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2013 Annual Report

We continue to expand our partnerships with city universities and community groups. In the university programs, our WITS students have the opportunity to be part of the program on a university campus, giving them a chance to visualize their own college futures. WITS is addressing the need for summer programming to help students avoid the


“summer slide.” In partnership with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Summer of Learning initiative, we:

1 2

Sent 15,000 books home with WITS students Launched WITSummer in the Parks in partnership with the Chicago Park District, taking our volunteers into community park summer camps to read 1:1 with students


Continued to expand our Early Childhood Summer Program that ensures students are ready for kindergarten and first grade

This annual report will give you an overview of the impact of WITS during the 2012-2013 school year. As we continue program delivery in the 2013-2014 school year, our foot is firmly on the accelerator as we form new program partnerships, continue to expand summer programming, and develop a plan for significant growth as we approach the WITS 25th anniversary in 2016.

“That hour that you spend every week with my students, the time that you invest in those kids is everything to us. It gets them excited about reading. It exposes them to another world that they

Together, we will give the students we serve tools to succeed in life and academics and give our volunteers

don’t know about. You are bridging the gap. You are transforming the lives of the neediest kids

the humbling fulfillment that comes from their being a part of this transformative work with young people.

in Chicago.”

KRISH MOHIP Former Principal of Walsh Elementary,

Thank you!

Chief Deputy of Schools, Chicago Public Schools

Krish’s remarks illustrate one of the core values that drives WITS: We believe that when mentors focus their energy and time on the success of our city’s students, their volunteer service directly impacts the lives of young people and helps support a better public school system. WITS programs are part of the equation for principals and teachers to set their students on a trajectory toward success. We are thrilled to share this annual report with you. Whether you give your time as a volunteer, or give financially, WITS is powered by your contributions and is successful only through your dedication to the young people we serve. During this historic time for Chicago Public Schools, WITS has taken a creative and flexible approach to growth, ensuring that WITS will prosper during changing circumstances. And, most importantly, throughout the 2012-2013 school year, we kept our focus solely on how we could best serve the students in our programs. Keeping true to the WITS model, we continually look for new opportunities and partnerships to address the needs of our city’s students. As a number of our partner schools closed this past year, we formed new partnerships with welcoming schools, ensuring that WITS programs are making the transition with these students.

2  annual report 2013



President, WITS Board of Directors

Executive Director

A HISTORY OF WITS “WITS is truly the most rewarding endeavor of my life. I recently had the joy of visiting one of the WITS programs and marveled at the growth of the organization. Many of the volunteers stopped to share with me how grateful they are for WITS and the rewards they have experienced working with the children.” MARION STONE

WITS was founded in 1991 by Chicagoans, Marion Stone and the late Joanne

MARION STONE & JOANNE ALTER (1927-2008) Co-founders of WITS

Alter, at Byrd Elementary School near Cabrini Green, one of the nation’s

“My mother hatched WITS after we were grown, and in effect it

most impoverished housing development projects. Recognizing the

became her youngest child. She imbued it with all the hope and

importance of one-on-one reading for underserved students, Joanne

passion and care she poured into the four of us. And as is true

and Marion identified an overwhelming need for their service. At the

of any good parent, she was a fearless advocate, held it to the

request of the school’s teachers and principal, Joanne and Marion asked

highest standards, and was unabashedly proud of its work.”

their friends to come along and read to students. And, their friends told

JENNIFER ALTER WARDEN Daughter of Joanne Alter

their friends, and the group of volunteers grew until they decided to hire a yellow school bus to transport them together to the school, to serve as a community of volunteers who believed that they could transform the lives of these students. And, in turn, these volunteers were transformed and inspired to sustain and grow

4  annual report 2013



the students we serve

Portage Park

4 5


6 7 8

Logan Square


16 5

Humboldt Park Austin


East Garfield Park







Chicago 27


to experience stories and reading in a small group context.”



14 15 16


Marshall Square



Near North Side



class with only one teacher, a rare and valued opportunity




18 19



Brighton Park




South Side



West Edison

Chicago students continue to fall behind U.S. averages on reading scores.

20 8

In 2011, only 48% of fourth graders were at or above basic levels in reading

3 Englewood

West Lawn




25 26




above proficient levels of reading compared to 32% nationally. 1 And, these low childhood literacy rates disproportionately affect youth from low income



to by adults. They are able to attentively listen to and actively

compared to the national average of 66%. In addition, only 18% were at or



Irving Park

“Students are very enthusiastic about reading and being read engage with stories. WITS has provided students in a large






Jefferson Park



Brown 54 N Hermitage Ave Carnegie 1414 E 61st Pl Carter 4747 S Marshfield Ave Cook 8150 S Bishop St De Diego 1313 N Claremont Ave Drake 2722 Martin Luther King Dr Everet t 3419 S Bell Ave Fairfield 6201 S Fairfield Ave Haugan 4540 N Hamlin Ave Henson 1326 S Avers Hibbard 3244 W Ainslie Ave Holden 1104 W 31st St Jenner 1119 N Cleveland Ave Jordan 7414 N Wolcott Ave Lowell 3320 W Hirsch St Lozano 1501 N Greenview Ave Manierre 1420 N Hudson Ave McClellan 3527 S Wallace St Melody 412 S Keeler Morrill 6011 S Rockwell St NTA 55 W Cermak Rd Peabody 1444 W Augusta Blvd Peirce 1423 W Bryn Mawr Ave Sexton 6020 S Langley Ave

Ruggles 7831 S Prairie Ave Talcott 1840 W Ohio St Walsh 2015 S Peoria St

MAP WITS 2012-2013 Partner Schools

and minority households. Low-income students often enter school at a In the schools served by WITS, 95 % of the students come from low-income households and approximately 97 % are minority

disadvantage, with less exposure to both high quality reading materials and

WITS is proud to partner with corporate, government, university, and community organizations in order to activate

one-on-one reading practice. For more than 20 years, WITS has addressed

caring volunteers and deliver programming of the highest quality to our students.

the low literacy rates among Chicago youth by concentrating confidence building literacy and mentoring programs in high-need areas, delivering



direct services and support to the students who need them the most. In the

During the 2012 -2013 school year, WITS served 2,500 students in 27 Chicago Public Schools with the help of 1,800 volunteers + 48 partner organizations + corporations

schools served by WITS, approximately 95% of the students come from low income households and approximately 97% are minority. Now, more than ever, these students need targeted literacy attention and support, like that provided through WITS’ one-on-one tutoring and mentoring programs, to ensure that they have the skills, tools, and attitudes necessary to succeed in school and in life.

1 U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education

Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2011 Reading Assessments.

6  annual report 2013

2,500 Students



1,800 Volunteers


Partner Organizations + Corporations

progress in their reading skills.

as well as pre- and post-test

One even stated ‘ Yo u know,

data to track changes in attitude

I can read now!’ I loved telling

and self efficacy, which build

the students at the end that they

a strong foundation. The After

are now ready for first grade! It

School Mentoring evaluation

was a wonderful experience for

included pre-and post-test pilot

me and I hope the children felt the

data to assess treatment and

“At an end of year WITS party,

same.” WITS also takes teacher

comparison of students’ oral

one kid said with all sincerity,

and principal feedback to heart,

reading fluency. In addition,

‘This is the best day of my

as they are key collaborators who

data was collected for all After

life!’ The other kids around

need to be invested to ensure the

School Mentoring comparison

him agreed. I believe it was

overall strength of our programs.

and treatment student s to

in part because the program

assess changes in attitude and

had the foresight to present

Strategic program decision making

self-ef f icacy, which build a

an award to each student while

hinges on lessons learned from the

strong foundation for future

announcing how many books

evaluation process. WITS is always

academic success.

each had read.

additional information about our

Student quotations reveal the

I believe this made them feel

students, in order to maximize the

true impact of programming.

a true sense of accomplishment,

impact of our programming and

When asked what the most

pride and acceptance into a

WITS is committed to a comprehensive program evaluation process to

to narrow the achievement and

important thing that students

world of letters and possibilities.

ensure that we are continually learning as an organization as we strive

opportunit y gap. Dur ing t he

learned this school year, one

I left feeling ten feet tall.”

to deliver high-quality program experiences that set students on a path

2012-2013 school year, WITS

student responded, “I learned

toward academic success. Our evaluation leverages multiple data sources

expanded evaluation measures

to always read a paragraph, think

to gauge the overall impact that one-on-one reading has on WITS students.

across our portfolio of programs,

about it and understand it, and

WITS collects pre-test and post-test data for both treatment (WITS

including a pilot assessment for

move on” – a critical reading

participant) and comparison (non-WITS) students to learn how students’

the Early Childhood and Early

strategy which will help this

literacy skills and attitudes develop over the course of a program year.

Childhood Summer Program to

student well beyond the WITS

In addition, smaller scale pilot studies of student-produced data are

measure grow th in students’

program. Another WITS student

collected at targeted schools, in an attempt to continually hone in on

emergent reading skills over

learned that “Getting help from

our impact areas, refine our data collection processes, and to help make

time. The Mid-day Mentoring

others can benefit you in the

data-informed program enhancements. Data is collected from teachers,

evaluation was enhanced with

long run. Also, when life gives

volunteers, parents, and directly from students in an effort to observe

the addition of student-produced

you lemons, just make lemonade

WITS students’ quantifiable and non-quantifiable achievements. One

pre- and post-test pilot data to

because failure is not an option.

