..... of wood and stone ... let me explain....)

wood; creating, energy, life and even death woman of the earth serve the use of a wand, not by crystal enhancement but its nature or beauty and ugliness (it is the beginning the bond between the witch and nature without the commitment, freely used to modify the witches self and even others of her circle with magic(k) or not...(the bond) that even time supports... I know...well, stone; energy drawing, connection to life and even memories and kin to the tree Man of the earth, in the opposite of energy we have the outer or building of foundation, and that is based on script, wood was second thing that script was written on and why, cause stone lasted longer, stones only for where they are pushed by the earth, but not by their own design, each feed wood and stone from the river to form but they share the land, the energy of stone comes not from the stone but from the fields and emotions invoked in them......(i could go on and on) but you can see why each is as I stated...) now what you don't know....or perhaps you do....wood can become a form of stone (petrified) (now where magic(k) concerned, after the one whomever male or female in magic(k) has reached an advanced (adept or mage level)and most know cause magic(k) happens without words... (so the gifts of stone then can be made more then just wood based) and the connection with the witches gifts can make stone as wood as in mage, as well.....(the pattern is quite interchangeable) but complete.... knowing, belonging.... Fantasy Toys: The broomstick, hat, cauldron, voodoo doll/puppet., devil hand symbol, measuring tools , pestal, bell, 9 more things are not witch: but are connected to cultures in witchcraft "aka" external arts.. "the craft")

(modern) Wicca and the Weeds:

The weeds represent the word “ivy”. The reason why is because ivy attaches itself to buildings and area's and tunnels and it looks rather festive but it can tend to block things as well, 'hence the term 'ivy league' in colleges.. but once again it is standing in for what would be the building and not the building itself.. I think you see my point.. well lets move on.. Wicca is the dawning bud of ceremonial magic in the witches’ monarchy, towards the secrets of Baste and Hecate. Its main design is to create a harmony between the living stone and the woods. It got sidetracked by the cultural models known as the Kel/Druid. The weeds are the ivy that stretch out from the eclectic hand of witchcraft, as in the models of the definitive cultures of the five, known as the hand. Sumeria, Persia, Egypt, Thessalonian, Greek, those are the five. Silence the Ideals: Sigil Leonai- To Deny What is Written Since the very beginning of man’s first Roman Catholic prayer, God, man and country was all stewed together in one pot, sewn together like a misbegotten paper doll. The idea is that religion would bring religion, that it would open up the avenues of belief, that by having the object you create the next step, which is wrong; and that’s the vote. Religion brings hope. Hope was we know the last thing left in Pandora’s box, even though she never opened it. She only dream she did. The real redeemable factor of religion is that it inspires those to seek what is beyond their heart when released from the fear of sin. They indenture themselves in the form of service/servitude in the idea of not being corrupted, meanwhile, corrupting themselves from what nature has denied nothing for them to hide from. Man and female have clothes only to keep warmth in or heat out. It was never a badge of dishonesty of ill intentions towards the physical form. Nudity is not a sin, nor is it a real word.

Cultures of Change: The 8 Incenses (9 If You are Voodoo) The 7 Branches Study of Plants (The Key Powers) Herbs (though more wiccan and shaman, this was where the darker tones of magic was created under the idea of twisting nature as in potions and (this imagery is played out in many a film and movie and still isn't true to this day, unless you count the TV “mellow drama films of Wicca/n writers.) Herbalism and Alchemy is an A value and a weakness. Value is when one seeks to know, weakness is when one fears to understand but simply exists within. This gives rise to the panel of theos called the lesser and greater, for what's within the witches design there is no lesser or greater but merely the choice to value wisdom higher than a witches baser design. You're not betraying your sisters or brothers but merely perpetuating the cycle of growth, just as seasons change so must the architecture of what it is to be. The lesser design, metaphysical self, hides within its own curtain , fearful of distrust so it seeks only natural answers in unnatural situations. Herbal maladies, tonics and patches are merely temporary healing solutions, the body does its own work, should the ingredients do help but the body must be in-tuned to the ingredients . For without this in-tune-ment this sense of harmonic resonation of the aura no amount of herbal knowledge would save the person. Instead the skin would be like acid, and it would eat through the cure. Herbalism as a science is a gypsy education, it is a vagabond answer, to a shaman like way of life, witchcraft is a part of the shaman design and the advancement of its models , but only to advance and not to become shaman. For shaman is required to heal, even when they hurt, while witches are designed to teach by way of being hurt, experiencing the full nature of good and bad and being rescued by nature the same, this is the reason wicca adopted it, but never dominate it. Only the witch who gives in will be dominated by this. Herbalism is a mimetic form of alchemy, a lesser creative education, for alchemy is more than just putting things together it is seeing the relationships between things that can't be put together and seeing why. You might think alchemy is like the mad scientist but in reality it is like making a stew, it must pass your taste buds before it gets to anyone else. True alchemy is called pure alchemy, this art is that way a.k.a pure, because it seeks only the value of the core of its being. Meaning, where is its energy base? Its physical, its spiritual, its connective bond and then stretches out from there. And in witchcraft it is the Geo-designs that led to the herbal and alchemical values, skills and weaknesses. Don't fall for the lesser design unless it is to teach the greater. Shamanism is the key emotion and spiritual base design that serves to explain and challenge the ability of physical reality. A shaman seeks to heal what can be healed by means of acquired awareness of herbal or Patros based gifts. When we think of that word it is the word father, and in the shaman's father image one can see a type of religious training though this holds no dominion over the witches design it does hold dominion over the craft. Any natural based collective of recipe and creative will can be examined as a witchcraft model, however nature isn't inherently shaman. When we get into alchemical passages we get into the borderline between the gray metal and the awareness of gold self, the red for that which is heat, and the blue of that which is cold, the yellow and orange which is of phosphorous or magnesium and the green or brown of magnetic metals. Once again witches only tap on this awareness they are not part of it, this is the road of the mage. Herbalism and alchemical principles where designed as a collective to work towards the electromagnetic spectrum and share in the will of Geo-awareness as we know it today.

Herbal Incenses of (Circle) Ritual What you learned Three Tools (Plant Images) Poultice The First (Powder) Dou Maize (Gluten) Pagan Plants:Gypsy Remedies What Do the Plants Say: Catogi (Connection Within) (Immortality) Spell and Energy. Teas of the Old Way The Rosewood and Sage, Thistle (Ritual) Brine Herbal Transformation: Shaman Travel Colors of the Aura readings: (in a dark witches design, they can feel colors and in this feeling see the need or the desire or the emotion, for other its a game, but for them it can be the tools to life and death and the secrets of silent communication without needing to ask a thing.. (it is a developed art and like anything subjected to the will of the user and the one its used on..) Voodou- Seven powers are the key in and await your destiny, each a goddess held so true. So mote it be, so be you do. The Voodoo Leg Hexes: ABASO-SVAGLUI-SUCUKA-L-LOIS The nature of hexes are to serve the nature, to define the one or one’s who do harm. They can be exacted at any moment, removed within the same thought. Voodoo is the sticking of chewing gum to your sole of your shoe. You are then marked; and until you remove the gum or know that the gum is there, you aren’t free from it. Real voodoo can’t kill you, but it can do a lot worse; and they will flaunt it. The Legba is the voice, but he is not the power. The Shango is the keeper, but not the kept. The Tia-Yana is the bestower, but know the one bestowing. Animism, the art of animal energy is the design of voodoo as a culture,however the model of it is based on the air, land and sea ideals, however the sea is more not a visible model, it was only recently used as a model in the lesser form of voodoo sea being more the cultivation of the self spiritual, though it is a strong part now it wasn't then... voodoo is setup in 3 parts though like witchcraft it has 5 normally the 3 parts are healing, blessing (request/summing), and rituals of succession Healing: voodoo creates by way of your animal like shaman spirit a bridge between you and the animals natural way to heal itself, or in a mix and match method using a symbolism chart model or a diagram can then add the energy into is for the lower designs this exist, though the sexual models are within these field as well, but merely celebration and thanks for the connections the 2nd for is the most basic but the most dangerous because it requires you to give up your body to become a vessel in a trance like state, to do the workings required it is this model that can make or break your magick,

