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2014-2015 District Director of Committees – Shiyue Xie

Hey Key Clubber!

I’m proud to introduce you to the first Monthly KCCC (Key Club Committee Chairs) Newsletter. At the April New Board Training Session, the newly appointed Chairs and the Executive Board came up with the idea of creating this awesome KCCC Newsletter. The Newsletter is designed to help you get the latest information, educate new members, and guide every one of you throughout the year. If you have any questions, whether it’s about club chartering, project ideas, or opinions on something, each of the KCCC members and I will be there for you at all times so don’t hesitate to contact us. For this month, we are going to introduce our 2014-2015 Committee Chairs along with some of their duties, goals for the year, and some of the latest updates. If you have any questions regarding to anything that KCCC talked about, please let us know.

Thank you, Shiyue Xie

Contact Information Email: Phone : 262-215-4307


2014-2015 District Eliminate Project Chair - Celia Nalbach

Hello Wisconsin Upper Michigan Key Clubbers!

My name is Celia Nalbach, and I could not be more excited to call myself your 2014-2015 District Eliminate Project Chair. I am a junior at Neenah High School where I am involved in many activities. Outside of Key Club I am a part of the Neenah Girls Cross Country and Track teams, the National Honors Society, Vex Robotics, and Math Team. All these activities, including the heavy load of homework high school provides keeps me quite busy, however, there is always time in my life for Key Club. When I was presented the opportunity to serve as District Eliminate Project Chair this year and the rest of the Wisconsin Upper Michigan Key Club Committee Chairs, I was extremely honored. I am very passionate about this cause, and I have big plans for the upcoming year. There is only one year of the Eliminate Campaign remaining, yet there is still a lot to be accomplished. The Eliminate Project is also Erin Idler’s Governor’s Project this year, which makes it that much more important to support and advocate. It is our goal as a District to raise $5 per member by DCON 2015. We can do it! I ask that all WIUM Key Club members share my enthusiasm for the Eliminate Project, and together we can make a difference by helping to eliminate neonatal and maternal tetanus from the face of the earth. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions; I look forward to working with all of you!


2014-2015 District Eliminate Project Chair - Celia Nalbach Since DCON I have been working on formulating ideas for the upcoming year in WIUM. Each division should look forward to having a big Divisional Project sometime throughout the year…maybe even this summer! Also Eliminate Week recently happened on May 5-9. WIUM held a competition during that week to see which club could raise the most money per member. Reminder: if you participated in the competition, your money and Eliminate Project Donation Form (located on the WIUM website) is due by June 1st. But don’t worry…if your club didn’t get a chance to participate in Eliminate Week on May 5-9, feel free to make your own Eliminate Week! Every week is a good week to help save the lives of mothers and babies from neonatal and maternal tetanus! Also, be on the look-out for Eliminate Committee applications. In the near future, I will be setting up my committee, and anyone who is interested is highly recommended to apply! Enjoy these last few weeks of school, and continue to serve your homes, schools, and communities with pride.


2014-2015 District Preferred Charities Chair - Taylor Hurst Hello Key Clubbers! My name is Taylor Hurst, and I am thrilled to be your Committee Chair of Preferred Charities for the Key Club year of 2014-2015. This year is going to be phenomenal, and I can’t wait to start it with all of you! Helping people is my biggest passion, and it’s because of Key Club that I’ve been able to do just that! I’ve always had a desire for helping others, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. I joined Key Club not knowing what to expect, but since then I have fallen in love with this club. I’ve met so many amazing people, and I have grown as a person and as a leader. I am proud to say that I am a dedicated member of Key Club. In addition to Key Club, I do many other things to get involved. I am currently a freshman at Kimberly High School and I take part in Forensics, Free3, Choir and the Theatre program. I love working with others and I always keep an open mind for new possibilities. As the Committee Chair of Preferred Charities, my goal is to have effective communication among club members and raise awareness for Key Club’s preferred charities. I am super excited for the upcoming events in honor of the amazing charities that Key Club supports, and I want to get as many Key Clubbers involved as possible! I’m open to any ideas to get the word out about these wonderful charities. Please feel more than welcomed to contact me via Facebook, email, text or give me a call. I would love to answer any questions that you may have, or even if you just need someone to talk to. I believe that when we come together, we can raise awareness and make a difference in many people’s lives! I cannot wait to see how much of an impact we make in this upcoming year. Yours in Service, Taylor Hurst


2014-2015 District Preferred Charities Chair - Taylor Hurst This is the first year that the Preferred Charities Committee will be taking off! On the committee, we will be coming up with ways to raise awareness and support of the Preferred Charities, as well as planning fundraisers and events in their honor. We have so many awesome events coming up, and I can't wait to see how much of an impact we make this year! If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me at, or send me a call or text at (920)257.6517. Together we can change the lives of many!


