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ELIMINATE NEWS We have exceeded the US$2 million benchmark for Service Leadership Programs! Thank you for all of your hard work.

WIUM GOAL UPDATE: As of October 16th, WIUM Key Clubs have raised US$4893.99 for the Eliminate Project

Want to learn more about the Eliminate Project? Check out the webshop at:

Hello WIUM Key Clubbers! Congratulations on another great Trick or Treat for UNICEF year! Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. Check out page six to find out how to send your funds in, and possibly receive a banner patch! Let’s keep the momentum going so we can meet our fundraising goal of $35,000 by DCON 2014! Yours in Service and Dedication, Baylee Radke



At the District Board’s November Board Meeting, we held a fundraiser for the Eliminate Project. We took Key Club items such as tshirts, bags, pins, pillows, a Key Club lunch box, etc., and auctioned them off after dinner Saturday night. It was a very exciting event for the board members as there was friendly competition, and things became intense over a few objects. Our lovely bulletin editor, Celia Nalbach, bought a plastic lemon for $5.00 all in the name of saving lives.

AMOUNT RAISED: $290.00+ 4

Don't forget to send in your funds as soon as possible to provide life-saving vaccines! Send a check or money order (made payable to the Kiwanis International Foundation) and your completed gift form to: The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office Kiwanis International Foundation 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA ATTN: Trick-or-Treat Be sure to write your club name or club number on the memo line of the check, so you can get the credit you deserve for your efforts! If you need another giving form, you can find it here - in the SLP section of the website. In order to receive the Trick or Treat for UNICEF banner patch, funds must exceed US$250, and must be sent in by December 31st.


Plarning for Uganda If you are looking for something else to do for the Eliminate Project other than raising money you can make ‘Mats for Uganda’. The mats are made from recycled plastic store bags turned into plarn (plastic yarn-look below for steps on how to make the plarn) and are used for sleeping on and a sanitary area for women to give birth on instead of the ground where they are susceptible to diseases, such as MNT. Steps to making plarn: Lay the bag flat so that the handles are sticking straight up (it is called squaring the bag)  Using scissors cut off the handles and the seam at the bottom of the bag  Cut the bag in half so that you have two continuous loops  Place the two continuous loops of the bag on top of one another and cut them in half again  Loop two bag pieces together so that it ties together  Repeat the steps so that it makes one long piece of plastic – this is the plarn  After you have tied all the bags that you want together roll the plastic into a ball for easy use 

As you cut more and more bags you will soon find an easier and faster way to do it.

Once you have made the balls of plarn they can be crocheted into a 4ft x 6ft mat (about 200300 plastic bags).If you don’t know how to crochet and would like to send a mat you can bring the plarn to a nursing home or assisted living home and see if any residents would be willing to crochet a mat. Making Mats for Uganda is a fun and easy service project for your club to do. Next time you or your club is looking for a service project to do involving the Eliminate Project try having a plarn party and have food and music to pass the time while you make plarn. For more information and video tutorials go to http://

By: Madeline Bologna, Eliminate Committee Member


SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: WISCONSIN DELLS KEY CLUB Serving in a rather smaller-than-average sized school can be quite difficult to work with for any club, but when a member of the Wisconsin Dells High School Key Club got the idea of a penny war, the school thought that this might be a good “gogetter”. As a result, they created a committee and banded together for more ideas. In the end, they got it approved and had every class compete against each other for homecoming points. “It went over really well,” said Gavin G., member of the Wisconsin Dells High School Key Club, “We made jars (for every grade) and found people to work during every lunch period. The one problem that we crossed was that we didn’t get the word out enough. But other than that, we made a decent amount of money.” Once these jars were set up, they set them out at tables during lunch and let the high schoolers throw pennies into their grade’s jar, and any other change into other grades to lower their points. In the end, the Seniors won with the most points and received the most homecoming points. The Wisconsin Dells High School Key Club raised over $520, which is about 260 lives saved! Kudos to this Key Club and keep up the fine work everyone!

TOTAL RAISED: US$520+ Article Written and Submitted by: Kristen Rosen, Eliminate Committee Member 7

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The Eliminate Spotlight - November 2013  
The Eliminate Spotlight - November 2013