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An advance technology gives you hassle free life The New Cell Phone Power Switch is a Quad Band system with its own On Board Power supply and Battery Bac k‐Up. This scheme has been developed to minimize the need for over complicated programming. The unit, if already supplied with a SIM Card, can be just plugged into a Power Socket and the Device to be controlled is also plugged in. One Call to the SIM Card Number will switch the device on permanently. Another Call to the SIM Card will change the device off for good. The system can send S.M.S Status reports if required and there are additional programming options available to suit the applications if further security is required and additional offices. The organization is also pre‐programmed to send S.M.S Text Alerts to the “Master Administrator” in the event that the Power Fails at the website and will also report when the Power is restored with a 60 second delay to prevent sending alerts for short Intermittent power interruptions. If the Power fails at the site the Administrator will have the following S.M.S text alert. On Of Remote Switch AC Power Supply has failed When the Power is restored on the site the Administrator will receive the following S.M.S text alert. POWER RESTORED indicating the AC Power Supply has been reinstated. In some applications the customer may require the Confirmation that the Device is actually on and also off, this can be done by activating the control that will transmit the SMS text alerts back to the Number that has called the Unit to activate the Device. The following SMS Message is sent to the unit to activate this function. By the help of the company services you can done all major power mode on a single phone call. The company is provides you advnce technology technique which provides you complete access. They are commited for the highest quality work. The company provides you switch anlogs with help of this you can collaborate your all appliance with the remote which offering you complete remote. The main purpose of this technology is makes a life hassle free. The company is prompt for their services. They also provides you assistance for the for the installation of the remote. If you are searching these types of services then you are at right place. By help of these services you can switch power off and on no matter where you are? From any where you can switch off the power and save the electric power. For more detail about company you can access the company website.

Contact Information 101-12-03 & 04, Menara Perdana, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: +604-228 9053 Fax: +604-228 9146 Contact Person: William Chin / Macy Lim E-mail:

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