Early Childhood volunteer said that, “I loved observing the children

measure students’ perceptions

Believe you can succeed.”


researching new ways to capture

of the mentoring experience,

8  annual report 2013

WITS Volunteer

OUR PROGRAMS commitment to early learners

The early elementary years, kindergarten through third grade, is a crucial period of academic development for students working to acquire and develop reading skills needed for mastery in other subject areas. In fourth grade, students begin reading to learn, rather than learning to read. Thus, if a student is not reading at grade-level by the end of third grade, he or she begins to have difficulty keeping up with others academically and socially, resulting in serious implications later in life. 2

15% Over the course of just 4 weeks in the summer program, students showed a 3-point or 15% gain in their Book + Print Awareness

WITS is committed to these early learners with many of our programs


focusing on students as they are “learning to read” in grades pre-K through third grade. In 2012, WITS also extended this commitment, for the first time,

The Early Childhood Summer Program aims to build early literacy skills

into the summer months, piloting our Early Childhood Summer Program.

and cultivate an early love of reading through one-on-one and small

This program targets under-served Chicago Public School students about to

group interactions with trained volunteers who act as reading role

enter kindergarten and first grade, ensuring that students begin their early

models. Twice each week for six weeks (the pilot ran for four weeks),

elementary years ready to succeed.

a group of trained community volunteers come together to read with students, engage in conversations around text, and participate in supplemental literacy activities. Volunteers offer targeted assistance to cater to the needs of their particular student partners and provide the consistency needed for students to progress. Participation in the Early Childhood Summer Program is a transformative experience that

2 Joy Lesnick, Robert M. Goerge, Cheryl Smithgall, and Julia Gwyne, “Reading on Grade Level in

Third Grade: How is it Related to High School Performance and College Enrollment? A Longitudinal Analysis of Third-Grade Students in Chicago in 1996-97 and their EducationalOutcomes. A Report to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.” 2010. _on_Grade_Level_111710.pdf.

10  annual report 2013

helps students build a solid literary foundation and increase school readiness to set them on a path toward success long before the critical time at the end of third grade.

During the pilot program, WITS students’ average performance on the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey increased from 78 % to 83%






Classroom Reading Tutors are community volunteers who spend a minimum

Mid-day Mentoring is a weekly literacy, tutoring, and mentoring program

of two hours each week in an assigned classroom, working with students

where students and volunteers spend 45 minutes reading together

individually or in small groups. The majority of Classroom Reading Tutors

one-on-one during the school day. Designed for corporate, government,

work in kindergarten through third grade classrooms. These volunteers

university, and community groups, WITS transports volunteers from their

collaborate with teachers, targeting students who need an extra boost

office to a partner school on the same day each week. Mid-day Mentoring

to get them reading at grade-level.

programs primarily target students in second and third grade to provide academic support during the critical time period as students transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.”

Total Volunteer Hours


Classroom Reading Tutors comprise only 3 % of the WITS volunteer force, yet this dedicated group of individuals yields 21% of WITS volunteer hours, more than 7,000 hours of service in




In an assessment of Oral Reading Fluency, WITS students read aloud, on average, at the beginning of the school year 83 words per minute. By the end of the year, WITS students were reading aloud an average of 110 words per minute, an increase of 32.5 % . Non-WITS students were reading aloud, on average, 85 words per minute at the beginning of the year and 100 words per minute at the end of the year, an increase of only 17.6%

Classroom Reading Tutors

110 Words Per Minute

Other WITS Volunteers

EARLY CHILDHOOD The Early Childhood in-school program brings together a group of trained,

100 90 80

energetic community volunteers to spend quality time with pre-K and kindergarten students on a weekly basis to explore books together



WITS Students Non-WITS Students

one-on-one. Volunteers spend 15 to 20 minutes with each student one-on-one working to identify pictures and sound out words, as well as modeling good reading behavior. Through this process, students

64% 97%

64 % of Early Childhood teachers reported that students talk about WITS throughout the week

97% of teachers report that the Early Childhood program has a positive impact on student reading ability

Elementary Reading Attitude Survey

becomes the foundation for future academic success.

Fountas & Pinnel Reading Levels

learn that reading can be fun and engaging, and this positive attitude




60 %

Teachers reported that, on average, Mid-day Mentoring students jumped 3.5 Fountas & Pinnel reading levels over the course of the school year versus only a 1.9 level jump for comparison non-WITS students

60% of WITS students demonstrated improved ratings on the Elementary Reading Attitude Survey over the course of the year, compared with 29 % of non-WITS students WITS Students Non-WITS Students

12  annual report 2013

out-of-school programs


43% increase in students served during the 2012-2013 school year with the addition of a third site


40 % of Saturday Tutoring students also participate during the week in either a Mid-day Mentoring or After School Mentoring program

WITS acknowledges and celebrates that learning happens outside of the classroom and beyond the school day. Students bring these experiences with them back to school and this knowledge continues to benefit students even in a traditional educational setting.



These programs are weekly after-school literacy and tutoring programs

Saturday Tutoring provides students the opportunity to participate in safe, academically supportive weekend

geared toward older and more mature elementary school students, primarily

activities twice each month with positive adult role models. Volunteers work one-on-one with their students,

fourth through sixth graders. WITS provides a bus to transport students and

engaging in guided reading and hands-on activities that are facilitated by partner non-profit organizations.

school chaperones to a downtown office or university location, exposing

At the end of each session, students reflect on what they learned using literacy concepts with the help and

students to new environments, professional workplaces, and college

encouragement of their volunteer-partners.

settings. Students spend an hour each week reading one-on-one with their WITS volunteers, cultivating their mentor-mentee relationships, and receiving homework help.

ORAL READING FLUENCY ASSESSMENT 140 In an assessment of Oral Reading Fluency, WITS students read aloud, on average, at the beginning of the school year 83 words per minute. By the end of the year, WITS students were reading aloud an average of 111 words per minute, an increase of 33.7%. Non-WITS students were reading aloud, on average, 126 words per minute at the beginning of the year and 129 words per minute at the end of the year, an increase of only 2.4%

Words Per Minute

130 120 110 100 90 80

WITS Students Non-WITS Students

Fountas & Pinnel Reading Levels





Teachers reported that, on average, After School Mentoring students jumped 2.88 Fountas & Pinnel reading levels over the course of the school year versus only a 1.58 level jump for comparison nonWITS students WITS Students Non-WITS Students

14  annual report 2013

CARNEGIE ELEMENTARY Principal: Docilla Pollard Community Area: Woodlawn


Carrie Adams

Jane Jiambalvo

Susan Allan

Cynthia Johnson

Rosen Angelov

Nicholas Johnson

Caleb Arnold

Denise Kennedy

Matt Avery

Michael Koplow

Benjamin Balskus

Mary Laur

Christopher Chung

Ebony Marshall

Mary Corrado

Priya Nelson

Kate Davey

Patti O’Shea

Joan Davies

Ashley Pierce

Janet Deckenbach

Ed Rhyne

Robert Desmond

Shannon Rischow

Saleem Dhamee

Devon Ritter

Theresa Fagan

Marsha Ross

Micah Fehrenbacher

Theresa Rothschadl

Adam Gannaway

Carol Rugg

Ruth Goring

Lauren Salas

Andrea Guinn

Carol Saller

Timothy Harper

Jill Shimabukuro

Kelley Heider

Ashley Towne

Christina Henry

Shenyun Wu

Mary Hoover

Ellen Zalewski

Joe Jackson

WITS is a volunteer-powered organization, we could not do our work without you. Thank you for those countless trips to the book bin. Thank you for reading Chica Chica Boom Boom , Fancy Nancy, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid again and again. Thank you for looking up those tough words in the dictionary, and most importantly, for always cheering on your students. The following is a roll call of all the people who gave their time and energy to WITS during the 2012-2013 school year. BROWN ELEMENTARY Principal: Kenya Sadler Community Area: Near West Side