air: is about consuming and knowing land is about being and seeing and sea is about the freedoms of desires or dreams voodoo models are normally based on the symbolism used in expressing the god or goddess of the animals nature, as in who would be their protectors,however that is a truth and a lie. Shaman- As nature calls, so you will find herbal and tools the world leaves behind. In each his one a secret to more, but first you must get what’s been there before. Leaves, feathers, rocks, stones, gems, smoke, ropes, ribbon, animal hide and paper. Each one of these is a form of material that would be used to create forms of healing, both mentally and physically. Priestess (Egyptian)ideals- To the temple comes the fire. From the right, one inspires. Gathered and dressed in the finest of thins, awaiting the sacred temple to consciousness ends. Object Kah- In all things, there is a breathing, a cycle, an attunement. With the proper training, a witch’s breath can do much. It can heal. It can hex. It can pleasure, and it can bother, all without physical touch. Delphi- As of water, as of air, as of earth, the candles share, as of fire, as of wind, what has begun, undoes sin. For its but a word created as a pain through the oracle’s eye that none shall rein.(Delphi, didn't get its naming from dolphin.. it got its name from delos and phi)the Greek symbol of inner knowing... Devi- Star of Ishtar, dancers of the trance, these women of time and space use heat to connect themselves to the spirit by dancing around the flame, and using interpretive dance, entice those who would be the future king of the world. Ask: (the given answers) The nature of the universe is to seek “why”. The nature of being is to seek “how”. The nature of wanting is to understand “when”; and the nature of nature is to find the “who”. The Changing Worlds: Who is Who Everyone is everything. This is absolutely true; but whether they are or not inside is that which must be judged. When you announce what you are, you are setting into motion an action to make you this, whether you desire it or not in magic; but if it is outside of our design, then it is merely passed on, not accepted. Those who are who they say, are reflected in those things around them. Those who are those who say, are made so when the time matches their method. Those who are who they say, never have to worry, never have to be judged, because they are constantly judged when they don’t know it. Asking requires the call. Without the call, there is no reason. Without the reason, there is no purpose, without the purpose, there is no oath. Tools are there to serve, not to be served. A tool must ask for nothing, but grant everything. Their job is to renew the user and to empower. Applications, diagrams, symbols, keys, all these things and more have no reason to ask. They are but to be seen, understood, and reflected within.

Since the very beginning, those who sought great wisdom sought first within of the physical form, skeletal nature, and then outside. The desire to understand becomes the template to esoteric magic. From within the zodia,(ZODIAC) as you know it.. one begins to understand the Kabbalic keys to the passions of the physical form. These become the representation of the physical body and unleash in form of symbolism, keys to the development of the spiritual body. New Age Witch: Enter as you be, for those invoked, so shall She. Crystals, jewels, rocks and stones, energies, elements, principles of old; all these things are beyond the new witch knowledge. New Age is the loss of the ancient. The Rede that Never Was: So Mote it Be “Three times three, so mote it be”. Returns the same temple. Again the Rede is a story made off of a theory: If you give up one, you’ll get three, which is a lie. If you give up one, you’ll get one and one half. If you give up three, you get three and one half. Nature gives you back one half more that you give, unless you are the nature. Then, you’re rewarded ten-fold. Eco Movement: Theology is a concept, a way of motivating anti-truth, fear of not having power over the world. Gaian intervention makes one feel as though they are helpless as a newborn baby in a cradle. Mother Nature doesn’t need our help for nothing. We could nuke our world 100,000 times over. It would still fix itself. It would not fix us. The earth is not as fragile as it looks, but we are. The Goth and the Geese: Hedonism Rebel, rebel all you want, darkness will not follow you. The idea of the golden goose is a lie. One goose set up greater than any other goose, fashioning golden eggs to the rest of the world, this is the nature of goth. The goth that I know comes from the word gothic; and that means to overshadow and not in darkness, not in black, not in bondage, but to be huge against the world. The goose is the swan, is the duck, is the falcon, is the deer, is the water, is the snake, is the ocean, is the moon. This is beauty. This is hedonism. Planetary Wisdom: Magic(k) isn’t connected by conjunctional forces, however water content and the energy of sun and moon increase or decrease. It is the union of the two planets with one the sun or moon that set the field of the energy or connections. The nature of the magic(k) setup by the tone and quality of the planets themselves as they interact with the frequency of the body. Long has man as an aware being searched the heavens for meaning, and it is when thee things far into action then is one field of awareness stronger than another. One made aware of the energy and connection to this can take from the forces and gather them onto ourselves, or cause chain like interactions in anything effected by these fields, such as like boosters. The planets serve as the intellectual level of education in the systems of occult and magehood. The colors of them set the tone of the education, but that’s for the other systems not ours. Mercury seen as white, we see as yellow. Venus seen as blue, we see as red. Mars seen as red, we see as black. Earth seen as blue, we see as green. Jupiter seen as orange, we see as brown. Saturn seen as purple, we see as white, and so on. But mainly held between

these the 5 basics to start moved to the 8 in time and then to the 9/10 known planetary designs. Planets have served as the level awareness of grade and or service to one in the mysteries, and denoted by the rank to the one who moves from it. Mercury a Greek theology was used as the messenger and the right to seek out the education. Venus the nature of duality and womanly power of witchcraft. Mars the mage/magi/magus, Mars was known for war but he was also known for strategy. Jupiter was because of the storms and the size, as the world of the shadow and demons. Acolyte and necron and dark Magus models swim in that pool. Jupiter is 100,000 times the size of earth. Saturn was called the planet of magic(k), and it is this because of the rings, they represent the spectrum of awareness, and though its kinda novice now, it was very big before. Saturn is a planet that is polar as it is seen, as in the rings go south to north, but truthfully they don’t move, the planet does. So Saturn is seen in occult as the master of the spectrum, as it is the planet that moves the rings, and not the rings that move the planet. The Earth is discounted in this because it is the spirit or vessel or machine that allows one to gather these skills and mastery. First 3 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth. Mercury is the guardian of the sun and keeper of its secrets, the messenger to the gods and the other planets. Mercury is constantly being hit by cold and hot on one side at a time, ripping and repairing it daily. This is the dedication in the occult. It is the nature of magick to be both as well as nature, so we know them by forces they exert on us. Cold: demonic/daemonic; heat: witch/witchcraft. Shamanism in the occult is the seer, and witch in the occult is the giver. mage you learn the shamans ability to see and reflect it back from the eyes dragon. As a mage in witchcraft you tap into the energy and nature of circles using placemat and talismans.

the As a of the your

Magehood is the study of the next level of the 3 planets. Venus is the witches design because of the goddess Venus which is Isis, Hecate, Diana (Inanna), and Lilith all wrapped into one, the Gaia. Gaia is the word (to give). Gaia isn’t the word earth as others would have you think. Venus is the dark witch image, though the moon is also given to that because its often near Venus during seasonal rituals. Venus is known for looking into a pool of reflection, the art of seeing, the first skill of witchcraft. We call this scrying (the word means to etch) make a mark in. When one scrys they create a psychic link between them and the reflective pool until they fall away. In magehood training this is done with candles first. But instead of falling out we push our mind to last longer within the image. If we can last in the flame then most we can then gain power of grand insight, the ability to foretell events and to tear away the mind. This gave rise to the religious class the magi, and the magus the explorers. The magi wanted to use the skill to help create bonds with the universe, while the magus wanted it to strip others of authority and power, for the greater good. (This was beyond hypnotics.) Witches learn to tap into the body using rituals to call forth this flame in themselves physically. As did shaman use this to tap into and connect with deities that aided in their ability to channel fire into the body of those suffering. Earth then became the battle ground for magi and magus. Earth the elements and the forms and forces that connect with life, the magus sought to consume so as to give and create, and the magi sought to envelope so as to give back to those whom might never will see. (This is because the lie of angels and demons.) Man of universe, and man of self godhood. Both are right and after centuries came together to teach each other in the house as MAGE.

