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Hello Key Club Secretaries and Treasurers, My name is Justine Schwarz and I'm the District Secretary Treasurer for the 2014-2015 Key Club year. As the school year begins, it is the perfect time to hit the ground running in your duties! That being said, check out the information below for some very important bits of knowledge. I am very excited to work with all of you this school year!

Hey Secretaries and Treasurers! Membership Update Center and Dues It’s that time of year again for treasurers to collect dues and secretaries to submit dues (with the help of your faculty advisor) through the Membership Update Center(MUC)! The MUC is available on the Key Club International website at Also, at the previous ICON, an amendment was passed to make dues $.50 more per member. In total, Dues are now $12.50 per person! Make sure your club is collecting the right amount. Don’t forget, the Early Bird dues deadline to qualify for a banner patch is November 1st! If you have any questions or concerns about dues, feel free to email me or Kathy Gillis, District Administrator, at Good luck! Distinguished Award Criteria If you have been doing an excellent job as secretary or treasurer this year, you could be eligible for this award. The Distinguished awards are given out at DCON and are a huge honor. Last year, out of every single secretary and treasurer in the entire Wisconsin- Upper Michigan District, only a few applied. I encourage each of you to go for it! Even if your club isn't attending DCON 2015, you are still eligible! For your hard work, you deserve an award! I have attached the criteria at the bottom of the email, the actual form will be available on the WIUM Key Club website. Make sure to apply!

Hey Secretaries! The following information directly pertains to you.

Monthly Report Forms, or MRFS, are the forms that help the District keep track of how much service WIUM Key Clubbers perform. MRFs are available on the WIUM District Webpage ( under the forms tab. The forms should be submitted by the club secretary by the 5th of each month. MRFs serve as an effective way to convey to myself, the District Governor, your Lieutenant Governor, and the District Administrator the amount of service your club has performed. You guys are doing some awesome service so let us know about it! These forms are quick and simple and can take less than 5 minutes to complete. Remember, MRFs can always be submitted late so get in the ones that may have been overlooked during the summer! I would like to give a huge thank you to all who submit these regularly and encourage those who don't to begin to.

New Officer Information Sheets, aka NOIS Forms, are an amazing chance for each club to get connected to the District. By simply completing this wonderful form, a club will begin to receive updates and important information from Lieutenant Governors and other District officials. If you haven't already, make sure to complete your club’s NOIS Form on the District webpage (, under the forms tab. These should be completed after a club holds officer elections, but are accepted at any time, better late than never! NOIS Forms basically provide club officers’ contact information to the District Board. By completing this form, a club takes the first step towards getting involved and connected at the District level. Don’t miss out, submit these as soon as possible!

Secretaries and treasurers  
Secretaries and treasurers