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KEYCLUB Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District

Happy Summer Key Clubbers! I hope the last few months of your school year since DCON have treated you well. This is my 2nd formal communication to each of you (the 1st being my introduction letter) so please let me know if you have yet to receive anything from me. In the past few months, the district board has accomplished a lot to help our district run better. We have set goals for the year and established a guide for the year (if you want to know more about these, please contact either myself or your LTG). I have attended my Governor’s training convention (GATC) in Indianapolis, IN so that I know how to better advise our District this year. One of the things that we talked about at GATC was the amendments proposed for ICON 2014, if you have any questions about any of the amendments or anything else about ICON, feel free to contact me as well. I hope that you all will continue to serve your home, school, and communities this summer through any way possible. You can try helping out your janitors at the very beginning by clearing all of the unused school items from the lockers and donating them to a shelter or a Boys and Girls Club. Towards the middle you can help neighbors mow their grass or volunteer at your County Fair. At the end, teachers are always in need of help getting their rooms back into order. You as a Key Clubber are right there. Remember, service is what we are all about, and people are always in need of our help. People do not cease to be in need at the end of the school year, let us answer their call. Thank you for your service!

Yours in Service and Kindness, Erin Idler ~P.S. for those of you attending Badger Girls State in a few weeks, feel free to seek me out to talk, I would love to meet you!! a K i wa ni s -f a m i l y m em b er k e ycl ub . o r g D ev el o p i ng co m p e te n t, ca p a b l e , a nd c a r i ng l e a d er s s i nc e 1 9 2 5 .

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Governor summer newsletter  

Governor summer newsletter