Earth became the world of cultural symbolism, using keys in dreams and training they would create connection and ways of communication with their own. (This gave rise to the female priestess who’s fire was stronger than our own, and they became the vessel to stoke the fire, and create the witches nature in magehood.)

Witchcraft as in the priesthood was about bridging the psychic connection to the person or will of the magi/magus/priest. The priest would choose psychically gifted women to serve as vessels, trying to control the line, like the churches did and do now. Planetary forms and natures was seen as omens to the fact they could achieve this. This gave way to the idea of tarot and astrology as in numerology within the astrodesign. Shamanism is the first to use it to predict fate such as the Mayans and the aboriginal natures. It was believed that inside animals of sacrifice the (innards) would tell them the god/goddess message. That the act of sacrifice would by planetary nature, aka energies allow the animal to be an antenna to the will of the deity. This is because the physical body is effected by the gravitational pulls of the Known universe around us. Messages from a deity can be transferred via vibration, and planets can cast shadows on our existence much as we do the earth, these also leave impressions on the body. As a shaman you read reactions to the energy and shadow of an event as caused by the seasonal or planetary friction. Planetary forms and forces was given deism so as to house a sygil or crest of its right to be known as a messenger from it. Like we do with name-tags today. The fraternal structure was created and then a ranking of who was of the greater fruit all got the higher mindset. Symbolism denoted by the more powerful messengers. Asg, alpha, sigma, gama. Or ait, alpha, iota, theta. And thus class structure outside the primal design of temple structure was formed. This extends to the planets themselves.

In magehood we learn this structure as skills/sigils/signals/frequencies to tap into the mysteries of the older schooling's. Each planet was a 5 within a 3 setup by a 2 which ended up as a 4. 5324 equals 1. 5: is the result, and its dual design. 5 and 5 is 10 ( a one and a zero). The one is the light facing the body and the shadow but that again is for another time. That’s how 10 became the perfect number. As I told you, the witch and the shaman. Now for the mage. Magehood is using those adopted symbols as key frame to the secret of a form of sun and moon temple of ethereal means called the “House”. The house is a symbol that refers to the Kabal. The word Kabal is too words again (Kah) and (bel) bal. The breath of Bal. (Spirit of the demon Known as Bal). Bel to us. But Bel/Bal isn’t a demon but a demi-god. But Bel is also something else, balance. And that’s the fulcrum of the world. Fulcrum is a device that moves by shifting weights, a lever. It’s the point at which something can be shifted. The breath of balance is the fulcrum of the world, the temple is the pillars. Planetary influences have been at the heart of all occult designs, however it depends on the culture as they are connected. Each line of the planets from Mercury to Saturn has been the based understanding of the arts. The 3 main forms and forces was Mercury/Venus/ Sun. Though the Sun isn’t a planet as we know it, it is the form and force of the dynamics of mastery as a being. When they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, that is a lie. Men took Mars because of the Roman god. When in actuality its Mercury men are from, but the occult was taking from the image of the 3 forms: geek, jock, diva. Or if you prefer: messenger, lord, and lady. Let’s leave Mars out of this for now though. Mercury is the messenger and as such it was seen as dual, one to work against, by the pull of the Sun. This became the symbol: Janus, which also became the date January.

Janus is the dual state of the mind and the body and in the occult it is always in action, as in receiving messages, but from where? The Sun: light/life giving support the Sun was looked at like a form of energy and force that controlled even our breathing. So even breathing was seen as spiritual. Back to Mercury, this planet because the 2 poles of the Kabbal, which in turn turned into the 2 poles of Earth. Making the 4 elemental keys as we know them. Two driven by the Sun and two driven by the moon. But the Earth was merely the body/ the vessel and the food of our existence in the occult. An image to be consumed and reborn over and over again (as day turns to night). Add now the image of Mars and you get (2 more poles) don’t you? The number 6, seen as the seal of Solomon.

Mercury, Earth, Mars. But the Earth is merely food/skin, so there must be one stronger pole left out there, right? Saturn was seen as the next poles and this became the 6 as we know them. Later it changes to the 8 as we know them, and the 10 after you add Earth. Male sided ideals of the image of the occult patterned the mastery of itself on the 10, the study on the 8, the reasoning on the 6, and the power on the future 3. Mercury/ Venus/ and the Sun/Mars/Earth. The 5 that was 3, and with the Priestess models then the female powers was born, Venus/Mars/the Moon. But why the moon? Why Luna/ Luva/Diana/Apollo/Little Venus? (Because it is the reflective ability of the Sun and a pole on the Earth). Why Mars as well? Its because the old occult think that part of Mars made Venus, like Adam giving up his rib. Adam translates in older tongues as (at the dawn) as so does the word Eve. (The Greek pantheon didn’t have selective gender, all were Tri-sexual.) The reasoning of the final 3 was the Power. 3 was chosen because of the dual nature of man and the force that pushes or rips it apart. That is named the Dragons domain, because as a dragon you live in the depths of all the elements, thereby slumbering until awakened. Air/fire/water (the 3 alchemy of existence). Air (void/volume/pressure/force). Fire (creation/destruction/connection). Water (solid/liquid/soluble/vascular). Vascular (elastic). These are the tools of the occult ritual. The 3 forms of these practices take on the 5 elemental keys but only 4 are used, even if the 5th is present. The planetary system of Mercury/Venus/Earth then becomes the modern 3 rings of self mastery in the occult. Mercury 5, Venus 5, and Earth 5 (Making 15) the 6. However, this again is for the adept to mage, while the real secret is Sun 5, Mars 5, and Saturn 5. But why Sun? The sun has no poles it influences them. (Sorry if your hoping for greater wisdom in all this, that's a different book, this one is witchcraft and its connections to the magic of its way and design, before and after the K, the higher stuff is the art of mage and beyond, and is meant for them alone, but I hope you enjoy this look so far..) lets continue.. (The rest of the Galaxy is external, not internal.) The Sun moves without limits yet it sets limits in other things, and they set up the limits of it as well. The occult wanted that power. Orders wanted to have that power, so they tried to reverse engineer it by winning the poles to their influences. So as to create this energy in themselves by gateway. (The power of the dragon born in man.) But without the final lesson, it is merely religion, hope in prayer, chanting, and old age wisdom. See why they hate to give up the secrets and hide it behind many a wall. The free-masonic had the key, oto and gd/rosa had the key, but they both and others like them can’t find the freakin’ door.

Religions: Since the beginning of time of known awareness there is an inherent genetic trait, in the human educational scale to define our place in nature. Deism isn't the open handed understanding of bending knee to superstition or fear to explain the unknown as intellectual psychology and motivated logical thinkers try to impose. It is an unseen ongoing struggle between the benefits of self awareness and loss of self. meaning who is the conductor. Religious awareness or belief based systems do have creditability when exercising their full message and not in its potential to inflict on others laws or traditions created to separate the human experience. For in magehood we exercise the right to define the source, not to tear apart or create conflict a culture or design, but to merely explore its realities. As a devoted student to its answers its reason for existence and its future design. We understand as mages the underlying need for dominate control, for there can be only one shared reality when embracing a multitude of realities to equate the virtues of common thorough. Civilization, society, and means of social design are always stepping stones to this grand understanding and awareness of common thought in a mystical belief system. Magehood is the active sharing and respecting the younger arts within the confines of their reality. However, when living with intellectual discourse can the greater parties of grander artistry and unified connectivity seeking to bridge these time based or intellectually reported or repeated value. Meaning, the key, aka symbol, sygil, temple-signite. For intellectual mind thrives on understanding the new, while the religious core or spiritual thrives on the energy of that reality. Magic and religion are bed-mates, but at different times do they share the bed. Meaning the reality is that religion seeks magic, a defined experience that endures time and space. While magic, though it serves itself, can carry with it a sense of religious reality. Religion isn't to be forsaken because it can't find its core, nor are either of these ( magic and religion ) to try to out each other in singular combat. Both will eventually lose. As a magi, one must inspire the messages of the religious texts to form intellectual by products or answers within answers. As a mage, you must be the living experience of intellect. Defining only where something begins, middles, and ends. Within the mystery of that which is the chosen thought. For you are educated as a mage, as a temple priest, to understand these models like the movement of the celestial orbit itself. Religions serve a defining print in mankind's knowledge. They are antisocial in the ideas of indifference ( aka believe as you want to believe ). However, without a side an obstruction, or limitation, they cease to have a purpose. The movement of political form subjugated in the three pillar basics: Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greek created the strangle hold of indifference, however this is not our argument. Wars are always going to be fought on many scales and many sizes. Agreed with or not agreed with. You are not a turn coat if you choose to agreed with. You are not a turn coat if you choose to agreed with. You are not a turn coat if you choose to serve a difference of opinion. You are one if you try to multiply one experience as another as equal. For in the knowledge of oath or dedication, your making an unconscious act of not sharing your opinion, but an separating yourself from your original faith, belief system what ever. I'm not going to go on about the personal basic interest of each religion, but merely to state our purpose. Deification is the acknowledgment of something as in aware or energy, purpose, or act. It is not subjected or to be subjected to Darwin like philosophies. For that which can not be proven can also not be dis-proven.