Principal: Justin Moore

Principal: Simone Griffin

Community Area: Washington Park

Community Area: Auburn Gresham

Carolyn Bonner

Ridhima Ahuja

Emily Kalkowski

Colleen Nolan

Colleen Turley

Carlotta Brown

Donald Bateman

Shelley Kasnick

Nina Onsager

Kathleen Turley

Lisa Franklin

Michael Berkemeyer

Lisa Kastigar

Alyse Passaglia

Amanda Vazzano

Kevin Gordon

Eric Chou

Joe Koop

Hillary Philips

Nike Verghese

Kendal Parker

Ryan Clark

Amanda Kornfein

Deepa Ramakrishnan

Nakesha Welch

Lekisha Richardson

Sarah Copeland

Joseph Kryza

Colleen Reilley

Zachary White

Carl Stanley

Josh Davenport

Matthew Leimetter

Jordan Rockwell

Sarah Whitford

Yuji Toefield

Lise Dolasinski

Shelly Lewis

Davis Shah

Peggy Yott

Joseph Adams

Mary Duby

Ann Kladis

Elise McGee

Peggy Quinn

Heidi Steele

Devon Albert

Rachel Edwards

Debra Kravitz

Michael McMillan

Cynthia Raskin

Abby Steinman

Dasha Dwin

Lauren Linton

Joanne Shea

Jorden Allen

Marion Fern

Daniel Laumann

Stanley Meadows

Sarah Rattle

Helene Stelian

David Geifman

Dan Lopiccolo

Kate Sheedy

Larayne Balsan

Lauren Ferrante

Carla Lawless

Bill Merten

David Rhee

Sharon Stone

Susan Guediguian

Franchesca Mateo

Ellen Shevlin

Jonathon Baron

Helen Friedli

Susan Lester

Julia Meyer

Debbie Rogers

Sarah Talavera

Jennifer Harmon

Emily Meaney

Rachel Skeels

Shirlee Berman

Ruth Fromm

Joyce Leviton-Asher

Jennifer Mikulina

Robin Rogers

Lauren Tatar

Kassandra Hasty

Brad Meyers

Elizabeth Slamar

Richard Biller

Erica Gholson

Sam Levor

Nicole Miller

Diana Rudoy

Greg Thomas

Nicola Idehen

Mickie Miszewski

Mike Smoler

Beverly Boyd-Buford

Tim Gleason

Elizabeth Lewis

Stephen Miller

Robin Saichek

Mary Tidwell

Erica Inzer

Courtney Nay

Katie Sullivan

Yael Brunwasser

Catherine Gonzalez

Yana Leytman

Jonathan Motto

Margaret Sanne

Alyssa Unikel

Sharyn Ioffe

Beanca Nicholson

Kristen Sun

Michelle Burke

Brienne Gorlitsky

Lisa Loesel

Andrea Mrozinski

Ida Schenwar

Andrew Van Dyke

Jeremy Joseph

Liz Niemyjska

Kathleen Toth

William Butler

Leslie Grant

John LoPorto

Katherine Mundy

Mariateresa Schiappa

Monica Wallace

Suzanne Cahill

Helen Hapner

Christine Lupella

Natalie Nathanson

Kristine Schultz

Melissa Weaver

Marla Cohen

Michael Hensler

Nicole Mann

Karne Newburn

Adam Severson

Lauren Cole

Yolanda Herrera

Kim Matthews

Megan Osberger

Cynthia Sher

Marissa Comin

Sarah Hoffman

Jake Mattinson

Marta Pawlowska

Amy Sklare

Han Cui

Jeff Holdvogt

Ulrika Mattsson

Saralyn Peritz

Katherine Sopranos

Jennifer Diver

Manny Khandekar

Ryan McAdams

Joan Polacheck

Viola Stamm

16  annual report 2013





Principal: Alice Marie Vera

Principal: Keshia Warner

Principal: Rodolfo Rojas

Principal: Martha Quiroga

Community Area: (West Town) Humboldt Park

Community Area: Douglas (Bronzeville)

