Wits Review July 2011

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A PASSION FOR HOCKEY? Help make a difference and build players of the future

Pitch for a new turf and give a home to Wits Hockey! 5000 SQUARE METRES UP FOR GRABS! An initiative to raise funds for a new synthetic surface for hockey at Wits

Score a green goal for hockey by investing in a touch of turf and help grow champions of the future

Wits University has a proud history as an academic institution and instills pride in its people – students, staff and alumni alike. The University also has a rich sporting culture and is committed to providing access to facilities and resources for the Wits community. But to compete in any sport, our facilities need to measure up to world standards (witness the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Wits’ contribution to the successful hosting of two international teams). Over the years, the Wits Hockey Club and its members have been the well deserved winners of many a competition and have notched up many noteworthy achievements. To sustain these achievements and the interest in the sport, both in terms of membership and team performance, and to ensure that Field Hockey takes its rightful place as a sport for all, we need to keep pace with advances in playing facilities and player expectations at all levels. A new home for Hockey is vital to our plans and this will require considerable investment.

WHY BUILD A SYNTHETIC SURFACE? World-class facilities for the Wits community The installation of a synthetic turf at Wits will provide a world-class, on campus facility for the benefit of the Wits community and all of the members of the Hockey Club, be they players, coaches, umpires or technical officials.

Strengthening our competitive edge Both the men’s and women’s teams compete in the Gauteng premier league. Eighteen students received provincial honours in 2010 (either at junior or senior level) and Wits Hockey was represented in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. A new synthetic surface will strengthen our competitive edge and ensure that the Club continues to compete at the highest level.

Inclusive participation Modern, on campus facilities will afford all students the opportunity to play for the club – an opportunity to learn, train, compete and interact – all essential aspects of University experience and life.

CLUB GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT A new home for Hockey will boost club membership, promote greater team spirit and promises a new era at Wits. As importantly, Wits will be able to extend its reach to schools and learners in neighbouring areas, offering them access to training and expertise in all facets of the sport, adding to the prospects for growth and a lasting and fulfilling relationship with Wits Hockey.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE Help us reach our target of R5 million. The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund has awarded Wits Sport a grant of R4 million towards the installation and work is scheduled to start in July 2011. However, additional funds are needed for: • • •

Lighting and upgrading the change rooms Refurbishing the clubhouse Ongoing maintenance

In order to achieve its target, Wits Hockey is appealing to you to sponsor one square metre (1 sq metre) of synthetic turf for as little as R1000- and there are 5000 “squares” on offer. Donations are allowable under S18A of the Income Tax Act (certificates will be issued by the University) and

donors will be acknowledged on a HOME OF HOCKEY plaque. Wits Hockey invites you to support this initiative and send your contribution today. To do so please access and process the form on: www.witsfoundation.co.za/giveturf.asp

ACCOUNT DETAILS All donations should be deposited to: University of Witwatersrand Foundation No. 2 Account Standard Bank of South Africa, 76 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein Account Number: 00 290 007 6 Branch Code: 00 48 05 Reference: 19945X Wits Hockey Club (& donor name) Swift Code: SB ZAZ AJJ00480502 (for use by overseas donors)

For additional information, kindly contact: Liz Chase (on phone 011 717 3225) or Erika Venter (phone 011 717 9410)