And it is that this alchemical crossroad that the education of magus consist. Magehood, Magihood, and Adepts are all subjected to this education. However, the masterful alchemical magus principalities are the root from which the very nectar of water and wine become interchangeable. Magushood does not seek miracle-like enlightenment, but merely the understanding of the compounding fates when mass has to share another mass's location. For it is their goal to understand how this interaction can occur and not tear the two apart. The dark reaches of magushood are merely those mysteries left for the magus and acolyte to be aware of. For they understand the mechanics of the universe, through their education and are now prevy to this world, invited. For a magus and an acolyte must be invited. True, you have initiation based rituals throughout every system. Some more potent than others, aka requiring more work, but only by direct invitation will the true answers to each question be revealed. Magus and acolyte are set apart from the world of the magi, mage, and adept. They are the explorers of unseen territory to (bearing/giving) back for the glory of the school they belonged to or resided within. So as to benefit the inner-world of magehood. Unlike magi, mages and adept of magehood must be more thorough in their positioning of keys, as they are granted education of the unseen. No matter of indifference, meaning difficult, prejudice, or greed will sway their judgment. True, we are still human, foul-able at every turn. However, with this education and invitation will become worthy to be guided by hands unseen. The truth of the journey will not be over until you're returning to the House. For it is here and only here you will be allowed to progress. Religion has no place here, unless it decides it wants to know its own reality.

Religions in all forms constitute a form of slavery, self sacrificial, or token existence. Token can be taken or given. When one serves a faith they give up all remnants of other faith in the idea of understanding why they are there. For those of the religious class or classification are collected in a form to perpetuate that inner search for peace. Not the peace as in piece of a puzzle, as in learning about one's self, but to desire to relax and let their defining purpose either find them or define them. As the old saying goes, "Anything can become a religion." This statement to magehood is a lie and will never be a truth. We prefer to believe it is the act of obsolescence the need to feel inferior, so you have no reason or purpose which constitutes work.

Knowledge is never defined in the intellectual mind, for that is its own trap. It is a combination of physical exchange between materials that you have or will gain. The art of religion, even in its most cruel fashion is a sense of self worth. Others use these vehicles as a way of sheep herding. Not to point fingers but so do many junior occult systems. Take for instance satanic will, it says be yourself and don't let anyone challenge you on it. But when your in their temple your all as one, or get kicked out if you disagree. This is religions lie. Not Satanic lie, not self personable lie, but religions lie. For a religion to function, it must have a voice. However, it doesn't treat its own message as just another message. As an acolyte you are judge, jury, and executioner to the presence of the message or presentation of the messenger. (If one wishes to follow a religion then so be it, but by knowing what you follow is the first steps to the same ancient saying 'know thyself�). Multifaceted networking, “meaning many different design', all carry with themselves answers to their beginnings. Like those religions that last longer than their creator, are the one's that will have answers at the end. Time or temporal arts will always, always win in the end. In the 60's after the first wicca books was coming into being.. and the fact is witches are women, and men are called adepts or mages...not witches, Myth : Pagans are witches. Fact: All witches are Pagans, but not all pagans are not witches. again another wicca fact, after the fact... witches aren't pagan, Pagan is an umbrella like group of modern study created from mixed shaman practices and theologies, working, and trying to claim control over all, not connected to the main stream established religions and archetypes..., paganism can have witch like properties just as wicca tries to, however paganism doesn't have any motive other then to practice what they believe as an earth based or cultural truth and have no (standard)other then popular opinion, as a structure, other then pantheum dogma.. or cultural directions.. "witches Don't" Myth : Witches hurt creatures ( animal and Human ) Fact: " In the religion of what others thought was Witchcraft itself there is a very very strict three-fold law which means anything you do comes back to you three times whether it be good or bad." --fact witchcraft has no such rule only those who claimed to create wicca have forced that issue and it was only to keep the dabblers in line...---witches didn't harm humans, but would cast on those who dare to mess with their existence...never directly strike out as others would want you to fight them on it..., so you can view it as bad, making it like the wicca design like tv trying to sell you... so you can get new prettier books... Myth : Witches worship Satan. Fact: Witches don't have a Satan within their deity structure. wicca claim it doesn't and it doesn't as the name satan, however they have in certain designs...the horned god, the green-man and the stag consort....all are along the same idea.. Witches of the La Vey movement have practiced in the idea of satan aka (father figure) male godhead, trying to make this beginning as "an unruly wise but yet not stupid or gullible witch" which as sort of died sense his death, Witches of Old didn't battle dark forces, they worked with them, and if you don't know this perhaps your fooling yourself into the wicca new design and good for when your car is stolen and your robbed you can say your protection spell has done its job..... sorry..

Witches work with the energies, signals, silences and even the pains of others....if you don't feel they do, then you just wait until you meet a truthful one not just one from a new cover of a book or movie... What is it to be a witch, mage or magic user if your going to lie to the ones you want to help get to what you yourself have not experienced... 1. Who are the Guardians? The Dragons. They are the keepers of the gateways and ethereal dimensions as well as more. It is through them that you gain the key to the door and access to more. But this does not mean that once attained forever given. Because once you enter it is a test by the beings of that realm or dimension that you must be tested by until you are proven worthy. 2. What are the Three Selves? * The forces and forms. Fire, Water, and Air. Body, Mind, and Spirit. The elements are the controlling forces because they are what define our reality and more. Fire because it is what is our true essence, Air to understand the great outer universe, and Earth to understand the will and forces of things greater than our own, although in the configuration this is water because it is the balancing action to fire that makes us understand that there is more that can put us in check. 3. What are Faerie Gifts? How do you receive them? There are none. This is the model of the modern earth based understanding of pagan model. The fay/faerie, etc model in of its self is true. But the magic that it purports is not something that is given by them. But we as wizards or the subtitles to are supposed to let the occult kids play, we have more serious work. 4. Why are our rituals sometimes Creative and Eclectic and sometimes those which have have been passed down by our elders? Creative and Eclectic is just the model from which we can expand and grow our own understanding of the universal whole and its relation to our spirit. However, nothing is eclectic. You are still doing what is meant for you to do by the forces that have sought you out since you were a preconceived notion. The rituals that are passed down are those methods and rituals that move you into the understanding of being able to make your own road within an art. However, you don't just claim it and say you are, each design has its tests, limits, powers, rules, and more. This is what has to be taught, teacher to student. 5. What are Invocations?* Spiritually defining methods used to bring in your very own spirit. Invocations for external forces never fully works. You can invoke a likeness to a deity say you have their connections grown and worked with, but you can't invoke the deity it self. You can summon these things, and that's different from invocations. 6. What is Trance-Possession? Refer to number 5. 7. What is a shamanistic experience? To either encounter a shaman or be a shaman, or to be within their educational mindset. This goes beyond what the new age can comprehend fully. 8. What is sexual mysticism?* Sexual alchemy. Sex is a bonding act of trust, used within witchcraft to show your worth to the elements and other designs. Used in mage or magus as a form of charge, but not necessary. This goes back to the stories of the Sun and Moon.