Community Area: McKinley Park

Community Area: Englewood

Sinead Aylward

Tim Macek

Michael Abernathy

Barbara Dalton

Evan Herman

Breanne Osborne

Danielle Blackwell

Yue Shen

Jason Adams

Brian Dougherty

Nicole Hardy

Melissa Newman

Christen Baille

David McCunniff

Pooja Agarwal

John Delnero

Celeste Herrera

Brenda Palm

Nell Bochenek

Kate Stevenson

Kristy Agostino

Lisa Drake

Geoffrey Harris

Susan Niblack

Patrice BruneauOnylego

Sana Mohammed

Judith Allen

Jim Dimitriou

Elizabeth Hester

Vera Parker

Summer Brown

Timothy Tjeerdsma

David Allsop

Gloria Duarte

John Haworth

Ana Oppenheimer

Gigi Moore

Julianne Alonzo

Jeff Dritz

Katie Holland

Andrea Parodi

Sabrina Cui

Ellen Van

Annie Ashraf

Laura Duchesne

Andrew Herink

Lindsey Pannell

Vibha Nair

Jim Alter

Yvonne Droba

Tondalaya Hozier

Richard Paulson

Hillary Darville

Dongyu Wang

Juanita Ayala

Jaron Eanes

Toi Hooker

Anjli Patel

Manju Navani

Neil Anderson

Bradley Dumes

Angela Jarosky

Mariana Perdomo

Yu Dong

Yue Wang

Cynthia Bailey

Varun Ebenezer

Pamela Jones-Helm

Matthew Prather

Owen Pelzger

Andrew Andreasik

Susannah Dunlap

Christina Javier-Torres

Kathy Petrusek

Sharon Eul

Zheng Wang

Matt Basil

Amy Erickson

Andy Kennedy

Cynthia Rasche

Mike Powers

Cameron Avery

Robyn Eck

Dawn Johnson

Ron Petzke

Robin Florzak Angell

Queenie Wen

Julie Becker

Lea Erwin

Kathryn Kerner

Gaynetta Ross

Lauren Rocklin

Jessica Baer

Joseph Engels

Lisa Johnson

Jocelyn Pluth

Allison Gao

Vickie Wen

Regan Berg

Yusuf Esat

Maria Koczur

Dana Rozanski

Ola Ross

Michael Barker

Andrea Esau

Nicole Johnson

Tom Preli

Brooke Gugat

Kristin Westfall

Donna Brown

Caroline Fuir

Joe Lance

John Sachs

Debby Ruff

Robert Barrett

Seth Feinberg

Katie Kanupke

Stephanie Priebe

Kathy Hillegonds

Anna Yang

Shirley Brown

Monica Garcia

Michael Laudone

Kristen Santiago

Scott Savidan

Dino Barth

Lynn Finley

Gurleen Kapoor

Justin Priest

Melanie Hoebbel

Kuakua Zhang

Gary Bryant

Brenda Garland

Blake Laughter

Matthew Schultz

Kristine Schaffner

Bob Best

Molly Fitzgerald

Steven Karceski

Matt Krause

Yan Zhang

Tracey Burke

Bob Gianneschi

Patty MacArthur

Laurie Shaman

Eric Schmidt

Amy Bochenek

Michael Folan

Jessica Kelly-Misch

Maridelle RandJauregui

Xiaoqing Li

Kellie Bylica

Emily Golding

Hector Marquez

Margaret Silverwood

Elizabeth Segura

Roy Briggs

Monica Foster

Sheena Kemp

Peggy Rasch

Anavelia Mauricio

Adam Caldwell

Daniel Goldman

Terri Masquelier

Jacob Sokolowski

Sarah Sharp

John Burke

Lizette Galeana

Paulette Kennedy

Ashley Regan

Venus Meng

Michael Chou

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Justin McPhee

Cathy Swietek

Joyce Somogye

Jennifer Bustamante

Khar-ece Garrett

Evelyn Klauber

James Richardson

Susanne Mickey

Anna Contreras

Gabriella Guajardo

Renzo Mejia

Julie Udesky

Benjamin Spacapan

Denise Caffey

Geraldine Glicken

Linda Klute

Sarah Rogotzke

Leslie Perkins

Kelley Cook

Sabrina Guenther

William Whitner

Therese Stanko

Lilliana Caldwell

Tracey Goldthwaite

Tom Knorring

Juliana Rossi

Ovetta Sampson

Tristram Crittendon

Vanessa Haleco-Meyer

Katherine MowenMatz

Ana Strutz

Erin Campbell

Debra Gostkiewicz

Brian Krchmery

Brooke Ruckstaetter

Joanna Shen

Jacob Diller-Schatz

Kristin Hamb

Stefanie Tucker

Brendan Carter

Joe Green

Philip Kunz

Gwendolyn Rugg

Carmela Van Atta

Nick Castellano

Trish Griffin

Sarah Kwasigroch

Mitchell Sadus

Ann Wagner

Abhinav Chordia

Irene Guillen

Shehzad Sayal



Herschel Wallace

Michelle Chrusciel

Virginia Gummersall

Chris KwasinskiLecker

Rachel Seebach

Principal: Rosa Valdez

Principal: Demetrius Hobson

David Wuertz

Chris Coady

Janet Guptill

Sangmee Lee

Michael Seibert

Community Area: Albany Park

Community Area: North Lawndale

Tina Coconate

Laurie Haffron

Melissa Leonard

Sarah Severe

Jeffrey Colon

Jennifer Harris

Mark Manning

Robert Shannon

Rosemary Acciari

Katie Kunzer

Teisha Barfield

Elizabeth Garvey

Matthew Moheban

John Stockton

David Crabtree

Tiara Harris

Elena Manzo

Rachel Sher

Shirley Bernat

Daniel Lynch

Stephanie Bradley

Javier Gonzalez

Richard Moon

Kenneth Stoklosa

Brian Cummings

Peter Heinz

Thomas Marneris

Margaret Siber

Ann Briody

Tracy Mayfield

William Brewster

Kim Hedges

Meaghan Mooney

Kristy Stoner

Mallory Cybulski

April Heitz

Stephanie Marrin

Daniel Sieracki

Frank Briody

Annie McDonnell

Carolyn Bruner

Greg Hertko

Daniel Murphy

Beth Talentowski

Marly Mathes

Joyce Sikich

Kate Carruth

Mary McVeigh

Stephanie Clark

Julie Hughes

Angie Musick

Michelle Tesch

Kim Matthews

Demetra Sklavos

Jaikie Ceisel

Kathy Oba

David Cohen

Jahkelle Johnson

Andrea Nawn

Amanda Trinidad

William McCullough

Clare Souter

Mary Cicero

Josefina Ochoa

Michael Combopiano

Luke Johnson

Susan O’Brien

Michelle Tucker

Molly McGinley

Sharon Stanciel

Bernadette Divane

Anaya Palay

Melinda Conner

Justyna Kalinowska

Christopher Pearson

Blanca Velez

Bill McGuane

Elizabeth Starkey

David Geilen

Carole Restis

Kendal Cross

Eileen Kaplan

Tyler Pottebaum

Marshall Weadick

Abi Mehta

Kate Starshak

Christina Hauser

Mary Schoendorff

Catherine Crossley

Angela Krise

Bilal Rathore

Jamila Williams

Katie Messenger

Mary Stoll

Janice Hourihane

Donald Schultz

Gail Dewalt

Niamh Kristufek

Pamela Reimann

Matthew Witt

Katie Mikulak

Elizabeth Suh

Marie Interrante

Tina Schultz

Megan Donovan

Colette LaKoma

Dianne Rist

Lauren Wittert

Steven Milcarek

William Sullivan

Virginia Ippolito

Jacquelyn Sullivan

Bayle Ellis

Kevin Lawler

Patti Saraceno

John Yast

Cheryl Mizera

Marlene Szymanski

Marcella Kane

Barbara Tierney

Nathaniel Evett

Catherine Liu

Ethan Schweir

Laura Zygmontowicz

Kim Moore

Audrey Tepperman

Mary Kelly

Angela Torres

Jeremy Ferentz

Thomas Lowery

Jennie Siering

Kelly Moorehead

Mary Thomas

Mary Kessler

Ellen Van Wart

Jon Findley

Nicole Mandeville

Karen Sopata

Darlene Mroz

Tom Tiernan

Bill Kretz

Florence White

Theresa Fortier

Marian Merritt

Scott Spinney

Nicholas Munchiando

Niki Tovin

Joan Kretz

Rita Zalesky

Jaime Freeman

Kurt Miller

Yolanda Stacy-Martin

Mary Murphy

Rachana Vora

Melissa Murphy

Mike Wade

Margaux Nair

Jared Weyker

Melissa Neubeck

Diamonique White

Dorothy Nieciecki

James Wieties

Megan Nolan

Charles Wiggins

Lauren Norris

Eric Williams

Rayshawn Nowlin

Rachel Wright

Steve O’Neil

Karla Yeh

Dan Opalka

Anna Yang

Stephanie Orbon

Shadi Zabad

Anna Ceraso Arthur Chow Henry Cowie Sarah Crook Carol Crystle Diane Dudek Eriana Echols Luke Finn Alexandra Fitzgarrald Chris Fuller Filip Gagovic Shilpa Hingwe Ashlee Holdgrafer Lillian Janjic-Magana Angela Jiang Steven Jones Fenny Kabance Vikram Kaura Bob Keim Nicholas Koulermos Erin Le Adam Lutostanski

18  annual report 2013

James Nelson

Anna Whittaker Marybeth Yokovich



Principal: Scott Ahlman

Principal: Konstantinos Patsiopoulos

Community Area: Albany Park

Community Area: Bridgeport

MANIERRE ELEMENTARY Principal: Derrick Orr Community Area: Near North Side Amy Abaravich

Bill McGrath

Ann-Helen Anderson

Courtney Marten

Stacy Adlman

Stephanie Grohovskey

Tracey Quirk

Wendy Aeschlimann

John Michalik

Sarah Anderson

Jack Mathews

Dianne Akers

Sachin Gupta

Marianne Ryan

Himal Agarwal

Pat Miller

Michelle Ball

Peggy Mathews

Praveen Anbudaiyaw

Shelley Hadley

Matthew Sandler

Eric Alonso

Cynthia Minta

Susan Balmer

Maureen McInerney

Brad Anderson

Kelly Hansen

Chris Schulz

Yael Aufgang

Michael Mitchell

Beth Bauman

Gerald Meyers

Raymond Banks

Gayle Hargrove

Estela Segura

Roberta Barnett

Smita Modi

Sean Burke

Sandra Meyers

Mark Bohling

Andrew Hennessy

Eugene Sekiguchi

Pat Bass

Trevor Morse

Annie Carter

Annette Moy

Jim Bordignon

Patricia Huber

Tara Shannon

Ellenna Berger

Trisha Mowbray

Chiku Clement

Matthew Ostercamp

Brian Broadwater

Valerie Johnson

Ebony Smith

Todd Berlacher

Courtenay Nolan

Emily Dahl

Lisa Peterson

Eugene Carreras

Ryan Kelly

Steve Somora

Laura Bienz

Eric Palm

Charisma Eaglin

Katherine Petty

Jeff Chalem

Courtnei Krider

Mark Stanke

Tim Bixler

Jessica Panza

Carla Forster

Jennifer Pope

Sudarsana Challa

Matthew Kruska

Zackary Starbird

Steven Bock

Katie Rames

Betty Geilen

Joseph Ramirez

Amy Colo

Dominic Lewis

Lisa Sterba

Kelli Burke

Pratyasha Rath

Susan Gottlieb

Michael Russell

Sean Conley

Michael Mangino

Drew Strellis

Joseph Buss

Caren Rawlins

Debby Greenberg

Brittany Skiles

Stephanie Curulewski

Debbie Martin

Thomas Teska

Babs Byron

Matt Raymond-Ihle

Bailey Grote

Sarah Snow

Karen Dace

Carla Mayfield

Raquel Thompson

Mark Cody

Courtney Reilly

Emily Hawkinson

Joanne Soderstrom

Mark Dettman

Sharrell McKennie

Philippe Waked

Lisa Coghlan Dolan

Andrea Renaldi

Grace Herrera

Stephen Spencer

Kevin Dewan

Andrea Moore

Donna Weimer

Jeremy Cole

Ross Rocklin

Catherine Howorth

Terrie Stickler

Simit Dhawan

Terri Morgan

Lauren Williams

Thomas Coyle

Jody Rosenbaum

Christopher Hubbard

Linda Swimmer

Melissa Erickson

Natalie Neyman

Ann Witczak

Doris Dallow

Lee Ann Russo

Candice Johnson

Jody Temkin

Bea Farmer

David Olsen

Theresa Zapiecki

Kelly Engelbrecht

Tom Rybarczyk

Richard Kallao

Danielle Testen

Arvind Gadhiya

Erick Pederson

Chelsea Farley

Natalie Saltiel

Clare Killy

Sarah Thorngate

Sapna Gondell

Randy Perillo

Connie Farmer

Gabriel Scannapieco

Nokawethaba Kinase

Melissa Velez-Luce

Michael Goodman

Carla Pickney

Jenae Fonseca Moreen

Bill Schey

Bob Lipman

Annie Yung

Bill Griffith

Dan Pocius

Adrian Foster

Margaret Seurynck

Connie Griggs

Nathan Porter

Kim Freedman

Beverly Shapiro

Jennifer Gillum

Adam Shatek

Sandy Golden

Alyssa Simons

Jessica Goldman

Ian Smith

Art Gunther

Mark Spender

Lyndsey Handschiegel

Brigid Stegemoeller

Nancy Hanson

Amy Sunshine

Angela Nambiar

Jennifer Hanzel

Meghan Sweeney

Stacy O’Brien

Melissa Hirst

Dale Travis

Bradley Perkins

Morgan Hirst

Paul Vanden Heuvel

Dave Pipal

Mark Hoffmann

Beth Vogel

Caroline Robinson- Burton

Michael Jacobsen

Jill Vorobiev

Stephen Keefer

Joanne Wallace

Kendra Kettelhut

Charles Wehland

Kevin Knight

Crystal West

Brett Kornblatt

Ben Weyers

Jonathan Linas

Jim White

Karen Lutz

Keara Williams

Susan Matejcak

Emilie Winter

David Matsumura

Samantha Woo

David McGranahan

Bobbie Zammatta

Mary Mabus




Principal: Berlinder Fry

Principal: Gladys Rivera

Principal: Maria Campos

Community Area: Near North Side

Community Area: Humboldt Park

Community Area: West Town

Fran Ehrlich Karl Eisenberg Ron Gilford Bud Lifton

JORDAN ELEMENTARY Principal: Willie White Community Area: Rogers Park

Alex Arroyoh

Holly Moore

Tom Besio

Matthew Moreno

John Botica

Jennifer Mull

Liz Brownlow

Steven Mycyk

Kim Byrne

Tracey Nabors

Paul Callero

Torrie Nicholson

Deborah DorseyNewman

Michael Offereins

Gayle Drew Yesenia Esquivel

Larry Gordon Donna Levitz Kay Rossiter

Jeffrey Evans Kristen Fishburn Jessica Gerig Ryan Griffin Kimberly Grove Seasonne Haynes Courtney Helberg Matt Hoover Stephanie Itkonen Clare Lewandowski Kirstie Lowery Edward McGuire Jillian Meyer Corinne Mohammed

20  annual report 2013

Ryan O’Hare Cathy Pechar Kathy Pennacchio Sofia Petrerska Jill Pietrzak Valeria Pizarro Jessica Platko Jennifer Rivera Marinne Sauk Caitlin Schwind Karen Smith Sophia Song Lauren Steinberger Barbara Sullivan Kenil Thakkar Sean Wylie

