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KCCC – District Convention Workshops President's and Vice-President's Workshop:

At the District Leadership Conference one of the largest parts is the Officer Training for the next Key Club year. As the President or Vice-President you are the spokesperson for the club. You will be hosting the meetings and answering questions about our organization. By attending this workshop you will get all of the information you need to succeed in your year. If you are not currently a Club President or Vice-President, but are thinking of running this year or in your club's next election, this workshop is also for you. You can attend to learn more about the position and everything that there is to know about running a club. If you are even considering a Presidential or VicePresidential position, please attend this workshop and the board members as well as other Presidents and Vice-Presidents in the District can help you to make that decision.

Dirstrict Governor-Erin Idler

Key Club with Harry, Ron, and Hermione Workshop:

With DCON coming up so soon, I’m sure everyone is excited for the events throughout the entire weekend, especially workshops! I’m here to tell you about the workshop I am running, titled “Key Club with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.” This workshop during the first night of DCON, and is aimed toward general members of Key Club and open for anyone. Those who love fun activities and competition will love this workshop, as it combines those things with the amazing qualities of our favorite Harry Potter characters. In the first

portion of the workshop, Key Clubbers will show of their bravery with a crazy game of Pterodactyl. In the second, loyalty will be showcased through the amazing projects of various clubs. In the third, members can test their Harry Potter and Key Club intelligence through a few crazy rounds of trivia. With these activities, members can start off their DCON weekend by meeting new people and having a fun time, all while strengthening their bond with service. All in all, I am looking forward to see you at “Key Club with Harry, Ron, and Hermione�, and I hope you all have an amazing DCON! Stephanie Rink, Bylaws & Policies Chair

Preferred Charities Workshop:

The Key Club Year is coming to an end, which means that DCON is right around the corner! There are a lot of amazing ways to grow as a leader and as a Key Clubber at DCON. Every year at the District Convention the WIUM District Board offers many workshops available to the Key Clubbers attending. One of the workshops that you can go to is the Preferred Charities Workshop. I would highly recommend all Key Clubbers attending this workshop in order to learn more about the Preferred Charities! As the Kiwanis main focus is "serving the children of the world", Key Club takes a similar stance heavily investing in youth-oriented programs. The Preferred Charities have a direct impact on people in the community, as well as Key Clubbers in the WIUM District! In the workshop Key Clubbers will learn about the five Preferred Charities and how they can help support each charity. There will also be fun activities taking place during the workshop with yummy prizes as a reward for supporting the Preferred Charities!

If you have any questions please feel more than welcomed to contact me! I cannot wait to see you at DCON!

Preferred Charities Chair- Taylor Hurst

Spice Up Your Meetings Workshop:

Hello Key Clubbers!! DCON is just around the corner and I know our District Board is so excited to spend the weekend with all of you! I know that I am most excited for the amazing workshops that are being held throughout the day! They are all so good and it will be difficult for you to choose which one to go to. I am going to be running the Spice Up Your Meetings Workshop and I strongly recommend it to anyone attending DCON! The workshop is all about tips for making meetings more interesting and fun for members! We will be giving out icebreaker packets and great advice for improving the quality of the club meeting for your members. This workshop is not solely for Key Club meetings, it can also be contributed to your future e endeavors. You can use the tips given in the workshop for future work meetings or lectures in your classroom! One highlight of this workshop is the great icebreaker in the beginning: the Rock Paper Scissors Battle. Also, the Make Your Meetings Move Packet will be given out free of charge just going to the workshop! How exciting! I look forward to meeting all of you and I know it will be a great weekend at the 2015 WI-UM District Conference!

Public Relations Committee Chair- Chelsey Barnes

Public Speaking Workshop:

Hi Key Clubbers! DCON is quickly approaching and now is the time to think about which workshops you would like to attend. The Public Speaking Workshop will be both an informative and fun experience. We will discuss all of the dos and don’ts when it comes to public speaking, as well as engage in activities that relate to the topic. If you are intimidated when speaking in public, or simply want to learn a few beneficial skills, this is the workshop for you. We will begin with an icebreaker in order to get to know our other members. After that, an interactive presentation will be given to inform you about the key

points while public speaking. At the end of the workshop, we will discover what you have learned through a final activity. When you leave this workshop, our goal as presenters is to leave you with a new sense of confidence and enjoyment while public speaking. As you can see, this workshop will be a magical experience! See you at DCON!

Director of Technology- Mikaela Hanrahan

Service through the Seasons Workshop:

Hey Key Clubbers! I can't wait to see you all at DCON this year and hopefully you'll stop by the Service through the Seasons workshop! We will share, display and think of new ideas to keep your volunteer juices flowing all year long! In this workshop we hope to provide information for you and your club members of volunteer programs and volunteer jobs that you can take advantage of from winter to summer! Hope to see you all there!

Division 9 Lieutenant Governor- McKenna Mielkie

Making Key Club Work for You Workshop:

How can you make the best of Key Club? It's easy! Come to this workshop and see all that Key Club has to offer and how you can be a part of it. It'll be more exciting than visiting Hogwarts!

Division 1 Lieutenant Governor- Zach Raetzman

Kiwanis Relationships Workshop: Are you having trouble working with your Kiwanis "professors"? Whether you meet with your Kiwanians regularly, or don't know where to even start; why not accept the challenge and attend our Kiwanis Relationships workshop? We will be learning the "secrets" to breaking through the barriers and winning the match, getting the resources and assistance from your sponsoring Kiwanis Club.

Division 8 Lieutenant Governor- Maren Hjortnaes

Eliminate Workshop:

With the Eliminate Project coming to a close, this might just be your last chance to learn anything and everything about eliminating neonatal and maternal tetanus. In the Eliminate Workshop, information about how far along the Eliminate Project has come, and how far it has yet to go before its conclusion will be shared. Additionally, you will have the chance to collaborate with other Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Key Clubbers about projects done to raise money for the Eliminate Project. It will be the perfect opportunity to get some Fundraising ideas for the end of the school year/beginning of summer. AND don't miss out on your chance to contribute! The Official Wisconsin Upper Michigan District Handcrafted Cow Tails will be for sale. Each tail will be sold for $5, which goes directly towards our district total. I hope to see you all there!

Eliminate Project Chair- Celia Nalbach

Eliminator Game Workshop: Do you think what it has to be an eliminator?! Then this is the workshop for you! Even if you're a bit skeptical about what an "eliminator" exactly is, I encourage you to come. This game show styled workshop will feature questions about anything Eliminate Project related. Anyone and everyone will get the chance to participate, and there will be prizes to be won! Even if you don't feel like playing, you should still come and watch the game. You will probably learn a thing or two about the Eliminate Project, and you will most definitely have lots of fun! In fact...I'm guessing it might get a little crazy! Additionally, if you don't get the chance to purchase an Official Wisconsin Upper Michigan Hand Crafted Cow Tail before this workshop, make sure to bring $5 (all of which will be going to the Eliminate Project of course), so you can suit up with one of your very own cow tail. Bring your Eliminate knowledge, and your positive attitude, and you will have more than enough of what it takes to be The. Next. Eliminator.

Eliminate Project Chair- Celia Nalbach

Key Leader Workshop: Key Leader is a weekend long leadership camp held in Wisconsin Dells during the month of September. If you want to become a better leader and want to meet more new people all across WIUM, then please come and join us at the Key Leader Workshop to learn more about Key Leader. You will get a quick overview of the Key Leader event and the registration process. District Director of Committees- Shiyue Xie

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KCCC Workshops Final  

KCCC Workshops Final