9. How do we invoke the Gods of nature into ourselves and become those same Gods and Goddesses. Again refer to number 5. To inhibit an aspect of a deity or force of nature is one thing, but to become is not fully the case. In essence we are already a part of the natural world, we inhibit it, use it, live by it, and are sheltered and protected by it. Everyone and everything is already linked into this system naturally. This is what is taught in the arts as well. Shamanism you are told you are part of the interconnected web of the land and nature and all that it holds, which is part of life. Witch and Mage/sorcerer(ess) are part of the elemental chains themselves Druids are part of the life itself. Even Necron and voodoo are part of these systems. Necron because of the link with the dead, which is part of the living energy. 10. Why does Because they well. Truly teacher, and

Dynion Mwyn make use of the trance state in performing rituals? seek to be apart of the ancient fairy tradition. But this if false as they want Druidism and wizardry. But they have no means, no book, no no education. So its just a feel good pixie worshiping group.

11. Why are some of our rituals performed using the Welsh Language? As with any other culture, Welsh can set the tone for a ritual and bring out those connections that grew as a part of it's ancient history. Wicca / wicce, had collected that because of the ideal of using the Celtic model as the fall away from christian design, then as the lost christian faith and roman fall away exodus ideal, as the Hebrew nation used the pharaohs, both of which wasn't so.. 12. What is Bardic Creativity? Implications of tactics in story telling. But truthfully bards aren't supposed to be creative in the stories that they tell, those are supposed to be handed down word for word generation to generation. Its an oral tradition. But bards are not a part of magic truthfully. They might carry tales, but they aren't necessarily linked to Druids just simply because. 13. What are The Mysteries?* The secrets to the soul. The secrets to gateways. The secrets to the universe. The list could go on, the mysteries is any concept of any hidden practice that was not exploited or turned into a religious doctrine. Its a way of life and a way of being. Its an education that will last you several life times, even if mastered in a few years. 14. How does Love, Knowledge and Power figure into our philosophy? Love is the key to gaining the knowledge, knowledge is the key to gaining the power. Love because you have to have that deepest compassion to carry the mysteries, if you don't love it, you aren't apart of it. This is key. 15. What is the connection between the spiritual and mystical mystery, sexual ecstasy, and direct communication with divinity? Heightened state of mind. Sex releases endorphins among various other chemicals within the brain and body. To harness this creates a form of doorway that brings the body and mind into unison and the doorways of elemental connection and more become wide open. This is why it is used in witchcraft. Because without the elemental connections to the body and mind the witch is nothing but a beginner until this is achieved. The other arts use other sources, and this is why its not sex alone that a connection could be achieved. In mage its the Dragon. 16. Why is it important that Dynion mwyn (a basic pagan school of moderate wisdom in the arts) have an Initiatory Linage? Because then it would just be a loose eclectic system that anyone could claim without actually knowing jack about the history behind the word or art.

17. Why is polarity of importance in Magick? Magnetic fields. There are many, but for the beginner there are 4 and 6. 18. What are the notable characteristics of the Faerie Faith? You believe in small people with wings. And you probably enjoy anal intercourse. 19. What is shape shifting? Mental transfiguration. Seeing through the eyes of another state of being. Shamans tend to use this technique fairly frequently. 20. What is The Warrior Ethic? The Land, The Blood, The Flame, The Sword, The Community. Indian/Welsh/Korean/British to a point.. ect.


21. What is the Blue Flame?* The essence of magic in its second stage. Blue is wise, blue is powerful. Blue flame is expressed through sorrow, but not sorrow as we know it emotion, but the word of rowan or kitche vanna. Rue or Rowan. The essence of the blue flame is to feel not regret but compassion and the forces of judgment. This teaches you the source of and heart of magic. (the inner heat of a flame) 22. Who are the Ancient Faeries? Formless beings known as Wisps. 23. What are the Other-worlds? What is within and what is without. The underworld is actually the shadow world, and to be passed into this is to be linked with the 5 A's. To know what is out, learn what is within, and you will understand more when you make the true design and pass from shadow to light again. There are many worlds, its just a matter of being taught. Allow me to fix this: the past messages of Pagan and Wicce/a/n Fears and Education, below is the real story... Enjoy..

Members that don't seem to get along with each other. (perhaps because like a family things have to work out, you may not want to be in this family, but your here for the arts not just them and they would if they are real remember that as "its part of the oath to serve not bicker" that's more pagan ego..) Whose ideas strike you as silly or foolish. (some things are strange or off... and in that case make your best judgment, but if

it is an experiment in learning, then learn then judge, its the foolish mind that decide before they fully test it, you may not be able to get into it again if you drop it as fast as you think you got in.. (this is an art.. not some game) Leaders who are on a power trip.: I agree, but also don't come in so high and mighty yourself, as you may find your out before your in.. the nature of a guide is to guide, and a teacher to teach, but a leader.. doesn't exist in a mystical art, only a guide or teacher or friend.. as these are equal to you, and was just like you as they got in, so they should see things as you do if they are of that type of nature... but anyone on a ego trip has to have the reasoning otherwise say good bye if you want to be free from this version of slavery.. (however in the darker arts a type of service is required in such as it is about learning at the hands or feet of those who are to teach you their ropes..) but again the choice is yours.. Leaders who clearly don't know what they're doing. (Explaining an art is just as important as being in one.. however as one is learning, they are to learn if they take what they are learning seriously though if the art starts out in one design and then skips to something totally UN-related then you might be dealing in something that even the guide doesn't know, so when in that form seek more aware natures from those in it, or by the words used.. normally that tells you if they know or not, but remember if its not "dedicated" chances are they are a group or gathering and the terms might not be learning but just being in it.. again.. information helps..) Covens that actively seek teens as members: again this depends on teaching, but when its underage remember to be safe and not sorry, but again its in the nature of a witchy one to know their emotional commitment to an art, .. and no real group or design would seek to harm or guide a young artist in unless they are fully and totally committed and of learning age, in the older times this wasn't a problem, but with the fears of those who are in it for just their own gain, its a dangerous world.. but if the group/coven is truthful they will not do something that serves their own interest but instead work with the one to find safe and healthy way of expressing their nature.. or give them over to one who can.. Covens that expect you to have sex as part of your initiation. "we live in an ancient mindset" not a modern world, and some require the design to show service or dedication to the ancient ways/arts or to even open up to the oath, but remember if its for ... more then your design or used outside the nature it was (not)intended then unless your into that... it is not right "all things of the body and spirit in the art is sacred" and should be seen as personal or expressive in the art of celebration-al freedoms.. when others over step or make advances to you in the art and aren't in line with the coven, guide, or rituals as "agreed" then they aren't working for the true design... sorry but sexual truth and magic(k) has been an age old way to test truth, prove self, and sometimes to weed out the weak of spirit... as in any other form of trial or test one may be made to pass... from groups or even gathering... but (again it is up to the seeker and to the design) when those things aren't what it should be.. then you might want to find out why... or leave... (be safe not sorry) remember as well "your studying an art that has designs that aren't openly morally accepted and some just want you to fall into line, so you become more like a church and not like a 'knowledgeable being� but when one picks at something because its different, it doesn't mean its bad.. only when it leads to bad things... (as the saying goes 'practice what you preach�)