Maria Amill Matthew Bambrick Rick Bernet Amy Best John Brett Lourdes Castro Cherise Conley Matthew English Judy Fanslow Steve Fazekas Megan Galas Rosa Garcia Jori Garth Heather Gordon Joan Hardiman-Hughes Liz Hlinak Darryl Johnson Jill Lescohier Elizabeth Lynch

Lori Malito Nancy Martin Michelle McConnell Jeanne McNicholas Juliette MunnerlynJenkins

Randy Tate Von Tran Adrienne Vinson Katrina Waldron Tina Werber Courtney Williams Toni Williams




Principal: Joseph Shoffner

Principal: Nancy Hanks

Principal: Isaac Castelaz

Community Area: Bridgeport

Community Area: West Garfield Park

Community Area: Near South Side

Joanna Aguirre

Nichole Manning

Mary Kay Accurso

Michael Dolesh

Mark Larson

Katherine Barker

Lauren Markiewicz

Justin Ahn

Matthew Fischler

Halina Le

Megan Basten

Michael Mazza

Jennifer Andert

Elvis Garcia

JoAnn Lim

Kevin Bischoff

Priscilla Meadow

Vickie Argueta

Michael Gilpin

Randy Linna

Maria Braham

Ceecee Menaker

Ellie Bahrmasel

Craig Gitchell

Laurine Lowery

Wendy Butzen

Elizabeth Milla

Scott Barnum

Diana Gleichman

Jack McCarthy

Jeff Cardwell

James Murphy

Sean Bashford

Lydia Gokey

Amy McLennan

Kevin Coe

Sally Murray

Robin Behre

Tanya Green

Maureen Meier

Adam Coons

Laina Myers

Mamta Bhaiya

Adam Hacker

Jason Meter

John Corvino

Michael Neuses

Dienye Bilaye-Benibo

Maergrethe Haines

Judie Metzgar

Sara Creehan

Carrie Norwood

Christine Brosowski

Thane Hecox

Lisa Misher

Leni Depoister

Marisa Novak

Barbara Burke

Barb Herb

Liz Mishima

Tiffany Dimas

Jennifer O’Donnell

Yolanda Cannella

Phil Hildebrandt

Thelma Moon

Frances Dwyer

Christine O’Reilly

Bett Canning

Patricia Hoffmann

Kelly Moore

Kevin Freeman

Matt Peterson

Tonantain Carmona

Jacqueline Hwangg

Nelsa Moreno

Mark Frommer

Sheila Phelan

Alyssa Case

Young Im

Loreen Nejedly

Nick Goodspeed

Guillermina Pineda

Kimberly Check

Janice Jackson

Annie Newboe

Bob Grim

Jordan Porschel

Samantha Chruscinski

Lisa Jericho

Rafal Oblekowski

Elyse Hahner

Louise Reynolds

Nicole Cicchetti

Tawa Jogunosimi

Jordan Henry

Patrick Ryan

Sherry Clemons

Maggie Johnson

MaryLynn O’Callaghan

Brian Hickey

Nicole Saunches

Mary Conniff

Benjamin Katz

Art Holmberg

Dave Schabes

Linda Cunningham

Nick Kladouris

Julie Holmberg

Adriana Serna

Dennis Dargel

Matthew Koch

Beverly Johnson

Thomas Sheridan

Abby Davis

Vicki Kraft

Joe Kartheiser

Tercia Silva-Bajner

Kant Desai

John Lafferty

Benjamin Katz

Courtney Tarver

Nick Detchev

Steve LaPointe

Patrick Kelly

Stacy Tsihlopoulos

Mike Diehl

Deborah Larson

Alix Krupa

Delette PorterWilliams

David Baker

Louis Hellebusch

Massimo Guglielmo

Kevin Marrs

Anthony Severino

George Uribe

Adam Block

Audrey Johnson

Christopher Haite

Joanna Mattia

Thomas Sigle

Patti Vanella

Suresh Rajagopal

Bradley Caldwell

Deirdre Klem

Elizabeth Hand

Asanta Maxwell

Gerald Sinish

Ben Voigt

Sean Rapelyea

Emily Dominski

Shannon Kuehn

Tameria Harrison

Jessica McElroy

Jeff Smith

Jennifer Vroman

Mark Resnik

Jennifer Edgcomb

Garrett Leigh

Albert Hecht

Andrea Millender

Erika Snell

Kevin Walsh

Jeff Rode

Erika Edmonson

Goda Liutackaite

Cordelia Henry

Anna Miller

Anne Sprecher

Heidi Warner

Emy Romanelli

Michael Elrad

Daione Mitchell

Brenda Hernandez

Barbara Miller

Sharon Stansbury

Kristin Wasikowski

Zach Rosenstock

Michael Fox

Jennifer Mosley

Marietta Hesdorffer

Heather Miller

Nik Staver

Sean Wieland

Swati Rout

Gary Freeman

Ali Neault

Michael Hirsch

Jeff Miller

Gregg Steamer

Hanna Wiesmayer

Natalie Ruzicka

Daniel Gould

Rafael Pedicini

Annie Hobbs

Samantha Miller

Stephanie Stefanik

Emily Wilderman

Jessica Sampson

Danny Greenberger

Richard Petersen

Jen Hobbs

Emily Moceri

Sam Stevens

Sara Winter

Amy Sanders

Kirt Hartman

Jonathan Romick

Brenda Holmes

Ashik Mohideen

Lou Storino

Graeme Wood

Brian Holthouse

Peter Monko

Gwen Streitmatter

Angie Wright

Beth Homerding

Kim Moore

Stacy Suerth

Annie Wright

James Hotchkiss

Lisa Moore

Joe Swan

Fred Wu

Principal: Federico Flores

Barbara Hourihan

Hanna Moosa

Anthony Syracuse

Mei Wu

Community Area: West Town

Greg Huffman

Chris Murray

Ashley Tambunan

Britt Yackey

Sarah Hughes

John Napoli

Gloria Taylor

Randy Yang

Parvathi SanthoshKumar Subramanyam Sattinsetti Joseph Savage Chris Schweitzer Milena Sijeric Molly Towns


Valencia Ahmad

Jenn Clarke

Vicky Hurst

Sherri Neff

Kim Thompson

Michaelene Yates

Mark Andersen

Derrick Coleman

Rochelle Hynes

Erik Nelson

Drew Tichawa

Peter Yu

Diane Anderson

Ruben Coral

Natasha Irani

Colleen Neu

Wili Tolentino

Rabia Zakaria

Lisa Ayres

Pamela Cotten

Anne Jablo

Kristy Obuchowski

Samantha Torres

Angel Zhang

Derry Backenkeller

Kevin Crain

Madhavi Jampani

Tim Orr

Exuan Trocio

Jacob Zitter

Elizabeth Whitaker

Mary Ann Badke

David Cumberland

Jade Jefferson

Brooke Osborn

Gayle Turek

Kevin Zussman

Holly Workman

Anna Bak

Kathy Cureton

Dorlisa Johnson

Christine Pande

Carey Zinck

Laventa Barlow

Jack Danilkowicz

Femi Johnson

Stephen Parlier

Annette Bartl

Olga Davis

Andrew Jones

Erick Perez


Cherie Vari

Maria Basilio

Tanya Dawson

Stephanie Jones

Abigail Petersen

Principal: Nancy Mendez

Gabriela Lagunas

Elizabeth Vazquez

Mark Beatty

Bonnie Dechambre

Chris Jordan

Ashley Peterson

Community Area: Edgewater

Amanda Lindenberg

Laura Visin

Svetlana Bekman

Santiago Delboy

Stephanie Joseph

David Peterson

Dan Maguire

Bill Waters

Maris Benz

Adele DeMooy

Anthony Juozapavich

Susan Peterson

Ronna Baron

Pete Maguire

Erica Weiss

Matt Berg

Dana DeYoung

Alicia Kacic

Kristina Pierce

Laura Bayley

Larry Majkrzak

Mallory Whitlock

John Birney

Lumi Diaz

Bonnie Kennedy

Jack Piliponis

Jean Chapman

Brady Blackett

Rosemary Dineen

Dev Vrat Khanna

Jeffrey Piwnick

Kalai Donner

Lauren Borjon

Lindsey Dodd

Paige Kolesar

Jessica Romeo

Kyle Borkowski

Maria Dorenbecher

Carrie Koppernolle

Courtney PlasterStrange

Ellie Bradley

Kimberly Duncan

Tammi Kozlowski

Evan Plumb

Bronna Wasserman

Tej Buch

Ozzie Durrett

Nisha Kumar

Rick Pokorny

Sandra Zennie

Chelsea Buckner

Andrea Dutton

Danielle Lauber

Pradeep Bugga

Bill Easom

Andrea Law

Kevin Burbridge

Laurel Eatherly

Grace Leen-Kuelper

Michael Burke

Andrew Edelston

Tom Lei

Jenny Butler

Shannon Eidson

Garrett Leigh

Mary Bykowski

Vanda El

Barb Leipold

Catherine Cahill

Kori Eppers

Erin Leland

Nick Campbell

Mildred Flynn

Coleen Letke

Kathleen Carlson

Ashley Forman

Michael Link

Mary Carroll

Matthew Frustaci

Jean Lubliner

Ted Carroll

Evan Fye

Andrew Lussen

Joanne Cegielski

Brigid Gallagher

Amy Machairas

Kennan Cepa

Jamie Garard

Adam Magyar

Darlene Chappell

Justine Gembala

Terence Maiellaro

Lisa Chrzasc

Megan Gisselman

Bruce Marcus

Diane Clarke

Nick Goode

Gustavo Marquez

Paul Manghera

MORRILL ELEMENTARY Principal: Michael Beyer Community Area: Chicago Lawn Pete Adkins