2014-2015 District Bylaws and Policies Chair – Stephanie Rink Hello Key Clubbers!

I am Stephanie Rink, the Bylaws & Policies Chair. Do not feel bad if you’ve never heard of the position. It was created just this year, so that means this is the first year it will be around. It also means my own work for the committee may outline the work for future chairs. My role this year with the brand new committee is to discover what this position means for WIUM. For those of you unfamiliar with bylaws or policies, you would be surprised that you know a lot more than you think you do, especially if you had previously attended DCON or the House of Delegates. There you are able to see bylaws or policies in action; all the procedurals that some people may find boring or repetitive are actually specifically written out to fit an exact purpose so that Key Club can continue running smoothly. Though that is not all that bylaws and policies are, that is what they look like in their most recognizable form.


2014-2015 District Bylaws and Policies Chair – Stephanie Rink My goal for this month is to familiarize myself with the bylaws and policies and to brainstorm ways to educate Key Clubbers about them. This way, many more people will have a better understanding of the organization of Key Club, which many Key Clubbers are unaware of. There will be much more to come as my role as the Bylaws & Policies Chair develops, and I hope to have more to report soon! -Stephanie Rink, Bylaws & Policies Chair


2014-2015 District Public Relations Chair – Chelsey Barnes Hello Key Clubbers!

My name is Chelsey Barnes and I am your new head of the Public Relations Committee for 2014-2015. I am so incredibly excited to make this Key Club year a success by working and getting to know each and every one of you! I am currently a junior at Kimberly High School and love being an active student body member. I am involved in various activities such as Varsity golf, National Honors Society, Badger Girls State, Soccer, and of course, Key Club! In my school’s Key Club, we do many great events, but one of my favorites is Top Soccer. This is where we help children with disabilities stay active by playing soccer with them every Saturday. One thing that you should know about me is that I have a lot of spirit and positivity. I hope to use this as an asset to the Public Relations Committee to raise club and District passion for service. Through the use of technology and creativity, my goal is to make videos, posters and use online media to promote upcoming major events and increase knowledge of what Key Club is all about! Going into this new Key Club year, I look forward to working closely with the Director of Technologies and the Director of Committees to advertise and publicize Kiwanis events. I also am very excited to get to know and make memories with all of the advisers, officers and club members! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Yours in Service, Chelsey Barnes


2014-2015 District Public Relations Chair – Chelsey Barnes Before I tell you what I'm planning on accomplishing for this month, let me explain what the head of Public Relations does. I am in charge of raising club spirit and I help members gain a great appreciation for Key Club. Along with this, I inform Lieutenant Governors and general members about upcoming events through social media. For the month of May, I am currently planning the creation of a video for the ELIMINATE Project. This video’s goal is to have Key Club members more informed about what the ELIMINATE Project is all about and will cover the basis of what their mission and goals are. In this month of May, I will also be staying in touch with the Lieutenant Governors by calling them and chatting with them about how they plan on reaching out towards their Division members of Key Club!

Contact Information Phone :( 920)378-9204 9

2014-2015 District Membership Development Chair – Ashlee Trotter

Hey there, Key Clubbers! My name is Ashlee Trotter and I will be serving as the WIUM District Membership Development Chair for the 2014-2015 Key Club year. Before I start to go on a rant about how amazing our District is, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a Junior at Gladstone High School (way up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and am so happy to be able to say that I have been a member of my school’s Key Club since Freshman year. Along with this being my second year as the Gladstone Key Club President, I am also involved in many other different clubs and organizations within my school and community, which include tennis, bowling, Drama Club, and being involved with my church. You may be wondering, “What in the world does a Membership Development Chair do??” As Membership Development Chair, I will be working to build our district as a whole. You, the members of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Key Club, are what makes us who we are. Without dedicated members who are willing to serve their communities and the world, we would be nothing. That’s why I will be working to gain membership in the clubs within our District. After all, you can’t spell Key Club without “u”! :) I hope to be able to stay in contact with all of you, whether regarding the membership of your clubs or to get to know you in general! I can’t wait to be able to meet everyone at the 2015 District Convention, but until then don’t be afraid to contact me! I’m here to help and would love to talk to you about all things Key Club! This is going to be a great year!


2014-2015 District Membership Development Chair – Ashlee Trotter

Do you know of any schools that don't have Key Clubs, but would be a perfect addition to our District? If so, make sure to contact me (and your Lieutenant Governor!) so that we can get an awesome new club started at that school. Or, are you a club officer that would like to discuss anything regarding the membership of your club? Feel free to call or email me with anything, whether you have questions or just want to chat! You can find my email and phone number listed below. I hope to hear from you soon! Yours in service, Ashlee Trotter

Contact Information Email: Phone : (906)420-2581


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