Covens that demand you give up your money, family and friends. :you buy books, attend school, go to shops... when you offer you offer for your art, it may be required for you to pay for a course here or there, those that say its all "free" are selling you something "religious, or on your local shelf" sorry.. but was the bible free each time you go to church?... i think not... is your schools free?, is your days off from work free...(its a sad thing needing money for things spiritual, but everyone has to live even those who say "its free") as far as to give up more then you can afford, or family, or friends, unless they are harming you and you are asking for help you need not give up anything you don't want to, I'm sorry but they can disagree as they want with your choices, but if they are close to you they should support your right to be happy... whatever you do... now if they attack you or your design, then you might want to think about not letting them do that.. if its what you want.. but that's the "gray" area... "now for those who say take nothing.. as in free" do they not go to bookstores, or get paid for lectures..or for tapes you buy to serve or donate... then they have no room to talk.... end of story... Groups that ask you to break the law or cause harm to others. unless someone harms you physically you have no reason to act, let nature take it and just direct your thoughts to it being done, you are to be as good or as bad as you want, but breaking the law , harming others looks bad on all not just yourself, it goes to show that someone wants power or control and fear and that's "normally a cult" not "occult" two different words... its a group that wants you to be exactly like them and even in the arts there is differences of nature and imagery and teaching, no one is "a robot" unless they are within... when one chooses to harm another you send a clear message of "a double edge sword" and it can by nature harm back and take away what you love or care about.. the fear is others casting on you or hexing you.. seek an expert not a mental believer (for that will just agree with you and then sell you something) seek a real person who cares or at least knows the arts.. otherwise your haunting yourself...) i could add 500 more messages to this.. but i will say.. (be personal, because they will, be kind because you want kindness, be honest because you want to see what you want to see , not what they just want to show, and be mature.. because we live in an adult world.. and they aren't We aren't, going to pull any punches..) and if this isn't for you.. seek a lesser art and then grow from there... leave the bless it be to those that want to Be... it... not just Blessed... Easy words are fun and free, but its the Hard ones that make you stop and think, before doing something you may scare yourself from before you begin.... 1. The Self: · Knowing: what you are, what you are not · Knowing Within: what you could be, what you will be · Gaining Within: how to, how to stop · The Body: emotions, sex, limitations, growth · The Mind: How to enter, hot to endure, how to wipe out · The Soul: how to know, how to feel, how to silence 2. Others: · Knowing: what they are · Feelings: what they are not · Connecting: what they could be · Transforming: energy, thought, life, memory · Blocking: energy, thought, life, memory · The Mind: how to quiet it, how to make it rage · Healing: set ups, starting, others, channeling

· Hurting: Magic curses, Alchemistry, dangerous secrets · Conflicting: how not to be, how to be · Justice: What is it, balance, put in check 3. Universe; · The known: what is seen, felt and understood · The unknown: what is seen, felt and understood · The sight: “ “ · The blind: “ “ · Elements: “ “ · Natures: “ “ · Tuning: “ “ · Self: “ “ · Spirit: “ “ · Tools: “ “ · Workings: “ “ · Math: “ “ · Matrix: “ “ · Magic: “ “ · Dimensions: “ “ · Time: “ “ · Practical Applications of Ritualism/ Wizard study Self Knowing- I feel disassociated (space) yet connected, I feel warm, comfortable, not my “usual and self” like I’m floating relaxed but aware, like I’m half dreaming, like I’m being watched/ tested but not self conscious, like I just lost the ability to spell. Not Knowing- nervous, like I was being touched, like there was a kind of distortion of room/me/time, like the things I saw in the mirror were someplace else… another time, a transposition of space, like I was looking at myself from within another person, tense at first, then very relaxed. Knowing Within· What you could be: - Do you sleep late? - Do you know if you were born during sun or moon? - Are you into vampires - Do you have a special feeling when weather changes? - Would you give life to a simple seed? - If it died would you do it again? - Can you feel the magical properties of plants? - In fortune telling, can you use at least 3 styles of divination/ - As you were growing up what did you consider yourself to be? Magical/non magical - Do you know what the 3,5,7,9 rule is? - For Halloween did you dress like a witch? - Is there any particular art of the arcane that you were interested in than the other? Druid,Magi, Wizard, Witch, Mystical thing, Occult, Pagan, other (Demon) - If I were over 1,000 years old, would I be a good spirit, bad spirit or both? - Do I believe in ghosts? - Do you believe in a bigger Universe? · What you will be: Arch-Witch: Good: will be connected to gateways have a closer connection to Nature through animals etc. more feminine viewpoint. 3 books work you’ve done, work you will do, work that is you, 7 keys, symbolism, connection to energy circles, Justice carrier. Bad: stubborn, quick to answer, self incriminating, too open (at wrong time), base judgmental but doesn’t mean to be, lost in thoughts

Gaining Within· How to gain charge as an Arch-Witch (arch is like the word apprenticing it is the idea of a bit mage/magus educated witch nature but falls more over the final design of being like an acolyte and not just witch any longer.. (but again its only a title, the real awareness of it is the process off the 5 A's..): The process is the mature act of transference. In an agitated state, the Arch-Witch must link, then couple with the energy of a much more powerful source (such as a wizard). This can be done in 3 forms. The prevailing emotions of the agitated Wizard, magi, or other coupled with the agitation of the Arch-Witch directly create this energy link. · How to stop: By gaining a resistant or restrained state, the Arch can create a self controlled energy releasing. Same can be said for practice's of witch through wizard self's, ie… High structured Magic. The Body· Body: Whatever happens to the body, gets recorded in the skin and the emotion, the body’s inner mind. · Sex: energy produces emotion creating physical attachment to the understanding and sensitivity of another. · Limitations: the inner allowance of emotional backlash created by any of the 3 (mind body soul) · Growth: By enhancing the limits of emotions, sex, or that which causes limitations you gain a more aware and awake content to the gifts of the body. The body being the inner essences of the reaction to life’s little dents in your personality. The Mind· How to enter: As you begin in your pattern of wording, start and whisper and extend into a vibratory sound that your inner mind is already creating an echo, and draw it out. (Practice makes Perfect) other people call it enchantment. · How to endure: as you begin to feel like you are being controlled or chanted against. Put up a wall between you and the person you and everyone. The more you do it the easier it will become. (will not work if you’ve already been chanted on) · How to wipe out: As you progress, you need to do only the banishing form. 1 hand move in upside down crescent. The Soul· How to Know- the soul is a very easy thing to see. It is an inner lit shadow that appears around people, animals, etc. it is yellow. Greenish-yellow is magical. You can identify the soul through time sequence. Since in time the soul is 1/100,000th of a second behind the person. · How to Feel- By touching someone who is out of phase with either their magical or their physical you come in contact with the energy. It leaves its imprint on you, thus you can trace the remnants. (The soul is not the spirit) Only philosophers believe that the spirit is a secondary and travels. · How to Silence- Take a vial of Rosewater, vervain, and river water. Sprinkle this into air where you suspect energy is out of phase. This will displace ions and put energy back to its original form unless it’s a ghost (misplaced spirit). Others Knowing· What they are: In the acceptance of one’s self as an individual or group, everyone and everything has trade mark patterns based on their selected image. These patters create what is known as an identity. Models of images, items, and things are only there to trick the individual that this person or thing is or isn’t connected to it’s true identity. In language, tone, mannerism, psychology, physio-dynamics, eccentricity, is the cardinal diplomas from which one views “Face.” - Eyes: when looking at a person or thing its focus

- Tone: vibratory or non-vibratory strengthening or weakening - Family: visible imagery - Supported information: doctrines, works, property - Energy: the feeling you get, the feeling you give - Consciousness: whats left behind - Fate: 3 to 5 times you run into them, somethings going to happen - Faith: when all else fails, add up whats missing Feeling· What They’re Not: In the acceptance of one’s self as an individual or a group, everyone and everything has trade mark patterns based on their selected image. These patterns create what is known as an identity. Models of images, items, and things are only there to trick the individual that this person or thing is or isn’t connected to it’s true identity. In language, tone, mannerism, psychology, physiodynamics, eccentricity, is the cardinal diplomas from which one views “Face.” - Eyes: when you look into the eyes, eye response - Tone: what you don’t hear and what you hear a minute after - Family: can they name the family who do they have trouble naming. - Supported information: word mix up or misplaced - Energy: what you feel before they arrive - Consciousness: does your mind seek the most - Fate: can they tell you where you’ve been - Faith: do they know their subject Connecting· What They Couldn’t Be: Articles and times on their person create their mindset. When the articles and items match their energy, that’s when they’ll be what they could be. Centering around 2 other things. · Supported Information: the practice, the crowd, time, place, past · Energy: connection, reflection, refraction, displacement,conversion, transformation Transforming· Energy: energy field set up by energy field, creates a base front, not see-able or acknowledged by the physical world unless you are empathic or electrokinetic in energy. This form of energy has 5 direct ionic connections: heat, space, distance, other field, chaos. · Thought: Any energy field which is connected to any of the 5 bases (ie ions) create an inner disturbance composed of a forefront. This forefront is called “The Will” generated by aforementioned consciousness, compiled in the self, developed by a photo ion (ie. Protonic elimination). · Life: The physical energy from which all things exist (NOT) Truthfully, life is many different composite energy fields/chains. Each are joined at an interlinking part. But the displacement of 1 does not displace the rest. · Memory: Any aforementioned field that is displaced is replaced/repaired by previous field, but the aforementioned spot/field has been changed. Any object passing between these fields can be felt and create a 1/100th of a second memory field. Blocking· Energy: By gathering a greater charge than the charge that comes at you when pressed upon this field, it is better to gather supported energy of any of the 5 mentioned fronts. · Thought: Within the self distract your mind by playing a memory over and over in your head. It can be any memory, but break it up, tear it apart. So they don’t get a head of you. The mind is easily proof read there. You can use magical aids such as servants. · Life: In the world of magic, certain emotional events create blockades. If you rewind them, tear them apart, and put them back together the way, you want, then they can be used. · Memory: by getting into a mental dialogue with others, you can get into their