June Lapidus

Nike Afolabi

Nancy Michaels

Jorge Alaves

Lane Mita

Freeda Brook

Kathryn Raginis

Johnny Chacon

Janessa Rivas

Sheila Coffin

Jessica Romeo

James FirtzpatrickTrice

Robin Smith

Mary Gabioud

Nikita Stange

Silvia Gonzalez

Julie SumnerGaribaldi

Audrey Guy

Armic Tihomir

Stacey Hughes

Jewell Washington

Laura Janota

Linda Wilkinson

Andreakia Junearick

22  annual report 2013

Kathryn O’Connell Rachel Paney Jack Pavilonis Lynda Peters Eric Phillips Marissa Pines

Mike Turner Anna Valencia Ashley Walker Chantell WashingtonPearce

Ouidie Pollard James Porte Phyllis Propp David Raymond Emily Reagan JoAnne Reding Mohit Rehani Vicki Rios Nate Roberts Anthony Rodriguez Bernadette Ross Jim Salomon Sara Samuels Duncan Sanders Andrea Schuster Darlene Scott-Ard

Jacyln Stanczyk



Principal: Ida Patterson

Principal: Olimpia Bahena

Community Area: Greater Grand Crossing

Community Area: West Town

Levi Baer

Jenna Jaskoske

Jeremy Adler

Cheryl Friedman

Mitch Port

Geoffrey Stauffer

Shari Bailey

Miti Kotak

Joshua Altman

Sweta Gabhawala

Pam Prosch

Scott Steinberg

Anne Baldwin

Amy Mason

Ava Amini

Andrew Gilbert

Erin Ramamurthy

Rebecca Stephens

Jeshica Baral

Yolanda Matthews

Nathan Anderson

Michelle Goyke

James Reardon

William Strom

Ximena Beltran

Kristin Maynard

Deepa Arora

Kelsey Green

Mario Recabal

Scott Syverson

Iola Blanton

Dylan McHugh

Nick Bailey

Shitang Guo

Hallie Ritzu

Vanessa Szalapski

Saul Bozeman

Samantha Miroballi

Trisha Bakshi

Sarah Halbach

Neal Robin

Tiffany Taubman

Lizzie Brown

Lexa Murphy

Colleen Balek

Christopher Hall

Richard Royall

Emily Thomas

Calli Burnett

Jillian Nolke

Rhea Banks

Jay Harrington

Weston Sager

Michael Tran

Nancy Carpenter

Moe Okada

Matt Barns

Robert Harrits

Liz Samoroukova

Tyler Valeska

Leonard Ciannamea

Gabriela Padilla

Lili Behm

Emily Hartnett

Elizabeth Sbardellati

Eric Walder

Muriel Clarkston

Daniela Pavolva

Heather Benzmiller

Alanna Holt

Samuel Scarcello

Kevin Walker

Michael Corio

Matthew Ragas

Peter Boehm

Yan Huang

Aaron Schwam

Phil Wiese

Cabriela Cornejo

Shena Ramsay

Jiwon Boo

Sam Ikard

Elizabeth Sellers

Leslie Williams-Small

Blair Davis

Chloe Rasmas

Aimee Bothwell

Ben Israel

Scott Shelton

Pam Witt

Azucena De La Torre

Danielle Reynolds

Benjamin Brabston

Justin Iwata

Alex Shirley

Meredith Wren

Tyrone Denard

Jillian Rice

Suzie Brindise

Jason Kaiser

Kelsey Shust

Ellen Wrend

Jennifer DiOrio

Allyson Rooks

Lauren Caisman

Michael Katz

Reena Sikdar

Paul Wyatt

Rachael Dobis

Barb Smith

Robert Cameron

Eileen Kelly

Maggie Siller

Percy Xu

Ogechi Emechebe

Jill Stewart

Jason Carter

Roshni Khurana

Shelby Sklar

Karen Yan

Jacqueline Felker

Katherine Stuart

Alison Caverly

Lori Knapp

Courtney Smith

Tameka Gavin

Devin Sundquist

Angela Chang

Laura Kolesar

Angelika Giatras

Corie Suzuki

Natasha Chu

Alyse Kowalick

Shannon Gore

Barbara Thomas

Tiffany Chu

Michael Krantz


Katherine Handfelt

Shannon Waity

Alexander Chun

Lupe Laguna

Principal: Krish Mohip

Olivia Heath

Ryan Wenzel

Jennifer Coronel

Edmond Lay

Community Area: Pilsen

Chaz Heitman

Barb Willard

Seth Corthell

Tina Li

Michelle Hill

Andrea Willis

Adam Coulson

Keith Ligvori

Rehana Ahmed

Kajuana Crutcher

Sean Horan

Heddie Woodard

Robert Crane

Marta Malko

Becky Ahrendt

Yasmin Dalal

Seth Horning

Adriana Yniguez

Jamie Crofts

Michael Maloff

Eric Anderson

Blair Janis

Julian Zeng

Carol Crystle

Hannah Marlin

Laura Armstrong

Christine De LeonNordena

Kalista Cui

Jason Marsico

Norma Bautista-Birts

Emily Damrau

John McAllister

Kristina Black


Nick Danoff

Linda McGill Smith

Jessica Blanco

Principal: Nicole Monroe

Matthew Darch

Peter McLaughlin

Amber Bloomfield

Community Area: Woodlawn

Adrienne D’Luna

Andrew McNulty

Joe Bratt

Kelly Dontje

Harini Mekala

Matthew Broadfoot

Karen Breashears

Leslie Douglass

Amanda Morris

Doug Buchler

Willie Burnham

Kshitij Dua

Patricia Murguia

Michael Burdeen

Mary Clare Griffin

Uttara Dukkipati

Saurabh Nathany

Jeffrey Burke

Lynn Sasamoto

Mark Dumas

Brian O’Connell

Bianca Cabrera

Loren Umana

Anna Farias-Eisner

Caitlin Olwell

Mia Cai

Mary Weprin

Marjorie Filice

Severiano Ortiz

David Canfield

Megan Fitzgerald

Kimberly Pathman

Courtney Carroll

Zahira Flores

Kelsey Paul

Steve Chertow

Katie Forer

Leif Peterson

Martha Conrad

Lauren Fried

George Pitsoulakis

Stefanie Cooley

Elizabeth Demers Chabrina Derrico Jennifer Donlan Vicky Eaton Joshua Edwards Jacqueline Evans Beth Falvey Rachel Ferber Cooper Forbes Martha Forman Ciara Forrest Joyce Garcia Yolanda Garcia Michael Gath Jon Gauger Rajni Gauni

Michael Giampa

Sean Horan

Alfred Lumbera

Lauren Onderisin

Patti Richmond

Errol Straker

Julia Gideon

Jehan Jaber

Lynn Maday-Nelson

Veronica Padilla

Ismael Rivera

Clare Studwell

Katie Giger

Nancy Jasinski

Michelle Malloy

Scott Palmer

Shaun Roach

Abigail Tam

Aletha Gissler

Carolyn Jaw

Melissa Marik

Christina Park

Paul Robinson

Maria Targett

Todd Glickman

Cheryl Johnson

Cam Martinez

Sagar Patel

Cynthia Ruffin

Raven Thomas

Lisa Glosniak

Tiffini Joseph

Siobhan McCarthey

Alexandria Penaranda

Kristen Sandman

Vincent Tieu

Dawn Goltz

Arlene Kaminski

Ellen McClosky

Marta Petryna

Derek Schmitt

Kevin Trausch

Tanya Gonzalez

Daniejla Karanikic

Lucy McEntee

Dave Pierce

Margaret Schneider

Kathryn Trelease

Bobby Goodman

Christine Kelly

Malisa McGee

Kristina Pierce

Herbert Schofield

Michael Turek

Betsy Graber

Robert Kemp

Pamela McKinney

Kyle Piereth

Kyle Schwab

Maureen Walz

Shanita Griffin

Danielle Klaffenbach

Abigail McKowen

Lawrence Pope

Nick Scodro

Ashleigh Weathers

Kimberly Grove

Megan Kleinick

Nicholas McNully

Sheila Prendergast

Jennifer Sendeski

DeAnna Williams

Susan Hadley

Jolyn Koehl

Jamie Mielneczek

Dawn Randall

Jamie Shah

Sean Williams

Peggy Haga

Aimee Kohoutek

Ashley Mueller

Mary Rathert

Sun mi Shin

Stephanie Yu

Betty Harrell

Brittany Kopf

Raija Naegeli

Cleola Ratliff

Jeremy Skaar

T’Nesha Harris

Matthew Kowal

Molly Napleton

Samantha Ray

Elise Spadavecchio

Kristin Hartridge

Cody Lewis

Tammy Negrillo

Pamler Readus

Megan Stafford

Tara HendersonDelgado

Eric Lin

Donald Olson

Myles Reif

Tara Stafford

Jim Liu

Elizabeth O’Malley

Marissa Reyes

Alissa Starn

Candice Long

Kameelah Omar

Theresa Reynolds

John Stoltenberg

Carlos Herrera

24  annual report 2013


On September 20, 2012, WITS hosted the Annual Back to School Luncheon, co-chaired by Ginny and Roger Carlson; Christopher Crane, CEO of Exelon; Michael Sacks, CEO of Grosvenor Capital Management; and Patrick Sheahan. The luncheon was held at the Hyatt Regency, Crystal Ballroom in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Kerry Kennedy took the podium, along with the two honorees, Bud Lifton and BMO Harris Bank. Over 400 guests gathered in celebration of WITS’ legacy and the impact of volunteerism in serving Chicago Public School