head, and pull out certain memories and use them against them. This process is called conversion. · What is it?: The works of Justice - Nature: has its own plan created by the connection of those who are associated by nature, only they know what they need to know. - Self: the powers of the self are interlinked with the designs of nature and the universe who watch and balance them wither you like it or not. - Body: marks on itself the memories of the past, so to can the magic user to one who misuses their gifts. - Mind: The magic user is in conflict with the time of judgment due to numerology, symbols are symbols. - Universe: pass it off, it kicks back. · Balance: In all things, balance is maintained by the 3 fields: cause, effect, result. - Cause: an action that is put into movement visa versa one’s will - Effect: result of said action, put to effect by cause - Result: Set into action by said effects, this is the reflection of said cause · Put in Check: When one has magically or morally overstepped their bounds as seen by ones who govern said magics or morals, then a state of trial within nature or the universe is enacted. However, these trials are often subtle and taken the place of bravest will as in “if no one else will.” Since nature keeps its own direct record of balances. It is hard to know when such action has come to pass unless directly said. SORRY IF THIS IS ABIT ABOVE YOU, BUT IN TIME YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN IT ALL RIGHT? *Artisinal Alchemy: The outer work

In the diagram known as the Kabbalah, there are the prongs which are the long thin connectors, there are the spheres, and then there is the liquid base in which it all lays. Think of the universe as if it were water, and you have this submerged but levitating grid. The outer word is the kinetic field or para-kinetic field that binds and holds both the water surface and the material known as the Kabbalah together. It has no inner control, nor can it disrupt or change any of the material outside of its field. *Mystical Alchemy: The inward work When we talk about the mystical, we talk about the physical world. It is the material from which the object known as the Kabbalah exists. Outside and inside of its own made-up creation, and only influencing the internal matrix of its being. Though the Royal Art is what maintains its connection to everything around it, it holds no property on the material base itself. One would think mystical alchemy is the transmutation of a property from one form to another. This is not so. *Sexual Alchemy:

That which binds, collects, connects to, and can transcend by charge or by transmuted exposure can begin to call itself sexual alchemy. It does not disrupt the properties of any of the other fields, however it maintains and creates the constant bombardment on a lower frequency. The intercommunication between them all. The Ars Regia, or Royal Art, is the blue print to this daemonistic (dermis) design. Utilizing the properties of fire and ice, one can begin to learn and forge the golden key to the door known as the Philosopher's Stone. This is the work of the ceremonial artist. This is a look at the basics of how we as the artist approach the so-called great work. The kabbalah is the method and key used in the artisan-al and mystical(inner) alchemy. To create a will that will advance and grow….transforming the inner, to begin to influence the outer which are the fields of kinetic and para-kinetic. Yet it is the strengthening of the psychic will as a field that can tap into and influence. Still it is done by collecting, charging, and binding these energies….the work of sexual alchemy which carries two charges or are of two, male and female as in their sexual fluid. This is more than I can put into words or maybe understand of yet but to there seems to be an evident correlation in design of our universe and our inoverse…ie the kinetic and parakinetic fields, the liquid also the sexual fluid, the kabbalah…4 cups the elements that make us up within and without, as above so to below, as within so to without. Artisinal: the magus the mastery of this, mystical: the magi spiritual and religious symbolism's of transformation, sexual: the mage in the witches world the collecting, the charging, binding of what is like them and written on them to themselves and their practice, the three as one school of education in which we find the mage. funny that most didn't know this... Alchemy (gold and silver) Astara (the nature of the occult) Golden dawn (the symbolism of the temples) Master school (the 9) Astrology (the planets and the occult use) Wicca (the dark arts of the goddess, black moon) Rune: (the story and the methods) Norse (the arts of the water and fire and eye and warrior heart) Psychi (the doorway of the unseen) Psyconol (the study of the unconscious psychic self) Tarot (the mastery of the card teachers) Coma (the mental awareness of the veil) Mid hell, Mid Heaven, Mid Earth (the ranges of the hidden psyche) candle vision (the illusion of the mind), Mid Abasu, Mid Tetraon (the ideal of the underworld) jinn, jinnada (maji stories and links to divine soul compressional deities)

Hermetic Orders (the scope of the messengers of will and action) Circles and Keys (divisional awareness of the unseen as a tool) Numerology (the study of number patterns) Spiritualism (the quest to know ones ghost) Possessium gates (the nature of the inner mind as a trap) Yin and Yang keys and Harmonic circles (the tools of the inner shaman as a taoist) Egyptian triangles and symbolism script (the core of the eyes education and self as a being) Evocators (the ideal of summoning within) Geomancy (the study of the earths internal energy self) Enochian (the angelic theology) zoraus (the study of the teacher of sight) the upland (the mid degree of hypnotic awareness) Idionatic Power and dances (sygil and herbalism) the native awareness of energy as a study.. Solomon's key (the 7 keys, the kabal doorway and the great teachers) bible magic (the idea of ritual in script) magi study.. word lore (the key to the study of properties) Q,C,K, the 3 frames of (aspects of cabala study) Tetragramaton as a subject and tool Levels of the statues.. each as of acolyte The Greek triangle of Phyte (god of self) amulet, spells, master spells, witchcraft and voodoo applications Naturology (the geo nature of spirit, and homeopathic idealism) levels of tantra study (master class as well) incensology the study of the senses.. karma, dogma aura, resonance, oma seth, the eastern ideal arts occult, inoccult (the hidden book) ankh, ashar, cross, reflectionation, dreamology (the nature of the symbol) zen, atlantian, druid, celt, englantorian, merlic (theology and works)

solomon, crowley/via/levi, abu, abyss, yogata (the nature of the empty worldly self) mensanite, masonite, gaia-ite, freemason-ite, hypnotic study and the eye of the storm, omni-corta (the all that is all) planetology, the divine cosmos, philosophers stone... mystic arts, mage hood self, sage understandings, the nature of prophet/ prophecy, palmistry, aldo-dnato (the secret of life) mirror magic, pyramidal ideals, and crystalline truth, gyps-ism, demonology, daemonology, spiritology, omniorta idealism, Confucianism, voodoo levels, the Aztec/Toltec/Mayan ring-circle and the path to more..... yet claim to serve this skill, its not a religion per-say as well... Fortune Telling by Cards Psychic cards are the doorway to the unconscious mind. That which reads in high number is often warning. That which reads in low number is often reward. Anything in a particular suite has a tendency to be more true when there are more of the same thing. Meaning if I had more hearts than I had diamonds, then hearts are more than likely the next choice. The idea is about mass vs. odds. You can fake these, but its better if you don't. True ability of fortune reading comes from the one who doesn't but instead is inspired to. Meaning an event, a thought, or action has driven this process. Occultism What does it mean to be in the occult? Absolutely nothing. The idea is to be indifferent, to seek to understand the outside. This is not ignorance of what is in the inside, but it is subjective to those that want to unify. The word occult comes from the occuli, it means to see, the essence of the eye. Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom Never happened. When one tries to revitalize something that is dead, gone, or out of place, they have a tendency to add their own personality to it. It becomes a vanity plate for them to change the value of the world in front of them. Not because they disagree with it, but because the symbols call to them, and they don't know how to answer. Courses in Scrying Crystals, stones, sticks, bones, water, fire, land of dirt, land of sand, and about a hundred other things are the tools of life reaching out in its lessor form to act as communication. Scrying is the easy part, one has to divide their will aka spirit with that which they scry with. Often thought of in the beginning as having an alternative personality, the process of scrying is both illusional and real at the same time.