2013 BLACKBOARD AFFAIR (from left to right) Maura Daley, Erica Stimac, Lisa Hickey, Brook Jay

students. The luncheon celebrated


the many volunteers, teachers, school administrators, and partners who have invested in the legacy of

In February, WITS hosted the Blackboard Affair at the Chicago Cultural Center with 425 attendees celebrating in

ser v ing Chicago Public School

masks to raise funds and awareness for WITS. The Mardi Gras themed event featured lounge furniture and décor

students for more than 20 years.

by Event Creative, music by DJ De La Chapelle, and the elegance of Cultural Center’s Preston Bradley Hall, the

Lead sponsors of the event included

perfect venue for a Masquerade Ball. Guests enjoyed specialty cocktails by Ultimat vodka and Patrón, wine by

BMO Harris Bank; Exelon; Grosvenor

Apothic, and craft beer by Chicago’s own Revolution Brewery. The night started with a VIP reception co-hosted

Capital Management, L.P.; and UBS.

by Bears kicker Robbie Gould. Host Committee members included Associates Board president and vice-president Anna Miller and Samantha Stevens, Maura Daley, Alison Fichter, Lisa Hickey, Brook Jay, Jenné Myers, Alice Rooks, Patrick Sinicropi, Erica Stimac, and Lara Ziemba. Lead sponsors of the evening included Norfolk Southern, Lollapalooza, Motorola Mobility Foundation, and Rabine Paving. BUD LIFTON 2012 Alter + Stone Volunteer Award Recipient

26  annual report 2013

FINANCIALS statement of activities





52% REVENUE Contributions + grants Special events

Working in the Schools (WITS) prepares its financial statements in

In-kind contributions

accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, which involves

Investment income

the application of accrual accounting. This presentation offers an overview of all activities for the year ended June 30, 2013.

42 %

REVENUE figure 1 Contributions + grants . . In-kind contributions . Special events . .

$ 678,875

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$ 707, 274

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

less costs of direct benefit to donors - special events. .

Investment income . .


. . . . . . . .

12 %

($ 169,078)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


$ 49,706

$ 19,531

$ 1,286,308

EXPENSES figure 2




Fundraising Management + general Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

81 %

Program Expenses figure 3 Mid-day Mentoring .

After School Mentoring . .

Early Childhood.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$ 70,294

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$ 50,217

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Early Childhood Summer Program. Total Programs. .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$ 33,434

$ 75,957



$ 131,084

$ 168,095

PROGRAM EXPENSES by program Mid-Day Mentoring After School Mentoring

$ 1,118,213

.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



$ 911,172

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


$ 141,129

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Management + general. . Fundraising. .

$ 298,602

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Classroom Reading Tutors. Saturday Tutoring . .


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

34% 8%

Early Childhood Classroom Reading Tutors Saturday Tutoring Early Childhood Summer Program


Beginining of year . . End of year. .

28  annual report 2013

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$ 416,211

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

$ 584,306

15 %

33 %

This graph shows WITS’ financial trends over five years. WITS experienced significant revenue growth between FY12 and FY13, giving the organization the capacity to increase the number of programs including expansion into the summer months, giving students year-round access to WITS programming, and to send more than 15,000 books home with students. The increase in general operating support, especially through events, gives WITS the resources needed to diversif y its volunteer base including additional university and community partnerships. In FY15, WITS will launch a strategic plan that will seek multi-year commitments from donors to ensure the organization is in a strong position to continue this growth trajectory and deepen the impact on students’ lives. WITS will look to grow its investment fund, so that eventually this fund may provide WITS with enough resources to launch new program initiatives in the future. The WITS Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the organization is in a strong financial position, now and in the future, with their focus on maximizing resources to expand programs.



FINANCIAL TRENDS Revenue Expenses $ 1,400,000 $ 1,300,000 $ 1,200,000 $ 1,100,000 $ 1,000,000 $ 900,000 $ 800,000 $ 700,000 $ 600,000

30  annual report 2013

FY 2013

FY 2012

FY 2011

FY 2010

FY 2009

$ 500,000

“Exelon is proud to invest in WITS and its work to improve the education experience for many Chicago elementary school students. We have over 40 employees who mentor students from Lozano Elementary School every week at our corporate offices. This workplace mentoring program is a win-win for the students and the mentors and wouldn’t be possible without WITS. Our employees find the work rewarding and enjoy seeing the students improve in reading over the school year.” STEVE SOLOMON Vice President, Corporate Relations, Exelon

DONORS during the 2013 fiscal year July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 $ 50,000 + BMO Harris Bank

$ 25,000 - $ 49,999 Anonymous x 2

Credit Suisse Americas Foundation Exelon Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.

$ 5,000 - $ 9,999 Elizabeth Jamie Alter & Michael Lynton Robert & Julie Berlacher

$ 10,000 - $ 14,999

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois Charter One/RBS Citizens

Northern Trust

Robert W. Baird & Co.

The Chicago Community Trust

Polk Bros. Foundation




Ginny & Roger Carlson

William Daley

CME Group Community Foundation

Michael & Jacky Ferro

$ 15,000 - $ 24,999

D & R Fund Deloitte LLP

The Sun-Times Foundation

Kenneth Griffin Citadel

McDermott, Will & Emery

Aon Corporation

GEM Realty Capital, Inc.

Harris & Harris

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

David Herro & Jay Franke

twenty years, we are rewarded to see how individual financial

Phil & Carole Hildebrandt

Pepper Construction Group

BP America, Inc.

Robert Lifton & Carol Rosofsky

donations, coupled with a dedicated, committed staff and

Invest in Others Charitable Foundation

Peter & Alicia Pond


McKinsey & Company

caring, engaged Board members make a significant difference

Jones Day

The PrivateBank

Jenner & Block

Motorola Mobility Foundation

in the lives of thousands of Chicago Public School children

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Rabine Paving

North Park University

Charles W. Mulaney, Jr.

each year.”

K&L Gates LLP

Juleen Ritchie

Flom LLP

Kirkland & Ellis

Rozansky Family Foundation

Segall Bryant & Hamill

Alexandra & John Nichols

Elaine & Donald Levinson

Alice & John Sabl

Marion & Jerome Stone

Norfolk Southern Railway Company


Sam & Dona Scott Fund

Morgan Stanley Foundation

Albert Pick, Jr. Fund

Jim and Kay Mabie

The Sidley Austin Foundation

PepsiCo Beverages & Foods

White Sox Communit y Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund

32  annual report 2013

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &

The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund

Dr. Don Martin & Dr. Vicky Gordon

Supera Family Foundation Vienna Beef, Ltd

“Having served as WITS tutors and Board members for over


$ 2,500 - $ 4,999 Apollo Group William Atwood The Bloomingdale’s Fund of the Macy’s Foundation

George & Theresa Cotsirilos Family Foundation Christopher M. Crane Mark Evans

Bruce Foundation

FactSet Research Systems Inc.

Janet & Thomas Case

Jamie Garard, III

William Eason

Carolyn & Steve Goldhaber

Neil Fine

Linda & Tim Halfmann

James Garard, Jr.

Darryl Hall

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Susan & Quentin Heisler

Invesco Cares

Sarah & Michael Huesing

Jill Jacobs-Baar

Ken Kailin

The John Buck Company

Deirdre & Laird Koldyke

Loretta & Allan Kaplan

Laura Shroyer Liss

Kluth Family Foundation

Marquette Associates, Inc.