Tarot History The Tarot had started out simply as playing cards. They developed into a form of gypsy mysticism. Royalty had looked upon them as sacred tokens of themselves. This process evolved into both a personal and a profitable means. It is believed, that any who took up the Tarot had made a deal with the other side to use it only to be a bridge, and never to openly read. Otherwise one would loose their gift. Study in the Kabalah The Kabbalah is not a Jewish sub-reference text. It would be referred to as hedonistic for it was born in the sands of the desert. In the stars at night. In the very kings of the sand. The Hebrew or Jewish/Hebron people took it upon themselves to transform it as a communication as the angelic structure of the divine messages of the clay form of Adam. Study of the Tarot The true nature of the Tarot comes not from the Tarot. For any who study the Tarot, study ceremonial magic. For the Tarot, though gypsy in its creation, was born to define and ritualized the patterns of human growth in a game not even seen but felt. Palace of the King There are three kings, just like there are three wise men. Three truths to reality, three hopes of the future. The nature of the Palace of the King, though at its core is ritual ceremonial transition of one power to another, the Palace of the King is not. In ceremonial magic, occultism, and that which relates to the transition of magic itself mid to modern, it is the temple of Solomon's mystical legacy. Ancient and Modern Initiation In ancient times, one was chosen by star, season, birthmark, or omen to fulfill their duties for the mystical good. They had no choice, there was a divine hand that would push or persuade them into action. So initiation based rituals were formed to substantiate their claim to this divine connection. In ancient rituals you are striped of everything to see if you are given everything. Even the modern Bible has a story about such, that has lasted longer than most modern Bibles. Modern thinking and initiation, though I could consider this quite mute, you need to only look at the ritual to see it holds little water. But, those who do not look at themselves will never be looked at. I mean this not to preach at you, but to teach you what preaching is. Aradia, Or the Gospel of the Witches Written by an obscure person who was at the time trying to be a male witch. The term referring to more of a pagan Pan-like or Cern/cernuos model. Stealing the art of Dianic and Goddess like formats to praise themselves among like Pan flaunting a flute. Arbatel of Magick The word arbatel means to debate, from the word arbitrary. Redefined as not having purpose, the Ars and said open models of said open models of ceremonial class, are creations not recreations. Within the text is the only thing that holds it up as a book of magic, and that's symbolism. It is more a priestly written document filled with the fear and mistaken idea of its own meritoriousness. Bhagavad Gita Bhaga as in hey guy, and Gita as in got it, but they don't get it. This philosophy is true, its enlightening point valid, but it has nothing to do with magic. This is the works of hope, the settle principle of Zenism, or empty mind theology. It has merit as a Magi, religious practice and even direction in the grand scope. But it misses out on the thing it wants to create, and that is truth. One can not test

truth and stand back and applaud all others as truth. A million truths can exist in the grain of sand, but its still just a grain of sand. Brotherhood of the Third Degree The secret of witchcraft in the mage and magus design is upheld in the pillar of the third degree. What I tell you here will not venture far from your lips, but man is the master of the witch, or man is the pillar on which the witches world is built but not in the witches power. The power that lights this pillar its foundation is very ideal is female. But that which upholds it and takes it to the universe, to the reality of what is, is the brotherhood of the third degree. Christian Astrology vise, Christian Astrology voice Christian Astrology, there is no such thing. Christian Astrology of voice anything divined through the universe is divined through the nature of God. In vise we learn that that which is spiritual is created to be upheld by the divine, while that which is voice is that which is divine is that which sets tone to that which is created. A classic case of Sun moving the world vs the Earth moving the universe. Even if they found out that the Earth did not move the universe, they would still make it seem like it did. Blinders only get people hit by poles. Comselha: An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual No such thing. Com-selha is called the moon season of the corn. Com is the season as in the corn, corn season. Selha comes from Sel (as in the secret name of the moon Selene) and ha (as in harvest). So its proper name would be Come Selena harvest Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing The arts of the spiritual came from the harvesting of the white light that through a prism extends out into color. For it is here that the universe begins to communicate and utilizing crystals one can begin to see. Dark Night of the Soul In ancient times, the stories would be told about secret guardians of the forest, and protectors of animals, and beasts that roamed and devoured anything in its sight, and creatures that if you did or didn't do their bidding would steal the very breath from your body. Yoga. The art of Yoga is the Eastern Philosophy of stretching your mind as you stretch your body, creating contorted positioning one would thereby expose themselves to the chambered world of the dream state. This is true, it has and does occur, but it is merely the watchful eye, a joy ride if you will into the true adventure, the unconscious astral limbo of being that Voodoo and other magically diverse but dedicated arts expend on without limit. It is believed that one would use intoxicating substances,alternative drugs in their incense to unleash the mysterious power of Yoga aka Yogi awareness. Egyptian Myth and Legend There are five principle methodologies. *Curses *Principle of succession/Pharo *War *World of the Unseen *Protection I could tell you the history of Egypt on the back of my hand. But its written in the mind of the greatest magic which comes from not them but the Eight Sabbaths of Witchcraft No such thing. Eight comes from the number 4 divided by 4. For it is a division between the Sun and the Moon within the four basic seasons but celebrated at different times. Paganism created the boundaries on this, but they were not the owner. For Paganism didn't exist, true there were Pagans (as in the ideal) but not

Paganism. Utilizing the study of Wicca, created in conjunction with the ideas of alters and the Indian Zodiac, the Sabbaths of witchcraft were created. Elements of the Qabalah Most of what you read here is written within the system. The Qabalah is the word language, and there is only one language, and that is nature. The five basic elements and the four that are accepted as elements or fire, water, earth, air are the forms and forces of the elements. But spirit is an element as well, the fifth one, for it is an invisible element called Time. In the Qabalah it is the secret alchemy that is apart of every building block. Enochian Magick Reference In ancient mindsets, the angels are done for everything. From blessing your food, to having a child, to punishing a child, to invoking a job, to finding true love, to health, to weather, to times and omens. It is the idea of the Enochian to separate the angel from the church by reference of making their own angels, by making themselves angels. For they like the preacher want God's very hand to lay upon them without their eyes open. Etheric Vision What is it to see? It is the idea that we know the world around us by what we contribute to our mind. To truly see is to see what is ahead. Not by hours, not by days, not by weeks, not by years, but by dimensions within its own time-line. If you think I speak ill of the simple awareness's of sensation, then you've never seen anything. Taoist Practice In the principle of the Tao, there's a standing reference of elemental awareness that is measured like heaven and earth, but in forms of three. These are called trigrams, script like imagery used to support a code like awareness. Tao is absolute. Dao is within. Tao and Dao are not the same thing, even though they are uttered in the same fashion. Tao to the occultist is to know, Dao to the occultist is to receive aka welcome. Both are achieved through the Zen. The word Zen doesn't exist. It is not what it appears, the 'z' of Zen is actually at the end of 'n' in Zen. And that spells zen as in the ending to a new beginning. To practice Tao is to practice absolutes, first answer is the correct one. (not a bad way to get into the universe of the SHE and the powers that Be) to learn more : go here... or

Never stop dreaming however knowing where you stand guarantees your not on a cliff awaiting a fall that was a result of a message you decided to Ignore


Luxas Aureaum (magus guide) to the arts of “WITCHCRAFT' AND THE ROOT OF BEING” Current Head of the “ROOT OF THE CIRCLE WITCHES COVEN” and Teacher to more... as the link will show...

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