Frances & Elliot Lehman

Edward & Jan Matz Family Fund

Karen Lutz

Beatrice Mayer

Katarinna McBride

Meatheads Burgers

Melinda Moyer

The McTigue Financial Group

William Mynatt

Mesirow Financial

Ward C. Rogers Foundation

Jennifer Mikulina

Steve & Lexy Shroyer

Stephen O’Neil

Ronald & Kathy Sonenthal

Oppenheimer Family Foundation

Roger & Susan Stone

Brenda & Eric Palm

Carl & Karen Tannenbaum

Patzik, Frank & Samotny Foundation

Leslie Weaver & Hilton Weinberg

Lynn & Melvin Pearl Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation

$ 1,000 - $ 2,499 Matt A’Hearn Anonymous x 4 Barbara Barnes Prudence Beidler Tim Bixler Business & Professional People for the Public Interest (BPI)

Randstad USA Lauren & Ross Rocklin Mon Roldan Sheli & Burton Rosenberg Bruce Sagan & Bette Cerf Hill Bettylu & Paul Saltzman Patrick Sheahan Elise Spadavecchio

Carylon Foundation

Mark Spender

Jean & Alan Chapman

Richard Sykes

Jeremy Cole


Matt Conti

Edward Tilly

34  annual report 2013

Truist Jennifer Alter Warden & Rob Warden Sarita Warshawsky Michael Wasserman Bernice Weissbourd Lili Ann Zisook

$ 500 - $ 999 Acker, Merrall & Condit Co. James L. Alexander American International Group, Inc. Thomas Besio Chartis Sylvia Cho David Clarke Patricia & Eric Cook Sarah & Dave Cuthill Kelly Derr Susan & Tom Driscoll Jamie & Ben Freeman Arvind Gadhiya Sarah & Marion Gajek Philip Garoon Lynette Goldstein Mary & Richard Gray

RAHM EMANUEL Photo Credit: Brooke Collins /City of Chicago

Karen & Mitch Hood

Anna & Brian Miller

Margaret Siber

Hon. Daniel Hynes

Audrey Morris

Solot Family Foundation

Kristie Iacob

Todd O’Gorman

Laura & Albert Spicer III

Parrish Ivy

Philip Palmer

Janet Surkin & Robert Stillman

Brook Jay

Heidi & Jim Pavela

Mary Lisa & Thomas Vale

Jocarno Fund

PJH & Associates

Ben Voigt

Sherry & Peter John

Phyllis & Dennis Propp

Bronna Wasserman

Bradly Kovin

Cathy & Gary Raphael

W.F. Foundation

Carla & Michael Levin

Gary Redmond

Brian Wrubel

Paul Levy

Alice Rooks

David Zimbler

Barry J. Lind Revocable Trust

Esther Saks

Peggy Maley

Kim & Bruce Scodro

Miranda Mandel

Nicholas Scodro

“Volunteering as a classroom reading tutor and being a donor to WITS has not only made me realize that a difference can be made in the learning and lives of future generations, but it’s also personally given me a deeper meaning and purpose in my own life.” MINDY MOYER


PROGRAM PARTNERS Partnering with WITS provides corporations, universities, and community

Aon Corporation

Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.

The Peninsula Chicago

Art & Science Salon

The James Hotel

Janet Post

Barry Callebaut USA LLC

Jenner & Block

Randstad USA

The Big Onion Tavern Group

Jewish United Fund

Ravinia Festival

Big Ten Conference

The Joffrey Ballet

Revolution Brewery

Big Ten Network

Jones Day

Rockit Ranch Productions


K&L Gates, LLP

Rosebud Restaurants

BMO Harris Bank

Kirkland & Ellis

Rush Street Gaming

Aon Corporation

Jewish United Fund

BP America, Inc.


Scholastic Inc.

Apollo Group

Jones Day

Brixen Ivy

The McTigue Financial Group Inc.

Segall Bryant & Hamill

Associated Bank

K&L Gates

Bull Valey Golf Club

More Cupcakes

Shedd Aquarium

the chaperones say ‘Stop

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Kirkland & Ellis

The Cambridge Group

NBC Studios

Steve Harvey Television

Running!’ – the kids were

Bank of America

McDermott, Will & Emery

Cards 2 Kids

NoMi Spa

Store Front Company

that excited to be here.”

Caremark Inc.

The Northern Trust

University of Chicago Press

BMO Harris Bank

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

groups an opportunity to strategically invest their most valuable asset, the time and talent of their employees, students, and members to make a measurable impact in the communities in which we live and work. We are grateful for the partnerships with the following corporations, universities, and community groups.

BP Corporation

Chelsea Television Studios

Northwestern Law School

Vienna Beef

Roselyn Chertow

Orbitz Worldwide

W Chicago City Center Hotel

The Cambridge Group

Chicago Blackhawks

The Patrón Spirits Company

Wines For Humanity


Chicago Board Options Exchange

Patzik, Frank & Samotny, Ltd.

Zanie’s Comedy Nite Club

Chicago 20th Ward

Chicago Bulls Chicago White Sox Charities Chicago Wolves

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney North Park University The Northern Trust Northwestern Law School Chicago White Sox Northwestern Mutual City of Chicago Orbitz Credit Suisse

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Credit Suisse Securities, LLC Cubs Care Deloitte

PEAK6 Deloitte PepsiCo DePaul University College of Communications

Mark Dettman

DePaul University Driehaus College of Business

Event Creative



Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Federal Reserve Jamie L. Garard, III

Perkins & Will Queen of All Saints Randstad USA Roosevelt University Segall Bryant & Hamill

GEM Realty Capital UBS Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P. United Airlines

GEM Realty Capital, Inc. The Hallmark

University of Chicago Press Harris & Harris US Bank HDR U.S. Department of Education Jenner & Block + more than 250 dedicated community volunteers

36  annual report 2013

“You always knew the kids were coming when we heard




OUR TEAM BOARD OF DIRECTORS Joanne Alter (1927- 2008) Marion Stone

Ginny Carlson


Educator, Civic Leader

Ronald Sonenthal

Roger Carlson


Past President

Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte Tax, LLP

Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Mark Spender Director, Credit Suisse

Philip Hildebrandt

Federico Flores Education Leader

Roz Supera Educator, Civic Leader

Jill Jacobs-Baar Director of Education, Invesco Powershares

Eileen Sweeney Director of Community Relations, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

Brook Jay Founder & CMO, All Terrain

Carl Tannenbaum

Laura Shroyer Liss

Paul Lantero Head of Marketing & Origination IST Oil Americas, BP Corporation


Chief Executive Officer, Segall Bryant & Hamill James L. Garard, III

Past President

Kristine Shaffner Vice President, The John Buck Company Randy Raup Civic Leader

Anna Miller

Valerie Butron

Nicole Johnson*

Paul Callero

Andrew Jones

Vice President

Sylvia Cho

Jolyn Koehl

Emily Reagan

Liz Christen

Leslie Lesner*

Abubakr Dumbuya

Ellen MacEntee

Lauren Fredericks

Matt Mullenax

Communications Chair

Jaime Freeman

Janet Post

Patrick Sinicropi

Brigid Gallagher

Austin Rabine

Development Chair

Robert Goodman*

Dawn Randall

Nick Acker*

Betsy Graber

Shannon Rischow

Carlos Aparicio

Kassandra Hasty

Kathy Rowings*

Ximena Beltran

Patrice Henderson

Nick Scodro

Tom Besio

Claire Hoffmann*

Megan Smith

Doug Buchler

Scott Holloway

Elise Spadavecchio

Amanda Budow

Parrish Ivy

Abigail Tam

Kelli Burke

Carolyn Jaw

Hanna Wiesmayer

Brenda Palm

Christine Driskill

Kristen Strobbe

Executive Director

Program Manager

Program & Evaluation Coordinator

Kristen Eidson

Morgan O’Neil*

Ellen Werner

Deputy Director, Program

Program Manager

Program Coordinator

Ahmadou Drame*

Stephanie Hauber*

Program Coordinator

Program Assistant

Lynn Finley*

Pat Murphy

Grants Coordinator

Program Assistant

Maddy Gecht

Barb Smith

Program Coordinator

Program Assistant

Jenny Lawson

Fithawee Tzeggai


Program Coordinator

Grants Coordinator

Jillayne Benjamin*


Samantha Stevens

Events Chair

Nate Roberts Marketing &

Membership &

Vice President

Second Vice President – Legal

Partner, Patzik, Frank & Samotny Carolyn Goldhaber Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer, Vienna Beef

Elaine Levinson Educator, Civic Leader Robert B. Lifton Past President

Jeremy Cole

Past President

Senior Vice President, Chief Economist, Northern Trust Lauren Rocklin Director, Business Development, Orbitz Worldwide Edward Tilly Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Board Options Exchange

Consultant, Civic Leader


Partner, Jones Day Matthew R. A’Hearn Senior Vice President, Investment Banking, Moelis & Co.

Katarinna McBride Partner, Harrison & Held, LLP Jennifer Mikulina Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery

Bill Atwood Executive Director, Illinois State Board of Investment

Krish Mohip Chief Deputy of Schools, Chicago Public Schools

Amy Best Chief Human Resources Officer, Exelon Corporation

Brenda Palm ex-officio

Executive Director, Working in the Schools (WITS) Timothy Bixler Managing Director, Credit Suisse Alice Rooks Marketing, Big Ten Network 38  annual report 2013


& Strategic Partnerships

Asheley Smith Development Director

Shaunna MacLeod Director of Evaluation


& Quality Assurance

Michelle Chrusciel Robert Allegrini Donna LaPietra Elliot Lehman Terri Lind Tom Murphy

Development & Communications

Channing Lenert

Marquon Lattimore

Program Manager

Program Coordinator

Urban Alliance Intern

Tovah Burstein

Angelo Santa Lucia

Program Manager

Program Coordinator

Ellen O’Connor Tom Swaney Lili Ann Zisook

* Active during the 2012-2013 fiscal year, but not current as of publication

OUR MISSION Working in the Schools (WITS) promotes literacy and a love of learning in Chicago Public School elementary students through a volunteer-powered, outcomes-based portfolio of programs. WITS endeavors to bridge the achievement and opportunity gap for underserved students through building connections with positive adult role models. Alongside our teachers and school administrators, WITS works to provide the critical support that our students need to set them on a path toward academic success. P 312.269.4514 F 312.269.4525 27 east monroe, suite 1400 chicago, illinois 60603

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WITS Annual Report  
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